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VMUX: P2P plugin-free videocalls in your browser
WebRTC powered videocalls
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all the go resumed whether to this is still a long poem you know and you will speak about of the more ways of describing the world unites a reunited isn't nodes of the lines that London and that's up with advanced few of a this is a very related to provide actually is and what the they're pretending working on a really much much smaller scale is just me working in this uh as hidden layer and all of you can find in in and that the months is supported started if you wanted to make Europe's different showed you get you have now a days is guided by using Web understanding energies so you can have a look at each other and these kinds of a miracle uh in the about but without using any plugs all flash so we need until anything else and so so they have been different of overseas peer-to-peer and these encryption secure turning to our theory what Cacilie's and explain how it works so they had they seen there's not really aware of what the right thing right and hence the quality of which intellectual works and then explain anyhow so they the money from the so this other word itself so is is what we think it we really exciting predicts that the thing going on for life 1 year and this but basically it is a set of the document the eyes training when the work is a social media and they will need to access to the input of a new on you know that a lot of a new system without a this anything else if you think about of promissory exist like God will handle so like any other properties system usually usually if we have integrated with other other stuff there's something and installing the technique is a scary at least obligations in applying for all of them and who will hang out it does not that of the going something that in the wrong some of the season is the sum of everywhere you need to do that and be aware of like million EUR application for multiple systems uh because in this year on the about and they're often takes care of and this is a very near the obstruction later on and off of and is the reason of nothing really fast in the last few months so you know you have what of seeing the ships and chrome on Firefox uh uh don't come from going on foot for primary the popular and then you have also like it bindings needed binding to go into something that is what the kind that runs on your account without and this is like almost everywhere in this square meter just and and this was just basically has enough just maybe as they need access to invent devices in your uh system so that is a lot of data and camera and the microphone we then this another set of occasionally
to communicate with remote peer during from we're also and you got an arbitrary later we're using a different 1 this obstructer's in this 3 a case basically the media stream which is for other media a integration and the sound the media
stream is just to scold you see here is called actually the news and media and what he needs to is there a sequence of very often and you get when you instantiate this you will you call navigate today's media when invited a stream of the camera and you all that microphone synchronized and you got a boss constraints a universal restriction you want if you want with resolutions if you want if you're like what is observed actually genome-wide you can choose what communities such that they're disappear connection this is getting kind of like the main component on the unknown words see any of such you from a loss of self a the whole listing the processing free uh in the fulling including for the they and all your neighbors to use a royalty free and open source the goal of all the company's history decay and then they didn't really steal money and how the security so each for the communication connect each pair is saying is uh encrypted the exchange their fingerprints when you the signaling and that all animal environments but management a the looks like it's a very simple when you have written a color so we can see when we get remote stream that East India while you and then you can do something like a budget to begin the 11 annual page all the same thing with streams and then new country office to free they did the local description you have to someone else and in newer obviously they the tunnel that once you have established a connection between you the true wealth so that appears in the universe and so you can read these data showed that is descent just arbitrary and the this kind of link differently the same matter what so that in the face of the incandescent messages that anyone it incredibly Winton DTs than and eventually trial and reliable and that means it's kind of like a disability features if you wanna make every message of you can adjust Indian with discovering a few of them so this signaling you the 1 used in the data would establish the conjugation intended to peers In a way to often to discover each other in school signaling in the web C the world and this year too well since we talked to someone like central server that would have been discovered each other and but this is actually the signaling is is completely a obstacle in the way you can exchange them so you can use any method you want business class here really represents the using existing gummy uh indicates the theme of his what so groups and then both participants and uh somebody exchange the link could you can use a standard UCI significantly B and then you can think of a lawful in each operator there would exchange session ascriptions was in a similar that was signaling cell and then they will establish new peer-to-peer connection between them the and this the thing is you knew year I have a way discovered this the 2 this will you put into those behind through that all of for you and that's really like an apartment or something so these this I see which is a component of the particle and see and between the 2 services cover each other they using this topological with 7 they mitigate intercession scription this information about the this this time addressable holding controllers that's from 1 side to the other and if that fails then you can have an optional there's really so that it has to be public so moles partners have to be able to reach it and then they can think recognition and really on the baggage uh but it is between the using the relation of so what sneeze like the traditional this is how it will work if you if you are not works using the signaling and then they just connect similar not they each other and ECU can connect through there aren't they what they will do this and all the thank you for the packages through the the terms of assistant like but before what the order anything you sent through the through the slide into the tower is included a uses it to be fully median only under the TLS fall for and so they need to make sure the signaling it's been done for a 2nd time and the way you like almost so seeing it
quickly how the mind works is the marks a 2 . so you downloading we don't try to account for all us against missing is just like you to come to just blame the main the and to some trickling in with
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what in another like the heavily in this house labels system the world through the well obviously is stability in what so that some of the service the and then once it's there is a connection the chapter and the media stream are actually peer-to-peer from relative roles of the will through the through of the and then you can also
immediately joined a gym and rooms and is kind of like a conferencing a system
did she showed in a much more in a much simpler way there place the basically the yeah everyone Base connectivity in each other the so each each each of the participants is going to each other there's no central server that is actually being arrested that related that if many people just this broad across the addition right now but you can borrow on the like a participants no more than that uh in the room so you come from and this is a world
so you can go and fight like now in it encodes so this this link and 1 of the page with a it have a URL if you wanted to get out and this a stock that uh the most is built on top of basis of extremely distant all of the a framework that allows you to forest ascribed by message passing it says right there on the front and the market is a really really small because only thing that is just message passing between the did was so that clients and everything else is being in a on the client side that is built on top of about of a younger street youth indication I chose tweeter because these Hildesheim but actually slip this uses every all which is an old uh Berkeley those like probable indications even if they as new really and you understand they will want the old tried and stumbling stuff this egregiously Briggs this a main reference are strong which is up on the a and they have these really useful a laughter JSC which is just a little this policy for like the sum of the API of actually namespace with their leg will see that most of the year it's itself look at and we have to do is you to give concise in which to use and it will so I a guest on several you can use you have to really know you can use the public stance of the they have a little a do have any reasonable but good then if you would use only by this in Chrome comes with what seem to others which is a bit into the process and you that it would have been about everything going toward the limited information about a collection center and there's no summary Polaris you probably know a few of them there's award see this on the not in Tokyo and a very nice the you understand something intervals a we would see the the device this links there show 1st is this is this additional because you can't just establish the data channel with all the media analyst dream so you can use additional file gets appear in the process leading to the structural profile into wealth it will be sent to the mall here and there is here few resources that will follow the links and links to their sites afterwards the thank you thank you from positions in the the head of the situation of the front the last work of the law yeah we try to yeah infinite Gloria from the Tabun and just and installed and what was asking if the if they want to show the graph locally yeah you need and you know how to use heavily loaded and then you know you need is a working knowledge stock having million laptop and you just is the living and even ambient stole and Indian start and you have like the and thing point of it's a pretty good way as well the only difference you have uh which is the key value store this available like everyone so that only the rich we will cover and the 2 s and of you managed to overeating where you have some more than to Wall use because it seems to be due to general problems when you encode and decode view between Jews and everybody years to reach this uh intensive operations yeah yeah an and having that actually application basically when it's when it's on the on the new 1 like conference system there in a handling that all just make media connecting each pair with each other and is not limited so you have a fairly powerful lot of you won't find it here like and all that is the only have some problems do a proper lots of America the goal for the them for people will the wasn't I was worried that we were there uh revenue you have have something like the J. the priority where just correcting we just 1 partner that is actually broadcasting the role of the way commercial solutions but it it was useful for them but we have a question that I would like to hi uh what told us Stewart there to be the standard there as a way to support set here to be not be a smart suit and as is part of the what the the uh on the uh right now there are none the information is not specifying anything phase and then on myocardial we just like the ones whizzing that we started to do you have to into things the decay is yeah and and we say that they are about to generate its system so it's
it's more secure right identikit by uh politically and probably adjust the desired if you have the human mind the creator of the PDP it's the 1 that the deal I mean this level of spontaneity control 1 so it is a available Arabian crawl on Firefox and I don't know if it's including with the 2 seeds to write about something you assume was that could not have already it's thank you for the cost of