Visualizing Delphi with Moose

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Visualizing Delphi with Moose
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Moose provides the tools allowing the analysis, visualization and refactoring of Delphi source code
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chance and also for fuel out visualizing filthy with which the is I'm
inspired by you made systems who wants to talk about we talked about the they can look at coats and understanding goes and make decisions about God what tools we to make those decisions based on real from values not just by these be don't don't use in the
language of the popular when it and this is the 1st about magnet 5 and it is called a lifeline which was hit over
which it was used to build multiple it's kind of interesting in all kinds of course it was widely used stood before the Nets came out of the gene and it's now largely placed much shocked systems analysis and then think you mobile but still most of the system where things have to be on we use this in the engineering environments based on 5 0 the
logic logical to of the cultures so that's something 1st discovered that we had to do the conversion of a lexical system where to get it out and we know this that we
can the foster bills link to help with that government visualizations where and see what's happening with that we can look at when the dependencies and you can hear it goes FIL fast very can just look to the you know that you have this isn't about 60 crowdsourcing not is about to between 10 and the 1 gold and helps us think could at some aspect the people that we have to analyze and that's why every year found most and because the phone I for our work we have the the background we said we want to apply this to 2 . to
so why do we think we need to visualize and we think that we need so to find much denser information that we can by just taking the next uh we see the need to
multiple dimensions at same time not just the dimension files units from class 2 methods and and we need lots of help restructuring at my data systems you good because of this search results assess provided information and problem is visible we have been working with large systems of systems which are several thousands lines of codes and if the start working with and then it's clear that just leaving all that gold look on the scale we a holiday
lines beating it's late work weeks and you will see we want to be able to see where we are and we find that should change within dates or much faster and we want to find the logical that's because while political and topic of this set the holds a these holograms you will not find nothing because they were all and I think that's that's easy and balls are in a
logic of its well so what would be the same kind of items
information well we have the is very the thing of files and we use the word file which of file is saying the trying to get some more information there so we use the whole or and the of the white ones are visual files and that wants letter runs our large files and we see here that the human brain uh it it's very by all and uh we noticed that what which are the files you have missing from the system so that's the easy way to show were rare and forms of you can also
provide note you over enormous amount of information that is you know the thousand 1 goes this parrot system the ending well of
the in there he is using the chart this is part of the its use of a structure the the that's right that's the the 2nd most of notes which is very regular or parts of it and complex left
on the something along the that's the value power is more for which is a very complex loss in this but and a culture but
which is large maybe complex absolutely thing yeah so watch in terms of of gold classes that's still makes clear to me pull it from if the gold never changes Boris a
lot of use it might be and if they only have 1 dimension where I'm looking at these cults than I cannot say if it's a problem I always have to multiple dimensions to find out more if this musical and the course of logical to this moral support 1 of the most necessary this is a little the the the hello and a good
example for that in the early days of virtual teams federal please use a nice switches components of what we do that part in this case it can do lots of things so it's very large sets from with 4 megabytes much force because the kind of life this is a lot of people in this room only starts and if I want to know if I should be using this
components just longer largest doesn't help you in much I think in the new school to CEA stemming process supported on its components and high and no use either for this project and how many people are the main things than I guess of the idea of if problem so found so it is just looking at 1 dimension size doesn't help me I need to do something else and what kind of things and to measure that depends on the kind of thing the these are the only project where we we show that forms which is good visual components and for events we tend to have 4 different measurements showing that shoulder in those so this will this form of the world and that was all in the form in this thing shows that the performance of some methods the the court tells me something about the complexity of those and the height of the war doesn't how large it is in the paper of of this is difficult all people in adults the people can write hamlets directly in the force so if you have and we see that the thing you want to left which are that we have little complexity is the complexity is white or yellow and then it only means that they only have I got there saying when the central figure it's and and uh they delegated to the model what should happen when that's it and the soul if a button was clicked then there might be a Coxeter mediates uh forms incident happened it's solutions will and and that's what most of you that it's about underlines of cults the doing something lots of things which makes it difficult to the change of the complexity of the cyclomatic complexity of it was part of the psychological complexity uh interfaces with loops with and if so if you have them there will be larger than and we normally groups form gold in Delphi is supposed to only test at the beginning if you have something like God's which should be cool and then introduces also and all of these 2 distinct things the and the the in the I'm in this of course only interesting for gold where we need to make changes if it's growth which is not going to
change and you're just going to use it like this for the next years that we will talk about this whole but normally we need to add that to the requirements we need to be able to move to platforms and uh because these the open to developers will have to take place heavily diet it In the case of self we would have a lot of the which has to go to that although the where there was an old it's the the CEO and more violently the database support changed a few times in the different versions and that means the gold the the latest versions of the mobile and cost think we have where that's removed from the policy can 64 bits and you go to the so we only analyzed
the current word you also have to choose the right this so we are currently at the point where we have the analysts analysts working and ah it can be than words effective export this study we so when we find the project and the more important since you have to do with goat insults which are independent of the version of of the of this thing all stations moving you can make yeah make sure the universe and lateral pasture to have added the ability of some for Migration support we took a look at some
the work that's divisional upwards of a detected because it's much to see the they will make the prediction where they showed that includes might right along with 5 million lines of code project to see shop in about 18 months with 4 people which is about 10 times better
than you would expect if you just looking so we're looking at the according to the question who
is we don't concede that
and we think that it
is in it the the so we have the the and and to the that we see that except for the school and so on this is very small sample for the name so we can or from visualization to see what's what is going on that a survey will be still
the bar so as to make it possible to import this we want to see which units we complete how the propensity and what we get a sense so you can see that the finals are well that's good people are interested in the face of in the face small blocks stances reached a hominid fossils that are of below that there may be an implementation of that and means files ones which we the findings and it's also shown in the entire and the concept of what we have a person errors of which can't be expected because in most you find any of the the left growth which helps in which which between for instance of the Windows and Linux support so there would be things that would pass for people and
so if you take a look at this then we can see that we have 2 forms the and we have this same this is the same picture and but this is a very simple 1 so we have only 1 form depending on the in thing from before and it has to be found templates which are simple slices and unlike in the of projects and the and the you so if you take a look at the force riches part of this then you can see that this visualization helps us navigate to go to the go to the very fast that's where this yellow and that's this method and we can see that the complexities of look very high but still documenting what we want they knew the correct 1 can we can see that we have here if statement anaphora statement and that's supposed to be more complex again them we should have that the the classes that would be a kind of and you receive the dependencies at unit level and the for each unit of 5 of the classes where the number of methods used in the for example action and its my goats and vertical direction In the make these kinds of the the pictures and they are mostly about the blonde goes and so we often make a lot of them before we
find something which help to show something interesting and so in this was what I want to show a lot just 1 more video that's the box here the and the and the the
this is the part which it never all my
machine poem but more this hold this level show that something no so we cannot only through through regional pictures and all of the mentioned once the this is a we showed
for where it the conventional fuel the whole system all of them and we can remove pollutants and they do it so that elements and also show something about those things to and we also use just recently lost we have
managed to mixing patterns and pictures for don't think that we export out of so this is a kind
of the same model it's approach a model where the lady was part of the blue and the resources in show you the handful of measurements we have grown up to 20 and uh in this field have shown in this picture so it's not the show because you don't see it anything and think of that's mostly because we don't have the right measures for a and was the thank you any questions the world and
you know I told you the information content that is not this is something which can work out what the also important thing was that I was able to create abilities this have imagine that the get from the the your questions OK you and will and here do you what to know what it is kind the and while the thing movies son who was the head the units the losses and this and that the issue of where they are and showing uh of the only people who depend on both the level and the level of we know that because of the use of the the way so this is like finding the relation of all the will can I do this in mind as part of the place where the like this learned in and the actual that's the way it was used by the best for the that job and I this use of the well the thing is is all the the model it's part of the square of the elements and the computational part of the building and and what the the right to the end of the and the the goal of this work is the largest the while we the part in the that is a bit different and we notice that we have now a larger so that the cost of getting before the the language is larger than the Hubble are you where the using this part I was somewhat approach you and all of the is all the more people work for the something with the use of some of the gas that we now know how to do this now we don't know about certain things and interviews so we can also work on but that's a question building biased don't make sure you have the name of solution right so you can find which we may not always hold OK spatial and helpful with the this most of the parts and that's bowels to movements of we the but they don't have the name of the world and you can be good thank you for mention but at the thought that and water was with his units and you will
alluding to compare it is only the and I have here
some of the things we're indicating that into a state of the art in the world of last in which the you
have to do it and then we can look at that you would like
to to prove that yeah I will good that would be
that the but it could also be it with the topic of the fact that some of
the limitations of the little in the in the in the blue was but In
the 2nd half in the people of the use the so for the
but the bank of and the way the I
think the the if you and you call for information on this 1 of the
and I
would like to the
in a way that would FIL now I would like to think that like version In the
1st of the 2 classes of so time for the next observation
of carcinoma is going to tell us about a more neutral