Virtualization in Android based and embedded systems

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Video in TIB AV-Portal: Virtualization in Android based and embedded systems

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Virtualization in Android based and embedded systems
Can you run Xen on your phone or car?
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Embedded systems are becoming powerful enough that virtualization is now both possible and interesting. Xen, as a very tiny microkernel based hypervisor looks like a very good fit for the embedded environment, not to mention that it has been ported to ARM with the number of supported boards in constant increase. This talk will outline the major strengths of the Xen architecture, when it comes to use Xen on embedded systems. It will also identify and discuss the areas where there is still room for improvement. It will go through preliminary experimental results on assessing some of the typical real-time requirements (such as responsiveness and predictability), for the benefit of everyone out there that would like to build its embedded product on top of Xen. On the concrete side, we will show how to setup an 'Andorid on Xen' environment, which results from a fruitful collaboration between the Xen community and other interested parties from the Android community. We think this could be very useful as an example for anyone interested in working with us, with the aim of being successful in the embedded virtualization product space.
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case is this working the and I think we can start the but 1st of all the time in the morning everyone thinks what kinds in distilled and dialog for John Watson from see allow me as a 1st into a project was grateful
for these voices on the floor in general not the index of the beginning is also possible I hope you still would yield to understand something and yeah it's not as a set time value for a C thinks by the end of the game a pleasure to work out to to be a full-time pursues developer for example at in by and that it that's what I'm going to talk about this morning so I tried to move
around In theory of why the the extent advisor could be a good solution for enabling the vaporization open source software symbols is that in many different kind of and that assistance and to do so I will give you an overview of the extent of the vector finally view of of the embedded utilization scenario and my in my view of Y in X and that would be a good thing for you in the world the discuss about the number of that still has that
cycle Fourier once and what's there is a vector with the rise of sand is what to cool down might look at the the the type 1 sodium is selected vise and the mind the mind and of the and the is not very that thing they yourself to the I mean they're seeking the excellent library often the underneath the it that and they're in charge of them just the name of the the sea views memory and that's the maintenance that there's nothing there each of the of of the shaking like a device that I was of and your such things and that's what we would like that everything that has some topics in that we could anomie and so as you use the feature on most of the meats while on the 1 for which usually like to highlight the meaning and to be the most fishermen because he's uh domes you know good control domain and fight that has said extend doesn't want to the other that a device that I've it's uh and devices in their in their guidance but someone as an example of that is it is not the so there's a good provider in some kind of special capabilities you don't 0 that to allow of to the heat that enhance the diver full of i of natural garden this and the whole you that you want to live your problem and the axis then is the unit standard that sent to and send them as a Cyndi
October right it's size there uh the other 1 the other domains are up to our uh what you could get what what what you usually called the guess the act of machines and the is that the connection between the this is the here called me the and what market the and the other 1 will be functions is I'll I think is out of the uh I 6 to the devices that is shared the view that the gun father division of the mediation of the you know the to all the values of so the use of a B and the idea is that you are not
allowed me for just give you all very as likely a more thing the you'll get a vector because that is something which amenities cited living with inflation which is 1 of the modern world get must you send it to the the only logical right so it's a moral lesson in water so before but in this case it is no
longer than 0 and so on and off to other uh viruses for the life of me I know but these these these these used to other means you go where the ceremonies inactivating so this user needs 1 uh not that I where the writer for the network of these sites and that is what it is we that these the now that the guests talk in order to get access to to the metal and the same thing for the for the to that of the solar multiplexing with just 1 representation logic and shuffle the listing of international uh in uh and possibly in the in the very powerful that the that led to a lot of flexibility when designing a profit from sin throughout the life of uh SUSY cortically it may provide them out of identity of the of the you know the answer to that the like and so this what it said
about the standard is you unlike advisor of the board and the the computer nobody university there
and then walls
of commercialized by the of the of qualifying and 2 wires and steps of long process became came up with this project and now it is part of the solution of the collaborative meaning that we are our own we know the optimum solution is saying that lots of universities around Linux them into larger than the size of the the name 1 major use-case works and was bought about the resistance and which is subject to is either enterprise course every ization or cult computing and for example Csendes water uh once the would usually call the and relied on some of their time of like that is like like not these like that of course Alison Institute the and yet the later you may about that's a and also other parts of survival of the important on which is true but it should be the year and reaches started because I decided to enter the 7 markets starting to provide specification for Iife processes we use the position so uh if you want what about these are
called me and you and you have steel perfecting started for straddling that are there it doesn't that border rule anything from the the all the statistics of the importance of
genes that you get to right to the lot of backward experience which allow you to make an alternation states the data is not position of up with the latest sheets you only need you don't want the best and operational device model like Quran was acquired and other uh using the justification fascinated watching what so I want you to a lot of different from what the gene and we are said that the got which Nixon community managed to get uh um sounds forming up with the average rate in order to be ready when they really really the sheet markets the other 1 that I and especially this to be the most 3 i that developed border over a for award uh which have an influence the development in these last 1 is actually on embedding possible to talk to the state and the water and the I think generally don't find and and what ultimately excluded that's associate so we to say that the article was started for the sake of serious about that allow the last to step to the modulation and is no it we
she is amended utilization so if the people out there invented systems and that's involvement in of very to got the shorter in embedded system are the
survival whichever bit indicated that pipe was uh if you look at the end of this of the history of embedded system we see that they started as a very um at low power microcontrollers been able only to the parameter consumers then we grew do more powerful and we're able to land full-fledged operating system and now we have that of the at the face and they will entrenching where they in economic advisers and the sand and selfish consulta support for so few women which was to efficient particles in the life of to special fibers using them in the US runs on what they see the negative either provided you even more flexibility in the morning so you now allowed to have much of the year 1 of the last class of top of that so cover all scenarios the
mobile tablet forms of parents user which basically means running and I've advisor on your phone tablet that we chip and
Council of the use case that no 1 has been you know device meaning that uh you knew what identical accompanied your phone or your for which you want to use both for your personal use more and more and that you want that these 2 ones users to be better on the in the same model not to be independent and to not the compromise and so the idea is to identify surviving into what before machine that with the library system like and the start of both of them are different but they're kind of counting with so we should to watch a means to that kind of information into ritual of the the year by the National invites accidentally this the same Developers Summit in would weeks ship is actually showing that all here showing the uh this this thing on essential public that has been talked about that's the thing here yesterday morning and there's nothing more about these that symbols there would be unable to there as well came out and the time President of the scale of the when when when you add 1 to the other labels of us want to see so if you want to see to underwrite the same dollar should you environments and with this nation area the from of course quantity and he added his gaze out
of all so you and I are you have to account for a bunch of things that I want to be going on a category to basically is in a wall lots of stuff that that needed to control the guiding the rights
mechanic and like point but also you want you or that you keep this behind you to watch a movie and that the the thing with embroidered and the that's the embedded in the back of the neck of the diversity seat or something like that the the same mostly for fun and I mean another presentation you in this assignment with someone from from ontology you should up about them because they are very the sun the optimum our communities and departures from using their water itself logic it holds in the most of the of of the 1 of the people who should not be used the so very often
babies come the of time and I want to more than you knew the technical and economic the coming up and definitions basically uh what can't alignment at about their times is a low-latency so we can sponsor and determinism so
the and in the thank so in
the last few times tonight if that's uh the fact of utilization for them you know what happens odds that the sort sums some events of the some seems gamma such as
uninterrupted and uh some option is to work on as a response which for example maybe waking up let's recap of us from awaiting the and doing that goes to a number of these is that the idea that in the in the operating system each 1 of them uh comes that applies in their all time so they can see and then we will relation and uh the time they uh uses goal of the of the week after and whether these of radiation that takes all the same amount of time for uh the amount of libraries is then we have uh more or less at the the mean in full the amount by which this is usually due the loss of land in the measurement of opens and for example the 1 that you with system the implementation of with this and responsible for the
use and the standard in the industry in which there the relation genes that depends on the implementation of the contribution of during system all frequently uh this into this kid with random chance to the top of a fast feature of really and that how long how complex these operations reasons and dust polymers visiting and that of course in parts of the world will have a duration of
Italy but without the feature is the same for the union well that uh the way you see connected by the bottom
of the derivative of that down to the previous system without this is that the uh of all these components apart from probably the very first one but all these ERP components that go on other uh factor in the integration of more the most likely reach he's
uh because now the interrupted to those who through their advice and then to tool it through the pronunciation uh you know most likely and instead of the 1 responsible for scaling BBC use leading to a machine and then once inside the machine and so these both of the potentially affected related with the 2 last every phase is going to last current along here and also the the the the the the the because of its of its use of identity the cost and time we the rate or the brain taking bring amount of time which would like to the DAG to component of the former yeah so what we really
of let's jump on discussing the beta ERD Axanar the specifics of the of all of the general concept that we the use of now so basically you adjust the readjusting should talking a little bit about scaling and the scalar implementation of this kind implementations and say that there so you're in saying that's our our of course of the view of scalar as a marketer fire
as that 1 1 old has a mother fucking as are a very nice and easy to extend the the framework here uh we achieve a constant of also want to look at and then out to I write your own implementation of the your professor skills and algorithm in the miocene upstream an example for the 3 things and institution counsellee there for a scary China environment ball that the full 1 so it's the most stable than the 1 that gets the most of this thing here and there uh and everyday usage and of course since the sand use cases dealer mostly about the and the presently used in equalization cloud in the guise of staff and exactly what that's where the the uh is being exercised every day and is known to work quite well of course it is not doesn't mean that it work in other situations just as something that he will not today but committee you it is a an array implementation of the user and moreover also up and you interactive lives mind that the data showed rounding gear on how you view according you against it and the to it should be performed better than pretty directly designed to do so but it's still considered in the experimental stage is not a food production and then you have a CDF issues after over into the uh times in the Chair Stand comes with that of but they wouldn't really a command to use it as part of the away from me to all that that and that should mean and then we can discuss about the data set it after the departures of 62 because right now it used to be the full scale and then when to cool that I got the throat so it's good to have their attitude then because this type of fix it at some time but a right now always you want to use it the ship to get in touch with the development community so that we can make sure that it is up to get a book about upset you because it's a program so it's supposed to to to the stages of this and then is the last 1 of each of these of implementing the monthly and by the on wants of who want go on and I've advisor of utilization solution uh um maybe for their water which uses of the fans in the real existence and identities so while the user of the time right so so you know about that he said about the downside of being a very static scalar so it's probably not going to work well in dynamic scenarios like the 1 that the 4th but the satisfied because it allows us to these people do is stand in his eyes and critical life in and it's so the kids Canada as it was
seen as the default on the uh um gives you sit back at its best there and the the classics and scenarios of and the present of the transition what's the that some uh what I meters which allows for need to be tweaked that in order to for
example be uh given to be better in the uh scenarios where you need that faster response is needed for example there but we have these lines here you can change the lies which is pretty high because the full user prior to maximize throughput but if you need that if you can afford and the left to want to In pollution father on the fast sponsors and knowing that the sum of the change of course you can change the priority of items this use of the engine weights and show relative charter that considered another 1 we and uh the this abuse of scary according to the ratios of the the respective weights and later on in the news in the region of the use up that the group in this region of the fiction of the characteristic angle between the 2 possible cases of the interest in things that he
she was the reactants fast food so I would ask as suggested by the Bank of the working at some point but for now and in the united logic which is also collaborating there uh and after that the community in Nietzsche and figuring
out how to find them in what is collaboration and that some of the stuff that they're gonna demands the absence and which is basically as I was saying we have high is uh very um please under scaling framework to work with the and basically these guys the system only about those 2 Washington and this going up in the news that a couple more of your time schedule this each with the uh at least 2 operation more that which should allow you to do it under the to march bias the reopened systems stuff is it's about the source of vision and you from 1 of these if you want to make a lot of life just wanted to show the new feature of so other things
that can you have to be there in order to achieve a better performance in at that that the interesting about here is that for example the you being which is another thing that sets a paucity can
judge so the before what you would of the complete 4 but anyway Nietzsche's means that uh can decide that that are of a certain sector of the toxic user instead of just a landing on all the on any of the pieces views on the on the on the plots will not uh me uh be called find that at the subset of them so you can assign because if you to to to physical CPU either exclusively border modules you talk to a bunch of physical and all this kind of stuff of which the the example in the area of the means of this means that the CPU 0 of these written machine can run on the CPU was tool entity of their physical object and again in these 2 week if paid user is where and beginning is described and it's also advised how to use it to the correctly and therefore the getting the most out of the quadrants of
another team them the 2 supporting centers is a piece of puke boarding the and glitzy people would in which means that not the genes that you can the uh can but but the show
other platform of the status abuse in there some of the it things that's if you suggest to 1 scalar and uh the other set Euclidian wanted them to 2 sets of ended by uh at the same skated or on other skaters so basically is a optimal water uh and he never meaning but you you you you you all changes in the number and then we check and watch the music of user access which you can you but you also been changes caring Gogarty and so for example in this case we had this board made up of 2 of his Cusup user there is a common to sure which 1 line here uh so we each the that scale to each other on the by the a CDF scalar and the desired 1 uh we see speed and physical CPU of taking care of by the 3 top and of course you can there are a police the machines so whatever you want between the toward coming from only for you so there uh
these are some of the features that have the same as the other part because were making heat that would be the embedded in and out of all the time with the scenario and is that most of us some others of these characteristics that I think I need to
make so so of unity said is more it's amazing they all the electric and advisor which means that the very small memory footprint which means that if you have a cold Ottiliavej means that less and less biased not because we are better than other communities but because job those of the because the the user of the which to the police but this is small that and foxes and yet not talking about security here but if the shit out the uh blogs and they went to the operating system of standard I mean he's looking for lots of each user security and on and set of call by actually uh they do these the single-tube so as to reach my point is that the means of San right then the bank because of these factories step example being very flexible and very small the the mn other than that eat being there was more the project that makes the it the role of the easier to uh for each example to be certified she knew that it's not going to be easy and anyway but this is better than of the other reasons and the other projects FIL it's very it's very weak and comfortable with things so uh what Sandye's is to just the set of environment as far as this this abuse in the in the main ways concerned and the Internet this said that and then at the um you just that creates what we what they show you in the long view and then that so it's going to be very fast to have your gums up and running and if you need that your embedded platform at the top and and we see that there is a bunch of thing that you can do to expert users is the light which is not the same as the other solutions all to of course that is something that you have to to the or to your operating system books and about the lucky enough that this is not this is nothing that i and there are examples of meeting in the community and community and document doesn't always mean that are starting to be people doing the accepted as ex-officio is at the right and especially on item because of how we started the port of San it is very easy to what you're and also reflects the divided by the security in all of these things divided by the variance which I showed you a few of which and you so I get
some benchmarks that uh and the from and we then is that it is the UN ought to the be out of communications through a data counts when you want to the date the numbers to see uh whenever sitting in this process of having sent supporting the
uh real-time and embedded utilization so there are a lot of States didn't do that not remind them properly and to see whether I am considering there are enough and that the the the the most useful the use cases scenarios so I'm not going to show much today some of them moment to show much numbers because of said that as it's appearing at the end of Part I plan to the into we talked for the for the we and you have to be uh and so on after the standard to be uh honestly showing you that the who at the sum of the number that they have shows that uh it's Polly possible but we have some work to do and we have to do to the vector sum and of course you are involved in the of both of the times the size of the management and analysis of the week and the integrated in our in the united she wanted testing and benchmarking 1st so that you can have cost and the cost and uh iron and from them and the will and we approve of course started to be the injury is a source of latency of Jeter all kind of problems and and figuring out how to solve all these ships so these are the numbers Sudan should carry notion of familiar with there these things called this thing called psychic test which is a a update T a standard tool in export of this media planning for the of uh tuning out in uh lake and see that the use of the term getting out of your blocks of the hardware and operating system is basically a fast they're going to the for the little amount of time and that waking and when heats up there you measure of our EU longer this is the last in the uh the state of the idea of the time you should have that and think what you could really use in this so old so this is not the
best use of benchmark around that on these love tube so not the best uh Detroit MI that's but this is what you get on the the Baron makeup so just uncertain all nodes that activizer underneath and these are the number 2 in the 1st line these up there but you get when the the the system is don't and these that number would you get to when the you have this city test program running there was a shooting diffuse died but need some bad bad unknowns and there in these other 2 the stances you get the now you see the numbers of the will top doing when you do the same on don't 0 I was up as we do the same on a proper don't you so for example these 1 D 1 down here is not bad 3rd and that's why I'm the the original for a lot of ground millions of forgetting is that many of the it's not that they're 5 from what you get when they met the early to be to be food geology muscle but they did the mean was good and also the problem is not that often the problem is not the moment is not the always standard consistent with thinking that the mean possible the amount of the colonies opening much gt the so that's what we are concentrating on the and different that so retina cheats on that as you have seen and there's a or you you've been able to understand and then find information that I you know that the vector and review of the scenario we are it in few points away the standards and he would love for that and fact about the future plans for a one-dimensional this and also is it be said that was illustration of why mixing project that is going to fall off a self in the next few weeks and months so that's the all of the things of these workers and use of the area of embedded in the time of of
the masses and many in the mind of the community and the website of the same logic and we used to reach you basically the uh kind of stops now what you assume enough of so much more information about code is is the is the thing that in this need but we show that the dual cone the origin of the the 1 on the right of the the yeah so basically send that as of course on day on its citizens in the Yaksha so that only the seeds that we uh we have a lot of the to support different kind of utilization different kind of guests we have quite a realization of digitalization quantization we say utilization butterflies that either the ad ization in advertised something as own Olham thinks will in these we have a and also a it's Steve to what extent is very uh smaller forms for being there such a pompous project about the belt of stuff that analytical complexity there 1 item on the menu uh that means there was a clear specification of what we really wanted to support so those cheap so with those very specific extensions for the utilization of the implementation is you know uh from the 1 at a time in the uh that everybody was and still when it's infrastructure in that that it is not boardroom of and so we a diary uh all the complexity and all the things that have been done by doing 1 step after the other and adding the 1 thing after the other and it's and it's it's sort of what is permanent site
is on the of this yeah the what's we on support guess because that customer to fight that that we acquired anatomy 7 or obviates sheet which and theories on why required is that these are the specification which comes individualization extensions so basically if you look at the that we have a lot at stake is the last so that decide to compare the uh characteristic of the guest of of the get the support anonymous to the ones that you have to seize user something made there which book which you for the air we also mean that uh being got the best of both wars because we have the each container we haven't yet support and we use it madam the extensions speech but yields big advantage of all of the because know what to do that because that's what happened so that the talks animated by the Parliament utilization so that would be we carried on to I don't think of is the same of that of the united church against the simplest of so thank you and eventually