Using RIPE Atlas API for measuring IPv6 Reachability

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Video in TIB AV-Portal: Using RIPE Atlas API for measuring IPv6 Reachability

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Using RIPE Atlas API for measuring IPv6 Reachability
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Cooperation and sharing are the keywords for this talk — sharing of data, of efforts, or results. RIPE Atlas is a global network of probes that measure Internet connectivity and reachability. Out of 5000 active probes, more than 1000 support IPv6. Supported measurements are ping, traceroute6, DNS and SSL. There are API calls for starting your own measurements, and for downloading results of "built-in" measurements from all probes towards root nameservers. Code for analysing data is shared on GitHub. Many analysis papers and articles were already published using RIPE Atlas data. My goal is to encourage FOSDEM participants to contribute with their knowledge and their curiosity, by using the existing data and producing interesting research, and by sharing their code with others. RIPE Atlas is a global network of probes that measure Internet connectivity and reachability, providing an unprecedented understanding of the state of the Internet in real time. There are currently several thousand active probes in the RIPE Atlas network, concentrated in the RIPE NCC service region of Europe, the Middle East and parts of Central Asia, and the network is constantly growing. Probes are hosted by volunteers, individuals and organisations, who share a portion of their bandwidth and electricity, and allow all the other RIPE Atlas hosts to perform the measurements from their probe, thus contributing to the wealth of measurement data. RIPE Atlas users who host a probe can also use the entire RIPE Atlas network to conduct customised measurements that provide valuable data about their own network(s). The RIPE NCC collects the data from this network and provides useful maps and graphs based on the aggregated results. IPv6 is a popular topic for the research community, and there are many articles published already based on RIPE Atlas IPv6 data. In my presentation, I will make an introduction to RIPE Atlas measurements, explain various IPv6-related features, point to the existing research and code, and invite participants to contribute their own.
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side it's the cases the model of each who is going to tell us the story of using right but let us API for measuring P 6 for each of which thank you means that I'm really had to be speaking it follows them and I am honored to be invited here and I'm grateful that I go at the time slot of 15 minutes is I like to talk a lot and 15 minute 15 minutes is not is going to be enough so don't ask any questions that during the talk
who just until of atomic
all these seek stopping the that you of the cover and then that we can do the questions and answers later so how many of you know I I have heard about the right while almost everybody OK great so all that's going to be really short introduction that I'm going to add the there and then I heard already there are questions the previous speaker but how can you get 96 and going to talk about that then uncovered the right top what so what is it and how can you use the radicals measurements and then I'm going to combine that with high missing stop it and see and say how can you actually do what we think measurements using right pockets and in the end I will tell you how you can take part in the robotics community this is my favorite of the and community middle there and all these other technical details in our less important than the actual community around these tools so that the main
thing that you have to remember about the right is that it is complaining different from right in the the so most people say right when they need guidance to see that the different things so right is you and I parentheses me and that right is a community of metrical operators have that was formed in that 89 it was a bunch of people who thought obvious or size that is not going anywhere we actually want to build IP networks and that we need to state
that in each other and to connect our methods to to each other and have a database we details so that he can get exact and so they started having regular meetings and agreeing on the things right in right documents and so on and then in 92 they created their own all right this is the right mental coordination center that was actually coordinating the work all these operators so that's how it started and uh right parentheses now companies situated announced that it has about 120 employees either fragments see in those but by all my colleagues here in the audience today and that the boys in that to the employment are decided by the right communities so you want the guys who tell us what to do and then the only do it and so the right answer seems funding by the members by uh companies that need mostly IP addresses or are interested in how other products and services so the similar things exist in the rest of the world so this map you can see how we have divided the world between 5 regional Internet registries and they are very similar to each other they're similar to the right this is seen however they have all regional small differences and that the distribution like the others in all these policies of that the centralized in such a way that the difference in 5 different continental regions seat has a main function
or has a main function and due to these 2 IP resources but we also do all kinds of other things so as I said we give out the this is a a number is the key to whom you database up and running but uh we also develop tools and that are available not only to all members but to all the community is the work on the security and the work on the training and on the other hand we also operate services that all the benefit for the whole Internet community for example can you name server is maintained by us and them the get me take apart in Internet governance on behalf of the right community and the also developed measurement tools that I'm going to talk about through like right parts so there no this students are not coming very often to our meetings and we want to attract them and we are now developing this cooperation in medication organizations and inviting students to come to the right the things that happened 2 times a year next month even more so in me and so if you are a student at appears the student or if you know somebody who is doing research networking please of life and the have sponsored invitation for 5 students who will have their expenses paid to go and talk to the operators is within the right community and explain their work and meet the people who are interested in in there were promotes that way so it that means that you take a look at this and tell your friends that they should come to the right of how many of you were ever at the right meeting good quite a few well it's a defined a conference and there's about 500 people attending mostly from ice the Intel core businesses and their it's an interesting event and it's not very expensive so you should do to try to win if you noticed so how to get the kids so whole you has the 6 at home or at work or in the hackerspace it mostly of so this this
point you probably know so we can do the diagnostics this come from but basically they come from idea this is not on the graphs on the top of this whole structure there is idea and then getting up 1 8th of the whole idealistic 6 space to I that's less the so I I and then distributing publications huge big blocks of that space to regional registers and regional registers like privacy allocates big blocks to Iose fees and then they use more walks through smaller eyes these or to the end users so it's a hierarchical distribution and it make sure that the aggregation of other space works in the routing works the there's a lot of terminology allocations assignment for by
independent and there can be all kinds of status is that describe these objects in the right database my colleagues given the training courses in 6 so part of this is from the training course material and these courses available to the members of the right and succeed but the material is available to any and and all this and you can learn all the details there I will not go on the details
so if you are an ice speed if you a member of the right to see you can get an allocation although slash 32 size if you have a plan to start using it within the next 2 years so criteria for getting out using of patient is not really very hard so you just have to say sure I have plan and then you will get this big chunk of the IP addresses if you don't need such a large IP space and if you don't want to be in a way are you can get provide independent of this is through another LAI through another organization and that costs 50 euros a year so this is another way of getting our IP 6 space but only for yourself so you can automate assignments through the 3rd parties so this is just the organization of the PI assignment if you are not a nice thing you can still get IV 6 other since the previous speaker mentioned but there's also the prior that missing space if you just want to go to test it so there are some links here on this line and if you are a if you have a small business if you just want 196 6 for yourself or your home do ask your eyes the and don't believe them and they say all you and the first one to ask you and on the first one to us and even if you are just people insisting on and then I didn't give you a large also act slash 48 uh is actually allowed according to the policies so I found in the here a lot of movies and some of them are these items 6 charts if you can get from us which explain what what is flesh 48 how many summands can make from that and so again this is not the major the main topic of this talk some so this is the 1 of the best kind of the TM remained so that missing Summit in charge and decide the chart also explain the sum that the of the states and the 4 yeah so you can pick them up not later here the so just for the
security of their in the audience there are some security considerations that you have to be aware of our in item 6 world and we also do
kind of measurement all that I can be 6 readiness reading the members of the right in the seas so we call that is rightness and it shows per country how many of our members have asked for that 6 space the data registered the outer object in the database the data Our enable reverse DNS and they announced their space so saving do all those 4 things then they have more star i've music's rightness and they get a teacher now this has been the biggest and they were all items in employment in Europe and the fact that you get a free T-shirt the to achieve this war stars and doesn't mean that you actually have an attractive customers nothing in it means you're adding a new page and you get radiation so people have been actually liked struggling for this but yes I have read them and so some other people never say come on this doesn't really measure and if it's OK you go you can you show us a bit more like this is actually ready something about something called the start of his excitement and if you look at this problem this year and you can get for every country on average it's about 50 per cent so half of our members kind of book to that readiness stated they can actually do I can be the thing they want to be there have a business model for doing it and so on but then the measured how many of them actually knowing it's about 10 per cent and there have been more than making it easier for that category so we're still working on that and then uh yeah this is 1 of the ways to to encourage people to move to IP 6 how many of you actually have that feature OK is to the but it's in the gradient at the blue Monophysite think now so it was black that's in your model okay so the annotations were right up once I have to hear them from girls so meet later on to to get the shits from right populace yeah
and yet this is this is another matter in the world which shows very odd they all want the world mostly Europe of course and in the actual
numbers there is is a bit more than 4 thousand uh 700 acting right Laplace probes around the world and about half of them do I 6 so we have almost and thousand users and right populace users can do these ratios innocent and so measurements were wrong thing on so cool
can take part in my populace anybody sitting just ask for 1 of these problems and the should it to you for free if you are here you can see me later have another 10 or 15 here and you can get from me and you applied it in and cell death and what happens then is that you stars during measurements so warrants root name servers this try parentheses cares about the root nameservers a critical Internet infrastructure and the men them from about 5 thousand locations around the world and the do the beans in trace out in the the cups with them we collect all the data and publish it to everybody to use if you are posting by these problems then you can register it and uh either through the web interface or the API which I will talk about later you can do your all beings and trace out to any other destination that you want from other people's problems so the fact that you have 1 in the problem enables other people to use your problem for example from France out to do measurements to widespread the all there so it's it's really a community-driven project it's based on the contributions of volunteers who were able to plot this protein then network into quantum you deliver demanded that electricity so that we can collect a lot of data so this is the version 3 on the probably used to have a small little what effect the ones alike will reveal the picture and that they were going to be too expensive for us so now we are using the off-the-shelf hardware that to be all right so these used the wireless router but it doesn't do that anymore so he does exactly the same as the old probe which is being traced out pianist and as the cell various it's running Linux and there that's about it from the technical side of them want to say here if you want to know more there are engineers here of life and they can get into all these details you it and the the other 1 of the large here it's a sucrose books that is now used as a
right buckles anchor so these bankers or larger wall of boxes that can do more measurements and also used deliberately as targets for the measurement so outline is that have about 100 by the end of this year we have 36 currently and they will give us the regional baselines and what is maybe unfortunately call future history but the longer explanation is that if we start doing these regional measurements now than in the future will be able to move back and see how the connectivity in a certain region develop historically this is anthony case for the countries which don't have Internet exchange yet so if you start measuring how the traffic in those countries is going all over the place and to the other countries and so on and how when you would be infinite exchange the traffic local but we don't regardless anchors and problems will be able to visualize it and show it later on so if you want 1 of these you can apply and is still accepting occasions especially from the developing countries say a cell we had enough then the fluid Europe but we would like to have to seen more in Africa in Latin America in Asia where we don't have such condensation hasn't on the there please let me know later on these men their hosts all replicas thinkers in
2013 this year we have another 15 or 16 out this the work in collecting there always be the 1 to promote their organizations because they help us build the project and that the difference between the
small boxes and the larger 1 even these media not for free and needs your organization has to buy it around 800 euros or less if you can get a better deal with 250 so uh
1 of the major challenges after we collect all these data is how to visualize so recently we have developed in cooperation with the resources user rization experts from the telling the this seasonal graph and assume warping graph so the same graph looks like this so it takes there are 20 beings so if you say I want a pain from 20 probes in Italy provides a target in Germany and he takes all those results and consider 1 graph and then there is a lot of things that you can to be on the on the controls here so should show the maximums of or averages out and then you can decide which I don't want to see this 1 of them seriously ticked off I want to see only these from the specific AS number so there's a lot of power in this uh dieselization that people say about and the other 1 is appealing graph beach it is replacing multiple are graphs that we used to have so for lack of daily and weekly and monthly view we had them all separate and now you go you can see it all in 1 graph and then used to mean depending on the level of the go with that you're interested in so what kind of
people actually using this problems for so there several use cases of success stories that we had in the past so for example when the element operators have installed 1 of their and about instances in in Belgrade in Serbian open exchange vendor there being graph or are 1 of the probes in Belgrade went down the you can see here on the grass and from 50 ms to 3 and then those people in the in the interchange could go to their boss and say see this is actually winding wanted to install and in this location because now we get less latency so that other people can go to their boss and say this is what is going to have this is kind of a success story then some people who are maintain any service would look there are they wanted to see from different vantage points around the world how many of our users are carrying the specific instance of the entity and then they could schedule those measurements on the wrap-up problems and then just see percentages and then trouble shouldn't say it will wait a minute why in this 1 the most popular and maybe even put some more invested in their environments and the least of your worries of the problems with that 1 so that they could use a wrap-up for this kind of research and then finally there some kind of outage event on the internet we can see the impact using data from right particles so again just a short story about the security aspects here and then the people ask us wall why would I plug blank walks into my network what does he do so we have to keep on explaining how does it work actually and so the the probe itself has keys on an they initiate connections within a week of back-end servers and then I'll bet in server schedules the measurement of that so once you have this problem you do not actually the there have access you don't have direct access to your own problem you only log intuitive and interface of the right see you say I would like to schedule pains from those other kind of problems and in the sense those commands to those kind problems so you don't have access to other people's probably don't have access to your probably and then there are no passing measurements running on them and the cones is available at the time of the measurement that there are a measurement types that they're running on it and they're beaver until now we were actually very lucky to have a community that I was using responsible disclosure to tell us when they found some on the 4 0 so the delta that he published in so we apply transparent about it in the reports on on our security page so all this kind of outreach to other communities in and now uses here hoping that the human mind something that is wrong in the room or the that better that you will approach us 1st and North Lawn publish a paper somewhere in the act there are about the stroke and it can promise you T-shirt if you 1st got to lost yes so my underpants project was to go to a lot of spaces and that would derive apples from there and then it seems that is yet another community project then now people from hackerspaces look or went and made their own API and that made the mapping the checkers space actually does have a right up was from so you have to be future hyperspace thank God there you can go to your own page all on this sticky and see of from the who what hardware have right from and then it's going to appear on this map so that's quite nice to and then we have some plans for the
future our roadmap this public and we actually adjusted based on the requests from the community so please let me know if you like something else in
the future for the right problem so finally how does it all work well the measurements are possible to do with the way the API and through the web interface so the API itself well it's just a lot of programming so I cannot put it on the slide I'm not a programmer and so I'm just going to talk about like how they do it to the interface all of that all those steps that it should be possible to go through the API and it's already known documented and their find and these links so how does it work well you have to log in and you click on my measurements you choose some parameters and that's it then it just starts and then there is another link very it downloads data so what can you do with them the whole 1st I'm going to talk about credits so in order not to overload the system we have developed something credit system so once you run a problem you earn credits and then you spend them to schedule the measurements it's that simple and then there is like a priceless somewhere in the site and litigation sections states says pain course this margin of face out of this much and then make a sketch of the measurement it says is going to cost you listen this many credits and then then I'll grant that show how this decrease increase and with that of the the thing is in the API you have to provide a key to prove meet user you what's so that we know how much the BN so this is 1 of them mentioning it here because that's a little bit more complicated but when you log in you know we are but if you're using API you have to 1st generate key then that the in your API call so that we would know who has scheduled this measurement if you want to spend a lot of credits and it's not enough how much you earn from posting 1 role you can host multiple problems or you can host the iPod was anchored in 10 times as many credits if you are a member of the reference hand interface which says you made 1 million credits in just going there and then we give you 1 million credits have several times so you can get like as many times as you want and if you are a researcher then you should talk to us and then we will give you enough credits to do your own research project because I had these described interaction design just to protect the system from overload the end of the area so and to a assure some kind of fairness so currently there's enough capacity and the credits system should not stop you from doing the interesting measurements and interesting were that you you want so please talk to us and the newest thing that we have developed is that the equals to your existing monitoring systems so it's not monitoring per is enabling monetary and so how does it work well you schedule measurement you say I want to this that site of mind to be our pain for all thousand probes around the world and every few minutes and then you I also decided tread on the threshold wiped out those thousand grows even 500 failed I want to be notified and so the notification itself in another API calls so you go to this URL with your measurement by the and then this API will tell you a true or false based on the threshold that you have decided and then you can put that into an obvious or it our existing monitoring system so that and yet you don't have to like rely our tools you already have your own tools but the Oculus giving the input for your own tools and so the condition is all lined this is not really public yet so you can try it and filtering of production service so don't rely only on this but it is a good and onto to your existing monitoring systems and the guy who wrote it is sitting over there so I can approach later on this sample is this what you always wanted yeah great OK so we have a quite and people quite a few people who are enthusiastic about the possibilities about was so they made their own hands on tutorials and that they know what they're talking about like me because like trying to promote this with the community but they actually did all these measurements and they made the material and the richer and everything and he's totally available so I take a look like they're step-by-step instructions on how to do this API call that the whatever so now check that their numeric and if you do something like this please let us know because next time I'm going to put that life the finally getting that like 6 so all this that they talked about until now of course can do like 6 but some people there's a lot of B 6 research already so I'm just going to kind of lead you through these examples to the new inspiration on what can you do so uh somebody said well how is the item 6 routing happening are currently used their filtering based in the prefix size going in other words if I get only slash 48 can this be visible in the routing table like 6 out of there are around the world how many people are not going to see my slash 48 prefix and the answer is about 1 per cent so if you knew the multihoming read announcing more specific prefix all existing a larger block then 1 per cent of the current activity 6 routing world is not going to go to reach a prefix and based on the results from our problems so this is but this has been done a few years ago actually so by now maybe result so it's a bit different so this was about BGP routing and and the filtering there in the DNS some people also doing filtering for their records and that causes unexpected problems to other operators and we also looked into that so a lot of these use cases are described in the right way and articles and so that the tails of the the 15 minutes time slot is not enough for me to tell you everything about so that the the sex lounge being out was a very good opportunity for a lot of people to test their receipts capability and readability of their services so they actually use dry populace to see how reasonable they off from the rest of the world and the some real comparators gave us their feedback on what candidate what could they achieve a they're looking into the right of use of cell on yeah they they could and should directed traffic to other ports based the the result that they were getting from right was that samples were less legible than the others some of streams were arresting less reliable than others so they actually achieved traffic optimizations based in the results right part this the 1st the example and the 2nd 1 is a a looking into quantum happen if we see each of the 4 how much of the basics only Internet would be visible and the answer is 2 thirds so that the very simply find and they should be over in the article so that means they like 40 per cent of all data on the stack them science would not be visible if the angles would have I to all the IP 6 of the eyeballs would not be of course that matter the and then again we tried some our beautiful result izations of these they that also for the the 6 lounge day although this was available only to the members of the right so they could go to the even seen that the interface in their earlier portal and just type in the the host name or the IP address all the host serving the they wanted to test and then from the Tauzin IV 6 enabled them sites around the world of problems around the world we would generate traced out and then visualize them so they get to graphs 1 with all the trace rouse they succeeded and the other 1 the trace of the North gets to the destination and then they you get to click through all the hopes and seen each numbers all these states outspend through and who do you have to call that so the interface their the it of path and
view that was also quite enough of a research project both for all know scientists meeting the IPCC and the students a busy with this so our again now they found out that fermentation indeed is a problem in I 6 world and what can you do to to actually fix this problem so right but this
is also used for the external shooting to this is from 2 weeks ago uh somebody said why is this measurement not working and then we were like all and it's about should not work at all but I actually as a sum probes were sitting behind the broken is over is and they were so alike claiming to have I can be 6 while utilization of working and then only from Haydn of from 10 probes are annihilate 9 said well that target and does not even idealistic 2nd order like using measurement and 1 said sure I'll try and then it failed and then this guy was saying why did it fail and so we managed to kind of trouble shouldn't he was up all I thought so this website mine handy 6 and I think that it doesn't have so that he fixed so this is 1 of the real life examples
and the other researchers all the mentions that words minor he you know I said well a lot of devices around the internet thing they had the see the they don't a how much about those problems in the the same some of the right out those problems also think that they have like 6 but they don't so having you try to schedule the measurement from a thousand probes it claimed they had could 6 you will never get 100 per cent success rate because 10 per cent of them into cannot like receipts at all so this is something that you have to take into consideration when you are examining results that into not always will form in these is also the fact that a lot of eyeballs do not have working accuracy even if there are problems from so this slide I'm not going to go through but if you actually are interested in writing applications for item be 6 and there's a lot of help over there a lot of these euros have a lot of helpful information and the 1 that that is my favorite is about spelling so how do you write I 3 6 and this is our in uppercase lowercase all the possible words of shortening the number of zeros and so on there's some recommendations about it and have a nice examples of how do you read the log files are stuff like that when they're letters single and columns
so to finish my talk I will just give you a few possible ways on how can you take part in the community so for the software-writing people there is a repository of the time varying collects their scripts and programs of our people who would use dry Populous tool to analyze the data so if you make something useful please share it made the rest of the community and he this is just the graphs on how many people actually took part at each time I didn't want to put more euros this is great here but the title is clickable and yeah the name is also self explanatory score I topless community the there you can also find the link to the source code if you would like to examine how does it work and the have published some of our own tools for analyzing data in the same community repository if you are very enthusiastic about spreading the law of 4 I iPod you can get multiple probes into your friends me and then going to call you right office ambassador and there have been like you now that we have that there is a special mailing lists of so um you you might get a T-shirt peripheral unsure who wanted giving these things in those so please see me later to get a in terms of making has as a glove and the if you have money to
give to us we will take a thank you to have a few in that case you know polio sponsor and that will put your logo on the next slide and the next for them to to show how grateful we are and this enables us to make teachers to actually give this hard for free and to ship it around the world and not just to write this the members and then you can get more probes for your we all company and the well you can get it anyway if your losses but if you have money and you want to support the that may thank you and there's so we
always I like to asking them questions so for example what you what should we do with relation in the measurements that technically possible on the problem of our researchers often do them because they're careful and which of them but it's not open to the community at through out the reason is about political sensitivity and so on so we would like to get some guy guidance from the community how she is being used in the measurements and the system checks for monitoring how much work should be put more into this or a how complicated should be making how easy make it for you Our IV 6 what else shall we do what should the data be more open or should it be possible to do private measurements all these questions are still open and we're working to get you to to figure out what the there is the right up was going to go in the future if you have success stories where there's no we will put them on the next slides and you can get in touch in
many many ways and thus of course the fact that next has all the information via on Twitter we have mailing lists we are going to all the conferences and the I'm very happy to be here and to take some questions
and questions at any 1 the that gives you trust the data as there is a chance that or the rope notes that just see protocol sensing similar about that is completely wrong we use the checks and the receiver they can be actually who the checks to see if the data is rubbish on so if somebody is very very very sophisticated and like manages to send us like the data that is almost the same as what we would expect but rummage then you move it might happen that until now that was not of problem and that we have other security measures to enable only our probes to select all infrastructure but I'm not saying this is a challenge I'm just saying that this is how we of uh check the data that arise due to our reckons the but we have the post network and we are using we have any cast what spots in many different countries alkalies that never to then see which carriers and going to which at the actual of machine that is yes you can have because he knew the was invented for the same purpose the best out any within the server works and so we have developed the course that we have developed a max that showed exactly in each instance of the Geneva server has answered to each probe and in different colors and so on and so on OK think of it so um you know 4 crops connected we all die before alright you reflects the you sink about distinguish between native and 1 the 6 connectivity the yes indeed think about it but currently you cannot ask fell and the probes based on me all kind of the thinks the measurement so after you receive the data you can analyze it and then you can see that within the hour and the role hand but you can only in advance and as of yet but it is on the government people have been asking for this already and well known recorded at some point OK a I think that's much indeed