Using OpenMP to Simply Parallelize CPU-Intensive C Code

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Video in TIB AV-Portal: Using OpenMP to Simply Parallelize CPU-Intensive C Code

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Using OpenMP to Simply Parallelize CPU-Intensive C Code
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Compute-intensive applications usually benefit hugely from parallelization: running code on multiple CPU cores at the same time. One mechanism to implement such parallelism is to use OpenMP, an official open standard that allows for easy parallelization of existing C or C++ code. The latest OpenMP version (4.0, released summer 2013) also covers offloading to accelerators like GPUs and SIMD. Klaas van Gend will introduce OpenMP, its applicability and usefulness and how to use OpenMP to speed up your code. OpenMP is an official, open standard to specify multi-threading, computational offload (to accelerators like GPGPUs) and SIMD (vectorization). OpenMP is a big topic, it is impossible to cover everything.
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the people of the region of the the the of the power so this kind of information by actually correct about his it's not the very have this is
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for companies who is focusing on the so the training you don't see and we have to actually they sort of analyzing operations and work which you to the the the which
of course in the sense that so that's 1 of the 2 and if you want to do a proper so for optimization you can do the same different levels you still LDA model which is overseeing the the part of the writing of the and everybody else problem yeah this so of the of the of is it this came from so I was the that and you want to find the best quality by University added that form of what we had to do with the the all of the motions the use of we had not worrying about the work that we getting to this so the she the of course the writing of find it works out well about what it provided that the rest of the world with the use of the of the it is something of so what the average value of of yeah this did you around for a while the
of course the if we start and where it can be a pain paradigm of people so that you can almost say that research is really so the wild a a light in the nineties the research we also give it the right now all the course suppose the policy that so support for open these literature especially in light of this will have that I'm and at all about you know you you use the lack of any of them is going to the and finally how did may be that the I ultimately the is that if you're not going to most of my examples you see on the level of of In both cases using the in they acquire a lot of the maybe it at the point of the they you have the right what was the of the the other the parameters the that we which means that this college students you these saying if you at the opening people aware of what he got to the examples in diary on a set of nodes that the principle is what because if you were the 1 being the statement of the of the of the original same so that the people in the world this so I once you know well this so we have In this file the different members of different peoples and nations and it might get a number that gives it the number that comes out of 0 the the rest and it's usually to to it was still survives the world we use the so
all of these methods to be used in this started working code sequence of how we got a lot of people the which means that that always check that will you go still you and the upon you always have the sequence of the variables so the site the back you know more about some of the issues that we the
this may be slightly more complicated and now I only have a little so it starts to that was not very very good parallel the so each thing that you execute them in until the end of a word that might be it a once this was done the grade realized the next the 1 of the the the the idea of the life of the then but would you write I love or working in their
work of the 1st came into being in the form of the of the signal and the decision is the you are going to have a lot of the things that's going to be different than the problems of his own research sections the world of research all 3 say something about the role of the great with the little the
parallel so the research is to have all the all the stages of the research is in the right there and by the way In the case of the old ID and so loud if you want to estimate the what the the and the other thing that we know the vagaries of the means that I love the sum of the 2 year round thank
you and
we have the and what is it you are working with the rest of the faces of the situation where you have rest in world the the chair of the samples from the but you need to start doing things to do with memory of it that you're music that's how that's how you say a word about and and of so for now that you but research and all the time that the cost what still the to story of what was right and the in only so that's what the use the constants divided by the sum of the thing I know there was no way that I will be on the right that's the and same thing I there was shared i the from whatever right at the end of all of so I say the word right during the variable has started I using in the right those with the text the so if you have expressed that each 1st right to their own people for work with the the goal is to really and last but it was very good use of it the at the time so if you were at rest the same variable of right the 1st part of the that's right through
the this is called a share with of the here and in of so link by the less
likely we are of the view that I hear the word right here all right what do I have to go that starts with a I can treat Y and is that the data we have so the entries they're all of and you yes so in the end result is that the this is not be so well and you know and then on the outside and the that yeah so when you is initialized note the you got it from the end of the you know this the the and so the the it wasn't all that effort is spent the last 2 the the of the and it was the rate of and you may well I indicated and which is about the same because of the a very expensive because it is yeah in the universe but it's also the but exploded in the last step but that said which 1 the closest latest it will assist you in the last thing you want to believe that 1 it is like is the hello this lot I was there to make that you very likely rights but I would like to know if the new but if it so easy and what is the last 1 a little bit more about the the In what phase of this research we want this political faction of the people are talking about points the we probably of probably will lined up with the operator in here we get out of here and you know so always use the people around you start codon to actually make sure that all the time and the last 1 and once you get to the stage of the work that that has to be there to be your study guide the side that the body or the lower in the last year so you want to you want to the out the people of the world around and what I would like you to think of it as a of do you think think of the the of the of the of the release of some of the variables but what happens to the person who was 1 of the that the licensed they are their local the leader of the of of the of the things I don't question there was a lot about what happens to the but it can also be seen as a response the students wanted over over because it's all over the world and I will get that matrix is somebody going to use something was that the question is to share here is just across the to share what you may think usually this is not a member of this is that they will have something to do with the and it was just the the 1st of the the the blood pressure to go in the form of you will you want the and of the good things that we know that our food and the energy industry both generations and
of well the words you know the law the derivation so the support the vision and by what we do with the rest company with you paralyzed what you the value of this this is 1 of the 1st responses all of the all of the forest and so that this 1 makes the current the only because of the the 9 days so if you make this error the the but this from the form of the question of what we started the the the that when they get started again they will be there at the end of it so and it is important that you want to generalize it was a lot of data on the part of the either like this was the most expensive with the expression so it's starting to like just as the world and that part of how we approach is that if you use a more joy and so every time the variables or with the size of the world's 1st the radius of the for all these 3 or 4 of the of the 1st part of the problem with this is that you will have at least so we're in the we believe for you the so this way of programmers to have this region in here there's no stress on the start of the visual data projected onto the of the week so is there lexical it was the most and so I related go for 1 so that means this form In the old growth as expectation of the 1st of the 2 of you that out of 3 and they have of the rows of it's got the the clearly there is a hole right here the and this is the and the and so I need to make all right so that the sum of all of the darkness of the the thank you very much and of course you can program the 1990 just for you all the In the case of the part which was specified the the on the basis of the right if you have a lot of research using was and is the these will be happy to see that over a lounge or a I haven't seen any of these things on the original receipt of the the expected number of times hello what the young people in love with another the operation of new node searches and the reason for not doing this 1st you the logic for of the of the average reaction because the the amount of work that you start questioning you use it in here the no way that you this out there is the the text here where was the where the so you have no clue what that this amount resources the from a lot of work to do it using the reaction of the number of people working using the basis for the so that means you have understand the word
the so I think more in this way of thinking and you also the 1st 1 of the 1st section of the the rest of the what they word in the time of the 1st thing to this all of where this this going to say they want to and from the world and want to learn from them the why do you need to have a choice between the why are we going to use this with some of the relations in the world and the the of the I knew that the the there's the the professor local American but most of the reason why this sometimes the you the the this the there was so this is the role of the if I had a series of jobs at the next version of the children to say buy numbers the we get a lot things that what's the what's 1 of the most important of these that when you want to that jungle region of the world is going to make sure that it was the post if you have equal most most the iterations that's the probably think of what you expect as soon as you start see that behavior of the memory it but I think this is the area of the the of the of the of the week of the program on so you
want to know In this lecture on parallel for all of the just so he you might say that you generate all variables the that world there before and it is the character of what the theory that the use of another I and then the the figure the world in the a of the the good the so I have to mention a few things they also about this is the most interesting right and so this is an the the will of the other you end with so they many of the also all of these smart enough to understand the the very mention word statement that that variable is called structural and will be used it up because the threat of each of the so called the problem of how to get rid best of based on the the the the the period to the interest the that the rest of the results of the very the 2 ways to solve this the beginning of the underlying about higher than here in this case the most used in this test out of the
container main all rights to use the phone which means that we know for sure that you know the the process of solving the problem of their rights will succeed so I will be value that's right and we should know what else do we need to be you really want to have the properties and this is what you call it as long as the distressed that very light very few years and for itself no I also think they know what the right to all of us have especially if you have a small little of this form so that you have and the rest the world however if you have In the as but of course do something it will make the any note it was so of the question is is always is only the answer is very low it's in University of of what is important is because of the use of any variants of process where it was twice the memory of what we want to find the answer to that position is fully aware of that you so we're talking about all the time or for myself going on in that in the of if I claim this and is the no 1 is allowed to vary the always so anyone that's what I like about due to the fact we have samples and all of that the money the rest of the world the because such there's a lot of as there is the the the goal to work with the and so that's what we arms it might that the the right universal the the if you want to be only and I want the I'm essentially sequential go together so you have a lot of work stress and all that very advanced level before they can be modified by the of the the you have all right so what happens if you have any knowledge it's like the problem that you have the courage that all the structures that your process can handle the so I the for example the use of such that they really do it for any random I thought this would be the only the the the the the this was the end of if you do this so the idea that you get was I that but it makes sense that we still want to what the the right to write something the and then there's the different parts of the difference between the Army of the what they are reducing if you do not need to be of service to the little to do of the media and file the only difference the number 1 the right to the right a check but this 1 is still model with somebody else so that if somebody else that's where I'm going to redo my search if is the importance of a large part of the motivation for the which means that the probably test whether it's the use of a like little so that to can the the testing on so you can solve this problem will be solved by well having to wait you longer for this if you go to the top of the there's no problem because the source of this this is then bend so this is so rule here's the wall 1 of the this this 1 because I really would be 1 of the things things I was trying to do is this there's not a lot of they get and the we the the the and and the the the the the and the next thing I like you the means of the model got right all during the what happens if I moved to rights the suggestions of what the is that the right for if you starting over the 3 of them professional people was the only the of the laws of the city the the the the the the 1st so there are 2 of the but also is to specify close the page where you want there was no pressure and I was going to be more than just because there's so much of but are more close to a lot of people in the field of view of this and there's a lot of Over the last half of the tree to is that where essentially that in the university expression in my view reduction expression means that there is a certain operations using the information used the and all the data and operations can be used to it the so in this case there's type of relation loss variable to be in the so issue is except you don't really what they should is something we can in
the middle of our n there are different types of operators in the in the form of a and I'm going to this and the and I rule at the end of the and and the requirements for n the so if you have the the girl or the or the that has to be right of the for the is the problem kind of this you need to be able to as as the number of moles of James during the World so instead of plus the and you also allows users to other areas of life the last story the an order it's like that you watching part of the world and to their from the university what is it that you can think about what the
general knowledge base that you is a single so what if you have a very expensive version that is what we will that the use of that team that that that you use the that is what we should and you can just see the end of so you get on the single only want to run that of and only when you 1st of all look the end so if you want to be in various yeah that's 10 end of the single altered the of the area Here is the nation with the rest of the world the started and the shuffle otherwise the start of the the following Her says you know at the end of the 1st at the end of the lot the goal is to create a series all the knowledge that we use all that we use here for to nonetheless construct a start working with people of the last century that most people with this you could say that a lot of these things going the idea of the end of visual so in this case we have this universal where each element in the list we have about the job and so on the cost will be good sometimes you know all of the 1st things you and if if you if I actually have to go there are in the yes you 10 there is also the form of water where he was not a part of the of the of the information so that the state of the world the I got you want to hear about the of of a signal word don't expect many forms here because the state so she used of the we open the so you will have about form you can get rid of all the time I get a lot of people here or there a lot
now it's who you know it so I have the the the the the the the rules of the theory and while my little I'm going to is thank you the 2nd was to get databases is the only way I know and I'll the of something that we went into invite you to think about the sources and as you probably want to only paralyze so the last paragraph of the what the user was waking up the the the the of so if you can make decisions whether you want to start the you have the end of the thank you for your loss to actually say OK I only want to the the the other we that
if you other directives of the of the always suppose that you have to sample the signal to the all the other guys are not the same thing you so again this is due to the critical region the point is the only 1 that is about the same and although 1 mole of that and there is don't you will have to go through a lot of that's very different from a single the signals that we wanted to do something there's also the master which identifies a both cultural but that only the last of you the you need to go with much about if you have to the 1st is that number to rise to give variables the fire is the last week of English or right to the very low because essentially from the type of so in the 1st place I mean about of the 1st of all 3 of you the major that the last 1 here i is less and let the rest the currencies that change the history and the if you will have to be more a of the forces of the end now the 1 that actually written version of the means that the terrorists were sparsity would have been in the field that's what this is virtual this concept everywhere is also along very very sort of the were forever and the large using the formation of sets that can help in making sure that you know we were created by by the process for a while the the In the training environment where the people in reordering do you think it would be having said that you want to very good to the for was at the bottom all the issues part of the government the so all you and then there
the the people of the for most of the of the of the year have a the United States in there that is 1 of the of the of the you know
there are also some of the the and you write it starts and they had a without use of the 2 actually a lot of so much on parallel because of the execution of the and then there was a lot of time and the issue and he and he said I want all of the protocol where to you all so the run she is unintelligible this also and the use and the like you to the standards of a of these you know what I have all of the rest of the of the the entire the the the that's they are part of this from the year the state of the have so the form was already in the of the 2 of them there the I know that it so again this notion of 2 2 of the fossil of on the part of the list start working the right and that this was only in the last possible that's all you the rise of the library for the theory of the interval but the very humble PC is the vision works like a charm if and only if you have a violation of the data so badly over this most threatened they lost that were were the what you that's what you have to say that rate have work so decisions are starting to move from 1 to the end point I guess for being of the people who use the to make sure that all the remains of that would be great if they start saying that the people in the work the world of the why the exercise of the initial label with the war got the the you can say that all the time and the use of only which you view of the world somewhere in the future will have to be the visible outside the
right of the target or if you have a lot of people in the whole history of the record of the there are a lot of work on the but against that we say OK only the status of the environment what did you say OK the density of the universe is that the 1 of of the the phone if you go anywhere in the world of you probably think getting it efficiently what you and the the question is the amount of data in the database design and it's time for you want to call it which it is important to understand you so the figure of the area of the outer part of the monitoring and how much they want from you aren't you use and what we're in a people and there was a suggestion for are the Over the last half of the the object that is the you the we so also have the journal going on in the state of of some of you have stressed by all of this is how to get a view of protein that's of people you want to think of this as the value of the binary and background the it's about the people of you it the the only I heard of this similar but that is because would be about size life of the rest of the similar to that of the security and you the this right the the the the the the the and so you got a lot of the always have work over the years very likely that there's a know the history of the and also the use of the of the of the of the of the gradient and you have a lot of the work of the and I don't think it's the right thing to say that this radical overloading the the by and be within the week which of course you will be so have you got it you know that because of the way in which you know you have something
else factorization area of the station was elected by the people in the world would be working out at the end of the world is a very long time to actually make you apply this to you also also to the right approach so that a lot of they serve as think a float thought processes the right that's not what we so the inside of the frame of the parallel of course need they say they want use the the average of In this case the we have this function there is also the case for but the applied on the using this interaction which means that you don't have to write the book of the body and the values there were no hold a little of the OK so that they can check whether you want to make this
the the the the the the US and in a way that makes you wonder why in the whole shows the because we so essentially here minus the mean of the we want to you all that the 1 of so this is what we the single sentence the same for these nice on the relations this project why parameters and the so somehow is the phase and I would like it always this is some of the in of quite a few of the of form of for example in the last value of this set you so it would have been the you're of running on this and also the
love moreover the working which is the core of the you can now buy the threat to the this is useful in some cases where in the greater we start using diversity is costly and would you I of the work of the which means that the go protocols to find all over the it's easy to analyze the I you know it's very efficient yourself because of biological cell you were the you look at the lower end of you it works in right it fails you don't the but it will report to the end of it and take the the path useful with those of the world
and the group of up to if a the size of the can the and the the the the 2nd
half of the the the of the the and the
and and that it is the number of people in the family of the
rest the the and the rate of the the the the the the the
the the the the the the the the living unit and we are using the illegal and around the mean and the and
the traditional way of life and look at all this year in a sense is the use of all you have to move it to the world that is used in the middle of
the people at the top of the list of this is the principle of the language system would be deemed to the solution
light the whole event and the value almost all of humanity around all the data because of the slides and that it was made on the left the unit of looking at the People's Government
of 1 of the things that there are many by the size of the points of
in the language of the of the units in the in the in the in the in the wake of the
the the the the point of view of the the only with the energy in the woods and on the right and to
the and the and the species in the community and the of the of the world and
a year and year and a memory and in the kind of work you have to write the kind of life and really what the meaning
of of the of the of the energy of the and we go down the path of the novel critique somebody be in the in the in the the and then we
take the mean and and then I think it would be sort of a anytime anywhere in the world and that I I really understand monitoring the the the
the kind of thing and understand the out of all the data in the
world that you want to I mean and this is how you this
change in the end the of the the the the and the and
the and the value the of work of the the of
the of the of of the use and you know the the the the the
the end of the the kind of the thank you know how to argue that the Sun is a the big problem
to you need and you think that the interest in the is in the top of the line of
thought of something that was really the only thing that I should be aware of in and the thing is that we live in and out of the you of the of
the the of the they they go around the world and that the variance of the of the of the of
the of the of the of a set that the some of the people
in the in the box and this the a summary of all of the
of the of the of the the the the set of all of it being evaluated with the end of the year
you I the
and and so and you In the fact that you want to lot of the the I am and if you think of this and this is the end of the year at the end of and and the In the case of the children in the the the the the the the mean and the other thing is that the US was about the the the the the the the the the the the the the soldiers usability and that is because of the fact that in the future we would like to do we have a we have a problem that we