USE OTR or how we learned to start worrying and love cryptography

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Video in TIB AV-Portal: USE OTR or how we learned to start worrying and love cryptography

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USE OTR or how we learned to start worrying and love cryptography
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USE OTR (USable Encryption with OTR) is an organisation with a simple goal: improving security, usability and encryption of IM software. This talk will outline our organization, the ecosystem of Off The Record Messaging (OTR) and how to start loving end-to-end encryption. We are an organisation that works on security, encryption and usability of open source instant messengers (IM). One key aspect is to have developers, resources and funds available to maintain OTR software over time and thus making them sustainable, up-to-date and secure. While we have already started collaborating with the LEAP project, we want to extend our network and reach out to more people. By developing safer, usable encryption instant messaging tools we believe that it directly supports freedom of speech and expression worldwide. Following this, we will explain what "Off The Record Messaging" is, the current state of the ecosystem around it. We want to raise awareness about the importance of using end-to-end encryption and bring the open source community together to help with this endeavour!
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few words so this is working I so I won't I dated uh this is your I would have thought about using the which is the use of the the organization we created a while back ago and year after you call usable encryption wouldn't you are so we accessible to your taught we'll go over all the artist in with your you system and what's wrong in good about it soul show the many rules heard about you so you're models your so I'm guessing you were using OCR short answer every day rates are today so they get small introduction about what is on the on 1 this property properties will the before and introduce yourself costs are so I'm leaving where answer my twitter and your kid hour of the Slovenian minority so you can get it afterward I just a changes but before we start I I do work on for socks are in the news the new version for stocks at 4 and employed by or centers of computers so please check out this to use it but with fixed sessional staff are society obligation has been rewritten from scratch also reduce was on maintain an added huge amount problems in our society applications also market to notice that the Jackal as the ice is small print lines and kernel with scanner uh to administer with generally works on look 13 you will the module stanza occurrences of checks if there is a rooted and finally at the dangers when in my day job to give me these news on the history the of ginger traceable so please contribute this them reforms in your so when the that we also know that the last of the light that something about the all odd about the issue but in the beginning if are any if the developers of that we've been struggling with about following time so it can file society develop a piece of data to us we like to have have a to I the left that yes it's the plot so that was all the or um so it is also our use of your project of small productive what is the use of your project we can continue to help us the stables your uh and all afterward is that it would great so what's yours into encryption it means goes a client to client and in between there's nothing going on from 4 servers to see what's there to be involved in a communicative communication it provides for incredible actually this is why was yours is also this that is encryption of course at institutions you know was talking to deniability and perfect fourths decreases the next frame on their renewed denied perfect for secrecy apart because on 2 main actually so very useful for the so that some users stage and this is an
example of of the pigeon your plane in that is maintained by achievable word guy action and in the of your reference and also in the i but created but is working exclusively on that uh so yeah you that this service the and the goes from the press foundational Award goes to the owners of the of the week is known model that great of sold unverified private so longer find you you starting to create a chat with someone else and you don't know if you talking to that person uh stunted to the unverified but to secure when you don't you're not sure so at some point you verification of the addition of fingerprints was kind of a these processes are not very user-friendly R and you get the private so although the level of the bottom 1 this is where it's as
private means your encrypted and verified so you know we're talking someone uh to the person you expect to be uh so if you are in a while back ago Andrews the socialist
nanoparticle as pretty neat are you ask a question to the other person and only then this question on his personal transformation enable transfer and answer comes out the words you authenticated you verify our so this is the authentication point your pretty useful every plotting and there exists supposedly you supporting as and think some of
them are not that much of the year and this is a good thing because often and especially nowadays to to use a lot of tools like possible I think I'll hopefully they use deals with his alive distribution using taller because of the funny traces so
every time you put up tails yes to generate a T and because you need to generate new
key you can't faII fight that the people who use this a new key of other counts as the same person you were talking so this is why have these useful because you can ask the person in question even though that you fingerprint so you can verify that the people you're talking to other people you want and we don't stress this enough please do every time user see Orisons very important verified to and from for
infants or if you're trying to be anonymous of cost the for the alright so then perfect for secrecy out so this is very nice feature and is especially in brought up in the public debate as of this nolden error on the since concentrating where uh you yes now also supported of course then use perfect for decreases so basically session our transmitting messages is going well at some point you're cheese dip the white corrosion across the compromise sold this means that from that point on every residue created man created will be readable by the person you get Yuji a perfect for secrecy make sure that the prisoners privacy wildly again you should that's the beauty of that so it makes things much more order for or friend up the water from um so yeah they're gonna come small narrative what's going on perfect for so this is very very important in terms of our cryptography considering standpoint you wear and it adds very strong uh cryptographer forget units and guaranteed to your to your conditional pretty much secure so alright so that the united support are sold here
treated with the ideally to feature which are I'll explained like this in layman's term um I'm all it wouldn't make a mistake because the odds were not Potiphar's at all we just of robbers
but they basically at the 90 means you opt for an assured you're
sure assured that you're receiving message formats so this is what OCR provides is granted but you can't program has been written by so all I what what with the way our that and see if you're a good compromise with your for instance so you're just well mathematically it can be proven that you actually wrote the message so let's Anglican realize future but I the I 2 we don't know if it's been used in court on legal battle all our and if someone ear nose and anyway only want is aware what's your lots of news I the united the future which I use this razor and coming from speaker 1 years later on in the talk about bottom of situation and you like the taste of the big problem there right so yes for going Gnostic this very important basically all geologists space 64 messages that are transmitted over and over again people so you if you want to generate and twitter what your session uh so this is very great this is pretty greater on printed features and this is why it's being implemented in love protocol artsy Java and all of the use of unknown for offers wizardry of course it's peer design I cannot stress this enough you all open-source people yes but there is a important conversion reported in all 3 or 4 last 10 years are really exist for us act but this is the last 10 years to design or peer-reviewed to design our our check are working collaboration on on joint million years and the academy would cryptographers and developers and this is a key feature where we know it's what is working it's a good it's a good protocol and there's a change around it when we try to reduce authorized road activity bigger so stuffed it maintained and don't have where and the causal songs and the thing about it is that at style that is still alive because people use of OTR together with that we want a lot of voices and to provide a lot of other to around the world will use it but they still obviously know we work that was the best ever become decrepit yet as a as of yet as we know that if it's not as we can see the guess because the life and working continues yeah I was I was I was told last nite was your fucking words begin using as filter project unit so back in December 2012 that we have been working on that even before we're working on securing at 6 existing clients for example it's embedded that IBM was of a solid purple and we found out that the sum of these plants are being used quite a bit by a lot of people every wearing quite a lot following the community that although it's in is a really great client and has a lot of functionality and not always usable for everyone but because levels of public policy it has some security issues so as we have been orbiting uh some suffered from a lot of 4 but I have to say about that at that point in time when I got with this is going to be so you discover submit thousand patches and gum disappear clients in the in media that but you can use and turns out there was a big part of that we thought it would be a we found the laugh only books in the Windows build alone which means diabetic library that was compromised that the oldest parts was 6 years old missiles field um so that we see that as patterns of his failure of which it is about ship with you the with new libraries should look their own enforcedly that that's down to 6 months topics into ship I've no idea what be that a lot of people of of so in February 2011 babysit this to the update um so the point in time but I doubt if it's this is still a good idea to maybe focus on the security of the existing clients and the moonlight probably not because if we have 2 orbits and we'll come back to that later in our talk about maybe 2 orbit 300 thousand lines of codes as the kind of issue with 2 there in C. so we decided to take another route roots at that point in time to say hey why believe right so that you have on the test client with its usability privacy and liberty and encryption by default I was going to be really be middle figure be usable uh we want to no work great usability people we want to bring together with units with the end users part of it at France us and that we will like um well does a lot of stuff as well and that is that we want to grow the LTR communities so at the moment we have involved into and coming up with it's um you know ways to make this all better make the public also works the 2 new protocols and like for example built body off-the-record messaging and think you know discussions about the deniability how we can improve the client and what is actually what do people need from a you find in really displays for everybody is on this ball ballot having like something a massive 715 is that it is something another masses as the asynchronous also synchrony as it was maybe you know 6 or 7 years ago so we've chased and our mission throughout the world uh wealthiest and I think what we have now it's going to be stuck with this for because in fixing everything now but you know it yeah so as to that disability is the labels today because usability is actually executed feature so for example some clients make it's not always Clive issue it's that sometimes you really principles optimal grass for the images so for example um if you saw the multi-localization and after you're done with your your conversation and the the person so alive if it is so the other person if finish this T a motor conversation at the other people say of extremists um but only from the rest of the methods that also that the articles using serious that because the methods of so what does that what does the user do they will start ups guide or some other client and start setting with that thing and that's where you lose the job up property that not using all Johnny what you're using and know applied that's that's fucked up than you lose the diversity of the end user so usability is a security feature and we will actually like you know ahead of the sort that we would like to have more discussions with people who have been
working on a 2 fights what the bullet pictures and uh that political concerning the idea a gypsy and discovers of others I think replica there's a pretty good example of how to fight with you work it's pretty usable for the end user this more than all the others but it's not perfect speedup so we would like to have more discussions with developers bouts our own the usability also about subsequently she box we have found in so clients um so I studied to people for example in the real world like that such with you later on in this no no no need to talk about my I but yeah so as as you say that the use of it is reported as I'm pretty sure like in the last years so I was as hearing that the habit of all that is in and out the monostable that this is the yield article system in terms of a stand-alone clients so that they really of that + being in a matter of course pigeon or society just so all of those users custom so alter plug-ins or at the art created for dead navigation alone and so some of them use our implementation from job about your for G villages for instance I think and the garden project if you know in the more well area the slide from little an order you the label the order in which i is seed annotation EGI uh and but they all trade it there's no like best practices of creating a plug-in to just use a library and you try to understand what the enrolled in the car and the common section and then that's it so in 1 happened is when we look at what to to this situation is in the times finally turns out that most of the clients except for some of them were most you are the most commonly used epigenetic alien cyclists in and so that will actually put when operating on embedded broken maintain or there's 1 person sometimes trying to work on that and this is actually the issue because it's your progress and edges and progress that for that fast but when it's usually changes version emprical version where both to fall accused cells this huge on problems you can and so was 1 of the reason we need the neural just to help maintain the soul for instance you there's the Opel Joshi from that this then started by that wasn't just to give you a call and folders and it started on get up there is very drawn contusion and reviewed great charge so we can then have to a change request for comment in use and implement of all your work well the day of the additional so it's a draft from folders a disappeared as this so I talked about the DNS and then and then in the end is at the station at poles was was great and this is the same 40 often the prince so again real after the printer an interesting ah yes so this we have to slide pigeon purple and explain why uh just issues and you know so I think as I think that a profusely but we've been looking at a picture of how we can like you know when things but it's so we out is that of the it's in there it's just a bit more than 300 thousand lines of C code which is quite a bit of a cold as you can see if you look at the polar some code size was flow to support body alone is about 120 thousand lines of codes so it's almost two-and-a-half times 3 times the size of tall Irving I think that's in it do we count bodies and voice is just the the debate sealed in good accordance so it would purple of pigeons little that I was part of the stuff that and of course is also has to be looked at but it's so that's why I think it's a bit bigger than efforts about with a 2nd see it's it's quite the little seek out uh so the other thing uh you know the intervals so that a lot of dependencies the other stuff so we the other thing that stuff and uh I think it's a bit today at the moment uh this is due to the next one's not so since there but you know this actually came out I think a few days ago with a possibly to talk about some of the pudding any to this this time into all the things that you have and fixing some boxes and submitting patterns and must be the apostles lower than that and of cells with a thousand 5 it has about 60 and cities and so we've been orbiting maybe the the total 2 points and poll base but this is it's getting all the getting but sloppy and the tree and its upcoming and I would be helpful for that person is going to look at know as well the spread better somebody looking forward to a life for what I've seen that the truth was structured so that looks like picking up a lot of old called old called and better so that really helpful that that . 0 is going to change the little things because it's just by another of distribution that puts probability platform and all of windows and the and it's so xt could somehow so we use this pattern yeah of get ready to fix this right so as long as for is very very important is that is a purple purple and movement pretty Neuromancer point in life so we thought well bashing their opinion on all the pigeons regime is that the Siegfried is not the focus of the block and so it's not an issue of of they don't they do bad award is stuff that all these minimize the norm of the resources to plan security or digits of that the experience and so on so forth this is why we need to work in multiple fields to create that kind of of of secure iron chapter it is losing its ass the Linux kernel network in fact it's it's a lot of code to maintain extensions so so they need help with the bear really really needed to improve the security but there's a SlideShare good error rates all some of them uh quick analyzes of what's going on yeah alright so and bridges there's no marks the and the whisper system so as is my scroll down died I I think last year and when and you i in Chap flying
on more violence purity the reason all sold there is 1 thing here it says the jury fucked up so the fact in terms of own cryptal of course you know you shouldn't you that this is why in the eyes in created while back to go to to address a problem and you developers can use it and don't have to create a on credit so all of course agree on crypto generative art documentary
photographers or developers it's mean within mathematics is kind of chosen from computing the there is a big gap between atoms with Our but the only the only the other point is that there's a small community of people and this is actually changing in while seen as you see there thus or just some of the more bars secure chat client you cannot uh so the thing about why would put on the much equal this is it's not like this 1 involving 9 chart will that is not because a new coming to talk
about this because they like to watch people so we don't really agree with Monte but again uh don't run on could those that that's the basics but we operational uh cellular model so the animal world war was seen as quite a quite personal so um and we had just started out
wanting here the garden project so so shorelines knows a garden project the and is not the newspaper lots of the newspaper something different so garden project is a small revision of this treaty that change in attitude based in New York and 1 of the uh 1 of the maintenance maiden is somewhere in the way it's in the United States at the created this so all TOR client alleles who went on to corals this u junga will see on true for on your mobile phone I just don't remember was the bottle or when the whole body's and switches in all shot yeah so this is a more well to the tissue and 1 interpretation is that with that solution middle at the problems goes away where legal support to enhance that way with if you know there are other tech security thing texture and then natural the user is is those with without tourism as uh with the year olds you are kind of protocol and and in the middle of those is still there so think about when you use it trial and on your mobile phone me that there is very important especially with when we know what to do with that of place Our so yes garden project it's also contributors so go on them uh yes siree would induce so but I can assure man's are devoted to the art are the discussion about that that's just something you're a few ideas so angular means multiple until to your means group chance level now if you move the bar from our city was some fancy Jabba rooms project pretty difficult and so we ask I have made it back in but we all know what happened what's going on inside now as sold maybe not good idea things get so that's way and thousand 218 to research in real work tolerant of 14 out does a lot of discussion we cryptographers and some developers to come up with a solution with the group chat because in cryptography is is actually a very odd on ideas are kind of old soul situation uh for schools your case and so they take that in together to their the talked a lot the sessions so that to about God there are 2 nodes from those 2 conference on Ginger out of course in the open air but the main prize and when you put the locked Orrefors in same room trying to come up with a solution until the ah with is in the user's group chats with the new requirements what is a good job was going on there there's a technicality language western and so on while this is what happens so they come through there was this those requirements of some more costly it sorry we have some problem over there but in the end issues sigh 1 that name electrical and that's it but and Future is x extremely important nowadays there and so cryptic at our started very recently this project plan and they have very ambitious deadlines to come up with him to a few art specification are acting moratoria pulled thousand 14 of this you to come up with a 1st draft of this this edition of the nodes and so this due out all donated and a vertical line is very important to add right now group chat secure group chat is important and denying in that thing that is and huge should this is what you know is not the in those that exist today that putting 1 the person room talking to each other and adding is denied into future everything deny duties mean I'm not sure about that but I'm pretty sure implement persons and makes it extremely odd so for last for the last months the discussion were doing research truck denied into or not and then there's a you discussion of the legal president of the united the is useful or uh but fully we got we tried to be come up with solutions to because this is really really opposite developed but quickly about the together that's so could again is is inside a browser so I'm pretty sure you all market again there's been some issues we could the gap of course if you know like you know right box so it's inside rather is applied in and enable the of that was usability and easy access it goes with cryptic get again systolic and German delusional Facebook and while chatting secured so this news and there's a lot of work in you
the and then life for that but but they they work of art that but the problem is that the will of course answer creation avoid using it so this is kind dangerous so is again cash we do it on non you you know and uses of course uh you can progress you you can progress and improve but you need security to have more users our body and that they can allow don't approve jet is the only solution out there like reality solution and all the R. N. Krüger
so if 1 does not simply property here that are we doing this stand-alone I'm trying to say of course we it as that's the cost of the news and it's a good thing not to put everything on wall phone solely a signer I trying to factors than is so Einstein's easily graciously offered would accounted for to make sense the well use that find people put on that and that's it um and just don't depend on web browser of also uses delays the biggest at that vector so maybe it's good that is a good idea to have of the chapter web browser it's also there it's not normal hours so if you remember those in 2009 so those really all there well in a sense of affinity to do so you show is that nothing would change in 2014 stand today not unshaven and we all we still see that kind of of interface for the problem is that
In this new reality now where you when used in a message you don't expect the person to be online or offline you just to this person to receive the so that that pretty funny models also 1 thing is the date so as an acid and an hour later synonymous and at some point is going to require this person and reply but they are this means this news that chapter brings a synchronous in uh the new technology has been used on multiple devices from multiple of eyes as they sink in a sense it's proper going agnostic basically your mobile phone integrated analysis and so why I'm stressed that we are so we are still using those old farewells thing that
was more and more so the poor woman's year in improved ties with your needs to be input into your and tries to be fast and change improved to support asynchronous condition for instance and stop being that difficulty using normal flight so on that slide go check that link is pretty also miss a chance that things with the guy and I will have to actually our ability and the Yale encryption active project uh Jennifer so it's actually required new basic requires a water chat is today and we should think about that to create jobs for the chance that an unconditioned software sold yes I'm going fast but this is the time we have made things to me more channel uses are go on all the Arnolds your there if you interested this is where the happens when you edges to check that the people who create plug-ins LTR go that channel we bridge that developers from different project they're going in front the and I was also as a sort of course and this things to be part of that is the helping us lots of questions it thank you and I the question yes on that hello I hope that you take uh the trying to get into all time it together to all the idea to them and say that I've been trying to useful to have some time and I knew what the garden project uh which in the knowledge that the change that generated client whatever which doesn't make all the is still in fact it's not clear when you applications encryptor knowledge you can release studies sees the person of land will not do anything else his book with the main LTR page and the is 4 main
clients that the links are broken
so I think 1 thing that's important for more people to use the this it seems that the basic tools to start using it and not really yet it seems to me that and they did this a need for this kind of work 1st for more people to use that make it useful at the end of the wary you lots of visitors saying that when more easy access to understand how to to use those tools those little your so just make the fix the broken links on your pages in the final at this the right so that you so that this is exactly what users trade is that there is an issue of using OCR and secure items because does make sense now also we don't we can't rely on any try as of now unfortunately so so after sort some more access to your yes you has so have you looked into the work done by open with the assistance of they have improved OT are also they claim they that support for offline communication they go through denied it the next protocol and a 2nd question I use their quantization for the course are in 2 elliptic elliptic curve cryptography because there's predicted within European is and I have the had these there a transition to elliptic curve cryptography plant armchair because the restricted because it's predicted for the discrete logarithm and the rod drop when replacements for the primitives used by which are today that utility cares so why not greater than is that land the and this so the question is kind of like biology or is using the of the of the of the right and yeah so that this is of the form of the model the use of dogs around on now the the customs of about it for the last year or so years and that there is something going back and that's because of but it's basically a listing of discussions and the on the the it's the main argument was that if rat that didn't want to hear about the density of because they don't they do some of the groups that there is no again in open as well but this really big issue with happens that people offering to get yeah you know prosecuted or whatever so that there are also issues there and that we would like to see that help it was assumed that was like you know long force on the government to use so so maybe that sort of thing have you heard about telomeres it's send you out on this and about what makes you look at all the diagnostician about their level around but the telegram weeks the police the cone of protocol tend to right and my question is if you the idea of kind of newcomers were fighting it out or its fully secure because a lot of people use you need so again uh a and we had no idea that this year I was that remember I haven't really looked into an in that I have here programs funded but they were very outspoken that moxie and he put yourself in destroyed the political in a couple of like ours this raises any other questions I have I have 2 questions so uh 1st uh um in the case of uh and there's an architecture like with little bit you have a C and it'll be aware he think that OT or should be should be a applied in building or should be applied and from thence client shouldn't even building itself doesn't see uh what you're going what your community of arguments against you right away so brittle that pressure can be set up remotely so you can access of Seville server through the internet so they and all that and for encryption efficiently if you do that so we use that society ought not to lose your just that and the 2nd question most client you showed have walking functional design of only found 1 applying where it's possible to uh when you go out you are automatically turn off to lock in your it's something you're planning on doing losses somebody else do but we've been discussing as well with the IBM person of what the isn't there but he has been working on a new release fall out of the house of the features including uploading disabled and finally the finally that there's a debate about that's where we say well many elements of 1 and 2 on were not the will also allow the consensus is well just give the force of law the and I think this was to be there for every of the articles that you start you you to give some kind of swing that say you want a lot this conversation on that or even if it's not as good as the fact that you finish the conversation it should still be a memory the disk itself I there is also good but there is also debate such political order you total that the the what the protocol that message big mess it's also a client to which aims for a make hiding evil so basically each message is encrypted with 2 public of to receive and all the messages are mixed with an old clients so you don't know the sense to message so I think the women because that's actually got so that's but I think a year ago so that it wouldn't it and also moved to the left of that and I think you got that now of but you know it's it's still new it's still a new protocol so the sometimes for people to evaluate and make get better so all these things take your time to make a better life nor the come under attack that's sad said different as as creature model for semi to petty ulterior stopped fixed because and at its conference you don't say exactly the same thing do you think that's an How do we are that sometimes has a greater effect you propose protocol when you I'm so as to create a modern all you we have just do without cryptographic that you have your team and try something and stomps go to that classical academic and how staff found to bleaching AMS testing it was not so but it is a question this is to you different truck model for the oracle the amount you have been it's now increasingly again who wants fast and next time to different seem effective equitable post our 2 year thank you just don't just not well so what 1 thing here is that we do with the incident changes to your of course we a long find to have a solution that has thinking fascinating facts in order for up near patent and model for addressed so yes if you the uh at the Capitol producer project plan out there's the reviewers toward this vision that needs to be reviewed once points acceptance so there's a long path aware of what a long way through accessing the edition which is trying to use it for proof of concept and then didn't accept that answer the question of natural gamma question was asking a kidney may questions of Haiti in each text and not not all search teams of creative different accent some things are enhanced just have already have now been already people on so how you can contribute if you do so I laurie wouldn't say it's working right now that that could detect the but the errors are usually it's would be good if yes there's multiple the work done representing at its content so of course I'm pretty sure they go they don't go that way of thinking parts of data about security of questions and from or something else something new the