The road ahead for network freedom

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Video in TIB AV-Portal: The road ahead for network freedom

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The road ahead for network freedom
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Christopher Allan Webber of GNU MediaGoblin discusses the past, present, and future of free network services. Issues of network freedom have gained much attention over the last six years, and increasingly so both within and outside of the software freedom communities. Progress has been made, but present adoption shows we seem to have a ways to go. What opportunities and challenges face free network services? Ranging from licensing decisions, technical choices, protocols, deployment configuration, and how we message ourselves, many components inform the past, present and future of this field. Join Christopher Allan Webber of GNU MediaGoblin in talking about what can be done so that network freedom can be something that everyone can feasibly enjoy
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all the light I want to introduce someone is 1 of my heroes and Chris is 1 of my heroes because there's very deeply about issues important to
me that I don't work enough that he spends all his time working on which is the freedom of network services and he's done the more work than almost anyone in the position and I
here is wonderful talk on right will things ready for the very kind introduction I see and so this talk is about the road ahead for
network from them but I am and so it's actually a little bit about me and probably already somewhat and you see that Chris water and lead developer of a project called community problem which some of you may know of I'm also play a developer of the sort the cultural activists have been doing this for quite a while I've worked in a number of we for prior to this there was doing was working Creative Commons full time in a participatory approach from Asian and ending
the full time of action is a contractor and through that stuff and I'll get you off at the end of the united
about strategy about me and we don't have the time so so what's what's the conversation I had very hard to frame this conversation thanks to the last year's political situation of the present reality of networked freedom is very clearly that pretty and we have control of the and it's a spying and freedom for developers but not for users and that is a phrase that I will probably review the puberty times and but what we do about all this what what actually can do not
well I'm actually working on a project to try to do things about it on and about that in toward the end of 2012 reassuring a fund-raising campaign with which is what people me work out the last year or if you want to find work in the fund-raising campaign and the stuff since this last year of about a year and a half actually onto you are to to then you of all time and things the community unable to be paid
to the work of this we had a video which actually probably 1 the best explanations meeting of we have in and also ties into a bunch of stuff that we talk about here some action that apologies if you've seen it
already just over here we have the same mean land in
the in the the idea of the images and more constrained
model and and you have
a lot of things and and
in the end I the analogy at any 1 time out of the center the
which the appetite in the last year I find that's daily that you've had a
little lamb and that we don't have a social life and
in the way that on these and this is a great thing because in the 1st place extensive areas of the institutions that would be in that so it's this the to quote John more than that interprets institutions as damage and routes around it was recently there has be the direction instead of going through the smaller independent sites in the larger more centralized this has several problems for 1 thing the centralized about becomes the easier it is for organizations to automate censorship the centralized was directly or even through the purchase In such a system that can run around and and much more fragile general in the simplest way of the use of the system was so the evidence for this 1 figure this year so the 2 of you have to have the use of the Internet and the thing that has been used to said
that if I have a
few comments in power in In the meantime the Parallan man assessment 3 aspects have to been happens quite
often have yet what what happens to be on the gene level on
the other hand what you and you will have a
question is where he's not where you can
find that the elastic year we had
is any sense in the same time so you
need you around you don't have a lot of really needs to be the best nationalist moves
wasn't really duration veneration something else so you know the ones that you have attended as milling between the views of the same thing we want you to work the same way
as and remember that operate there that's about enough of that the
seed of war by about right in there actually the reason why we say that they have and that's actually get hot 1st of all you know I'm talking about what a hybrid of freedom of 1 of most
important things that I think it has to do with this is actually the issue of messages and so
on and you might be wondering women that of the networks freedom was on the hand you messaging was really important was going to get a little bit more science fiction for a 2nd on the end
and this is actually that of talk of injuries that computing freedom as a human right on and in this century science fiction and this is also partly because trade industry itself for freedom is kind of a issue in most of us that you know
there's a lot of other softer projects we could be that they're more important you know there's a lot of other issues that are more important than any kind of standard on the this in some ways in the probably that actually fears that we don't ecology tolls egotistical white shirts basically out but actually computing is
getting closer and closer to were pretty much everything you need to do everything you want actually convey or actually act upon involved in getting some sort of way so we're actually moving to the point where this is not just standard environment take that computing freedom affects everybody OK so accepting that now the problem is that that issues of computing freedom are mostly just understood by nodes from outside hackers academics how many people actually understand the concepts of competing freedom especially the kinds of free software especially as an ethical issues and in not network freedom has a network effect in networking stuff if you take a look at for example how many of you have 1 of the Facebook maybe even last that maintain that right you know probably quite a few you know it's
very difficult to actually be able to in a networked world be completely free from the rest of world as non-free so we actually can't just be but not on the we can't live in a world of just like free software for free software that does not possible and increase
after are we anyway we really shouldn't do it is is not freedom for the technically skilled you freedom for society and surely we were in
the broader social movements so in last
is accepting all this now that we know this how we go about it just considers not like cleaner with right for the freeze after
people all you people you don't know what's going on that's not gonna work that small this is not the answer itself what can we do to improve
awareness and so I'm thinking actionable a teachable moments you know the upsides really terrible last
year of us finding out how bad things but they aren't you science and at what in the world of computer security and stuff is that people really latch of stuff we made video before this notice that came out but like you know that that have this image of on the of last year and you know on the you know
that the thing is is that we have a lot of people watching should come up to me after this video they're like 0 well you know I wasn't show like cured about any of this stuff but I
believe that after watch your video and what if we create materials there for people who you know are not really probably spend the time to actually dive into reading you know some very academic articles about what we suffer means but just get people like the cost of like the environmentalists level of things right like environmentalism now what people actually do anything about it but most people get the general ideas of right even if the action not making a lot of movement themselves were not anywhere near that level in these conversations with articles and the meaning of somebody
was partly an attempt to actually prove that this is possible but missed 1 of my secret agendas of many secret and they have the necessary
artificial and so this stuff is licensing policy they but the whole licensing community there's a lot of stress about this in the in the result role especially you
know probably somebody in this room and of stressed out about it more than anyone else about populist and permissive licenses on but I actually think this might actually be a symptom of something else and that
and that's why I have this will don't panic picture here on this because I actually think that this is a symptom of of it's actually send them of the different things that we've been seeing a little blog post up here
from 1 to get help funders assess open-source almost everything is everything but your secret sauce right and this is put common common discussion in fact the people that I know that it's the secret also get brought up this morning you know the Twitter conversation right here the but in the mid 2000 these are the price of a Web 2 . 0 world and this is like a least in the cell also happen with kind of a big switch over to match and kind of like a lot of people have been at this from the free Sofradex stops and this kind of also came along and a time with a lot of insight popular sentiment which is just spend time on the rise in many ways which this idea is like you know actually in some ways this is actually conversation of like can
release everything secret sauce but also kind of a developer freedom kind of thing like you know like we can really do called things if we just we all of the tooling
as the software will stop right there is only chemical bunch of money and proprietary and this like we can write result the stuff during the day and the also but now we a bunch of free developers and the users are actually still encumbered so this is not really I think actually the greatest thing and the other popular as
the attitude is not really kind of the traditional BST kind of 1 so dense copyright time against even using copyright this step with which it can be an ethical standards actually kind of a we want proprietors layer take that that although sometimes people trick we try think you
is make you think that the in that that buy on so so most of the major ways and choices today on the role models you in horrible models of the the wall models to today mostly a lot of people you know like the leaders of Django and in rails the types of people like this who have these very and I popular sentiment and so that's led
to kind of like that people tend to do what the role models actually do so moving on from there are we in a copy of crisis on ethical crisis and I actually think that
and that the reason why we're seeing this is because where people are working right now or in libraries space I'm in libraries tend to be more conducive to permissive licenses and I actually think this is OK but we're doing just fine and the structure was inventors makes my job of building the thing that on the next layer or a lot easier but we still need to work on the next layer of this so we're not really strongly in the developers freedom to aside but on the use of freedom side but this is copy was
totally dead on in the are in the web space was actually when you look at what applications when you get to the tall secret sauce policing side of things people actually when they release their site of free soffit and actually is copula WordPress is under the GPL and so was MediaWiki cities theorems under the GPL status use of the Socialist over GPL upon diode becomes accessories under the Apache but that's because is there for a number of reasons 1 of them was because this trend for more than a structure page the pile diaspora you know they get tori all these under the GPL so actually want people work on that top layer copy left still
seems to feel like a pretty good choice so in other
words were struggling with getting user from Polish user-facing free software in the in the hands of users but when that happens copy actually seems did it actually the difficult so
dead it's just were not seen as much movement there is we need so freedom where communities of
antidote so I think there's 2 things that we can do in the infrastructure side of things we need more people were
actually inside of building infrastructure even for very permissive was a space were like actually this top there is really important and I care about not just infrastructure side of things but actually building getting freedom all the way down to the user you know if we actually have that that opportunity to kind of get people engaged to build the tools that we actually need and but we'll see
people working on that top where things building the user-oriented network applications that run but needed from you know so in probably people will
choose copy of licenses for this in people the or to say 0 I Copyright I copy left what you releases your secret sauce that's a difference right there but right now we don't have enough post examples and so that's partly a problem so let's talk about the foreign adoption even though we
actually have some software that is and that's releases result we don't have enough users and we also don't have enough people the deploying this and this partly because it's actually
very hard to 1 network result for network services and some nearly every network services not 1 thing for me to emit light and so were struggling on this deployment as hard
a lot of free sulfur web applications are not packaged or just package in their language environment and in the in the the trend toward a kind of language-specific packaging environments a with pipeline you know using virtualenv and stuff like that and kind of the whole set of tools across the system and not to mention that once you actually to play things that editing application is not just as easy as just apt-get install you're on some sort of server you also have to 10 generally added application files and all sorts of things like that to get things actually work and in so
that that actually makes things pretty difficult for people to deploy and maintain and
so most motor with applications actually require somebody who's familiar enough with the language to actually deployed application written in that language itself but
but we should be engaging in the same thing anyway even though this is actually a sad reality of that I actually think we need to be a deploying the type of 1 of the reasons that the novel is written in Python despite pi bonding deploy this type of thing is I see that the states of applications this is the way that people already modern web applications so we're not actually trying to start go through the process of making those difficult to deploy applications easier to and then we're just start with writing crappy applications were just not getting that little
when users don't Tennessee that's because part of the trend is then I don't run your own servers you don't have any control over it and they a team of people were just like you know you've got a team of desktops people who were both developers and system administrators and they handle that type of stuff and the users never see it and so not but network freedom does not have that watches we need people to be working on these things to make this type of stuff easier if we don't we're not gonna move forward
on this now you can actually say the women that
what appeared to be PTC renewable I write all it's sort of the the if you using shared hosting and but that but that certain things to make it easy also can make it easily exploited on the you know how many compromise WordPress sites have you seen over the last number
of years probably quite a few if you've had your WordPress sites from the shared hosting of also died in for the reason it's actually not a
very good user freedom environment you have very little control over the server so this is not actually really really great situations and
PHP is living in the past due their life
just to start right and PHP that's my opinion either good phd communities
and I think that but I think that like saying like well we'll just that the a solution so is not the solution in my view and I do not and language
bigotry I'm still not just web services so you're like so like all you media goblins you guys the super hard deploy that's a problem you guys just don't know how to write this stuff well
OK the still will get some other federated services how e-mail right that there a while FIL
federated thing all this works better while right to freedom for by our right I didn't even after the ask anybody that that that the laughing response you know how hard can be either front city recently I'm so tired of relying on
Google for my e-mail under Ronald server and just do this I'm going to come up with the rather and then when the installed in the like I to that repetitive to install a dismissal packages and the right way to describe your may also doing there might well I
probably have kind of a non-standard set up what do I have posed text and I don't
cut to deliver the mail to me and then delivery of I connected with ssh tunnel to be able to send mail but also delivered to your mailbox requested that you you know you are because you exactly because you have been around for a while has some baggage but the protocols are not that complicated in some sort of ways but anyway so my so so I drove the myself so my my set up is that both victims of cod liver into things that I want to talk the prior through on Proc male which then goes through SpamAssassin I touch it over to my machine will also and I know I'm indexical on my machine with and you and I running the colony for a super simple or way I mean my nails recently got Marcus spam because I wasn't something to write headers on my from my mail so like this that is not easy even if you've been struggling to learn how this stuff works for a long time so it's by actually think that would me e-mail in some ways is very complex but is not just a protocol being kind of crafty and then run along time that issue is that the calling in maintaining in
configuring all these things are not that easy and there's not enough space in making the
configuration where things easy so we
use 100 configuration deployment management of it and this should a lot of work being done on this right now Dr. salts stackable
just puppet you've probably heard of 1 of the things I with the exception of OpenShift go and we need these layers above the packaging world
however on wall there's all those calls that have been happening the mostly oriented toward sysadmins and kind of corporate environments on the end so well people are working on
this type of stuff that's not actually for the end user type of person am actually talking about here so we need to get another way above that we really
need configuration women as that for some people never touched a configuration file that's what media so what can
actually be something like were enough things are
extracted as a type of solution I'm not quite sure it's it's something that needs to be worked on the on and this is very busy working on medieval window by love to work with people were working on this type of thing that's a situation and so what's a silver lining the situation so I just made like deployment seemed
really frustrating and like our so far but I like what we did do well actually there's a silver lining to this of the free software desktop used to be
really hard to want to maintain people used to have parties just to get the stuff running on your machine and then we encourage people actually want stuff on this frontier until gets easier but while when things are hot
that's actually inopportune learns cool things I learned all sorts of things all file
systems by 1 and all sorts of things about like kernels and how they work in
their compilers in all sorts of things but never awarded by computer were not solve thinking hard to install in the mid 2000 in life was so difficult but now it's not that difficult in these installed that's about but maybe solvers should
come back I mean we should actually be an inch teaching people whole new layer of fun exciting things to do in life
that by installing free network web services that some in the back the and and and and that well I mean I think packaging actually like packaging with like our desktop packaging is is a great idea we should be working with respect to people but I think that there is the date the packaging itself doesn't just solve things you just installing mail server is not enough because you also have to configure your SSL search and then you go to work with an external site for that you've also gotta be of the set so that you've got your domain name in your blog 1 tons and tons of settings that are really complex and they're scattered yet the sink them up across all these different configuration on the file if you look on things like so and
pop and they get to questions more than but if you look at things like false that is something that you can re-use variables and stuff like that and that's like at something that we're not really seeing on by outside and then that side but we should keep moving up so star Federation it's not just this object of
veneration in this context is talking about getting the service actually talk to each other so what does that actually mean for us and for 1st for us like you know as web services using people of wealth and what we wanna do you got 1 for instance we want people to be able to you comment on somebody else's for sure it we also want people to be able to add somebody's you know video to their own gallery we people add the allow their own images the equivalent of flicker pool or something like that we want people to be able to you know to to do all the same type of social things that can normally do when you're not splitting across about a site and it's really difficult to answer the current state of Federation
well I my role here but I have you know from that I uh that'll will be that funny about that I have uh the are so so so the the
the the sale of both the informal since that was used to have was kind of low status was like we're I a couple years ago actually even in last video you're like a status like the status is like where things are going protocolized and status now was kind of application that kind prove how this stuff works and upon by it but actually pumped idea of is kind of where things are going on but
what they and there's a new a guy called upon the guy and but the the thing that has happened but in both cases this is kind of of flagship application that kind of implementing the before
the phone call on like this which I for 1 thing that the status that was that is actually required of a bunch of different from our concept of articles that were kind of like reading this protocol this particle and this particle this foregone Brim altogether and we'll have Federation mean it was kind
medicine in some ways but company capital baby is a lot simpler it's g sine which is what all Web 2 . 0 developers want these days on
a number of things and it's also fairly easy to understand you have privacy baked into it which is 1 of the big complaints about 0 status and and not to mention the fact that status now that we really from PHB towards node and army was an opportunity
for I think Evan to kind of reproach things that was happening and so so 1 all Federation
you along with the current state of Federation you know we have mixed she really talented students in drawbridge forever women in Jessica talent
and she was working on Federation for us out of the if OK great next and so the answer variation in a so that she was working on our library on both by adding federations me it also building a library called type of to make our federation a lot easier the that with the Python applications of all kinds on so this is moving along art this is actually a screenshot when
I'm getting the thing also and you actually see it this kind of reappear on but like you actually the current state of things as you can see
the public eye that should be submitting both the desktop and mobile API that we currently have a new governor kind of become that on the API for Media goblin based on superheated require now and I actually think that I can't might even be more appealing important than the government's implementation of the plan BPI because the winner developers learn things tends to be like picking up a library in messing around with stuff and then we have the process but what part of part of the life of the adversary plight that can be key idea from the I software and we don't use in level of with upon I and we actually are having a lot more to kind appearing right away and that's really exciting but on the other hand we have had this kind of fracturing tennis federation space but anyway and
so the variation is about cohesiveness our between different installations of like some sort of instance of things right what about
cohesiveness unified itself right so say you are installed yes for the
world and you know like I X and he knew us all as like WordPress and all the stuff you don't have it all together and in some ways is actually kind of difficult at the moment and
part of the problem is is that mobile applications are kind of
partying and they tend use different sampling the engines they tend to have differently on decisions and patterns and this means that
on this is actually a screenshot from the the J. Pope died uh media that shape for better or
whatever and you got out of contributors are the site and he runs all these different effects on what might be a is our he runs tons of these different
things and you actually being each 1 of them but a lot of work to reading each day and so we actually have some kind of appearance between the different applications and the kind of problem answer
different and incompatible or the dedication systems is also a problem you have this installation
why should you create a different uses for yourself on 1 on this type of thing this is kind of a problem and the over interapplication
inconsistencies so where we going to do about this how well do we need a desktop suite of web applications have not actually proposing that I'm going to build such a thing right now but something I've
been thinking about I'm I'm actually strongly enough with a single application working on already but on the but you know I have thought about you know he really might be that we actually need to have instead of just a single application from a full speed of things that kind of how serious of how work together so that that actually brings
us back to be valid and and and what we're where things are currently in the novel itself cancels followed accomplishes of last year and assuming that we managed to
raise are not quite here goal we managed to raise enough to be able to pay need for over a year work on things that also I do some more stuff than that you we are about 5
major releases not minor 5 major releases which is pretty exciting time for the features in each 1 the we have 6 successful I'll refer to women Summer of Code insurgents are and actually 1 of the students is actually got a grant where she's continuing on to work on the problem of
our stuff for academic institutions in improving the novels metadata support so actually the really exciting last year and and what deal for a day for that amount of money raised actually are tons of development within this last year about all the way to go in medieval isn't quite finished on and because of that and what is
what's going to happen is this it a really the cat's out in the cold is this the at the end of media govern development on well were actually planning to move ahead time and that is why and were actually buying of
another campaign so I have been
scrambling like crazy to get this thing together in this room is the 1st room to be able to see what I've been working on over the last month to be able to get the campaign from niches prepared you guys have executive preview access to what's going to be released for a new campaign I hope you enjoy it
and play the whole thing the internet was once the holding before I say this is intentionally a
little bit Corning in the sense that we decided to make this kind of like people really like images from last year so we decided to build on this in fact we're gonna make this like technique movie trailers the whole so what's the value of of a different way
no I don't know what happened but it's not
happy OK were so there lots of time of billions in that area of the internet was once the helping resilient and so dealing with this was dead Dean's began to change which power has moved the many courses in these corporate media sites fragile sometimes going out entirely censorship has become rampant last year has shown the surveillance increasing into the system so that socialization has had to do that because the priors in the volume would use to read it there and you know what the units you and all the time but we certainly you have some of the something to put that in the hands of the and that you can go in the
UK and the centralized hands and
we don't want you to be the possibility of commercial signs that you want to share images and video and or audio that and or presentations and the reading of this you don't want to do it all the to the problem is replaced by community of over 75 control is the beginning of the project which is sort of the freedom that you know the the key features of this federation of the Red we provide a new and improved the social experience of modern media sites on the network more recently and you the of using common to the whole issue of religious and what the use of
and the people on the other side of the original and interesting and this is the the and that has a lot riding on the type of thinking about the whole thing
and the
other thing that happened in the and the and the real part of the world and in all around
the the frame and the asking your support to read that you want to everyone to become part of the talk about words today and how the theory about the Revolution there is of
few better if the money that the energy they went down in the in the last month from having but anyway that's that's that's where things are currently
on the roof of your little world that you but anyway on the and there's then out so that's basically where things are at home morbidity on the campaign is when launching sometime in the next couple weeks and and the stimulus and at methods to the and the number of things out on you can help by joining a community participating running the software using the software uses super important on and I know he's donate not counting campaign how we are actually hoping if everything goes really well and actually love to find not just myself I'm not making that much money off of this and then after the nested a couple of people to do some things and afterwords and everything I was paid about 32 thousand for a year and a half at the work on that but I don't see the same to the person that actually did bring on i'd actually love to be able to on pays somebody actually work completely focus on making Federation also and that would require a much more fun in the reaction has free unless you want me to think the super ambitious the reaction as before sort of who knows if we will not but I'm really hoping that he will and more than just don't donating I could really use help and people being able to spread the word about things that you can write in a blog post units and stuff you do any sort of writing on the status of community around here tomorrow we can talk and but you know how where the word about and then you might we do have
stickers there and Monday I do not have the gavel specters degrees but I do have I will all of that and that is that's that's what I've got the questions you close if it would be a part of the the and the yeah absolutely that's that's was talking about all the plan in section this you know that we need easier ways to be older 1 software is not just immediate problem we need easier ways to be overrun all sorts of software and right now it's actually harder than the current 2 in that we have and I actually think that we need some layers of this the above were media governed from is because this is a problem not just the media goblins but all sorts of software on and so there there we need extra layers there people are working on this have the things that interest in speaking to them and you were raising your hand I'm so I want to is so so you go ahead next and I the state of the art and I think the lower right OK and the and and if I had with these features call I think it actually it's it's a really really neat thing it does require that you actually endotoxins Proc parks something we do something else which actually which is actually pretty but but it's pretty cool it does things I don't actually think that it solves all the things so that doesn't solve the configuration side of things and like unidirectional to run multiple things together you actually probably need to be overcome to configure things that the kind of work smoothly across the is actually pretty awesome on is beyond the here and now can about out but anyway the RTC Bronson works image by taking the page titles in the in the old actually don't itself was and I think it's actually pretty good that any part of it and I think but I actually think we need a bit more than that to because now also need to be able to handle configuration management of the cell and by the I agree with me that was not just a is actually a part of the solution not the entire solution we need to be working on multiple layers the things that I due to the and and the and if you the the I so so so what need to is saying is that you know what about matters that are running free software on an hour using free software like configuration management tools and stuff that I should think that such a great idea but he everybody has rather areas a rather in their home on the would be great if there were easy ways to be able 1 things just out of your router and you don't have the right taxing things to get around a water if you're actually it is a rather that's running things so so the great if people working on that we're on the rod will suffer the whereas so there are a what we should talk more basically I don't actually know much at all about how the software works is not something I spent much time in but if there is if that's a good way to move forward on things that we should actually talk about it and you the the and the have a yeah I I know freedom Potts people are actually 1 of my close friends make daily whose works very hard on the freedom box stuff is awesome I actually think you know in in freedom oxygen working toward the steps of things I actually think of remarks the great idea and I actually think that of the the types of things that I'm thinking about it but I actually don't know too much the details of the current state of freedom boxy perfectly honest the non friends with other people were free hard on but I actually think that and that where things that are mere also on the configuration management side of things to and I actually don't think we need to target words any specific devices either time I think actually we should be building things that can be deployed in exactly the same as if you're deploying in honor of all the words of the for the falling under PPs were beautiful you know all these types of things because on because it really doesn't actually matter this is the equivalent of asked the thing right action like to see happen is the equivalent of act for configuration management stuff like that and things to be as easy as apt-get install the stick the stuff that maybe clicking a couple check has the instance syntactic it here at the last years of the same thing as synaptic package manager which is not to say like the best interface in the world but easy enough for somebody connection just can't do that at the but I would like it to be pretty generic also on but in it our other questions or comments to what about the rest of you I have a a over the design federation so I'll be well I'd like to say that it was a lot more than we have our we were actually still moving along and that that we can actually design is something that actually media use a lot more help with right now I'm I'm actually looking for help from designers to be able to move forward on things we have our 1 of our most awesome designers who kind set the which centimeter on by the side right of a functions that are architecture going around but that we've we've actually discuss equity it's not it's not set in stone but we actually how far we that's that's been discussed quite a bit and then the of so sure I'm actually we've we can even at Capon's basically what we want our year when justice started working on the thing I'm part of thing is also that just under arm and actually it's what I encourage her to do also end up spending a lot more time on the pipe on side of things and we got to the point where you're listen intermediate reply compensate and stuff like that but on the problem exactly at the point where things are interconnected and so on so there's it's likely that some of that election changing on architecture side of things we did create kind Spandau out docked with the general idea of how things go up you that's I mentioned
in the and and and so so I I have our answer what's happening in the world was found on actually so a lot of what I am doing if it's not obvious enough I'm writing off the heels of an extremely smart person name and atom prodromal and he has been working on a on the server called spamicity which unfortunately on using it's only it's kind of centralized but bodies like the body is trying to do is actually try to use all that kind of common ideas of but also free software at the moment but anyway use all the common ideas of what the kind of Bayesian filtering and all sorts of other things that we do for spam filtering and moves into kind upon the I stack so what I'd like to do is actually tried that make it easy for people to be would just clicking kind of turn on a service to connect to some sort of service like that for the spam filtering and by that I think it would be difficult you know this scanners difficult in e-mail but it's not impossible SpamAssassin actually a a pretty good job of filtering out down on my local service so we can have free software alternatives to the set of things but but yeah I will that be difficult that's that's the reality of anything this network and the area of that you the only solution was an inferior B as a social social and that's where the theory which means that the people of the other so so so so the or that the end of the story and was used because in we live in a very severe and so on always the form of a much well I that the there there's a number of finding yes every every spans the work now is really having a taken up multiple set of approaches right and the reality is that yes the network service getting to a point of toll-free network services actually involves solving a lot of hard problems in 1 of the actual issues that I think we're actually having right now is that on the part of the current trend is get really excited about the new thing that somebody unsup announcing during the Kickstarter page 4 and they start they go for a number of months in any kind of disappears we actually focusing on these years I think this is actually the and and many your problem that we actually have to focus on on and we're going and that 1 through what these difficult problems that have to work through them but it's been just continue to be a lot of work but anyway this guy and so it was a the old plus 18 they were not at the site yes sure his meeting on for 1 and a half of the LDL filtering for me at 1st so we have 1 of the oldest bugs in the tracker is actually and is actually like trying to figure out how a how to be able to handle the kind of marketing whether or not things are or about pornographic or not I and II we actually haven't really seen the Goblin being used for porn right now which I guess probably is not really started to work on a body on by I but my current but some that are a few things I want I probably actually and it is going to be something that's going to be a bit tricky on by you is it's not totally impossible to overtaken mark things as you know 18 + and stuff like that you know that site actually end up being good and actually kind of you know mocking those types of things and maybe you can actually mark things as a black with this if like you know you want be very careful that I use site wanna say like and I know this stuff tends to be you know thoroughly raunchy and now I'll be careful about that on my side and but actually and prodromal interesting comment on from the light which is that media is to actually varies services can actually be a real boon to parents who are concerned about the sets of things because if you're actually able to run a site and you're actually able to help and you know handle the moderation of types I like out some of like which cites the users people are subscribing to your kids are young enough there are technically savvy enough for the the get around our stuff anyway theory I have here can actually allow aren't as spend some time on this than adults to probably actually handle some of the white listing of the set things again you can subscribe to this general this channel this channel so I actually think there's ways around it in ways forward with it but we haven't tackled the MED govern itself and by but think so but then in the sense that the sum of the area covered by the same thing as this and some sort of so this is not a trust that actually yeah was that the and then the other days there there's no anonymity support as far as I know are in the comparable there is this is what it is odds the support units so this in them and the support the other you could be about as anonymous as Bitcoin just not theory anonymous at all you know right people think like a big point right it's an anonymous truancy an anonymous truancy where we keep the history for ever of every single transaction happens right like and you can actually a bit more anonymous and that in fact because the United actually store storage transaction everything over and so but I mean you know share if somebody wants to actually run the and a site for journalists who were in the bombs were people who were in like as a socially refined theory on and they wanna get around censorship and speak to journalists or something like that or maybe they can connect to a meeting of an instance where anonymous registration is allowed to ensure they might have some sort of user ID that and that gets persistent and ends at the hearing a bunch of places but on the selection lot more censorship resistance in Twitter or flickered you true for any these types of things on and you could have a way of people being able to issue of out there so I actually think about anonymity is totally possible on but you know somebody making anonymous post actually don't think it's in the stack for all the pomp API and have an hour actually completely shirts really necessary at the moment but I
handloom this a and I get the history of the and and and what I mean by adding so the the that the it's possible to do aggressive censorship of any network system with a lot harder when spread out on but if the while we were still moving forward in the Federation space so that's that's that's kind of like the next step after that so that they can be things like it sounds like a reason for the time it was on things over 1 pretty Bridges few and