The rise and fall of open source gaming projects

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Video in TIB AV-Portal: The rise and fall of open source gaming projects

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The rise and fall of open source gaming projects
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much and deserve maybe we can have a discussion of the topic is so rise and
fall of open-source gaming projects and we take as example the project we were going that is for was the pull has not heard from Western yet I think that if you look if you we have solid but no the picture of the work better for worse not is a turn-based strategy game that means you can move all your units in 1 turn and press center environment sense that they i computes for your proponents of
human opponents uh you have the headaches
field based gave this because
text fields and allow a
better the movement she for
example if you have a squares to diagnose our more
larger way send a vertical or
as a horizontal to have a picture of
right I a wife and do that what you know shown right the the uh they're really someone knowing German user can know the answer OK well that's the you know can you stop the old version and
now I can do I care most
of the old 1 the is the thing we
know it's not a big thick thick by K
but can switch wet but moment based
on can you think that it should be and
what do you want to write as a list of support that that I want to do this later on my talk sorry we come to the screen your talking about loudly within the last etc.
properly organized the that you the the talking but
project and found that the conclusion of the talks loss at end it and all that
you but in the news the
demonstrate a little bit of gave an analog
I'll try to bound the game is following the kiss principle kiss means keep it simple
and stupid that basically means you
remove everything from
from the user interface or from the game turned mitogenic until you have
reached a level the Red barely work yes nothing left to remove so you can just click
units at most the or we other you it's nothing more right Dennis
anything recruit yeah OK you can you
can cause you you wouldn't is the way you don't up on in non lazy death just society OK let's not is a major approaches to mature them we have reached 10 years last year
the and settling during the last 2 ones user power or foreign visitors are stagnating so we are not growing anymore the question is what that's difficult to answer them maybe if it's because we failed to deliver this new content content now we have with a constant is the most important stuff for source case many open source projects gaming-related ones have problems with content you have a good pension you have In this David idea of secrete messianic but only accompagné 3 scenarios if if it is campaign based and 2 in this half of our game playing and censorship can can you leave the scenario please I just want to expect
the and then you that the test the the comparison with the case yeah
the most companion know OK so
there was is different we have a lot of contains 17 or 18 have come many many most of
them are larger than 10 scenarios so you can play and at least 2 weeks around the clock if you of fast and current and so it's much Morrison commercial many commercial games of all for example and the last starcraft comes this 1 campaign power 24 scenarios if I remember correctly um that took me 2
days to finish on bonds so uses them difficult Latin and the 2nd
that was too easy for me the next difficult level was too hot for me so it
wasn't exactly the the right audience
was again OK the we are not able to to include any more complaints into our game the cross the lost our process
manager and that's really a problem
the we need a certain quality of laughter trolls the story or whatever and it's hard to reach and anymore the results so at staff and that staff changes over time because people lost interest or are not at university anymore don't have time or just stop we note show the last 1 really happened but it can be maybe 1 of our developers started to node could be up to them and it's a chance to test if it is really and
but if the dead in real life how we know they were just rubble inactive did not ritual mates anymore and this is the same which happens if you really busy from work but we love work there are sometimes people just would result in 0 2 things or or or answering any more to be made all however you tried to come there are reasons are unknown but the you know for yourself so high that you have written something and just broke up so every content at the at least once in your life so the movement of the gist of which it is an idea that all about 1 of the policy campaigns with its own are collected from our entrance
of our so they are in Fig made by the users yeah um which but hoped to the game and
produced 1 or more campaigns we took some if they are
fine Polish 7 and includes a
game which isn't of because the fright no anymore so in and that new version of mass not show some improvement but we can't deliver um was the most important stuff you can't do that that's must be true for the order the players or non layers to long-term plans you play as of course have to still plenty of content to choose from still you need to work keep your use of Bayes happy long-term users tend to produce content so you do not want to use them at all yeah this
after all this In them please make sure to speak up we try to recorded and other let's not all about the beginning of the year uh meaning that you have other things on the somebody's cost areas so what did most of the regret of
the that that I need is genetic algorithm
maybe because of the number of
users and generated from some of well it can be interesting on the other side the story of the still in known normal game you want to have some come some campaign was some storyline evolving around some characters good or evil and you want to have something going on for this you need people who are able to create scenarios so basic set of all of each single scenario then the sub all locking concepts to make the campaign ends will people also able to coded so the finest and maintain it afterwards yeah as you can see on the at all so we have a lot of content from users because make it really easy to produce the content and uploaded there be we'll problem conversing from this new cont uploaded there the 1st finding the high-quality content and then getting it into main like because of the level of maintenance you have to do whenever you change something in mainline you might have to touch this content so eventually you just get too large and peace
opens up the tent and management of Euridice you OK that looks at it it it hits it says a lot of edits on serum 0 over 500 I guess 628 something that's quite a lot but says a lot of unfinished or not the king or just better-quality are not what's the use of wants to play you had to
use open source developers should be confident singles was numbers in the environment with a lot of how do you find quality content or discriminate quality content from known quality current and the answers and you can't do it we don't have a rating
that the problem he you can have sought by the size of the this is why at the the sign of quality have been used then it might be a sign of quality because there's so much using only part in there but yeah it also might might be just a collection
of stuff that thanks and and you know you can also sort of I don't know so if you don't know it so what was the most of it gets more down so that the users and powering system this the as the so most of us have just these fancy names for which were the ones that got the 1st half of the atoms of an overview open you want for you the it the rating system would be a solution who was sentenced to death during have an experience with rating systems are trained i your game development of and so on of people talk louder theory is not 1 of the planet and so on crack the radiation in the responsible for some of the the I think and it's not that easy to establish a rating system the the and mostly all concerns are that it leads to some gaps that competition might spoil our Freud French community in the and that's from the reason and I think we we will need to get to a rating system sooner or later yeah just to to make sure that so on them so is the usability of usable again M. Bhatt terms yeah 0 attend its and or was and are changing slowly in large open source projects especially if you don't have a dictator and so I like to advise you keep your dictator happy so that you know that the collapse of dictator left and term and become find you wanna can't agree on you want or categories that we need a dictator this is dead was the from I guess a basic problem too often face when implementing a weighting system if you upload finish content it's good but if you upload iteratively like all was also work usually is done governor early version someone downloads it C so that doesn't work better waiting next novels it doesn't work that way then you have some nodes here very low weighting govern you would see what do you do do you discard all the old comments or do you keep them without the chance for improving thank In the light of the of In the the the the set of values and then you know the time the main the greater and the it might be a more compact that question the problem is that we have not tried out best in the face of fighting against each other if you really want the energy system has been here before as well as maybe it is the child of a feature common to the 1 who confident that you know I think from the coding of this this year drafted the accent and the million people in play for and the thing that they of of the of the a little late I that have the promise that ending of flame of crops you then not I think it's good ideas to continue to be the you know the radius of the the most the you hear about what is active could not make the and I is think that that you can do it someone will notice now we have 1 of the youngest there's a little bit of time in which it's solution and that we have at least 1 active user and the quality of the dialog time to hit the famous can that has happened in the he in the yard and the the the do you think really the most of you know what you know about this in the and reading it 1st of all you the 1st thing that need to provide constantly itself and the user and this is where we want to see it crossing want to find father with open source in general the 3 aspects of different you expect their assistance to rise over time and where it is clear that there was an not yet in the whole recently uh there might not be easily and so on have managed to make the sort of the process with the use lot of most existing that's something that you have the right to the this is the task of the links this sort of thing we have is a has beta branch of of the of the prior written as the sum of the entries of the other and that was the end of the day and it's here some of the got on and the latent state get that the thing is you have the right and we have a little about which is the speed of all of from the from the use of an image you know what it is that the perspective of the people the you so think of and you know how to it's in the world there is still some parts of the world or the and more like a dumb reason the it's sadly not we have a very strong multiplayer community and we make sure that our stable releases are
competent with each other so 1 stable series every minor but Willie's what's a compatible with the other slide and the development really is because we're going someplace stuff sometimes they're incompetent so the players just see the OK when I go to the multiplayer server how many people are find their for finding other players now we of cross around a continuum
as you can see here 160 find other games players right now on a saturday afternoon and there you know goody 2 OK 31 dies could thing around just in the lobby waiting to start games or something this talk just so the matter is now if you come on the development server and only see 2 guys around and if you like he can do those guys want to play multiplayer will not be there and if you have no 1 there the which is circle starts you come from all this was I think he was 1st the the laughter is much larger than
the sum of all of this is going to be here and there and say that the and they have the the and the cell and the use of the the you know and all of the things that we made the and the other thing that the this kind of you and and what is the rate of the universe the you of the central the same and you analogies we don't watch or things like that so we had a system once upon the time to get the statistics like this they idea was great the I don't know many had on we have lots of data yet but nobody really made use of the data because it was just too much information to go through the data mining is that it is not exactly exactly but it is the the and entitled society ideas that we have a kind of a similar thing you we want it on the they agree of the world and and the light and read it in the new version of grade but we have to use some of the forms of and the stars that work with what you think we can work really well we have a lot of time on the 2 months of the year if will of the people of and we get a really has the advantage of this using people get upset about competition and competition actually encourage people to the version of the most of what we did is we wanted to go to that next time around as the real world was going to be a lot of really that there is good for of positive competition and you have make competition to need to encourage the positive 1 this approach negative on your own leads to a you the it was was thank you so that you and part of the against loud and what what we would like to let you know of the year and people were just the fact that a lot of people that was be way to the about but I know that our statistics 3 years ago regularity lemma check if we can find it but I think it's gone but it it
wasn't easy to move to say why why did people quit that scenario 5 just from this is the 1 along the y uh goes a
losses then going insist scenario in and it was difficult for me but gas and I just use the developing and maybe it can be used for the operating at odds Shearson for development we need to try out yet association drug yet they would do so next next year I will tell you but as you know really what recognition is given to the content and a forum title I would kind of our content creators of the main exchange platform is our forum in the forum we have some titles of calls every developer gets a title translators get a title to scattered title and those who were known to create good content get title and those who were known to create the normative content get different idea together so we use the system especially since the forms are the main place to complain about content which hasn't worked at the same set most the what we what is the out positive comments and fall the and yeah it's not very much and maybe a higher download but yeah you can if you want to download content and like like the latter can be explained before and yet this may not only 1 and you see the user content design of their heads and they're going to range yes of designers need more we want to get that in this case this thing so I want to come back to the point where earlier said on that you need to basically 4 words that have gone to US through is an leniency earlier this very ratios of 4 ways because they had for users you to try out perhaps very old atoms have been reviewed in a new way so if you compare with other games for example the very obvious to you can still play not made in 1990 because all versions are supported and reasoning for putting the above ground level what to from what we do have is we do have different on so as the different ones so we have 1 I on so look for the old 1 . 6 series we have an at home so fully a 100 series we have a different 1 for the number of sentences in which not anymore OK as long as 6 years ago so it's yeah like the the uh client from primary can you know say confident that can run almost all know all of this and 1st the experience of the of the but we are going forms of content and automation in the history of the of the matter is if we kept the backwards compatibility all the time we will just should also select hasn't been a problem for so it depends on how well the find your engineers and basically what we developing these days is the engine and since the engine is all changing all the time and we don't have 1 single fixed so most of our should be it's not as easy especially since we also say that all course content which can also change is in a stable release boasting maybe I Sobel said core content there are also being the units for the unit images so Freud if you reference all of those from the core who is perfectly working in this release in a same series for example but we do not guarantee that we don't for example change the animation the unit meaning that the frame you will then see if you're looking at frame 5 is a little different 1 so in theory the condom idled but might not look like these intended to of the light from the image of and the content of the time although we do the if you want to hear about issue of the years later you know and you have the right to the war and in what we it has on I have to let you know interesting story they're actually there's a wide media as well as they used to test the performance of my players want to review stuff the adjusted 98 was the poet was that we don't want to encourage competition now if there is no doubt you themselves and the provides you with the idea of channels you could get the the using a lot of vision so the competition dead it is in the yes indeed the cells in the blood is the the so that's the main point which is C is unhealthy competition often all what's because leaderboards often lead to flame wars and suffering that so that's why we say we do from that's why we say in our multiplayer community we do not support all official ranking this'll some the lattice if you do want to design a ranking you can do so but we will not officially supported within the game itself the of let our gave us who um yeah I have some chess like it's it's kind along the the the ratings thing but we have we don't give them any support and hard with figures of them because they do with this is socially don't do this which is Signoret not aware that there are dead people by the OK there are many things that I used of the right players and went on so different kinds of things that you can use it FIL in these layers really something to be playing the tension in the year of the state and the other is not the place to be in you have this idea is set conduct creators don't hate each other anymore if there's too much competition but I don't shares at ICSI completely agree that in this house yet unhealthy competition but in Nam a large project takes a lot of time to change or room yeah and it's an engine rules that we don't like to approach competition the people at and relax the detectors that says marketing we do it because we need to do now I have either I
thought I would like to thank you for this thing to this again you must much much much more ordered in the order of the of the library you the quality of that now so again In the same will be like the new ways detail there was a right to the size of of I like to think of this the gave some you what all this so but is a great this is the beginning of the book on this so I don't think you can all so in the the way up and down the tree the be the sum of read this side or the other in the commercial the last and the you know the work of center is the law of this so if you think let alone what may be the reason for this is that so now this is what we have to of the great we time to think about the and the rest I think that the 3 D graphics or a big issue in yeah it is it that every day and someone drops into the forum and ask when Lewis notes goes to read the uh yeah if you compare our kids ask images to 80's those nineties you doing quite well yeah and you know you really know many people worry about the rest of the the you have yeah you're right and commercial against what says you gain so you have part 2 of Part 3 we don't need to release the part to world-class really be trust instrumental their new stuff but the problem is everything you do is always causes and there's always at least 1 developer who wants to have bird that it was this old notified can't and so everything you would is always you try it and you the act by dictator them there's another your we're talking about open source projects everyone work in open source projects has no motivation to do so no matter if it's a game it's up all this pseudo are it's a web browser are just simple modification the Marius if you have a protein which is f some size and some wage you would have several old developers in their will cause think they have contributed so much what I say is so the golden rule book you will always have this you won't get around it so it will be difficult from new developers to really get and get their new and often great ideas we implement that's why found says you need a dictator you know you need to tell you need some sort of this year in the middle of the the book and I think it and would go in the room and the the well having the fun wants to say is what helps most is to have someone as head of the project is 1 strong minus but you can also listen and who doesn't say OK we have always done it this way so we need to continue this way so it will it's a yeah yeah absolutely and you have to vote and the want and that what would you use or if you did this and the other 1 with the In means showed you mean you have to talk to you and you have a the this is a evidence the of of the of the of the people and at the end of the the and some sub is possible some content creators as a set of a original normative and what they're doing but who was who made in muscle basically movie player the river in no do it so you saw the game yeah he basically used the system to create a movie play with it the impact lack of which can this but 1st you so it's the the the the the that will that it actually uh here uh this is the only 1 with the the like the last lecture and that the that I was at the end of the that is the only thing I would rather have not found in the body of the of but again the the idea the sun so that when I was related to the movement in the region and I I had to come to think with group is you have a and also genes their way you you know they might be like you get the fact that we would like the story of it well what you you want yet again use of the real world we want to get the reality was that of the question what is the difference between West novel 1 and was not to have the ones who did not want to be in the radical idea would not be the difference has been evaluated for using it in the city of people with the allocated at the height of yesterday and
you the say that allow you to study of the ways of you know that I think there some ways of AI and creator of like in the a and the you here we do at level the air and that all the days or by this new way of putting it in this course you I have the number that as a yes no no no that's basically what we're doing with every new stable release the energy we just named not naming it was left to with all 3 was not long and we're still and still keeping the old Condon there and updating it the matters not commercial games stood there is they all campaigns they just drop them they don't there and you get the new release which does not yield complaints from some new ones instead what we are doing instead is if we have some new content for example we added in addition to the existing stuff that I did worry if you don't want to support all the people of the world with this slide is that about the way it was with the if you say yet now I suddenly there's a you know way you name and air and called the there's a the there's a lot of the view view the world these and because of that and that the next thing you play the game but once the benefit of human the content because of that you that the you a idea in the so called the is you yeah I the CIA in the work of a lot of yet the sum of the fact that I I I I I think what the thing in the world who was in the and that is that you have to be it's in the book is it may be a lesson to with nothing has seemed that comes some to you I have all the and you problem just there so if you changed this ready Kelly it would mean that you would have to redo all artwork that's not viable while the world that you because of the money the I guess we also the same promise most almost all games Fourier the ratio between coders and doctors is heavily focused on coders that's so you have we have a lot of our understanding of the way the the concordance of the 1st a lot of time it's lot a US so we might have been the experience and texture of you know what I have the same ones that say to a vehicle that I was really the of thing and of the and and that kind of thing that you duration over the doctor and you know what the end of this and past years all over but I think it would be part of the of the of the of the of the in the in the the version that we should not be too much of the work that has something to do the right thing to do work at the bottom of the list is simply because you think of this as the change in it the this as we the the the the the the of the the the interaction of the the the best set of online won't name came a lot of work you can the struggle to government of just think there was a book invasion just changing every made like container or that with that of an invasion by it's difficult to say that it's very difficult for them to do the the I mean we tried to new world and of everything from which we Middle-Eastern Japan laureates I think so yeah we try to introduce a new stuff about starcraft tries to balance 3 different and say do we know the value coming out of the data well we we have balanced 6 or 7 some below this year and that to a graph he is the father 5 years of data we haven't finished yet the introducing new affection means and working in iteration of balancing the issue again we are doing that now for 1 you thinking that just replacing more than 1 or the other than that of a lot of it is and if you were engaging in order to and you know it I thought about Kickstarter project to collect the money it and that money can move this had to be home of thing we just do those 2 questions now we basically out of time so so I think we have to use all of the will of the thing is this has been going on for 2 years and I love this time and you have to have a little things that interacts with the start a new unit that they're being sample and you have to kind of course is starting to view of what defines the stuff and what did I used to make the difference being that of of the because I'm sure some sort of action that you can use it wasn't there structure at all direction from again because of the work of some of the structure the way everything that is not needed to go against the school of the of the other and things that you can use of this chance you have to found that the only way we don't know the the project because and that in that might be true yeah and so on i boy he was just more content more fonts nicer to have it this is the variability at that more and better basically we place all those people in the community we don't like the people we like I can think of no need for noses in someone eats in the forest you the the because of the grade
and thanks to all of the