The Fluksometer as an IoT hub

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Video in TIB AV-Portal: The Fluksometer as an IoT hub

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The Fluksometer as an IoT hub
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The Fluksometer is an open hardware/software platform that facilitates the visualisation and monitoring of 'utility' streams like water, gas, and electricity. The recently released v2B of the hardware comes with a Jeenode-compatible 868MHz radio interface. As such, the Fluksometer can now take on the role of an IoT hub which greatly expands the possible range of domestic applications it can enable. This talk would like to describe and demonstrate the new hardware as well as software components we are currently building that will turn this concept into reality.
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the OK good afternoon north very close to the king I'll try to talk quite and this OK and hello everybody and lExciton introduction on board from flux and I have started flexion about I think it's 2007 the end of 2007 and they to speak up here so I started curvature in 2007 it went through several iterations of and by now it's
and it's a certified a
device which already mentioned in the introduction uh can monitor your electricity consumption gas water to in and then I yeah this is going a full of vengeance and see what we call those we can do with the with the flux of the uh and freedom of like to introduce the so stupid and it's something I've been working on this very experimental so it's it's only like a month
old um and it's this kind of thing the I think it should stick sticks to but that's the the and so for a close up this is
flux acute and it's in experiments and in trying will watch a scene in most most nodes is at the
especially in open source the daycare microcontroller and if you are an arm etc. We we we attach a radio to it and then we have the basic boards and or some ports uh to which you can look up different sound source um which is great um except
that if you want to put this in your living room and it's full of wires to try and and this won't to foster wife acceptance factors so and that's 1 thing and then secondly all the chances are it's not going to last very long because of a wire gets pulled out at around so I went to in this experiment will to start seeing with Giza a hop Indistinct look how can make it fully open source how it can make the enclosure and 3 D printable and this is the 1st let's see iterations so this really version 1 and includes was printed at the far populism on Friday so if it did just that enough time to cool down and the prisons over here so if you open it it's actually add
towards um just again going try to coordinate this the so there's a dozen
magnets as you can see there there's a ring magnets in New Guinea magnets and in the back which those 2 functions so you can look it up to anything
that's metal and secondly there's a battery at the back over here so it's effects uh lithium points so battery uh 1 thousand million powers and which also responses also magnetic sponsored magnet so that means that if you if you position to over here it gets snapped back and will retain their so if you ever I put it in the back Annual it upside down the don't don't release and FIL for better put a little hole in the back so you can push it out um but this means that you know you can you can just mounted anywhere in your in your living room at a truck it'll it'll stay put and now for the node itself uh are perhaps that's the 1st about enclosure the enclosure was designed in
open scatter which is a great tool for us making this kind of thing so it's basically programming and a you program your enclosure and you can also make all kinds of other you can you can make it a parameter so you can say you for example habit build that small but we consider magnet dimensions and I have to have this kind of thorns etc. um you can see the file is just a bit longer so it's like a page and a half and if you ran rates you get you get this inclusion and then if you press the print button you can actually have treaty printed and that's something I would like to do as well so not only make sense emerged also have have Justinian evolve over its its code so as if somebody wants to take it and stick it can make this salt fencer uh feel free to do so and I haven't put it up on on give up yet but it will be soon so this is so very fresh of
and then a bit about internal so the so if you take the top board so it 1 of its
functions as as a as did the external parts of if you look at it this way so on the outside the uh we reinvent amounts that appears some source for movement detection and in ambient light sensor so they have to be on the outside the generals we can just keep them on the inside so there's a temper humidity sensor a pressure sensor and for now also in an accelerometer uh which some of journal of from census unsuspecting can do the interesting thing is that things that for microcontrollers so the flux symmetry internally has been using an AVR for a while but well it's been a couple of years and now we have all the 60 year cortex and c research stuff uh the 1 on I'm under the rear was is an LPC device is been out for think half year year something um the the great fun thing about this is that it internally comes to
switch which means that you can the search all across bar so you can assign functions you worked as PII scripsi to any kind of Prince and is left the right exposing this way see all the that the strange is exactly as traces exposing all the
spins so if you make a boards you can just in
software that make certain connections by software in in the crossbar internally in the in the microcontroller and you can sign up then almost reassigned anything from GPA were to as I squared CTU artists that the core of a couple of of course and the expense for example for the for the oscillator etc. so you come to move those around uh to to anything that most of them are are freely available um was sensor also I swear teachers actually just a bus and just talk about reading plans for the so um
also address some of the good bits of the boring so i'm it is the 3rd boards so the 2nd what is actually there the radio internally and I'll the
back at the battery and the then you have the 3rd boards which actually a debugging boards and if I get the right headers which were still in the mail
um you can just put them in between the 2 other like sandwich um and that you can do introspection at aborting into your
microcontroller 1st of all you can do I speak to
you can program it and you can also take traces life traces from from your from the application and it's also the EGY attack and 0 1 outputs serialize debug output which Constanta tunnel cortex the consumers chips which means you can do some very nice debugging setting breakpoints etc. and I haven't decided yet so that the former approach works
and but the DigiTech's last be disappointed I don't expect too many because of the could differ in order so that's that's that I'm back to the fractionator and so this is the latest version of its it's the B version and it's it's not actually a new uh new and support with a radio
that is compatible with a lot of sense reports so we can actually have some communication between the 2 and hence the title of the book to talk uh so we
can actually have destruction needed besides having it's measure that Christie gas water consumption also have its as a as a as a hope telemetry up for these kinds of nodes and do the article that has been supported up until now this just in the driver so there's no application level stuff on it but it's
a it's a generative are compatible which some of you might say uh the familiar with um and that is the and then it's intended to stay that way as well so this is the 1st major um so besides doing this Harper stuff there's a lot of sulfur still to be written
and which is something about the working out so basically what I would like is that if you have such a sentence that you have a parents which means that
you can put the function metering bearing wouldn't start listening all special or a dedicated channel and if you just we start your your Cuba it'll go into pairing mode and it will do all the provisioning of all the sensors there are no stupid and just provision those and we need to have so that this relegated to a dedicated bootloader insights that according brings it acute and they have support for of yeah firmware upgrades um we don't have the self descriptive packets but we want to have an adjacent format that describes what's actually being sensed by a specific in sensor nodes and once we have that we can make it a cube demon but can do automatic decoding including this on that just for and and and this longer intuitive thing style uh we're already at or intend to publish its on on and that's and
keep the brokerages just be present in the lost for a great for affects meters so that's already in there it's a mosquito that which is mentioned the program which is going to a standardization process right now inside the following was taken to the Eclipse Foundation um so that's how different good workers and
as telemetry and this summer 310 actions I
just stuck my but so this would be nice except that I'm a bit worried that like it'll take this and start playing with it so that's and that's going to be the
whole of the whole purpose and then again I fully to but like like it doesn't although the friction just hope that it won't at least people 1 of them or don't touch at least 1 of them but then so that's a bit of the idea that all the
cube so it's very much still work in progress this is a really busy in a novel version um but I hope it'll it'll evolved into 2 something nice so on
there so if you feel feel free to to participate difficult questions and all you know where to find me and all the posting is the current from Air India Scott software worded as kept description
of of the enclosure of the posts to Cuba to tube repository various very so I expect this week or next week the post the
questions the read do you have any idea what the office to make them the lifetime of the note from the retrospective but and not yet but that should be plus 1 year and that's should be a conservative are in conservative estimate it all depends of course it's not really for that too do a lot of other battery consumption but actually the radio so if you say OK I want to have a bit every 10 seconds then they won't lost 4 years of history of the 5 minutes which is OK for for a temperature reading or a pressure reading it's the then you should keep a case that 1 year that starts to please so all the it depends on how how good we can write a softer but it also means that you have to do a lot of model but you have to start out with an architecture that step dust well that that's still the microcontroller into a deep sleep modes uh by default and only break it up so that that something has been taken care of already it has to be valid of course into the into the design so most of the central ordered that the relevant points
that need that need to be able to wake up the
microcontroller like this the movement detection for already hooked up to the 1 thing that can take it out of a deep sleep mode and if you put this cortex into a deep sleep mode to we get about like the 1 my crew and of consumption and so
it it will be the the the that that's doing their consumption uh the policy and a radio is also 0 . 1 micron but if you put it into sleep of course if you make it up a start transmitting it's like 20 mili and that's also the reason 1 of the reasons we use the uh that the digital stuff because it's while the protocol is really very tiny if you go into these diagrams of low-power stuff every it's that you send is costing you dearly so every bit that you can spare and not censuses sister is give you battery life so that's and you'd you'd make trade-offs of course and the maximum packet size would be about 64 bytes had had is only tree bytes and you put a bit of preamble there's we're all this in a couple of bytes every i for every packet something the but it remains to be seen how far can of it take which you may be tennis and it's about the uh the radio um of kind of because he uses what kind protocol and also doesn't integrated out of home out mating systems like extend water for the protocols Will the radio will be in an evolved version of the of the 1 that's been used but you so the are of the which is pretty popular in in hacker circles um so it's pretty low cost right it's a it's only 68 as frequency-shifting um at a newer version of that radio you can do some dewhitening and stuff like that a Gaussian but I'll probably just put it in a 1st skin and within as much compatibility as with with the current uh Gino of duration so I'm not look too much a fancy stuff in there um but you get the job done and which is OK um and for compatibility I'll never plethora of of standards he's dish of C and as you wave and stuff like that so um what I also like about about the the G lapse of is that it's fully open you don't have to go to a special interest group uh NDA and of about before you get before you get perspective so it's fully open you write your own driver and it's just SPI based in say put it in this mode and I'll send it out in this way uh which I find great so if you want to make an open device as a way to do it compatibility well you can always 117 t you can just and it'll be in energy sample of entities you can pass it you like if we have 1 day make it make a version of this where you can do a control then it's just imputed didn't use along special on a certain topic serendipitous on put this off and everything all the software but if you want to get up to to extend to something else than you have to put in a bridge it's pure software the In my question was because the advertiser as a tool for measuring water gas and electricity consumption I don't see how the census Canada measure water gas and electricity consumption Ch so this already measures uh this is like is the benchmark meter 3 can also already work up directed to this to mark meter and decodes
the did that the 1 part of the Dutch smart meter they're also on the other parts on the top there inscrutable you can connect current plants you can
and connect read contexts there are some more sensors in in the pipeline like mocked reflect that's almost finished so with approximate we already do that now the question is how we can extend its so if you want to measure temperature but cable this flux meters most of the time sitting in the basement so you can measure the temperature of your basement or run very long wire but if you can just extended so if you see here there's a radio model over there region model with an antenna and on if you have this cube a put it in your living room then you can just talk to the to the flux media and this 1 can already just connect its make these readings available and and then they're off you go to the internet there's a whole chain is there a plan for all of of a sensible it's like if you want to connect external sensors like to put them into your fridge Richardson what you mean putting your fridge if you want the internal temperature had shown if you want to really stick the whole cube in the trees this what would be a nice experiment I would be a solution to my kids that tampering with the with the set up and but weights so this is Sector adjusting its version 1 and Version them or revision 1 revision to already have some holes
era and for extending the on the outskirts the bus so for for having
better heck abilities you can leave it open that means that will have some open holes for the temperature sensor but you can also closed and have an external expertise and so during should be limited so it's a meter to meters steps in best case 10 if you perhaps lowered the Proc rates of as receivers uh but it so that's 1 way where you could do use the extent the the QP and if you want to even different sensors and there's always of course array to open the dissent which and put to put an report in between and then you can extend extended it even more exotic as but the basic idea is to give you take this cube Maori have the 5 5 6 sensors for free you don't have to start extending the port and you have a small small a sensor nodes but if you want all the senses and you get a book like this and then you have to think the harm agreed to put this in an enclosure uh you don't know and look at them it's just over there uh got dust so this would be the what the perhaps most to this I have a question about the world distance because from what we talking leads to the inside of the whole of Portman so hello so far you can place such sensors and you also mention the author of the soul is speed and the real abilities enough the like so just as this relational will be enough flow for doing the of you forever so it's reliable and speed is enough to do it fast to they call for the so they are the arm of Japan this limited was taken to 16 kilobytes of of firmware so even if you lose the user pretty slow what connection like the basic general 20 so about 50 of bit per 2nd and at full rates but I OK you have to have a packet processing it at 1st we never going to that right um the rent she is 1 of the reasons we we opt for of the it succeed and we stay out of the 2 . 4 because that's a that's terrible for your attenuation um so the succeed cities can travel a couple true couple false and still and still have reasonable range everything depends of course on your radio uh so what your what your lean budget is to how powerful K transmit and what's your your your your voice for um but this newer chips they can go up to 13 dB m of transmit power and the receiver that treaty not mistaken is minus 1 0 5 so if you have a bubbling budget of 115 dBm which should be OK for at least going to the full House that will depend on the house of course if you have a castle that this this difference to before my how's it would be a cases doesn't so your full OK for the former of its sort and you know what you're building a set and um something that robust so basically um the G dead the QP asks the flux immediately after great you good and it says yes and agreed to this former it's it's up to the cube to collect all the packets just packets get lost ecologists try until it gets the full fervor if it's if it's fails to try again so that in the boot loader dense the pulse with the boot loader to get it working again um that it try or it could go that feeling so if you go from and you borrow the flux and for the next for next the area but we will be that because to try job that with the new firm there's an exponential backoff in there but that it's either 1 or the other so How may still be there cheering on the rule ball that you show but in this this 1 is can you can you
specify with system use and how do you interface the you're red board was of promoted you are to something the so this
is indeed open wrt up every function has been the production also version and production has always been opened we um idea I determine the migration to attitude adjustments in the 2nd half of last year said that firmament up in in October Urban but connection with the with the sensible to suffice by as for SPI based on that is a bit bankers BI but that's enough because you don't have that much communication between the 2 so a lot of processing is being the most and support for a glance etc. sampling is a 600 purchasing something for and or so some of the 6 districts of number of total and and then if you go to 3 phases to it but that's all locally and if you are and what you get back every 2nd is a reading of the real time consumption and an account of so that's it's by communication between the cells within the main and openly the uh of the on board OK to questions is there any subtle encryption the that Q device and the flux meter and seconds is the wave is the way to send a common tool the box or is quoted words just some old that sense of the so 40 encryption part by default right now we won't have encryption but in the boot loader will already be the facilities to uh downloads 16 bytes energy and so they have like a limited back victory if if it's in plane the the plane you put your and you put your among your he sent over the over the over here so that's limited back vector but once it's in there because calculates what was your C. or or hash off the thing I wanted to connect again to say OK I have this hash all 4 of the key so it won't to retransmit the key back to the prior to the flux meter to check it so that's only 1 suggest to go there and it's already the facilities are adding a poodle but it's that the chip itself ordered the radio I will by default right now will be um and then the 2nd which was I have right duration and so the thing about that duration is that if you have to the if you want to have it very reactive you have to keep on the radio which is of course a drain on the battery um there are some minor um us some intelligent ways of handling this by using but in your radio sleep in all listening every every couple seconds for every minute but then you have what you have to have good synchronization um but this is something that can be done let's say for a started just started a sensor node uh that mounted sensors all kinds of things and the opposite and especially just get this and the lifetime part the battery life and I get as high as possible and then in the 2nd phase we can we can look for a fracture nation thank you it is a so I I think existing for the for them to the decision of 2 4 2 30 and the position at 2 30 we do have like a participant in discussions so I think if they are more people into interested in into of so me there I think it 231 between 230 and and 430 the