The EdgeBSD Project

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The EdgeBSD Project
Introducing the EdgeBSD Project
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This presentation will detail the reasons, objective, status and roadmap of the EdgeBSD project, which started from the NetBSD codebase earlier this year. It aims at broadening and experimenting around community development around NetBSD thanks to a tentatively more modern development workflow, based on Git. NetBSD is arguably the first community-based Free/Open Source Software project: it featured a public version control system and mailing-lists back during its inception, 20 years ago. Driven by its very thorough approach to development and technical design, it gained and deserved a reputation of being clean, portable, and simply a cool platform to work and research on. Over the years, NetBSD received contributions from hundreds of developers, pioneering in areas such as cryptography, host security, networking, and virtualization. However, its rigorous code & member integration process can also be seen as harmful, especially when compared to modern project management and distributed version control systems. This is where EdgeBSD kicks in. A new member of the family of BSD-based Operating Systems, it is starting development with the current NetBSD codebase and Git for Source Code Management. Package management is based on pkgsrc. The primary goal of EdgeBSD is to provide an ambitious environment for working as a bigger community on the NetBSD Project. This will be achieved thanks to a more modern development infrastructure, while taking a more aggressive stance on integrating and enabling features (many readily available). Ultimately, EdgeBSD should be just as fun and attractive as a Research & Development platform while delivering a modern, robust, and industrial-grade system for all ranges of computer devices, thanks to a more versatile and personalized development workflow.
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hi everyone there OK alright well well I have freedom of speech then this summer this this this is 1st so then if this did well you know so I'm partially yesterday that is the like last year in the of last year for animal reasons which I'm going to our enumerate here but maybe I'll try not to be too boring and also tell what directory data what we plan to do so because this is not about version and this theory so what is edge the it can be seen as 2 scenes our initially and assaults consider the fog of BSD because of the use of full copy of the disease source code are including the package bayes so the bayes system source sulci and the baggage system pocket source including the complete history from the beginning of the project so we got 1 of that in a tree and we have a few new development branches which are of course specific to us but also it is not a fork over that is the because we didn't change so much to the code we have contributed some changes back a ready to be is the so it's not different from you all know local check out of this history really so and nowadays and faults on anymore senescence in what style more like the numerous and you do at home had gone and then maybe contribute back on publisher or whatever you want so yeah life you on a few words of and that is the like I think everybody should know what the is use here but just in case the product was started in 19 93 so it's 1 of the oldest of open source projects developed as a community around source code revisions system so codes management system so it's a follow up to the original is the system making that Buckley but it gave birth to open is the somewhat painfully in 1995 the it has about 256 developers to Daisy's today means when I did the slides on their last year we have a few more known like 4 or 5 since then so the number that is no longer king at school but I it's it's still growing which is a good news so wouldn't be as do if you don't already has a very conceptual like type of development we centralized tree and so on the technical discussions before committing anything for most of the developers of so I really like this year of its it I really appreciate that our the there is such a focus on having a pin architecture in the 1st place and is therefore portable it was never like the aim in the 1st place but it gained a reputation of being portable because of the thing design I don't system is cross compiled by default so every time you being the is given for you on platform by default going to 1st compile the compiler and then use this compared to combine assistance which is a pretty cool because then it's trivial to do the same for all architectures and so it means it's trivial to walk on any architecture from your all architecture and therefore it was so attracted less or equal research some of it has been lost unfortunately which is also 1 of the points of that is the but but regardless it has tons of really some modern features like is that SNR I know route fastest in cryptography by the teachers then it it has re would support for its including others at the hypervisor right is a of also last several user and can which can in turn the system into our different architecture we we you can actually use is the other Microtel it's it's still very experimental but wrong is the uh the way toward steps we have some very very very basic cipher supports the trace to some extent and so on old things to learn that busy the open model which I means that all of the the the what what where should I start OK so in that case is the only official Developers can come to the tree which means belonging to the that this information which means being invited to its you have to apply it takes a while to be accepted as a developer usually takes a want to be invited in the 1st place and then commits are usually reviewed especially if you're new to the project and walk on the court is always public use his and a very important notion of regarding which is the because it's from the nature of CDs even if you create a branch it's going to be public so everything you do is going to be e-mailed to everyone following the meaning of branches or not but they will stay forever you branches as far as I can remember correctly from all and of course the scene features on at to break and so this is all good it's like pretty commonplace in in an open source development projects however I thinking because of that is the right notes it it's quite harmful so if you have occasional contributions centered on 1 to be necessary you developer someone has to be available to commit your staff and wants to go through the problem reports so Whichaway reported and I think we can take a while before anybody actually does it it happened to me like a few years ago before was official developer I had quite a few patches of and I had to go to a conference to like to read the book at somebody you always accommodates to force to 2 commits of my changes because nobody had revealed them which is sad of course we are only so many events so it it gets and lying if contributions are major because they need to be reviewed also and it's even take 7 more time to review and reviewers committees in the test temperature changes also because of the nature of suggests because it's a difficult to remove your 1 set of changes input apart from somebody seen again I'll make sure it really works and of and but yet again fix some things and send the patch back to the original symmetries is or manual integers work and so even if you are an official developer with access to the with a tree because 18 Curcumae break reverts you run changes because if you want to do so everybody's gonna see it's and probably the best because of the break stuff and or spam people so I given myself on edges don't do this even if I would like to do so on top of that that is the has a lot of code and inside the base system it has an import of GCC of already of by of course fixed and quite a few more it's always debates what we should bring a lot of and so my own personal view on this is I don't care so much as long as I have the its ability to choose whatever works include and if demand tend to maintain everything but unfortunately since of beginning of last year I can run that this view my workstation on my laptop because of exhaust because maybe is the requires right now it's all inversion of pixel sold to to run on the 1 which is packaged as part of the Fisher packages is not walks on that is the which is kind of a shame I think so even in my own workstation and all left of this 1 I cannot use the extreme it's all as bycatch from potentials and I want to run that magnesium my main system and I want to use x or something graphical like the regular applications
so I have been bashing suggests of bits of that area like it's not like the interface it's simple it's easy to fix repository if it breaks it's easy to like have submodules of is quite OK and I don't like it just me frightened consistent or parking difficult to use it took me like 2 years to really get used to it and stop to do things properly but on the other hand what you gain from from using gets is just so practical and and maybe can walk off line but this is this alone is a reason to switch from the body you can branch for free like you just stick up minus B and all the other branch and can do whatever and it's not gonna break coming stuff and you can stash in state st income it's means you can just have a pile of of patches you can just push to women you have a pristine tree and then you can import it again when you of your changes done and it's this 3 Portland great so this is where edge is depicting really I mean it's as a staging area for that is the of course if envisages accepts every patches we make it's going to be a fork is going to have have specific changes it's decentralized which for me is low enough reason to move to its and since its proper it's just 1 that I chose so all of the technical debate from his committee relevant idea to get into it just won't to work so I started this which means it's also more open because anyone can just 2 the tree is gonna change is at least locally and then at the end of the project is to be as open as possible I'm going to explain how this works so anyone can can really contributes and and of push changes due to all of the trees and so therefore it is very helpful to punish patches before inclusion in the busy because everybody can just of create patches propose them you can poetry and so on and indeed say it means of you can do a tree more with with more people so how we do it in a is the right now is we have of formation a repressor trees forming and gets a trees 2 of them all our pristine copies of duration could of it is the so in there could the source and shows which means in theory they are constantly updated from other official neural of forming an official neural of your from suggested it and then edge is the has its own copy of of this of course you can try bowsers remote and import stuff from the Internet is the 128 speech the 1 but ends anyone is allowed to push any branch except for the reuse ones so we have a few branches which are dedicated for the official stuff also like the master of brochures or tentative currents regular current which is therefore tracking and is the currents with some changes and up and then we have the reason launches for the stable stable stuff and so back
on that gives dn what's and what we want to change what we want you to walk on the 1st this diff features which are being it busy which have been there for sometimes many years but are not enabled by default and therefore actually broken for the for most of them so is it or is there for long time now but it's broken I could not 1 of his if I had this assignable equipment on Firefox that could run by some it would crush or a 2nd time and it's really annoying the SSP has restrictions and for a long time of the cattle would break the complicated when combined if we never assist the former architectures especially on spark a couple others so this is slowly getting better as a model prisoner all our or enabling assisted by default then secure levels are available but already were used and to be honest abilities and they all it's it's such a such a great teacher window before to something mostly very exotic time I tried it's for a while could never get it to work for you as it was my fault but we have it set on know anybody who's using it actually words we haven't heard very exact is evolves at maintaining list of checksums of all of the binary you have and then the camera is in charge of checking that the binary you launch matches the checks the original 1 hour so it's meant to avoid any but those and other temporal binaries and so on so it's if you didn't say that correctly you cannot 1 of to revert to 0 and the previous over executable of because simply no binaries can run on moderate camels is also a never-ending story there are some issues I think I didn't try it for a while so I can tell for sure and then what I can tell for sure of moderates from the packages is broken power so what I did on this machine here is of image busy we chose to follow the last known reuse of but shows to work with metrics all of which is the Q 1 from southern 2013 and on maintaining in maintaining its sorry for security so we have get tree and we're doing of perhaps unitary peaks of fixes from the more recent editions branches 2 of them to build a new packages but all of the order the base of the southern and you want flowing away it's some kind of and support long-term supports that we're doing and Juergen idea was that you want to have the support in the 1st place but to when break he excelled so we are what we want to do is read to provide more exported all of this could features and I have of more use more usable way to a tree walk them and share of fixes and patches and so on but on top of that that's what I really would like to push is to provide more services to the developers of its because the to attract them in the 1st place also but relation to provide comfort and maybe experiments we is having more industry approach to open source development so would like to provide the miracles can during the VoIP you have to have fun cause which which because sometimes it's really helpful for them to have more automated checks and procedures of that this is already pretty good was this that's I would like to to perform more and I would like to provide some of the dramatic services which is very also because as you may know that is these ordered to many architectures already and as a developer you can easily tests your changes on everything you can build even everything if we would have to make a release for all 20 architectures I wouldn't be here would be like that in my attic trying to but it's all of these all machines and trying to with the candles and so on its middle and and have trouble plant at all so that I the are so we want to to to push for this to push for more infrastructure and automated stuff also because of the lack of manpower so so it's not simple we have stood up to do but we have achieved a victory and we have a stable really is right now are which is more like a running really is white space and that this is less stable bond so is the 6 we have a few extract features enabled by default but not much of rhino so we are meeting for security which is also not fully it's not for you today going on really trying to to push it that's the average age of 2 so we have a stable binary packages which of Wilmington activity and so we'll hopefully have an an easy way to insert endoprotease system right now and it's a lot still like that these days but we're using packaging quite intensively and it's very very helpful although the way we are managing lectures now but also eventually I would like to have a graphical installer and so on provides defaults redrawing images 3 to flush images for different devices and for machines and so on I would like to have a ring really is I know which is pretty much what we haven't already the so you can find it of of course line we have the tributaries trees online I we have renewal bolt to a new CPU and we have signed by me binary packages and hopefully it's it's going on cannot continue this way of before I go to a more maybe a hands-on review the system and I would like to send community of it will get to it's in particular it tonight York for his work on common to converge and based in the 1st place to move to different distances and getting particularly without his what could be possible but busy for the high standard everybody who joined already on just as a channel and on which the tree and so on you know so
that's pretty much it for the torque faults and of been a bit the trust in sorry for that but they can show a bit more of the system of right now instead so as you have any questions about the slides i can show a bit about harvesting happens all right so let's go so
you can have a look now under consideration of of the trees of which B is the good it's 1 of the very costing about lights the so on top of the official and is the edge is the solitary is which only figure alright so that should
be you to read for screen there
so it is all the optional tree is potential source and pulled the that is the stuff here for the moment it's hard as a remote image is source anyway and here you have the unofficial 1 form such as only
but some some nice enough inventory to know so we whiskey lights you can of accepts or any 1 of the inside the 2 contributes inside a group of of the trees and you just get dialysis H public use you store it in this directory so I have few developers already like we are 6 7 official developers and then you configure the tree is as you may as you see fit it means access control you can really low
anybody tuple branches are safely even if they contain tainted code whatever the just going to be separate because on say for the potentials repository the I gave read write access to the master branch on each the Masters read access to the developers and end I deny developers anything else I gave read write access to the stable road branch releases on and then we the access to the developers and then everything else is read write for the developers so you can really just that anybody sense is uh public key and give access and you know they will only be able to touch whatever on stuff they have it also means everybody can touch all the peoples branches right all birds of course as the operating 38 because of the branch to on it says to me or prison low false pushes myself and I can just sit up here it's the same way for the source repository so very handy uh right now they're masters can force Bush which is not intended but I think it was a for my of fixes and I can explain a candidate for more about this or I have to do this so false pushes or a lot here which is because of the presence of the plus strand and have a branch landed for supporting this 1 which also have done our force pushes obviously and then the original or what is the trees are only allowed to specialist is use so you have you all group of people right on the on the master of how I am the only reason to wear you can only you can all contribute and you can all join and was a law we can have discussions you would know how we will want to do this which is a good point to so speak more about this and then I can just add you to this list if we get on good terms alright right so we are now we have 6 developers and 1 of them is also a designer making art work on so if we do have a lot or causal
all right so I just mentioned in being a developer and so on so you know this let me check if I have that
approach and not let's try it differs the
network should be using welcome to
the OK so it's referenced against the door
stock OK
Sauvage AG this is not gonna work directly
but I can do this through the I thank think you and the points which are the OK what's associated time and introduce a new piece of this course part is
the also cool so this is the is the website we have a wiki doesn't really what we're and all
of this work in progress so that we have a beginning of a constitution which defines the roles of the
different people of the project so the reader the right now to
me convinced speed this work can the so I I dictates that tentative vision and orientation of the project what you prefer poetry mold you just let me know I'm stupid joke I'm tired the master's master design chart of the current benefits so rented out maintaining the the and the Roman ranchers than the reserves are responsible for the really status of Mr. Rogers developers are like that all code in the workforce because this all the most important members of the project present making that we have a strategic 1 person right now and so we have basically I have been trying to like just put into words and generalization of the project as it is now I would also like to bring to step the workflow of the talk show which I should explain a bit more Hall Honda on how to actually join the hop on the train so we have we do have a few rules already but really it's it's it's quite simple it's just going to make sure there is no omega you're knowledge will fall for there is organization of the product and so he's could have mentioned as part of what that's a show the we have
expressed train the the
this like this the 3 basic will go out and short my
teacher could do this now that thank you thank you and that's what about Joey here and the minister should myself was yeah a very good point so the question is if there are any binary is available so yes 1st we have an FTP server of its and ought to we know the readers and what can some reason the OK so we have here your fish which gives the what's our which has a mural of if unit B as the binary I think the yep subsets OK so would not much but for what's really matters to us for and also 1st and be pitch is the I chose to name the really is just 6 to reflect the fact that and it follows that B is the 6 branch no no stable all minorities just go below the unit is the mannose 6 launch and I have build binaries for waterfowl far and a 64 to even if somebody architectures 64 and bits so intermittent 0 as mittens part 64 so they have been built on different dates distribution fairly accurate and in so you about september I I assure reupdate initially make new new binaries because they've been some security fixes In the meantime but right now reminds me after mentioned of yours repository of the yes so using a have all comes from your repository which I'm going to show you in a minute of because the 1st 2 and the chapter on binary is a winner to speak about packages because when I start most important strengths of which gives the I think is that we have of pictures which are maintained that I just built and uploaded and be done with its we our and are making new versions regarding him in building new versions regularly so you can simply adds this repository to the to your packaging that comes or to your packaging repetitions that Conf configuration file and you will have updates just like did in those and they are signed so all of these packages are assigned by the official educators decay which I have
here 1 which is the that should work all the of this focus so all this 1 is 1 is the 1 you want to see what so a repackaged silent we is this signature right here with this fingerprint but
the other end of its it's really easy to look out for update and installed on your packages and they could try running the will somewhere
you just you just from packaging updates on the up-to-date and this is from this configuration file so you just have to put this line for and 64 for
year and you get the packages and you can just to packaging what of grades and don't think you have this integrator and all note that I could try to instill or whatever most hidden students yeah and here it goes that this is going from a to B is the and In this it and you questions the 2 yes and very good point so it's been added to the pocket source code 12 years ago by Alistair think so it was 1 of the 1st open source systems to actually implement it however it was not don't really very adequate way and on top of that and it was broken and I figured out it was broken only last year because I was maybe the 1st wanted to use it in production sadly and other work in initial and initialize valuables which meant it would walk for very small packages but not for anything bigger so I can I can use to it a bit more so if you go into our if you wanna look at how package in a house and the cage looks like which we have a Gaussian where you this can search and it's take on suppose of ventures OK so reader package even if it has the regular extension its own on a R archive graph to remind me how to read them but I think it's they all like T yes so it contains depending on which the declared you used you chose chose of assigning the package the number of files of bucket harsh the cage to be signature and then the original using yes the code is using the archive inside of archive it's a bit over-hyped it's yeah it works of so there is 1 way to to extract them I'm sorry styrofoam using this know in this is it x yes OK so if you look at the content of this files to a harsh 1 contains the list of
hashes surprised and on OK in storable consistency unique yeah so yeah Microsoft signature it it says which package in which algorithm was used to generate this list of hashes and then in yet really I think he frame number
right it just takes 64 were killed by the a time and signs them and then the label archive code inside the missiles go of package installed checks does the checks and for each block I think it's quite a bit in and Mr. agrees so actually talking about all of this highest in and then you have the GPU signature file which science and the fact that I just showed and not do a general archive which is I seem to me to be used to ensure no you know what you say but I made it works and does the job and then you have the original archive which should be announced and what is which is untouched from the original which encode I 1 more thing of that I did for each p is the is the moment you have to use package I mean to send a package and as you can see them on 2 different ways to do it with fixed by when I know is
GPG and so I patched bycatch
source to generate sign packages automatically in the 1st place so if your ETC anchored confuse configured properly we sample using the GPG it will creates signed but it is instead of just a regular package any no longer have to send a package of surface package then and and this creates we have a set of scripts which I could sure knowledge quickly them with very long anyway so this is home directory infrastructure in the distant upon that want to show you so the thought should be here at the end and it's in the note The this semester changes made in a scene in which case the dancing is using In all potentials extreme because the could change between the southern certain Q 1 and and now and so this systematically according to package it mean if necessary is considered to be either for GPG or misinterprets explode when I also supports 1 and for more you just just be all right yeah so this is also an edge because is the addition to generate some packages directly you see water could install the acute bycatch there was no the euro or anything and I can also show that it's rechecking the signature by installing a trend to install the 1 with the cage and in search champion that I just extracted and it's rejected was if I would tinker with the signature file rejected I checked but you can check and also of course on anything else and what so I have hosting server on which and the only route now except for the friend was providing the GPS and there is the the GPD key has no phrase over there so it's not ideal ideally should you and maybe be a separate sovereign in the ships send the package orange bringing feedback back signed review could run this on occasion in some way or scripted around but notices horror all is assigned at at the OK but the correct so 2 2 2 signed the uh the sombrero is not to who's a package on the assigned terror and get it back because if you try to sign up and the and whatever it give you up very very large overhead so what you want to do is just take the hash both your pocket hash and that's and it's true as something and you get back in be out so that the signature on you just have to push should be a I think that's very the to know on any other questions yeah so the long-run plan flesh is these close to our welcome all people while we would like to and have more contributors coming to to to to help more people of what than 1 that is using it and then my own personal goal is to have know what I mentioned in in the slides a graphical installer In what support for devices like the Tiffany devices the tablet demonstrated on last year but to have agreed to flush images to generate them automatically the I almost have no push to build supports in the repository right now using the GUI took the have scripts which automatically builds and and publishes the package is when you commit them so when you come into the Reza branch it just trigger the build its this is almost working and it gets shorter and agreed on to how we like to have more more tools to work on more architectures mentioned on on them yeah it's pretty much it from a tuple of it and so do you just mentioned this could be seen as an busy with and yet it is pretty much true right now yeah what in progress and is the and also I know for a fact that some of the some people do not want to be part of the net busy nation but would like to contribute anyway so it's a way for them With this figure hassle to what would be to to provide their work online to push the online hand and it exposure and having altogether working all together in a single place also helps the visibility of of few what is wrong on is entities to that of their mission this light is that sometimes it's somewhat his lost like have people contribute huge patches then they are arms meaning tolerable wasn't investors with a link on some siren in the server that is and the what is of us because nobody has a mirror for it or it could be done noble maybe have 1 has 1 and this is the case so I For instance of rubber hose which was written by during assumption which is a part here requalify system deniable crypto
and it's only found running on some archive . org where your so it's it would have been lost if it wasn't for this is what is and I think it's a shame that we do not have this somewhere in the country repository or was until about and was get you can really easily just import something as a branch and and how the I did it also for it to be is the you is the work of the grassroots who was using just watch accounts of the CVS tree into gets to be able to work on during supports before Taylor was looking at and so it had less explorer because it was just another view on on ghetto was noise tree honest on using and then to meet show that people who want to do this even official Developers because he is an official development and want to be able to work efficiently on on his project he had to grow in the donor bitty tree inside get and push it and get help and to me it's a shame that we cannot do is not always the main main repository for at least altogether and when 1 single place so in my the and that's also 1 of my long term goes to to like optimize a development in any way possible but and if so the question is if I have support of private companies that technically I am my own company so that's that's 1 and so angry you estimate of this on my own personal resources and that of some other friends of course I would welcome the support of companies and really trying to so this what to initialize more development to have a more natural approach to development using gets and I always the was investiture for developers Audrey like to push for something more like a company even if the not bad but I want to go to work every day but I don't feel this way when I walk in an open source project but I want resources and in and it services and this is this is was awarded a z of 1 distance I want to provide what is the and maybe attract companies vendors to to use it the they but the net it does have created their own mailing list exactly for this discussion Alex Coltec repository and each time this comes up eyesight please read tech repository 10 years ago this was discussed often and what about that they would like to mention that we just work on the new developer recently in the project and his 1st 1st message on the mailing list was OK I would like to run this poll on which this years we should use this is true and so it means even funnier developers it's a very hot topic they don't want to use serious they want to try something else and I want this to happen so it's it's just just what it based user but only on the what this let that the mission just mentioned but the nervous system of person that they're asking which other this users on this list on and so of course they're yeah when OK the candidates are obviously is the and not cruel and fuel as an honest yet on all of them and for me everything centralized is is out of the question so unique returning I'll use it is read decentralized and out of a popular sort of I don't care about addicted respects because we developers if the tool does not hit on it we can change at all and to me all the discretion is pointless of course it's convenient assessment works already it is sort of the way that you wanted to work now but you can always change the tool or adapt your workflow to 2 if this is the sometimes this painful and I had to do it for the for us which are going to speak about nutrients yeah that's just I decided to to to keep working in the discussion and no question is if I plan to keep the base of the that is did some that means the yes absolutely and that is the that we are tracking it is the 6 right now and that is the 7 what what it should look like it looks more and more attractive to me because we may have finally came supports at some point I heard that there are some new commits all on in this regard and I do not want to go to the Falkland is the honestly I understand how it is I don't want to like results is out of the projects we need every year can be everybody we can have and I'm really I'm trying to attract more people and push more features enable them to test most of and the day that that business dishonest bronchus gonna being a niche business and right now it don't you name is that is the I tried to change it just just for the sake of its and I know what to do it now but it would be so much trouble that and that going do it in times would no when I really hope that have to maybe some there would have to if free some patches don't get integrated demanded that and then not compatible anymore always the original system
lots of yeah I on to change it I would I would maybe publish my branch just for the sake of it to show a stone that's the 1 and I want to do it on operational range but it reminds me want to tell about the issues with your was repository
so young as and ITER is in official developer to and he's pushing of it because the uh Miro had a pair of that is the into the tub tree these did had a table of this on his blog you can read it it's very informative and so this is where edge because the comes from it's just a fork not on the top of of this tree when you can have it as a remote also be sure to follow it but does the problem is that in that B is deemed a number of developers among other things users see a set mean To change commit messages after the fact so that they look more like accurate to what was actually committed other problem is that this of conversion is happening or regularly when your pushes it but when somebody modifies become a procedure changes the touch that's associated was a comet which means on the key tree changes back in time and so if you follow and you follow the the tree it would break because at some points somebody modified to accommodate and the chain of of hashes no longer resolves you you don't have on you can tell anymore women get cannot easily imports the new changes because some commit in the middle it's was changed and so you have to rebase everything on this on this modified commit to be able to keep walking and it means also doing issuing false pushes i which means you you you changed due to the content of the of your remote server but because the the trees were changed to commit were changed so this means that right audio to of scripts that following this branch I mean this this this tree is broken because I think some commit was changed back in 2010 or something and so on therefore we can pull from it anymore the so I tried to teammates repair all of auditory the tree by using the bays and so on but unfortunately I didn't get it to work it out 3 reliably I got some help from a young about this but we Weston's talk so we're looking for a better solution and model exactly how to do this 1 way would be to have all the way to generates under the tree from CDs of but using the official give tool is doesn't what was and is the using CSPs we have to fix list because 1st of all I so yeah but 1 very interesting points is that's a more and more people are using it to track and at least shows to the point that's the pocket source Management Committee has just forbidden the use of serious and mean to help of nero's the more reliable and to be sure that Our conversions would be more stable so I for 1 welcome this change unfortunately as interests after this announcement the tree was broken again because somebody did is this import and it changed the commit again like and I'm so we're stuck again and write no edge is doesn't follow potentials anymore automatically so after the extent also and yet so this is all still a bit experimental and it's where anemia and about how to use gates and how to make it interact with as and interestingly enough it can also provide a serious interface to the the trees so this could be also maybe something interesting to try and to see if that is the could maybe use this feature to provides like migration time you use it switching to get in the 1st place so not the validation different ways nodosum differences attention 1 thing that's not quite clear to me if you have no central Our CDs Rapo you send out a commit message when a comic is done but how do you do that indicates case say somebody pushes a branch that contains 500 commits Theresa Knott 500 e-mails all 1 huge e-mail or on you the so it doesn't send e-mails automatically but you can and program books and think dual walks but Bush so if you push covenant commits you can just send 1 e-mail it's like it really depends on how you do the work and there are many many scripts that can do this already because people have virus about and they have also contributed as contributions software well you can just reply to a man is going to push whatever comment from the meaning is the articulatory and so on there are many many interesting things that can be done was gets misery also is yes but I mean there are exactly same kind of mechanisms in place so we can do all of that and simplify it units source this is also the reason why media he but sees no longer on the official China I know because there was 1 online per commit because escapist was simple and so I got kicked out of free knowledge but now I'm going to add a guy with a script and hope rates committee that contain any other questions so maybe it can take it's break before the next OK and thank you for attention of this was clarifying kinesins as your own