The DeforaOS desktop environment

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The DeforaOS desktop environment
An alternative desktop for all ranges of devices
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The DeforaOS desktop environment is one of three major components from the DeforaOS Operating System project. It is Open Source and meant to be portable, currently supporting Linux, *BSD, MacOS X, and possibly more. More than just an alternative desktop, it can be adapted for embedded use, be it with a stylus or with finger-based interaction. It has already been released and presented as a Debian-based smartphone (Openmoko) and a NetBSD-based tablet device for instance. The DeforaOS Project was started in 2005 with one specific goal: seamlessly integrating software on personal devices (workstation, laptop, PDA...), possibly involving the migration of running applications across them. While this is still being worked on (with a working prototype), the development of the project involved a deep understanding of the design and implementation of existing systems. Therefore, a number of components has been developed again from scratch, so as to more easily support the more innovative components. Doing so quickly highlighted three major parts: a self-hosted environment (libc, basic tools, assembler and compiler), the distributed framework (main objective of the project), and a desktop environment which is what will be presented here. While initially intended to fully grasp the specific constraints of GUI applications when supporting the distributed framework for the DeforaOS Project, it is meant to be fully usable and sufficient for regular desktop use, including a file manager, desktop manager, panel, web browser, e-mail client, telephony application and more. The DeforaOS desktop is currently based on the Gtk+ toolkit, usually requiring version 2.6 or newer (including Gtk+ 3.0). It can be found packaged for Debian (via the hackable:1 project), FreeBSD (official ports), NetBSD and more (via pkgsrc).
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with give me a section the refinements slices here and if you did I have anyway so far this set of slides is on 80 a rip-off of what I did for but potentials gone like a year ago but I have a bit more than is too sure enough in be making progress anyway so this is a about differ OS on a desktop on that b is the use of has some as many others systems where the tree walks and then as going straight but so this is the environment and I am using right now we're formative application but like the order of the system itself as you may have seen my country you
again so this have a panel here which is the based on which comes from before I have what I'm using window maker because it works with just about anyone imagine anyway and on the martial art to you what else what else it teaches soda stock is going to be composed of an introduction some slides the the more effects and then you can now will tell you where to complain if you like it alright so i'm freelance edges give a talk about about that because is the among the bitter developer to since last year and I started to differ hours project in 2001 so it's going to be like certain years well but it wasn't it it wasn't looking the way it is now at the time the project in its current shape is about 10 years old so it's been our time it's been a work on its open source since the beginning of sort of beginning was sometimes 7 5 4 but it was born from a frustration with is existing software and the main thing that really pissed me off at the time was I was studying the square forms in Paris I had a workstation at home and my laptop I was going to school with my laptop was reading news I was coding water and was going back on my way to use my desktop because my restore eroding from going too much and I wanted my neck was hurting from extending property on my laptop and so on so I wanted to use my 2 subsystems except I couldn't because it was very cumbersome to synchronize all of my news styles my of source code there is seen from the from the 2 machines and so as I just mentioned when using CS almost some tools that you never have all of the local changes inside the tree or not always everything so you can't use it easily just push to a central repository input again and more importantly some transparent so I been to did the initial goal of this project is to make all of this transparent and I have a working as a prototype to some extent so really it's about ubiquitous computing and working so you just have your device you have a pool of devices and you have all of that attitude across and potentially your application skin even migrated from 1 device to the other so but anyway this is not exactly what I'm gonna sure now and so there the system out of the whole is therefore made of 3 different parts there is the disordered from what we just mentioned which is here in the 2nd place to be 1 of the great and I have a self-hosted capability to some extent the system does not have a camera also using which cannot find like unit should be is the 0 in which the system has a duty and this of parts is more about on the keeping the work that I have been doing at school are in place and then it's pretty system because I'm trying slowly to our of rights if the components of the system but it's not the final goal either on it doesn't have to be a complete system is just organize the way that the book that a fully this reporting system would be so I have however a beginning of an assembly and provision framework and send a spot and ends to what matters to us today more than but importantly there is a two-step environment so as I mentioned I was frustrated with software the existence of spread of time and still today so some well so instead of pernicious MacDonald and I then I bend it to my own needs and the eventually I wrote almost a complete desktop environments messenger decay and it works on this is the on it's on mechanics to some extent and maybe some other platforms 3 this will work in progress and I'm going to let you know right now quite looks in potentials for instance because the system is in but the source this number of packages which come from 2 4 hours in there which I mentioned in myself at the moment but infoviz the honorary Lucky's somebody's doing it for me the only thing so you better high but in but it shows there is 1 of the and also as you can see there as like about 20 packages are it's mostly Bayes around this topic studies all graphical applications except for 1 minute up cage and discover libraries the extreme Abbas alright so nobody could all OK so but there is more coming i want to import all of this but I'm going to speak about about them at some point
so yeah so what works this department has about a package that includes almost everything in use in this package in a lot of the function you would expect on a regular desktop is already there and in this new ship or in other words it's still lose the walk just 1 person so please bear with me that everything is working through the rights and has every feature you would expect that read it's meant of has Amy was some many environments minimal minimum walking environments so then have the ambition to do to implement no more yield window or whatever but I what about something that that's just does whatever I want and I will eventually let me read it let me of being 1 of the flexibility and I can use a system in many different contexts and an into that also in and moves through embedded developments related so long as you may have edge and I've been presenting this system on the tablet is unemployment every device last year and also trying to get it to run on a spot on so it's not only for the self it's also fall under the platforms but it was not the original goal of but since sigh developed arresting across consistent manner I could easily adapt all of that for different users which is another another very good motivation for it so have high redox so 1st I have over a mixer it looks like this and I can even partially life which is pretty much more
interesting and it's a 1st registration of the 5th meeting of I have that just of it is making this is all the way that I want so the mixer has a number of different modes of traits that it's really important for you can show the original 2 of that is the which is like this and other convenient to use so instead of the whole of the this 1 ended the events in different modes of for 1 is down so you
have the same exactly the same commands so in the upper stab you have master master to excellence on except you can really like modified what you want is really currently yeah now the inputs record stuff and so on and interestingly enough you can
run it in different modes like your it's just a reason to lay out
so if you have a really was screened in 1 or controls like our Sun engineer console or
whatever you just do this if you want the same
that's on the vertical layout you
do this sector everything and then you have your and other your console again and so you can really and easily change
that's inference it and if you want to run its embedded inside the panel or whatever you can just do this and so you want and written the panel and here it is it's a
wonderful book for here so the screen is a bit smaller and often isn't working free property but you get the idea so it's it's easy for me to do all of that to combine applications together because I wrote a arresting summoned all walks and I can usually have a consistent style and have everything
to so that was for the mixer as you
have seen a few minutes ago there is a video
camera so this is not the best picture of myself could have taken but maybe I can try something else
so this is the cover again with a life you know myself on and this is like a live feed of receiving the interesting but as you can see I have some overlay capability and on can also scale up and really it's meant as and they foot or cation fall cameras or other what comes so I could take shots the hour and then you can just press on the Gary button and you have a very
and you can watch yourselves being a full if you can have a bigger preview of it think this
inside the fiber although which I'm going to mention the minute so but hide this formal OK so I
can did you overlay and is not really to sh meant to show off but more as of 4 or it's meant to run the user interface 3 so I want to get rid of the 2 bar and have everything on top of the screen actually like on my natural so this should look good yeah at some point now are the 2 different applications so I mentioned smart phones the this application is not only for smartphones and i'm going to illustrate right now using my actual phone so
I can run it just like this interests and a full and and it's going to ah had this small uh appeared here integrating the panel and it also have a capacity history I icons as you can see so let's connect business just my regular phone but I'm going to configured to use USB microphones sink and connect modes this is looking at those need about the new window stuff alright so knowledge should say it's connected to movie star or something where he was just as registers and but his work something that was the more effective than they the stranger to and was working on his ears and the train is to again that's that
what's going on so you have to do
this or is this in less storage would the 100 here this 1 is 1 is 1 which should work
it's try again on the school you
so really what you fought exposes when you connect it to the system is relying like this and you can Wireless should be right you can connect to it we see will and the interesting thing to do it to you so the issue is that my phone actually so here's it's just reverted and strategist in minutes instead OK
so did but to the different application of it later just remind me if don't next the panel I already mentioned it's a bits so as you can see on each side of the
screen here they have a panel of we summed up that's a Wi-Fi brother in some information about the system that is secure against and so on an embedding array are best of educations clock the task list at the bottom of this topic on to go over to the stop and then again I can switch disturbs the
ability to reason that you might expect
it to be more completes because a number of other APIs available which all here so this is the stuff that I implemented already it can follow the status of your produced from the device it should show up now here of Bluetooth-enabled compressed again 5 it's gonna go away so it's it's quite intuitive was assistant walks in on more than just me is the and as you can see it has a view of proteins available and it should be fairly easy to make more if University
for its this is for the panel for all forms is produced OK 1 the slaves
this is the in the house and
it and trying to become plant ways expects DG every time I can hold it should keyboard which I could sure also to no it's not
OK gotcha at once once you so a
condition ensure the components of the
house a have your on which is based in HTML widget or interestingly enough I haven't improved
it's a bit since last time and
over the year should have a show
somewhere yeah this 1 OK so
it looks like this in embedded mode the will speak a bit more about this later so I have already integration some of my note pages so it can grow as many pages in year and also a bit like what does have we is in GTK dark so you can also while reference manuals there and so on including for due and so on and so forth that is 1 of function OK so this is for the 1000 EUR
1 help and I have 1 for most of application
occasional and it works also on the fly company to be better for the system itself so you can have access to the regular pages of maybe is the use of a was also a projects for some of code or something so that's like 2 projects that are implemented some all in in in this is to stop if I measure
is maybe 1 of the most probable final so you've already seen a piece of it because I'm using
it for the galleries stuff so this is defined under a non-normative mode will have a bunch of
plug-in source on the left which works a bit like the with and before and so it has a number of different views like this can go back to this national
concentrated this is a preview mode where you have and you can see pictures directly so it can walk as a photo present application but you can also turn it into something else on with DL going for instance if I go to whichever place that supports years that that uses to this but my home for the I should of what do have any what appears to skate instead because it's of line and we were because of differences managers and gets I have a good playing here is not as complete as a serious 1 but I can't simply click here and bound the log so this is just
the this is like an IDE just by adding a plug-in mechanism to my furniture and I can say on OK if this is not a beach repository yet so I can say OK create new contributory bond you have it and now you can use a lot of your on your position which is of course status of logic and add files and so on so really just by using small script in the fund manager you have an integrated ribbon interface which detects makefiles so if I go back to grow detects the Makefile and it tells me what is although of available targets if you want to just go for it and you have your put here in real time so on define larger is also an IDE Our it's you can also brought picture that I mentioned and you can see text files like this use of them anyway and so it's really handy you can do and this 1 is more for debugging features the space which it was selection is currently in of Don status before subversion and thin and trying to write something for us yes to I have trash support strewer plug in all sorts of monetary but you can have it here so in much files and they can't like I can restore them wanted them differently and so on the same court awards for by capping so this is really could as trash just instead of deleting them according somewhere so this is also another very new income profession just from the just by treating the Court of it I can just partitions and so on here on this 1 to
me about water really adjust to this and that sets 1 sort of fundraise pretty completes more and a corpus features are not really complete or really well done right not a dragon drop and pen-based but other than that it's it's very useful I think and
it's super and it doesn't make coffee that
I it doesn't save the war from white sharks and it's not really finish that's there for the rest of the is pretty cool other mentions because I wrote a major and increasing of all the it also has a
limited mode dis should be the regular think
yes so and I have integration with some of my other tools like the calendar and to-do list just like in the but does you I could have more planes like 4 minutes stuff I have of being of 1 and equivalent of cuts that's thought
it wise to show which
the most obvious 1 is to work
that stumbled count and knowledge should
collect can go offline and online again should Mr. if it walks and look at those or maybe you have an issue here is my persuaded OK anyway OK maybe I can demonstrate her for another into consideration because I from about and this is a hard question to fix it but this is an book support so this is my are locally in books right now and you can show that it supports more than that you have fruitful preference is you can choose the font you're using to small proteins if you need and you can create a new account like this 1 9 then is that they are the that's fine you have to use in the US war whose name and could to connected supposed you may of course the this will come up and yeah it's here and and that's where there is a major and if it's not a fully
usable but it can send e-mail and if you use the compositing tool
to well 1st you see yourself people so you can then move the message to stand for the and then you have the same future like this and so on as you can see there is also much another interesting future you can do at field fields and you can put in the header you want community in this country is it so this is also pretty for contesting for instance so you can also attach files on OK doesn't
fully what so sorry oddities really quite
something it is the samurai not to send e-mail but I want to extend it to SMTP and all the other will always
we're back to the slides on
the been obligations so I should briefly to do this and that the inside the main fans so they work stand-alone and 0 so what embedded I can
just to do and then I have my tasks here
and what is my mission haven't it's
so contribute to the students if other task to show it's also you
not know whatever the constraint again it's going to do with the way it should be just refresh of in the calendar
application for anomaly completes doesn't do much so it's useless on to show
it but the web browser every I wrote a very simple web browser based on and
not only but what kids like industry
began his interest you have here somewhere this
is this ones where you can see it can do with the cell it detects if your connections tested on out but I have the requisite of the time of such ticket my just a list but what if so and this so compared to proxy is like you doesn't it I've which but we know dozens of decision finally it can print and so on and it also features a couple more hours general rendering engines that only 1 of them that I wrote another in a supports was all evidence to test him in 1 note to education because the education to so that's another 100 tool as the the that's where the online ad brother comes from your
normal so no companies
directly by a cheating a bit with
the time later because we have external is in the new using the exam but
protocol and external internal trained to
use meaningful names for everything so that's why it's called all to do with unknown latent on because I'm sick of having to remember will hire a fancy name somebody was for another or brother or something so disclose after falls of so you are here understanding external in the sentence of sometimes can running window and so on so don't do much but if you want to have full adjudicator user experience for consistency and so on you can have it it's it's still closed it's you that's connected nicely if you want to present the times yes OK so the media player can play videos have residue of mine 904 putting X I can show you a Morgan should already be started somewhere in
this 1 this so our smartphone here which
is running and D is the dividend of having an Andrzej and this is a video of it's putting so using my major player
which is re-embedding Imperial I can show it's a good thing to be trusted in real
dollars and there it is you have that is
the really make some money on the school
OK so speaking of which speaking of Amida developments have also a simulator I can simulates all the to up interfaces and and screens which is very helpful because as I mentioned I want to talk about only the subsistence but also embedded platforms so I
mentioned my firm brother which is an IDE but I have originally intended to have a
separate which is called coder and on to genes treated no so whether it is much it's it's really help us but it has a component shows 1 of them is for the simulator environment
so it has no profiles and I can choose to emulate saying OK unintelligible so it's kind and use of a screen-resolution of 267 DPI at hundreds of a wide set of resolution and former dating might like to regional your eyes the matrix a window of it that he
decides it's here with a black background so this can run before on it and the to stop here is on the wrong panel applets the same 1 that I have you this was the proper fonts into my configuration so it's a it's of of of skater and all that mean walks in economy manager and here you have your environment for walking on methods of situations and speaking of which into an internal screen mode and and the
user might be an embedded averment edges builds instead of the regular ones so regular applications to look that classic applications they have a tool bar and have a meal on the 1 of that's but limited mode and running the same code except I could read of the menu bar and sometimes a changed interface of it but other than that it's the original code and modified so you have the same experiences infiltrated the a device as you have on this topic which is very important to me because if interested in other words so here's the fiber or the ways just that it will bar which can be made figure friendly by just changing the size of the icons with your gtk preferences and so for the rest you can also have negative you can right-click if you need you need to figure out ways for that to support is ordered to get to bayes by the way but it also walks almost a resources due to history instead 2 there are a few birds of to fix and so this is the final major I can show a web browser also embedded mode because also just a tool bar right has a simpler interface no more seen at the bottom here it's interesting to can also do that in treating for screen and so on so that's the
idea to have this this same
codes and for embedded and for native and nowadays it makes complete sense because these on processes are very efficient and so what I'm running my applications and then they and 4 is that it's not a problem to have the same as systemic injury or anything so so where that's for the embedded spot and the simulator in here so it's pretty continues now while you can see you can add your own profiles to emulate which you interface you want and this is pretty cool it's it's not the it's inspired from those who projects fix all which were which is doing the same except with the user a with a skin or on the interface which looks a bit nicer but it doesn't support changing discrete resolution of the DP other position in terms of the that's branch and this is very important for me if you want we want to work correctly with fonts and icon sizes and so on you need to have a of exactly as it is in the US so that's it for this simulate a part of the
and durable environment also have a
sequel consul so I wrote a few months ago generic database abstraction library and this a sequel console is a graphical interface interpret so if I have of
time you should I can run should as
well I should have the right you somewhere
construct a square console areas
in the world and I can take to connects to when looking for in medical what
server configuration for instance which this year so it's this 1 and
the section 1 to use in view of the collect and they can do select although from my little which liquid drop this which you find this you might pressures but the comparison with analyze the usual 1 cool so and this is a sequences of user interface and it supports the sequel light 2 and 3 and posters and it's reasonably simple to add some more the and I know you can on the output of this sinking export and so on and yeah
so it's it's also possible to stop and I did that because I need it and you can also of course integrated in some
other applications and so on so that I can do a sequel was a console and then just like I would be doing it on Windows and
mode so ready mentioned it's it's a just use encodes the woman you borrow more version I mean missing fish eighties implemented also to bar In so to enable its are it's just a compile-time flag new ads of mine the a bad case to the compilation of article at compile time and is going to be the number the mode for each application that supports it In bucket source there is an option for this which is called just minute so she just never that's in your and get confiscated builds limited of the packages instead this is all meant to be used industrious and therefore storms model and so on uh speaking of which I could
demonstrates people's thinking about
this little different application because I'm also pretty probability so collecting and therefore the institutions booting these committed
yes OK so here it says that I'm running because I'm not in my home country sorry for the regions to most of you have but it's not but in Germany now but it's using the GPS network it doesn't say the provided because of a bug in the in 9 point or the forms works but it is the signal level it's fairly from and I have you to interest in the striker ones so the first one is to trigger more more
parts of the interface this 1 is really but it only had 1 having many Robinson and that's because it was originally meant to run on a 4 so this would be like just bridge for screen on monophones military device but this would be to contact list would never have arisen because and lenders and expose them over the at the line interface however I can show all
of something else in this area should be able to send messages to some is over this way but it was so OOV doesn't allow me to do that because denying was similar for the dust approaches to that and and send it and it would work so you could send an assessment is wonderful and interesting need more interestingly also have played in a cistern featuring audio and so on and 1 of the is is could you Paris and allows me to connect to the G-parasite work and it doesn't require commutes tree because I'm using PPP Dean P. T. Y. modes are atoms use jot because I'm a requirement already the chat interface to the to the modern so i'm just mentioned PPP as a user and the process of the model and privileges without any route and it's since it's a suit such a variety of binary it's of opening the PPP 0 interface and gives me middle axis so I just have to improve and insert here but the sorry the preferences for connecting to the uterus and all 3 G or whatever so the same and its it connects me OK it's burnup 3 rows the yeah want to and so here it should connect me to the Internet using
the interface and should be able to
monitor that all you FIL allows me it's it's study PPD and what history in the training what I have my DNS sellers interesting showing up and I have no idea that this is exactly a whole the connect to Internet
usually using my for my flat-rate Internet providing in Germany and so you can also have really convenience Street and applications to connect to the region it work on your busy device 1 monitors the system doesn't matter and this is how you can do it for 1 I necessity from the application of course you can switch from goes on I could use it to to which my mind books and so on and is in time you know you the velocity church supported him not this is done not on the phone but on this do but it's nice to to to see what your children under UN now this was classifiers OK so back to the presentation because time is running out anyway and what doesn't work yeah that
this is the set about building on other platforms than is the sometimes he'll be difficult because my as part as I'm trying to write my as and automatically generating them without to that I wrote also but it's not always working directly so I have a tool which I could configure the which is really not that no 1 what's written in C and it's very small and if you have some security features on every computer always more like a concepts are connected years straight it's and show you how fast and other and like to look
here are you have another show a prepared this and this
is this 1 no should 1
this so here I am in the deep sea directory of my authoring system that can configure and just rigid the class and I can also do its cross-platform because the consequent configure minus of case over for Linux order is going to do it and I from make isn't going to convert it because it's completely Italy you know and I can do it for the whole system there will always it's gonna walk across interestingly In earlier that was a just it that without telling you so it is desirable to score Michael derailed of because there's too much just configured like 50 projects for this platform in half a 2nd when you yeah this Dynatech's takes reconfigure difference I knew and in the forces and what's really but it supports model as to some extent and some are next because the between those in and so on so our own let's show a bit more of this window and what was my point onward doesn't work you know
so my right or in in but it shows is
true of force to use of configure before building any difference package which should be not too difficult to do but it's not ideal but which would help 14 some platforms and
have more the more visual image of the rest
of the system but on the list of the other women ledger is married all the 1 missing sing inside a dissipative armor all I wrote 1 which was which is meant to run another devices which puts a replication for screen all the time but it's not really functional unit and it helpful hints on going to or
approximate a situations this is a picture of my cats has something to do this on a marketing
tactic if sure to be honest to be
shared subgradient accounts in the sense of the innermost 1 of my by the record binary it's because I wrote to the or the disassembly framework and the it has a graphical interface of course in some crazy like this
and so you can disassemble as binaries like that is also
part of this talk and you can scroll to what cold and whatever section was here you have the regular cat from that is the only such presentation was the text sections whatever you get the idea you have to produce some years but of so here critically time but not supported through different architectures
the mission that can here the that's that's the reason that I supports it's not there is a sense that you know you also have the user interface for all of that they could take whichever 5 of transferring just open it was this was you by the union
yeah so this that's about the framework for analysis something we present but I'm going to import it as they can it's really meant to be integrated with DID to be just a big debugging environments but is not finished yet but 1 of the pieces are there on how competition framework which are close to demonstrate that may be in order talk on it should detect a framework is interesting to even if it's a very experimented run asked broken because I wrote only half of it and the country I'm pretty sure what we can spend more time on it while mentions decays fury alone I did some day was have a version of the progress to a to + I could show it to that's of order to show off his my lips is line 1st where I have on duration with the power the mechanisms edges to that described myself from the means to say no course in
modes 1 so looking at 30
projects that interconnect should connect again comes
back and it changes like those
settings for the tree tracking and so on and yeah so I can show with my lips
here said so the city was just born
from more student projects and they pay so that would up more by actually having a walking it's you know just print out and so I don't know I have at see which supports a number of different kernels with a number of different architectures so long like with x 64 bit the Intelsat was
explored in acts like a teacher's again for but is deal because sure the is the use local and so there is some point out the some
machine that animals his from that working anymore but it is the only see I know that has support for more than 1 architecture for more than 1 channel and architecture condition yeah the same is pretty cool and it was using it for the purposes of but if you want to see it built and it's like this the audience from working so this is how fast major compiles and order to it through and configure because irony uh think using instance before it consists of 2 this should but it provides me with our of walking systems URI for instance crashing but before I don't use thank you for what know it builds and have my tests and advanced analysis except 1 which channel to today and I have my my own deep sleep and you can check for instance putrescence users my I primary and what is the most interesting test 110 like tried and with no so this is all using my it instead was the 2nd compiler of what they did was at some point during its applications from that is the without we targeting the comparator because I just for to use the UNIX how our definitions when this and say 2 was 262 bits of the bits interest me walking into binary on that because the without we're targeting upon by this is pretty cool 1 side effect of using this of doing this OK what needs to be done while our documentation somewhat generation maybe the condition was due to conduct it's also generating myself that's the the condition for the Bayes of includes for this quality students and so on that should be here can you help so this is
generated so this brilliantly the but
unless they want to show our the system so I
mentioned that we have a socialist apart
and of killing someone this so here I
have just put it in the form of as of the trees our we use this a script I provides which look like
this would run in our for you but this time much time anymore so you just run this session in go to forests are made
for the and produce parameters and it creates a walking the B is the image and was partially
walking because I have to include this manually no OK it's more
issues the keyboard I don't think this work true but it can locate its yeah but it's I in the image is right not which the instead of a for some reason it doesn't detect the boat to boat I can believe again just because the use control and the slope of something so judges builds on a and an image based on the defrosted sees that opportunities on top of it is mystical and I have a very very small system that can do anything that's I have a minimum of 4 shows and set of utilities and so this is just to demonstrate that differ OS greedy also about like this set us apart and that I want to wanted maybe have but system that is not the main goal is just but it still also but you do not need to run the diversity to disappearance of everything is going to be individual parts individual repositories it's on the top 2 can also show this and on
around the world of course so I have about 50 to a position is online or maintained by meal I got a couple contributions at some point but was to reason is my work and this is all GPL and I'm going to raise petroleum but and I'm using which appeared to invite people most of is you get 3 yes the because I don't want to give out all of this work for free so I'm using the GPS I do have but yeah I'm I'm a switch to be is the at some point for some of that and some of it is that some libraries I GP and of course because I want people to use it's more to be announced so that
list it was working so long the and yes this is the for our on top of the years to come so it's very simple there isn't much tritium body and many issues present it was found to to create these users and support right now Eritrea support a bit more by the time they built a minimal so batch of tools and so giraffe funny condemned for are you can run it as a dystopian you can park on a completely new concept of a producers and development or on hot coals self-esteem and stuff but I hope this was all interesting to you I'm sorry that I
was going to be a bit faster not taking questions you have 2 minutes OK 2 minutes so yes so here see I does that have multiple top multiple bottom ends does it run on multiple kernels are doesn't presented different syscall interfaces wall was running on sink all so grandson different channels of and it's a very good point you raised because 1 of my ideas
is to expose a single interface to the user and regardless of the camel sorry but I chose somewhat arbitrary
in a single way to implement like the amounts system called which typically differs from the front of the form in the duty on here yes and so it's possible to do those because the preference to see the quotes are really really small so if you're checking that is the the on and 64 specific code is just files start and Cisco's and even if you read them starts is this big like 2 pages and this is called on years also just a few Cisco's which have to be implemented in assembly and that's it In the UK's impressive and there's been no it's just reorganized so this is 1 of the biggest ones because it's still but from that I use the most votes on other than that it's reasonably easy to do both to either is the canon that you natively directly or to expose a common interface for all of them and knows but then I stuff on this is done already it's been 10 years and still doing it and up like that 1 do and the aim is to save the world from you and I know from people go and spend opponents on when I started they doing trio a stretch but non life uh like the situation the more if you ask me personally i which is why I run Linux here native limits in the and read crap so if you have 1 but suddenly q not just going I and so we are I want to use the holiday boats with assistance that I so I want to run that B is the unitary should have and and if it's open source it's find you if it's not even better and so on and doing stuff like the the I mentioned a distributed framework to give you an example and distributing OpenGeo so I'm I'm taking of running binary and meaning existing binary that at unmodified address book the OpenGeo because it does I redirect them over the network to another display somewhere else which has like myself which ones also almost unmodified and it just takes this commands and issues them on on the server and have a generic robber using the shell to do that so it means I can have remote AppEngine I could use a shell script and works have rotated a triangle from 1 device to another using shows given doing opened you like news and then it's all native serialised efficient we want and and also able to disease is because I have a duty because I can I get rid of some of the complexity of the system and instead of looking underscore underscored at B a C 6 0 because it's a compatibility wrapper of whatever version I know I can just look Mount y can just look whatever and I know what is going to look like because it's my see so I can do it's an abstract every freaking Co-funded the remotely and I have my applications migrating from models to the other and I don't even have to recompile the so you know that's the kind of fun and embodiment of the Joint understand fun I can give you a sticker and permitted it it doesn't bite that where there were massacres here this is my new business cards so the I knew the question before it close OK unexhausted annually yeah thanks but do you know the thank you