The Amazing Wine Test Framework

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The Amazing Wine Test Framework
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This event will briefly describe the amazing Wine unit test framework, along with the full Windows Test Bot. It will amaze you so much that you will joyfully leap up to answer our resounding cry for help. This is a particularly good opportunity for Windows developers to help the Wine project.
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the who what where when the when the room for the books were to the here is is the name of the book was that they had the the and and forward I talk about this next 30 minutes or sort 25 minutes is
the wine test framework where there's a couple of areas there and I'm going to try to briefly overview give an overview of the wine test framework and you can make fun because couldn't get wrong on of unity for them that that works on and then I think that's was going go in more detail with the new test by and some of the situations there and so on so very briefly for those of you don't know why has of of very rich and mature set of unit tests for Windows so there's a very powerful set of our are many tests there are now but it's thousand right it's you know so every every Windows API has a tests that goes with it and in fact we had had on the end where users the wife has framework to verify that their Windows runs correctly so so they prove the windows the UN is running right because the wine test runs the completion it's a very powerful set of tools and its most commonly done by running just make test for that other developers to it but there is also a Windows executable on that is created that you can download and you can run an executable runs a quick search of the Col of make test and then upload this results to test that 1 it show it to show test that wage HQ at or 1st of
you know that and this is the point of the day you why developers and anyone else who wants to help his word atrocious shape right now our testing the so the yeah he did not show the status theory that so it did last year there was a lot of green on the board and we're celebrating much green there was so this is showing energies were 10 % failures and what where we feel so that do you have any idea the creation of this solidarity with the that we don't know it is have you can hear these because that was the old the effect that and that's all you know 0 area and so that In in what's unfortunate is this this is actually really this is horrible you guys this is horrible cause we're on a path all green and now we've like backslid with that for that all of life and and finally needs a lot we need to yeah yeah we now that the make that lecture are I will this is the take test lecture that the thought according green next time we meet so that actually in all seriousness for any of you that have laptops 1 of the things we are hoping to do what we traditionally do line on is we will look at the make test status and then we will have a session without such a skeletal or this afternoon were will have a look at some of the common tasks and we can squeeze them out so and see that technology has moved on and it used to be 1 of their own a laptop and that's no longer the case which is interesting and so get running mate test the new tablets and phones are and that was the so for any of you were new to wine bond can we go to the the if you can do something very useful in this simple executable you can download and if you have wine installed at the get built of wine all you can download and run this executable animal automatic local to a
web page and it generates great statistics for us on that year showing 22 August there's a great book is we feel better about this image of in the we and the we the because that's not all that obvious there was a better behaved there's a better paid off the just you OK so the
bottom of test that 1 is here or there is a
link the the focus of your screen but how do we maybe we should learn that's half OK I'm so there's another to do you take that to do if you do that under but you can just move this to the top so this is a useful thing you can do and then what have you run at your results will appear and you can see results and you can even go in and see what areas that you're developer you can run make task you could so that patches and fixes and that's a glorious thing to do top on so I think that was the bulk of what I wanted to say around globe the regular wine test framework and I think we have a lot of talking about the new test by I distant of brain that for people we in addition to running all these tests on Linux we now also run all of these tests on Windows so we have a Windows Q and you we we had the end where system for years and years and years that was the test by and unfortunately the maintainer that passed away on the project and to even shifting it to a cure based tests that some were running all has actually on windows and there they should all be green on Windows with them what's good about it is a patch can get into wine it the change to the task can get the wine Eliza runs correctly on windows so goes the theory and so the line test spot is actually a win a set of windows VM's that run all these tests on windows the and unfortunately were having problems with the new 1 test but so the other thing we need to exhort people to do with all those get those tests fixed and working that's worked a over you that the it and so the of the issue with that and I remember that so for the
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