TDD with BabyMock2

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TDD with BabyMock2
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A new mocking framework for Pharo. It provides an animation of the interaction between the tested objects
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choose the project that ivory and then a few of us both to as the because I can't what what what objects you mentioned in the real world so that a few words about myself my name is uttered on when you are mostly passenger of becoming but I like to use dynamic time languages like small talk by phone and others and I have been going to the vote for years I'm going to start Dirichlet can't incomplete Introduction to the and then I talk about the book and at the end of the short demo so holders also tried in desert and development through the we want to test and implement the functionality of this object Bay and the started in this case then you can send messages to this object and let's say after the 2nd best the 2nd message if you do some computation and its use and that is out of this competition to and other object to be about to do this really fire perhaps when other objects seat and the problem is that at this point the European or C exist but we can put more objects in space so b and c and we can set up expectations on them and expectation is similar than and also show but it is against the canonical in message instead of data and we can expect will be to receive this message you this argument is many times and again all on and will receive that message and that arguement having on the of times and we can have local respond to this message and mostly can finish the implementation of a and we can move on to outside of BNC and repeat the same process and we are using creating these on the envisaged a system ordering Vaticanus from unit just to invasion just hard I want cover these cases in this book and during this process basically we designed that the messaging protocol between use the objects the object under test Tuesday and the 2 years which which BNC Act and some people put this into protocol so to put it another way local object is a full image can have to designed that in the of the of but and maybe will use
a tool of each of the past that's OK that those local objects and it is a vision of object library after each task is very to display and Univision aboard that protocol but I was looking abroad and this can help people to get a good night's architecture of all the objects relationships and the messaging and it also makes it easier to identify the best it was OK the battle of the source feasible and building who that is and whether this is the what's in us looks like something like aspect we start describing the expected shown by sending a short message to the most for the 1st expected from usable uh receiving the time message my cloak reaches a mobile object uh at least ponds and those 2 things we have been very it times and there are some programs we use the approach the that there was no clear separation between the scene talks and and the course because of you around Saint standard and of course you also I decided to change is and it's also introduce some publicity because they are sending messages to the most so for example if you want to know what the short message you have to decision what should receive short and this must be handled as a whole so this is the new
using thoughts uh no we have an object what the protocol which represents that you don't just protocol and uh maybe I will sending messages to the to the most and the main benefit of the seem to us is that it is extended for all values of candidate is a sentence thoughts a modified and you don't need to touch the cooler from nature but the point of view this is much better than it was before and this is the same exemplars so we expect the people who received the time message uh at least once and those strings limited
and under current I expect additional objects normally you don't need to deal with them and you want to extend the same task because the simplest case these objects for you this expectation is to accepting the message that is decided police that that that's important argument must be exactly 42 and it must be received by the local Jerry used to have those 5 times OK so what Asimov object a mock object is a proxy which interest of the masses and that is a substrate attention is attribute notified of all of these messages and existing to implement this is to use the understand but it is a bit limited the beam accuses another technique uh if you have a class and you set the metal addiction you of that lost news and send a message to an instance of that class the Neapolitan that message we have reason to do this you haven't got its start from its the last uh if you are interested in the details of carried out at the top of this is a very important what and about half the size of the intercepted a message this is the local visualize the and I'm going to show you another nation it means that
all of this so let's say we intercepted a
message you know we find the corresponding speculation produced message and the charter 1st expectoration tended development will react on you with the 2nd 1 is the 2nd moment know we have a more in-depth expected and use the location here provide us that there is the value achieve this and that eventually to the origin of sound and it is what he says he just an expected message so that they will you be notified borders and you also reporting answer the and the entities and that that is not the what just this was that people's mind there is no matching expect the intercepted a message again that was the definitions but none and managed so we have to work in the knowledge that the message and the idea was in use these values that would generate nights and all messages and at the end the signal an exception which it goes to the pedestrian and it's a it's scenario where is here after each task is the a need to check the expected shows and Annual demos are satisfied then we need to do what the missing message and signal and exception as
well of the and the demo of I'm going
to implement a shopping cart over there and we also intensive and movements and this shopping task has with us for the use of chemical items in it and you can do the payments and there are 2 fair play miraculous 1 of them is that it can which is used to do the thing and and there is another 1 idea 2 the board is and that is that the actual thing because the states that
some yeah yeah so that this is a
test case there shopping cart is a set of those that I created everything up front but normally you don't need to do is the that are the 2 most objects and I created the shopping cart and there's the local object an arguement and on the last line I and in view of the regional by sending the region visualize message to the protocol and on 1st desk at the at the very simple we want to test that after we came to the shopping cart is empty the and how can we test this uh we we don't want to inspect the of the shopping cart we don't provide acceso lost due to its in Paris so we need to do something uh but now the shopping cart behaves differently than 1 of the shopping cart by check what an empty shopping cart and nothing happen and this is exactly what the contest easily we start describing this the protocol and we expect that the credit card 1 receive this charge message but I just want them to show that this is the 1st test and if you don't this really never message not understood at check code so let's create the check with the afterward in the shopping cart object and I'm going to implement implemented by the s basically an antibody the eyes I I won't do anything meaningful is inside the check and environment is that this again then these should be doing and that's against the this is the object can be placed in the center of the shopping cart and this is the best case the test case and the general message to the shopping cart and nothing has happened so there are no other interactions between the shopping cart and the more objects In this test cases is being and and we want to buy something I'm going to put 1 item in the shopping cart and sample to trusted I've them into a price and it would be good if if there's an object which you would do this for us so uh I really introduce another book called the press got and use that would lower the price of oil to receive the castle Message uh these items and if you don't 25 so these lines means that the price of that item represented by this item was seen was 25 and this is what exactly is this going to because the interface face of the past couple of was was determined by word on you and here comes the really expected I expect that that it's got to be charged with 25 and I think and then you should think I and this is the 1st a 2nd test case and if you don't this we have another message that understood on the item less creative metal on the shopping cart and I'm just going to store the pollinator in subcellular what come and assess assigning it to a new source like like would another breakpoint at integer codes because I want to check something in the and no 1 inside charcoal and as against the the head of what type then began check Checklist-Revised we have the price goes through and this thing to do 25 and we are confident that again child the credit card these writers the and by the time I Present proceed but this destitute plus and those yellow arose out of because of the dividing but he did this test case again the other thing we're the last steps to I've ordered item to the shopping cart that I send a check or message know the shopping cart was looted the prospect of overvoltage France and the rest of the new tool is to the shopping kind of this course 25 and finally the each charge the credit cards with 25 and this test is being about something that happened in your 1st task is which is the without if we have an unexpected message but I still see the uh of the crust to avoid the price of new enter that's just would new check inside the checkout to make this test plus and this new church should check this problem and no evidence in this industry again OK so far we tested the shopping cart with 0 for that the 1 product know we want to by many products and that
use the products uh no I'm just copy-pasting those bellowing lies to set up the different products and the first one has the price 25 the 2nd 1 is 5 and the last 1 was then and the expected the credit cards to be charged we do talk about speech for the and like with everything in the shopping cart and the case and In the undiscussed case this year fail yeah yeah yes the recharge that it can be done an equal prior speech instead of 40 and this is understandable because we have only 1 single source for the what the item and the other where I think it's value the at 1st I'm going to attain that tends to identify dense and I've put it behind and accessible the and no I can use initialization inside set so and no 1 can this is the assignment to follow a message the and then you check with an empty chair and I can have that I so for the message inside the correlated broke I'm just thrust stating that attempts to crises with apple distrust of clothes and some message is still missing but I put it that eventually the and and here comes the sun message and it should made the the best being so we the other thing that stands to the shopping they send the check old and they're asking the prices of these 2 items and no we charge a credit card with a quarter prices it's for OK and this is a summary of putting because this the school and this this translation is 5 of the let's extra heat and who met with with world without priors and we can do something for putting in the best case as well the this is what I want I want to defined the items and the fastest in the area of each element used uh no association various he's an item and the value is the price I'm going to cater the prices metal what's in the test speech case there's that but in an hour interrogating awareness and the extent of the past couple of to receive there passive message the key and it's the data value the and this is working because if I send an animal message to the center subjected to send back a message to the 2 . 0 original set out but you can put this pricey sort side of expect fiction book and SAP prices instead of these and no cutting should be here of and in the last test case that is the CI that 2 items and 2 generals so out of I put the 1st item in the shopping cart then I send a check or message and I the did the same in the 2nd half of that so we have to purchase and the end of the spectrum to the child on the and the 1st 1 was the color no less on the new way and 1 other check codes and this obviously thing there is little 5 we we got a certain the because according to clean up the the shopping cart but this is user could use would the only move or at the end of the show and the this is just and that is another representation this is the simplest case of this so that was the demo and uh I should say here you
some to general because many parts of the remote was inspired by jim features uh high with clarity and values and local check that the 4 general and what some general published of sulfur would be here support tested on development and more objects and object-oriented design so very interested in this topic and I a that's it that's thank you questions what you do to make a drawing this is just more think this 1 thing what had for the drawings users passing special the think of some of the best in the various almonds or really like think of the to hide some part of the test and the focus of the conditional this is you test that for and on emission and you can go to the end of the domination if if you're not interested in in everything and you can check that the log message on it which writing that incident that is about and in the message that we really the messages of what be which message was unexpected and which arguments that research yes it is used for example the Europe find this kind of messages are sent to part of the infrastructure systems which usually part with the and you really to use that information we can stop to you for the past or yes this is a good gesture yeah In a subject of language like job that you you have to use interfaces and you will uh decide that the protocol using interfaces and you can use the same information and it's the that that the test and the object really in sync but in a dedicated issue you have to be cautious and pay attention to these problems but normally I don't think this is a huge problem in sport or maybe we were back on it is a bigger problem but user ID you can use the of authority name and if I thought of for example and afterward uh on on the object that it's really name the values of the and then the messages in the test the reading and that's about so you might yet because because of the sum of those us ing wasn't probably find those symbols as well this in things such as