Swimming with chum in shark infested waters

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Swimming with chum in shark infested waters
GNOME 3 outreach in the modern age.
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A talk on engaging the F/OSS community and the lessons learned in the many releases after GNOME 3. Discuss measures we took to engage community, the effect of social media in the modern age, and lessons for others who also release software. Bad news travel fast, ugly news travel even faster. The world was not the same when GNOME released 2.0, and in today's world you need to know how to engage with the community, apply damage control when needed, and understand how information propagates through social media and to create an effective message. This talk is about the key lessons we learned when releasing GNOME 3.0 and subsequent releases after and discuss possible solutions, or the measures we have used to help reduce friction with the community.
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on thanks for coming out of this talk is about so so it Chunlin shark-infested waters have real
3 of nature of the this talk is really about my experiences doing outreach opera no so but the guys get some it's a interesting facts of this so 1st let me uh use myself my history
question and I am currently employed with Intel Corp I have a part of the
good 0 projects since 1997 so been I started around 6 months before after the project started and I started off doing the become summaries which is like the project summaries
like what happened how many I
statistics about who did what and so forth and that that then merged into doing and agonal journal which which was sort of a the well basically journal with articles and what not and finally I am now working pretty engaging king I'm also had a director was elected director undergo foundations which handles the non-coding parts of the genome so I urge with foreign the that's who I am so the person is really to define what is average and that is a concern so I like to define that
purchaser are on the same page
so for me I I preach is really about the ability to communicate at the goal so of our project I address problem trends and kronecker communicate them to to
developers and so forth but also really to be a positive proper between users and developers right so many people have problems at the site that we need somebody who has really good interpersonal skills I to communicate broke and do you deal with things that the of with some sensitivity so I really wanna start off 1st with some historical perspective and I do that because this allows us to be learned when when we when we when we transition from being a 1 1 point x to be known 2 point X right so with when we start up you know 1 point x it's a start right new project and the average age of here you know the developer was following 19 years old we had at least 1 developer I know who
was maybe 12 the 10 so when you think about it the where these guys know about suffered of they were just starting out in of there what do I do so do something interesting right they wanna write a desktop and they all kinds of ideas all classical stuff now in every feature was also basically showing off right is testosterone and we're going to show all the cool things that we can do are windowed desktop we had the code we can do it and of course that led to a lot of funny features like so all about sort of anybody the aerosol that's where I came here alone not let us comes from an older when images I get the WI where you could swallow x clock and put it inside the dark it was it was 1 of the more ridiculous features we had in them they have so but you know what others features came at a cost some the that cost is really instability when you have every feature can you are greater in trouble and you have title people about that time frame and into why we did would be given to 2 x in we were actually in trouble because we we were so undisciplined we we incurred the wrath of distress they i was so those that they want the droplets because were so unstable Art platform was a moving target because we kept changing things you kept playing around with code keep trying to do things so here we can write a platform so that's was pretty broke so when we transitioned Aghanim 2 . 0 I the it was more in just a a transition from the of the was more adventurous vision of just the version number right and this is really about the transitioning from that basically some young kids to people who who are learning how to actually do suffer development then really was about growing up being mature and so we have to worry about things like APS stability we had to worry about all of those things because the dead no they can trust the platform so although this is I'm trying to do is say all those that are going back to this historical perspective to kind say how do you understand why we are what we are and and why we sometimes very conservative were why we're so awful about how we played something into the platform because the lessons learned from groom 1 point x 2 points that that was that was a hard that was a hard transition because we we big every Application Developer hatchery right error thereafter 1 really good example was that but there was a there was a financial after it's going to catch they it took them to like 5 years to actually have a highly convert from a 1 . 2 2 . x because a red so many I the director and widgets took them for ever so we presented 2 point x mn it was different than 1 point x and you know that means people change and data the and because we took all those fun things we took away swallowed apps the 0 God so I and it's really interesting people's reactions when when when something like this occurs because they really get of irate because again it's it's it was III and Alex explaining it was just they really wanted to play around with so many things right lots of things you want to play around with but when we do that we actually want to simplify things we really decided on having a kind of just works mentality right we would have seen the faults we want have our suffer were 99 per cent of the people without having to mess with so there we we actually have 1 thing we actually have our Safford to be usable by anybody regardless of physical abilities so every we started the the accessibility toolkit just because of that so when when we went through and we have from the 2 . 0 did 2 . 12 was was actually the best part of beam of light that was that was the best because that was when we started getting that the the user tools right we had how we the structure layers were able to finally good 8 DVD a CD rom into a computer and have it unlikely about what of the so but we've all right we have all the desktop and what can I a final product was something every really love so I the we can change things and still come up with something really good at the end but do data entire time we that through the entire time media that we it was it was funny because we were removing things left right and center but we did we never we never regarding the average so people really complain brewing work and it's like common wisdom that when new removes features at all yeah yeah that's right because every resist this part this is the part they remember that's where that's where the whole thing people was a spot the but Bob reach but we never what 22 23 and your hackers we don't we never did all those things but they're accurate people what where we do that we rearrange our so we we never really did not reach this was partly because of do not rejection requires some maturity right and we can do that and because we didn't do that the we had a lot of people of latent hostility so remove things we didn't provide any context as why we didn't we do not explain why we were making the
changes and most importantly we allow others to write a story that's where common wisdom comes about because we do not assume we let other
people write every for why we sat around in our channels and the thing and shook our heads and whatever we do not have
any there was a slash that thread or something we didn't really do anything the so we had we have so we let people right right story and so those things became became kind of a guess common was of could be done better we the but yet again wisdom before you go better I don't think that we have that and being so young and understand and win the general public was free software million million really do have the ion no during any any project time doing any other creature do any kind of that kind of formalism so really interprets that became can free now I love of others but I knew what was going to come in and the reason we saw the size of the story before and was and lesser of all their released we did reliably our best work we had at we we were on we had we have Pr assures we had videos ventured live videos on YouTube we had all kinds of cool stuff and we really play we did we did a really good job of lines so I was released Mr. reactions not so spectacular on groups and this slide given this the cats so the unholy mass there's going to 3 there was we meannesses quote there I think as I was to give this cat that's really that it's they really those have encapsulate the reaction um and it was really funny because L had the largest common thread you ever have to that was the what is it that was grumpy something grumpy editors uh review of going 3 and that is what it was and the pitch was it was it was areas of well it was hilarious and also sent but come OK so and then then we completely change how we interact at them a will to growth 3 is a completely different Harry at how we interact with so we changed change how we interact with that stuff we made no bridge from the old to the new in because all all the adoration alot of people decided well maybe at the words of the new mothers will try look at somewhere else right the we have a problem if so we had a problem the graph news travels bad news
and other news traveled faster this is the
date this is the age of Twitter and Facebook will plus and but
to myself so the outreach is required for damage control of communication because if you didn't do damage control the disk elegant of just get worse and you just have the rule just can't completely had as negative but view of the project so I get it comes back to this the Carlotta's right never way to write your story what so to thank so it's really important it engages critics when we engage the communicator and Our Goals the then the portfolio batch yeah when he gender critics there'll see grantees the this happened many terms I don't let anybody speak badly without please asking them why they feel that way path because when you do they will change their minds will redundant that's what that's the worst thing you could do the 1st started off that's exactly what we can do it because when you get that much hate you really wanna stick your head Si is a natural that we when we really is going to be your hiding in a city that at the half of it was ah it was there the is peace place was worried that we had to use the integral of the a we had to crawl there and especially when you had all these people like we used to have URLs other high high ranking people I mean there were then you we had reviews from that action action and show that is it is not so so how did we how did we start this this actually says could 0 3 4 engagement pound sand within animal for sleeping we all of us I was a slow start little but we have new apparatus to his community but the and how do you how do you start agoras edition I know you was helping out for why reading his was a reason behind that was out there doing that the however Louis engaging people in misconceptions I know it's a little less well this'll seconds something is great but on my phone all wrong a n and that we had and also we we weren't really showing proper documentation work and they go the spine of themselves so so we the pull together a communication generals so we better probably I a greater facebook page we I have a Twitter account Google + with grids and communities on there we had a but I've been known account as well and we to control the space on freedom so the wheels could create good own sex or something like that right I we monitored pound below hatchback lecture see what people are saying about us we have person this because so in our case so I use the search for greener among global + but president the effect of and I would I would I would like to start price the this is the electors that I was a little or anybody to write the story right wasn't doing it and I use to God red there is no place I was I wasn't there there but we use a lot of things we re re designer Ricky features people do that um we we have blocked posts Alan they would would would we show up with nice blog posts about the latest designs which that Matthias also class and also that sums up between cm on so what we're gonna information about the we sometimes still get the same thing of known as features so solos under also reflects the they could see right from from that go too wide wide that y is that's a reflexive and they can stand when you're envisioning this sort of interest there are all kinds of people the who were upset for a number of reasons I I I happen to be on the plane with that he packet and does he was on the plane and 10 minutes after sits down a he started going off on you know he loves to do that in there's a reason for that the reason there's is that given 2 is perfectly it was he really love the winter manager it was fully compliant uh expect you look and when we transitioned so shell and that he lost or something for him it was an emotional response because it was completely we wanted and now it's not and it almost felt like a betrayal because he was so involved in that project so in the state of their can they're really involved and that sudden loss it's so emotional and they'll use actually tell all the structures are for you think about that was the only thing to say so when you engaging it's really important to be sensitive acknowledgment This action and 1 the pessimistic you can do when so many complaints this I acknowledge that I now it's a problem I can't we can always that if users JavaScript such we've already are already on the that path for changes so it's always about negotiation while if we if we did this with that the chains go plus added of him but it's always continue to have I a dialog and it's actually better and better when they're angry police again if they met with nothing then you know when you go from there so going you have to do so it you can be challenging and but it can be done and it does and does change minds and get this controversy we do things that are under desktop stock we we've pushed things we put pressure on ecosystems and that's a good thing this summer has to do so i was saying can be can begin 7 we could have so there is a intense conversation in led to beer that's always great but this Iadies where conversations like those could turn into a upon possible so actually know that because he has was up that there may not be because of engage good be that people are grabbing used to and they're able to adapt to so but we had 2 guys and I was talking about the action action they both not that but they both loved going after that her I think reviewed data earlier so it was a surly contrast so the job done job never does it's always a continuing dialog and so on a double launch I read keep monitoring we had to come make sure that we have things like transparency is removed from FIL maternal the who had been up to engage with the united and it's not a fire alarm fire at then we had to go so this example and you had to go and addresses but actually all I have so like in pick some questions and if b repeat a question but now and and ask a book last of of I'm hoping to know for this is that the retiring Corsican of Fourier except but hello but I hope I will be a day I think we're done making a huge huge changes like that the more and the it is a complaint because blamed other people the blade if happen the other person's best the the question you this is something of a lot of your life the if you want to the law I love it's path so we called we actually started off following ourselves the marking and we had really selling you anything in uh in this sense right market is really about so use of a so we change it engagement because are really engaging all of and find we're trying to uh engage in and and because we want our conversation so I'm not I'm market is really a 1 way thing right right so I don't I don't I and I uh doesn't seem to you that the it's marking I this what would have been a lot of things that so if you are on the you have and I do that because by asking questions the because it's really about when so many I mean when I'm talking summary and really it's because there using something there's something that is say something bad and the white well what is it that you dislike for and that that that we're not stepping over the line and well we we do this in this in this Anderson should rightly and it's it's more passive I'm not very interesting and we do we do announcements of certain things like paint we have this new design here's common about those kind of things How will have answered your questions looked up so it can happen the work on the for 1 in yes are really trying to inside the the yes and you want to the 1 of the and and the things underlined here the you know 0 on the link sharing technologies right where armed and sigh the the