Status of GPU offloading on Wayland

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Video in TIB AV-Portal: Status of GPU offloading on Wayland

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Status of GPU offloading on Wayland
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This talk will be about the principles of GPU offloading, how it is handled with X DRI2, and how we decided to handle it on Wayland. It's been about 3-4 years since first experiments on GPU offloading on X were done. How is GPU offloading handled with X ? And how the different design of Wayland could influence the way it's handled ? In this talk, I'll present: * the technical difficulties involved in GPU offloading. * how X DRI2 handles GPU offloading. * What choices we made when designing Wayland GPU offloading support. * The work that has been done, and what is remaining to do for a better user experience.
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OK so I'm going to torque it to build Q of rating of unknown so many sex and that the I'm a student at the economist by of course so 1st I each and tell you what are the different
technologies and word of the interviewer of reading and how we can on the
next I we explain how old you kill finding is that we've fix their right to and how it is now and then I went to social holy we decided to make it work with women To finish I we have then how we can work with explicit so 1st
edition technologies and butterfingered who had been the 1st the 1st because he it we can have in mind is wondering so to run that we have to be literate with conjugated to to be able to run the uh the what is there way to to be able to run that is there is a master at dear master for example the acceptor N and if I am a client I can open the device and and generates a magic number which I we sent to the server which we then use this number to look gave me and I will be added to to in but there is a recent uh over where introduce sweets she's that 1 the nodes so when the nose and are the vast vast but I can open I can't and advised them and 1 that we vote in the need of conjugation but it seems that I don't need any identification I won't be able to do some sums from ladies like Jennings the so what tangent so to chapter the 1st between different context or on-device easy whereas civil 1st fluid you may know that uh the devices have a phrase enriched Javadi cats cats it as in some unary eats severe and so it's only for your device that's in runner you can and share memory because the team autographed gaps because uh order got the gas can have access to the right to share the because you have to to give an meaning to a professor so when you manipulate the 1st meal Draper you we manipulate and those which are members and this number honey having for you and me and uh the info for you will fair for example is I users and this that's uh if you want to another context to use your name you can spend your home that you got generates a gene name a gene name is the global and 100 for the device which means that even when we this number will be unable to access to this reference that's uh it seems secure because if you try and get the correct number you can access the before and since the the number of a start from 1 endowment there be run them then it's easy to forget some of the frozen so it's very insecure and and the right to use them because it was only technology available at the time to to show the uh but no we have a so uh prime DNA but in fact this for thousand which describes what's the before ease where it's like in memory and he is on the right track system so it's secure because you can guess for information and you to open a file you have specific try so there is secure and uh we we use in baby foods we will and their rights we use and there wasn't when novelty Maria speed so a rendering to run fast if you have a direction into the 2 men for example in in front of you and the the free Weaver frequency of 900 megahertz and and 128 bits a for the chain and you have a high capacity to read and write so a boat uh Fort seem to give rise the 2nd so that but fast but if you have to you use a to you to access this from memory for example the PCI Express the chain and cited the example of the written entities on my computer and so I have a names of uh 500 make had this and so that means I need 2nd I can share of devices jet is this is this if if if I have an external device and we find the words it was it would be only 1 gigabytes specific so that's much lower than x is the major Texas to so how can that has a meaningful for the pure for when uh of a 4 screen of flesh the refer it is about 8 megabytes but if I have to to share 60 frames per 2nd is going to be an and tomorrow which of those 500 megabytes 2nd so let's do it better I'm a system which has and the accountant encounter and the go for have their own uh memory access and that's that that I am the cats uh to do to run has to go for the BCI expressed in and if I wonder over there we vary like this which uh then on me which that doesn't give you any indication of the performance of the graphic Cabot onion under the speed of the memory if I say well we're under this test in around the out which have success was from will be 10 like a again so it's near the what we so before we trust 14 desiccant them it's not so there is this slide here would we define the so that's when we don't sexism a maximum metaphor a new kneecap so on me and 5 studied by Minister of France because it is limited by the pis I expressed so likelihood and since your application will be not like that hit me it really was the sex pretend to communicate pretend that so we just you for doing when you want to use a to wonder you what you shouldn't take it expects to have high this like no about paying you have held the feet the pain eases where off reordering the peak season in memory so that's your graphic cats we'll run faster we have we be staying is very good for performance for example on the main the charter which says the they as a bigger uh performance in fact we open our enough I think it's times so I spent it at from press against with dating so that's too you difference but for some application contact indifference better than the a paying is that we come to and the the who and the cat and say OK I read it if a testing because of a couple of installation infected city depends on them and there's an in the face of the gas so for
example if he's with has run down on my and account invariant cat is being so I say it doesn't use it shouldn't use so we're giving the fountain is done and here it's when I already so we see that for example between pixels Our much more in line than before we where pleasant and you are so we can understand that it's faster to too many places like that's that's we would like this to be shown properly the so we we have when we have to the we've rethinking what we want is we want to combine the have high performance of dating and the fact that we need to sharing your before revealed the cat so what we want to do is to wonder to attend fair and then do a cookie to it in the armor for when I mean you know I mean that 2
foolish uh the member France's which when you are how shall I remember which is what we do to share over the 3rd between the 2 cats have down the fence is a shared between the 2 devices with retaining internally each cat has in some instances to say I have a teenage check to whites and is therefore weighted be before reading and on his work pretty well between the 2 different devices and they won't share the senses so there we should rich and hopefully uh initiation weakening which uses and then I'm at Martin coast uh which argument differences which we chop chance France's forwarded and this we remove features because of them the 2 counts will share his fences and we do things correctly Annex traffic feature thing to do would you fitting is that we can support to know if fences are still got notes which that's in use of space you can know if there entering is isn't on which is good know how doesn't cure for the work with acts there are 2 so that the main mechanisms to to run that we've eggs there I 2 is Iike young OK and I am I take to work overhang I want to win the n and there is a specific to say and want to run the specific devices the mean 1 perhaps and then the exam I will give back the path we opened the device of the the finances for path which she's the device and then we have to attend the engineer to magic numbers send it to make OK and then uh inverted their right king I have to ask the
example uh my before as to which I used to wonder so I will ask the I want to refer to the convex of and his beginings so remember that it is in situ n reserve account we use it is doing and Jennings to to use to get a before and 1 that we when testing a wet when ceased rendering it's really tell the accelerator sneezed between swept n x we could give a buffer to the quantification n if you are found below the additional cookies that we've compositing it's here and when you do completing you want know that exhibit to copy directly to a screen content that except I will have to compete with intermediate fication and then the composited weaving cooking uh which city that is intermediate fication to the screen so it took a pianist aware whereas could use only 1 and when an endeavor if we improve this and we have anyone 1 could OK so how it works we do proofreading faster have some consideration to do you have to provide a good they didn't add specific driver for each device Didache season at very specific to the peace we view device and will have to be at at this task and you can even their rights which we you want uh uh for the the stability for a driver in exam the comfort of your sent by all its automatic if you don't have any of the people of sometime in next once the all the computer is setting you have to use x when the true to say what you want to do is we with these the racism you have you have 2 modes the 1 to use for example we've ended up for proteins favor to have 1 2 for this they phrase that they think that counts In when she to fall on doing things in both the injured accounts so it's not to prove readings of the inverse seconds when is if you're fitting you have 1 GP for display and wondering and you're the 1 that can do is eventually when you want uh based this thing specifically we want to use so here you will have to compute this model each device we have that provide a number and you can still see that which uh provide the number will be there for this being in which uh form of reading and media 5 prime you can say that the provider 1 they don't was this provider for wondering and offer 0 if all the ones being in 1 is for a 1 and the 2nd 1 so that's why uh you used your the Prime equal 1 and which when you want to is to use the seminary device so internally how does it tracks the X server and it as it is occurring did the Cs for you and send you a correct Jennings uh on your device uh between the weaker meets at the before and the the location of the source of the X 7 when he does a cookie we have to be shared between the 2 cast so far right speech use the prime geographic API and that it will have special codes in 200 bytes and create a union refer solely to the thing should between the 2 cats so this for a career that specific word in the the dates and exhibit on that board but when you don't have compositing and the client is for screen the target we need to be Zurich he therefore screen uh as Canada firm there will be any changes so but it's it's a specific but if you don't have compositing in your application is not for screen you in fee it would be a black so face just because they're there is and no 1 who cares about the cookie to the union of a fair share the to the screen is fixed but when you have thing it is nice with rocks and to make here she in uh to remove the uh every time the buffer we say that part of the before as England and again we send over where the fair use has ability and it works and that's
with debates so rings is and I mean this being a frame ieee right over framework whereas an industry just being solar I have the new and on content and the same training is the sentence it's the thank you class and there is no synchronization into a weavers screen refresh but at least the content is correct and because you are ways could be to ever further whose previous contents where's it correct that on the then that even if you read in a defined as is writing you will see the correction because act as you remember the reason of uh bid shall between the 2 the racism so when we went right and the before and you over we that the same time so so that that's a solar there were 2 victories we can do it with means we institution so hello and can you make that work with 1 so when when the the making and is that's the key is aware of the past uh of the device 5 the composited the composited states by users count and you you can connect to it I can't look conjugate through tweets if you want better chance could also open another device and is proceeding was the of 1 the node of the device and then designated institutions to become president and other rendering is a bit different because it doesn't ask any refer to 2 was over like for their i free and it will have its own set of brief presentation we let make over several aware of this is the 1st so between broaden in OK I know it is the 1st and the k K and we choose 1 when the and then we send to the composition and the opposite so we use it you the client around the 2 under her and VO composited haven't really when it gets a new web refer we will use a phone 1 insane can reuse is affecting OK so how can we make g fitting rats but this year we can and to the west of the device we want that you wanted to and what's we want to prove 1st over there right to we want to remove a 2 means it would be gone wrong that we want some synchronization so it's possible we belong because we have a way to synchronize tools to toolbars of the composited we wrote actually care build GPU it's a sort of Franco back then we would like to read to you have to use a the release uh code in the summer so everything should be client-side site so it's possible since the the can knows that before the device of the composited it can actually knows where I will begin to become president of the freight can understand so it makes sense n and we would like some sort of the Pixar brought in and that sort of so the very 1st thing that came to to mine which is not very good is that of the 7 we could if we be there a master of or the gas and the other advertise all of them I can to get to bed the OK and the the and we see all I have or the sense of a fair offer device they can use it I we choose 1 and then the tennis center before the because CA and we can read with nothing that's there is seen some issues in this approach we have status of a cycle to be there myself with addressing and we want to the that's so we say but we we rely only on 1 denotes the composite I won't do anything what happened encodes week notion anything to accomplices and it's will that will everything will be con science between users on the nodes n and when the extra code so everything is indication
so let's remember for eggs the right to we had a way to specify which of ice we want to use we have to provide the number which was mostly constant because it was 0 for all the ones being in one's formula cats so he would have to find something else the device 5 the device path of the device is not consistent across removed or across uh dates because independence of the speed of 2 of the driver so we can we decided to rely on their own but I feel bad you then uh which uh this we didn't start at the root it and which look like that so this is a the idea of type for my dedicated cat and the and in when I want it to to use he's got to wonder for example and Jim Jim up to I will use this command but since it's a bit tricky to remember our but with this 18 that's uh 1 would use this a meaning to say that I want and overcome in the competitor so when you have a need to counsel if that he takes on as we to a in when you can lounge and we decompose a task and what of the open and you can manage key inside is opposite the and here we would like to be about don't change inside the complicit that under dedicated category want and and so if I I don't and lounge an enemy decompositon an order k and we use a different device than their composited which the which is the mean of that so we are not using the device you once they will order do using bring the cats inside of the and each of the so here we believe that this sure when you are sure what device when he was and here it's a different chemical that OK so that they can be supported because uh there is no some psycho to the to detect the reason you the license and do something with it so so that's good but as we said that and that we are going going to share I never felt Weaver composited when you that we don't use this encampment the opposite so it isn't not to 1 that is the fair and any said let's we want to run that to attend the fair into a cookie to any effect so how can we do about the and got to where is the 1st when you say wait compositing it's like we can do compositing 20 refer so when I get it but the thank you but so it had vast to add to this bad to perceive roadways so the first one is to launch number decompositon but get cats and here inside we only know but there was that you was that the kitty cats and we use dating because they know they began jet thing because we that we back a done a better program at we but the 1st we have we induce some lighting because there is an extremely very small CPU consumption and so it's not paying the corn better and better remember that have it's a little game we remember that we had a say that we have the right it was quoted in that the content was OK even if work so here we have we have this prevent because we we we give it free and fact tool to the and it will it'll be cooking cookies off of on honoring the corrects the 1st n so uh if you do issue directly show over before between the seeming lack call it will not show the rate constant so you have to have A's were aligned to 1 so that the company is running conditions and so on right now on the immiseration we give the correct for is because it's in way is to say when do local up and the could defense now that we have duties it with this approach because within the deflection at each wondering n and the pump was there we just read the the enactment engine but we can't when the coping with the same way I mean waiting before committing whether wondering infinite so it's equivalent to injured uh but it is very slow severity impact performance because when you are finished Making and you say it's a sensible that occur then there will be a long time before he was looking at new on the income of the arts sweet 1 news free that's why you decrease difference the but the thing is that in both cases you can write a free disk on the cover you want for example the final launch a full screen mystical present it just from uh varies in years were like the and that's an or maybe stubborn be rendered underneath gas it is the 1st being before so over Internet without have anything to do with anything was over to approach having the hearings in any they can and this thing synchronization to both been refresh his work so obviously seconds were share the opinion is that is what we want to so would most of applications and that's it we have to wait the end the 2 to be freed American OK now I want you to
think about another case in which she and I have 2 cats but also to the space in each of them is connected to 1 of the camp hello do we want to 100 that and that cannot been on some laptops where were we ever did uh VGA connector is on the you are uh cast and on the nodes in this phase of the what you do is not very switch so that borders on the education are on that on the most powerful cats which is the the nicotine can that's and but 1st we don't know how to screech interviewed online and we have our technology the of and the maybe 1 that's I think very from there so what we want to have is a compromise I think I think we won't select its client creating on Wednesday we being a and on the device only acquainted with respect specimen so and I have to space in each case and we have we use 1 of the graphic gas very the other to use standing in except I have performance let's see if I want a to change a of screen when application since it's on recap I will have to do something so these and we have to be amended by the opposite of the was it that we have to have to wait and connection for existing in instead both in of ones for wednesday and 1 from your work only connected with the nicotine gas in 1 of room for integrated gas and when in when you knows a client wanted 2 or screen it have to do with so it's not the fact that that at least if you relish uh the clients of that you once you will have the best performance was right because been studying at it's it's a trap we go to and OK so I we repeatedly and summarize 4 and the right to this evidence was a device in the there are most of any that's this according to on the event and the reason the dates for a device the cookie that refer to really number 4 in that in the example of the kind and linking and there is this synergy provides Anais the plants and or whether the to assembler and obviously the Didache fastest input 2 2 on the back we will and we don't have any good in the summer and accepts from the last example I told you that the pieces into a future working thanks to and we rely on the among the nodes in the client knows each in a different device and the composited and at that to have intact because this approach 1 about and wondered at within the thinking between young In many women have been encompasses invention so right now what has been done to select the best vector funding supported in their so run the nodes have on him and are going to be a need for you know uh is and sold at right no you have to to have a specific command line in that can and to have 1 minute and the approaches for 4 using the right triangle in that when the case when the right 1 to use the idea of like that it's working and there also a graph into reverse and can as imagine interview you don't use Kantian know when needed so you don't have to do it work to be done in the in the defense there are the same so most of the features and the we need also to 100 of opinions of its was the American cities are coming I think we will I mean it's pretty soon wouldn't so instead of choosing the right trying to indicate went away so we want to use our program we don't want to to use trees and so so I getting we want there's something intimate secrets I would say I want uh forest program was is uh uh debate device aid for example and the right ICU uh which is already used to uh and customize the parameters of the graphic as far as our programs that can use formats so Ryan dinosauric the that notation or so some remaining application of the relying on Jennings even when the applications like the FBI it's still using a node went and a frustrated when there was no and that you have a the support set so if that's to be read and it's not so much for and obviously the uh the opposite of has to lose some specific things to turn the dignity distaste painting tool different devices but I think it would be very the known how we can once we expect so I don't know if you no I don't think so so uh basically it's an example of a uh we committed to the composer John Williams because at the end of its use there's a new concept thing then and X 1 on we we send them the 1st working and the camera is um what willing to use Bob GPU acceleration it's a library obeying than the appends yeah but and 100 and because x i can some acceleration from their clients and since if it was open June gene-based we don't have specific specific and if you could for and for the council it's going that and if you think of it we don't have a really need to support their age if you're reading like it is supported with the right to because we can arrange a known intermediate complicit undercut you want an inside would think that occasionally when we work on the cat's of the opposite so we can already have and if the opening we wrote supporting X and if you think and have similar and were the next so what we want these 2 happening when the index is the need for explicit OK that's there is
some progress and the right to the models of using because it uses we chart for me on 1 so we have to support their right we only for is going hi and derive from rock when the nodes because uh the difference is you don't get the device you want to uh 7 to you ask here in the region opened and find is redundant ice and so over some work and with the way it was in use uh when the militants attacked and here I free and use only uh then which are supported on in secure but their rights react in there the it's the and the things that happen to me every from from extensions so so they have any questions this In someone can give equal the politicians all this and the because of the way and the the a B and C yeah what is now I have of it but it all I think the stairs and you know you know what you think the and start and the and all the time the OK so the question is the voters that we migrated they have an option that they can't when we move and we have to stay committed to the french news and we can and have uh application on Wednesday and connecting to the right if you're between remove it is that uh notification is sent to the applications we can change
of device so can we have a serious about and when I was on the rise and expansion taking sodium jannocks and show when we can't say it uh to the application but it is recurrent that's too we do everything from the start so it could be used to to rats that there a I I restored that's no application Campbell about privacy training some applications of the 1 the yeah at MIT MIT since since that would have to worry tool to do lot of directed into initialize the mean this according the client 1 that's all so uh the think it's not 10 in in JET extension it could be argued that inventory whom and to the comfort of going off of Norway we can find a when it's maybe later no obligations yeah In fact that gradient and theory of the talk you In this out about this the best to the top thank you you and the the so your question is when you do that that the could be from retained effect of a number of you we have enough information to combat attaining when the is that a critical point here in to environment it is the understanding the retaining and directly and unfortunately we this would mean that no support for retaining far from the capacitance itself so this this because was very the we we need a copy from that there is no Ch obligations the at the end of the no the thunder and all you know what it was and and