State of Thunderbird

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State of Thunderbird
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What happened to the Thunderbird Project since the last version completely done by Mozilla staff. How things are going and what the plans are for the next version. I'll give an overview of the project and will hold a Q&A cession
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and I kept Ludovic for the end of the day because I was sure that everybody is going to be
happy and thin enough and I don't know if it's going to be interesting that is going to be fun and it so you don't need to uh all use
walks in the modes in Parisian center he is a member of that seem that make sure the modes in the samples are walking all the time they're not talking all the time but and is also responsible for testing some burden Willie's is so is that it so you who what's happening with some but now these under leads to a whole whole so I mean is the provisions problem can be very quick on just 1 of 5 did a few facts a so what's been going on with the band with a few things and then I'll try to have a long open sessions will open questions that and if you have a lot of questions right down I'll try to answer them as much as I can crappy questions are welcome should the questions are welcome so everything that's on your mind a fast I'll probably in even if I can if and so the 1st thing I wanna say some I don't know if you guys have been following the Thunderbird went into maintenance mode a year ago In November 2012 old was the last Reston by a complete went in gene since then the people that were working on the team have been reassigned to other things some of them have kept as a bit of time to work on the it so that it is released that came out from among 2 months ago was that no mostly in only by volunteers and as you can see on that contribution graph that's I'll do the source here but that's the contribution graph to well with that the number over the years in terms of comments a 2008 is when the modular messaging was creating version 3 in the work since instead of get quite high and it's not going that that the same thing goes for the number of users we have then so that's quite good news no room to understand my cousin about development support QA all the things that you need in an organization on the project to deliver a great product uses so some the 1st thing we got rid of is the user branch the between version 17 inversion 24 we maintain durations offended so double the work for reasons that will the were for QA double the word for blah blah blah but the rules the Japan was like 0 yeah there's going to be some guy's gonna come up with a so great future that we're gonna have to something between 17 and 24 but we don't wanna disturb or enterprise users so with the something special for them 24 arrived and and we rely so it's been a year almost already what came in 0 no big so we don't really need nothing so we can so now everybody using Thunderbird uses the same version except if you're using big are on and nike's temperature that's not so many people are welcome to that made of so I'm going to start it's 1 of those sort in your that's that in the important thing there are happening right now is around chat because Jack to most of the code borrowed from another project that's Collins than they and instant bird is on now hosting everything inside and what is essential the birds are in that about the same but it up so integration Goes way faster way easier for them so and it's these area in Thunderbird in the last year that got the most fixes the most patches and that's the most
work done because they have a great community working for that and we did that for free while almost for free there's a few commits once in a while so thanks thanks to that and the other thing that we're working on right now is rewriting the uh the mind the mind decoder so for those who don't know an is made of there's an no a body and then in the body you're supposed to only of texts but the most of the e-mails you received his there's contain HTML images attachments and the and so forth to get these so you encode everything that you attach in your e-mail think that stepping that in your e-mail with something coal mine mine is defined forest is 1 but it's clearly defined so it's implemented all over the world in different that's been no that's been implemented over time and in various clients that are sending stuff through e-mail and it's really not the code we have this is a scan of art is a kind of spaghetti that nobody really understands how it works except 1 guy you started decided like 0 I don't wanna spaghetti anymore and they want to be able to I want to be able to get more and only get better code and I want some code that's going to be able to be used by other projects he said that stage the simplest thing that does that for us right now and write India and we have plenty of this case is already should this be true the best they're passing so right now the big the big thing that's what happen for the next version of bird is the way we handle the e-mail messages but for the user that's not going to change anything the 2nd thing that we would like to to having version 31 is a better way to deal with your contacts in your others will the same thing there this book code is probably from 1999 the 1 that we're using right now so not up to date and then every time you want to add something that's like OK that's true this was it sticky instituted if about all this in this decade and day the end up with the ball ball and stick stick sticks of wobbles around and 0 another can of spaghetti so will writing that without without with a way to be you to be open and extensible money that's the 1 we're gonna have a core and then you'll have pledging 1 thing will be able to do the card I have another will be able to read see is I another will be able to import file again for you it's not going to change anything in the product the and initiating the only thing we want to implement is the core thing without any inside and out the these things are going note than happen much much much and the last thing that we're seeing a lot is but pictures and that's really good so in that city new features in Thunderbird figure not being all my you is computed changed all that the you're saying is like but it's is there but such as there and once in a while yes we do change you I but it was mostly what's from getting right now is but pictures so I it's old bugs right all the real with the development is something that's frightening right now but again if you guys wanna spend some time will welcome you based upon especially having on iris image on highest the but another part somewhere else and they go from a to B planning meaning a and support so right now we're using the dissatisfaction for support we have a thriving community there and I the the issue is that some of the stuff we do we need to reference to normal Firefox are the good news that we share with Firefox and it's difficult if you're Firefox and support personnel or someone that support for Firefox to switch to the tools we have seen in the other way around so we're within which we've been working there for the last 3 years getting the support that we use in to the normal so normal thing is that is used for Firefox that's going happen in the next not happened yet but it's happening in the next 6 months so will have no unified tools for support for the Fairfax tool waiting for that for a very very long time who know my part quality alone that said not much is going there because I we don't have time and the 2 or 3 contributors that are that being active they're they're still doing their job I stress that we lost 1 person for fun which was in so the young the this that and the other thing that we're missing compared to Firefox for instance the Firefox as up to 5 per cent of the users are using the data we have 0 . 43 % where users using the the and that really makes a big difference we really makes a big difference because I it's really rare these days for Firefox to discover issues when they really for the murder every we there's like while this anti-virus things that are for user's is broken with the new version and we only see it on the day we really so only I've been running I'm not asking you to run likely for that I'm
just asking more people on data of that testing to be you downloaded the I guess if you're new to there's a PPI for that you get even when I t so every morning 94
and lived in the middle and as that of for 6 years and I never lost so all who and how well unless the news about the NSA about Echelon about a few things about it is pretty stable in terms of
what I've seen but your minus marriage and there was for quality so cilia quality I would my objective for this years to double the number of users we have on the top still know how I'm going to tackle that when adding more people and especially in windows because the 90 % of our users on Windows and they I don't know why
on other systems people just for but only those they were the then they install this application that had another spam the over and then and then to bursting in the in the in the in the limit and that that breaks things unfortunately for us the people that are providing this
already but to people that are providing the tools they don't provide building the QA with their products you're just expecting our productivity working the way used but and for marketing I took us 3 months to get the keys to act was a bird in the field page we have so we now have 2 people that are supposed to be actually doing marketing for often word which means promoting add-ons of promoting new releases and that and it's starting slowly to come here so if you want to follow what's going on this is the the Twitter account you should follow that's the sources of the graph issue I should be for so we have a bit like a the we meeting on Tuesdays at 9
the procedure when we talk about stuff and work we're going to where we're going and how we're going to do it and we can discuss everything will be on that many so if you wanna follow and subtracted out message questions to answer then come to the meeting injustice and it's kind of interesting that questions why I which for
the right to call but and all of that just a quick suggestion about your beta testing program perhaps you get more people involved there was a way through the interface to check it starts selling the beta versions somewhere it's it's easier than asking people to download install different kind of parallel no program this special for 1 uses as my suggestion and the question is further last couple years of kind of of felt that Thunderbird is sort of living towards the grave and I'm wondering is seeing a presentation today it can reinforces that notion I'm wondering why I you feel that Thunderbird is getting a lot less attention lot less resources a lot less everything than other products most all additional that big of a deal with the fact that some so and there's something that has been acting for a very long time for the project is a vision to where the project needs to go right now this we still have that we don't we all have a role that we don't have because we're unable to make a room the and so once you have once you don't know where you're going it's difficult to concentrate on going there on they cost of that we're doing right now are good but they're not they're not giving you a clear direction of no but of why and where you you wanna go and the other thing is it's about usage and who uses the program and if you look at that it's mostly people in Europe while most of the project is governed outside of Europe and and has a very different a very very long different vision aware Yale's going to go some people have both and some people thinking really there and that e-mail is only when male that you shouldn't bother just having on your laptop when you have that kind of discussion after that it's really really difficult to set a vision for the product that does exactly the country of some of the division that's that's around and where people should be pushing the was like here the I like this yeah the only 1 has an idea other questions that hello and can you give any advice on what you would tells uh and NGO organization that and whose head of I. T. has said OK willing to use Outlook and Internet Explorer any advice on the arguments you'd use can I have some but I would be the case in the 1st I would go for it but will cost of ownership they need to be licenses for all that I don't need licenses for the products we have at once a he went to that 1 yeah it's a question but but that's that's the first one the 2nd 1 is an and the day of what did I say is we are not gonna find anything anymore for numbers wildly dancing rocks and initiated the source for that can compile myself in use it myself the 2nd 1 on then it
depends what the end those right so again noted the codons so we don't have bag or sending bring us to the NSF on such major give you the more it said that human rights defending organization and the argument was and you know we have no idea what's happening with thunderbird . dot thought that the guy can't the question that the presence of a but I you yeah therefore yeah so while the guy with along their 1st because they don't know him in you the the what about unit may then it's made encryption no-ball wounded you good reason to use it while attending psBGP right with the world with Windows and you get the same thing yeah I mean just from speaking about all look this PGP followed look but all of this really is a commercial product for Windows the so I the full before I came to this presentation I was another presentation in another room but where the guy from male pile who also requested alpha today and and he seemed very excited about the future remount and he talked about and making 1 of his key things was making e-mail I ate in cryptid and by G Foltz and during its SMTP over tools so that you could that you know your mail pile could receive e-mail effort to or and therefore you you know 1 could see you them from the metadata do things with and all sorts of interesting ideas for the future now I'm and I don't think I did the e-mail is bad and I think that's a that was in my opinion right so you got that it was in my opinion but I when I say I don't I don't know I guess what I'm what I'm saying is that there is excitement in e-mail space am and if Thunderbird is to thrive
it needs to capture some of that it doesn't catch some of that will happen it was all continue being the same for the next however long it is actually to be
honest that might well be suitable for the NGO you know if you want a product that isn't change on you for 5 years on the but may well be it is under the current development by a lot of enterprises 1 that kind of the head and the you of e-mail stable the particles then change it just keeps working right but if the fun of it wants to do the things that is excitement out the things that people are excited to do but we have to demonstrate to people that we at the place where they can happen 2 what you dangers that but the fact of life about 8 years the 4 of the NGO that could be interesting to that's um all of this has numerous governmental look in a few years also look at a few months later you have exchange and does not only the license false hope but for other things too so if uh when look dozens of NGO doesn't want to look into this specific of company then you should use from abroad there 1 more question in the front now there too but in the front of that quite something in but it takes a good see I work in a company where deal Microsoft's and I'm still 1 of the guys who want to use their minds and manager of Windows it and so they are using exchange period when I a constant the bird to welcome is useless like that yes really also because of that my time I had to find the items and for my contact and I wanted to hear the SSL works in new never works so it's in text about cause I need my contacts of course and all of these things and Michael doesn't see correctly so even went so the is you set that the use of that them out why don't you make an effort trying to work better ways like a as you know it's giving them the specification and me and the required time to implemented and will do it what I mean available for 2 years and we don't have the time for the last 2 years of work when a proper license but further so how much of the work going into kind of rewriting so that things are more much of the core is can affect things like lightning like the court Adams people using it and make a real difference to them all we know the of selected contribution graphic you had that was cool considerable is a combination of figure out how much all funded but it depends only common code that's in the resources I can so we rely on the clinical and as your assessed I will go off and I have here a tool and digital enterprise so everything besides the most everything SQI because the so yeah so we rely on the rest sentence you either bills Firefox there's 1 more person in the 2nd row on and you sit at the time the birds are at a moment doesn't have a roadmap quot sexual blocking you from in creating 1 the whole thing here is that in light of the book actually we do have a role not for the road map right now is to have just Lyman and symbol ready for 31 the which for people that are using the product is gonna make no change because for them the way we message internally doesn't change the way they're reading their e-mails but the way that we're probably going to start integrating with other context stuff and until approach until we provide contract and uh to contact connectors is not enough in the way they use a program and the basis so we do have a role not but it's like and there will not we have is more like a words thinking stuff that we should have fixed honorable but at the same time like you were saying about me pile and there's there is movement in new why only only level to you know people are kind of Gold used to the Gmail interface called used to all bunch of things you showed us all thing that could happen we're open on not close basis we need someone who wants to do that and during the so it's important that none of the people we have the excited right now entitity are people that want to to work on the low-level stuff the only part that has people excited about the why right now is the Czech people they're all excited about you I malaria-infected among your I and they're making changes and they are listening to the user the other thing that's the the reason we have that mind-set also about not changing the wise because the few times we tried we tried a few times on version 3 versus 3 . 1 version for with try changing every time change something he gets like who do and then I have a so it's very very difficult to make changes that the L into was about you try to