State of the foundation

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State of the foundation
Merging with SPI, including Wayland and Mesa under the umbrella
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The state of the FLOSS graphics stack is rapidly changing and so is the foundation. We are currently working on merging with SPI to get rid of the bureaucracy that goes along with having the non-profit association status in the USA (501(c)(3)). Since we are changing our legal status, it is also grand-time for us to broaden our purpose beyond the X Windowing System. Projects like Mesa and Wayland have accepted to be placed under the foundation umbrella, it is time for us to make it clear that the foundation is not only about X anymore! This talk will also advise people to become members of the foundation in order to get a voice in this process.
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you know what happened in the history of the it
seems like a very interesting discussion OK great so my name is not in that's to a I'll think about the state of the cell condition and have been elected as 1 of the directors this year and I'll try to introduce you to what the position is about an hour
on and what we're changing right now information so we and this is the this because this is but I think the example completion is a non-profit corporation chartered to them
and execute that effective strategies that provide worldwide through which the encouragement of the extended system and related projects which are these ideas equivalent so just to be clear it's not only about x it is broader than that so that to the logos of course they expect CD the eggs so and because we have no logos fall GRI and that that is to experience and as a little while but
OK so the foundation is not about Our providing technical guidance of an so that's neither 4 on creating roadmaps all deadlines releases and we're I'm not supervision and supervision at all what it
does is promoting the communication architectural tools were in relation with suffered a step and it also provides an annual physical meeting the XTC example of a convinced will talk about that next slide and provide money to help the design and development of the graphics spec so the
ex the CEO and the best I think now we are through the 60 s long use XTC but it used to be XTC followed you have US version of the xt yes and x US will be in Europe
in Europe so this obtaining of the meeting of but I now so we had the US 1 in in Europe so as being whether load balancing and that's a nice once a year usually in September October and it lasts for 3 days several factors conference on maybe for 5 than our members From exult members can are required for an informal sponsorship of course they need represent something for that of that this is something that the bird can provide
the so as a efficient
and as we have a corporate on entity we can be part of the the Google Summer of Code so what we did we have improved a organizations and this allows students to be paid by Google long doing work on the graphics that during summer and so to finish this instead of against the the more productive this week and so have some examples of this year's projects we've had that they didn't know is here not yet it becomes an augmented by David early and the roads that I religion condition for random nodes and our some security fixes sits there are very good and very interesting around the nodes will be on providing gpgpu without makes of all well OK so long to explain that so my students and was because they has been reverse-engineering of part of performance comes as amended yeah clouds so as we can on so that all of those application developers what is wrong with application and why they are heating about to make this kind of stuff so it's a lot of research on but we've got some of comes working in in the cell so make a deal that tomorrow if you come to the end of a presentation and the most miss and mentored by iron right you who worked on implementing so X . state taxes but so far the code does not know it passed the all OK because in that his enough for mentor that's what he said for the video games OK so again but we also have
our program and that that is kind like
kind of like the stock this could be the back and that's the creation of code so basically of it's some it could be any time of day of the year but you have to be a student and so on and have communication of distance but so when the projects in 2013 because we have G stock and in 2012 we didn't get accepted for G sucks so we had many students applying so we had our differences who was coming to minting seal supports I yeah from the world that this school didn't make it upstream of some kind would do make it upstream for all gallium and then we had supreme working on now number of staff the abandonment of the that's saddle to pronounce that was times that on on creating a framework for testing opens here so basically adding up until test to be great if you know what this is otherwise it's of testing architecture we more but no place in this life only we also provide
communication I said before and so and whether Google + U-tube account well we used to study and link to talks and slides and the articles
since I the maintenance of that so if you want me to put something on it just send me a male or whatever find a way to contact me and that would say that it's mostly useful security figure and not exist a issues and run them and they send down that's well done by Alan companies we also have a job that would guide yes no that exam is not really that any more of a mean be explored with the now this is so you get to the to that's what it and uh it has been mostly written by hand them at the and in well in number on a lot events that they did all the heavy lifting has edited by partner messy from the PSU Portland State University of and
the object so you can access the we better guide on it we form which is nice so you can think In case
community so now let's talk about the current situation was membership members of the board and that so member
good so it's people actively engaged in the the community by in example community so all the other the whole relevant not just fix big server and this someone who was supporting the goal of the formation and there of course they need to sign the membership agreement so as a member of if you become 1 and I suggest we do as you can see that the members of the board of directors and you will be consulted of when the body's trying to make big changes to the the formation so for instance changing the balance of changing the corporate that status and dissolution of the uh the formation of unusual agreement that would make the this year will have battled changes then cooperate status changes so plane is applied there are currently 17 members and and if you want to become 1 just by looking at the urinal please the but the but also the
benefits is is composed of a members every year he reelects of new people so in 2012 we had elected valid for each of the expected might do on matters of so Alex coach is working for may indeed he is working for international is not working on something that is so created Mattias's our our profits in Germany and this year of mean 1 last year but so I think a business is working for local as been elected so Peter are working for red hat and is now the Secretary of the Board of Stewards is that federal and I think he works for oracle to and should be good and the mountain bressummer peaches students in our in Bordeaux
so bad the standard for relation is this 1 has ruled that minimization period opened that what for last month 30 of generated so basically means that if you want to become a member you were at value all you just apply the and then you have to follow some rules that I explained in the link below then litigation perjured and so I have to money so well and then we'll make it public so the reason why it's not public before is because we want to allow the man known candidates to retract without it being public is not to hide anything but in so if you want to be like that if you want to participate in the election you need to apply the further the that 1805 February so please do that now the action opens said on the 17th so given the day before the lab and it closes on all 3 weeks later so please applies a candidate if you all of the and
then members of those conditions and then get so so fond of questions economy as
shall talk sorry OK can so put status yeah and and uh so the foundation as the US I as I was when the 3 stages so what does it mean if the US there not for profit organization so it means that if we get intimations of the donors don't all have taxes don't pay taxes for that it means that we don't pay taxes to yeah and I know what it's mostly irrelevant for non USA donors so most of you so you'll um not in this status has been quite high so it was decided to get it in 2005 the I get in 2012 and retroactively got it by to of 202 thousand 9 you we gained a status thanks to the work of the software freedom to center where you went with them but they did a lot of work we must this status for few weeks in 2013 because we didn't there are published that we had in common with that there as a person would have then the people would the data and so we had a mishap in communication fortunately and I suppose he managed to get it back so if you want to have an the
full history of that happens but you can look at my would bounce secretaries but less than that the so
the situation is so the old version of money and we can work which are at the current rate we can last for powerful to 5 years without requiring an orphan raised come from within a living on our on our funds for maybe 10 years I mean a new members so I yeah I've always known the formation as having money and not that are required from races so that was as actually species they basically change the rules and that Saddam now account unfortunate with that of the money but yeah so in that sense the fact that they used to have persisted pay a 30 dollar the every month so basically doing nothing and the fact that the well the website was and that good for money transfers and all that so we just moved to to the Bank of America from 1st now it's easier now currently and the Treasurer they
should be cheaper to go into the cheaper it
and so the so because we not
accountants then the we at present the
think about it we found that this status is not something that we need any mall at the time in 2005 it was needed because we need to get a lot of income and we don't need that income anymore so on yeah it's a lot of
work so that's the technical achievement apparently I wasn't there but they've been struggling to get people 7 years so I guess it's quite an achievement and so on yeah but it's not that the problem of proving itself so as as I said we're not US accountants as in US speakers will become from 0 1 around the world uh and and and as we don't get as much money as we use the numeric that was being fun accountants and in the end it's just easier to and moved to a number corporations such as as a policy or P I will talk about as the item it and so they manage to the money for us and they feel all the paperwork for scary so we bound to at XTC for ice is PI of the reasons why should be public and mostly because it's cheaper a and there are contracting US of LC and our and and then when everything is ready for them the transformer then will require a vote from that the members as I said before all members should vote when we change the corporate status which we are going to do so that's the
what is it but also to the nation infrastructure basically so the manager of the money the bank account and and the taxes and all the people work and then we can collect money from many individuals we didn't do that before we usually an over and over would have to companies was easier and in turn they get to the 5 % of all over the nations STI is also an option for desktop LibreOffice and Drupal and a few others I can't remember but credit and biggest so it's good for them must be good for us right the
then as we need to our as we want to move to a scale they we need to change the violence the so because the bottles of been written in an open office but in 2006 the motions are quite difficult to see the differences and all that so I put that to latex and allocate so as you know we can't the tags and feed it covers things so it's I on and as we are going to change the Byblos and changing the values required but boats of from the members but some of the that we say that and they're cultivation is not only about a it's good to our top-mounted right when the sun is of projects so we would put that into their own the dialogs so if you want see
that the version that I the current version of the version of the by I think are 2 branches the master 1 is the current state of communicating in the modification supporting the open of the document to the text and those MspI branch that is just about as SPI and no changes for the better of changing the world the the changes
for changing the scope of this the formation but on the part the intent and purposes the examination is about every project our there will be an exam everything in the what we
so as a conclusion you should become a member
now we in very sick on Peterson become of better
candidate the world in yeah so you have about 15 days that from applying get
involved and improved the communication this is something we stop at then we should keep on working on it and and and proving graphics that that's what we do best any questions that I am and
what it's like the and so you export from which means that he spent 7 years during this final once you 3 status
and profitable and another site that don't need anymore all yes why still there why is it ought to liberalize is also 1 it's not graphics if you want to work with so you need name not know why it sort conditions still valid all it was created as this new status and that was things this will have elections once year yeah is well has as its said it's easier to get around to be in the in the G sub program if well on a reorganization we could have 1 I had the time I agree and so the reason that have been said to me because I when I was in their course resources to the board in general model you and also the reasons and that we use to get 100 carry of India so of course and so if they could not pay taxes on that Intel and other companies out there know who was giving us money and of course they would the man of willing to the money or maybe just put a little more so at the time it made sense that's what has been said right and now uh we've been living off which we had a for quite a while and yeah I mean obviously we don't need that status now so so the thing as a corporate uh thing it's also easier to organize the existing all right so that's just yet reinstating itself there please yet at this point it might be better to have it be the the the open-source graphics confederacy or something on it but a lot of really what you want you you want to have some kind of the of the thing 1 of the right at a have some kind of a thing to for organizing events participating in things like like g soccer it's probably not as important as it was on but I mean he's you still want have some some kind of of the organization the in that people can point at this but but having it be exocentric and maybe have the well well it is but it is the same as has the vestiges of how how ACS was organized right I mean it's it has history to in in in in the good of others that I could trees like got canceled but he didn't want to get out causal information onto the span of 1 so when these you still want to have still what I have some you can always use it as have the had the get into the mike otherwise no 1 will here I don't know I'm really having a Change Treaty of your 4 years ago to funny so I don't what other things completely closed meetings were just some people on the phone and was so now everybody can use you know that's already were changed and yeah but what about what our use meetings about usually what to say what the status with 2 5 1 Seite 3 what went on your election starting and it's sort of an XTC new volcano mean I put everything in that condition about what we do all the things that are here for so yeah that they purport to be more vocal in Europe during that but everybody should be more vocal covering all project with with the old name because it's nice he the yeah yeah I was interesting in changing the interested in changing the name but that's not something apparently we can do and some people out of thing you know what let's call it is the order of thing but I similar of concerns to look for a long time like was the board do all I here's all your stories about how they care pay their obligations right select 1 of the functions of the borders to the help pay for ecstasy and get people their right so sponsor travel and some people will will get travel sponsorship don't come and then the foundation fails to pay them for like here you know which is the the hour yeah they don't have the money to the value of that of Australia to which seems like just the absolute value of words part which is really frustrating but on the other hand we have a duty of organizations receive that funny and and manager properly I and so the there is a role or how are we yeah I agree you've been there were there were some issues allows for a time the burden of something that's why set will not countenanced and we use the to like at the ViaScribe in moving to a scale and maybe make it easier and usually we just send money every year so we forget how we did and sending money is a quite difficult because you have and all the the bank fees and all that is changing over time it does near yeah for the reimbursement I got my fall xt she's had a difference of about 130 euros something something like that just invent things want yeah so many Washington wasn't the just nicer the the the most intense all the go out will the will the moved to ask me I change anything within the religion but processes on project something project no either said we don't provide technical guidance will just have to have when people need us when developers need that's what we try to do and so it shouldn't change anything in the project management and but it will change the way we will as the board and and the foundation itself and that it and so your question all then you realize know some so 2 major right in there do research work uh STI is that of course yeah you just as you're moving into an umbrella organization and the only change there is going to be the treasurer that said that the treasure was work is going to be different so if you wanna have a look at the differences in the way we work you can have a look at that and k branch in the need repo this 1 because the the average of the differences and how we are going to need that what is going to change I have I didn't put a Seagate but think because I couldn't find it in the training and the 3 G connection was particles of and this 1 works the the there was a question that OK great the the 1 OK I'm just curious from the fundamental to the more between status of written Conservancy specifically on SDI the just the 10 % to 5 % or work with some other philosophical different and I'm curious what about full hi I'm surprised that we have to organizations that do the same thing can you tell me what you're thinking on it was at the top of my head since september because we haven't looked at it since yet that since I'm in the string was just the difference in the money and as about I think it's clear I was there and managing the left of so it's just about money and that I and taxes that's a that's fairly too as efficiency and more but I can't remember what it was what is this the the on it works the next 2 questions I actually come 1st strong of on any plans to improve the members that side it's in the allowable right now this is the only depends so please make this a priority in program and it's a horrible and trying to get people into the conversation and then he looks at the HTML code they don't think of it was good because could count the number is a good thing accounting the thing is that this is half of the considered an yeah yeah yeah I agree it's
horrible but do we really do you really want to have the money you to pay someone to change that you have only expect the foundation of all the money to at least get a rough right and this is something I can submit to the will of the and now has a good sense of someone wants to step up and fix it it better the before knowing to spend money but I don't know who likes to do well development here and so the just repeating what he said we are held constant program is not when of this in the the frequency of overlap between the 2 communities have contested some of the and the 2nd 1 as saying it the like that match the foundation that just providing money to the events the from I would expect the foundation to actually be more effective in something like the open GL sample or we have all those great free graphics drivers no new will radio whatever and all those who don't have open GL certification because we have applied this test to another stuff and I think the foundation could spend some money there to get them those certifications I think this would make a difference that is all a lot of something new the you can you open GL 3 of 3 and we can't really because it's not pay for the test is that it lets read all those of however at least that I think it will be too much of a method to detect the official only in kinetics a cost problem the magnitude so yeah before will be the most the mike to iron because is the 1 of the 2nd and the edition so so you the we haven't ever doing that there were 4 until I'm also 1 of Intel's representatives to to pronounce on desktop open GL there is no of compulsory conformity prior us for surgeons previous to 4 . for Italy down here is an optional process for for previous versions of word we're are currently treated tickets and things fixed up so that we can we can pass all the all on our driver and so so there wasn't anything I mean you can advertise any version of desktop congeal the you want and not these technically running or I of all of the the promise process this story is quite different for GL Iast where there is an established process for all the versions of of yes on and actually yeah there's anyone from from in the in the room has should just be yourself you the it stuff fixed up and submit conformance because the company already paid for it further for the other driver our there is supposedly a process by which are of basically nonprofits can submit conformance on on drivers without having to pay the usual fees people have told me about that this thing exists in promise a couple of times but I haven't been able to figure out what it actually is a muscle mass arrests because it wasn't what I mean means is that we may well be able to get soft Python LVM play certified as conforming to yes implementations without having to shell out of my part of part of the difficulty is there's a bunch of weird legal agreements will not weird but a bunch of legal agreements about getting access to the conformance tests on and it's not clear exactly how that would work in the run the conformance tests in order to you will submit them because the people who do have access are people like me who really busy and don't want to transfer around with of variety available you might fail some test locally great now what the how do I get you know how do I get that too so exactly working on that driver so they can fix it I have to go there there's some other sorting out there that needs to happen on before before that can work out on and I don't know how that would apply to arbitrary so I don't I mean I don't think that we'll be able to to get a free pass on new role or you know and that the SOC drivers that people working on her or things like that can use it as an estimate of the price but I'm not worried it's on the promise website all but it's on the order of tens of thousands of and I wanna say it's like yeah 30 grams per history but at all I don't remember I didn't sign a check you I just had to to pass it along to the people who listen to it so evaluating the that I had a responsibility the the the the and it's interesting this is something that I could bring up to date of the book and the the I mean in you would as a member you would vote on that because it's a lot of money and if you think that is needed is I don't think knew what you knew that because it's mostly for users and users and the companies so they don't really care as long as it looks good and I don't know I mean it was are yeah and what I worked on this so that you want to this the for and what yeah yeah OK OK in the end of the would be nice if we could just sit down together and write an e-mail to the board because that's just me forget so as not to send a mail but just for the reasons because they had a weapon that so OK great something else and so it is on the slide of an identity crisis Frank years you guys trying to establish a morning the new areas of science fiction and so you're trying discovered that the more than just fixed the race or if you're also and everything would graphics and important stuff um 1 of the ways that you can make your self visually very physically as well very important all is by doing infrastructure by taking over because of work for instance and painfully infrastructure getting is properly I no longer use of directories which so this year or a report its head something that would be something that explored as a model for the budget for they can do it and they can give us the hardware that we can depend on this is something that we need to discuss indeed but now end we have haven't had the time to do that because every desktop is not does not have a bold no election and yeah so that no accountability and with that's 1 thing it's sort of the organization is there and it's like accountable once a year the note that I was not much of to I mean yes so I don't get connected we don't which follows to do that so on you can get a more power out there in run austerity yeah yeah yeah it's important in it but yeah this is something that I think we need to discuss that the our relation was free stuff 1 of the name of flow of the submission uses clean but I think I'm the only 1 and that's a very personal opinion not the opinion of the Board someone else will make the fat man run there are lots of thanks and what the answer was found was that few yeah