State of Firefox OS

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State of Firefox OS
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What we did in 2013, the cool dev tools we got for X-mas, the great stuff we're planning for 2014, and how to get a free tablet
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so I'm going to faint you of where we're at the moment with Firefox OS what we did last year and what we're doing the moments and where what will where we heading acts for the next few weeks or months and the very 1st thing I would like to talk about all the devices so this has been a the very big thing for 2013 we had 1 clear goal ship the phone so it's been sometime frustrating because it was not a year were good I run the code as much as we wanted we what we wanted to have the features as quickly as possible to test them as soon as possible with all partners with manufacturers the operators a man's it's been a success
because we've had a we've shipped 3 phones the children that most of you might know already the Alcatel 0 1 touch and the G of phi so but I've tried to prepare a apart shock to show you how it translates in terms of market share but basically this is
how we're entering the battlefield so we're not a big threat yes but we're on the battlefield and that's what we wanted
so what's interesting about this about this experience is that those 3 little babies have been ships 214 trees of mostly South America and Europe and we're all the we have already 17 operators who are committed to ship of Firefox OS device pretty much all around the world so were not submit competitor in this del affiliates but we're there and we're about to be ready to be the natural world so that's been our beaches and foster and has been quite a quite Jordan to get besides this end user devices we have developer devices those phones are have been presented here last year in the same room as we had the tough on each our community member who went to to show those and they're still working right as the developer devices where sort of super lots of other devices like the Nexus S nexus for it's not a Marshall supports it's more a community-driven efforts to make Firefox OS work on those but it's not the point where the rigidity word and we're not rule so we're focusing on ship phones and knots on making Firefox was work on existing devices I know it can be frustrating I feel this a lot that people would like to install Firefox OS on their own devices they have an old Jack's yes to whatever that would we like to remove the Firefox OS and no I'm afraid the short answer is it's not easy to do it so please please bear with that's where working hard to make Firefox OS a real competitor and as a mobile OS and I think we have some pretty good chance to make it happen but this has a cost and this cost is that we cannot afford working on making this work on all the devices the so here is a technical overview
of what we did last year in 2015 so I'm starting from the most visible changes to the most under the hood norms so the the 1st thing we've been doing has been to do some visual refresh so on the left side This is Firefox was 1 that's OK and 1 that free on the right side so it's all manner of details with lower the contrasts with refined icons of and all the status bar icons on the on the move had been a switch to monochrome items which are much lighter in the so it's just a matter of refinement I hope you like it we've been doing a lot of work should communication acts so I would here because I'm in this condition acting but other we've added last year some support for meaningful and as for conference calls for dual soon which is so important feature for the markets that's where targeting the ends up in for you who want to use this as your own of the moral omega favorite folder your unit phone there's been a very significant progress regarding the contact's important exports is now much easier to report existing contacts from Gmail outlook off from the all all the device or we have to do is to export to contact lists is at the top 5 and we can import this all we can we explore this as an adult file we can even rights those conventions and God I never saw this would happen but it did and that that so nowadays much on par with the rest of the smartphones photo funny parts so this is another so this was a pair question to be able to shift focus and this is where at the moment the the there's been a bunch of other rap improvements I'm not going to list them all we have some really notes the most visible part is the new lock screen so now there is only 1 gesture phone instead of 2 Jess's we if you've used 1 that's 0 1 the points you had to us fitted both and then which is the unlock Altamira so this is an improved beginning apps has been very much improved now we have no modification was bald man drafts that we have attachments reason we can display and send attachments the we have a dialog manager to give you a list of the files that you've so basically it's interesting for all the father cannot that you cannot open . to the phone but if you're a downloading a zipper type all 1 of which is not stay in the media file this is where you follow an endowment manager where when we started with 1 the tone-model 1 we were focused on 1 resolution which was halted yeah and now we're supporting of multiresolution this place so there's been big exponent of beach but there are we're getting ready for other devices as well and 1 general we've been doing a lot of work to improve the performance of mostly on time and a intending to have a smooth scrolling experience which I have some room for improvement in the part but we have already made some significant improvement if you still want that 1 I suggested to try 1 the 3 it feels most accurate the yes 1 that 0 so when we started Firefox OS but we were at these days on their co-agent was the Aurora called many nightly when we started the Firefox was 1 that's so and would've been stuck with this scheme of branch fall well 1 year to the more so we have to draw branch which is called GATE which is a branch of decorating and we worked this branch for very long time and starting with Firefox was 1 that we've moved to a 12 week of cycle as you know Firefox itself has a 6 week cycle so this means that every 5 was version comes with the as they every even number of a declaration so now we are much healthier cycle it means that we can benefits from Gecko improvements on a very limited basis 1 of the things that have been missing in Firefox OS 1 of 2 and 1 that 1 was flex box which has arrived in logical 19 so close yet so far so long you're developing your mobile interfaces love flex Marx has been quite frustrating so these days are over if you are interested in contributing some code to Firefox OS now but the good news is you're going to have a modern gecko what versions you're working on 0 and this is a both problems the most life changing of changed the most like change until we had last year the developer of the death tools team has been doing an awesome work of the Application Manager allows you to do some remote debugging remote inspecting the device I'm sorry that independent because I thought it would have been presented earlier and there's no but if you're interested in this 2nd you could know after the after the stock to see how it works it's much of much clearer to to work with this because you don't have to flesh of phone and you just have to go the sunlight additional directly from your laptop it's much more efficient so if you're words with Firefox OS 1 0 2 0 1 that 1 and have been struggling with the flash and try experience those days are over most but and this has been our Christmas gifts so of a synchronous patterns of and the idea is to perform panning and zooming asynchronously on the composite effect instead of doing it's on the main threat so obviously the idea is to have a smooth vector of impending experience and will landed this right before the Christmas break remember I push into production on Friday that's what we did for some reason we have a few issues to fix in the front and side now but is that in good shape so you can enable disable uh this isincreased hands and things from the developer settings are either 2 memberOf now it's enabled by default all disabled by default is an analytical now so if you find some strange but it might be worth the time to go to the developer settings panel try to disable of patterns zoom and see if it fixes the bug in this case have a number 2 reports of another a piece in the ditch but it's getting open much sorted out the moment if interesting into the technical parts of panic at the wiki you probably have more information about that that's what you wanted to have it's but is pretty straightforward sorry I remember reading this and now here's what have in mind for 2014 so again knots are going to give you the whole road map which is on the Mozilla a wiki but I would like to talk about so 1 experience while small then this variance now it's a real projects it's call Heider and it's over this is how we would like the user experience on the mobile device but to become we would like this to the mall Wernisch to be more resilient so we instead of having the current we want to simplify the whole experience will want to make the contents small dark accessible so we have the but few items that have been identified in the first one hour to goal edge gestures so I'm sorry we don't have any chamber here to show how it works on the on the big screen so I hope you're going to be able to imagine how it looks like from this fall the so this is a way about switching applications my boat and personal floated Joycelin's so we're just us what a swiping to get the to get from navigation to another this is the out that and besides the out at
we have a are no spotlights format users all the activities for them for users which we call the rocket bar so this is the essential points where you can search from long the user's bookmarks your history the contacts all hopefully of pursuing the marketplace everything not being so 1 central points to access all data so if you'll looking for contact for web page it's of the central place to enter 2 3 letters sensor complaint well this is the the the cool thing well 1 of the cool things about this project where of integrating the browser directly into the system so there won't be any browser act itself everything in the browser the whole devices the web so this simplifies is this Pfizer lots the experience and it makes it much more consistent much more webpage and this should be able in the next few weeks and we also want to have better crystallization making the whole screen replaceable and lock screen to be customizable as well so again you'll find more information on the wiki it's still moving targets so the not everything is very well-defined moment with a good thing is that study you can already tried the edge gestures and the rock about a sea of how we change that is the experience there and you just need a recent built and go to the democracies panel enable us to items and those of know promotion that of to make this happen to make high happen but we need new web API is the first one that we are working on is the story PI so this story is about of being able to share some data across several acts which is not possible at the moment so this is what we need to make essential search to make the rocket bar that work so we have to make the sort were properly and we have to go and adapts the various apps to use the datastore instead of their own API is that they were using so far so for Facebook contacts of bookmarks history but I think it works only for the contacts not affordable parts but again you can follow up the progress on this blog it's buggered at 7 1 4 4 5 the and have a look at the way the PR if you want to go if you want to help us happen it's it would be more than welcome another big piece on the deck of size Aldershot workers so I you probably all know the word workers if you don't have look it's so the 1 way to paralyze some past and JS Jess is basically are among friends so to borrow some task you have to use some some some workers somewhere workers and we want to have shed workers to be 0 so we can recall worker from different apps the call is that's we want to enable Web API is in when workers so there is a need for a bike to try this all these when the guy that I enabling webpages most important of course data index DB will also do our storage from must contacts to socket there's a long list of shot that want to enable on those shared workers is getting prioritized it's been part doesn't think so the this is making good progress and I hope it will bring something and hence experience for the end user in the next few months the n 1 of the common questions that we've had about this project is where's the tablets was the tablet you are remember the 1st goal for 2013 shape we don't have much time to work on the table at you we haven't had much time to work on that last year we've be making good progress on the tablet you an what would like to propose you is to help us building Firefox OS some tablets so there's a lot of front-end worked for web developers to the there will be a lot of localization of course there will be a lot of user testing that will be more than appreciated on these devices and to make this happen was that is proposing new to the provide you a Finnish tablets which is a reference device which is being built at the moment which the 1st prototypes to the radio quite soon which in help you technically but to rights patches to and provide shop of feedback should fall in news Europe also to help localizer on strings and help all have it and 5 what's of points should be modified in the y the for the localization and we are also preparing nightly builds to make sure that every day you can get the latest up-to-date state of the arts of the project so this has been announced laser Doppler earlier this month 3 weeks ago but you'll get some news about that pretty soon I recommend to check heads up with other taught in the next few weeks and the everything will be detail in there and I really hope you all interest this parameters of the Billy Firefox OS has been an incredible experience but it will be an awesome experience to work with you guys on this on projects for the next year that's really my wishful 2014 and that's it and from the question thank essentially some cool wants to begin if it I you the very nice progress and I'm wondering about the audio API What is the latency for you at the moment and we also have an audio behind in workers so and the right person for that's the noble alright going well somebody in united front of this the so the latency longing to devices is terrible of i is around 1 ms Hughes gets of a nexus for neuron listener is extremely low life around 20 music something of the EU that's that's days using the full-fledged with agree on which I between volts latest site so this is what for example think convolution of presence of free stuff so to me it's good enough if you don't agree and you can probably get from interior this can be there is also to run with during workers but mistakes not done and because of the lack so if we can treat each thing happened but there's a because there is no way around it like you do it you need of its yeah OK the of what he did that property together question why in the marketplace of there isn't in uh the indication of room for about they leave the license of the office what about sorry uh why in their market prices very isn't any indication that day a license indication of for the OPS all license of not knowing the that's the incident pretty or whatever but they would for improvements on the marketplace personally am all worried about to start the time of the marketplace especially China flaking network so we have priorities of the marketplace is not exactly in our it's the it's a across desktop and mobile and the other have their own role match um I agree it's it's a bit so disappointed for us false and for the US they if feel like it's not the most important information to put it from a user and
I think it could 2nd that are more worried about the permission that I'm giving a
every other installment my phone and I don't care as much as for that's the pact if it's GPA all properly sorry I really do care about what my data so on the suspects would be a good job because we have our work which security mol which from like Android is not asking you to have all the emissions from the solids before installing giant but it's there at ask permissions as it requires them so and I would say most of the wall for the average user I think it's very after the lecture other flows into the assets of a review of related to this the the of this if you want to use lose seeded some demo's all to test some forms there are some under both and has also as 1 of so are you could house questions to named after and in front of the room another question you have we have was the warming at OK need the
yeah so what are the biggest challenges US the developer of finance firefox OS are facing all like a loss of performance comes to mind 1st were trying to keep of very little memory usage and the to get some could stop the times where trying various has to improve its bottom times and while investigating a a few possibilities through and be able to sandbox panels and this is also part of the higher projects to be able to send last every panel so this is 1 of the biggest challenges that we're are going to address most of all this year on I think another another challenge well which can be considered a challenge for somebody that who is entering this world is that we don't have any standard design patterns that you could have on J. are even on the angular gyrus apps we want to be as closely as possible in the middle so we want to have the best possible price of performances so we're not using the standard and the 1 in the frameworks so it so it gets some their attended frustrating for people who are very general it's in funding for us who like to optimize everything but that's another challenge making our culture around this approach thank you thank you so much