State of Firefox for Android

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State of Firefox for Android
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We'll provide an overview of what happened with Firefox for Android in the past year. What features did we add, what performance improvements did we achieve, what usability improvements we made, and what entertaining stories we can tell from that experience? Also, where did we fail and where are we still aiming to improve?
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chess and go program there is even the all the free open-source chess and checkers variance and giant saying you how I'm sorry I don't know the world that while he is very very famous end chess coding the the other day is Chris
louder so Chris was already here last year what we are more than happy has accepted to come again and Chris is a Firefox from program on and video reader in his spare time he's famous in the London office OK kill 18 is a waiter in stones like hobbies this so bound together provide an overview of what happened was powerful on the rate in the past year what features did we add that what performance improvements that we assume what the usability improvements we made it and what entertaining stories we can tell from that experience those sold where did we say because sometimes we failed to hello where are we still aiming to improve so please welcome increase in junk Gallo few a few and the thank you find in so everyone and just introduce undecodable could this expression or remote Firefox platform engineers working mostly on Firefox for Android I wanna find us votes to the very regularly and we hang out in mobile channel on was a lot higher C the so when I was preparing this talk I took last year's slides because i want have some idea what the talk about and I know this that's actually last year we already gave a quite an extensive presentation what we would do in the future so I didn't have so much to talk about this ready coveted last year but I was a bit lazy and I just base of the slides from last year and I want to I source corrected what happened or didn't have the yes so the
1st thing the start page this is when you start a pop up the 1st thing you see it's important and reports for the application so it's important to get it right last year we were applying to redesign its with both sides you Firefox logo and so ability to edit stuff on there or like walked up sites and please the so what we
end at the developing actually at some point it did look pretty much like the uh the thing you see on the right but he already iterative once because as I said it's working with important part of your application so we really wanna get it right so we did something that's a bit more closer to the whole design guidelines from Android the Firefox logos even though it looks pretty itself actually doing anything and there's not all that much screen real estate on 4 and aside from the top sites q we also have several manager of the column that you so you can slide in between angle between your top sizable bookmarked your history or your this so that's a continuation can edit and inside like before solvent you also wanna be able like open pattern of stuff in private that's by addressing them we
planned this last year we more or less implemented at exactly as designed for the screenshot still actual and in Firefox render at the private Swiss per per that look like in desktop written really separate window in terms of full usability on the this this works a bit better or worse on desktop having a private when I was a bit more clear new that's
URI so we we change the way you navigate through that's this is a screenshot of the 7 inch that actually we have a horizontal strip with the male sexual the current sites there 1 thing which were still working on it you can see the icons in the book on the topic selection left once the regular that's the middle 1 the the private tasks and right 1 hour that the sink from their own devices 1st still not entirely clear on this 1 we at some point actually try putting text in there to make it clear what those different things are we adapted out to be a real nightmare when you try to internationalize its so languages have like really long words then it doesn't fit on the screen anymore so we went back to icons although I'm not saying this is the finished what will be the so
that's what we were planning to do that's what we ended up doing as you can see as pretty close match on the
phone and it's a bit different so again due to the limitations of the you mostly used for 1 important for example it's generally small resolution so we actually use more room to to show you the different steps as vertical you all the tablets
uh mn we actually postponed doing a lot of work for the tablet why last year we just read it the tablet to i is 1 of the latest thing so we didn't think it was as neededfor fairly happy what we have on there and eagerly like the so for for private that's was was added to it a little bit but it's still generally more or less the same old thing we did was to make the tabs rubber slide open and close by automatically but that turns out that not everyone likes that we so we still have have like some way to walk that in places to make that the customizable false so on a mobile device well was that they dislike specify have a 70 fold ourselves reforms song specifically say that they want specific fold of all of them do and if a format has just to generate request user reforms the person opportunities there we found that some mobile devices have a modified by the vendor to have a bit more you go support because a sullen more countries word along better supporting countries in some cases those things half-life broken for metrics there's also a bit of a movement on the Web to like starting to the neural folds in your web page and we decided last year already that we wanted to but also some good more false with Firefox line right there really work well on mobile devices on small DPI screen and we were originally planning to use open source which is close to me by Google for 1 last that purpose that actually during the year um Intel came out with their own fault which was your songs and we evaluated and them carefully and our conclusion was that your solves this actually better and of themselves so we end the than open-source between each of the of science and it's probably not going to be very clear on this projection because it's it's a very big few useful to optimized for small screens and so much of my slides will come of that well that could probably already seen it here and that probably open-source there increasing boldness like only difference is he really is that loss very bold and auditory have almost no differences were secure songs and it's it's slightly better although I have to say on projector those really come out as well i've and all of a Sara fault that we had a sherry SEL lots of Fonda was a really good formed which have a license that is usable for us so for example to so the Google home
page and left is the default view right is the view with a few songs from again it's it doesn't really come out that all projective but in reality it you would try this on your phone you would see at the right page it's way more readable and in my opinion the full also is slightly more playful the so this is really remote uh and again you can see the difference a little bit better and I hear it's even better I think the so the the right users the new reader mode where it can actually not switch between the server and on to reform we shouldn't allow before and left this how the use of before so again on the phone you should find that there's a slightly more readable and things like that but what I
think the last block sort of fragmented this so we wanted to integrate the Firefox Marketplace into Firefox for Android here's how it looks right
now and so you can just click on their of the application this that this is a free up so we just click on message me install it and then you get a real nice
icons on your desktop so you just click on your on your phone home page and you won't show up at mostly but were TC
um you might wonder why this is coming back last year at full and somebody already been lots of leverage the call from the phone to the browser but almost leaders so difference between a demo where you have like that you know exactly which for you using your you know the application you're working with i in whereas in reality we made properties so people could build everything and have work on every possible form source quite a bit of work to do to stabilize everything we support celebrity on every phone where support Firefox which means going back to Android 2 . 2 and in reality is that and we didn't get all the right if the ice to make this work perfectly until and 4 . 2 and its broader work quite well starting from ice cream sandwich it's in your experience may vary depending on the exact devices that is some
another the slides um the so our is also still a bit of an evolving standards this picture was taken when I was in Boston for a Web words the meeting at I think the worst possible time because they don't like bad worst snowstorm in 50 years and I will stop there and you might be wondering what's wrong with this picture as well as it turns out that you can actually capture all image that are formed and with full with all those phones or is almost all phones have that have a camera repeated sideways and as it turns out there's no way from within and wants to recruit the image the right way of every and road obligation thus is they actually just stop a back on display this year you want send the video image preferrably without converting it 20 times to remote client which may be running Chrome that's not really an option so we have a fixed so well and what happened here is that put the apparently even do this and then this happens
but API so we have big plans to implement a lot of stuff on a summary I wouldn't say it completely failed but eventually gospel and what implemented the impact API hasn't happened I don't really find any good reason why that didn't happen so my conclusion is that what it was a like schemes or doesn't play games in anything telephony we could have done that was the Android permissions model right now is that you must request every permission that we could possibly need at the moment you install your phone and that's really conflicts that was all being privacy conscious company because if you would want to implement telephony than Firefox the moment you would have solved have to request like basically every permission imaginable including quite a few there but the user base would go nuts over I think it's really of the battered property that we also progression to like the pictures and people like white 5 of the pictures Bush fications as as it turns out that that's like more useful for writing Firefox OS in then it is on and and think this specification also invention time alright this return the
if but then again for so this is something I think I presented last year and said it was coming soon in 1 short year later in 1780 books and we have it in a bit how's upon time this the feature as you can see that the UI gets out your way since the destruction free right lets you concentrate more and the content of the page and when I was working on the feature to the tiny office also that becoming saying I fear that sooner than it took to implement the 1st quiz and so we now uh I think we presented this monster well we have we're nightly builds the x 86 devices up we now that's trickle down into the people placed on now so can run Firefox release on kind of 1 of the 2 of 3 x 86 600 devices are available so if you kind of mistakenly bought 1 of those then refer you back it's the the as it
over the chemistry we kind of did a lot of we wanted to make it work well for game so we did a lot of optimization marks so 1 of the big changes that we made last year was is switched from the back and Anderies inquiry teasing skier which line was quite a speed but on top of that uh we now have hardware section 7 kind of selected cases mice in the kind of cases that games um you have the GL accelerated canvas as opposed to the softer rendered canvas and that's and it brings us closer at least a parity with say crime and other WebKit based Android browsers the émile so made some improvements with the way Joe gets to the screen is and it's given it's quite a role API does not really much we can do to optimize it but um but I think now we should we should kind of be pretty much top of class when it comes to web g elapsed in performance and he basically at a point like we have the minimal kind of gets a screen routes and then been is kind of down suggest performance where if we're pretty good so a low precision rendering was feature mainly for low-end Android finds um so he gives us the option but basically if we fall behind and rendering say you have a slave phone or there's a site that takes an optically slope all through our code or something and we contemporary sacrifice rendering resolution and then get a better rendering speed so the idea is that you never going to see nothing when you scroll down the page kind of you might see a low-resolution rendering for a short period and then we quickly catch up and render in high resolution as bad as many following devices ideally you'll never see this feature that you probably will the the this is the thing maybe addition the Patterson slight kind of thing but have we render now in the high color by the for pain the Android ecosystem or the device ecosystem rather changed quite dramatically over the last years so whereas last year is pretty common uh on a kind of MIT's allowing devices to have not so much round no maybe not such a great screen say you might not even have a screen that can display 24 bit color never mind having a frowned actually render a page but um that's completely different now um most finds even the lowest and defines now you have certainly got a high color screen get a pretty reasonable screen as well and you've got enough from the rendering Michael by default so when when Honda allows us to we did and if you don't like that you can search on back in about comfort as well thing is
it is the difference can well you can barely see the difference there but they can if you saw on the screen is pretty dramatic work it can be quite dramatic in certain cases the she wears color gradients the pathogen this going the
103 chloride so young adults and so 1 problem we have a mobile is that we don't support tools like traditional that's the panels which is assumed to have a new I won't work on Firefox from because you staff of Paradise and we have a possibility now already to include a of our class file with your hand on but fortunately we didn't really get to like defining EPI civic into our our new life which means if you try to use this you have to use reflection and then probably everything break uh as soon as we change something in our you why so this is so would say largely unfinished you can use your offer some things but I think we may have some work to do that and it's really usable when some minor and less minor features we added in each is 6 for a decoding using your own devices decoder if you're fortunate to use pattern that stuff uh application noticeable in report what well if Firefox crashes will know about it if Firefox hangs from you didn't know about it so we build something that allows us to check if the browser just get stuck in self regression Firefox health reports on this new idea idea there is that the tracks on performance stuff and then if we see something that's a problem for a users then we can respond with realized what open to our users that they have a problem and that they can get better performance by fixing it we finished all the back and parts of that but you i of topics health report is finished this is actually really bring us right now because what plus it's sort of broken or mobile and takes like 10 seconds to start up everybody started to complain likewise Firefox Android so slow that it's actually add block and if this would have been finished from being able to help those people that it isn't so you have a bit of a problem the real mode improvements I thought little bit about that have some more options you could use the forms so should you I can change the default search engine to find that which also show a picture of that point of support as in Jessup autonomic content warnings in which shares so if you will quickly wanna share a web page or reactions some text with someone else there's a right button which allows you to select everything on your device pay share intent and it remembers the loss function my case I said something to draw a box and Edinburgh box like in there there's grossing so you have a tablet and that's you gotta have a friend at your home and you could also look something up to can go a man who good to you guessed session and handed to them and then we can browse all they want they don't have access to your history data and the moment the only guests mode but also their disappears gate coming soon so what's planned for or next year or what this sort of now arriving in the stable version of Firefox the rate only right and so for new contributors we tend to keep books apart which she called with 1st books or amended box in which we think are real reasonably easy to tackle without in-depth understanding of how all Firefox works but we also indicate like this is a person that was alone can actively help you with this book and you need to know this and this language to work on it and then this was 1 of those books whose star like that I think and we had an intern over the summer who took this as his 1st assignment so the problem we had was that we notice that sometimes you would get no fabric on a really crappy looking on when grossing and will use particles a lot there by prominent in you why that's a problem so this in turn served looking at that and after a while he came back and it turns out technically the problem was that although Android officially supports built ICO file the coding which is the majority of comes out there it's so only support so so performance there and it only decodes the first one so that's the explanation why we would get the wrong value consultations so at the center as part of his internship right that ended up writing an ice decoder in job which I think is a very nice thing you can do without having to know too much about Firefox being there when he was finished he came back and said you guys suck found out that all the fabric of good and and Firefox rendered insuperable last but everything's converting from 1 format to the other uh I knew everybody just the bits ad-hoc things while working on and he wrote all the havoc encodes so that would should work lot better foster get 9 high resolution icons if the small the high resolution item like responded by determining the dominant color so I will next slide likewise Google having a small like so we might still have some work there Over scroll used to if you like swipe cookie was scrolling would like bounce along back and well at some point you realize that's pretty salutogenic which is annoying after a while so we got rid of it and there's just a small blue gradients that displays if you had the page that selection that we have a we clean of you bits so more options also share some small peaks like issued press in the white space at the bottom of the page old version of Firefox which just like randomly select some text on a different part of the dangerous now we don't do anything it'll small trees which make application you to use uh and the particle off in some regional vise support during this place of you I know who we didn't do before gecko view that's actually a very important from the Mozilla perspective certain point and Firefox development we gave a all making decoder random embeddable to be able to advance classes that this meant there was really really difficult for anyone but was allowed to use gecko in their projects and what gets gain and gobbled up that entire market and also nobody but this this really able to make a 5 UI right now and this is a problem in all so we're doing a lot of effort to make it Gaggle embeddable again you're and that's all this word cause are you i is completely separate from from the random parts and we hope that this 1st makes it easy for people to him that the there and it's in all 5 engine even on in applications in the running over and word forms but also to like experiment with something we i stuff you been reading a bit like making a Firefox that's more usable for for children and the real notice some part of the community that would be interested in a Firefox that's like really privacy focused includes story by default and I'm not saying you're gonna do this but the hope is that DEC review makes this more feasible for someone to actually do um other features in the case synthesis so I show you next class that have the site and things but if you were going to applications on your Android device you would see the lab at because it's all real Android application we made it so that Firefox actually generates MAPK installs that and it's a completely seamless experience compared to a native app powerful to constants saying stuff I'm risky change them somewhat complicated for most people and think accounts with the regular username password system that streaming so I want to see feature basically instead of using your camera you can also use that as it is short source and show someone what you're looking at on your phone and beyond build yes because we because don't have it on Firefox so we have
something that graphics seem a working on at the moment is kind of consolidating the rendering current so some of the current we introduced make and regret the foster like the Toyota rendering and like position rendering and so on are we're trying to get that used in other platforms a Firefox OS and Windows and part of that work is not just making the codebook as other platforms that tidying up in optimizing its 800 going to benefit from that the handsome and rich specific work in the pipeline as well so it in Andhra K-CAP there is a new idealize that lets us that's a surrender to texture faster so we're going to be using those and and hopefully in not too far future you'll see some rendering speedups and also recently Mason page late speedups mainly from that um we had a quite inefficient last loading spinner renderer I'm before placing for replace of relating Bob which is in some cases especially powdered devices quite dramatically improved page load speech which is kind of surprising an Emmy Hadley's other features that we had we've done as well but what gestures of this dominant magic a form filling and so on and after and I think the time's up maybe the time for questions 1 questions if anyone has a fantastic question and now is the time when because it was a fantastic question over the In this of and it wasn't the only 1 of these well we then would have lost here so I would rather not the and also the carried demo of RTC inothing the answer is not really right now so maybe 1 0 1 mole less than of the the so the question was how much of a crater rewriting for at the the whole browser and have to how Android dependent is late like the Navy's um new graphics features on it so I mean ideas in terms of how it works is we have get code which is all native code pretty much and we have an interface and then we have some cool backs that happen living that we then implement in Java but those same callbacks then implemented natively for other platforms basically the render is an android specific so just the Y which is completely and specific since allowed some