Social and Real-time Web Applications using Meteor

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Video in TIB AV-Portal: Social and Real-time Web Applications using Meteor

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Social and Real-time Web Applications using Meteor
Developing Real-time Web Apps in JavaScript on Linux
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In this lightning talk, I'll give a quick introduction to and an overview of key concepts of Meteor, followed by live examples on how to go about creating and deploying your very own purely JavaScript-based reactive and real-time web apps. Making reactive and real-time web applications is in fashion these days. Among popular real-time programming frameworks is meteor.js. Meteor is an open-source platform for building top-quality web apps in a fraction of the time. Meteor is based on the popular server-side JavaScript framework node.js, and relies on the easy, fast and scalable MongoDB for data storage. Meteor gives developers the opportunity to create quality web apps completely in JavaScript. For existing web developers, this is nothing short of pure awesomeness. For others, creating new apps is simple because of the easy-to-learn language that is JavaScript. Meteor comes with a rich set of API and utilities that help in creating, bundling and deploying apps in a few keystrokes. Meteor is maintained by an active lot of developers and contributors. As its official site mentions, "Meteor is still a work in progress", but that hasn't stopped it from attracting a lively community around it. The idea of using the meteor.js framework for building that app came from my mentor who had then recently given a presentation on it at an event. Awed by the concept of reactivity, a rich API and the power of MongoDB, I fell in love with Meteor pretty quickly. In this session, I will quickly delve into: * introduction * key concepts * creating your first app * making your app reactive * deploying your app (taking it live)
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really control this media session I'm here not to give 5 for indicated and view on media so my explanation for the whole around all very small introduction on how you can quickly develop secure with applications primarily social media them but applications using media so meteora is of framework and just like all the JavaScript frameworks it is really secure and ready foster with and modern looking that applications so what
is the idea that applications so basically ideas that application that is so that thing but what you have been using since all these years you have been using Google Jack you have been using Google Docs you have been using pools suggest is bad so all of these tools that connect you with the other users in a collaborative manner and without any usefully conceived I don't that's real-time applications so as of complicated as it may sound creating new them obligations meteoric is not on really difficult now so piece of cake is a phrase that I can use what is media so media-is somebody's and free mechanical you it is it has not graduated who for stable release but of its preview release is stable enough to help you very enterprise of good applications so it is an open source platform building that for billing top-quality that
maps in a fraction of the time where you and export developer are just getting started media are relies on 7 principles so data on the wire so again I will not be dealing are the digital here this we call view so did on the wire which means that you don't need to so if I think example of G spurious pure PHB you will communicate that line that is the roles of by sending the entire GUI because the logic so what that means is you transferred HTML CSS and JavaScript and and over the In this case you been know me from the that's all you need to transfer is that data so that he was on the JavaScript everything is set up an individual when the army media obligation noting of also 1 language JavaScript be its oversight and then the blind site and then jealous there is only language in that in the database area so the dealer has a focus on the back and some of you know it is not surprising that apart from maintaining a server copy of the database it also maintains a blank copy of the database so i come to the our behind-the-scenes leader so just know that lead into compensation so you we are all used to using got modern social goes like breeder and Facebook now the most important thing about these tools is the speed and that if the speed is not on there new probably not come back to the sites so how will these sites achieve such may speeds latency compensation is that and so on meteora greatly simplifies cities accommodation on this really means is that a whatever been you forced on they would contain you kit from a server is immediately shown in your you where I'm leader posted to the database or the fish from the database so this has been achieving period time reading activity so which brings me to the next point close study the activity which means of whenever your application is interacting with the database for example if you have a list of who items whatever you enter in the US and so that would oppose will notice that the GEC scores that you make you don't have to wait for the success function to execute our did all the changes will automatically and immediately reflecting your you and that is correlated civilization and and that also happens to be 1 of the aspects of the activity and of course the activity also means that you can have so that indeed DWT was that will automatically refresh if any of the data changes so for example if you have a that medieval name and some of the names stored in the database somehow changes are made to be automatically reflected in the US with adult you ever refreshing the pitch and raise the ecosystem so that instead of being reinventing the the what media always are initially use of existing open-source technologies so I can do it in the next life but it is really just a missing the ecosystem and not really developing everything on the site although army the orders of the piece of gold and other o'clock on it is really based on no reduced and would be simplicity quiz productivity so so if you go to the media or API you will notice that everything is very very simple straightforward and the documentation they the documentation pages that really the only thing that will ever need to learn media so what is behind the scenes ordered waters so I meet work always we got so I put in all the years and this is again a very recent phenomenon and nobody is really not big of script to the server side so this is what the media how media is way to achieve server-side JavaScript and so it is based on the the engine that was on the but with of course mom would be the ears of very popular nor seek or database and the mom would be be this index is not very familiar to what SQL is like it is really familiar produce on and and sold the the sort and advises idea now under templating engine that meet your users and of the handlebars index is what the White City activity your so again the activity means whatever changes in the database is automatically reflected in the US what the changes in the US is automatically taken back to the the so media is secure so before I proceed further so even though media is not of destabilize at the stable stage right now 1 . 0 release is not out but media is really secure and they have
recently and a huge modifications the room and they have introduced and died 3 books to make sure that we need a obligation is very stupid allow the organize is make sure that have all you know your client side code gets longer and so are you an end-user hacker up attention had not actually open the console of Firebug all dying to get so in gold and start the executing certain functions among will be be injections and checks are already built in relative policies forest so you can actually I mean the leverage the pulse our constables at the mean of across policy on to make sure that people are not able to embed your applications in I frames and other such things so this is a wonderful slide like show actually a richer of uh elaboration these up suppose the security principles of media please do take it so solution is simple this this command is always unique and obviating is an amazing but we want this was made of Linux in mind and making on so meteora update is only command that you will ever need to property even sort creating any obligation is really straightforward 3 demands meteoric create my at the mind is the name of the application of course you wouldn't want . afterwards my time when you create an obligation meteora automatically inserts certain code and adapt code of course you can now I change you can modify but it is a very good starting point so you even don't need to go to the documentation Cologne it up you get right now installed media exam the sees the Teager minds and get started with the development it is so easy so this is how I need your application looks like so it isn't in any medium architecture so the data is at the line for the it is a public for and and it is a server for so what they contained the outcomes and the client is always executed on the client side whatever and condemned similarly comes in so is executed on the server side so the line is a browser so where is the media so on the norm the adjacent learning on the edges of a so I of course of all this is Jesus score and the client will automatically and indigenously handed the discourse but this work will have broken with the G is called into native execute most so that they can be embedded ended as a provides and on displayed such whatever comes into the public for there is never executed that on the client or the server so things like the sources your images or videos sector come under the Public Order so on this model this is 1 thing that is outside of the of the Saudis so whatever contained sport and on a document that lies in the rule cost application that code is executed on both the client and the server and of course there are the sudden really was and the conditions in the of to which you can make sure that you know you are meaning than what's the client and the server and nobody organized manner so you can put the condition this media Lord is blind execute discourse if media regardless of what they discuss so generally and finds in the rule of the starting point of the application so that is like these are very much needed media as I said that the reason this is an ecosystem how does it do that number 1 it is followed by many open source that constant would do it but has you hit it it has to come to it has to be applications of using existing frameworks really easy bootstrap an office the DTG equally list underscore the development of be is aware of these that platforms and you know it's just a matter of media and packaging to add the support of 1 of these that comes into your application the so I was talking about 100 but this is sort of normal and the bottom plate looks like this so we have a special that bored and the and the so this is the main your extreme apart so and it has a mean so and it has to be activity of its 1st and last you can all is buying the the activity was video JavaScript code and of course you can have a function that will fetch data from the database and mine that data who 1st and last and accessing the variables is really easy so in your jealous could find out you just do them please the God hello . 1st Ezek or do whatever you want with sex and down because these common there so activated by before it is so what they would change that happens too fast in the in the US current on on on the database friends with automatically reflected in and that the the other case so let's see life in their FOAF to jumping so I
this open that it is in stored our lives really the deal yes but so time lecture explore 1 of the examples of media so which 1 comes by before the start so I can just the the
I'm really sorry it seems that the meteora doesn't really and understand that there examples that examples it was in my lap of
unfortunately my laptop is incompatible with these yet did understand so I just created a new army to application thank you and this is it's good to know the 1 of perhaps a discrete them subdivision artist and just use media media create the I have the cation and I just created a application let's really a list so you can see that a new for that has been created I just eating into it my application and later in it so we deal and while at so it was not automatically start it's embedded in the of that's and of course this is nobody is this but this is a this certainly is not prediction the and neural commended to all relays use nobody is
a when that relying on the cell so
I return through this is because the x and estate boom in more so my application is learning this is how the world looks like and down here is how can
word in the browser the so this is my application and if I go to the console on the this so actually taking on this but then actually outputs to the console so this would in itself is very active and it is based on our this there so hello
the template and reading is the activity I
and let me just finish my concession so basically the alignment is also very easy you have do commands me during the law which had to deploy it on the media so it's a so if you want if you're OK with having a sudden looming on the media website this is what you get and you can even bundle of live application and deployed on your own server that has prediction guanidine nobody's animal would beanstalk that's only thing that you 1 of a quick question chapter of this this actually think this is possible to Susan T. so and the and is a very much indicating into more of this and that is what I also always use you can solve your so that they are right on the server of media right is another thing that you can use
but of course many media was in there I used to use Indian upon the production so that this and it is possible to imagine application where the user will of status and local storage that the server doesn't know like to of decentralized application with due to the clients of India using the the the depth of these so the client's family belts uploading them to the server In his possible I'm sorry I didn't get your question like to to lets the clients that manage the data and draw the review of the kitchen with those duplication reasons realizing in you that's a and the control of the database the OpenID a race is on this topic of and so we're database so you cannot just out and create a database on your own and landed erased it will all automatically created by the application and that it will all is missing in this because there is nothing that you can do with it so you can make it really doesn't just apply database and not as a ridiculous the synchronization will always have so different don't I forget think and as a result to of to pronounce make you