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Configuration Management Meets Remote Execution
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Saltstack is arguably one of the best of the "new breed" of configuration management solutions. In this talk, Corey takes the audience through a stand-up of a Salt environment and leads into some examples of how you can leverage the message bus to automate not just configuration management, but your entire infrastructure. Corey will show you how his sausage is made... Built with simplicity and speed as its overarching design goals, Salt has taken the configuration management world by storm over the past three years. Built atop a zeroMQ based message bus, realtime analysis of your existing environment, and rapid deployment and orchestration of your entire environment are now within reach. In this talk, we'll go through an initial setup of Saltstack in a lab environment, investigate signal passing from one node to another, and demonstrate how Salt can orchestrate entire environments both simply and effectively.
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chief of the variance in the and the and the and the red soon itself is according to the same sorts of things in the world so you can use the title of the game and because of the way the I don't want to the but if you put in the 4 of the of the of the beginning of the day or at any this has shown who's room so here we have the where all of this passage is because it regulates lots things that the answers on that part of the elements of parts of the herd of origin policies of the action in under the more years you want to have fun at the end of this iterative it from other colleges including a couple of times and it and down the the right of course this is but we do it again I circle that has elements of object so what did they were usually do not resolve although the order of
the king of the of the of I think the soldier has contributed to the very very Californian I also set throughout the world and that's where we in a and I remember thinking these sorts of features and of of the sun and the other thing that of the of the law and the faculty of the University the interesting here by the way and the slide and and the cells that the right here in the room have that had over it and not get so what if you
solve the problem this is not the explanation of the whole thing is just going to do the way that this is the part of the Holy I remember the high-level overview of what it was and that was the kind of features for that you may have heard and of so what we're going to move in the selection of
the end of the configuration in the remote execution of any star and this was the what time it is
actually really just by me in the ignition then I learned that you who but once you get the energy all these you effectively have and that's not particularly difficult think that is not you and everyone else but the question is what what is actually out what it was shown that any of the of universe and there are many variations of of
sort of hardware most commonly the using 1 of the things you would agree or something of this someone would be given the name of the game just necessary to I have never been richer and this is the only 1 that you for were you and you do the other thing that is out there and there and fire down of all of this is about solving that led to that but you know it seem evidence for a period of something and once you want your mind and your actions American about of what do you want me to stand in the back of his message the the the use of thing is that in the so what the things that you
can nature of the on the other hand states is this is city of the original data so that the person he has come
to an end in this respect this is not the case this is actually the of the of the of the of the of of a lot the problem and then the answer is that the sum of the top of the randomly at the end of the so they're not obvious the patterns that result because of the environment of the region of the source of that source to the extent that that it can also be tempted to and what the history of the world and the real I can't wait it was while the some researchers that in In the last part of point the literature is required all the time and then what about the other parts of the world because it a lot of all the places in the area of the requirements for we will start service which sends the rest of the area of the battle of the variety of the people that we're going to have to ask what is the thing that in the project of the movie but what I would that the use of
the of the of the actors in this where some the the solid and all that but that is not the kind of because this is the effect of that is that the file you use users in this within the city is the sensing and not only the us not the of talking about things like if you look at the structure of the handle that investor both of seats rational removed from the law that user should be in the in the graph this is something that a traditional and particularly all right so this is a new thing and not to use was out of its environment and this sort of the include
sulfur while while solver but it's actually a good article is not a separate project and the status of the
use of the genes in the game he and the number 1 and so this is a kind of reality is going on as well and that sort of thing in the world you imitation of our of the observation is written in the interest set up with the in fraction of the of the of instantiating the use of the proceeding unit of a original In the scientist and the regularizer and all of the population which is what next that and that means that you are here but the difference between this and this and that and
then that will solve what do this as the ones that produce the kind of that was the end of the class of the acts and then solving for actually a lot of a lot of the of the of the world and the other thing is that the user interface of these users of it and you will have is not just a list of the all the things that we were represent something that you can write on the last half of the for example and that's all I want you to remember things that are doing migration into work out of the way so that we can do is have the education of this and we the only right the I knew the center for what you're saying that that because it's the same as the problem of the this is the layout is a lot there's a lot of the time they are in the next room that no 1 has the the service and so what do you think is 1 of the things we already have a really knows of if you don't have the resources of the time but if you write your and and you instead of time is a form of the state to solve for whatever reason the use of and you wanted to navigate this is exactly the you remind you of the last a by using the basic standard instances the head of the later in the time terms that was that was in the higher you want so many more times the the parameters in the model and this goes to the fraction of the we already have a lot of them that and this sort of the best practices is used in some of us have to waiting until the last you know just think of it as a sort of a lot of people were they vary from 1 of the real and the half of the projects and the in the next so it's definitely worth trying out the In this article of the 1st year relational learning problems of the accented and in
the rest of the iterations the theory of I don't want to be relatively sound for a number of the start of the year but I think that having a solid and were really started off a little bit more about the energy i times when you start thinking of the city and the the number and this is back to the power on the right words you waiting times so the
moral hazard so what the and this is all what is the what is it that we would think of this part of the problem time and you start making more of the year by the sinful gravity is he and the others they days of history of the word is usual obvious version of already working on the
other hand up in this sector project going to very slightly that's actually the work and this problem in the your so today thing is that the labs around the world very soon after the request with AFM awarded by the the of the teaching of its current development that is just the right they that this is the view that is that the bigger it takes to approaches the here 1st for a series of of little steps in the initial the what you want in the in the in the insolvency estate of agents use of the but not not ruggedness of the sort of the factor I have been at the core of the of the available feature so with that is that you to use 1 of the moment you decide which allows the factorization sales of around this variable is the case of the sale and on the other hand in which she is during is a relatively there's not a lot of companies and they said that the the this lecture they also indicating the user which is right here is that the local as well as the fact that is in there when the publisher of the song in the case of the major challenges the In this later this is the topic that you had to use this and that is the average of over over the years and in case of a movement that you want see if they are
on the next talk this year where is the core of this the talk about it here on the right and the left or the right on the other end of
yes all of the of the of the of the of the here this is the not in at the this I tend to and the new kind and the the the end of the your it up with the way to run the thing in the separation there and were shot well today it is itself or the existing others that I have to use existing resources for health injuries salt water utilities in order to form a lot of very basic access to power law and that all of the all the all of that is going to have the fire was a story about half of some of the that of the and the thing over here and so do you have the means and this is this is in in this is in not the in the in the user can implement this in all the user that while on June Newman and this is on and on level of radiation in his is to mention is so as to use the the the fuel and the way in which the world in the in the in the in the in a in way that 2 in the in the in the in the in the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the and the and the in the in the in the in the in the in the in the in the in the in the in the in the in the in the in the in the in the in the the the the the the in the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the end the the and the the the the the the the the end of the of the of the of the of the we and we can use and so on and really in the room so the the the the the the the the seats in the the the the the end the the and the and the and the and the end of the year and a half a year and a half and the and the you you you and you know
in the in the in the and in and around the and the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the people and you want to see the the the the the the students in the in the in the world and this is 1 of the units the union of this also talk of the of the of the of the of the results of the research in the in the history the the in the picture we in the in the in the in the in the in the in the in the in the in the in the in the in the in the quality of the solution and the use of the of the of the system and you will see and you the to and then in the form of of the seriousness of the problem and we like the same as the and the the the the and and you know you and and you know the the the the In the same year and in the end of it in in and the the In the sum of the same size as you can see this is the 1 we do with the demands of the ontology to the university student and so on and the the the and the and the area around and and the and the way in which we find in the we we live in and we and we need to be in and in the end we could and and
we could be and in the end we and we and in the end we and that we and we and we found that we could and should be in the end of the year and we will be in the in the the the the the the the a a the end of the year in the the the and this you want to see in the in the deceased and relation and understand it and you using in the the the the the the the the the In the end you you you you you you you you you you you and the so this is the the the site so you have all the which is tool used in the design of the grammar and the rules that are the and the time that the reason is that the reason to do so this is a bit of a variant of the island to the right time of the about actual and they that year of the
of the of the last thing the longer version of the in the time of the stuff on the board to the right and we think of
it's on the on the management of the universe is that the the the the of the of the of the of the of
the the graph on the right now and of course but as was all users of ratio of the
the word that's the other thing to look into the gradient is not over so this part of the part of the configurations of the of reasoning is this sort of
situation and you have a lot of machines and the useful you receive that there's the sum of that the from that additional part of that kind of 1st of all we have to go in and out of the box after you have enough staff in the running of the age and in a tool to close the of but the 1st of all the people in the and a lot of the provisioning of open source tools on each of the that of some of the functionality that was about India roster of everything going to be really you you get all of the things that fall into 2 parts 1 of and the other 1 is much closer to the other ones that so once it all happens to be in the top 5 years from through the years and years of because you didn't a because of some of the methods that he and the other 1 was too much to realize that problem and something we will find this in the and so on and the are the management of but that's not the wrong things around the world only in all the time you to the beginning of the end of the so where is the 1st of the Goldilocks of the rules of much of the right and the way that this is a very easy to 1 thing is that we don't have a lot of sentences to form of the velocity of the reason is that it is all the all of the all of the following around then the role of the 4 year course I wanted in the world and the provision of this is that it is there so many variations of this reasoning tools out there in the
and the user so it follows that in fact often users so that the answers to of the In this and so there are lots of engineering research
support I have to know reasoning about
what the wire is at the heart of the wife task but it was started by 2 guys used you know the answer to the learned policy on this long since the 2004 use the world all the other on announced that it will make the ratio of of because really if it with the but also because of the lack of resources to really good for and with that since there is that although this month and so on the there is something to look at what we know where the base was in the and the list learned from using it and 1 of the most of heart to the use of the going to the 1st 2 in from the side view that all the model on the right of this form using all of its lazy and solution of a variety of knowledge the that of the of the the name of the reason you need
is that if would use of the general approach of using the provision was trying to make you
believe Eugene and the things that you know in the way of the personal relations with them and you hear that somebody can has say a lot of data and so and the and the man who was the whatsoever is in the 1 that there is going to Due to the need to go back to the office and other matters in the and that's what you need to know the reason and the inspiration from a list of and to in little bit into the world and the world 1 of the
things that a lot interchangeable of all the characteristics of the major groove that most state and the and you have very different theory and the reason for the only thing the reading of the assumption that it would be the group of the on where even after this 1 is is the person in front of the system inputs into a reasonable amount of current of small business in the woods on Cheney factor and that that the and because of that there is a certain kind of the hardware if have of the reason is I want to prolong their basic policies to
all of you talk about what's happened here is that is that the course 1 of the and here all all the rules and the size of the of the rest this is known to be using the variety changes things around from 1 thing that you use posters on the basis of
most all of that but the idea is that the values of and use the word and you know the origin of the man communicating that we're the and we also use
some of the some of the the you were also not the end of the day the fact that there's design the learning model of from the use of the was if you talk about this in the we have also been used to be that of the original you have the following you have a point of view of the universe and whether or not the background of the the the the the games on the other hand I think will also be used to go all the way to the losses this happen to what is lost in the end of this year the 1 thing that missing from here the top of its ability to us is that you need 1 of the the so in that
there are is also used for a lot of the research was that the anatomy branch in managing the core reasoning that the we don't really care what you you you you you you the the the use of the data that you so all in all we to find the if you think about the size of the 1 of the things that I did from where the spirit of the of the of the of the of the reason the genes of the universe through the use of the you you know there is a danger to world by the year of the lecture is a useful things but just good so once you get used to fire the nonlinearity that has been and the only just
apologies these as being the 1st 1 is that the guy
in the sense that time that was used to build of all the rules in 1 hour and then there's the other side of the body I don't use talk to the father
and so on on the right on the use of the whole system installed the use the violence and so on the results of a lot of the the the other thing is that this is a the public API call in this case you often used if you want to use our chiral here on the on the use of the word of the of the of the you're writing your eyes just by the nature and you can use your because there was no part of the any and the like like this and so on that you see here that the work is what would you do you think the the through the any of you have to look at the end of the the really the and then we have to do is to know all of what the the we we the yes that's the end of the now the so the public API is that
our interests and I want you to use the cost to the user to modify the forest the and change things to you should read all the time of the we have the word that of the of the union of of our and the ones of your policy is most of
the time of year and you repository or on the of the utility of of the you have a point of existing but also in the nucleus is somewhere in the law on it and and I so important in so usually Windows users and the the In earlier experiments people for the hand of this was the role of the region of the world so we assume that of the world or just sitting on the basis of book the the the much more than but it over the data and were forced to In the mean of the tax at so named Wilson where the of words that we know something really useful actually has a little associated with the changes whether the those rules matched on the development of the wall at the cost of the graph you and also in all the all the errors and ones that was that no match all that the and that's the end of that will be used and so there president of of the of the the genetics of the of people to use the knowledge of the the question of men into that the writers of the task is to actually want to have the a of the of the of the post was also
the the only reason I was 1 of the priorities of the the the the all of all the right so we
can also use a lot of the stories that we all or is it to the users of the
of of the joys of the of the of the we also have both of and there is no there's no cost any of and then there the side of the the the the refusal of the end users and solving the problem is that the part part of the family have about comes from biology that works in the solution they all users you 1 is always so this is the process of using the 1st time in a following the in the for all of the things that you would use them here and so on until the all the things that the from then on you have sky introduction the you could for example writing all of the the 1st step the sum of the weighted sum of the 2 1 5 we use and then after that we use the the the so everything is
about those in the should be the world war 1 of the the a review of you know sequences of all things in the middle of the existence of you this is a serious thing you very much for
me to the 1st is the only facts which is a standard that Due to the the the memory work of the very reason we really interested in is is there for all of you can be associated with a value pairs of with no what makes the all of the all of the of the of the all of the from it's all it's all the all time or wrong because we of thought that this is case so the race you could push your use of the of the of the of the of the leader of the party the the the last the key to all this going in the last that of the and useful things always right and so the above provisions in all you have to the in so that we use in of of building on the work of a great all the cost of the state is the you the of the the of the of news and pretty and all on the right out the example of the use of the human in the eyes of the 1 that has the support of the there's a few examples of some of the things you of course you can do he said that about of references the from the initial use case of building those of you with the center of this and you get it out of the back of this will be great if on the other hand the was used original instead of the of the of the use the you use the data the operating system in a of the gene and use the old set the other models to the actually turn your use you know what you think of the story the and there is something that the take the steps toward the end of that of the where is the longer term is something that manages the lifecycle 1 of these distances between the 2 of those will is a reasonable is is the other things that we know something is wrong with the operating system on the use of the word and the only way you are and where the reforms in the in the time and it's the sum of the 2 we In the user is the size of the things it's a new point is the boss secure 1 story of the of the and then we actually produced by the West Riding Riding rules some of the from something where we need to do in order to make the smoothness of the part you want to know that by the time she the was updated we really want to to go the the the next thing you know it was the this is the scale in the data in the use of the policy the a through the bias of the of the image and we be and I get
the data you want to hear it
from the and in this and the morals of the women in his own way the end of the you want to
be the figure of the and all that is good for the bias of the this is the basis of the ones you learned from a the all the features from the policy so we need a way to mark some these tests on the structure of the exam they're actually just because of that you don't want to apply this to know that if already loss of some
of those things on the topic of the day and you want to use the tool and a lot of lines of need to know that article and we we we and we the the the that the and the last reviews in and and I want you to know the people that want to use the the case of the the the structure of the the the of the of the you and yeah unintelligible so that each of the implementation of the key and then when we actually look at the cost the the growth but there are all the things you know the use of the key here is just getting started and so what this is due to the rise was installed many of this is the 1 used to be but there is no branching societies and all but some of them will get that we you the additional data of and things like that because it is the union of all known and are between structures test non-destructive testing of the last years of sodium behind that is from the use of the notion of life cycle of the of the of the the hard for you to be the this is the kind the the you you don't have the variables certificates in all of of the of the of the velocity of having for that by the end of that of stuff and you know the the and the if you the I heard about this was a service and we do not know how to do things and 1 of them is that they were much more and more of life moderation 1 of the great race the size of the Earth the fact that the the 2nd thing that has to do with the way he was doing physical and and you know people in the villages gathered all users who think that it may everybody has invited the service of of because that would think of the and good at the end of the the the and you the general of the very and the public to problem because the other thing that words about the ongoing thing to think the changes in the box only the 2 outside of the data set of used to train the model the the title of and in the In the world of you the the this the and the In the case of the you and the question understand the meaning of the the change from and this is what the rest of the world is use of the this apartment or the companies to the and the idea is that you In Proceedings of the kernel we have the sum of the the and there going talk them the the the the the yeah and I didn't notice that the old officer of the variance in the 1st year of the 1st half of this article is part of that saturated so that's where all the
images of the of the of the strategy everything there and in the other the what was the purpose of this was be very and the the