RestFS: the Next Generation Cloud Storage

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RestFS: the Next Generation Cloud Storage
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RestFS is an experimental project to develop an open-source distributed filesystem for large environments. It is designed to scale up from a single server to thousand of nodes and delivering a high-availability storage system with special features for high i/o performance and network optimisation for work better in WAN environment. The Project is on the beginning stage, with some technology previews released. The Restfs is pure-python, but several of the libraries that it depends upon use C extensions (sometimes for speed, sometimes to interface to pre-existing C libraries). The main characteristics of the RestFS are : * Scalability, no limits on storage and clients size * High availability, no single point of failure and data replication * Adaptive, load balancing and uniform distribution * High Performance, parallel transfer, local cache consistency , data transfer by difference * Flexible, S3 compatibility interface, dedicated library for integration in web server and application layer This talk describes the architecture, internals of RestFS and comparison among different free software solutions. The session will discuss our experience in this development and detailed information on performance and scalability
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yeah a couple of other people the that is the idea of the object is to us you think the Secretary of of the region the position of the segment and so and what's the chance that this and that's so this theory identity the of the of the of the of so we will be the composition of each of the nature of the research that I believe that we have on the on the wire good what you
can do all way that it is something that you can do the 3 of you can be the object that is handle this 1 of the questions that you can compare 1 of the old 1 by 1 of the things we can do it by and was anything that you have a unique all of that knowledge that we have the same kind of reasoning that you as the nice thing is that you can but it not like I've
said what we we have a region
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all the pinnacle is organized in what about the nature of the the a survey of the model but I would say we call the if you know the fact that each atom in this region atom and the problem of and the 1 who is something that you want to but for example on the storage and use of force that is the user or if you want to use a lot of his you can see from the plot and you know that they're on but in a manner that you want to do something to it in the version you can override the meaning of it all you want to know about it now based on the end of the of the CDC we have to be 1 S 3 we how we have all the people that there is a need for and we have our our is that the thing that's a big thank that you have also been found in this we will a
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I to you a lot of you know understand the of law but what then you have to use the right of what is the and the use of the river and they're all directly at the end every your book so this 1 a above but also on the last number of years and on the and I know there were a lot of love but you can use all of our region around the use the the the than a you can use also of course at the end the year is review that is 1 of the things that you want to do me a favor and repress the the also work over the people in the of this means that the depends on the if
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we can do what I want to and in many of the people that share young from school was used by millions of users in the value of the different white the work
so love and out of this site is not at all to the food and we are on the right and 1 of the top that I think of the we require that the removal of the size of is the number so we want to have a lot of the viewpoint that has a different view of the block that's what the mind and how to decide that the so that when I think that all this time I know a lot of about but there is still no and you can also use the use of the and then the right and left on the panel on that doesn't know that yeah that's what I and and everything to with the idea that the stock interested the of well I don't know about that was in what I can
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