QtCreator BareMetal development

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QtCreator BareMetal development
See QtCreator, OpenOCD and qbs in action.
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QtCreator gained the ability to talk with these really small ARM Boards with CortexM processor. This presentation will show how easy it is to get into development on these boards with a GCC toolchain, OpenOCD and QtCreator with BareMetal plugin. The presentation will walk through all the needed parts needed for embedded development with an CortexM4 ARM processor. The talk focuses on OpenOCD in combination with the BareMetal and QbsProject Plugin of QtCreator. OpenOCD is an opensource hardware debugger which as multiple backends for different debugging hardware. QtCreator is a powerful IDE which has all the bells and whistles of an IDE. It is the main develoment IDE for the Qt toolkit and has a focus on C++ and C development. QtCreator is based on plugins. The two new plugins used in this presentation is the BareMetal plugin for talking with the OpenOCD (or other gdbserver based) hw-debugger and the QbsProjectmanager which is the new qbs build system based software builder based on JavaScript project descriptions. There will be a live demonstration of using an STM32F4 board
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air Ali
that we only longer fusible a given the tools and the development for quite some time and well I've been using q greater for quite quite a while and for Linux development which is quite nice and has wide nice for remote embedded limits deployment work quite good and then we had some of these sports lying around I got these odd at the fair and it's pretty cheap I think it's about 50 bucks that 15 parked half euros in this case and it has no and you buy the chip which is connected directly include you can start right on with this solution I'm going to present so what I'm going to talk about it is um I using local city greater
cubes and you project manager which apply key crater and the bare-metal plugin which is also applied in to the q crater and just to know how much in detail to go through the stuff so was who's not was
news or knows of most each guys here and you greater cases likely and had anybody news cubes cubes project manager that employment great credit that but the 1 that um sold what's skewed great about it just do a little bits for all these we don't know what you're graded and well it's a multiplatform ID and the but it was a requirement I had for for choosing an investor development environment and key requirements recall completion rights refactoring solution anti-bonding working and something which I personally really like the upon and is to have a full open source developments that for all political and technical reasons the so to and I'm just going to talk about what most cities it's and versatile hardware debugger is has multiple back ends and could I think it's called transports and these back ends so you have I think it's nasty link on this plot on there's for the j link that drive us the drivers for all how well the past pirate and really really different stuff and soul if you have happened to do some FPGA development you probably have these all pair of bust last lying around they also beckons for this old the heart that and it's pretty slow but very but it works so you can get you you have some some hardware lying around chances of pretty high data hardware that you can do hardware debugging uh we spoke more city and what was the front end is in duties so the soul that's the way in the queue craters talking to it of the community is very friendly it and it's scriptable so arms you normally have some have to do some more specific stuff like how am I doing the resets that research and stuff like that and so conscripted or conscript your own research handlers if you you hardware needs special handling so you need to make sure that it's coming up clean uh that can be done we re optical scripting and to you can also use of utmost city for in-system programming but there that's not touching it devotes just for completeness yes and um well was so as the back followed the debugging and the idea this acute grade I'm talking about and should greater internally as an nice modular design it's based on plug-ins and so it's easy to extend it also has some other the development stuff and other development stuff like Android development just screen USA Inc and embedded linux and of course you can do a desktop cute uh development it's originally sort of fall
and and it has support for different that systems so um while I'm only if we focus on the GCC and build environment as well and it also support for 4 of our compilers for different platforms and all adjusts which comprised of his sort and it also has support with different but systems that unlike the human the cubes C make make no that's probably about it and and it has the back for different debuggers and it has a nice abstraction of devices so we can configure your own devices which journals only also using now which is presented later on and all this stuff have here is combined with the kids uh so you can just have different cross-compiler loss configured in Europe you craters overview of different about about lying around and 1 is for example and on fold 7 a B. above 1 isn't policy you can just have different toolchains configured as it is in 1 kid and uh so you can easily switch and compiled for different it's quite nice and yeah so if you have any questions just pop our more normally in the and the question get is usually lost so if you have any if anything is unclear just ask OK 1 of the systems cute critters supports a secure princess and is it right that can speak system guess I wasn't sure about the cued part and it's uh JavaScript-based build system and it's using link you Mel runtime environment and it's quite neat because it's this general script can be passed well quite easy because it's a script and it's mainly uh Jason description kind of Jason description and of your stuff I'm going to show later on in the last presentation it's pretty compact so I've done different uh have built different um on projects and well you need about on 1 screen all the text to describe you build anomaly which is quite need for an embedded across spilled only need much more so for example see make I think what about double of the size for describing the same stuff in it yeah it has a lot of intelligence kind of build in into it and so it just moles by the file and then what to do does it automatically and you don't have to care much about it I and it's integrated into the cuprates we will be a big kids project manager with status I would say pretty cranial I think it's so 3 points 0 really such as a news release where this was I think the 1st time was there and still and marked experimental so you have to explicitly in the activated for the I'm showing it later on and yeah I know 1 thing this was missing too cute greater wasn't bare-metal stuff so it as nearly had nearly everything in place so compiler that of support nice code completion and um but 1 thing that was missing was but it was not able to directly talk to the GDP so and to 102 dB server which has some subtle differences in the way it has to be talked to and that's why it I wrote the bimetal plugin for key creator essentially um if enable them at a plot and you have to become a truly things you see from 1 thing is is you get their metal device that's being defined your hardware debugger and you condemn metal kid that's now the associated kids we can just define your compiler and stuff like that as it's normally defined in Q created bemedalled could serve as a pretty basic right now the sole mainly you can just select the network properties and the IP address I found where the GB service listening so you don't have to have it on the same horse you can just have a lower network anywhere running and and it has and window where you can type in you GB commands which is pretty basic but very versatile because you can well I every year hot that I used to site but most be uh which are commercial ones uh is also able to be used the Stemetil applied in yeah OK and now I'm going to switch to the life presentation and on the groups yeah so I'm going to start
and so I'm just going to show you leave these settings so all of whom for example down here you have
them bare-metal mentally device configured for me that metal revised that's and is the the the 2 and don't here it and you can configure the also been know where the D. that's running currently hopefully the the um and but they're running which is also not started automatically so we have to make sure if you using it but the diverse running somewhere but normally you just have to start it once you are is connected and then you can just use it so here all the commands and for that most city typical commands to give the the program loaded is to research reset the device load up uh the binary into the outer and just recent again to make sure that no well it's it's in the proper state uh after loading normally it's not needed but uh well and then he makes all you need fall for all carry the device program and up and running on this side um you have the these
kids for example I have an aunt the
adviser William yeah and here I'm using all so take it yes I'm using Obama's device and just saying OK in see as the link here the barrier which is placed on here and I'm talking to all will also be I'm using a noun compiler what's this really it's wrong 1 and I don't need any cute in this case which would a little bit too large for these kinds of devices OK and you can
configure the uh compilers like this it's I think it's pretty straightforward and the divergence also a defined a straightforward and OK and this should be it and then you can load a
Project present the this make em right
here in visible me and nearly so this is the cubes built system description food yeah and I had to add to some support for assembly into the cubes persistent so um as it has 2 main focus was building for desktop stuff their support for building a simplifies files will not was not in huge so I added it to the huge resistance and that's 1 thing that's making me some problems right now as you'll see later and yeah and over here well you just say it given the compiler flex the link of flags and you include passes I don't know if the doctors really needed to run all but well it's there and then you can use wildcards for example for files which is quite neat so you don't have to know and all these files by hand you can just say OK I'm having all the uh I don't see files in this directory and want to have them included in my project and then you see you over there and you can also define some variables for example if you have an external path and you can just define a job of scripture variables and use them to construct your and passes if you have some complicated positives it should make us makes it touches you to to handle this stuff so I think I'm currently working on a different project it's a little bit more complicated than the simple 1 and that's and free apples based project which is and over here you see these cubes fires is is not much larger than that just pulling in some more includes but the Due to the wide cards which can be used is still quite compact form for uh the fires which a pulled in and using wildcards as kind of a double edged sword in this kind because if you using wildcards scutratore can manage these files by itself so um you just have to make sure that the boycotts are correct from the past record and if you're not using wildcards you trader can add this stuff into the father's list for you and manage these priors but I don't think it's doing it if they're white coats in the the and so yeah but I think it's it's easy enough so but you can just described above all pretty pretty easily and give something up and running uh quite quick yeah OK and will the feed actress I'd like to have a draining but unfortunate in had had enough time to get up and running and so I'm going to use the test project or here and to start dividing I can switch on the debugger so OK if on I'm just going to see if I'm having
the Harvard again running on also trying to have to start at most city in the background the groups I could sold well is the OK know his he's up and running and he doesn't like to be the benighted or something like that so
compiling or against Foucart true certain breakpoint so it's and would like to have a more complicated project up and running by Paul I went out of time and I don't have this up and running so you you see OK Europe Mariel's you can set breakpoints and will it's if you use secure created you can just press novel patterns of the you configure this and you're ready to go and you have all this so nice stuff greater gives you like like code completion and cold model stuff which there has been a talk today from you probably have seen it um yes to OK and of any questions something you wanna see the forest stop alive presentations which back through here the them in a while thanks to the total question is it is it possible to have an area for you if you so and that what the and use of yeah I think it would be possible and also talk would make you hear the guys how it might be possible to be implemented but by now it's not it's on the wish lists and these will say see later on um but I think those we have a lot of singing missing from this solution fighting and that product is comparable to commercial ideas I yes so so the comment was this from why would be fighting each other support device you somewhere within the q creative and yet but for unfortunately is not there but it's on my wish list who was so down and here I will see what the future brings and no a can promises that will out get sometimes work on this problem the the something happened so you can can integrate should switch to the assembly view and and so I just search of the divider so up here uses to divide stuff you normally what the wanna see it it's just for the debugging with the buying session and normally you don't wanna do that but role and and then you can step through the assembly you the but what and in the world memory-mapped I don't know I no 1 thing was low stuff that you haven't device you know I know OK that you can you can think of giver you can create and use you can create it and compiler setting me just say create new map and then it creates a file and you can just look at it so well you got it some of it is that you wrote that was the question before get out of the last years of his here yes uh um yes yeah the you have the can looking into memory of the of the debugger so you can um the over here for example if you want to look at this that stuff and so on so let's at about function if you which is already there from from acute greater this is the best yeah OK so no more questions I'm sorry I think I just love that probably time off so um I just I'm going to switch on I shall have
left for the is this was my
head sold OK future improvements
and support for all that system to printer supports so currently only humane in to support if and snake in a I don't know I haven't tested it haven't climbed tested but it would be nice to have it um journal of variables support in the command window which is entered into the device you the them metals so you can if you have some special commands you need the binary which some esoteric 100 invaders need that and it would nice to have a fast we start up and so on with some the wisest all in fact slope so it would be nice to the restart button and 1 question was over here and that's also something which would be nice to have was and with the memory device you and by part of description yeah and other stuff and you can do with acute greater which flow and that's just some completely different something completely different of transformers and we're