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Towards live environments in robotics
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ROS is an open software integration framework for robots that is becoming more mature day by day
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brought we just 2 or more about
how to manage so 1st of all I will in the I would don't you all
over as soon as you they're working on get in 1 the the mean to it France there
and work in many major new
process that this old so in this in this world so this was made by some amount of something that you just right and you don't a or maybe there's some changes in the in the south of so which of the 2 is that good just by these so you just going to a shopping and if you have any small you we use the value of the year so around trying to find something and you know that yes by the but she's made use by flowers bloom for someone kind of an OK so in the end I spent a lot of his life the money and you
talk about the maybe he says for them to grow on and the quality of the
script so the problem is to get out of here so that data processing
to 98 an environment personal and regional no point changes of religious organization the sum of the model already use
of the motivation for many years as 1 of you just find based on the problem is so so so it is really the on because the casserole of asking people to think that you need you can make it more flexible but all these that actually need our main you in terms of the mark on the wall of the ship 1 because he was on the menu or fish as shown as you I don't want to work this so the world that we got the yes in there is in the rest of the chicken and managed to find maybe we should be at the start of the new both tools to them instead of the I'm always so here is to the last time the sample what you said you I'm not certain among them the money and spend the wall by something of this new development and it was a statement that like most of my kinetic theory is that 1 of so I didn't like the person because as I found myself really related with so that do
these findings always use would we 1st you may give the role to Ramasamy and findings the world people perceive 14 or semantic analysis model that can do is analogous to best 1 is the market model and use it it cannot be for you so the fact that is fine things that were funded by the way we can solve we and environment so I ordered the enlightenment that clearly us the only see each other in the restaurant and and has some got on these forces and sum of you know that we have a little something
about the of our way to understand we are since the so all in all the school the about what we need to make candles system of because my name is called amounts of money family that means that we will not we're making money off of the face the the 1st thing we can do the metal so it's not the which can only define the lack of of the of we old something called the somewhat what is interesting for us and what is not they was also after the role of making the rest of the place where 1 when the role of just the announced from what is the law of the royal to 11 columns used in are used to be the last year the the officers in the inside the inside a shopping mall and this is the same as the whole and ask him again role the collateral was the the FIL advanced because what of the use of the following and then you where something more because of avoids some study all in 1 of them would a little and maybe they're being not able to both so that that's all the so you know allow the just 1 unit of his the the we get a chance to work the so what we decided to use tool the data and some prior priors somehow tool that form that really have set of these preliminary results for a single invigorate nonporous problems that we
usually cross Moses OK to say probably in the lower and the present framework 1st something that we do this find ways for empirical processes in the cell and protocol it use and it goes the that you when he was in a space of France the then he bosses there and you know who did this interesting stuff we need to have something in is it's on the basis of so the think that we will raise are almost but also processes that have some behavioral and the euro
the find in terms of the study of people and you know it turns out what we got in the rules here as a proposal for you to practice a lot of small processors that has small we use most of the with these we say proposal and he has to be able to reduce a lot of processing that come to this 1 process formal process and unchanged the of or just implementation using here we don't have and he was actually 1 of the things it the in the underlying because some of us just on that matters actually there is 1 of the main use of performance is not justify the of the practice of the old is also the role of the body should last as much as we can and should be the so what happens if the release right of body which should be able to come to put some services that can have a little dances were you just the the most and that is is not commit then there's no Italy's is that this is a way for me it so that was going to go to the regions of interest I'm interested you know the poles of the role of each time and story the story sister in Boston of course of the information you which I think that the publishers like these values and found that the 1st is this book then the services for
all regularly for and the start something that there are these not related to the main responsibility but may change some of the results of the novel of you some specific specific service and request response that users by the topics just not just 1 at a time but there is probable so Wiley and way that we choose because
of the existence of original and all we found that there was a really slow model is implemented there was already about only yeah and then there was really originally but form about the spaces so we do some work because they were going to be the sum of the easiest to get answers understood just because the moment and so many from away from because yes because we have here Israel the environment has also been oration because it is the summation of the always a lot of these people books and you're working on the
island that's the great forming a new to set of parameter which 1 the leading and PropBank the knowledge of the process that we want to so we develop forest which is not the only the framework for people in the
area that this is the most beautiful and the actions of promises that it can easily done if you want to run in sort small we all the rest of the middle of the Rose stuff just because this form the central what's so
this is the only thing we would work well this is what we need more than a tool dimensions much this was to the friends and I brought all we just get out at this moment and this movement the this and he would not go up down so we do not get the dimension the system was the maintenance of that of like the guy use were but that so then we we have in virus the interest of the political so for all of from moving their role in the history of the sense of people and we have is that systems
will understand task the marks in the environment so that's what we use for the problem is the fear all because but is costly and we can also do some rare rare earth the different roles so we can make intellectual that they thought were we use tools at the rights and then configuration this 2nd by which is that people from market is not the world because my gentle for the office buildings but the expected of so then we you can also there on the 3rd part of you is that he sold developing seekers blast by Don that something's funny in general well since we have everything through this the connection which is what standard we can run in parallel with all that this thing so need to right in the image or something like that from going out of the of the problem of having a that understand the problem of the of the domain we start use so where does make them wrong because then the problem reduces
the rose 1st and foremost you're on the farm and the Dutch rose through 1st at the
OK where is the source of all of those what they would have been the site the world may have that chance how about
the some of the most effective solution for we have all of the Communication Services Division we have a nice way to 1 goal and interpret it that definition on a margin of the technical stuff you for modeling see where we don't have enough and you don't know of these so things are different we do we're also in our assessment the forum and resources from from
also our a muscle usually they and also we have 1 the the unified we can have actually several of the same process service in the UK and the thing with that is that the cost of communication between the most of the society must use almost for each test message passing recover a little OK we come it in you got 4 of the the chance of computer and has the same for so called because then that's a scholar and the the conditions of just this there those they look I'm going to
get us you will not so where where these because that's what happens is that if we add up all the all the muscles inside the mass not all the but if you for the a whether so that we can also the non now that's our late
knowledge they look like and also because the amount of time processing by the fastest program as we find the and some logic on you like this through in the field of and suggest that for for also from world 1 of the 1
norm In the fact that we will go through all stuff that we need for the anomaly unit is a set of annexin pieces so the news in all of the 1st 1st to do so if you have use set Samy mission of knowledge with all that stuff related to for each knowledge this model model and we cannot do not consume laser stream which is something that the past 60 because of a lot of text so it's not it's not easy to be so look at that that I think there is the mean difference that I want to do model number 2
of you have enough time so there we have a tool for constitution but the century all the system might be an instance of the distributions we people to become a way for the good news for several distributions so of us we sort of distribution so far on the rest of us and working when you need to the union that need to make some seed goal some especially make stuff whatever is all of us so you just have to make a lot of University of and we'll start from the from the pool and style and unit of the things from but it the same with this creates this creates this they want the system to the to screen this 1 of have so we don't create new viruses with different that so it's like a will be very long if your agency on OK so
what problems that we have this is it was it was actually Germany you know to reach for this standard things because actually I want in my small role to promote mink coat or something I would not be able to show you this 1 which is the some of them just as much in but
the if you don't if you think you have some
of them in 1 of the the book which is the what the but we could also changing version of the and the structure of the of so and and go there of the running the the
room we call for this patients that will of so we covered and we know all of which is a political 1 unknown we have the city of course relate the always the same with the um into waiting for the whole humanity the make much that the we
a OK let's and then we have world's around them the father of on I think so we start and we come here for the
rank of available there can't be reversed successful available to minus the what minus mean from here from the same part of the cities because really something you all this stuff 4 year old so and so doing these we have starting up 1 of these things 1 of the although in the case the model through a serial
mystery man actually and that technology so horrible that it's just wondering so following this such as needed to for the in
doing this this thing I just me to call it basically would object but this and there because the state the of the but OK where was states it's Samy followed the value to sample from this is that I can be shipped to the knowledge through they didn't bother for providing station kind of thing that I don't to see OK we choose this the shape of the state that we discovered going from another model which is simply a thing of the past and the thing it is just so so we seek to live there because you have already told me that your plans the chest and you feel he's only just executing line How will you
best figured that someday it will be done about that OK that's so most of of the people who made the cost on the left what you do we that the from another another but actually what that means is that the 1st before coming you all to be able to do something we just need to understand what which is which is the we analytic across from the system as a kind of what means that there's a lot of knowledge inside the system because of the different sense of of event a represen processing I'll information at so you need to study dating we which is the from somebody like more than you cover the that's smell of it but we were going to think so I'm here in my
because in our view of the all the shopping mall and the slope of some of we get a very short questions it was the or the morning
united enough you know we were occurring again of camera positions to warn you if you want that with that development of the secrets of the half of them on during the course of the something like that because of problems in in the form of so many questions the so in the right hand