Pharo4: Plans and Dreams

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Pharo4: Plans and Dreams
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Pharo3 is close to being released. But development is not standing still: Soon the development of Pharo4 will start. As with Pharo3, the plan is to integrate changes for 10 months with a 2 month bug fix period and a release within one year. This talk will give an overview of what people are working on for Pharo4. Topics will be - Boostrap from Source - Minimal and virtual images - towards one image file - better model for saving changes - VM level work (e.g. type feedback optimisation)
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in the so that all the good of the group that she used to work for the the people in the country rule which we still haunts that elements because interesting thank you for thing and that the the the the of little the the the thing is what being the you you and so we would know and right you the this is something like this I think the world for I the the you could be a it can but In the land and you you have to the think of the and you know the only thing you have to the world around him the the the the the the the assumptions people to do something to ensure that the subject was doing here OK next muscle and objectives small holds we built a long time had been along the Gulf of the source code is spending yes you have OK so from I'm talking about just a small talk 1 of the 2
and non the classic small talk vision what today and in that's my own company objects in for a while just recently started them with making and breaking start and I'm also attached to the hostel plot Institute in them doing my phd
which is related to this stuff so a lot of my place and and I really like small sort found but also really like C on because it it let's get stuff done at the lower level so I really love Objective-C I'm so much that actually way back when and if anybody remember the in the gun so I got my 1st Amiga and the the 1st thing I did as a implemented in C preprocessor for on and that was a little over a quarter century ago the scaling by next came out and that you know they did a job for me and it's it's now lost to history I have bad this week stuff yet added some we and work a lot of time what the 1st at him and which is also lost because of the good and and the stuff that's currently still and you just support structure relations so that's sort of where I come from and the the inject C programmer on it's it's it's a great language by yeah it does have limitations on because originally was really meant as a stopgap measure for a for a moment goes in situations where you could use small talk and that's really kind of changed a lot so it can be really nice if it's simplified back down again in the small talk never really caught on to the and I wasn't you try some time back again we use it for my they did they work to understand on so it be nice it'd be more practical enough it affected actually use it for my work and finally to I'm always around about for something to make this all program things look better because quite frankly programming sucks and my and we really deal with all these low-level things and we're not get I mean I don't know this is not going to be huge huge huge relief but maybe we can make it with at the end and so the 1st thing is you know let's simplify C and and this is why I am do you see a really grown over over over time used to be just a system for mapping scenes function C programs in a little small talk like properties of we can stop doing that we're actually
using the object system and as that it's not really very good and you know if you wanna have an object number that's another number with me for while that's not the mean square brackets now recently there's been some additions so we can say at 3 in for but again if we do that a lot that's just the really virus not to use just plain 80 years later that that that's that's right now that's that's actually OK because from this we have to syntaxes to languages John together and you know that it's not in the the long I am here this is all my theory that was they had lost recently and that's that's what a lot looks like the lot these 2 and so on what happened here OK so I'm the maybe you know if you look like this right like small talk and that's pretty much the same examples and except they kind of out can we still want to have both the systems the object system in the primitive system because again I I like C and sometimes we need to talk to the Sea World and tho you might simply because you just do find that it said that the and that's a scene and the rest is just objects and the so that's kind
the motivation that and in terms of of just being more practical small talk in small talk the image it's a great concept but then again the world has changed since 1980 right when border in the seventies when when it was created when the wind 0 Xerox part had the out there was really no outside world talk to so you know having an image having your own world with you that's fine on the other you know it was all it's it's it is a great system right there in the world that is what we would do you would also mentioned change right and that's I mean that I think I it again it's it's it's a dramatic thing right if you you know if you if you if you have some they were lowered you're comfortable and you that's great but many people on right why do we have the I mean 4 and placement I am small talk should be better than that and the systems but I think 1 would the and problems that people had is that they could integrate the amendment to again through an essay in your some so if you have to if has it would not certainly in that it seems to me until a nice image and on top of that it seems to me just be history and it seems to be difficult to get a good scripting Unix shell integration on top of the image we we're trying for a long time and we have systems but even the fact that we have so many of them seems to indicate that maybe we don't really have a good answer and so we want to 1 of the they the and and we have a nice little object system that's very small oriented with the get see it's very small and so we have no no no no image and we don't even know which is which is of course crystal and there is a methyl you can use the thing on the right out of the state of the nation's future thing and working on it it's not there yet same with object it should and in the other part of being a within these other systems is that there is just so much more other Caracas vendors in Apple does the court say do all these kids on having to recreate all that just doesn't scale and they which is organized he was here last year and he had good paper where you where you some numbers it in even if small parts are hundred times more productive they still couldn't match yet but just what is there in the world I so what we have understood them on the
and of the Microsoft OK so we have a small of the fiction in so you know we we can do 3 plus 4 years so yeah it's a small font that only you can do we can just write this stuff that so we can send messages we to standard error we can do standard the concatenation of all sorts of for works we can do slightly more fancy stuff so if we have let's say we have it that works that we don't see it as that's an economic syntax and so all that that sort of stuff works and of course the example we had the objective C block example of that a little better and so we had a couple of strings may be in the and we do do but the the so you basic small talk works in in the command line and so mean the small talk is is is a little like that um but I think it's it's this is a really useful uh capability to have an especially since you can start and doing real scripts version output from just to get some of the some index away and what from 2 does is is is reasonably just Council on and that's that's true and if we look at the look at the theory itself on here is the fact that there's is not a time the integration between what's what what what what is the script and was a method so say this is a method from 2 these 2 parameters the and then just Princeton and having this type of meta information then allows me to for example to some urgent by completely automatically because I think there were any and it's and what with and so you know what you have is a so it is starting to get softer architectural ideas of adapters where you have this description world and that the objects messages messages world and storage try
to bridge the gap the the but the other thing you can of course June 11 days let's see whether it's uh it you can and started bringing code from from your addition knowledgeable this is the accuracy of basically we framework and in particle and so this but this will do is will be below the file and initializing region and just like that so he did little tell you what the images of so if I have image info rejecting something the works city and well so you have the size and the number of times in the states and some information about again here here bridging those gaps in bringing things closer together to make make it easy I mean they just become more productive usually what happens is when you have these 2 worlds and you need to that the bridge code tends to be so much so much more than the actual functionality because you especially the small things that you don't do that right and then you need to write a seat that either a full program or you need to and get the other packages involved it it just becomes more cumbersome looking back to Florence the so this
was trying to being subject to see you see in small talk together and now we talk about little bit and try to go beyond small talk and again the the idea is something about that some Matisse talks about a little bit I trying to specialize the language right because we tend to at at higher levels and reading Application programming it's it's often the case that we doing something very similar but just so this the sufficiently different that we have to reinvent it from scratch for example to the example that many of the gave if if we have an instance something that we use conceptually really an instance variable that we need more of them and they need to be dictionaries for and we need some special functionality and when they get called we can use the language anymore directly this we have to build a scaffolding on top I'm similar with MIT messaging if we want to have a built-in messaging defined by asynchronous messaging or messaging applied to a collection of some other form or remote messaging we can have built their cells possible go through the you have In the end it's 90 presenter per program is going to be the new emperor maybe maybe you need now maybe the language instead of that fixing so again the idea is that what what sort of the next thing well actually just doesn't do by smallpox itself right we need to so the the of the subclass and compose the pieces that make them make it make up the
basic system and then we can build whatever language we need which for example with the script we just show and what the components there are some polymorphic identifiers emphasis references which generalizes the idea of an identifier an instance variable talk about that um messaging so we can play around with that and finally and that's the part that's the least well-developed that's a bit which is and and also 1 of strangers asymmetries in small talk is the assignment operator right this kind the 1 thing you can't override there's the reasons for that but it would be nice if we could for example have customer customers I have constraints where it's not the one-time assignment but you just say this should remain or have in place saying well it's not that we just wanna show this 1 thing over here but we actually just 1 connecting things and keep keep them connected the and the inspiration for solving this
is really a software architectural approach and actually the original book by the red fox on object to see talk very much about some Joachim packaging and and and the fact that the it is just 1 and which is the as the these among different although they database everything on the functional model they that managed to get the relationships between different programming models in there and classifier well how how far can you go with a
particular model and when should we move on to something else and looking um
and so I went and other things for a while and came up with
this was that this is a classification of small talk in terms of softer architecture we have basically based on the fact is the net which is just you as well as many of architecture and put things together somehow and the classification of here just that the the law so you sign in the mean of the filters were part of the value of the of connected right you have access to the and there is little rules on the well known museum environment variables small talk doesn't have put it because I have a message in which I know that I use a sort of general generalization of anymore the procedure call but in general is that the time that we don't have a lot of the things we know there is that interesting on the orientation of the receiver now all users are types of messages but again there the following the things that characterizes the specific language then the where this language we have the same overall picture just the 2 parts this is just rest of the cell time and now we fighting we have we have all the variables and this function dollars on usually in the environment variables we have files which the smaller we can directly that you found in the show just right on the by the variances of the romances of why is this right it seems completely random to me having the formula and of course you're your own particular problems will therefore call for different languages but for now no really good reason it's just somebody decided well we split this work and what if you could just decide to mix this so 1 of the cornerstones of
that and it actually took me a while to figure that 1 out of this we have to be able to name the problem and other the theory starting your party to actually make
naming flexible and that's what polymorphic benefits are of and then there was just a deal paper In October then elenchus supposing of sort of of so and the basic idea is really just put you take the concept of the URI from the web and put in your program and they can actually also write your eyes so it should be something something something and have that simply and identify program the quality of are but uh and uh and all of the book you'll realize is that the users the points it is known that the research and researchers who have worked the Semantic Web right yes so what is actually an internet this is I mean I could I could use something else and then come up with my own but out we had your eyes and they're called universal universal were resources universal scientists decided the syntactically that makes some some things a little bit more difficult on but so I think the pragmatics of so I guess this is really just important that concept into the prior and the of you can they make can use of a accessible from a scheme has has handled and you can define your own on her this solves a lot of of issues for example the property that it would have dictionaries on the access and dictionary history he's and if you look at 1st instance and the outflow from X code is 90 % dictionaries which seems odd you think you know about that mom wants to model actual objects with functionality but notes dictionaries and there's reasons for that that is going on the and you can also do something tangible process rest found that
essentially you build these file the like entities if you do that inside the process and we had to experience re-engineering the answers using that talk to me i'm because that allows you to
do the hierarchical management of data I'm flexibly without having to have external fast or the so and quick and who out of time almost let's just
see what happened network do not have enough work for most of you don't in the I will try to do some of the other stuff 1st if you were here but the other ones don't seem to work with more machine for some reason the I don't know why the current successes in the pieces year and should or any other Mac to connect just minus the like and the rest of the OK so the that here and the my standard example to the do those answers
now and in that it looked at the source code that happening out the and and I can now with that in variable I say so long as well it's 254 OK let's put them in a file the the and that just works by and I can I can also of course negative done that directly from the and and variables actually also have a skin so if few different 1 the doesn't exist on the sign it but that's actually the same as that of the body and I think I can access environment variables of my home OK bound by considering the nest and so the the a a listing of my home directory on and that gets integrated so i in this but that that it's is there so I'm 89 thousand directory for I can't just retrieve something from the and 1 batch research done OK I think I'm set and on the other hand the 1st I with let's see but actually that was my last i I have more
than most stuff if people are interested in the objective of that's the that's where the that's the site the the reference to be about stories from basic idea everyone scripting compilation water into to be distinct some objects and eunuchs also should look much more natural together and softer architecture is yes polymorphic identify some or some of the techniques used to implement that and the study of how the progress of a from the donor time so thank you thank
you for the good of the the whole of the location of the 2 views that much of the fossil and I had had finalist found by the time it some changes so I think probably not but that's the generation and regions of the of the of the of the of the of of the of but this is the the of the literature I yeah I'm I'm I had both versions and just a genuine formally but it's not you know 1 of we don't want the thing that's currently and the problem is that the use of a lot of thought and have a look at you as far as I know 10 and this was the right and future work it's just happened to the 1 that in a way that the ability to have such a lower that you and the OK there's no growth and there is no way the object is see has reference counting and and various techniques for dealing with circular dependencies that are not a full got is to have it on it sucked and didn't work and so they run through that again here we used the call article yes this and this is i from all I I don't think they currently have in the absence of the but um it's they also that we have here yeah so I again I haven't I haven't tried that this particular thing but it should it's designed to and doesn't use jet of Figure which and you the this