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Pharo3: Status
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Pharo 2 was released in March 2013. Not even a year later, we are close to the release of Pharo3. With over 1200 issues fixed and many deep changes, it is the release with most changes yet. This talk will give an overview of the changes and improvements done and present some examples of what can be done with Pharo3
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so the next thing I think the point about that so in the years the the are follows 3 which is the next
big release of coral and before I so you want to achieve what we
we and with the ability in general so you have already seen the far already here in the 1st talk because of course we must resist very soon and I use of the latest not so what our our as a language and environment where the and means that full programming language programming environment and by we call it so what about and this a simple language small talk right now very much compared to the model and it's object-oriented dynamic and especially it's extremely reflect so that means it's implemented and so you can change and inspect everything of the language so the idea is to use the we want to do is due to the correct of course not the goal and you will see how it turns out that that's the end and go so far as not only summation of the union of more where more but that's a bit difficult because the logic compilation be done as a means of slow of the growing the community very long forests improving study so actually there's almost no data where there was not something being ultimate so of course there is simply but something to speak and you a the reason is that projects that use far like we saw in the 1st talk for example this baby more project so far all started into their a but a lot of use all year review late into the mining tool and since then we have all of hybrid uses a rich array of your resume favorite was released last March so last year's talk here at 1st them what's actually about what we have done so far too and that you will be released soon and the interesting thing is that he managed to do almost
everything most of the things that we the planning for forestry ideas that we want to do 1 of these for you for the next 20 years of something so um that means that we can want to they don't follow in the fossil talk I will discuss the what that means from the time scale so we started in March to the 15 we
um if you look at the bottom of the all of the future and respect forestry then you really then you see this to the printer 1 that appeals since March this is quite a lot so that means is this is not even about 300 days and that means you're reading with the data and the so when he did submit in the issue tracker fix than the is automatically verified by running all tests and then we combined 3 all those who they of the around 1 2 3 pretty and made since of march 18th last year we have some of the past um so that means a lot of things happened that we still have to get all needed for the just take that into 6 and we can release but we hope that we will do that on March not a lot of
activities and so this not in the same what's already but I think that
there is there is a and this is not from the results and as you can see that the open issues very modest constant already constant all you will run on a on a 50 50 issues and you will get the right answer I always try and deal have strings are applied to in a number of but it is a new thing constant so all about of the of check entries but it's that they get close to so we managed to close 2000 issue tracker entries of with with in the development of the forestry and 1 of the things that are able
to move around so much faster than in the past that we now have a working continues integration of this is a provided by the branch of the government research that the and I said to
him and continuous integration of the Jenkins and we can use that to build all infrastructure and use that extremely a lot so that means every fixed that someone submits is that it automatically for the latest version of our own the student body which means that runs In this case only in notes all but 16 thousand tests and only if these tests are reading this issue we get back to you in Brussels human review the the wrong even kind of in style that checks the seat of 105 against the common task of mass so more errors that they actually meant you let you vary the phase and then when an update happens of the set this update is validated on on all 3 architectures automatically so that it runs all those involved testing times on and of course after that there was a new the following is that all the issues that have been already checked to be reviewed they would you test so that means we have a lot of activity going on on this integration infrastructure uh 1 they closure trick us a lot of jobs once to rewrite the test on the proposal will fix this and yet the knowledge or you have CI server over speaks at 80 to external projects that annotated also on on most followed by Thomas Savery and unstable so that means that 1 which was not very to clear that the use on the contributions so the
and the contributions of this so homogeneous nation of 80 projects
um besides the continues integration in the middle of the structure of the year's most of really goes there last year we were interested in come together with the fall so we now have 5 so that so far where you have every follow image that also so that a release of every intermediate update is available there so if you want to check you
from the word work that you used to be so if this part really happened they are not now and don't have this reasoning we can go back is supposed to be in there but we have this sort of you may also use like ours is so it's so about science is a description of a user that you get directly installed a computer follow a system to go there you you probably can't see objects like another 1 small talk of
which is the that you have a simple model which instead of using you use monte challenges to traditional and revision control system that was invented for week and on the role of and this 1 starts to get quite used to the real world a thousand users and you know all of this sort around 50 million downloads of Lotus every day so what did we do with all these 2002 update
issues and a lot of things so we had a lot of small keynotes of course so when philosophy in forest that nothing is too trivial to be done so if someone while reading holes finds a title of course that's not really relevant for anyone I mean the title missing i in common we have population when they read that they ate his style have someone should fix that and if they then move over to fix that we will integrate so there's no but this is trivially ignore then also of course also raised during high performance improvements memory consumption movements especially because the minute you get all memory leaks in some of the things they were of the policy and all lots of small improvements in the quality so we have now a lean style checker and the system that provides a couple of guessed wrong you also checks of things that should never be wrong so for example if there an instance level that nobody uses why is it there just makes people think of what you need this kind of thing and then you do not understand any more and that such around in finals used in the last 10 minutes of the life so we are going to improve on the more things lots of things but on that them but of course the larger improvements to enter not all of them like in your head the the the the the novel so for example we found that the closer to us of that used to be in seaside we had that into the system and I have a closure of the review implementation news directly without knowing the so that we have now we're talking about with was there or what in the minds of the little so far we have assumed that the charter allowing the system that allows you to be very nice experiment small like systems by changing so this is all about and that's the very similar to what computers can be run the whole test that would so we also the longest mediation role so that you in the core of the middle so you don't need to goal character-by-character but we can say OK go to the next erased the abstraction the next statement the only way to woo out of small speed-ups and things like that yes but the initial
which 1 the world which was the the closure no images of the of what continuation here right continuation class blocks up you just but if you want to
programs continuations you always need to do to satisfy this so 1 of the bigger improvements are actually visible to the to the use of economic follow is the new inspector and actually want to show you that quickly if I have the time look at the books and you could OK so let's
quickly take the latest for In started up and so if you
the if you followed there is still more and more thinking generally follow you have this whole world models the screen is actually an object that is bound to global variable called forums and you can of course expect that and so you get getting inspector up and you see that the suspect that looks at different than the life you know sort of the people as a lecturer at the at the top which allows you to switch which kind of Inspector you want to use solvents model reasons I think think it's more even ordinary instead of the more to the kind of us but it also was the sole knowledge of the paralysis even didn't understand that when they looked at the picture that this was a special aspect of was culture we you grow up how it would look like the Dictionary like and we make this all the way less so that you see that there are only 2 kinds of spectral for certain objects and for these more objects not have always supported from the back of the 1 that is the standard that spectral 1 is the tree Inspector which is what used to be explored we chose to every other state of this object nicely a tree then we have a hierarchy storage only shows more object the higher the the graphic 2 things have screen so you can see OK this is suspect window and it has a great more often these things and then we have that just as they move something really fun which just shows that this graphical mall and renders the inside of the browser and is of course the solutions being you get a really nice effect also and Inspector of of the main screen and if you if you open node you a menu that this year copied step by step into into this so it's kind of fun I will describe modeling no because it just ran out of the the not of 1 it has electron that's so kind of nice game and so this this new Inspector
actually has already been proving to be a very interesting so is used a lot in our region she experiments to work give us spatial-spectral forms of past apostrophes intermediate representations showing so there's work going on and on about this optimization which is very interesting and we hope that we will see something and of of and of the year the our reach the benchmark to solve the edge dysfunctional we really hope will be improved to bid for for core abilities of humans and their usefulness as Inspector because you can inspect all these things is that this is a graph that optimized and introspective test so that's
very nice another thing that we are working on but which is a big project is a vector graphics back and that should replace the 70 70 style bit-mapped graphics that drives the system right now so it's a new way to get rid of the monarchy the I with and that all you know I was going to be very everybody months because things he's not compete in the center of the government's not through the of the and provide a review jail and topic rendering but somehow it's Cairo and he actually have its working
in in the problem can trigger the release preview it's not used to render their because that is a
lot more work to be done but if they do
works already like this kind of nice to host 20 of the tiger the more around the world so you can see here of case for for the vector data and this is rendered of what's to make this relativism animation or the time of the white being copied around as a bitmap quite a lot so again this is more the green it's again and there is a lot of coping going on 1 and that's why it's so in that last 1 works and you don't to use that as a specialist can just inside our 3 and about the future the to actually replace the canvas that renders them with this so this is graphics framework and then you would have no effect vector-based system from G that good is the so almost all of this so that when you have higher resolution than the presence of small and all these things and of course it should speed up there was quite a lot of so that's quite
nice but forestry behave but but can also that you can use in problem about the system so if the user can also do the rest of the list
so then which he did a lot of the change in forestry the inverse so what is replaced the small compiler-compiler takes text and they fight that will be replaced by a implementation which uses the concept the form of words which is very high levels would have lots of since from so it wasn't intended for a factor 2 and now you are part of the effects of it and then it uses the back end which is kind of like a high-level 74 the by called which is very nicely you centered on that you want to experiment and you can actually called higher the whole system into a this is the mind related and then the image of I quote and it's extremely fossil because hiding the horses that takes less than a 2nd using IR representation that's so that's the environment but what all the components that the changes to on this is also 1 of the other uh and you basically what you might think that the missing font for which is a bit on the same level as if we replace the faster because this is the that they are when you want to make us because they think that's not that's simply because if gallery instances you need to migrate instances that are different kinds of classes so is is quite quite a lot of work to be done at the cost of the so actually I don't think that anyone wants to and now we replace it a cascade of it is a much easier to understand and much more flexible because it makes a lot of things into objects very object before and 1 of them is so that's what we have what every instance of evidence that we have an object that describes the instance right now it's purely for the same they do business models it's an instance but you have an object for it but it's kind of my
so if you if you look for example in the current forestry and you say slot all instances size then you see the analysis the of the differences of the variance of the novel and in in a 2nd step this will
allow us to do a lot of really crazy stuff which we would see a bit in the form for presentation I think if you have a problem which was rescued from the model and the use implemented so you can prove that it's independent monitors group in the model is to understand what the heck is it uh and um was a want and Switzerland in back on this and I have really fancy parts of ideas that they want to provide you with you so that you can provides only valid for your own and is at some kind of cruel implements that there only about to but the very last and another thing that is what I think so because of the use of force because on the phone and real world settings think it needs to talk of of the of 1 of the things that we really nice here is 1 of interface MaxEnt for the soul if you might make use of the whole life of the environment so that it takes 2 minutes to do anything to make your own quality of life is 1 last the work in year as the nice because this 1 all can be used in the the so quite a quite nicely so you can just say I follow up and that the core of the environment and of version and J. is that what were some of we run the test on the on line which is the so called and you know it has very small expression very nice but so that was
already knowledge the small system itself and the the inverse of the level but not technical infrastructure of more human so we'll start with other things so 1 idea that the maybe you last year was part of our is the horizontal and that ideas that there are companies using follow whatever and that should be in the interest of the set up so that they can actually invest into the future because the Forum of the use of their do their work initially the interest that basket case that things gets improved and then we move forward in general and is your company then you always need to who thinks that in doing there you customers happy so you don't have time to do that at all sometimes you have also not so that the use of these in the you user might want organization organization should be able to at some point to hire someone full time to the fixed spots in involved so that they don't have that right now we the in the hands of the of the of the companies in the 2nd half of this response also sponsorship this kind of development of your but you're contributing and it's not enough to pay someone a full-time but it's already quite on the direction of the hope that this will continue into those 14 and the other
companies that are known about but the sponsors of this requirement on the side see I am very nice
this is really going in direction so already wanted to have both companies and individuals being of some of the problem is that sorts of failure and the government entity was not able to handle individual contributions and so we decided on the basis of the also for companies and institutions and we have no associated with reduced the power of 60 members and ideas that at some point a consultant assisted emergent 1 we will see in a couple
of years and the thing that is we use the 2nd which has more so we have a right to our example we need to be updated because these are model on the and I now have more advanced topics in a 2nd book so it's not really quite an introductory things but it's more things on top of sorrow like external libraries that are the or outside of the visualization engine that already topics like I think there's something more exceptions all the implement whatever so that there is a lot of contemporary someone is interested to write something it's always interesting in this book will be about sharing the enterprise someone like what's the what do you need to know if you want to deploy the old version of libraries we have
um before I start 1 interesting thing you might to do is prepare Prince regularly and spread so that you need this 10 to 20 people with the goal to fix boring parts so that we look at the budget and fix all the things that nobody ever wanted to do because the some the board of the K. and for but designed to get me efficient so the last will manage to fix the about and before Christmas and so that that's a really nice and friendly In many cases where you want all as 1 you know of course you rejected 1 every months of most of them are the publicly announced by around every 20 months you'd want to make everything the external extracted participation and focus on the conferences and the fact that something about everyone can do that is if you so that's my
presentation for forestry and if you're interested has always welcome and presented what need after all of the
and the next host and of then after the break any questions the and this you get was all the more violent through a kind of you know some of the the packaging of this this was very connected to each other this means for the firm to of reality so we started to work on that and so that you can apparently the approach but that's 1 of the bond strength for over socialization in the form and the other 1 is about the role an both projects as people that they submitted improvements so I think he proved to the the situation of the probability of not getting the place to make sure that the generated more so there are so many many events that OK no forall to use the finish some people actually looking at these things and that a but this is getting better but you 1st that is the so following really beautiful have to test that will because it's so easy you use you fix something in those 2 weeks from a set of using knowledge of this package and there's the problem and using the other so it's really going on with people that will be I think of Central People's known where people actually that we need to know that's all the basic law that you use that was only there from the beginning the other in this song so for those of you can then be needed some of the mutations important things about this a bit difficult to get practice was very easy to get it wrong and is always the danger of the orbit reliable saying is the solution of the we at some point in harmony with parents the 1st thing I think the reviewers to put words into place a check the state so that we can be defined as the crime and if values of the multiplier and the fact that we need to think through informal but any other questions be the future and all