Perl and the Web - A Love Story

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Video in TIB AV-Portal: Perl and the Web - A Love Story

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Perl and the Web - A Love Story
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In the beginning of the great kingdom of the Internet, there was one ruler: Perl. With time, fallen from grace, the beautiful princess language lost its place on the throne, giving way to Ruby, Python, and to the dismay and horror of everyone in the kingdom, PHP. But all is not lost. While underground, Perl has schemed a plot to overthrow the competitors. That plan is Plack/PSGI. Interested in knowing more? Attend the talk, if you dare!
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choose will flow so it's you'll talk about relevance of so so which means I'm across and only get a good mixture of nearly in coffee so that the projects for that um we have decided a log of 0 anyway to turn off the lights of good to you so there is a flight work the the but in my some those that no it's cool it's it's there were some say might might it that it was a problem I do believe that and so that's sort of way so that have been approved well from people here and you know programming way nice Hollywood in recent years OK I want you think some of the things that you use like frameworks or forward deployment methods of that you're raising your hand in the article was loaded not you know if you're here today that you had 1 of the other ones so you think you have him off to the task that I'm good you were worse than that of a bonfire later you will of your people in there and so the DAB well into the future use of how advanced parole mom looks like fun where today and not the only and you get you should never ever use for anything at all ever so on the other so it's a little history that all you know completely destroyed in of the formerly we used to have cGMP and came up in my Italy and it was a it was a really really good title for OK because people have to get the and and that was the women's Wainwright dynamic web sites in the world so people started using proper was used for just that itself was used to create website so all name was more involved and we we had a model for all of them into about and me and have all the of the process of support for the values factors yeah yeah so we can use that and this is pretty much where all at all and that was it for a really really really really long time a lot of people not some of you in the service and all of the programming and we can only know that that in this is going to work on but that wasn't true because the material initiated and the time we realize that the more we have different roles that develop when taking him out it was you can programmatically create HTML that was amazing and realize no 1 should do that ever but it was amazing we had so we had a pH meter came only would enable encoded in the 2 places like 0 my hypothesis of mu 1 in the in the stupid should ever by that so that FIL these fees like complete monster where you open it had only not run HTML but hysterical that will render HTML from a template FIL and we can all learn this the prostate behind work and comfortable with this and we develop small ones like templates assumes that that all nothing really too much so in 1985 it was said that it was possible so fucking awesome into working is
really stupid is dumb is talking and this is how we look like nowadays if if you look at C. J. in Denmark all these things by so stupid
so under a tram presented by PCA and lack of this is high and this is the batteries in the greater the the it was used people gossip and then see 2 and then I took on the look of a C is a really good graffiti artists the end of in by the incentive for a whole it we have lasted for a few years now it was time is implementation for including actors and and references with issues of a and we can take a look at that today they don't know how long did it take I haven't practiced started at all that just finished the slide so know that the the 1st of all the question is why the guy would use yes as a protocol it's a single protocol and I like having my CGI Fast CGI all these like versus the deployment of the protocol versus actual server-client protocols which she gets killing happen happened and the fast yeah which is half and half in my role which is also happen have features a single single-protocol commuter room and time that supports many web servers being much anyway survey implemented it supports many web frameworks anywhere from the person there is very very simple in if you have a web server now don't support the CI is a logical very little which actually more web service to be written just for that same thing were framework that through the through the year of anyone adapted use your it is a lot of code is very very simple but I'm easily supported a lot web if you have no application you wanna use of a party so using log coral and steadily from you realize when a person so families now you can use my problem or in your entire application has to be written and rewrite it and then realize absolutely concepts to always internet they realize they have a problem with a specific HKC only use model is challenges the web server that is work will influence the integral of because you I have access to reverse proxying within for about that that the war leaders so you always have to be adjusted to work on a web server that you want and any have cold in which you want to use a certain what framework but now you can elicit a different web framework that when the support vasogenic points so others who again it's just really really really annoying references that they support severe stuff like mounting where he actually take another piece of code added without you know and they go inside your apps you have to add the new model 1 on top of the other in the past so nouns last the 2 goes to a completely different than with a completely different codebase became the work and it's really necessary can tackle and more and more stuff with is that they're actually chunks of application code that you have the the year you have half the inside and we're aware which are actual pledges to the protocol itself that implements different parts you want for example middleware in the popular request ready for a person handle authorization ordinals that assets or can handle and expirations or can handle user log is working and will be or whatever it is you want to take that needle where it using in different applications they have come to believe that the goal a basis conceivable where on top of it without the each and every 1 of those same physical some eroded preserves you can you can use that this has really really really nice a hassle this features following and I'm afraid of the book where you get input from the server from the client and it's actually not being buffer which is something the most web servers don't even do research supported not offered up most web servers don't support not buffered input feature party supporters who want to move to the server that supports it supports your code doesn't change at all which is really really really but about so what world the really is a lot of success but the this is a proposal that would have than how to actually use it in practice so so we use this the BCI 1st of all what servers these the implementation in order to advance to whether certainly when and where the other and I'm not talking about the users and out of the other users which is the developer write down and you want to put it on the server to put it in there and you need the
standard books asimple which means that the other users the web framework is there have to implement this as well if you're aware framework supported the i is the nominal easy and initially and and it was called a yes during programmers which is people don't use firms all this is anyone like that here it's fine it's right so there are some people on because of the 1 the writing application that basically uses PCA as a protocol and you have to use any framework anymore but anyway so the supports set which is a really really growing number than where is yeah but in terms of as when it appointed as indices new laugh fitting from so that number catchy and annexed lady matlab is generally support of future all the way through the about I ask them consider a server for % of our 1st consider myself products as with the with the and the flow of the Web service support but the yeah but PCI star men Tweedy corollary at all you know whether were written because of PCI because is so easy to implement the buttons and you know as far as I could write my own whatsoever it would be really really fast because if you've ever use punchy it's solid far because it's you Lj he has every possible thing that so never thought about having to do with when folded and they tried to make those model that not really is a stripped-down party 2 . 2 2 . 3 whatever they have now if this is it's huge it's big it's bad and slow and it's annoying and if you look at like the it's like the right but I think and my those jails reading the support w the from Python which is why actually use the really on the future from from my where they had WCI and from Ruby where they had rock which is the same name and the amount of the others have actually for that but it supports these as well it's really really fast but you know the acid release cells on him on wrong sign and which is like a brief working some really advanced web server this trade which is actually went on and so asynchronous developing world which means that you can write application code is asynchronous as well and will run on web service that has its own little variety in your code will enter their little run asynchronously in the web servers rules which if anyone here has done asynchronous dies off them that is amazing to write it completely what % asynchronous web application In a web servers that's it's pretty pretty cool and some of the actually use in 2 to get quicker and set of like that of the speed of a bunch of ships and up the true girls following frameworks so um catalyst the answer 1 do with simple modulus is was the for some of you were here for the 1st part the Congo and bend and want to just for example so catalysts he's really was the only 1 that came from the previous year period there and that's a sort of but adapted really really early and time they changed to FIL has originally had time small adapter engines to work on CGI to work on fast to work on my for all to work on this and that and that's the only reason you could used with any web server over the deployment because they were really really hard allowing that will people heavily used so these new ones correcting because it was so easy you know that I don't have to think about whether I'm running on CGI over there world running on a party or whether I'm running on Fast CGI because it is suggested that is the point that it that is also stupid it spits it is consistent and persistent so in because of annoying but suddenly it's very simple it's very easy and and those written to accommodate that fact and costs Puritan farmers people figure from all this and in real myself and where you see how actually so how is work a source
given an application to run OK if it's a sorority probably will get a cold referenced in Proc any call those with hatched so incensed all the HEP environment to the code the grammar and then whatever the oxidation does the server expects to get 3 things to be 1st of all these the status 203 hundred 4 1 4 0 4 4 3 5 and whatever you want to indicate as is that the 1st parameter you sent back to the server at the application basically any headers a list of pairs content I cookies whatever supine and the bodies of the content have been another option if you don't know the time or you don't know the result of torture and the murder and you will actually make it a synchronous again said that more cold to run later which is really really nice and then you realize that all of a piece of code in your application the and he gets from whatever the server and all of this can be wrapped with that implement where they want to be in between this 11 questions so far because you've been really fucking quiet and if it's really creepy nothing at all that's left is by only extracted that's really using the going this going OK this little old old all graph but they were the same way as the name change it and I'm really sort of summary so the standards here because it it actually exist that then the CGI option the CGI at just
the interest in working with something there actually anything anymore so yeah it's a really interesting case we talk about being very of altered down this is equation didn't Texas yeah that was up kind of framework you always programming CGI more structured analysis she OK and it's really interesting because the it only worked on CGI if you want to use LarKC role which is faster CGI what was viewed CGI screw you can do that it's for CG on because there's a protocol and it doesn't mean interpolate and doesn't work right with the with Mark brought by the people who supported right about the what holiday candidates properties are shared by all of the things that right there's a vertical pleaded run if there is a miracle last year BCI action OK so but you can actually some changes by I meant more is really is that any actually change this to work with what their relatives report on it from so catalyst again whatever it is that you have as a framework you can see here is a feature of the protocol the middlewares I want to wrap this of the the BCI called reference there is a plan this is planned in the which is the adaptor for the deployment protocol the CGI that's DIR much interval the model of and these adapters handle all that stuff for you and I think it would happen anywhere 1 so it was for a while and a webserver in any form which is the finally will be banned by the sum of probably the most part the the structure so so this is an example of purines yeah the thought I can you read this you this article in so on there's an app here which is a reference entity as environments passion as the 1st item in the parameter list the actually doesn't get anything else so you can do my and in round brackets equals people rate any everything you said that response to the server from this coder and the server actually shouldn't take this call and keep it and then call it with the environment every time you get a request so request comes in it takes this piece of code throws the environment that the like again this is the report have added and then we expect the return and is the reference that 3 items OK we talked about the disease status letters and common 7 0 100 the the list of matters here which is actually only common side and that's why didn't just continue to are more pairs of some of the fans the content on the literary theory which is a time in time for in this case the world or you can just return any object was like a the what that said look at the environment that we receive will get it would explain my time to begin recordings tried no of the classes and other things thank you flat as a tool that comes with block which is implementation BCI the set of tools of the handlers middlewares where it comes with a which allows you to take a piece of code and act in and running on a server that the server has to be applied enabled and needs to be so that I can actually say hey pack up here is an application called please running on Twitter form please write on from please right away in this but it was 1st of all loaded another model called the has all the namespaces 1 short longer if you go to the printer if the rule here it uses the number yeah for shame mostly you so the the the the whole you should look at the printer and you should use them covering ordering of introspection villages yes so noted solving the printer found and then I'm actually is giving the file that has the obligation under the industry to run as the application it is in something and I'm using P from the to print out the 1st on the 1st parameter which is basically showing the vase and getting the it in different this what can you read this that we do is the font to put all of this in so so you can hear I actually know for those 2 parts 1st of all the HEPA there's 307 that's the host and these are the endowment from this service and we did this then is on a web server and in the fall here plan before and you know Observatoire like strong and or a tweedy which I also have to install obviously you actually has high boom that the involve 1 which is useful for you know development it's not very good for performance but is really good for development for simple it's going to be server PCI and what did we find it actually started they should be service I did this come to run whenever a new questions it and that what it is called local host for the the point set up with anything the default factor and what happened was that the application dumped into the terminal the then it was really upset because it in return what it expects to returns are due to get the spot so if because there are there is some of that there is the set people's use rate and you can see Michael requested that so what is the request that actually did some have restraining remote remote poor with all the stuff and there is pierced your and there's which actually tell me as a client as a kind of sort requirement is a framework for a purely formal using that Italy somebody's just be really helpful for me for example this is server they're using multiprocessors is multithreaded isn't non-overlapping fertility supports training and weird for development server but it does it does a supporter of non-blocking which are 2 different things interestingly enough you're all students works with version space duality implements it's that there's a few extensions to BCI pattern semester for example of the query so there's no supports basically and now as a client I actually part these like the quest your eyes and I have the move that is I do whatever I want and this is 1 of well framework was actually do the problem is that if you use the different servers and different point methods 1st of all you get any differently 2nd of all you have to return a different response with the giants always to say it doesn't matter but it's yeah last year marked World War II genetics for all on enough for all webserver you will all of the following day which is amazing and the response that you will always work everywhere if you use your idea you have to return to parse and you have to exit with 0 le everything crashes and In the 1st part of the patterns for this over and and the 2nd part is the outcome for the user and then what happens if you push it too fast easy know that the the work in more but if you roles get variables mofa actually use local which is accessible to the health have stuff like us just what we do with time there was no time to that the 15 minutes so this is possible by so strange for beginning on here gives the environment and is that returning the data which is a now we will return a cold air and that's what you want the data because we 1 and this request and maybe this a collection get more stuff from somewhere else later so we return somebody that will get a response to call that and then we can call it with the status in mind we can go 1 step further when we don't know what the body is only 1 return it shall right if it's training we can this there is a you know I
I would call with status and headers it will return a writer and just call the right recall that we can't and I can just call it is NATO's along with more and more comments on them than it was when it comes to the server supports this then these all get a chance constraint in the server doesn't support it will still work but it will be about so it's the only buffer to actually not the chance of some some pieces and but it will still like the cold crashed right into the world and the web observer is still fresh if there was there was or it will probably traffic environment that really should whether the should know each so on some were stuff and how so I had a few slides back there until late about 40 minutes ago the narratives and down I did so with missing in 1 3 was the athletes in all this the order I guess that's not what they do now that I want to start or growing with the general who was that Mr. that the field angle as well as from Osijek or other we know what they do exactly have a bunch of terms and and and he has a lot of others and using that is there how will I actually look like now it is so I want you to know what the what form but I don't have the time in India it was working so as i the of the of the of the that now which is this using messages here is example identify the idea of methane I held meeting with the of a group of core developers and of you drew both community developers be and but often people and this is how we have invested too so you have this kind of thing in your and my out of 4 models you can't to you get a bunch of syntax the itself writing new stuff and the words using rules where it's not so it's not like name space matching where directory in the center it in a subdirectory in the file and then subroutine in that it pointed by the pack instead you just say this is the fact that I wanna run this last I wanna get request to slash to do this the routine that's all there is to it and here I template keywords as rendered simply that political index and here are parameters I want to send to the template they will use the unit name and the key and the value is actually from the parameters the user key that's why actually time yes erupted parts the PCI environment and put everything again have the you can access using word called France that so you wrote your application in density or on Mostellers's of catalysts whereas you want and now you want to be able to deploy that and have to watch the right and and that the AP is not enough so you right and that is just about the obvious user about actually generates very cold reference the models of all this logics because that's what says so and being if you use the answer to that and they use your app you can use then key word that you just imported from the answer to to bundle of every application that gets news about because used you and you will know about your application as well and enable bundle all this stuff and this thing called actually can you start on will generate doesn't really is here will generate a cold reference and actual reference will have a bunch of ventricle that passes the environment the generous to return codes for the return responds with the status and with the content and everything all will we talked about will be generated from the same thing that actually my at equal status but will end the call with this and I said that this is all that this is all about to American history at Brown wouldn't have the so before it is on the example you know where where we were have the apple when use passwords right because Lawson and engineer and this the supporters passwords it's part of these like or our so we will use the middleware that will pass it should afterward and before it runs Oracle because remember application QoS those slowest application code is always the smallest so we don't have the application code right away we will actually use some of our middleware to fix it before the application of the middleware for a of native effort so we can use something called will remember I
said that a bunch of utilities for handling is just the and then finally is a keyword called take is a generated 1 being called reference that will include a lot of stuff in it applications and and now we give it some actually think in order so and is in order so enable the you know more than 1 this logic the translated to client middleware all its natural and the father we have for that's where these are all parameters to this enabled us know about the just fix whatever after the name just passes it on to the malware itself and then we call audience from here and because we did you notice national to pick that up as well as in other applications as the application so it's what to troops from what happens with builder is that it builds 1 game called red the translates the PCI environments that were sent and its severe from headers that was there and will decide whether to call this or that in that state there is no it actually calls it should be on the password and at Stafford let it know if it should continue with the request the fish that forces you know this request is foreign to that it will call this called reference with the request and then are called we have to care of that and I wouldn't do whatever I'm running on a web server which is the quality of working high-performance oxins ask amusing you think as a service on this it's really really really nice and it's up rule-based cells become fine because every other demon the you ever roads socks and this was the only 1 that provides you automatically with service manager and demons the be 1 various about his this is how my Apple look you make this is likely to see in the room whatever you in any can actually set of describing scene in the wilderness amazing unique service plan new given the server there was started giving the error of the PCI file which actually run it will require it to the cold reference that was done there in the last the in the last line and use that for the Web server so he was that every time you get a request there's a lot new words but the unique itself at what surrounds there the users so change that user because you should always do that and the command itself gone for any you actually nature of the kind and this the current working directory so where should it serves them from just deal directly in this sphere of between there's no it's so certain that you hear the word yes I think you can work with us for so long the there's a better way of doing this we don't Saarland or if you don't want proles server you can learn and it acts as a reverse proxy for example for the inulin Stalin and different for bound to 1 1 7 0 1 or you know from column 1 and then you can figure and role was the domain or whatever other characteristic you have in a frozen that is assignment at the reverse proxy and suddenly you have a web server in April running for all code and throw out there reciprocity calling to it and you have multiple Pro applications based on different ideas and different of different companies different projects of the same company whatever on as a server trying a different poor in different dedicated to and all those routed from our reverse proxy for directly to the averaging of the PCI interface for and Annex there's so many ways of doing this is actually 1 of them in the most museum like the most control over this and I will write run on on 1 port Stalin it with what happened in the course of different colored ceramic 20 which is asynchronous working with asynchronous colon different pore with the different out on the same server with that it's only routing the right place so the best thing you could do that in my opinion the
animal is at the of I want to give examples of simple this number looks like the and what simple on this that requires the use of self and you decide to get and then you return UCI responses so what simple set but word is a simple so we're just going you return the stuff that when you run the template keyword it generates not just content but actually generates entire response properly in actually do this and there's a regular so she will be the default and I want to revive for a finite format and sh modulus is there was a slight very
similar to answer a bit longer on get slash and there's some context variable and so when you call parameter and can render with some text or where you they want to all of the using
1 to life and then you can do that in the context of a woman you comment on rumors of the same thing in this beautiful part frameworks only guns index now that's all they are and this amazing we started with frameworks were the way to do it there were bound to how to deploy it and nowadays there is interest will work on anything that we have the
in the and if you
few anyone brave enough to ask a question and yes in the middle of year thank you kind risk and in that yes you can there is 1
person who actually decided to do almost everything in a way that I think is a pretty good that we can use also at the have which aims to stop the open source and testing of also on the history of the lack of in the underwriting just looking at it's these judges who can only where you can you can go and I think that out this amount to call we want the labels that we have a president to that guy the well the thing is this there is confusion between deployment method protocol and the framework for protocol so we write out for all the actually used mark role to fetch parameters Inc also produce mark role as deployment long you know the difference so we can replace it completely has be the framework but you can still deployed on using multiple on watching and of yeah well could use the filters are I think you could I have of refrigerator with the I'm pretty sure it could you can survive anything that's that's the problem we have to be aware of your title Party and the reason you will use this is to be able to get out of it if you decide what to do it so 1 thing isolated problem about how to migrate to PCI when you have an application written written or I'll say this does a CGI just example so would do is actually amount of certain passed on code is cues John or to be interrogated PCR serving the collapse as the model so you can do that the garlic among across party this they will be force actually go to stomatal whatever from those where do the opposite we haven't and it's going to us start and and the the active just as well with the scope out there actually are mounted to the party this sitting here because we need that we mark all were still so there's there's weights of the obviously activism but anything else you have to we have actually more a so was the 1 more these silence and they just variant the collision that what from fact is actually just a bunch of adapters and tools so 1 of those tools not know about those will need to be retrieved and no 1 in role union there's because the current has to exist and they do very well so so that's all we need from but if you if you find the of Canada to train multiple from providers from right in the US from major is very small code just in the small tools and that's it this yeah to remain in US come true currency doesn't care if the years this is just a it's it's worth it the language so you can yell at agreement on working whispering and let's say what's but the the it so that