Performance of Wine and Common Graphics Drivers

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Performance of Wine and Common Graphics Drivers
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Last year I gave a presentation about the 3D performance of Wine and various GPU drivers. This talk will review the changes made to Wine and Mesa and their performance improvements.
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child of and use the relation that the signing a new way then I I'm going to give the presentation of a
state of updates to the use what updates to the connections to others follow and you and you want to which good last year and this will 1st be part of the ongoing
change will change next year so it was you know a the of the child and not
much from the point of view and they exist you know its function in you have to of be here and it uses a history which allows us to think you know some quantities of injuries from this so what and this 1 was close to being a
matter of don't mean shit we what over the view of many of these plants that and we're done on the units and effect will be effectively and conflict has to go into space of more later and for the and and the arm but 1st let's say you look at the performance situation the last so 1 that side much change which is what you is prize their constant as part of that you responded for years old this is supported by the use violence but there is not much maintenance it seems like a lot of changes its sold on the response of the water for the reasons I don't know I don't know if you have a time of change constantly assess that against improves the what time and you mentioned in tension in the world but it's also possible and that I rented together the things that you put in the right column of everything and did so I don't know you it's about 3 % of conversation with a on the left side is
line is the doing of the performance that in
and now you can see from this that updating their mind version this 1 here is an older version about a year ago this 1 here is the newest version from I need to go on who regularities still has to
fix the back that it's in the wrong direction so if he can use at some point the consider this request to fix that but so what changed to have a 1 time that the performance slowed down and in recovers to pretty much today original plays In our tutors that neutral about I don't know why that happens it's I noticed adopted fixed itself so never by 6 that and you see open chairman replacement shared which caused a performance drop at some point this was the it was ultimately a bugging me so because they did note to remove redundant codes we insert that but got a driver's removed it so we consider to something music and fixed add a violated label sticks and performance of vector original level and nearly had another performance regression that's but unfortunate guided by his year so I suspect that happens because updated that machine know we should use of holes the that's the most but it's still wanted to do this from you all of you who think I of the variables those of the best on top the obligation and as you will see that you want to call I think that 1 of the constant is because you showed that judaism by London-based and
regression being that changes on the result of revision of this thing here is another thing missiles and return to those was using the children are sold right it wasn't bold and you can see that all the past few weeks performance has been steady kind of crucial in the copies of the list of all of these on the on the are used in
our system has seen now
some improvements that's a hearing of the human 2001 again
reduced from right to their so something that seems to go down to actually going up and this improvement has these can be seen that will beauty in the region had we choose to run the CO 2 frames per
2nd in the settings and running in that now so this has both like to be in the of the optimization the is so that's a nice change the and for speech
but both the slide to see that they have an improvement over the same time so this here is something that is not just a a group of 1 day use the latest driver which isn't just balls that line except for the part out existentially locked on the CPU is a point and then running benchmark and I version has that's that's you know regression that the old version to use because this little woman's and someone you realize those who got and fixes you draw and non-bacterial so some of the performers
changes there is much to streamline which is not necessarily a bad thing because this is the and energy you the arts have been introduced that uses the fact that this has been because of course much most of
observation and securing that we change the central part of the you see my big surprise that new legacy drivers of change asks energy is consumed was essentially proved using data as the the windows and analogy was mostly unchanged it's a good dialog is the people you maintaining there is actually no on than but it's just sitting there it's still working but it's looks much of this going on so all might be about something that the
check to change anything will there was a coming out of high on this
side of the room which is the model that is immensely the you teach the basic unit here is who would share the cost of for all of the occasions threat which was you and just write the commands
of and have a 2nd set of us the book and this is going to be executed schools solving many applications if you provide and your eyes will the of the time is spent in the percentage of time so that you can check that the and then there exchange in the sense that for solvent in both them and if you are like this and it is it is it is it is what it was and of origin rules that was that all over there and you and and basic you really is it going to cases of what it's not really you that the common the section of this is that is cheating because they're not using a lot of power in the performance but it is something that Windows as nuisance use and last
year identified the lack of that what is going to be as a colony shortcomings of the the the there is a little was in games in terms of something what just to all of our the what would that what would you do this from 1 there was a if you use a lot of the there which the 1 and then you always said you know what the rest of the the problem that you have currently we have used 1 major context there are red and the same for all of which is the does not from his and he wanted constraints between those I believe the it's unless you flush each context after you've got the draw which is a unit that is of interest as well as by the things that was used to Russia's ones but we don't know when the stage lights and Russian time you just and in some situations you what you finish and everybody knows it's the right of this is the woman and this the ego is controlled by a finds it being assumed by default because it's just terrible and this is what's the ordering had usually have little white box you have to use the broadening was staying and excuse of 1 the thing is that although streams since writing to all of you can do this synchronization of cells of the was changed was and the this right into this off the buffer is much cheaper than for each year Russia but role of the texture and in some things that I want you do more than 1 over all warfare the scene of the times it wants to for this has been all of so the game that all through the events in a 2nd we need I think there the rule of the 120 and it's not 1 of my understanding is that there are other transport and the size of the so I have done the read on my attention so that you can vary it can be used by the Forest Fire and I'm going to for it to just the basics of dimension of settings so
for this is not to use any text just use the board problems in all the things that drives the fine because otherwise because they believe that this game is twice as as as you to act and and sometimes you just
this year of texts and not giving you the representation of the performance and usability of speech the but will it be on resistance was what is this and you will see systems states on the service drivers and the distance to the category of as many as was the wearing of the most interesting candidates for the let's move to the west as mostly on the on and I think that this is mentioned that he all and the nose I usually there is about the running and I can I stopped all those nasty things from processes that this of study habits of who I've made some user revisions of instantly because it's already running and so on know this so by users the problem so that's the basic starting point so it's the whole 1st things out of this
Our study with chief was 1
usage the exchange you using their binary trial and minutes and there is the stress level is the true while the you by use setting values of you resolution settings those are mostly limited by CPU power and how fast it can generate commands sent the to the red ones out of high resolution so that the performance of the execution of the tree that is much more of what the rest of the ones that you can compare it to generate 1 that just compare new ones from each other and the reference to each other and what you see on line what is is essentially the same area I used this is the last point goes on open sharing games running on Windows compared to Virginia games on in 1 minutes and the immediate driver has a but the mainstream on its own which is in a bad environment variable but I always does not change that much improved some games quite a bit and slowed down other games quite a bit so in the end it just canceled out in the comparisons and here many new to Windows games that have been opened shed render and a diversity renderer compared to each other if group so that you get some idea how their API score don't read too much into that that was just under 20 2004 and you a to compare the activity and open Chen the on the nose so this century saw this then made driver has said but that that the open-chain invented the open channel driver on there which is part of the drive and the 2 D part of the trial run pretty much the same performance and so if we go through in line and finds that you
want but this slide literate could still accept the deep inside of the wheels of the died begins running Vines have all running line and the result is to use the mind of all use of any of those might be ready of features of the driver aligned itself will see dad's the formants is about 60 % of the achieves and it is pretty much the exact same result they got last year and last year the since the the sentence that 61 and the GPU cycles like the rest of you 65 but of the later on I think something went wrong if you you last time so you see but we add them up and heal the multithreading the capabilities of the tribal all right then a CPU limit that's designed will and has considerably increase promises he decides on graphics card there's so much change which is quite expected so if if the execution of the last as you on the graph of
limiting feeding walking onstage if you were efficiently isn't going through the performance such but since there is never right here separation between I'll do you imaging during the the it up to you with the 1st part of the brain actually you metadata data is the goes up a slightly and what you achieve that might be there is that the odds of 60 % and as long as all the 5 college security situations which is involved there used to be for the introduction of group was used and on the GPU side the results of the worse than expected but it's mostly because 2 hydrogen of both foreign and the 2nd the next 100 windows and the reason for that is being used in some way through the sharing the cost you finish the race and that he did not suspect from which means that we have download has been on this is that I really don't think we will that's what part of the problem that has been again so the result is the same thing as you finish was trying to be all things semantics to use what's being those is the more general so that's how I would react to that side of the dosages just I believe that it protects the variance in the sense that such that the image advised lexis's this on until it sees the game actually uses the data solving those it's just that you finish on their heads it's it each year we pixels are just get this imagine so the its use of its image based a lot we can use the nodes the long and in the
although there is this this I guess there I the need to use their being passed the bosons and the most wonderful and this these are again overture tests and what is the what is the source drive on minutes and it has this is too slow and the rest for you this there's no reason to do so last year there used to be a little city was sent out in the performance on the hour and something that tension inference about the so this while the other 1 then you have this that will have reviewed by the was 1st the on this manner of his you on the in the is that there are 5 2 D implementation on Windows is a not more efficient than there are open-shell implementation windows and
this difference may not look that the but if you compare the diversity performance add to the open show performance and then add invites additional so this is that and you can grab the looks of it which is the improvement over the last year and the bullet that it was sent to the on the line and now plus minus 1 for the and the fuel and in their of the comment stream it's even a bit higher up could be understood media cut improvement is somewhat small you in part because it's I still believe the drivers mostly cheap you wouldn't even at some resolutions but there is so i in the end there is so still a lot of ready to go on reading cuts this year did not test their binary driver the all on of on on Linux because that I tried to do that in a trend trend every game at 5 frames per 2nd and it couldn't figure out what went wrong in time but may use that may results last year about that the binary driver was about 10 to 20 per cent faster than Newton's was drive up and back then a computer there isn't much much use weighted least on that path how are they may be more useful the binary of choleric strive on you a constant this comparability 1 but I don't think there is much to worry about the about disorder binary dried up
and finally 1 work because
of the size of the 1 giving point by the way this is in here is that this kind of part of what makes system so I could test always sex and the results of pretty much all over the place they're cheap Baseview
ornamented particles pretty awful is slow Richie even in just again OpenChem against you know there's 15 more of the which moralists medicine might stick stations but there are at least in 1 game synoptic record beats the hell of than those which is why keep pyramid attractions up to 120 % the I I have to do more investigation to see that those differences come from but don't read too much into that but it gives you a rough idea about how old was sex compares to Linux and Windows at least on our immediate should use but on the upside and windows open channels as when the stack 52 result is the same as the new account and that is useful
to find out the stimulus that about 60 % with the line but of 1 thing that was noticeable was that on the solar
system and improvement in a command string was a lot smaller than on the new 1 and this approach is to that the and if you answer if you take the events of J results for those states and that finds inefficiencies you end up with pretty terrible so to sum things up there but scarcity in this case is
the it is used to clear my goal was to check it out on the repositories and me what improvements of that are is that it the remainder of this this is under the shortcoming used you use of institutions that every being lost so the some some was this a year and so and now the against that movement of some games like that you know because I I
want you to guide the wind out now considered as the decision that means that the US was still at the center but it's not on a case that I find it necessary or is and and the the analysis of remaining for biggest 1 is that it's not the
end of the year because of the
use of the 2 and a desynchronization did that so it is based on using it so it will just multiplied people who
was used for the use of the this which is OK if you have understood this you hear about consumption what will of sound and rejected the use of would cause it's it's the cost and obstacles in the way that things like the strategies the parallel to what is the this is resulting in some because it's the last thing you and their descendants if you don't want was spent reading the book and arrived for instance the all I tried few tends to use more efficient synchronization connection with the rest of of the dogs I have had the due to a due to solve yet because I should what is the idea the in the imperatives so that this is real line but most of the land you it on land so it has a that for each of the performance of the and 2 kinds of operations that are not efficiently and that it's possible of course this is the future updates and the source of so those currently more of this 1 extra and cooperation the goal is to use uniform about objects for the concepts
and the storage to you do a lot of so 1 4 and is that you can use to arrange the because as the stuff of that of that all of the of the of the local cannot be English until there is provision on that the because of that you think you can talk about it so then we have to be with the revision of the body that English has become more and more of this in the 2nd part of that is essential 1 basis for each so can be a user this is the memory buffer and then use chernoff was something about the contents of each device mix of it and up I was
the force mentions that centralization problems on other issue is the shape of synchronizing of synchronizing access to using resources is that there are many approaches some games of this mode of another approach and just shifting around 2 things you can buy a book about these ones and 1 has to this end and performance this is and there is the danger that you all devices such as and again this is seen from the various right now in many of these are the areas that had been going on here so if
you're gaining ground defenses against to the and the right to and merchandising that thing would be to include it and then about this also don't know so all this is not how it out of
and of course there's usually children viruses and so so the reason you and then we drive us sometimes refuses to execute those cheers part of the of the course is basically into that in some cases it just as well and truly religion you signed up the data and the result is that the performance of the demonstrated this also what who also like to call a just of arranged in a different in the leading strand lots of instead of calling so this in mind about the way to the I have to do is to buy the new 1 and so it was a question about about you around on the priority queue is of some things then again here so the possibility of don't even have to call that buffering introducing is and all but I'll trials on like you on about what is that's our immediate pressures and these things that we will use this and look at Kidder ecstasy it is a valid thing that's
only 5 minutes and then you get the you can use this feature and then they in the candidates by using that surround you fall in that you can usually needed was used all these things that there is no way that I use 1 of red so doing using the context of the of lots should be OK if we have a lot tool that up to office the the vector and the rest in the other forms of calling the rates of noting that lost again the so it's
still plenty of things that go on
and on some questions in a region which I use this as the number of times by the is so how all of that my comments you
because you in the Chair of the decision and its insisted essentially the same of the depending on what's the application that was that the Solomons mean intercepts financed research at the earliest literary due to the color images from answering the sets how the lines on generate generate false so depending on you do is there a chance to try and use for in what kind of a logic that about in this optimization is fast because you have find out so the units of and then you try to post test because the divine unity of time on the GPU so depending on what the needs wants us other so all of cold glass samples is in front of the
musicians just work on on the and because of the musicians on the part of the occasions because of is that of course you measure it so hard for performance and I have some arguments within the engine usable cheering Buffalo Range essentially recorded function with out of optimizations at our forces invade for their threat and their performance is terrible of for the benchmarks that violated my new text for at that point and she used a patch our replaced chosen map buffer arrangement the following buffer copy and then ship up for something that but it felt that thank God in the different optimization so wouldn't do any good that the 3 decode so that's pretty much a comparison between 2 similar solutions of 1 final thing
on how it can make it that and conveyance now that have to me and what was interesting thing in this example there is performance to the well and line and the result was that have been those who has the advantage
of but if you look at those frequencies in the 2nd 1 2 different specific it's not 2 in it uses some of that attention was going out with this system is finding that anyway but on the other hand you know benchmarks sometimes even if there not using that it's there is still a this goes both is here right there that all of will be used as additional just so the 2 x in my these are pretty much as fast as you want yeah of the this yeah that they last injury is I this is it's still a slow but there 1 that's mostly that can be the stuff out there so that was
and 1 fundamental they like to bring up the the incidence of us here at the top of solar has and how many you talk was the 2nd of the driver in and I have a reasonable benchmark that's essentially dust that just 1 thing that everyone should not and it's all it's also those who use this style of active at a it is 1 of the most exciting straw costs so the store was you want the face and I there then and this is the real part of the site the company has the form of as the cation on because of the European share level windows and you can see that this that the windows on generally has a significantly lower role that has then by the beaches mostly because they do us on our checks to use its new we develop so that make that you can just do stupid things you can do you know what you're doing that which also edge but then and we have the same test as well because of means 2 was low of those efforts some overhead for what the indications were used would you could achieve if you if you need many festivals yeah the synergy planet is because it is a bit slower than the Windows a . inches it's considerably slower than the Windows chair droplets even slower than 50 50 drive and if you start off with their high overheads to begin with then I binds overhead on top of that you end up with this and with and of this be proof lies and this is not
something don't read too much into that but it's something for private developers to just keep in mind when they add extra things so that you draw I draw arrays and so enjoy elements functions i it over the past 2 years and prove to store what had benchmark in mind to essentially achieve double the the number of foreclosed and that improve future games by about 5 to 10 % so the stroller had this is about as good a benchmark SG Alexa but still there is some value in keeping the miniature lexc useful and in mind so that's
mostly at the next step is that little next year would be so so my main goal is to remove the concentration of the mind of gates and kind you need to share your concerns and resource of the because that is used for the intended supposedly the structure of
and that as you say who was in and out of the water God she used for sufficiently rich and so there are you know you gotta have investigated in the care of of because of the security and in some games you've lost in the final performance issues all sides the equals be you think the about that use the ordering of the and it's slightly faster but is this list of forms but its Knobloch by lots of financial so
answers to say this 1 what and as many is part finally decides to be someone's
anybody wants to verify that is also of those things in your OK so results on benchmark it's a bit unusual because of
some this is something that I never would also do we reduce the tests ideas and hopefully and using it to you but it's also different in it's not so thank you for fashion so far I guarantee questions
of that the yeah with the world and the
actions they gave if you would like more than this the I just read a question here what the microphone and resold the question was not about getting but thing is like the conditions and if that could provide the performance by reducing the the correctly mostly so of them in many opinion about that use that's right now I don't think there is enough evidence to suggest that it's
necessary so I know that there is an implementation of the it's in some games like this but the interesting question is the true story games by bypassing performance but this is just a vision or lines of the implementation I if those thoughts are really an example of this fast-food thinks of itself as you read through all this book that inference things every system and user groups the innovation and that the group forms of all things so in the end the thing that is right now are a number of approach what is it that some other people and to commence during the day the base of approach it can be shown that the performance can be achieved and the reason that results on the bike and rider the so most it's beyond the videos
in some games of this in the binary driver and also I think this shows that knowledge is used for the API beside you the and that is that it can be
done so this was the result of the basic
user against the disease you the interest that and the things in his executes the you back
and it's still slow line that that would be another sign that all of the and there was a need to have the condition of the and the need for that said is that 5 to did this research and find the sign is this is a very simple and it's just it was hired at the line in the case of of wine and it makes most things that you do have some by using learning the media and this and this is also a lower right the soft and the following that is of this form of so these things because of the needs of restructuring the year and this so we have something important that's the basis of our students the work and this is the last year and I was going to test a on this metal in the past unfortunately they get Windows because of its use that stack of states so I have to install reduced environmental science is also the possibility of wasn't really make you really need to know the size of the next release of the results last year for the for the chair on which you can be identified the use of the performance versus the use of those at universities and those of his engine games out of the dryer fresh of research in time and this is the and it follows that you and that's the part chest there have been announced 5 out of the the the use so of the test you on this and all of the that's going on and the use of rest started mentioned in to the signal rituals the control of the the the next year or so and so another interesting and out of and tested the in a text was prices and on their individual and I was just so but I don't think we have what was the of the past but I think there is an interval of the real old and into violence the you is not but then about having identified jealous of all of them so you have any terrible lots and lots of each of the dead is but also you know which is the sum of any other questions that we could use to you have to do with the president that's because only here but in the sense that the you think rethinking broken windows at the gate when they went to the although the next it's the next step the the financing of probably with the reviews of all this class so so the question was if there's anything else on is because that might mean 2 things the same correctly from in the heart of nothing fundamental local authority and the so long as outside of the yet I think you have to include the sum of all kinds of based on summarisation things at some point because of the widely varied gains which used to be there because of statistical settings and all its facets student errors because they are brought and so so there's something very you know some future but otherwise and you wanted to there's nothing but and this and that yes I think it's called writers but of wine and the land on which could you use the deserves and so the question was about mine and the reason the thing it's mostly up to what extent that I'm a knowledgeable this is the knowledge that we have a problem of interface between GDI USA and instead and drive against any in be and try to ease a lot was using go but there are I think there are some signs which is in the right lower than doing research you positioning and their I signed an inability to send you an injection and other bills that will make it so all things we occasions difficult because this is the end of that those of consciousness ionization and data so that the use of vision that all the growing interest that just because they are used by the sign of the some the 2 things religion the we have a the the the so the question was if recommends were used to have a mechanism is but you can use the reason why we use what is because of the of the basis of its own solution for 1 if you go together and stuff you like that in the it's just really quite as assigned to the right and what questions you so that's