oVirt Hosted Engine: The Egg That Hosts its Parent Chicken

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oVirt Hosted Engine: The Egg That Hosts its Parent Chicken
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For several years now, oVirt has managed Virtual Machines. Then came the question: can you run oVirt inside a VM, which in turn will be managed by the hosted oVirt? In this session we'll look at the intricacies of an egg hosting it's parent chicken. We'll cover the various aspects starting with installation, going through standard operations, and ending with high-availability for the hosted engine. Participants will be able to get insights of this unique setup, which will save them a physical server (or even two) while allowing standard flows to run the same way they did in the past years
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I guy so suggest we have started have 1 my name is
gone off of that I'm leaving the isolated scheduling thing of the past 2 years In
another for 5 years we want to talk today about foster the engine for as we call it together and the egg and will soon understand why if I these are the things that we're going to cover and if you have questions protected skin so it's not that the main thing I would start to read with regards to also the engine is the fundamental question the fundamental question for us was why did the chicken cross the road this is something we were thinking about
about will try to understand why do we need the chicken to cost all this is the real philosophical stuff is null and within or we can come up with the right answer in that context so anyone 1 has an idea why did the chicken cross the road and 1 the so I thought nice but no 1 else the sorry OK so I hope that by the end of this session we will be able to answer this question the so what would they got slaughtered Internet problems than what is hosted
engine or so we would like to use the standard over installation but we need that installation to happen inside village of machine OK that builds a machine has to be highly available so we won't use it in case of a large holes clutch the problem is that that the have managed by the application it is hosting and that's very challenging so that's a the chicken and egg problem and you probably know the drawing and if you knowledgeable many more so what that's hosted engine but why really know why do we really need it so the answer is very simple so what money it saves money and if you have
failover equipment and special equipment would save you a lot of money so that's the reasoning behind it OK but as you know nothing comes from fully for free but while we were trying to implement that we will actively looking into some serious challenges OK so to begin with we had all the chicken
and the egg stuff how do we end up in a situation that the via in application that is monotone and implying that
same the that's quite a bit of a headache which we had to handle we'd and we will soon see how exactly we solved so that was the 1st part but then 1 set up is that we need to make the VM highly available we need to know about that but we and the metal in case of metal connectivity loss of handle all sorts of problems we have a knife is probably no life is very hard in the data center so need to be able to handle unexpected things as much as we can so load-balancing maintenance everything we need to do with the standard of equipment will have to do but as a can see it's a bit more spent all bit more complicated so when looking at these issues and understand what's the lights all the possible ways to do it we will try to look for existing solutions so let's take a look at what we know so some of you are probably
familiar with the the worlds of costly file system this is only a small problem with that is provided that he will tend to use that so that's 1 thing the
the ideal is not we have to start editors of its CSO where the tidal abilities for today and the another option of using pacemaker they are they have a standard 5 system allowed the use of course think of what the cone and lively and it's limiting you to a specific amount of of nodes you can't extend beyond that and there's no real over multiple which is something that we so most of our most of all users actually use all the notes so this is how we started this is the market all the available solutions as we saw it in the own OK let's try to think a little bit more about the and OK let's start to consider the standard file system multiple bite
and 1 hour and go full sun looses sign and onto special slide on its own basically it's the locking
mechanism that was developed as a part of your community project OK and it enables us to provide leases for this all for the OK so we were saying let's make sure that some provides us the locking mechanism and we will walk with benefits or other from qualified systems that should bring us into something which is simple enough it's open source so that should be the 1st thing open-source simple enough that it's focused in virtual machines so there's not a lot of logic behind it like the other solutions because they would like to provide probability for other resources and entities as well so that's really much focusing in exactly what we need so it's not simply should be easier to implement so we this concept
in mind we decided to go and start looking at the we had several
discussions of the architect at 1 point was too complicated so we decided to simplify things go for standards relabeled classic
architecture 1 you will have you a the business logic and data layer so in our
case we have CLI the Linux but we have our overview page agent OK and sensee see exactly what each of them is doing and we have the over the interval the Baltimore-based please connecting us to use the shelf storage that's at the center of the so that's our daily and create something with the alignment we know that
that's of something you can actually do with a simple minus minus the but in general the CLI is that it gives you the whole VM cycles and even more any
storage related uh functionality
that we need our on the status bolts of possible changes anything else it's very basic I know what's the knots and uh it gives you all the functionality that tuning in the beginning including maintenance of thought as root for recovery later on so nothing really you mean it's not pocket-sized science value basics Eli which will give you all the functionality that can it 1 to the next level we have the HA agent that
although we call it the brain basically that's the component have the state machines the logic everything that is related to high variability
the latest under a system services k concussion we have another 1 that will make sure that we will handle the situation OK and if something happens to the VM then that's all model will take action you know we start via or migrated or something else but some stations that of that situation OK in all those 2 on getting information and are connected to the storage we have another layer to the next 1 the and that's the achievable
the Soviets it will kill the middleman is basically an intermediate layer between the logic and the excavator it's a stand-alone service so
again can touch and then with another 1 as a back up OK are we use showed storage so this is actually connecting to the storage it's lighting and its obligations and leading form specific areas in the storage and we will soon see exactly what will in the stores so that's the storage box and when they got to monitor so it's it has a very nice pluggable of architectural so it can actually create on money components basically it's mostly like being skipped all something else like a be uh that should we pull back and give us some sort of indication so if we want to being the gateway for example we have a very small script that is doing that takes as an argument a gateway idea PLS and its arms tool for this whether we have been to the gateway on the same goes for secure and 3 of those more building morning tools that we have with going as you can see this is valuable so you can have your and 1 of their which should be able to support other h a avian types so you can actually have be able to monitor other characteristics while the attibutes of based on the VM content so that that's about money going around the purpose of monitoring is to be able to provide this information and then the logic what which is the agent that should be able to calculate the situation and understand what should be done so for that purpose OK
we made up some sort of a small system that is it's going a host based on the monotone of that we so those of you it's a very simple mechanism which is bitwise and basically overly beats is telling us whether it's being issue or gate with the issue or anything else but we end up with a score on the scholar presents the holes purpose so in this way it's very easy to get a
number and that number represents the whole so could be the 2 on the VM which is highly effective hosted and in this case and then only need to do is compare every 2 holes which his levels in both the bigger 1 would be the 1 so that's going no looking into the solid so this knowledge is a bit tricky
because as understand this is the part where we synchronize all the whole store the also should be
able to read the same information and act upon it OK and we should be able to understand now what happens if polls disconnects from the storage all clusters or something else happens let's say that services died for on OK so what happens is that we create a special stores the main OK in the shells so as we only created once you installation of the 1st node k on that's still a the main we end up holding the view hosted engine disks OK and to specific file the manifest file is going fold in other stores types just areas of blocks OK so we have a sum of metadata file and have the agent of the file . was supporting a 1st that's the 1st thing that really the achievement for the support of the other types so the this is basically the prof well we should find these files OK and you have the look vector that so the log space for and we have the metadata for the agent so some his release simple and this sum of guys but for the metadata this is actually something you but again the design so let's take a look at the major data not very complicated we're using our full killed
by chance which is 1 but also and this is the 0 1 is basically a cluster level stuff so the first one the 1st post
amusing that the 1st real of chunk they on that's pretty much the general of 5 spots in some of complicated but the interesting stuff actually hides inside so if we will die to 1 of them will actually see divided into 2
parts the 1st the 1st part is 512 of trees so 512 bytes in the 2nd part is everything else the reason why we had to
spit it is that because of atomic right and we need to make sure that the rights of atomic OK can only be achieved a maximum of the size OK so the 1st part which is the 1st 512 bytes simply hold the list of lights this is what is likely to inside the Stolojan of liquor look and last this something which is more human-readable uh it's lost so we should be able to the body at all if something happens and you can actually do that data they can look understand what's going on for example we have a very nice timestamps so you can actually see if the horse discourse all was not connected for a long time so that would have to be a reason not to use that cells all to my getaway view from the poles there are also lot of things still such as the scope is quite explicit and everything else so that what we Mitchell so that the storage would include we have atomic rights which means that every time are the Balkans will like 8 everyone else will be able to read that information the same information is needed by all the other hosts so that in general is all that we need well looking system we have a way to single as well the host together on shipments of file system manifest and basically that's it the only thing we left with now is to solve the low chicken and egg stuff which means how to install of year with an operating system with the application and then control that we have from the application it's hosted so this is the basic flow OK the 1st 1 is a bit long that this 2nd 1 and later I have as much faster OK so we start with a basic set up then we want the hosted and H. A. and have media standing still and create the 1st and only stores the main we have for high reliability then we need to start with the and for the 1st time it's an empty theorem and the basics of the located inside a new stores and when we just created without installing the operating system and all you need to put everything to make sure that the system and we get after the votes at least look for that the on that note which leads us to live and learning the overlap and OK so that would be the flow for the 1st post anything else sees much faster lexically will in the set up aligning the whole student in HA via sameAs installed without actually be able to detect that that's still is the main so this 1 already exist so we will ask the user page is this our age and you are walking on the 2nd although only by you say yes to simply copy of the settings form the previous knowledge that states of the so let's see how it looks like in new
life 111 demo still because owner of the middle is that's the
photon of making this so it's not going to look very good so I use my amazing enough of fault the
very good but in general this is how we started on the set up it's telling us that it's about itself the of you do everything needed however lot this stuff lining here and then I will being asked for the storage from should give the stalled a stolen child's told fast OK the user can say well for laughter and there's more coming this is quite an influence stuff for my by of K
then we will continue to on it'll configuration so the of the and continuation we can decide how many how much memory we want what kind of CPU harmonicity accused and we end with its it so with the whole student and continuation itself basically well ask for the ID of the 1st holes which might be for this 1 very some of other uh relevant information like fossils and so on and so forth to
then it would keep fighting and it would finish everything it to a creative for the 1st time and we will provide us a way to connect into that PM and as we mobile phone this flow
chart we now need to install the operating system so in instantly opening his system
we would the municipal multiplicative
again for last week that the operating system and well being asked and so all the standard size this is lying rule and that's basically the end of the age so this is all being enable and everything is started to get the locks again officially and we have all students successfully set up on the 1st mode that's what you see when you
browse include the administrator power so if you go to the host you and then you will see the 1st post that we managed to stop OK that's the 1st and if will go to the view that junction stab you will be able to see all the details of the challenge so we have student in OK the next task will be to come up with a 2nd Nolde or more and that is said is much simpler and without that we don't really have I believe so simply like the guy who can pull vitamin so file but if we want provide that once we will understand that there is already expose them mn for high for host engine then we will ask you
for there to be able to assess SSH into that machine and we will automatically use CP 2 copies of the delivered settings form the 2nd normal form all and we will only asking for a D for the new node that you just created difficulties to in this case and basically the same you
can go into the next level of failure you have another 1 set up and this is
within the where to lost finding OK this is after some place but this is the cost engine itself and now we have 2 nodes covering for the host engine so if 1 of them clashes the because it will be
assumed always felt that some of the even if the host doesn't clash and we only lose the network course stored or something like that we would be able to migrate resume to another host that's basically from those set of files which uses this acts of fiction if we wanna the try some simulations going as I said this is also something that only a fool so this is a call to get form um status squarely in the host so the 1st holds to and you can see that in this case we have the VM in upstate we have a good
enough that loosely much school and the gateways on the 2nd host the Viennese down because it's running here OK and we also have the toughest 2
thousand 400 and the gateways you know all of the state that I blocked the gateway in most of them and which is where the
host and in the Amazon but this is what we're going to
see so the VM aligning here that's the holes they can look at those emissions of so that was 1 and migrating it's actually my getting away from here and into the
OK if you think about it the via is lining the engine and it's like migrating itself so what you see is while life migration is happening it is quite amazing and that's the VM itself a consider status is migrating form OK and it's got on engine to work it will move to all students they eventually so that's how it looks like and that's the expected results this is what will happen when we see the ball you
can go in and see that the gateway on is nothing you will basically and that's why we use the score that's the result with a lot of my generation of whole event itself and he'll everything is fine and the reason is so basically that's it OK we can attend to the fundamental question of why did the chicken pox the world and answers could have been a gateway almost from what we tested the possibility was migrated here the questions
yet all of you and what you we all know that's exactly what I showed you need to 1 just just yet you just you need to on the host students set up but it will automatically fuck you all the settings formed the first 1 so it will only ask you what's the age you basically and that's it and you'll also so the the long installation on happens and for the 1st time because we have all chickens but once you through it's a lot of I the reason OK the question was whether it's possible to install the operating system the host of engine of pixel and the answer is that interest yeah that's what was so it again be the question how it yet it which cluster office the stories yet have right were tested with a sign don't last have cluster so so let me just repeat the question the question is I know understand is how how far always the glass support so in general what we did here during the implementation is that we use standard to be the same now believes well what can we reduce them to create and maintain the storage parts of of the events insists the DSM is already supporting everything general I'll soon be that difficult will now try to general we are now trying to make it um so the the started no through this it but it's a mess it up that similar the so since we're using our video some other ways but we don't have a lot to Ed get is not that big but we have to test it OK so uh actually glass those should come out in the near future would like to build models blastall support or something like that so we're considering all of you know taking advantage of that but in general for some and block devices will not testing it and I hope that we won't have a lot of my 2 so I would expect that to come in any of the common explanations from so if fits well it's not default probably with fight all but the question is this set also on the list of so I was not previously I was discussing I was telling about 1 of the solutions was so pacemaker so created the perceptual pacemaker was still considering that there you know in the in the next the major version you may want to consider again so all basically so we're not ruling out that completely mystical philosopher we need some mileage to awkward also there to give it's like the can't for everyone here also need to make sure that it's completely libraries and then if you can pull that by integrating with something like so all I based make of of course would be 4 questions but you remote thank