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Indexes (18.11.2010)
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In this course, we examine the aspects regarding building maintaining and operating data warehouses as well as give an insight to the main knowledge discovery techniques. The course deals with basic issues like storage of the data, execution of the analytical queries and data mining procedures. Course will be tought completly in English. The general structure of the course is: Typical dw use case scenarios Basic architecture of dw Data modelling on a conceptual, logical and physical level Multidimensional E/R modelling Cubes, dimensions, measures Query processing, OLAP queries (OLAP vs OLTP), roll-up, drill down, slice, dice, pivot MOLAP, ROLAP, HOLAP SQL99 OLAP operators, MDX Snowflake, star and starflake schemas for relational storage Multimedia physical storage (linearization) DW Indexing as search optimization mean: R-Trees, UB-Trees, Bitmap indexes Other optimization procedures: data partitioning, star join optimization, materialized views ETL Association rule mining, sequence patterns, time series Classification: Decision trees, naive Bayes classifications, SVM Cluster analysis: K-means, hierarchical clustering, aglomerative clustering, outlier analysis
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Hello everyone like will include the date of the date of housing data mining lecture Professor of biopic would not come to the solo we will move this lecture
So as a bit of somebody with spoken last week about the last couple for more than a way to win ability to about with spoke about the troops of the dimensions the here that he is how 1 can no of music russification levels for mobile that they bought a house with the help them about the of storage of a multi-dimensional by the mob either relationally for the style of the snowflakes kick she or directly multi-dimensional of by of the filming of a storey which spoken about the situation of them about the problems which rise through ghettoisation may be remember that 1 of the all 4 of the dead mentions is a decisive if I'm going to be rise by cost during the time them inches and then iBook query based on the play about deny would have to jump between Brooks and this means Pulfrey reads are expensive so of the game by the people causes is then hollow-eyed stood might be atomic performing a risation this site did decisions usually heuristics based so I'd have to look at what my users to ask what the queries public local and what makes sense of the world behind all should the or during the their mentions the for this week will continue with the physique of well will speak about of some of the musicians and the of new namely the indexes OK so will start with the 2 indexes and and will continue with something we choose the usually banning the powerhouses respectively the but mapping next
The group she use indexes the question is what can be asked why not and that an example of of just to see how important they are of the uses of CNN during the powerhouses is that you have tables which are pretty beat 100 died at the Blue is not is not something unusual are high and that can be found at the site of 50 up will soon be made up by the 2nd indeed if you speak about of 7 thousand 200 rotation time trial but home will have told him to speak about scuzzy in faces of something more powerful with 10 thousand pages in Review can each area of 100 megabits the 2nd enough with 300 idon't lives you can if you can reach the speeds and you are in this situation but you need blow for a tables can use the 17 meets just go to the date of this is a lot of time no Processing or thing you just read the data said the need to read the data can be of the order but in the end the Sematilide the powerhouse and if you don't see that dated and have constraints like you discuss about the their mentions the about their mansion in music run the Bush 500 something and then 1 day in the gym with a gun Ladakhi of country and times by among or indeed used the amount of interesting data for some players who are 1 point circular by so what you're actually interested in went ahead of the locations 10 thousand pulled in 24 months is the 1 point kilobytes whites and for this we have to wait 17 minutes to read the whole of 100 the stand to provide full while read this amount of debt that just below points in the 1 point from the Susan people head whom I describe what happened to me it's OK when Kevin so that you don't speaks for the 1st time have me going on the way to the town believable were hoping that the Nice however will save everything and then we can go for the win the lecture
So now that you've those will preview also for England to city was about Lukacs's holiday come up into the storey well they helped me consented my such where I'm actually interested in the example of this was the day my 100 the about is concentrated in this of space but I'm interested in is actually in this area she where I'm speaking about these about between this month's found for this information to the police doesn't make sense is ideas primary indexes and of oversight United used by Marine is just 1 1 party on glitzy by high camp
Concentrate my search indecent about is a primary makes the UK is still a long behind that just like this song eyes their myself leading the spot Unwilling further And I'd of the because also some secondary indexes like for example Idenix also by pro about Then I'd get again It might help such well Scalable some some reading which are actually will be people found the perfect situation would be to cut the salt and will be able to lead only what I'm interested in what was to to go and achieve this when you have good heuristics senior books and the local people who are interested in questioning in creating the ball pulled out of the bag mansions with chronometric in time there mentions with his grand and that and we enjoy graphic Obama's reduced and Mary denied a I'd be introduced 1 primary index ideas into it is and some secondary indexes and everything scrape piloted powerhouses did not so many of the seats that only buildings so why have book on stop might also my indexes or Modine don't have to care about coming biccies IEQ should instead this is a nice and solution so we ought to be seeded index is up by interesting with the world in speeding up Gray's Inn in database of has heard about the trees about easyJet Alinghi indexes and not with the rest of your child of read the slide in the relation of databases pulled lecture which or side they explain the basic Phoenix's them of the purpose of this lecture he would speak about the extent to which the height of the for the powerhouses that versions of the basic indexes so bad constructed or things like the trees but you should 1st those Wanstall before the exam or before it won the next lectures would Sorokin but that understand what happened we can see you should start with the tree is that the basic sulphamic using databases and that was just the world say a few words about them so you can follow me for the trees on the left and the possibility of starting so that they don't and optimizing such times but it also conceded that the in all in the peace or about time sexual databases people in institution and the ship is not like being likened the powerhouse Indaal people about the World Group for the of compost death row buying stops although database the which poised on this happens we concessions the violent index and I'm in no before it will be able to react to insertion and I should this is the case of the trees bacon boutiques and the basic structure is between with an old which is a key video like for example in the case of primary Pixies index is that I'd the offer a record of those left behind and the right point that she told child models which of the property that they or their so it would be the ideal the channel before for the last time but his smile the queue in the thought that it I'd be in the cabinet before called the right on the design he is bigger than the 5 now this kind of information by Campbell Foster the cost searching
Such a beating looks something like this you can't so I'm wrote this is my vote by by these 4 6 7 5 left pointers 1 smaller than pulled it everything which using the Charm not refer to the right the right at all
Is bigger than pulled but smaller than 6 this goals for 7 everything which is being there is a of the right that everything is more is from the left point and then you have pointed to the power of of these players and but also have the nice point that he cannot where they can find my record and this helps be closed the as the system to it looks on the 2nd by drive and week of the assumption which you spend disclosable Polzeath on the high but it is exactly this time before quiddities when I'm searching handling arrange creating and then go to the Blog the next thing and willing to read the history because if I've done my index on the back In 120 out abilities And I'm going to to see what the other cities for the 1st month then high don't want to jump from 1 2 5 the dismal points Then the book for 5 and come back to to hold lead this broke again from behind because a dating from behind the cost time so if I'm going to leave the money in the I'm 1 and his including the cash keeping their using and then the next World this is a deal would be trees and this allows for certain about me cost seems it is a self Balancing treating it 30 by the end of sold the cost is grade me by nature of the information about the need to be to a zoo need to confided in the the basement databases picture Soru can understand what happens with the and how it that says it said of the new session Division This is a very important factor for visited the of the slide in the Dow houses would have 1 problem but is good 1 that mentioned
We have more than mansions I've just named to of their time to enjoy the the and about what Bluetree have been by mansions so we need some kind of filing Dix's which out there will consider multidimensionality this is the challenge which they powerhouses post booking mixes the big idea of in in multi-dimensional this multidimensionality is that they have to to concede that the the about represented in space as cost by mentions
For example we have yet to cross the can have the best equally be organised in how the parent cost and again in the boot cross the for we need to define also geometry who is able to describe his Clusters before we needed the German during just won by mansion with points to have a book that was joint it was line in space is not like based if you have to them engines to have rectangle for example of the them mansions killed Hypercubes and himself on what results from she is chaotic of structure With something like old coaching and children of the shape of a treat the prospects for producing some of the patent for producing such executing indexes mentioned or anyone its for example costing which makes sense and going for cost mind Meyer my objects in enough space a based on the dimensions and I'm going to say or came if I'd take time for the 1st time mention I'm ranked expect based display but he is open about which was so that makes the defied the city measured and the and the worry is that the by and will be expected as the that these pulled out cost the to get that by the about their mansion and by the time they mentioned in the same cost because they have seen the light of day and we can differentiate between indexes which allow overlapping will cost because this crisis have agreed a area between them or disjointed say I'm don't care or came 1 point may be rented out the across the higher don't want to be that the exact would take this long skip it goes into my and get another criteria this is the tree is balanced or unbalanced of cost if I'm going to go on for the 3rd time since such Iwunda people be balanced by don't want to have a Branch which is fully be generated and the will to act base from which she had been naughty multi she because this a members will be closed down and that the French you don't have anything in the outside to jump you don't see the Hamiltonian his local but doesn't have the right to see the world solely they mixes should be balanced on about this results and costs by insertions will see of some other interesting practise blessed by my data time we've seen that in the trees we have the possibility to store of objects also we have this point 2 on the high price of when I'm in the mood not if I'd found my information that don't need to go whom the belief notes to find my data just cool to the point and by the time the on the high price of the possibilities would be like in the case of the last trees that the tree such is only direct Chanel and their fine minded only in the summer but the for some scenarios some of the for high the and it depends on what kind of system you need
And then indexes before also by the results said John Tree who can have seen most Akenhead groups in multiband mansions hypersphere to the 1st division of for a multi-dimensional trees were willing to speak to him about and but so far the team purpose for a bid that would of the trees
Nyse oppose sealed the have ordered that heard the days in multi that the mighty main multi databases side who has heard about the entries decide what a came up with a stick above them to the So the idea about the place is that they are able to go up about them but mentioned which is enough for smoke the powerhouses Paribas and time to agree for about what they would do you would need a index on Tuesday dimensions of cost the variations which are a bit better bigger Opel of 20 than mentions what they want a measure of what they want to mention is that you might say well why should we by that I mean the exam board made their mansions what syllabify but the powerhouses Hawker 100 damage will actually this indexes before taking would they have been a ventilated highway whether or not unknown deep which is used distributed and Minehead such cases you come to class much because I found only generated from distribution and such a distribution is actually unfit to is can not benefit from the nature of the dollar would have insisted that said that the 2 had actually seen the largest of the 4 deputy the to each other in the space so if you have she of the tenant and printed a mention damages should be shouldn't skidoo this is just the possibilities for compared with it with the Performance off index's but action if you want to find the best on the be Dion abundant admitted that they don't you can easily reach also 50 damaged Well
The and index structure of the world that it was a clear it is said a big the they are possible because I need to be able to my the time of going to agree the index each week when I'm going to to build the kind of window the dollar and and the basic state is told the BBC that breaches of the rules of the A punt Frankel about where the data that is located on the 2nd storey to the direct the pages those adding that not all of them have navigation aporepressor as the want audience myself for finding these leafmould and were to his directly pages Iwuji for a two day meeting that not all of the cases it seemed Tweedy point lead and the geometry which area of the previously spoke about in the case of these days I was rectangles or meaning would mean and Binding fake and women bombing books is another name for the team to dimensional space and Type-IV groups in the United a spaces toppled Speaker belt bonding directing the Swedish for example simple dimensions so that it's easier for you will follow
This an example of how such an hit the Campbell quite like sought have been economic large where consists of the home Obama's Schmo should go pulled a mention of space space a 1st positive that so higher of the by mention off time And ship for a band as I've said everything is chaotic early such a debilitating space will something like these these of might point seems based based on their coordinate on the time And probe but of course more of them everywhere in the in the space added not to presentable of them now from the old navigating published left of the 1st child Which is comprised of other children or other presented with a geometry seized adding of moulds they have a medium and bonding director of what this means is that district and that is not the good the it meaning should be should be comprise the world point it needs spoke of this means that if they buy spoke of a five should not look something like this because it was precision and was based at don't have anything she this is that space and if unwilling to blow some pretty which involves the space that will need to look at the fight is the only globally follows involving a kind of high and low for a certainty that might information is not then it my such will not in with even bonding rectangle for 5 OK and the hundreds of thousands of dedicated to the the top on the high but we tell medical so that they could this easy enough get told with such a tree unwilling pulled will go into the wrong kind of people compared my search of the density Okabe where my blinks optimized on the plan there mention 1 bit last year if it might so some which I can only say sorry The data is not stood anywhere I'm just leading the handled will including all of the data from here from the stands and the city of identity that I I'm just going annexes this is cheap is great this is what we want to open with a piece of the cut this takes off at this is that they are working on cost seems this is why they have were not the grid performance on on the only distributed data bailout overlapping
We will discuss about it because this leads to some inefficiency problems were searching the balanced and high in high this allows for a great such fans and the date of in the following need to go to the least which might my or to the side that won the way by or indeed don't find that not which in the sick with my such a camera Distaso repelled the data is not and the database what searching as much of this is great for the stock And the joy of it is that is the minimum bombing rectangle further conditions on the to make it more efficient namely that it a way of the world has played with the speech you put children if it would have only 1 children and then that would be the new to put make sense to have but the generated 3 of the fact that the dead man would have to to have a movement and the maximum you quintet because of the rise by would not which have just won a lemon sole death under populated this means that the tree will be bigger because and I've had a lot of notes with just 1 or object 1 point and then it would have to to lead the locals off this works which again might be sold based on the limit easy for them to make going but the unnecessary of also have also not dapperly it is established by the size of books on the high but if I'm going to the tomorrow at 1 that no 1 at the top of the game and I'm not going to lead to more than 1 book wanted whom broke the and this is where they have come up with him
As a holistic and the conditions the limit is the house of the iPad remade Sorokina should local density of each entity in this case team is a bit of this for the life of opening the wild and the child point that the intifada defined as the median being rectangles so if I'd have to feed them mansions would have in the of the 1st them mansion we did start quote the need the in the wild for the 1st by mansion with its and coordinate this is aimed at the end of the the road for the sake undermentioned we could step up to the end of the week it's sickened by mentioned the with and And then the last day or on the road by a mention This is my eye information if I'd for access what actually the fight is these pulled useful point their described means a minimum bombings rectangle and that is the point for the child Group that this was the intent this which we speak about the case Norilsk than a snob
His but the use to which can identify my my records What is important Polpo mentioned is that it has said the tree is self balance so that each other on the same level of don't have any the generation as previously mansions so if i would have leaves them over the side for example on the level of this is very welcome for search for the basic operations to gamble with the police but it is expected the such reaches most important but you can also believes the sub-grid the and then there was no operations the splitting which we actually need in order to fulfil was followed a meaning and maximum EMI accepted as the said that an open also allows for a median and all 4 of and smile and now it has a minimum meaning capacity and the began note of most filaments for full Oxman capacity seeds was speaking when and where you please said on all of which then leads to increasing over the and capacity and the book of the moment will discuss
But let's talk about the surge to which the state is the most important of all operation is expected it starts from the book and the firm's recursively puts believes But 1st 1 but said it is investigating the intersection with range is intersection has been found that we go further into the Chabal that if not we can Poland at the of the pot and put 1 another randomly selected by Luton example so that it so that the pool of from the stands still have my such grid my such good looks something like what does it actually mean it means that I'm interested in Mumbai point they say this is the point of their mansion which because more by plans which were sold between April 1 and June April into the UK indescribable in Michael dimension of space to S stressed out with with its clothing made in in the for their mention of space and a competitive games the coordinate old order nasal the book pushy icomp point the section and cost by conceding that its food is the included in the world or of information about the by does not look but the tree children don't have to see what it is actually to be located in the completed with a 1 1 is described by this coordinate the seeing the volatile icomp it is against this coordinate and its that its Djelimady on identical Djelimady diesel to say so with just 1 for more like an eye can decide if it is code is not contained in the on considerable or came this is not that it doesn't make sense to move into a care seeks to fight against the myself of the for handling tool to these 2 books or is that a bigger may be data presented and the powerhouses case hundreds of 4 thousand books slime spending myself of the same is happening for poetry
My research queries not trees and willing to despite also 1 idea that this week the don't UK and see that it is included in both will have to follow orbits children to find out which of the children is actually a including what did what that my provides which I'm interested and and have to compared with a 7 area to London and the minds of some of its largest 1 out not in a man but it is in a group with the Eastlands and so by the end each for my the top saved on the hot weather and the public was to be that of double-jointed have asked if they would have done before such would have had to compete with global per notes has said this is a happy cases and presenting Kyoto smoke example but that damage actually the point here is allowed because on the same Chaderchi I'm not going to see Chenault seemed reality with thousands of miles in fight for all Profiles which after organised another thousands of miles to be the world in order to lead and pooled told full each day semi Justinian ahead to lead the world have to compete against a at 1 of the company's against it will have to compete against 3 now you could say probably the 5 competitive biggest and I've seen that it is included in a bowl widely compared with the 3 where is isn't this enough PPL compared with just bold and they say don't care about their 3 have just find out from the ability to go so widely seen pulled blasted 3 what it's called its and Hugh I'm interested in the job while the think Yet What were they don't If my such quitting Looks like this and and it will go into a full look for this objects yet Antipova also into a tree Has said that to use the law that this is exactly why I had need to take more didn't than just acclaim for inclusion and the need to go where this of course increasing the surged time it is a vantage will speak about the cause of this there is no behind the for would before it has vintages of the trees were power over is not is not Criticos due overlapping have both make sure that will sort that are going to a one eyed Campeau-owned something akin say OK can cut their on the UK and a further 2 and full but that can take schooled in the tree icon said don't care about the the tree this is a big disadvantage searching
Where Fukuoka put my also described the but the that what it so you can see the subject on the subject on use of or competitive for inclusion or intersection within the mild mannered switchover for navigation And the and we reached leafmould swill the diabetes and with it the and believes most reshuffled which intersected with borrowed search and the and the correct said think it's it's pretty implicated everybody the body is understood what happens with the such again this time to a bit more difficult problem will want to answer to this means that believe will be willing to offer
Take some about which was told yesterday by Hezbollah global Berwick moving into the powerhouse for me for a bit might be my Phoenix and to use of the information in the index and for the life of the for the trees which is the only man followed Gloucester point to the date on Friday such myself the word was my data under the heuristics behind to using belief is that they need to find the which goes the lies to include my new Object a don't want to create their own unused space and don't want to include the CBI in my United Dramatico structure this is the 1st of celebrity when choosing believe the 2nd it was to be care for not to go about about them if I'd go about them and they do but the speaking it over also any talk of the demise of the pool and the performance of of this can be put cascading ability to use it as said there can be accused of the World which he stole told dividing for splitting the notes the overall speaking was again described by autistics ahead of particular or my ballista minimize the overlap is we've seen if I'm minimize the overlap idle demise the such are not willing to ranges fled myself to worry around range minimising the great idea the 2nd Touristique by must stay for my meaning and expansion and also with the splits also with all over for another equalled space than what they exactly although I'm might find in the section where it actually is and the books on the House of which officials will head of causal so that we can be Dutch by division to discuss kidding not speed and in this case of causal so we can became for of different different now looks see an example of how a or following sessions can actually goal with the previous example want pool games of the new book about which was full of the sort and the the different possibilities by and say I'm going to expand
It CSFB 1 as a medium bomb in rectangle clean clothes Mind you were not or I'm going to expand it 9 produced some mapping and include the new man in the mind of cost cases where you can do that you should be demise of the expanding space but you are also should be avoided as much as possible the overlapping in such places you just have to perform a read the equity stakes decide on Hollywood Clusters like and say OK and the traces of either side begin book or simulation my 1st reached the space and a level of getting the and use some of us were some of the trees to keep the grid performance great where I'd came highly produced of produced some bid species because the could is by on this dimensions how a new wave the so this thousand about the way it depends on the world
So as I said the possibilities of include them out with a smile as broad increased though the 1 which means so the smooth the smallest for looming creased the stood ducks of keeping the minimum bonding rectangles as well as possible and keep being a bit space as smooth as possible This Is a Low very nice plausibility which is actually also used in in practise Bulgaria and what do we do if we had all the way through the home side that the way over the sub-grid usually off each not Cipel tree and at 7 or 8 being contains the filaments I'm going to make at 1 b because for some reason a dismal of the of vantage for me but now I have a lot of tax which goes beyond my team but this is the case of when to split the seven speed 7 is again memory stick problem because they can the firm would look or bad but you can't again my world for each of the speed to use my previous heuristics keep area Kolodjay now over the again as small as possible less consider
This case where higher were this is my vote and I'll just asserted this will she again my aim is to eat Not 1 of them not published the what but the thousand possibilities like and a say in the Bible was played like this and not the and conditions spected because I've been out here for multi cultural 3 children he was wanted the incredible quitting which looks something like this that happens have to read the book and they see the session with a will then have to be a 1 ICI intersection with 1 then I'd have to be the don't see section wicketless like and Pawlenty's multi however that because I've expanded 1 about its so I've taken out of their own choice to expand the minimum bounding attempting to pull off a big area and did not offer a positive where we Stakes by not observed that I'm actually and the the space does not think he will be able to Stadium for Asian would have been huge so I've just the firm rigour operations which actually don't make sense if however all over the world have rolled over mapping but by would have caused the just expanding for those most area on the night of my career I want you to humour IDEAglobal Had the wrong competitor denied them with the 1 and the full but they either of them because they actually it doesn't think that would on order for its the space this 1 don't for this 1 with a bit of that the state of deciding on all local public chooses is that you know that there are not that simple ahead of the of the possibilities and the classical approaches you can take all of this but it possible to do my bit for 2 days to my defined benefit them objects but if you UEFA have publicity in space for of their mentions the capital computed rooms who have to perform on a possible split although Communications that idea that to sticker approaches 1 that has quote but the cost and 1 that has earlier and this is exactly what proved to discuss from in the UK so that the set by the part that the cost of the problem is that the idea was that the Shia NEMO have to be signed my my mountain bounding rectangles by choosing the objectives originally and by choosing starting point since his club but the probably also also avoid 0 conceded that the possibility would be to choose a non competitive for them and so on this is not the best possibilities it costs it of again hitting the mean Greece and copulating these for although combinations not the solution of after 2 choosing the starting point London starting point and creating just 4 days to the dust noticed the increase in value again assign Newman middle takes would used to stop the board cheque and say OK I've Tuesday the full ICI did far from each other and then idea signed the space the space as a walk in want to do so disappointing that this is close produced 1 so posted this 1 saw my new Mildred but this 1 did not want told me by the moment this 1 and along with the other possibilities in will be the 1st of the real problem with the new cost of cost this is not as good as the the 1 we of the cost of a one is the size of the of the season would on that estimation of the with much of cheaper of population by the idea she is that they need to establish that that might be thought the direct and again but I'm not going to pull test all the best for but the ghost of fingers to stop 3 days in the public accost said pulled on precisely pool directing the US which have been this the established that the which has the highest NEMO and that things which has the most not
I'd been determined that the needs of these to establish the distance between 2 these and said that it was my starting line of cost this has to be done in in a multi-dimensional space banking pulled the dimensions and so that it is clear that they could use this example of 1 of the highest names I've said the jewel on the week's and its long but that action on base that it should have about highest minimum where he has most NEMO
It's on which he be has its meaning somewhere she she the summer he has the highest on its its disc this Kloeden each year again 1 League side and calculated the slowest Moxham intuitively this is the 1 from the these summer charity is the highest the Shia so that they discovered and a copy of the distance between the 2 the distances 5 fell below the standard of the inevitable competitive could the distance 1 but it's not talks adjusted to Mermoz people that were there would be able to compute with oranges this it has to be performed on the edge of the box so a bit and the highest meaning is in this case by the end of was maximum using scariest by this point she that the difference off 8 local 13 again network of an organisation in choose as the best speed the wrong Her have to choose this on the 1 with the with agreed that distance in this case seat in the one day of Simone UK's diatomite new the and not notes and the rest but tried to answer for example of the way we a copy of the distance from the deviancy into established which of seeing and the goes will be of bigger If people take worth needed to include the so probably seat would have the will something like this to include the world you can see all the species she is my cost another over bureau saw the same thing in the book opted for the role they would be something like this that the idea for the same price found again and the cost of entry across the cost will be the song and the need cost and say OK this is my decision and Group expand for example seed because it's a that expensive is expanding the These are only stakes which can now which can of this this sort of problem just by choosing to stop and automatic for the status as good as possible again having the best the distance beautiful starting point and the and the opposing the mile effort to include the rest of the law this means I'm going to to expand it is a two as possible in order to include some of the Moon in the start the structure also discussed above the assertion and what about the relation by the shouldn't would have exactly the other problems again we have to do it in the snow but they have to be kept for a club that was the case with a week the and produce underpopulated notes in this case we will convincing so United
But and this is actually communication 0 for 5th on previous so actually the between the world's and by police said that the offer but it would be heuristics described about so I'm trying to do and not to those much over letting them trying not to produce for much did space by expanding the pool much millpool much when a could have found another 1 to expand the tracks in the the innings with 1 child that said that the police don't want to allow the 0 with lunch at the becomes the the family of Mohammad pulled to defeat the world hold because it doesn't think any more information will led the firm also the about
We had in a 9 2 objects in this million bombing rectangle and he's pulled with the this 1 she so 9 will remain with just 1 or object which doesn't this condition for blood will have just said and the though it in mind and that it keeps the 1 which didn't the heated by the user and say OK and to this again 4 times for the Asian in a new session operation and an icy we should this not ruled by the winner 7 either and a biographer Milly sticks and decided to expand for example the solution is a clear case for start for a new temple in search of a 3rd of the political views of the again Nike now like and make use of the previously of introduced operations again before the end of the of the law which is to be updated and and the is it's the best but the firm but were told to keep the 2 most after 2 of the 3 the rise each time I'd would prefer not to have to work on this book minimize the space over medium Bondi rectangular and then decide which 2 girls actually it's easier to the and then being so that the cost will be closed and the world are on top of the tree stated depends on the left and on board and that space that so that I'm searching for this superb outside right she unwilling to compared to those who have decided that it collapsed with a sense these of the World Benito tool for 8 by the side of the Atlantic MEPs with the city's other seemed these of cause each to the and the 1st doesn't earlier which he uses to the comparative this with a called the Natal see strike safely won this ahead of the letting between a deemed a and B so it felt under the and choose beat as possible followed by would come she and the other so that actually look in the everything is that actually G is about them by would have been interested and so in the light and the winning of the child because it each high key 1 group your
I'm not a intersecting with my such space so then I'd have to go back bullying and this such due to the level are between a and the beat a and B or this early in the year that he would 1 pulled further and then agreed it more which actually shouldn't go file would not be a and don't over so why at to efficient that allow overlapping between May worrying agreement bonding affecting the
The nature of the mission to such a move for such a programme is not a lot of laughing and this is exactly what it was pleased that the city I'd don't care what the Americans call them all to look like a don't want in in the immediate on the same year should not over of cost the seats to studying multiple of the of the city but the multiple times in the leaves was an example of the harm it is or was a trade off Iceberg of the identical to information about the same but that I would performance was searching and this is exactly the said the difference between the buses and 3 on the same example that they were on previously given file of them about mapping between a and the denial of the need another child she gets quickly found for example 8 p and the Israelis seems not them that G is finding that the because bottle-feed is to have the and pop off it is cellophane and now so because we have some of the G has will be opened by the sound of it and some of the results and the highest for based on what does Web as it should be grid such before it actually used for 50 per cent improvement in a union such performance compared to the 2 Koreas the was that the woman at the firm's splits than skin beyond the the by it's because I'm not a I'm not promote before demise almost the time I'm not they will apply to allow vote more ahead to keep them separated sodamide the 1 of the most which in order to offer a few days combination
There for the open sea in the world have been produced the to split the and a for example this huge behind the generation the giddy what that means is that if I'd had my book about the house and the land plus index on it runs for months time I would take 1 night But they also financing about this night that with the cost of the care costs will be the order of the index because genetic and its performance is not that would any more and the building BigSim deconstruct this is actually also done Impractical applications of close the Adam versions of something some Malone and nominations for the use of stop the to use the excuse for example of the user rather German these it is these which was fees and so on will be a advantage by the state to use it is that the law has been some improvement on the 1 hand the and the and the extremes for example of this is quite interesting it to say that the lessons have described the generating and maybe when the genetic defied a kind of ice PPL below the index again have was pages should situation ahead of what are now known that the Home is in the we world of says they want to do some are not exist for what they should actually provide public early days for the idea LoseIt use which this the genetic the stuff and it is that they get in the and and those sequential such anyway for while divide the Dubai which has to be searched the sequentially and that is which still has a structure of the economy might so I'd practically Tree objects of the different and this stuff has to be deconstructed to get the sequential that is keeps structure
But would this kind of improvements to the and that is good for up to 20 dimensions in the region and data
And probably the before going further which should take a bit of a break of the set about 10 minutes then deposit for great While came 1st party
With spoken about the duties and the before game with their losers said that there were also beat trees and body shows that like b-plus the stuff trees and so on and they are not so good for the powerhouses because they are considering only 1 for the great for the team but not create for Baidoa will about this possibility 1 could use the trees and this is due to the fact that in the literature people have conceded that the introducing a matter because there multidimensionality pub in Mumbai mention this is quite a the caught and by combining set off with the owner of the trees 1 can obtain I'm universe of the trees which high able also PPL index multi-dimensional data you should just a guy that this is a good as what happened in the early ghettoisation by a multi-dimensional the physical storey tidy based each who were found to be at ease Asian this is what happens with the it just is a bit smile because it considers that the date by which is cost together team space is simulator and should be stopped needed each other in the same brook this can be described in or my dimension of space is regions like for example this is a book which stores on the high abstract and that set growth which goes to my day upon the looks exactly is expected as and so on the Web site is the when growing might be about the last September the which is cost together and there for singular engulfing test for me but I just wants Campbell poultry this is a can be directly from of from all of this is a perfect by starting XI including continuously anti this point she sold as a of does not covered in the US which are not of interest us that club does not allow mixing called the about win corrosivity multi-dimensional array cost Is it the case that the hand of keys Lequan full free before and solar and in these cases will be used in the beating is now and I have operations to further that has one-dimensional And then again would have been the world's is and the trees with the hunt for the lift wanted for the right British year before put plunge don't because account of the user left point rise so that if you are sure 1 and pulled away to win 3 and 4 and a half The navigational party and the party was would be to the good the engage but that cost from the date of a multi-dimensional around the dimensions of the as it were the said the 2nd in the mantle of the to be trees is the zipped regions which he eventually did efficiency when persistent range Greece will not been won by mention
These up about which he she want are so the and on cyclical say could give Mondsee that's here the for the year Which belonged to the same cut leg said before so that slump and then near each other you will probably find it strange that 17 1 as it grow milk so certified await actually it's not the few conceded the quoted the needs and the Blue extras You can just see all came from the need to each other on the about so they should be across the board and the mention of the part of the unit in the early in the area include the time for example of this is different this 1 was a big this month this 1 was sold in this month the should be 1 further from the next but the cross on the back of the mention this kind of 4 properties can ZIP codes of defeat
But the visit regions is a nice justifiable intuitively don't part of the genes that cause by winning the follow on the Coral's again found that in the volume is from published And this will be seen about of cost can be defined by pulled the pressure A and B So was it written can be than describe under the could as having PPL coordinate to stop and the and the and the secret behind the you be trees is each region MEPs exactly want 1 broke off secondary storey so that when I'm the about 3 cello which other senior breach of the adjusted the the book is cost me by most of the high but it's a good 2nd now seek time busted time If I'm willing to do it As before then I'll need to lead despite this will kill from the 1st part for 1 will create your to books which the broke future and so 1 would have done with you be trees just 1 will create
But where does the and the advantage from from Highbury get to the quiet the knee The secret is to use the NYT basis from everything and combined for example defied get this so if a from to get to the semi here 51 I'd just make it Projections on the Sunday to the next is the for their mentions that the head of and is the 5th and the man wanted to move on and put on the week's of the mansion I'd been translated the simple by the and this is the property of shape Investec caught copulate might say the you just by leaving the pulled then mansions and then get 1 from she can from she 0 for machines 0 from 1 from she near 0 from and actually if you got rid this simple on the Molly this should be 50 were lowest Opticrom premiere would be big so from 1 so If you would have thought the with 0 this 1 would have been exactly 50 or that was because it is usual index was on top of this is the property of the and this is what happened also here for example that the 2 0 16 by after the blamed the leaving use we exactly tree and 3 but it's actually 15 16 minus 1 name by then being leaving the its Tree entry and when idle but shifting to 66 16 and by the next day you his 17 to understand where the vintages yet by game by beating the leaving across that might Zipcar just blink shifts shifts of numbers for the opening Forget the quantity of off objects to MySpace understand mansions them on Monday mention protect them on the other because of the quality maiden by early in the them and find out where their situated on the set of his is quite ages Bush if you can call it has said it also would be leaving see exactly how we can move produced for this space will sort of the advantages of this data we can use dimension a became we can use the as we can now we get from those who is key the trees
And by using the valuation of the BE trees the trees by can use the and the and the goodies legless not remember being born in the world in the to use with the 50 per cent this would resulting in a grant in order to locate Mikey in that the time is not so much a mild adjustable during the movie is not databases glitches this explains how looking copulate borough by a mock know exists in the balanced trees it's already make it depends of of comedy Mujahed and how many about of how the United are much or information you can on 1 behind the if we have this properties for visit videos that we can build the used 14 JCWI Greeks which exactly what very interested in the house for a while doesn't look like would have been are range reading designed here given by PPL could be made as usual
From the I'm good it might actually copulates took the meets closer is a tree it seemed Pope the gets though BigSim Epsilon projections for the start of the Dick than and the same for this 1 and it all came here is far Hewitt history a calculated combined only from in believing in denies it locate then on this at the start exactly she at 15 stop on those at the highest up with what they would close for refused Skeate because it looks like Exactly she London just by based G just just based on the road about Zucker in a way that will start looking for the hot dry and they say I'm to lead from behind the stopping off for a visit to the gym she because I'm interested in 15 wanted the will by will get this information for a return to get this information for a return to the Knicks and which is you have to jump on this region from No 4 jump in the 2nd full 1st identified 15 and 16 as Sophie and a pretty good 1 visit by members of the incident as it regions
And then I'd have to some local create the next jumper and his 27 without a leading in works on the public there is a secret here with the jam point jump point this has to be fast to compute if I'm staying computing the jumper and this is an efficient any more so at the weekend for the jump point has to be created cost from visiting Jan and that it doesn't about the everything from the height of the world where it was before about the jumper and but that we will further and you have to be produced to steps would seeking England the city Jan 15 the the pretty couple your such facing a 5th only by using the same region and was not being all the hype and only when the product is to begin and the sitting behind them
As copulating the jumper and is the critical part if it takes to land identifying the vantage worrying everything from the 2nd half of the idea of Canada the jumper and it is again with the needs and but operations at the foot of the bed leaving the and see where it is due to start point which for for use by the cut on the head teacher
Of have an example of but this is the and just need to go from being the leaving preferably around the city is at the of the country the region which doesn't fulfil the Pentagon a and myself and as it would be to think and this with the idea for the book and that it is pretty easy are on what will probably system the home of the that understand of this you trees is to see how far you can actually more point is good land Howard can actually come printed leaving and including and shifting was sold but operations are 1 such demands and them by mention of space to move and so which of the 2nd part of the furniture the mapping makes 5 mentioned in 19 the introduction of a bit mapping the index is up actually only of seeing the powerhouses houses them not multi-dimensional indexes but they have held for in the index in the US and that the public for example gender if it's within the fed by the brutal for like a set to with the potential for the news that the index is a great way of putting it seems something like the power that this is not used in the United transaction of systems because of the continued said the cost is not the great idea to do it very so this is why the most used in the power houses only
So you see how they will play This consider a single radiation and city has relations with the might be of a shoppe and below the some of the source of the ship's supplement with goes by some of the 150 thousand 400 them again supplement Gelya's 3 times and the and couldn't think is Likening the except with the but mapping is as follows by blue and on the number and on the end of the and so on the shopping and on the number of in the head of a new peak popular is that the United off 6 a records for the community to of my record is 6 pulpit which is required is the strategist at the time is right at the same with The Dow is the 2nd of the 4 in the last and then either the same for supplement which is the 1st in the 5th a damn everybody on the Fylde and if you read the book yet so ascribed is a bit of a bid for money so that what is actually a bit not being mix it so collection of Big Breakfast but it previously seen
What previously seen she could bid Victoire some interest or on full entry so easy that is and described by the effect of
The number of the victims described the the number of these things used have had to be picked off this ahead 2 distinct shops the supplement the had that had have had the wrong man the law something like this said it had followed the factors that will be the number of areas The and have become the knowledge of the location from the world of the capabilities of each back the number of records in my evangelization this is the length of my vector because I'm booklet 1 where the systems the and suitable with this is planning to have the least of the whole of the Again of the victims and the victory has a very long time in the position where the required because of the high I'd be in the world and the world in the way of the world otherwise so it supplement was 3rd in the victory over South to my would have had gone but the position of 1 of the intriguing where actually buses it allows of being between the record numbers and for the record the dresses or of editing by end of the problem and it is these numbers are not to be modified even if I'd be something I'm still have to to get this number speaks for the rise to destroy index and the ability to get the world to operations and the public is easiest political when a performer Jacoby should be doing something from the but that is just by mucking muted is dead but not will include a storey stopped the family index you just continue we were so that assumed that the company to offer put is and
But it would be Want to be sure but has ended the producing that they would then the size of the bid but the index fell out with aid Is this the about she now so that we can country but mapping The seeds of this I don't think and number of zeros happens when have the for of which distinct so I find from 6 record 5 shops have opposed 0 5 advantage but the effect of the shops in 6 o'clock at a local plants because only have to distinguish the peak names of this is exactly what is used to new have sex gendered female may be the only people who have recalled blonde this year Middle East if you may team in the world from a record 3 again she sold then him is smart and have a before this is great for including the information this is where the power comes from a heavy blow to the people compressed with Sunderland for what they were about it allows middle compressed binary data based on Long seeing swaps euros wants 22 0 sold off once this month including the result of possibilities for actually go use is there are no competition over a Mapperley indexes are implemented in all are could be beautiful and the audio solutions for for the dollar well to do and if we want to defy something as they said the man was and fractured is that the record numbers of multiple be changed for the worse after the determine Olympics for example assumed that want to be base my record just might is the is the 3rd litigate mediated by can also be good for my but that is this 1 where the main 6 25 people would be the name of this is that because he thought would have to admit during the day and would have to issue a everything from she wanted the 5th on the maiden what this means for this number of record unnecessary of of unnecessary so doesn't make any sense to adjust to the 5 into supplement doesn't have in its bid to take over running around 5 but as this is the only secret when it comes to handling modification and but mapping next now London's something it wanted to sell its big include is something in the air database this is how it looked before my bid mapping X is a solid looks after what it happens is not high on the radio because it's the sting another have ICI its on the 7th positions in my day but what they do how we need to do is to set a column in my plan will be in a baby doctors believe that the new cabinet have said that each day day but it is slow and contains as many as much it meant as the Cabinet of the table as my kind enough to say that I'm not a huge 7 adamantine might be index you can really see this can be can because they saw this as well but the index is molecules in order to keep the peace doesn't have ended up with houses but when I'm doing looking for example but not here not 1 of the biggest although they would have pulled the for them and Load modifications or the but indexes microphones Nicholson
What happens if I'd something which has a we find the something which has already been living there for example and notify the for the of the world's was Adele tool to every when this adjusted to be fighting for opposition pulled out this year and says it doesn't appear in order to keep with the incident and said that there is a new 1 but that they might is change it is tipped to 6 because I'm not doesn't actually modify public before selection
The group spent each year is in the case of those said today as it did you can say is that they can do it with book about operations on how the public is a with optimized for but operations assembly does refus but operations from the Blues and and on but the sections exemplify want to find out how much stand in these PPL shops and that were found to be dropping the extra but picked off supplement and the bid victory will be seen in say OK I'm interested in the relation because they want to some of the spent with other spend their and an icy has been something of the night the case to the seen as the interest in this recall I'm not interested she I'm interested fewer and fewer that and this is how they are wanted for the 1st 1 to say that the 1 in their wanted to end the 5th record begin treaty for 1 4 3 4 5 6 adjusted the the ones we want easy Has every but they were understood total of selection this is currently when in the Senate decides and went ahead of the funds were not and will include the son of family key and the and the something of human Justin and and for example in 1 day and have 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 this is openly cubes life is that it doesn't make sense so I'd have to make sure that iTunes though that mansions on which the index with the but not been excuse the tie selected the don't exist Tuesday disagree with like for example soft and review
So the disadvantage is that the operations of the disappointed by published so The disadvantage is if I'd ahead of the load of the for those which to themselves like for example of the time damage and growing and interested in the ability of samples some and and they want the index it with the big mapping makes and they have to 160 5 law The poster which Goodwood ones probably somewhere along the bad enough or something like this this is the heart of the band mentioned is sometimes exactly what the company mix with the beans mapping Dixons and accountable this does of irrational which is quite a multi-component but index another problem is that if you want to be allowed to arrange for the data Ireland not to read each of the victims and didn't on duty for supple of the island for a brand that was sequentially is as they won't have any index of so I frontal range of creating a candlelit by which included the but mapping successfully have to each and we talk about them but the multi-component but met has said that would also be banned the mansion in
Again this uses the principle of the house during number in a different base but easy have among that it would advise between 0 and 11 generally up to December and the said can be transformed with a simple function like this this is quite a good people the basis including the worst case however being the mountain and the where popularities between 0 and in the 1 1 4 0 1 and 12 icon range by multiplying with the mountain and the eager code he its along the way changes from soup with 3 in something so the 1st thing to be but it's a good way to manage it and as he is at the point was that the 0 2 0 0 2 9 0 0 the January the because I'm not applying for Leeds Ugandan 0 generally easy if I'm going for a 3rd of the city's 1 a fans were for much used to it and the and the paper is the Monfried just the said its amount for 1 and 2 0 easy for bent Heikkinen quelled everything from such rank But victors for the 5th month to such a big boss will say will actually because of my family like your nice for money in the city but I'm not stay in in their multiplied with the state of its around in this little was these use such tools and the definition that they and their 2 months or what does it from 1 man and 1 means it means that I'm going to use 1 off this was bought by a new 1 And will epic because this 1 price from 0 2 0 co told for the 1st would be 0 1 4 and the team and that was it will again found spa mistake again 1 Use it for the 3rd round and then become a come up with with my mum months is clear how to compute something like this is ask if you are not sure for her about questions Everybody would meet questions nobody for came under the advantage of using such multi-component but mapping excuse is that the fight had to start a 100 days I'm going to start 100 good but maybe mixes but I'm so I'm going to cost meeting base of them by the end trembling to stop 20 July were the 1st in the world local for the system but I'm sitting time I'm might have 22 per victors is that of 100 which
Quoting common By the end that sales of the product questioned England's political operations because they need to make sure which detection these so called into a base in the case of trained included but mapping mixes because I wanted long-range quitting
The vintage of mapping it is not that I want for example to sons which have been banned between March and August so where are naturally blue and look at the end of the persons in the mood of for the ones have 1 between March and August started the for Spurs and on the other side the of causal beaches but mapping The distance a well known but he added This sends a on this 1 has to be returned in these but he of this has to be done not what he meant that he either 1 2 3 4 5 6 indexes for each greedy It's not great for someone had another idea where the something that's where the big that those who won the higher would equal to begin example If this were a simple or someone has been Bernie joint From June 1 should not right to is going and what they want and feet would want and I would say what does this mean for me of as it is look I'd list including 1 but mapping the exploding Greece it optimized for which critics the executives with 1 from the starting line up to the and for example the Spurs and she has been burned in January so everything before with 1 young them the that my quality or persons but between March and August a his person and which did not exist in February but the existed in August Web as well for me at the February and say I'm not a simple sons were not but this 1 this 1 this 1 not because she was ordered to this 1 and his wife in the icy I'm also interested
In Sun's which were ordered by the in August found this news that this was not the the February But was the only for why shouldn't Because it was built between March and and it was not understand reducing the principal of the City her she was born in August adulthood that she was born exactly in April and don't have to the just seeded in August he was abandoned for the day I'd look at the 20 or she was above the fray much because the February she was voted the count try don't have to take anything else you take you can see all the August this want to hand over this 1 was and were burned in February she was also on board and in August he was later running December so who have a broad based sell them but that is 1 of the catch high 3 The amount of February In the months before August has been mapping mixed tragedy but them is greater iceberg myself instead of 6 needs 4 of them and put them but players were found to bowl of just 1 or leaky want to perform persons new acquitted like bosses but not that much and they just the February corresponding Victor comedy just a 1 in 6 Britons which were among the injured were pledges to 1 of them easy if Ireland and these to on below the person's but he much can be much only then find 20 dishes to him and he pulled to lead the February months and a new book The and make sure
Then she was led in much but not that at So again to read the advantages of the big advantage is that is good for mixing the dimensions of the band a mention has the only team that mentions with the trees which at great and in the case of the team for the World world of several times large amount of the time so it might lead to a bigger the mansions not seeking into the memory
The index right now for family and clinics of a mention by will be very good if my index the and to the memory side of the world with the same stopping them pitching the and the leading part of the excluded from it to be the next and so on the trees doesn't the don't seeking the memory because they create large amount of data they do much more than the mapping mixed because they also fit for indexing and leaking and so on this is something which I don't care in the case of the powerhouses so before but is and defeat in memory a candle but there be a need for the mentions with the but indexes they're that the best of the best thing in in the mechanics is that they do suspense time put a large classes 4 5 her previous 1 on the scandal for tables and the brink very high performance came even for the most Puzo's not that great Sibiu public so can even costing performing for demob locally bitmap index great idea what amounted to reach the end of 4 hours later me that admitted what is actually in the autumn from what discussed with the beetroot not fit for much of a multi make multi-dimensional data not the grid idea is other the solution for something like this they use of mile to a man bombing rectangular is a geometry of was that are also other possibilities about the world operations which it allows selection and he has said it can be pulled out of the problems and the offer of help speaking in the Asian which can be be used to unpick the either on picking not or even off for the team world where it remains with just 1 single child
It's efficient because it derives collecting before of enabling the and many binding victims of the and though and the solution of the pound which has a low point for the offer but it would be to some kind of which increases the performance by not allowing overlapping but the full storey to meet the say OK don't care have some redundancy faced my firms will these Indian but thought for this object in both parts of the site in a game of could performance
Another solution which means that the trees to the end of the matter is a using the world was a code of anxiety regions because they are multidimensionality Italian won by mentions the grid fractured is that they can country on this 1 day mansion described by this with a should jump winning the sticking with the selection and they can do this greatly with the preparations for the mile for computing 1 or 100 in the last typical followed a lecture for the day was the mapping that says but that index is great for whom the boots and the firm said like this word of and that they use the people they went so they are not distinct like for example in the case of a primary key would make sense to index with the but mapping on the planet to the person inside efficient again but never operations and the very disappointed by how and when no of having problems or too much strategy news for example for the case of and mentioned can transfer but mapping BigSim high layer with 1 of the basics basis but the components And if by Professor of quality of each Gray's is the case and actually systems have these by using and included but indexes by police seems this year also after the kind of beauty after an event on the Pemex's with 1 hand and a make sure that instead of the needed the again just bought them for the next which will learn discuss about optimizations will speak about politician but up the shooting to another Optimization in the case told the style and snowflakes she and about much less whose which actually the Coral could where house in terms of Optimization of any questions about pointed discussed later denied like to think of for attention and see next week