osmocom: Overview of our SDR projects

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osmocom: Overview of our SDR projects
rtl-sdr, gr-osmosdr, osmo-tetra, osmo-gmr, gr-fosphor and more!
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Osmocom stands for Open-Source MObile COMmunication. It's an umbrella project for several sub-projects that focus on implementing various telecom standard. A growing part of these are using SDR and theses are the the ones that will be presented in this talk. Among theses are rtl-sdr, a library to use cheap dvb-t dongle as SDR receiver; gr-osmosdr, a GNURadio source block to support multiple capture hardware easily in your apps; osmo-tetra, an sdr implementation of a TETRA receiver; osmo-gmr, a protocol stack for this satphone standard; gr-fosphor, a GPU accelerated spectrum visualization block for GNURadio.
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this so I don't think it's as good morning thank you for being here so the the the the and the R. the because there are so many students so I'm a I'm engineer and I a that's 11 and recently I got interested in everything that's review and communication performance of that and I have a plan for the day so that is also almost all small common open-source mobile communications of and that's what is it's so it's sort of a number of projects the data collection of the projects that are all related to the open source and a high level communication protocols it all started like in 2010 we so you see some and we needed to create all the of projects and initiatives being scheme and so we came up with a smoker and you'll smoking thinks that we know of often use of it was really centered around here some of the very beginning because it's it's form of food you know like the and the 1st thing I them and a growing number of them is so is no involved in your mind which implement the oracles without having to buy expensive of the and so today I'm going some that's like to give you a very short introduction to the whole project to is the ah we have quite a number of them so it's gonna be real should a short introduction to each project 3 and so you can you know see what interests you and the Committee deeper and on the website or all the tools that have been done on those for the most of the product in the presence of that dedicated told just to each of them in the production obviously I'm I'm I'm not actively involved in all of these uh a few of these are our and the middle of that of some other of never even used so I just has deals what a set of them so I I classified in 3 main categories the first one these we so everything gets interface with the sum of the external world but what I could read from and the other of the other categories flexing at Rosings all you can visualize signals or like stand alone is the replication and finally some really just implementation of a given protocol and opportunities that specific particles so I act better than you are probably the most well known of project because it it really do like in mid 2012 or something like that when and Canada that was the this distorted that some of those the the dongles that you could fight for very cheap at some kind of is the mode and we can get the right to symbols from at that point so that of the worst kind that the library so that we can the and integrated into you on projects and the document on response so does the media on older I mean there we achieve because men than the mass manufactured and the work on the project you can develop mode where you can use the rule of were and and get the IQ sample and it has everything that is a classic of 0 I f although I have no direct conversion receiver has so that you the answer now another fire some kind of filtering a mixer down to baseband were sampled into it could a featured a group you want am I mean on the other hand you can get what you pay for right mean in absolute terms the error performance is terrible so that the stress all over the place so that it is in the best you get like to conform against and the 2nd I don't have discontinuities in the stream and the fact that uh but it's a great way to get started to look for is the I was tacitly no investment so so if you don't have 1 either from the command if you think you get 1 of because it's also so sort of understand it all the time of you year and the desert in this and all the performance and good it's still of various official 4 a them in a lot of stuff and then using a these normal because you know as soon as you're not working area really at the edge of performance and trying to the guilt signals sort of the noise that I sufficient signal-to-noise ratio and we saw the American convergence the fact that you managed to recover the importance of which the formal so the project to futures less known the new sort and the 1st the and marry another manufacturer as that the distance from feature and the way that it was created and it's more of a proof of concept by because even though the itself has been spent on paper but but passes downsides 1st they can help to get uh I mean that when I broke 1 of them to test uh and I had to go through you know just and and a Japanese naval for water because there was no way to order them that you know no more expensive and the the biggest on several areas that I can to different frequencies all the frequency range they're different and input depending on which the neuron and most of the don't you can buy the only 1 of the simplest connected to it and that connect the all other just connected to ground uh and so you have a very small free you can actually use even though the all we can do better and we saw those very small you a friendship it's nearly impossible to do so and so on the final the manufacturer came up with you know different uh different and that I was surprised that for the was investigating but so far from the source of the field commander to refer to as the not because these are just rule libraries the want to use that in 1 you radio cost uh and so the 2 and and started walking endurance was the or and just as yours essentially all of abstraction brought about started only as a source of see universe was saying to you can transmit his father that's important um and what that was used to assess recreated radio application and you just use that's also that's and broken the the core of the user acid and water for a large number of patterns and believe me you can reach from file that you create the elephant in the room and everything that uses you achieve that means for the distress a P of you can use them with the and and so the theory that I was the most of them out of the it's not actually available currently its projects as guidance for the mirrors the or you can support the accurate bigger I found that coming and supply and some Arab States receiver to the target of that on the and so an analyst will discuss the topic but we also want to have been kind enough to provide of this we can develop and test uh just important extends to them so of that not this is no using you know white point of projects I think maybe the most of user friendly 1 is g cure rates and also brought do so for those that don't know G Q generate as the obligation we can listen to the FM signal and signals of and underneath it uses new radio and animal which uses the jurors was the also the support of all those of us inputs and issue of creating it uh and reunification of different magnitudes of jurors was the or at the block but of course it's I mean I gather that your application if you're partitionist very specific requirements of for the side to do all you using the cost of the work of most of them are not that type of thing they just 1 samples specificity of this great um the rocks century comes with some sample applications of that the committee and uh and we can American into the spectrum when I that it could could have a review instrumentation stuff and you have a lot of all which is best viewed from the other source and user direction we can think about and but it signal or even introducing bursts of just just to test you on good so now
we can move on to other observation and through
replication of 1 of the of and the other is called the phosphor uh and the atoms of side and so on you see that fossil looks very similar and this is the reason for that so that's a stretch of their status as a stand-alone application it it doesn't radio at some of the command to the cure rate so you as the your shop for some energy is you are although that kind of application we consume to signal and just listen to it but 1 of its main features obviously it's it's display of which is very nice but in the case of stage of it's also very have severe intensive which means it it was always a targeted at all or it could provide me if you make a samples of I think about the world you you judges is the ordinals those and it's been extended to actually be able to use the jewels was the ah you can if you knew where euros ways the art installed you can just use them and then the regular use the system so that you can also be quite curious whether special stand-alone mode application popular 1 of the that the I could select a piece of spectrum generalize it and send it ratification of the Q of marker frequency and and channels and tuned to then selects just the chair you want and then send that when it's a modification that would and processing of the real world or some other application that expect preach analyze data and at the input so discuss and as you can see the kind of display is very similar in that happened because of the performance issue of the edge of the I don't have a laptop and and the the on the on the right through the text and the right the like the and the and the the uh so that the time so I I wrote foster which is essentially a complete rewrite of the you you display part of country but using a GPU processing and also designed so as a new reader that's the other thing is I want to be able to use it in the radio and so is essentially what and prosperous it so if px iterated which means well you need a GPU and you need a GPU was good enough drivers that the support of open CL an even more what's called open CL jet Interop which mean the cooperation and sharing of buffers between the car and the important computing port and so on but always say means pretty much the cost of living up a few of the 84 thousand but only on the on Linux that pretty much means only HCI and in the years but there is some effort to support the Intel um a uh a load state in support of the features of the of hopefully they get there and that of the data of so I'm all I'm open to to you were to do that that that this person's and of and it's also integrated in generous are which we need a few of the Oslo comma 50 you more of a case that option then instead of using a different of Newark's reject you use the 1st than too much so but I still so some some time to explain exactly what is in the display because uh it looks good but it's it's also useful right it's it has some some really interesting properties so at its core a few of these data that you the it's it's real time this have and spectrum of 1 want popularity is that every single input sample will go through at least 1 of the kind of in the future we have creating and that it would go up to several a 50 and it's important because I think they're a short transient burst of like of the interference all whatever that's you know last for a very short time we should take the approach that's used by the default in radio there we take like a thousands of and thousand sample like 10 times per 2nd if you're bars that last for less than that and you might never see him in the cave of also of course for a question it's the company I think that it was the that the compared to some other ones for like you know what the whole of the the only thing that's much much faster in the sense that it displays that only a few hundred milliseconds parts of the world that a judge frequency very fast for when you have things like that of frequency of replication and the like for example in this region here more yeah I said I and of like that and and you can clearly see that defined the lady pilots of Europe and the broader location and the fact that you can see that there enough that you will see in the world of sense and because of the federal uh it's average and again since we have so many so many a 50 so many spectra coming back and it actually do pretty long averaging which means that some of the noise but I'm even if you average thousand spectra uh at 2 thousand points the triangle has halted thousands of people because of the forsaken the but 25 ms and which means you get a very flat through those role but you still have a very much a lot of responsiveness and using the appearance of identity you'll accuracy average the Canada they're the main feature is the histogram which is that can display that you get the money i an spectrum analyzer that the and if you go back up and you can see that the it uses the the the northern against the the spread of it being considered the rescue main polar for the signal and in the middle of the which nothing and that's essentially a reflection that the talking to the gaps all the transmission of rocks and uh interesting facts but so what should be digital form nodes in a bruising on display and then once you're really the implementation of particles so the talk about school gym on Jim Austin for dual fire radio and you some geosynchronous orbit Mencinger you sunlight and communication purple it's heavily inspired by GSM pretty much everything above the tree is that the GSM and everything below has just been modified enough to work on an island in the links and stuff like that and to save Paula because of the when you wanna such that you don't want to live for transmitting the consent beacon formalism of the kind of stuff and its main users to write out which is the big so let's set from provider in Asia I think there are some usage of geological in the US but it's not really going to more like machine-to-machine the product and or the other I have the chance to search for for any of those the complemented the the current implementation sorry experiments on he has a complete in the sense that computers and implements all the time including and the fact that the unit patterns of what you and your for the value of money despite the country's modulated signal and trying to to so it should go from 18 to to around it's because of the rising it's not directly linked to the radio there's at least it complies independently but it expect to
July up and uh I mean there was no point for us to just implements organized and I guess we use the review application that will take of a child of spectrum of the point where it's a so the nice block and she gets to a bunch of named pipes online it's and each of those by Jeffrey represent 1 channel uh and those that are used by the deals with would G modification and that we take a sample of the really the broader was search for broadcast channels are when it finds some of and tree follow them decode the decoded packets bagels packets for while there was a shock and what it sees challenge being assigned to actually follow the channels of if you provided for the property condition he will actually decrease them take the voice packets at the moment is an instance of the physical world into workshop and there's a good reason for that is that you can then there's um overshot the sector which when you can actually inspect different of packets in and what the containing workshop pretty easily and we implemented the boss of the G M Os specific pockets and as I said it's base and its which means permission every layer of the the applied to know about how the somebody was the mean now than and so we just use that the last part of the project was so that deciphered so the by us and by you use to problem in Germany and they publish the results and we conclude that that this no all the data that they presented an abstract of to the size of which is really slow without the robot all which is really fast but and to give you little in in the set of that it takes less than 1 2nd the property of the university including all call assist bastards credit unions and really and on the other problem is the voice going to was they it's for property and can be vA and then you trust them and rules magnitude star and then all that kind of particle that they all use of in the volume that that different enough from each other that you call that we use that the decoder and got a summary of the tree reverse-engineered completely the of the course so that we can see implementation of the divorce decoder of of that the and if we're looking there were no for the next in the project is when looking at GM purists which is essential to the Internet over that's about connection which completely different proposals some of the very having some take support so that we can actually you know some of that stuff will be stationed on the 1st 40 ascetic experiment and by all about where it is also of solids and I look at the at a time and we're looking into a bit of a review integration center of the inside the radio and especially for Gnp arrested as the the current approach we taking with the previous 2 generalizes it's some imitation of here the and then we have some together uh retrieval map on the on the project we're trying to connect us majority deaths as possible so if you're compress the neglect of the doesn't send them to us so that we get collect more information about the the the broadcast channels and we're trying to get more with especially in Asia and also it I would assume signal there but but I don't know where have the and since it selectively making the directional antenna it and and other projects in the field is to try as from solid to dress and put front-runner medial and distal know from previous system that's funny government in the emergency services in that kind of stuff so it's widely used in in Europe in general I don't know about the rest of the world exactly I know it's used here in Belgium Elijah recounted 90 megahertz to find out what's called Astrium Belgium which is the different book used by police and stuff like that but I think that it extends to prevent that from of much when we started it wasn't them and we can't we get that from my God is love and put that in like stated in the you go to bristle at so you can look at for our own form tending as the sum of the form of of of for the apple people that they and that they all in this model review and that you have on the environment implementation as a separate application of the model for both the television and the relation we have 3 we use the from a review of the of the fight because it's for a year and and a half of the of again we use named fight between between applications pass that around we have a way showing the sector that was 1 the actually can be generated by us but not and then you must works some University in China and that report of the time uh and then for me and 1 can generate implemented in real time so earlier we prove it was that they were that they wrote that and that the user that that was really nice because if you have a right written where I the time is that if you just think the describing every little field of a text of the name so we was supported in this case the correct is actually operate as a reference implementation it's not you know it's a free software license is not a I can't think of them were distributed with with something that you don't know the of a a little bit of a review of more than a few the you it more user-friendly and and the last projects this of 25 so out of 25 century reported didn't start was not local projects and you can jaundice and after wasn't and no we you controls them I've ever used it myself mostly because of 25 a can the current tetra but for all the part of the world mainly in the US and Australia and Canada and mostly from the fuel from the original out because he was that the assumption by reducing their it's not only because the radio when it's pretty complete mean that everything you know from the mother it's also true that we propose that you implementation of the coding holiday and the loss of the mother the intersection of the old approach of some of the recently updated to of this which from as the entity it and at the same time that can make some architectural changes including of no changes to the latest you all 3 . 7 API their so users of some of some of the more advanced features of you when your for tuning and stuff like that so there that's differently put differently a great project and I don't have a good example to follow is so the as religious that you know what was thank you for attention and thanks to the developer of a fossil from the free water those products and in general and all the the of project and we more people walking and stuff I 2 or 3 will make them more advanced and so make them more accessible to a wider audience and there's really a wide variety of of tasks to be done and not only you know or could be DSPs of don't b and fast the the opposition part yes it away from the visualizing the small pockets from was about 1 of my understanding and find out the the cost of my time I know how to write a we note that there is is not trivial but I was talking about doing like that spectrum-based uranium that tells less of distance from the advanced a kind of stuff that I I don't really would like that because as you said it was
no good compromises even you just don't see them already auditors amplify the alignments from out I'm planning on adding that compose mode so they these poses spectrum and inspected and flows along with some new automatic triggering would definitely be good but it's not that the I the what yeah or something and friendly the words of I mean it over the line around analysis on of directed at all and so on right on the on on you can do it but usually it's not the whole problem added in the sense that you would like to as the R and then that is you know which of its another issue which has a total of 2 4 we don't want to filter that signal the gives your then who who possibly a preamplifier than that but then finally polymer fire uh but most of the is the I know don't have 21 quote consists of a common yeah there is 1 page this job as you know but what for our the features you know that's not really part of the reason why so I would even in at all the right the well raise the cost money that this is really sums it is well known for its right to all of you here things that I'm not not not that much actually open BTS there was some relation in sense that's all so open BPS states may need to application answer it's 1 implements to of 3 and stuff and 1 inside the actor William Odom of plot and the radio modem forest Cannavino spilled is maintained by a sum of 2 which I still and is you get is the head kind of that phase maintaining that the actually uh as you all parts of this and E I mean although it's we know as this on all gets and this was what he maintains a just indicated here because it's it's still mainly the work of a given b is yeah this is kind of a so nothing whenever really know that much about this but the spectral specify so and even in the it's very hard to test because it's very hard to get actual Tetraodon adevarul supports encryption and that you can easily play with them and we aren't some data radio some of the actress support encryption but we have absolutely no way of moving encryption keys in them uh we have no idea what works because it's it's something you just can't get to the plantation so it's usually done the factory or provision by through of big system and so basically which is so that we don't really know much and so not enough to do anything about it not the I yes and that we can do that for the radius you of the problem is in Tetra there is it's not ask the Army in the 2nd case interstate Udacity at the urbanized looks kinetic and everything was known except for um DEC transcription the right but that's input and it's output all specified and stuff intent shock you have the encryption algorithm that a secret any of the cheetah relational and that our secret and they all there's a bunch of them that are secret and even if you reverse engineer the stuff in body was what and without the ability to actually test we allow that to confirm that you know what you find is actually the real story and you contradictory the the bits of you just as if he doing work blind and so each value you as any contact tetra that can provide us like the radiator in transmittance and known to be really helpful kind that questions about yeah and you of the last thing that we have on the end of this 1 but I have no idea that good honestly I just give from problems so it would be along you know what I have no idea so as I said I also talk about that and you have and to it the again yeah I feel pretty much all of the patterns I if I started from an external because the the In the 1st of the 2 of you in the this files so that you can trust me to try and and and then the 1st theory yes yes mean no I have no idea of things I mean when you bite direct iterated can bite and for different bands and I don't know if any of them actually overlaps with so I mean it was 1 of them is inside like me if 1 of the 2 tremendously informal 33 i've but I don't know if it's mean just because the frequencies writers and then you actually have a trusted on it so that of legislation and it of a natural it is going to humans In the regular and most yes yes and much of all of this and we have shown it would be that much work but it really mean this so groovy when doing is I'm taking the samples I shouldn't GPU and I never see them again because transferring data from the memory you to discuss the size and for that I am in the Father and put from because spectrum problem the dies and its son of the division the time uh and so I'm not going to be like uh of example data do if if c and coping and back that the user starts with it if you're a shared which was doing so will lots of full of stuff that it would be worth and their the range of your project called your GPU you very different you know and that is basically what you're asking for the general idea of what that means the device memory you richer period once and you can which was rooted at various forms you know and you want to bring about the investors are or suffer the solver so we assume that there's some the there's also and you in the next time of plants is not exactly I mean we usually don't plan that much of the we just you know at all that it's interesting I look at its uh but most of the time the curve implies that we aware or some you know something to look at a beside the state because just reading specifications so some of that interesting and so we like it is I like to look at signals and the spoken in Parliament so until the bacteria that the invention of yeah so I think that the sort of thing the the 1 thing that I guess it was and so you you all right in this talk once around the world and the things that I want you to the 1 of the things that you and your friends this time most of the time we I mean when I started like the GLR project I thought there was a reference to the implementation is that because every other provided before there was a reference to and so it's only when I you know I extracted and the voice packets and then OK go to the gym site and look for the reference but it just can't find it in the 4th and so that's only at the time of that I realize that I needed to actually read the yet out of it and it shows that did open context was this is an implementing existing protocols I think whatever that shows the spectra at the end of the week II of never really played with sodium off I just know there's a geology is developed by 22 people for of some days ago I was either actually I 24 the star and it worked uh but yeah I don't have any generated tries OK I think we we believe that the speech in the in
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