OpenTRV: resource-constained computing: less is more

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OpenTRV: resource-constained computing: less is more
Saving energy while saving energy
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A talk about work so far on OpenTRV. OpenTRV sets out to make it easy to save lots of energy by not heating rooms that you're not in, and by no longer trying to use a single thermostat to get your whole house comfortable. OpenTRV also allows a simple schedule to be set (no complex displays though!) and tries to anticipate when you'll need heating to improve comfort while boosting efficiency. OpenTRV is designed to be simple to (retro-)fit to existing UK housing stock with radiator central heating. OpenTRV runs on PICAXE and AVR/ATMega microcontrollers drawing micro-watts to run for a year or two on AA cells while saving you kilowatts in space heating and is completely open source (Apache/SolderPad), software and hardware. We like to call it FOSSH - "free open source software and hardware". We've been working on a combination of open hardware and software projects this year to prove the concept that retrofitted programmable thermostatic radiator valves can reduce the energy required to heat a house and thereby reduce carbon emissions. Along the way we've encountered and solved problems with developing open hardware and software devices and commenced testing in conjunction with a local university. The talk highlights the lessons learned and maps out the current state and future plans. We've designed a PCB, got it manufactured, populated it ourselves and via a manufacturer, sourced components, 3D printed boxes, written software, entered competitions, are in the process of testing it with real end users in conjunction with a local university and generally sweated, got frustrated and elated at various times. Now we'd like to share the lessons learned, let people know what the project is about, outline the future plans and hopefully inspire some talented people to help the project out with reducing carbon emissions significantly.
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you have to do it
and you you you you you
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you you you you you you you you you you you you you asci QSAR thicket may yes yes and I thank you 1 2 3 testing firm the the 1 of the boiler listens into the chat and simply terms the border only in any of the radiators needs to do calls for heat so straight away you no longer heating bits you don't want so for example be home all all main old mechanical bell was sitting allowing for the families most the time that's fine if I won't work at my desk at the other the house I sat in the lounge warm to get my my now I just have 1 of these sitting and deciding on the best students and I can take it with me too I'm in the room so it's not possible to get solved when I need the bullet comes on a when identical form and there's a lot of that evidence basically that this sort of zoning will hold your energy consumption but we've also got India and occupancy sensing is very simple the moment but it's if there's nothing small about ontological with but simply through his 2 p to be doing the drops a target temperature by degree and stuff like that there are no clocks you'll see there's no flashing 12 0 0 on this and however it does have a time functions of rockets for example when they go to bed at nite we will the room with follicular police to be go upstairs to not the valve of early and when they went to bed turned it down no we just put the thing all press the living environment and it will know every 24 hours he room for half an hour before they go to bed no clock stupid or anything at all just works and we're aiming for 1 of these the cost at 10 a unit reader now
picking some numbers I pulled in as all good steps are made up on the spot but there's something like based in wasted
energy consumption in the UK and furthermore the domestic energy consumption yeah it was also the 20 % for heating is resource for 20 % the casing time carbon footprint so we could be talking about looking 10 % of the case in time carbon footprint pretender house with no other changes that cause this work in conjunction with better insulation and all of those things as well but also the ditching change and important thing is that you can fit
this yourself you don't need a plumber and electrician and so it's really it's meant for retrofit because most of current housing stock will still be serving in 2050 right so what do we do
what's the small but is zoning occupancy sensing anticipation in fact we're doing a trial
by small child child moment and that's all turned off but all that sitting in here it's it's old we no basis in fact we have a pickaxe 1 as well the cheap at the moment you the prototypes this combination costs with some time for love editing copy 100 credentials OK but in practice the aim is to get them to attend a retail widely believable people make this make a programmable well which does all of this except the radio button euros so I'm pretty convinced that if we go back the same people build 1 of those please make that the 10 pounds only slight slip-on exchange rate that I is designed the symbols of hillside investing the identity and the missing that actually the only basis moment and the connecting homes as long as all critical connected homes and almost all didn't have any connection to anything the so you don't need any Internet connectivity but of course there are we're hoping is also into people like my in laws you don't have any internet it's always open options and that they wanted we consider the Omaha output connectivity into the net and all the stuff is meant to be interoperable to keep costs down for end users and so they don't end up with stronger less secure you buy a nice because you will system anything over like thing from X and you have to throw away your Honeywell system so so easy to
use while a project managers four-year-old can
operators and indeed by 5 year old can operate it so I think even only maybe I'll to manage it typical health vibrated control the tender for each of these units the all-in-one unit so when these during 1 box I'm under control of the legal change at on the quiz can be done by the end users themselves everything open sources as liberal as we can make it and this is open in the sense of we want the code uses what is possible and I we don't want to manufactures to feel constrained by how they use it so so Apache and sold pad for the the circuit diagrams and so on and and boxes like so we've been playing with 3 D
printing speak what on as well current state so this probably success to contribute to
something some of the ways that I also and mailing lists book
notation we have not feature regularly with all those websites up 3 boxes or somewhere in the new births
but he was them the Thames Valley wrecked rap group were actually make a fair we got to make 50 boxes yeah of which is all the lights and theories of putting those tools actually assembly 1 of these things as well we we use child labor projects 0 sorry owing not meant to use
shall over I can never remember it and it's quite you know hoarding get lots of interest
them from people in the hole in the middle and saying can we possibly you control university dorms real systems will not quite yet not to test it will of we won a prize in connecting homes which is nice so we enter the hackathons more often than Jounieh with helping else had to simplify a proposition through where half of the proposition fortunately so we can win that 1 of them engage with energy retailers 1 way of getting Salvador energy retailers can't just go on making money by selling more energy states that got the couple quick Excel services because the cell wall sizzling sausage so we so connecting homes is a British Gas thing where the train set you serve as which is saving energy even though it apparently cannibalizes there the primary sales to you get us and so we spoken to them and be um so that's very interesting come back when it's all done and there's no risk but as we expect the big companies saying we went to 1 of the green supplies they say yes will help you if you want money that's not a problem so that's nice but we're doing very small universe each element it was going to be bigger but the way it's running yeah and engaging with government we've been told we're in a climate cake accelerator program so that's all and holds it I think it's 20 those enuresis all with the going up and so all very positive so the things the future Troels of yes in sets of things you know if the concession to the actual topic the and I have my 1st smartphone appeal nature communicators identities and development as well in small placing um thing coming up 1 issue is that the protocols the colonies tend to be proprietary or they tend to be completely insecure and we'd like to have without inventing yet another standard have something which is both secure and the new versions the radio chips which is cheap as chips the rules that have a yes it's built into them at all to be possible to come up with something which is lightweight enough all the ordering of the AV all to manage for example home is wrapped up in decent security i'm is open and he's saying easily compatible translatable to and QTT or 1 of these other low-level existing particles so that it's if you like just another rebel binary representation i'm and the other thing is that you know when you're writing particles we use of low-power device which may even be doing energy harvesting you have to be exceptionally careful how you do it for example this thing only listens for 1 2nd in every 2 minutes to keep to keep its duty cycle is rated like which requires interesting cyclization critical um so at the moment we using this commercial
device we hope to maintain the split version like this because this is telling us kind is round the world with you and have the temperature for you but I will probably cost twice as much as the fully integrated 1 way just goes on the radiator we only expect we want to
keep the I worry stuff there but that's
easy people have their own and if you look at all lost legacy unit where after lawyering help although we have small last nite in has grown class where 1 normally goes to get free lawyer help them and we're all peaks and so you industrial design is not a thing design of about so us up of got
some sample stuff the other losses because that's the most important thing I I've got some
books prototypes is real design work can take front of this a little bit of archeology is a holders of carefully the very top 1 on the variables was the very first one I wanted up and I was still actually controlling my boiler until about a month ago when I replaced it was slightly less flaky 1 and that's pickaxe and other if you know pick expertise Basic interpreter it's got space for about 2 thousand statements that and it's not this action of do the whole job and below it on the left is we did our 1st PCB with a pickaxe so business and the device than over here was offers revision bold with the ADR only now as models small space and also I can run each right direct machine instructions which actually nice this is our everyone border we hope to maybe something in cares the and I hope to get another religion out with some improvements from user feedback in the next month so any questions before at so your question is do I have a technical I think
but I'm looking for it all that all technical books spectacles all these different models but together and from that point I think you've discovered that what we call oversight and I forgot to put such a thing that is dead easy every radiated is controlled locally as you would just if you have an electric radiated I'll just keep room level and the only special thing done here it's was also injured in would almost equal hack filthy shack is that the thing of all is just eavesdrops on the conversation if any radiator valve is open switches the volume that will have a more sophisticated tell topology pulsing is current and by eavesdropping on expecting NSA units of opening my models for advice and but that's that's all it is it's a filthy hack and it works now the happen even filthy originally that only pickaxe I actually couldn't couldn't actually pick using this was due by couldn't actually read the data so the why did was that when I open developed enough and actions which I couldn't extra header on the front of this the valve ignored but this could see and when I got single extra header to the board so now I'm a little bit all grown up and actually decode the Taichung which was what we expect inside as well so this is so was the 1 of the in the Netherlands 1 of the the holy grail there is to be able to offer like modulated you're bored or not you select will note to the model with Xt how fast you will know and what's their expected little promoted is something your plans so at the moment which just a bang bang on-off control actually for for example a simple boilers such as mine at home and look at the flow in return temperature and internally knowledge so in a sense of people waiting to include like tool like a tool that open thermal something like that but I think the main that open and they would seem to follow the standards um yes it would be nice to be that I think we need to get the basic thing working 1st in sponsible this hopefully will do things like with the compensation and until modulation but yet I like to do it although it might all conscious and 1 word on this and they're all designed also meant to be as a state so we can profit from existing systems and of course it works at my place within 18 your Paleozoic which often because we know how it works for you what that wasting work so it thanks to quick at the moment but the thing that the radiators only sending information out can you send back to it to say don't change so I remotely change the policy flat room so the mind of the answer is no um because I want to keep it as simple and cheap as possible um you will the 1st person to ask the question um if we have integrated with British Gas's thing we almost certainly put is increasing inside the case although there are many controls you can see there's a developments control genetically I cable and it's got a C-like behind it so in fact either Richard over the normal right your reach and alternative right yeah that's right for connection and controlled by a central hub and the Bruno suggesting we could do things like that the problem of saying about when you when you try to conserve energy you were very low duty cycle and the radius of that kind of synchronization problems but the nice thing of course is once you synchronize as soon as you said receive the packet you can transmit 1 as well so we're thinking about it and if we do a central hub which allows you to control that will be a feature of it we have some ways how we might go about that there is a huge problem is thinking about and in particular I want to make this is dumb as possible so they can be tracked so if we're going to learn all this to be and controlled remotely of money going to do when I'm happy that all level of security is such that it in the old style block for the type of the bored teenagers they can't be hacking meeting of the people on the 3rd and 4th floor right so you know that will determine when I feel we can have the remote control like it that's my opinion I'm anyone in the group of cells that we might be you want become 2 questions 1 on hiking uh is your political uh resistant to packet injection and secondly you uh mud my plays the heating the button is the regularizer is very hard to turn so I'm wondering you like what what's what's the system you put on it and what's the you is 1 what's a coupling yeah force you have to apply to it about having not seen your hand also going to have to make a guess cyclist and this 1 is at the moment them you know I'm mentioning the term filthy at a few times this season Lectio protocol I want good it's within the radiator because actually 1 of all of collaborators went in reverse-engineered protocol on this slide that she writes the community keys treated you can lead to a critical edition is it not something so 1 of which so it's not all political and it has no security at all now this isn't generally a problem you know people AlDS generally hacking home heating system so I'm going to be very very rude and I'm going to suggest that we we move this um to the unconference format responding to stop talking because we have more questions for Damon right OK so and we wanna keep you keep you keep you talking 1st of all thank you for the presentation here so I'm going to propose we won't even take a break or just carry on so going to empty this row if that's possible if you could move away from that