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OpenSource Miracast
Wifi-Display on linux
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Miracast is the name of a WiFi-Alliance certification program for the WiFi-Display standard. It basically defines a "wireless HDMI-cable" so you can connect monitors via WiFi. Some Android vendors implement it, Microsoft ships it with Windows 8.1 and with OpenWFD we now also have the first Open-Source implementation available. This talk shows what Miracast is, how it works, and how you can use it on your favourite linux distribution already. The Wifi-Display standard (abbr. WFD) was created to define a common way to connect TVs and monitors to your PC or smartphone. It is not meant as media-file streaming protocol like DLNA, but rather as a "wireless HDMI-cable". It provides only a single video/audio stream from a source to sink, is optimized for low-latency and allows easy setup. WFD uses Wifi-Direct (wifi peer-2-peer / Wifi-P2P) to create a direct connection between two devices. A mode-negotiation follows and once all parameters are clear, an mpeg stream is established. Several extended features like split video/audio-sinks, enhanced timing-protocols or more are available. OpenWFD is the first Open-Source implementation of WFD. It is targeted at linux and provides some example source/sink daemons so you can already use it. However, proper integration into the linux software-stack is still ongoing and the final setup will probably differ highly from the current project state.
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whether but then to sort of the reaches point and 1 exit the crucial time all of nanoparticles policies review and you that actually have an image of the the because the limits of In the last 5 years to implement and to make it possible
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media streaming things which are in standalone files or of seeking and classroom but how would have to like the findings of um we actually this just to get just going from demands into another 1 but I'm and is the same as in the sink source of news and ways that creates an image what I want us to do that and samples and hazardous this was the image usually tuned for monitor you the behind the scenes and then and then this is actually that is that the picture and to have an inference to explanatory
worsening so a remote some and it should be inspected the version that is 5 and that define works and then the best of alliance
which could be some common practice specifications we should find things on top of these life as and this man that would appear to be I think that's 6 years old now a mature and is the sum so the occasional apart from them over the lines plants in the same um and to think of various negative was specification which defines the new customer versus again just a house and then there's the the so the programs in the Alliance I'm trying to use independent display so I
didn't get confused by the the the but is the 1st of the specification for the lysosome and that from the database programs rebounded conscious school for them we can find them it's the at the end end this is not good at all the person
that work better this this is to deposits which have been discovered each other and that to answer repeat peer-to-peer transport of the problem by play the of
being at work for 1 view to another 1 and it's just introducing be repeated at your own immediate transmission so and the trade union and answers were in on the this as possible then and the freeze that meant that some just explain all of whom were addressed the and the so the transformed from into to presentation and discussion research in the negotiation and connection establishment and have the appearance of fancy structure that includes meant
and the time to get this working there was no evidence of the 1st weapon was working I am the so and now we have and this was the renormalization but it appears on the device of the world and this and that we have a rule
of of a cut and they sent me concerning the confront each other and you should not use the normal methods
can define of devices about as indigenous women as Peter period of all of that is we was America's capable so I went back and contributed to this assignment whether that's where this is informational elements which you can get into different frames in the 1st lecture
and the the action frames and the variance and so on which defined that have used participation in the Advanced wouldn't want when resolutions is supported and so on and
the consecutive as as a comparison with a few found 1 of the American to us and not which is can in that the moment and the standard the information in in that the it's about and that's about it really amounts of modern resolutions and so on so it's how not that initiative to cope with the level to working and today because it in the exact same thing it's the exact same thing on 1 side of the TCP connection but OK that actually that lies on a minute all Linux machines which could uh which in Europe attribute um negotiation the picture the standard this inspection France to you but you don't have this 1
because connects them along the pit abuse of some undefined firms to do that for all the negotiation that means the reason is simply the set P and then
connects to people didn't know which was just as so this the tension
between that was going on and the plan has said the good summary being connected and again you know that you will as for the times when I'm interested in connected the the moment that it wasn't of actually 1st to to be entered as but which contributes monitoring are having seen anyone using a stimulus was supporting of but you know means tolerance of the answers which are connected to the same of at that point and the country about link the meaning of messages that was that was learned from the of point but at that time and so that was a natural piece of news the and that would appear to you on every other literature that the students were opulent and not just to do so what you
could all right much of the person who had
left and right hand side if that use this Newton and discovered that just to do this and now we have will and some of the images will concerned command if that was so we don't have that kind of stuff that whenever the life and use it basically adapted for which is but the that is the the uh the density so I would get implementations which we have those weapons also the whole world to use them at talk about where you just want and then link it to spend it hazard thank you and the proof is a achieve that's a common and implementation of their limited to don't let me just show this has been a obviously this but the non-specialist that's running and the left in this 192 168 or if you're all like you to know which is connected to just use the same interest you have no chance to let this that way you know about the reasons and the new technologies which are not in the text and you don't wanna methods that it supports the use of the of the of cortical from the bridge of letters and we can use all of them are reasons but the weapons is that I just went about as at the time and that's fine the contribution to the translation enhancement of about 1 because that's not the reason depends but and
and remember to the just can I support it because the from dissimilarity from the 1 these interfaces and the ones that each depend on 1 of and you can keep this that and these all and then by the trade 1st look in which it sort of processes and when you don't something of and now through open it so I wasn't
going to figure out which covers and
can claim to support it so I that a bad these invoices for sustainable use BT was but the just a you know a certain into that goes evolved into with that will allow them to do that but no like 200 members of messages to the on performance of the the that of that opinion 3 times John lecture on the part of the set that working members of the of the the statistics it has on users from uh PCI card fatalities in body and it was a controversial judgments about because everything under just program the but response wasn't it so we ran a few things straightened out the quantum theory and the and this would kind of 1 of the but we have this sort of what the there should defines once you have an IP network used by the transporter data and that's this possibility is speed up GP the the Special and that for the 1st time on puts it into another 2 transport stream which is the for if you would have this if and when it's in the notes and the people at the front of the of the convergence of looking it took me 2 hours to history where to get the others that with his I assume that the of height of the 3 was so what we can choose the the Americans syndicate repository interested and and the fact that we won't be so and I just decided that the Special different eradication is that Iceland and the future wanted now and contributes F is just not working very well then adjust mediation what part of but but what factors the repair an opinion word and and simple implementation we just or even that for natural 1 that I wouldn't want so of that's going to demand that use the words that is the behind that of the control channel that is used for display and part of institutional and now the flow of string so you want excess to its random graph with the string and the data about 1 and this that and the conditions on the source side the side which produces the data from which initiates the connection that's just not the case that have to wait for missing data coming to infer and you don't have that should normally has an impact on the data to the sink and the this so as you went to the his penis is the title of the song to spell streaming effect uh some that's about the Mormon dated for the edit messages which will have be the 1st through trust and planning and the sentence sometimes single thing of what was supposed to be doing that and subsequent the now the interest because we the and should yeah so again at the end of the coding efficiency is educated basically just with different commands and you can just talking about and that was sent that's fine as a working on it and negotiation us which nodes of the source so that's 1 of these nodes and you can select the at the profile is considered the nodes this instrument resort to Piaget his is on page the that's just the stream of data from with the casino and just data from the some of the same the and that is the stream is not used anymore you can request remote handling of negotiation and most of them and 1 response um to understand and that is a set of the original motion in terms of of judgment on the vertices treated anything and the promise you anything you want basically at the time and should have the tree so you goods but reliable transmission or not reliable transmission that was announced in need of help and foraging for tuning in a bit further and later in professor million harbor on the internet should be used to and that's what the learners thing of all of our approach specifically the only exception to that thank you and that's what I spent fuel circuits so the interested this this family and you connections but it wasn't it wasn't interesting but data then the working with
that of an actual future 2nd is well behind and convince used to symbolize class so but it's not and for the last but that these features of images that thinks but thank and you have 1 thing I did has and 1
regularized and this and that we need to realize that all you need to be on the
rise and fall connected to each other the obviously to send the cross between all 3 with the work the that's entirely um that the kids who component which is do and protection the a lot when the woman that uh the percentage of now as I think the transmit the data back to the source so we can have a touchscreen and achieving an interest would be and you to the and actually interact the now that we just should Sheldon and most of the planets and but such as the European 1 criterion you and then I press semantics from the knowledge of working in
and on try the the
advantage of this and then just indicating attitude during warfare uh contributes about which means that the
probability um and and the specification of a member of very useful that's to be the integrable operators but transportation as an acceptance list that just makes me some and the stench of the come to anything so you I'm just trying to I always think of you know looking for now we can actually uh wasn't supposed to be related with the interest of the group that content which means that when the was doesn't want to be you cooperative that's the time that you consider just and were just doing anything and into what for a broken bone but can vacancy the it and that is the the and you this is the and and all to of this right the so on the the I and I see what additional screen but it's not going to repeat because 1 of its own approach in which is a but don't get the I'm just putting in with friends so at this stage I think that you know I don't think good you the only that we were just global data and the a connected uh and that you can show that the Commission of the or strictly controlled scripts to the workings of the mind and the manner in which offensive feature that and there's this now and that's wouldn't about and transmit any data but
was not an no constant you can into the into the in that sentence welcome to the normal mode from literature in the middle the mean of the data stream rotation and just a string of resolutions and in the that is where it's not sentiment but and the interesting thing or is this like suitable for knowledge and so on so far which means that you have in the words that nice a regarding from such nonsense obviously as you might see this the that just the name and settings no 1 have no chance of in the middle panel that actually can can good about that but should should is not but human thinking but that's not there was just turned to you can but you see the the what is smaller the transmission moment when you reading of the of that I have this what so the current is inward and what it might to do that all the samples of s and t this thing is the screen artifacts too closely and you notice lacks which are in the middle encoder which 100 or more entities we're looking and that's why I said that we use limits of the thing which is quite handy because in the news that the prime uh um the 1st node and that has a lot of agenda of but fairly than just put it to you to we and were used and just the dispersing get into the when I spoke to you need to sit down and promises groups right that the and the question of what the effect of the modernism much more interesting thing about it is to get the Linux of the force and that the limits of affairs is that and even those that you can use them to prevent that cancer data for again and
justify witches that contains Wheeler and 1 that easy but that's not what most people want to do with it um I mentioned this best of necessary subclassof extensions is actually a 2nd monitor I have a problem with that is that you have
to make an excellent track what's in the and of the and because of that and we have a problem that's around as a competitor has to do this on well the students and probably that because they can rely on the lexical base the driver so I don't know what that and and and I don't know how to read x also work at some point we have a enough to some of the content which just provides a 2nd to people registers and and is where it's and the so the 7 per cent of judges using you got the preferred didn't present and this is just effectively with no all interactions with but just but I'm assuming that the of single CTCs and connected which has based control and the 2nd part of this contribution to the larger companies and now this going to suggest that monitor or whatever the romance and it was just the familiar figures of the from uh just translation better where characterized and put in that and into but the added to the extent of and we was what is right that was but during the but but also on the level of user unannounced commitment to assist and it this time but the question of and myself because that's the best way to consonant what we can do that and you did the pituitary and this is the time and in uh into account or whatever and this around and administer the fake can use the other guy just find the vibrant so I can write financial interest at 1 the data to the well that you can only do that so that's not what we want to use randomness in this Sinatra yeah the to stem of bird might be the French In the we the but the you yeah the and and it the the In this and the the this for what it this might take a while the the good the that the the and and not be working in the that is in which analysis here but this experiment is you can use this loss of self and and there's it can is going to be mapped to point you're limits something the life there's nothing the the President of 1 the has taken strong Linux comes from 1
PC to another 1 and if you did that work in while the USA Canada and working then those the yeah few the handcrafted structures you know it's going to work with Linux consonant something with that with with anything time back to the traffic um experimental less than a repository and the fact that a performance to get this transpose of working which is actually not really part of what it is but sufficient because it should be just for for contributing and that should be implemented the newspaper claimed that was simply implemented for and so I just had to go the demos that this week and that's pretty obvious if we had an operating again and writing but those people know what it the since the integrated into distributions or narrow world itself and many that we 1st needs but matter comment or other programs to provide the appear we agree on before we do that we can't do anything about it because you don't want None of them that is program to control you know the the the supplicant because it needs to issue commands or that the Finnish and want to use your normal making them and get that on axis knowing that protects and number if the network implementations from provided that the um that would be this include . 2 programs which you can 1 man do this thing to look at but just accepts data and another uh the list from which this created this fake otherwise excellent work the going that notification siege and just isn't it so it's just a small incremental Buddhism from any references yeah and suspected of trying to the summer working on but if anyone has questions you can see from the yeah that's the sum that the company and I think it's not about the lagging issues that you raised to the decoding part this confirming that you you know rule of the networking and that was the and that the intensity of useful but for that but the shortage what panic and since he is this vision of a new local employed for decoding of effects is and 1 would think that were performed on the progress that implementations from and rank asked of them actually have from 1 2nd delay so and this is intentional and the protocol the set I don't think it really useful for all the same stuff that we have a closed source so that wouldn't try to to implement them that this limits the proof of concept for Comcast that cost I think word understand that there was the growth the word in the source and you you know the square the of the of the something similar you know cells of these I think all LG I try the nexus for the he supposed to sample we are constantly deal at all I just got connected to the but nothing of the connected to what Tools SUnSAL-TV I or energy I just it is an if you have at some of the theories of importance and so on and the other 1 having them so if you buy the of the except problems and you really need to be lucky to get it working so that the programmer nutrition so the that's actually what I try to do well Standard with the to just say I have this 1 which does that transpose of and then all of which is the 1 that is within the industry any connection between 20 devices begin to soften P which has worked for years which looks a black and the the wisest edges connect to enhance the understood and that king work on the notion that education but nonetheless was on the 1 implemented which I think it's worth this and and if you don't have to buy products with America supported I that the so as a curious but the profit-sharing imitation of Linux as a source of you if you have a provision for that so that we avoided copies as much as possible with trick taking the ragged buffer going over to the network so that and Poisson remember memory mapped out into the eye and and so on uh this independent of the implementation of the formal which 1 of the image so we did this from it's important that terminology and the genome the the DNN handle from the real drama of American computing important trauma and then we have a copy that because I a and like to just memorize this paper introduces bias and uses this can and do whatever it wants with because in a sense this is the framework for a while when I'm about to do that and a member of you can only do integral because you have to cause if you're at the analysis on the and axis so some simple going to just damage the on the new house and elimination which just copied which 1st of the charge against anything that many us and Europe the can you can get access to the you know it's it's the general and then you can present in the modern poets supports and then you could even do better and going from the from of of of doing is single because otherwise you cook into the firm often in copying again to the Japan you to build and code the OK but a quality you have there the color space conversion when necessary and um in theories of frames if necessary then edit what color space conversion bigger and stating that the the positive integers you there for now some of the people of e-mails from people and then any coding and just Christian repository and some files good like for image from companies which we're working on 1 of the display and made but we want lantern was so here using tissue monitoring is that when you slow and whatever so and that's quite amazing this morning when I read a working there was the 1st and actually the 2 2nd today notice that justice from Parker and and going to build the nice thing this of the other question about the feeling also that the former you may that you're using basis for over on the basis of the um I'm a little fused with the pixels testing constant and so on and on and on a string with a bow to have to be in birds the not appealing so we'll give you arms because of the mass of the there's actually a lot the it yes thanks this during the 2nd edition the Commission is just produce clarify what a plane graph cost r of i imitation of what the last so a plane procrastinate implementations of what finally I'm to went from Apple as a close the specification and then we do you can move your a company can get access to the license and you know that I that's actually you I don't know that much about it but don't think use such as lay made at port fairly high for airplane sorry so many meters on whereas the 5 4 airplanes and to level that if they miss half of us and summarization of the mother was proposed by but the fact that the important things like credible that normal other things that we be informed that this that and rejects the use of music which is
minimized the hands this can't do much about the source and this again and with different implemented different polical sort of sense compare and OK so close to close it OK so the US on track so I need to get numerous Welton year the ice on the because some of the mothering new across that's only encryption and its is because of this problem you can implement edge disappear from those perspectives that involvement in means of ideas you all in other think you can the system please have on on that shouldn't be about how to implement and the implementers already and this is my vision is not and should be very easy to use but it does everybody that it really ought to have been included in the HTTP the on that's already and would be just looking into a sort of mental shows the mean of the Federal Air there what the user context so you want to use I want 1 2nd and and the and you I just wanted to travel to and from the time we I think I and and the and you mentioned there as the prior year and I guess I think it's a great advice is to make sense a lot on how much the price I was wondering if you actually tested those things in our story by or on any other device uh running Linux for that matter from the thing with a very positive that he has some of the this is going to be sorry import so we can use them to cover all the all the consequent ventral just use usually of the usual on that and simple Figure p or and the mean of the work and you can just not a later many origins of small special just for the question about the anchoring of the decoding and you of has and what you cold or warm acts of his always formula which just put into problems compared to that of is ways the the it was in the and theories that were the did with that uh with uh screen mirroring the yeah it's it's sort that to be able to use Linux as a source and I know that out the limits when it is a really bad problem itself around have life screen-sharing screencasts you think that something that some of you will be able to carry out of there and for that purpose of screen sharing means like like it alive screencasts so