OpenPandora and a peek into the future

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OpenPandora and a peek into the future
OpenSource video game handheld
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Presenting the currently available OpenPandora handheld, which is a miniature PC with Gaming controls running Linux, to interested people. Additionally, there will be a sneak peek into the future, maybe already with some hardware to demonstrate.
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OK everybody here lifestream running as well poking around them and thanks
for coming at this late time of I am I'm my camera that I can be seen here also known as the right in the community for this coming people here that joining I and I want to tell a bit about uh the or and the
higher or which will be the success of the and all it's currently in development founded technically link and look at the history and this may be in the future 1st for those who don't know what is and or just a quick look basically
it's a miniature hand-held PC as can be seen here so completely open runs notes and is basically a mixture between a year blaming systems so we got so the pattern analog controls but at the same time it's also uh
complete some miniature proceed right now I have it here and then watching the Irish Sea from our community because the people might have some questions as well and so if they're watching the Lifestream I can answer these questions right here the it's always be made to be hacker friendly so there's no bootloader that you can kill us something that it's always recoverable from it's not locked down in any way you can put any operating system you want some and of course there is no force that for each istration or anything like that so you don't need it can be or anything as account and can do what you want with it basically it's just like a normal PC just a bit smaller than it was also always very important at a long battery life so they can go on only have 10 hours of battery life which is pretty amazing for such a small and PC and 1 of the most important thing is that it's community-driven which means of well it's basically you all know that the same with Linux so all the time makes a bunch of people working together and as the word is very currently there a lot of people working together just to make this work there's no become the need for each common company behind it like they all quite expensive that can be seen as you like but some if you buy if I look at the reoccurrence not fall the cognitive 15 they are 800 euros so there is expensive and they're evening even cheaper to build because it's just the flat case and nothing else than the screen and then SOC so compared to the big ones we're pretty cheap actually and because we have to pay a lot more to get the parts than they do that but we basically have the same price the the a gaming and hence yes of but those gaming and usually a fund and there's the with stays of games which is not the case here because here we're running open-source games um and simulators imports
OK it's just a quick pictures because if I just holding my and you can see the real
asset repetitive we got a keyboard we've got a few notes and the data we got a USB
ports shoulder buttons on TV all portents and the news the but pretty
much as that's a computer combined with the gaming and no let's just do a quick look at the history of the Pandora and basically 2007 3 guys I was 1 of them from sending the Kyiv treating of Centel from game park holdings a we decided to create a new Linux gaming entity wise and so after a while we found a case and that PCB design and the community and that's basically how the Pandora was born of and 1st year only thought of it as a gaming device that it can be a PC basically um or a complete and many laptop that's something we found out later the idea basically what he wanted to have a device that could at least emulate the full speed which means we needed to have a
system that's has a touchscreen keyboard and is if you that's fast enough and that's basically how the 1st shape of the Pandora came to be more ideas have been gathered from the community of and we actually made a thread about what would you dream and be like and then we pick everything that would be possible from the threat and included into the Pandora and the developing starts with somebody community members likes Steiger Willis Law doesn't see thinks who were active in the scene before the work on the operating system drivers and then in
2008 that was just 1 year later we
had the 1st prototypes but only prototype PCB is the case was not finished yet and that was really really that the to the public at that time takes 8 8 was had impressive of CPU power so we suddenly had a large press coverage and when we started pre-ordering in September 2008 so of the plan was to have it released in December to the posted which didn't work but it was all planned and all 4 thousand orders had been taken within 2 or 3 days because of that and then we just have to because uh it would have been an issue producing even more and while it was oversight producing enter was to in 2008 to 2009 a lot of issues mainly with the cases in which led to a lot
of delays people were waiting and In 2010 loaded that was 1 and a half years later than planned the 1st Pandora say
got delivered but as there still were there had issues in the production of it was a very slow delivery and some even the end up on eBay for I think 1 thousand 800 EUR and simply because it was such a ready wise but the users of God it were still impressed so they all said it was worth laid off but it wasn't over here we had a lot more relation issues which also used up a significant amount of money and credit that was 1 of the other guys from the 1st team decided to send premium upgrades to give up endorsed tested to the customers who already pre-ordered I want to follow that but said he was the guy doing that basically organization back then and it seems that the only way to rescue the Pandora so that
it didn't really work because 32 thousand now 11 more issues occurred in the body of PCPs had been scrapped so yeah I was a bit of an experience that was a bit of a bad lot basically and probably also a lot of MIS organization and the nearly killed the whole project up to then about 2 thousand 700 did Pandora's had been delivered at about 1 thousand 200 the government URI were outstanding at the time Craig decided
to gave I have to give up basically and until the company but I did want to give up and look for investors which I found and decided to move the Pandora production to Germany and have it properly organized but so that it would be a smooth run in the future early 2012 the time had come and the production resumed in Germany without any major issues just a small well she which is you always have and starting a new book production but it wasn't a big deal and and then on the indoors um were available from stock that was the 1st time in their world enable from stock since you still had a lot of pre-orders the idea was to both the up until all the new customers basically the new customers um finance the friend was for the old customers there was no other way to get money back into the pot and even tho the hotter most basically all data but then the states were still pretty good for various reasons 1st it was the only the wise or spilled is the only device that can do all that up
until no there's no meaning Linux PC with that size and things to Linux and so very optimize operating system it runs a lot faster than an Enron phone for example that some emulators like drastic and intended yeah simulator and actually runs faster on my cortex a Condor then it runs on lake or a ninefold simply because there's not all that all were and all the services that are running on Android when September 2012 the current and or the one-gigahertz Andorra with an improved case had been
released and well create decide it's once again tool technophobe pre-orders the tool for the bigger spenders which led to another fiasco but I don't want to talk too much about Fagan all those fiascos I'm pretty I'm pretty happy that basically this is all behind us now except for remaining pre-orders that are still there but we're working on getting them depend on us as well In January I had almost 3 orders delivered so I don't have any depth to them uh and about 150 of Craig's customers should have been still outstanding but in real reality it seemed there were about 600 left which is what we're currently trying to find some few other and and with donations and I'm selling them for production costs but all we're getting there the but now in
October 2013 the final Pandora batch of about 500 endorse have been announced mainly because the parts are end of life so it's
impossible to get the NAPs it's impossible to get more white and models of the system is now 5 years old so getting parts will be more and more difficult so it was time to go to an end of life and while I have 13 the 1st information being released that I'm working on a successor but don't create and that is so that would be called the and well that's what we will be talking about here from now on and so 1 thing I can say right now is that every customer from Craig would have pretty depend on until the pirate be released they will be able to get them for
production cost prize that's all I can offer of but it is for the Beijing they can get it for a pretty cheap price well before we're talking about a successor we have to think about what's good and bad about the Pandora pretty good I think it's a great gaming controls of the
D-pad is being pretty good I'm a game myself and so our customers said well that's 1 of the best the pets they ever have the buttons upgrade the not so great when they're working the of the yeah have we're getting there and what's not so good science the size is great part of the pocket and I can put into my pocket and that's it it's got a fully look system which is great so what this for me I don't want any while anybody wants to run Windows 8 on 1 hand have no knowledge gave thought well it's not locked down you can choose whatever as you like and I still like the freedom to don't have any account anywhere and just have a computer which runs myself for that's still something I like but it seems people know these days are happy to have and the columns and so we the columns and link them all together so that you can steal everything at once now what's also good is that the test uniport psyche used the poured and use the card slots all are gonna use beast economies from the hottest from a French of target and copy stuff over connected dbp destacan watch TV you well that's immediately see you can do anything it another big
uh you can do with the PC what's also also missed the community we very active and friendly community they're helpful that porting and optimizing softer imports and we also got the PNG system with which is easy to use the new bias robust and reliable I know some people don't like it that much time but we also decided to keep it together with the standard operating system for the future because it has some advantages but I want to get to
that later was all the great of course is the battery life so that's also something we would like to keep what's not so that is the highest quality and some good looks a bit achieved and it's not to robust the sometimes it develops develops cracks some beef had habit improved with the current version but the old version developed pretty Mia pretty as a lot of train tracks and that in a pretty fast way so but we still want to
improve it then we had a lot of issues with Asian manufacturers and I don't want to say all asian manufactures a bad they certainly are and that's most the Chinese market focuses on large production runs so 100 thousand devices and more they don't care about the smaller customers and so on what our goods manufactures and their bad ones but to find out which 1 is good and bad that would mean you have to was at the mall and try to work with them and it's not just possible for such a small of so we had some issues the and that's that was some problem with a Pandora's will the analog controls as I mentioned sometimes they are inaccurate then they were there are great so sometimes and you try to move let's say they move left left out and stuff like that so they could be improved I think Wednesday on
Wednesday on wednesday thank the when the us in well I I think it depends on the no not 1 status but uh died heavily depends on the not so some work always and some don't work at all and there's anything in between so on if you got the unit which has great working Napster happier um but it's really can't test all of them and replace them all of the time because we would have to uh have a staff of 100 thousand options and like that that's why we need to improve that as well what the screen resolution with 800 tents the is a bit too small for Linux programs because many of them expect 800 thousand 600 times
that the big the because you can move the windows around but it's a bit annoying so that could be improved as well yeah so that that so that's great difference and the internal storage these days is a bit small with 512 megabytes down which means the although only have a minimum operating system when they're not a full-fledged 1 uh if you want to use a full 1 you can put it on to this the card but it would be nice having a full operating system already on the into storage and then having the SD cards but on top of that what the keyboard is hard to use in the dark because you can see the labels of so you know I have uh the problem typing at the dark sometimes um it feels a bit squishy because about that also depends a bit on the person some persons landed from some persons so I think it could be improved but we're going to take a look at them 1 also good some parts not available to buy anymore and so are not so good is the set so that at the community respected members of whom it went so far as so that he even a yeah that he
even said that words about some of the members and well that was not so nice I don't want to turn this into great bashing because he certainly had a lot of his shoulders but it has to be said and so it has to be said that he will not be involved in the next device at least 1 my 1 while 1 of the goals of course update 102 current
genome because they're hard reason years old improve the all the current issues the case not to say there are tight integration with the community of which is always something I always try to because I always felt like it community member more than half of the producer or something like that I'm always available at the IIsi in there at the back boards in a lot following it and I'm happy that all those people are working together to create to create 1 Brady rise so we also try to be as open as possible it's not possible in there every way but we're trying to be to do that as good as as we can and another thing is we want to offer a more standard OS as amino as of right now we're running Debian on it's the standard of deviance and we want to put additional optimizations from by the community for example hardware acceleration and stuff like that that will be in a different
repository and the reason most other as is that of course is you can easily compile you can easily stay up to date because that Vietnam for example has its own repositories they always kept up to date and that with a kernel Austria have libraries about few years old because it's very very complicated tool keep your all operating system always has the latest thing yes we haven't decided yet but I think so because of the package management from BN is grades and there's not what available and it's also easy to create basically all in the distribution of the bootstrap and then put your own repositories of optimizations on the we haven't fixed that yet but it looks like it yes OK about the kind of thing so I close on I which I yes we want to switch to other travel of course yeah yeah right we're not using a magical event alright million yeah that's something that's that would also be populace but of course you want to keep what's good beginning controls the audio output and the battery life and we want to improve the hinge as good as possible but that's something it's not easy but we're doing our best so all you could say keyword clothes
and improve what can be improved that's basically the idea for the successor uh pretty easy idea about so basically that's
what needs to be done it's it did you
things OK now let's 1st start with random walks prior which will be the name whereas the name come from and what does it mean some 1st and didn't want to use kind or of because 1st I wanted to have a new name to look at the bad things that happened and also to well I'm not sure if they would be angry because it had lost because he was involved in it so I just wanted to have a different new name the name should be related uh to the vendor because to the last years we really had a great community that can go was doing well so it should be related to it should be easy to remember insured and not something like well just end up and or intermingling all you've got Pandora accessories discussion or a you've got the Pandora batteries that anything Andorra so I wanted to have a name which is not yet used that much so we had
just subsystems and voting from the community and while pirate was basically what has 1 or well in English you would probably call at higher rhymes only would be true I don't know in your language we see what the people we call it and going back to greek mythology throughout that's a big difference so written but I didn't want to have a name like that because nobody will be able to write this is a sense is not of the and or which fits well so that was the reason for the name and what will it be like what Sextile state of the art CPU as Indian
speakers you accurate maps that don't wear out so that simply because the new not the magnets with all sensors and we've got on the death or it's me will be but they get the at the table tomorrow so anybody who wants to try out their what and so the more the whole day and we want to have a backlit keyboard which is also something that i've been missing on the current unit bearable some better-looking cave improved connectivity so why probably be improved and the state of the art but we're planning to have three gene UMTS but only as optional modules so if you don't want it simply don't buy it use the part in the standard ht my poured out which would also make it possible to design a break of a crime at home so you can just put it into your docking station the docking station is an homage to my money toward a keyboard and mouse attached and then you have a PC at home which is also great Of course the forever to be upgraded 512 megabyte is nothing these days and the internal storage as well from and we still want to use an analog all you will because I still had those buttons which you never know when his switch otherwise on is on is it uh sometimes the buttons you take 1 to 3 seconds to react so an analog audio we lose what the community wanted and what I still want to keep because it's simple to definite right and it works right away
without using any CPU power I can share with you and you to use the phone you can you can you as a phony us some of the is where usable will we have a microphone in their and speakers you could talk like that it likely engage that talking but you could of course use had settled without that but it would be possible yes the we know that they found it useful if you're but I I'd rather use the formal intended so let's take a look at the main SOC the Porter processor
and actually took us about 1 year to find the proper set SOC for that we had a lot of talks with different manufactures but it was always something that we didn't like from India for example and when then working within media they told us we have to use their own and partner companies to do the design production and I don't think which starts in the product and such a low quantity we would find any companies and some you didn't want to sell off their so see because while we were below 100 thousand or something like that the recall the Chinese Association has have the issues that surround they either have no Linux drivers all they don't have a hotbed documentation ball which makes it really hard to decide if you think around it and so in the end said we went back to the Texas Instruments all that we had a Texas Instruments before and the Pandora and I know a lot of people were crying that Texas Instruments they went out of business of that but that's not true they just went out of the smartphone business but they're still in automotive and
medical business which was all there and the main goal before that as well as all of the share some the huge advantage B is that we can get in low quantities because everything that's made for industrial usage can also be gotten in low quantities of course is the medical desire your units for your company if you things you don't need to buy 100 thousand as of these so we can buy them you got a good took communication and therefore also the available for us so we've got a state of the art Court it's a 15 which is what's current high and smartphones have with up to 1 . 7 years each other that's pretty fast running um outside item that a river running KDE 4 with that of a Western off and I think in the end at the same time to playstation emulator is on 1 screen and it worked without any issues and full speed so that the you started again OK so we take a look there that's just the Board of course you can play around with it tomorrow outside the table as well but it's pretty impressive talk fast that is 1 of the bad things is that how we are the which is the 3 D processor and it doesn't have any open source drivers available at what's well except for the body I think there's no open source um driver for any of those so C 3 the chips available and the volume was only in the substantive I guess which they didn't want to sell us to ask or even slower so is so that said in help let's just use union and you would probably want to go to 2 gigabyte of RAM and more gigabyte would probably just make it more expensive and on the other side would need more uh power and so right now I think when we had a lot of things running at the same time you using about 600 megabytes so I'm not sure if you need more than 2 gigabyte on a mobile was only once and I I should more Italy otherwise and then do you have the OK all of you that's what you get to as the ABC card slot that goes up to a few terrabytes knowledge of being of was what you it for power saving basically and yes so are similar to the bay clearly at the war or you can do the yes right now the cortex at 15 constantly go down so that you don't need that much power but I'm not sure what really exactly can with the codecs and therefore we just started with not really velopment from what you see years without any hardware acceleration it it's just as the baby on on and there's no hardware acceleration should be used to it's just only running on CPU with their software models yeah but fast enough for the for that that let's go to the city of the money will probably use that is a
full HD 120 times 10 18 so that's a bit of an overkill in resolution I think but it was impossible to gets along that I you had a hundred times 480 which is a bit too low or you get higher ones because there's not 1 business moves on to for k and old rage on the most whatever yes a question is a learned no that's probably we just because it was tagging it to this morning you have a chain knowledge it can be interlaced in and display no it's PDF 1080 key things that have I would got a fast response time of 20 milliseconds which is great for near the city but if you go to Google Nexus 5 uh it's the same screen so you can already take local what it is but 1 thing I thought about it is that a high resolution could also be used to
accurately simulate your money or when playing all Super Nintendo adults games some you need a lot of lines in between to make meglumine effect is something that I think that would be possible with that resolution somebody has helped that but it would surely look and the yeah otherwise of course that it's great for you in videos or pictures of what's well you can also use a 2 and a half a 720 p resolution just upscale it I don't think you will see too many pixels but it's it's interesting it's not possible to get any 720 p displays anymore because the industrial uh does need that higher resolutions and the not considered a lot more these days things are going crazy well let's go to the gaming controls any using keyboards
that miss you can see there on the death body fat if utilities of morally lighting up that's the betterment of course there are some you can control them in brightness which them on and off software that's often uses Bayes rule sets of RGB LED is which can be used for a while as the card so you could use 1 RGB LED for the battery status right when it's when it's empty green when it's full and something in between if you want to know um if you want to see all uh much choose this and that we left course it can also use it for e-mail notification whatever you want to do and in user's space encoded in we will also we have a deep had been for shoulder buttons that was used to interest from many Pandora members and so we will most probably also have 6 face buttons slow we have to check if that can be done in a good way to fit in their in this space right now the case companies checking that of it looks like we will have 6 face buttons which is OK for some fighting games and stuff like that which
all that is more complex and complicated when you need them except for exports in relation which will be possible yeah why you've got look controls like the notes for racing games in the you OK all we have to make a limits on all and now we don't and 1 thing I always wanted I don't want to go into anything overly complex so because the more you try to improve it the more can also go wrong so we try to improve the important things and keep it simple some when everything works we can work on the next devise and improve even more things but as a more company where there's no you would share of financing backing them in my bag here we have to assume that we can the yeah OK I make that just shoulder problems and I think all and the case will be available um for uh s case design for you can decide imprinted yourself if you like it's a hacker friendly the was OK how about in a set with RGB LED backlit keyboards and toward RGB LED right now this is a clear market made with the open door um you know the keyboard layout it slowly it 6 or anything but you can see we have the key role we go down so that you can have the numbers like that you will have the speakers up there so we have more screen for the more room for the screen and we have a power but not a switch anymore because while I don't know why we need this which is just not needed at all Bandora can all be done with the power
button and that's what we want to use also we want to ask you to Wi-Fi stuff like that but was a it's the king layout is not fixed you want to work on that with the community to gather um it but in so it was my 1st or the microphone is simply a will simply be a digital microphone and it's the same as in the Pandora each hardware will be assigned so that it can be completely switched off you don't need a hard which for that but if you can switch it off and off with ruled well cause it could in theory somebody could take into you Debian tired tried to switch it or not I'm not sure if that device would be but the top priority
for hackers the while you may be 1 or 2 about that we have a marathon and Pandora's there's nobody i think nobody tried to hack into it the view of the of the and here we have and if you do it and what to about you well yeah that would be possible something to think about that the jury from I that what's always improves all those ideas OK let's go to connectivity
have I haven't improved we haven't yet decided on the tip of the problem would be what 802 11 a median maybe only VGA because a really used widely anymore but so you will have to find for years and 5 giga it's available it would have you to of not yet 100 per cent sure of the . 0 4 . 0 as mentioned optional you history G NTPs because that's built into the unit test module as well so you could use it for navigation from reflects that serving outside you can use it as a following as mentioned HTML out so you can connect it to stand of flat screens which is great like that's going home connected to monitor use it as a PC they will have successfully use the host port with a hop included which as I mentioned that because the Pandora doesn't have a hop in Seoul you can only use pure use b to surety wise if you try to connect the use you want when 1 your eyes wasn't the question it up in there that has to be changed and that will be changed we will have a micro USB port on as well to CSE card slots and had support so nothing much has changed from a friend or just have have been improved the components will be more recent the battery in which was also a lot of discussion about so the battery will be the same as the Pandora for various reasons 1st of batteries of can only be reported in China and our current develop distributed manufacturers reliable so he bought them from them within the last years and he was always fast reliable we had no issues with them and we don't want to try anything and choose another 1 and then have another Chinese company with issues so the batteries will be the
same but we also talk to him and he said the only way to improve the capacity right now with the current technology it would be to improve the battery size but then again we have to improve the case so that the size of the higher and we didn't want that yes whom it is because this so is but I didn't know I haven't said anything about that has the time center for their food them not just the same type but the same battery um so how the case should be improved because of the current case we have to put some bumpers and there's all that the battery few things properly that will be improved so that it will fit right from the
beginning and 1 advantage is still if there are people have a Pandora and don't want to offer to acquire or anything like that so they don't have to feel that they won't get batteries in the future because it will be the same that we so we will have been installed when the got append or and apparent you can use both at reasonable systems which is always great as well why the battery life of and that's pretty hard to say right now because we have our difficulties can be connected to the official TI all EVM on but it should be approximately the same the components of uh the standard controls like Wi-Fi against use the same power and the performance of ASR is a bit lower is better on the current systems on sees so when doing the same task it should use a bit less better than the Pandora and of course we're doing hiring staff of running to placing emulators or something like that and then you needs a lot more varied than on the final that's for sure apart from most the daily work at and about browsing stuff like that it should be about the same as the Pandora which is about 10 hours right now standby time a lot more this to MP3s also a lot more about normal work time is about 10 hours that's kind of the
case all of them have you which is usually still had with the Pandora because it doesn't look like a 500 EUR devised it looks like if if you're device and that was a bit of a problem sometimes but the case of the completely redesigned produced by a company in Europe of form action in Greece and therefore advantage that the same company that 1 company is also in the design and the production of 1st the designer knows the specification tolerances of the machine so he knows exactly what he can decide and of words that was a huge issue when we did the case for the Pandora because the designer was sitting
in the USA and so the case company was in China of and then he sentence them some designs than they had cracks in there uh that shrinking Martin anything well and that he she wants to design also support of the color of the manufacturing the manufactures it was a cause of the fault of the designer won't 2 people or a 1 company 1 person and so each training
and 1 blaming each other I have no idea was wrong was right about if I have it in 2 in the same company they can use they can't say that because they have to take care that the sign is probably we also have a faster turn-around times because I can call them up say we need these and these changes the designer can do the change and then he goes 20
meters further interests produces a new prototype case and then we have it within a flow of short timeframe um depend alright can be at about 4 to 5 weeks for just small changes but which led to a lot of delays and so it's good that we don't have this issue anymore communications although each I don't have to speak Chinese and uh and so our contact partner the as the German fluently and English as well so there's no language barrier and the distances the no issue my was there Greece last week and so and we had but without with the sign of the PCB and then we discuss the use different details etc. and going to China and with all those customs and stuff like that is also an issue so in the end we will have a higher quality of the case question of case yes so body theory what size of his
life to mention a few viable and finally by of the full-size no online or a micro you can't you can't put a full so that some of that you don't have that much space while basically what they did is they made so that 1st made a copy basically of the Pandora's and just with already improvements that it's looks better in that it does that in a shrinking lots and from the our on they are improving the case with every body they get so we always in the latest revision and they are changes we also working on these you know that little yes was right on on the number of hours yes you landmarks you get exactly what if you if you order news the shoulder buttons we don't use it's all about wins and work that uses for that but then you have marks in that is something I've I've spoken with them as well yeah sold on we closely working together I'm having contact with them once or twice a week already uh and which is way better than with the Chinese companies Li et context while we had a question got an answer for weeks later I think um so that's already a huge improvement and while I can tell when the case will be finished because it all depends you still looking into the hinge because that will be the most complex that part to design and also looking into their ChemEx design of because such a key is not easy to produce so we're looking for companies there and of course as long as the PCPs infringe they can finish the case design by that's happening at the same time so the designer of the PCB in the case of both working together closely so that we don't have to wait until the PCPs finished before they start assigning the case of automatic is of the case of you as far as I know they the ones who and use a lot of these yet and the next thing guarantees I'll return and or of she is the that we remember is the last year and we already have and how to handle yet and yes we have we have different plans there on 1st as you can see there on the UBM the process as heat sink on it so which will also do we have a company it was specifically doing of wide area heat sink so that they will be a move that could be shared around the area and I think that the battery is sweeter to go up to 50 degrees of something that 40 or 50 degrees and I made already some measurements under full load we won't get more all of this if you will as 70 degrees but that's without heat sink so alright knows that the degree seems to be the maximum maybe a bit more when the GPU selective so with the heat sink that basically goes over over the whole backside and there will be a lot less and then this plastic in between as well of which can also have some metal in a everyone so we're trying to do that that some of with but this is the result of the bound with without it has an internal temperature measurement there with the using it's goes up to a thing about 55 degrees with that 1 my not for could be OK also 74 was the next 1 we have right now well but you can also do is um he cooks Kappa if some because there's CQ has a temperature sensor and they're there so you could simply ignore the call when it goes too high but that's not all favorites uh where we want to do but if in case it really gets too high we could do that as a worst-case scenario because usually doesn't get that hot the maybe when compiling resonant their quality this yes I know how and wealth production will happen at a reliable company of costs of production assembly would have
met the components in Germany which is the same company that has been producing the Pandora for years now without any issues that fast flexible and reliable and another advantage is that that just a couple of minutes away from the PCB design without maybe it was the team will follow soon something about the operating system I mentioned already it would probably be based on the Debian are right now we're having the unstable and distribution running without any major issues from the repository move there will be a repository to optimize hirer packages for example STI with hardware acceleration stuff like that so maybe we'll also recompile is some of the most important packages and because the known as the problem that they're are complying with some which makes smaller binaries of of the solar system and we probably want that the base system is faster and while the profit stuff like that I'm not sure From makes a huge difference but at least for the basics is based system so we want to see that this will be as fast as possible while the US was about call the changes in Europe and the wider problem in the back in the repository it was difficult to get some
of these 1 just because of the outer layer of the problem with the kernel is that's a lot of things of their own liberated things have been thrown out of the main line and they don't accepted so the 1 all the problem you can go may basically of I'm I'm not sure how exactly that is right now I just know from from from the old all 3 I think notice mentioned that there have been quite a bit of things removed so we don't know how that will work out notice always tries to get the things into the mainline kernel the that will always probably will be some optimizations that can go mainland but will have of course is well under trying to move but right now it's not running a really optimized going is just a standard component that has a few configuration options enabled in there and we're trying to stay a standard as possible but so we will have our own good probably again and the distinction the 2 maps as you is 1 of the invites listened the all that something we can tell us this is all to be possible now because we don't even a while the not have change they have they don't have their own Atmel drivers of that just basically I to see devices sold on you can do anything with them if you like should but he the system is mental or as I mentioned before or something similar would be kept the slope of the signal because of the reason it's easy for handling large gains and packages earlier on years the cards by some stuff like Chad and Niger emulators with problems or something like that I'm happy to have that unbiased decoder can remove this teacup putting into another system using their sum and you don't have any data loss of games game . as a state or anything else any of a system crash if the internal memory caches for some reason shouldn't have to but always can happen and you can put the system it's easy to refresh the operating system but it's
probably a bit more complicated to rescue any dataset the F and then you got that on your the coverage again easily back up the through PC that's a lot easier so all the pretty easy for their development tool uploaded into the repository got our own repository from which can automatically update the packages and stuff like that and so you don't have to all of your own does that mean repository there's just 1 website and you just create account of love it's and then use that the PU ready for anyone and the cops can as mentioned it you put into a different system so that I just remove my card from a and on putting into this friend or at the level of my game states uh and programs as well
so here I have to stand in the system for repair just remove your the SD card put into the new system you've got all your stuff Of course things like Firefox OS browsers e-mail clients and office can be installed using the standard repository but but everyone knows that the UN is not there is not a famous gaming system so why there are quite a few games in Delhi them we have a lot more games for the Pandora embeddable that are in the repository and so we want to keep that the same you have the data repository for all your stomach problems use like and it will be kept updated and you've got the p in the system for um the games that can be handled as on depend on what what you can expect power wise we have a test on the of test running on the current not advanced full KDE form without any issues this mean you have to run KDE for you can of course on open box Alex the whatever you like what's in the Debian repositories and right now I simply have any stiII exist foreign KKT for running so of can simply select what you want to run schools fluently smooth so even phrases are just a couple of seconds with large pictures it does multitasking without issues in the staying responsive up to PlayStation innovators running at the same time and operating system I think that shows that we can expect in the future because that's all done without any hardware acceleration right now well that's experience with a friend or other Pandora schools begin relation up to P is X with a meager and DOS box and it's up to is lost as slow Pentium basically Ben-Dor on substitute P is cumulated titles and full speed many Ds games already some in 64 time titles and while most impressed titles some new full speed so I think free for something like that 75 per cent so the Pyro should easily be able to handle at all these in full speed and of course you there's never get this topic hints yes a question I was looking at this this last what we 1 of the resolution is high enough if both been of the same all you've got a TV out cable very conducive TV a 2nd screen and uh the uh Pandora's 1st which is pretty amazing because I was playing a comedian with my girlfriend for example she was watching a watching the screen it just happened that all my friend or a screen that works pretty well so it is possible that's got
the team well this means of 1 of the founding members of the Open Door originally my job and taking care of the and of the pen or community but since 2012 as mentioned I had to had to go were managed everything that had to be doing with the Pandora and since then we had a smooth run so I'm pretty much experience no with manufacturing and production then the higher the sign of movie and the could all shallow not like the rest many more as simply because the reason Michael has a full-time job now and also as a family to take care of so asking about the already mentioned doesn't have too much time so so we have to stick with another 1 that you might know Nicholas shallow because he was the 1 who designed the Digitale for or currently the new 900 so he's experience with all the designs as well he's doing this for years has worked for Siemens and is not running his own company and experience with highly science and Linux and well 1 of the good things is he's he's living in the same column in the same place where the manufacturing companies solve whenever there's a prototype run he just goes over and can right way and check if there's a harder photos of the of whatever he's also the 1 where Mia bit with moving depend on production over to Germany he suggested to use global
components he had me of it with the prototype run to find some errors so the someone doing they're out there right now and of course you
actually does ignored as I hope tasteful but name correctly Our model is no tasks if anybody else append or I don't think any to tell anything about no dust but he was already heading to debug the Honda from the very beginning with death or it's been improved an optimized all the drivers said that the current in the fall and a lot of stuff before the pen or for example the PlayStation in later optical drive and he's a longtime respected member of the community pretty happy to have him back in the team but more still in the team because he's reading doing a great job with all those optimizations then we still if articulate each of you some might remember him well from the Pandora he's also 1 of the founding members even tho he has not been active in the community during the last years but he was still happy new year resource in all the various parts these experience with Asian companies and sourcing parts from and manufacturers and as mentioned we tried to do as much as possible in Europe but some things like batteries or a carry cases AC adapters just our best uh to be bought in China simply if you go to
European company not to order a theater adapters all the mean do is simply 1 of them from China small then the other community members like skis except three-digit what is pity certain exports and various others who have with the Pandora before they also said they want to help with the empire as well when they have the time part of with financing their eyes well to fund the divine develop and manufacture the rise up to the final prototype already exists so do that sentence of make any sense I think part so what I wanted to say that I that we've got enough money already up to this stage to define a prototype for the sign process is already found that we won't need any money before a the device is really working and has a proper case then only the mass production run needs to be financed now as options to do that like pre-orders kick-start a bank loan investments etc. We will take a look at that as soon as you've got the time of death and factory and of course donations
always where common you can take comfort for more information or buying Pandora's and other stuff from my shop that's www during will be also helps you everything goes back into the Pandora into the pirate but
will be available well we made that mistake and Orion said it will be available in December December I won't say anything because this is the data that you can follow the development brought the homepage has now been
opened and I will post regularly on the block what's happening and you can make you we can think about yourself why it can be that long now but 150 any dates so if you want a portable linux device right no maybe get a Pandora and waits for the pirated from a lot of time you can wait for the prior about well if the limited stocks I think that's the yeah
that's just the last page of the more and less important it puts the schematics and K. sign finds this time will be made public so if you want to hike around the harbor you've got the design fights for that if you want to design your own case so change anything in the case of some you can simply print it out and change at a use community already exists from the 10 dollars sold we got a lot of developers right from the start we're trying to get at is that much like what company as possible and try to be to produce as little as possible in Asia simply because we don't have the manpower to control the well what can
you do something on a spread the word join the community
by then just for your support these constraints yes 1 you already know how fast and we want the response that we know all too well what do you want or charging you and you might use the I like to be that the enormous and these days you exactly what you want to with the help of what that's all about power and how that com website has been opened up all the time flow we didn't have that much time for questions but if you want you can go come to the table tomorrow you can alter the court's not questions and there will be a reply to declare that such as do