Open Source Governance best practices roundtable

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Open Source Governance best practices roundtable
Query panelists for their best ideas on Open Source Governance
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Five of our speakers from the Legal and Policy Issues devroom have agreed to participate in a governance best practices roundtable. These practices may touch on contribution policy, review boards, policy manuals, licensing tools, trademark guidelines, etc. Questions will be asked of the panelists to start the roundtable and the audience will also be encouraged to participate in order to have more interaction with the panelists. Karen Sandler will be the moderator
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so I'll just going stand down this way and I'm the to immediately to my left highest actors on Weber who is the lead developer of academia Goblin you may have just heard him speak in this room a moment ago and then we have S 7 0 that early who is an associate professor at University dutiful and also dead in project for 3 years I mean Evans is as vice-president and deputy general counsel of cloud computing in open source at Hewlett-Packard and we've got Chris and sex In the I've is the head of Open source at Twitter and Tom spot Callaway and who is that if you have a a a proper title date on the Open Source and Standards Group at Red Hat expression for this the relese people have been selected is because they all play a really interesting in different roles in free open-source software governance and when and so we who was not able to attend fast and propose this panel where a certain way what is interesting idea because often when we talk about governance affinities 2 things areas we have the nonprofit community side and we have companies that are operating ending you doing things like trade associations and and organizing their efforts together so there's actually a whole mismatch of responsibilities and the meaning of what governance is is different to different people in our space and so these people actually represents the and of varying range of of those expenses so I think that's a kick things off and we're going to analyze the effects of paying and essays and like what your experience faces in the governance and bring open-source software like user were coming from what your experiences with in a very general way and then while they're doing at any of the questions you last because this is a round table and I we want your questions so arm and think that it is it's very hard to hear in the back and then just figured I'd model my response pattern of of all the other people work on so so and so the I've spent these kind of the the maintainer of community Lublin for a few years now and with a project which kind of exploded much faster than I expected it to I personally forced me to take it more seriously than I expected and that got a really strong community of contributors that kind of thought on how we had about 75 over 75 remove the last few years but the the ties sometimes you get and that he has been a real pleasure being will work with that having people kind of both common and you incredible amounts of things that people just kind of coming into making small patches and so on are applied I don't know what more to say in a generalist patterns all passes assessment of so yeah I put it with that image for the largest called productivity of anything that i've always only that OK so at the start going through the the variances they 97 and the ice is possibly get that the end of the project leadership and in doing that for 3 years um what's called possibly the most interesting to indicating the viewing a kind of a general way when I started doing that in way ended up in 2010 being that amplitude there are you had no idea of all the different kind of responsibility that there might be in a typical governance on in the free software so we tend to believe it is most likely no steering brought in 1 direction or uh all these kinds of but is actually more like solving problems and the kind of problems you can end up solving our as full level of knowledge and competence so you're range from of some of the indicator legal issues from 1 like voice decision from actually meant that no stuff so it's really really broaden that's kind of what makes it exciting to be this kind of and so on and so that I level and my own experience really started on pattern migrants anything about the handling of the media a mind of the problem and the thing here we got a great the the supply of forest really began that might assist those with I'm had the fortune experience of working with sign in in the area the open source for nearly 12 years before a few years ago I sometimes I was starting from the very very early days of the of the was we're just sort of getting started an open source and I was there when the richly working in Java technologies and trying to figure figure out how to open source Java we use in class that you can print we didn't get it right for the 1st time in the last feel and think over you learned from the experiences and I think we learned from a from a number of the experiences of these ideas that sign and I had the opportunity to work in AI technologies from John right you when we open sourced Solaris my led the efforts and and and help the drafting of and getting at project released as an open source project under a number of other and open source communities and the opportunity to working within at sign into that really laid the foundation for how I look at open source and open source governance and then since joining engage the of my current role it's like for me it's a really final because it it makes is my legal experience and background with my desire to
work in the open source community as well and so I read each piece of research program office but I also have a role of being a little support for a cloud stage so for me it's a really great fun next of using both those skills and experiences that had to continue to further and grow in those areas and await within governance so the opposite program office and the our role and responsibilities lie and things like clients and making sure that you were bringing coding and that we comply with the license and those kinds of things but it also involves things like our contributions to open source projects and open source technologies on so it's really important that we recognize the importance of contributing and in meaningful ways to assist communities so that something that the ion from from that perspective as well which is really fun and exciting and the other piece that ties into which is the non-profit side is that will we participating in communities and for instance with that of in fact the prefix to Japan OpenStack and I had the opportunity to to work within that time project and back in 2011 2012 never decided to turn over to a foundation turned it over to a foundation and I had the opportunity to work really close to the small group of words with the companies to help turn the product of a to a foundation that was sort of that the other side of governance and for me it was interesting to build a drawn Friedrich's experience I had in order to do that and now I have the fortune experience of a kind of theory goes in some ways because they represent in the OpenStack Foundation for Israel's links Foundation so is it didn't agree on a change in the both sides of governance and and and besides that countries this from my side it's ok to have 1 is similar the to kind of you know I run the office of the function of deciding what communities in the book participated in support on the other had kind involves an open-source experience where I want to go to the conjecture the images of the consolidation that as a kind of Canada from the bottom of tools but also participating on the portal in the workforce and some of you know there's so a lot of interesting experience in In the area where the courts is unique this where what's the line between the source and or support traits situation is picture and respects you know is the of its members and the other 1 + words you companies and other clusters just of committed to it and you want to think about the on the and so what kinda experiencing a lot of this so so I've been around for 13 years been involved with Crawford and I was the engineering manager and the other for 5 years now with the circumstances scheme where are all mission is to go out and make sure the other open-source projects those are overseen by red and the rest of the involvement and even those we think a really cool you know get what they need to be successful but we try to recover them them to be lost of they can be so that's you know 50 per cent of my that it's a sentence that observed on basically every technical and non-technical areas that are has 1 of the sort of you know in the role of gender really very large problems that nobody was clear up in the corner where it go up and that has led to me being the chair that infinity and the person responsible for handling all the wish so I kind of do literary than all of of so I just see you as a survey of the people and how how many of you serve uniporter like a boring directors how many of you are members as a nonprofit organization voting member that is the way that he has any idea telling people are are unimportant directors last so that a lot of Chinese people in here are a member of like an idea like that you know member of 1 of those like them Foundation has voting members how many people here are members of a foundation as awesome so the very high level of understanding here about I'm about governance issues so you know and then I have the questions that I hold them instead who has questions they wanna ask yeah maybe start this what is for every 1 of the what I just oversimple definition that is within the framework of the Conference if you don't find yourself yeah this information what or correlation the company in 3 sentences are less and I think if you if if we go down that is more for other people to something that I would say that and current state and around then did you have my 3 7 2 4 the absolute minimum necessary to reflect what people are
already doing and they do it faster of students that this defining the rules of we and this I'll the factory future definition because the is really enacted project in which you know people were well they're all trees actually only about removing obstacles for people to be able to work and that yeah was presented the a and then so the and don't think into anything but rambles just beneath the and that was the I I I I think of their own mean my experience my experience is actually been I the you in in some in some strange way since the I'll be coming up here and sitting in front of this we have a lot of community members who do a lot of things in about 2 different ways by Goblin is kind of a the and in some ways even against my wishes that PDF file type of project that has like 1 person who's at the at the front of it which is me who is like a kind of guided upon 2 things and i i meant by the biased but not necessarily how I but I admire a lot of other structures and I would like to learn from them so that's like these segments of a show of a life that eradicate you the 1 letter in their online along 1 of the whole thing could also be canceled the good governance is simplicity to help you think about 1 sentence simplicity to look at the problem in half the 1st year of it's a it's a little bit of a side questions you are talking about governance but yet 8 absolutely drives how government works so all through what they actually our so the Dublin it is funded by the people's donations we ran a crowdfunding campaign last year were about to run another campaign through the act itself Ahmed and we really and my last year has been based on people doing things we've also been able to our we managed to get in 1 grand that has another person coming in on but I think were by
um and or were in the you know be getting donations but through fiscal sponsor rich in our case after such fully actually down on the line the the duration and so it was a technology and what is the standard the the the just so you very often the most of the and on 5 years of these this the survey so so adding it will still go down and have people talk about their money and their the words that their involvement and any answer that question is you'll see is going to be different depending on what your situation so this hopefully give you an idea of the possible diversity of the at the severity said that he killed the appeals to small individual donations and using the ideal logical drive of the project and that by eloquently about it right before they had at this event is the nation's as well we don't of employees so that's even if you use more sorry that stick up quite a lot of money on a yearly basis so we only need money for infrastructure for sponsoring people traveling and a big part of our budget is the unloaded and conference and that conference is mostly sponsored by company that you want to see that fight the rest is in the view the the all of questionable differently because again each piece we actually do sponsor a fair amount of and foundations we also sponsor and here's what by individuals in the canadian and U. sponsor various events as well as events and and we have it so I think were responsible for I'm looking at this holistically into quite frankly we go through and you're really sort of budget cycle but we also then go back and revise it every quarter because again things change very quickly in the open source community ecosystems someone make sure that we are investing the dollars and where they make sense for the community where we see an most important looking at from the technology perspective right trying to help advanced technologies of technologies and support you so from like a corporate perspective which pretty similar we generally support of technologies essentially depend on like the next 1 away so that the fatty Foundation like also can download you do your results so that that's just the word literally kind particles and Michael on
and so consolidation is the tree association so you kind has focused also useful stuff employs a recently funded mostly by corporate members right and the models of motion and you know how you know if you really strategic number and essentially pay at about right and if you like if you at the University of audio and profit you for this about and that's where the majority of money comes from this also will we also do take individual nations so but those fun mostly small things like sending students to the conference it's like all the other miscellaneous infrastructure and of its but the majority does come from on corporate members which actually a civil war and depending on which they know and what level of the but so some some friends of mine and well and the ways this standard some friends of mine Robert of seventies now for most of my and that I had no red have uh is very successful and profitable company with reason we do this far you make more money and so we do the best we can sort of look that and try and invest the money in other places so uh part of my role is in a fight with is where uh you need money for them and use and also the entire that in some way this summer at 1 give 500 dollars to the labor society and you know what we refer to the but you know it's and then when you know it's 1 of those things were we we we can we can provide the same level of funding as say a rule that poor as a the but uh we try to be uh sort of focus on the areas where they're not getting a broad served by was from looking at the
names that are out there because rule those overdue job of being actively involved
contributing to the groups that are higher on rural people who review groups those mortars but in the uh interesting problems with verb recurrence of money on solid question down the act as a nearly here said positions how much days you know there's many drive the decision making process of the leadership of entities that you have an 80 come back the other way yeah well but the idea was that of but because I think that uh that certainly uh you know Red Hat tries very hard work is sort of the sample where I work in 2 because your is not a nonprofit and the the marks in natural language rather than at they the people in the back of the same size they are whether a 3rd of the of rules that is 0 on the use of the for a number of reasons why it yesterday we we wanna make sure that it's not the red pack show that there is a community and make the decisions that we put up a lot of structure around insurance community this to decide which version of of those and even that there's no money involves the hat has influenced because we pay for almost every time but at the end of the day if the community doesn't wanna go in a certain fraction it doesn't from the from the percentage point of view of times you know obviously you know the true situation so you strategic members of large companies and you get worse it's a it's a it's a model of the what's there but there's also a building bylaws of know there's you know which are the people who have work in that system was probably not the people to refer to them on the board and basically a fraction of I in the number of the success of the time the just going to respectively uh moneywise and you know we settle on the budget you know you're on the basis that we destroy you have to do with its it's not some of this some from the OpenStack Foundation and more directors perspective on because again in working with them to help of the foundation of files in such a requirement that I think it's interesting because yes the readers by certain seeds like for instance platinum members have a have a board seat on gold but I think it's really interesting that the way they set out because it's a 24 person board there they happened members so all of those who were teachers fate on gold seeds and there are more roles Goldmember single seats but nonetheless that gold bullion class elects the members as well and 8 individual members that's pretty unique in open source and foundations such as OpenStack and to have that level of on and sort of if you will parity I think it's pretty unique and have 8 individual directory on their your Eagle in Latin so with that were compositional they also have rules and bylaws that you can have no more than 2 seats from the same company like Frank H. peaking at no more than 2 from work that you want to see the boards they have consented that way so you you avoid that kind of control so I think as a result what I've seen is that it's pretty and in winter on on the water you making for decisions is 1 person 1 vote and there's there's no sort of disparity that have the same question could have this job that was unusual on the on a point out of the public interest has only individual people the members and directors and so so again they were moving down the road and I think when we get you had deviance perspective and theater different in different models are a that of 1 of the grouplet foundation board with studies were yes do have you also have seats on the B recent contribution level but in addition they have individual and proteinases as character is a yes yes acquire the patent yeah and the sovereign colleges and universities I no but that that is a good point so this apologize I get as far as the similar we have certain certainty that you people to you and to add 1st of each year as a finite dollars said if this was this current anticipated and that inspections can of different because we do not use that money to pay people so it's not like the money that the composite owns a red dot in but from what people work on on what they do not work on so they can be a limiting factor if you were run out of money to bind Arab where we need to fix a specific performance problem but that's not the case so and the kind of corporate influence you can never know project like that is very different is more like in companies are hiring people to work on specific stuff within that and that of course might happen but the solution there is not at the level of money usually enough different companies interesting in having there were about and that is that the different interest like balance each other so so I think for media goblin i the these we have so I'm currently paid full time at the moment and we have a number of people who they believe he is in terms of worker that's a contractor we had you know it's 2 Summer of Code now which forever women we're able to you know get some people to actually be paid and work on things up yeah the yeah definitely had been established long right you know paid internships there are pretty awesome by that on but I think that action was interesting to me for media Doblin is that the contrast of like wise funding decisions we could have made our media roblin you know ease some of these working on some this trying to be very user freedom focus that's not getting a lot of attention right now on but we what what would be almost like if instead of founded by getting individual donations were able to focus on a lot of put that money toward being very generalized focus on that the software becoming you know like the best Towards a general purpose of where 1 of the the moving forward right and that's something that we're able to do but but if we were the would need e-government like if we had taken a bunch of start up money right or if we on and still released as free softer right I'm always media novel look like EFR far out you were entirely graph focused but each grant had very specific requirements of finding very specific features and I worked out nonprofits before where you're you're very very grant-funded and it's hard to be able to actually move moved the general thing forward here so focused on we have to get the deadlines for you know this type of grammar forward so so for me I think I've been very fortunate I hope that war were fortunate enough to yield move forward pass that with this but at what I've ever reflective on what kind of funding decisions we end up making a lot of the what kind of what we end up doing so that you would probably say that in your head the decision making process tracks the money for you right rather than on right is that I find that and so we we buy to build the see things go by you know it yet but they but that that that that those things definitely getting connected that the the and I can the time and during the last half of the year the to and the the and the only many of you have and the we see the same militant wraparound components so many sometimes I have questions questions are meant to in terms of transparency like within my career within the borders and ports in or out of that you have no further back the the use of a 2nd because we actually transparency committing a part of the transparency committees who are we doing a committee that focused on and really taking a look at making sure and everything that we can be transparent about that we are transparent about with a certain things in the y lines that you like 1 example is obviously executive director of compensation something we've got to be you know there's competition there but what we tried to use the as minimalistic as we can in terms of things that we believe we have to keep close so we try to do as much as we possibly can the open and even even board Museum have those they open and we offered as will try to send notes after to try to encourage more people to participate and and Ireland the word meetings and things like that so we're very focused on untrained increase transparency and then we have some mailing lists work that we've done as well and we realize you know after kind going down 1 path that it might not be as easy for
folks access so let's switch gears and try to create something for technology point it's more transparent so even the the e-mails and that the Committee stuff for having nobody work really is more open more transparent because we do find that we get a lot of really good feedback an in place the more openly oxidative it's goodness at the time on our our mind and then finally the charity and have the sixties and had a lot of organisms and have organized our required for for things like that is you want to have my salary can pull some of them I say this is confidential a subset of all of us got a lot of other debates cannot organization in how well I have I have all is not you know it's an organization is in the hands of the usual than that of the most of the news you URIs yeah I'm suggesting is that we have in the last year like I'm thinking is expressed in yes I get money to be used as exam yeah that was directed yes I the 1st thing that is now and then look OK so the the social combo there was a point of the suit the point about we will find problems but I think in the beginning was most of all that kind of stuff but because the future grown into being something which is really for the social of soul of the 2 extreme you were mentioning that if 1 more more on the side of almost too much spiciness says that there is someone yelling at this is that someone is trying to someone would try to do it that gives you an undisclosed or it will definitely cold out effect that several really interesting crises long time ago of this kind of stuff so your body following the system the verses of start site is being discussing of ergodic much because they have found that this claim is going the only 1 which is not aware of that the if you have the OK OK so our so firmly in oberlin I so it's fine to have that asking the question because I we have here so so actually summaries so I think this at this question delegates spletne coupled with 1 of them is the financial side of things some of them stand the decision-making side of things right so on the financial side of things for the money that we raise I think John and I talked about it so I'm assuming is still OK that I can make this promise that like I want to give a breakdown of how we doing like last year's our stuff that people can actually see that still be doing that before the and the like were during next campaign so that the next couple weeks it'll be coming out by them on but the that there is this kind of 2 sides decision making most immediate goblins decision is like it's just a general freeze off project where people jump on IRAs C and a jump in there and they're like a i wanna work on this type of thing like yeah like you know what we're gonna and outliers the channel is logs during the monthly meaning and that's not log of the rights which is kind of a which is kind of like it was like in the total sense when we started at sometimes started to wonder like there's tons of decisions words and is not publicly blog and that's partly because people like well I don't want my my really like you know maybe I don't want my employer reading the stuff say and ISI channels or stuff like that and that's a genuine privacy concerns we have so much that virus versus the mailing list which we do have that means also that like a lot of media governs history I have to search through like the humongous piracy log that what we are modern dioecy see all the time so on so like there's I better for the most part everybody can see anything that were doing begins in a public area the channel and so we can just jump in there and if they wanna be participating this conversations almost every technical decision that ends up happening the Goblin this summer Johnson dioecy and they're like they're like at the time the track around Iousy in the way I want you to set of things like OK let's talk about what the way to move forward on that as an unknown and there are some things like the campaign where you know I the arms doubt that and to a lesser extent John and I end up having you know that they that can that the goblin conspiracy backchannel were were planning this thing that we're going and pushing out into the open and that type of thing and so on and the getting discussed but that's really kind of more of the discussion of like how we can move the kind of boring administrative stuff forward on but for the most part is just the public chap project that people just jump on a 0 on the mailing list the stuff and so far from the coast of you I mean there's there's there's there's a couple of projects eclipse and each 1 runs the way I mean is that all the process the whole but each channel runs from the way they want but most of the time you know based on infrastructure-related technical discussions over you know a lot of stuff you want to know that so is most solar use is public at the word level and we we released public units of every reported every 1 of them don't think of the word mailing list is right so we have discussions about the members of the of accessible of finances and you know the true situation look the virus 1 of your defined during annual reports on every year based on the research donations from the published where some of the mothers that's when we try to be as transparent on the possible presence of war but on the projects themselves in this encounter councils to the kind thing and they generally show you during the but you know generally it's the writing of the publishing of the OK a back to a the question that was kind the organizations hearing involved in answered succinctly with there to the old just writer too much in terms of transparency so early on in fact semester will just break and transparency I think there the I think it's just right because they're learning and they're doing they're going right like different dead in the 1st as yet I nothing just as well and what you need just write the remote just adjuster habits that I think just within find that had to have some sort of a girl is there were always striving to just write it like this we there but we were not perfect so strong words just right the same 9 that I was a member those 100 much anymore so it's is we're trying to do that middle ground just in and this time but I think I think it's just right we could do a little bit more of you I think it's a bit compared to other organizations that would so so we in the beginning of the sentence all governments to the layout and content about you and what you have to cut through red tape and you with with the best intentions in a system where you have process all right reasons that sort of ordinary power flower peoples and then if they think that they're I always knew what have you and here we used use to reduce to naught all causes of every every few years and must be on to something called cosets I like to look it we believe to if you do things like doing the whole way of cultural group you don't tend to think you hopefully also recovered so I mean I think your processes like every couple years you will really kind of that and we all pressure from our community which generally 1 of the the about of process there is also a think of pressure from the government was kind of like the process because it helps of enforcing the laws the what the what the kind of the the favor project you can just jump on piracy and the and I had to and he will do all the time you're not going to you know I'm not similar my user is pero 9 which is not public paranoia this super confusing no I apostles when you actually think you with it but the organizations that involve intervals and it's 1 of things we're in any general sense with process the because we realize that I think is longer continually doing that and will continue you preprocessing lack of process is a problem
that you mentioned come to have trained about think it does require a constant attention it helps you have numbers that and so research as we were talking the a that In order to we the aristocracy and the but so actually deceiving that enable polarized by the bit toward Dwarka seeing which is a kind of the different inflections of the same notion meaning that you cannot you know uh retain some position of power of some good reputation
just because in the past in Europe with max so the different factions based on the fact that you need to keep on doing stuff to to retain the right of decide I you don't think so I think it's the right notion but we need to avoid this negative connotation would it do we know the past glories audio frame that keeps some kind of uh rights for a very long time linking in OpenStack we've looked at tactical meritocracy and when created the final as 1 of the things that we expose want to retain was that tactical meritocracy within the project and I think the way that they've done it is the right way in the sense that it's called it's not for like for instance the concept like the the key jails but you can always you have to keep running for reelection it's not it's on a given right there because you lend 1 project you will continue to be that in in perpetuity instead there's this constant re-election process the same thing holds true on the technical committee which is and so I think that they're trying to to keep that term in use it in to implement in a positive way of so I actually think that the antenna than the sample size of stuff and here on to actually have heard that term distinction by anomalous idea of you jumping and actually doing things how things of copper is necessary for free software but there is that the diversity thing that we do have to take indicated for in the close consideration so were I don't think we should actually removed at all the like people jumping in which be taking into consideration is that there are all lot that is the issue of privilege is that you know like we want to opposite we want that but on the other hand it's a lot easier for me to do things as a white cis gendered male and then it is for a lot of other people right you know like I m like somebody who basically kind of looks like a hacker right like the stereotypical Eric Raymond article right think it makes it a lot easier for me you do these types of things so I think I think we need to make it easier for people to actually jump in and take part of 2 opposite that's what we need to the I'm so that when you are implementing assuming you were there and the you of the program of what you say here we talked like 1 of 3
priorities singing can implement everything all at once that process and question a little bit now assign you to all this is the 1st thing we have to get the adults and also based the above only 1 the you are well what is evident in which we were results of the of the project because the revolve around the emerging from product that of you we wanted the community to have a user that car something there that was very familiar with how to do this in a really taking into account seriously valuable at that scale so that all of the people a lot of concern that because because red and the Fedora to be successful for the presence the successful for you to exist money that if the community talk and really bad place this there would be no Red Hat until everything was all these internal discussions about how do we prevent the community from history literature and that in the before the name and I was a strong believer that are community was full of very passionate people felt strongly about is we and there would be outliers had crazy ideas will be of the day we build a structure where there was a clear way for the community to participate to be involved and have control over their own destiny and that could be expressed by being involved in its own destiny as well by investing in people in time and money structure so when we set up the URA Board we set up a way to try to balance that concerned that had about the work you know being itself by giving them a couple dedicated to use of the word by putting the project which right William board or by the majority of the seats in communities and a lot of users and I think that it works well for several years but if I had to go back and do it all over again I would be arrested if you think about the necessary all the I mean I think it depends on your organization regulatory association you have a balance you know different membership rights on the eclipse undergo from the completely happy with the
results but you know the majority membership goes to corporate payments rate with small services for the actual people actually changes and so on I think that's probably to get people basically influence how do you then the 2nd we set up the foundation and 18 companies who signed up on it year this is commitment letter basically using learn decided that they wanted to participate in this new people to tolerate society participated found in that time I think for me as a lawyer it seemed initially daunting that we we get 18 companies to agree to bylaws and within a very short period time but we actually did I think what helped kind of cut through that was the fact that we agreed on some Hilal principles and then it sort of flowed from there and think 1 of the overarching principles were detectable meritocracy and wanted to maintain that you within the structure and then the 2nd thing really was around not
having any 1 company or entity with too much control analysis Hamilton extend the with no more than 2 board seats for a company that the 2 key things that help us about this time we don't know this program is used in the report on all the words that I think this will be on issues for a lot of new on the emergence of the number of women in all of the use of the all in all of the loss of a search and rescue to your your organization's part you think 1st use of course so what are you doing about it with more so let's do you think do another electoral college and have an antecedent is really really pretty and so on yeah so also there wasn't 2 sides are rare in this problem is very serious is putting significant money and time and effort into aggressively outreaching to the groups and people that are normally uh a big part of community specifically women uh because we think that we can be doing a lot more a lot of space time promote rules that are out there for contributions to political level at the level sigh modeled US level including all of the places where the at the university level where women are far more common and some of the programs but our participating in open source and prime given awareness about how they can take the skills that they are comfortable and they have expertise in skills over and open source communities that that everyone perspective were actively involved with the women's outreach efforts that exist today we participate in women's efforts are gonna around very happy to get help we actively work with the various universities around the world trying to promote the internships for Fedora and we actively uh make an effort to try to keep those is gender-balanced possible can difficult because there's not a lot of women really want to jump into a lot of rules that we have traditionally so we had to make an extra effort to look the jobs we have it is this a place where we can take this job it was sort of just a hacker programmer job and turn it into something that also has the designer aspect to the also has a documentation at the community aspect that we have a program are its uh cultural badges and the the dental your badge and uh of big percentage of the work has gone into building an infrastructure and I wrote in the art and the community around it has been driven through solutions and this resulted in some fantastic work out from the from the respective we have found an exclusive group of company wouldn't engineering essentially is responsible trying to change a number of you know that you know that I have a set budget outside of you know what your source office and other groups just you know host sponsor really gross encoding of all of all sorts of things we do have a bond it's like crazy at 1 you choose so it's it's it's crazy but you know there's a dedicated group of people wishing that from its 1st office and you know from my budget and allocating just to try to improve the number of the source which is much harder than the general so the problem the and and the within each PE I've actually incredibly fortunate have just a truly amazing woman CEO on and that's in great women role models and leaders of the company so I do feel I was working in it and the folks in leadership roles on page event because of me and support of other women in the organization so from from that vantage point you feel like and you I and try to be the same I you know I have a number of memantine got you know from the proportional perspective and so to become as I do I dual have little 19 per and I think in addition of pointed out to me just last week that I was the only woman on the OpenStack Foundation with directors and the Linux Foundation award and it is interesting to me is handling notice that the perspective I guess I don't there's times when I'm just sort of to that in the sense that I just participate in and and I'm treated like when they got a lot the terms that they do they do you think there that piece of it that's that's important as well as the correctness of the balance and being a woman in technology being 1 of the the source you know and and sent by more sensitive to it at the same time I try to recognize is balanced so I think that the the from time point not especially fundamental for the survival of communities because monocultures that I so we need to add more me cultures and sample about women if you look at this room is not only like 99 per cent made only also nite members and white people is also people mostly coming from Europe and North America and so on and so forth so you have a problem of under-representation of full of specifically about women so I'm kind of very happy to be that in because we have been kind of leading the effort of you know uh mn making the environment more uh attractive for reaching out to mind is that in women as exhibit is a subproject within that that exist the sense like like 10 years I guess unfortunately the results are not there yet because the present age of people we mean that it is still as low as pointed out but the trying so 2 years ago we possibly versus statement and which is meant to be reading those you off all sort of contribution that and from coming from all kind of people and so we have our case they can make does more hands with an I have on um that the core meaning that goes in March in Barcelona where we encourage specific at 12 women speakers to create role models for us for women to speak at the events and actually you your remind corrected things to lucasvarity there which is their own so we have been compromising on the fact that we don't do not the people who actually pay into shipped in from the outreach part from women so that's not possibly the only case in which we decided to use some so that impose a question of trust more women but and so so 1st of all I for what media problem does I think there's a few things 1st of all participation in diversity not rich program like a rich program for women and things taken over being but that the lead on the the and also projects like open hatch and we also have a code of conduct arm and also I think these the things are not like you can just set up a number of like just set up like just follow this recipe in they diversity is actually used it's like constant you have become working this and uh also rumored model with an iron fist of kindness so long and hard and you can have an array and time so I think it belongs as the legs and I and the around I I don't more of the in response from the is a new survey that's coming out of building mumbled Spiegel 1 that we have and I and I really say that survey and but I worry because it is heavily promoted in these where we are succeeding already integrity yesterday gives the so the number and humanitarian was 11 % which is still small but I also think recent usually over the over all of the organization that learning occurs in thinking about like but the nature and the answer is that this is really helpful filtered information I think we have improved a lot of the 2nd International Wal-Mart question yes the level of this my we can talk about this in a way that the the I will also be so these organizations that user involvement I would be saying you're adding well how this isn't we have visited by the presence in general referendum were the and there are other possibilities in the past so the earlier so I can very quickly and then its people doing the work at the side of the the work by default but never democratic or action so people can appeal to some sign of Genoa solution where all members of the symbolic and vote and decide on everything this combo do opera c and b file and that this is not a mixture of just about everything it yeah it's your projects society of you know they and of the formal there's different depending what you're going on a few later parser folded jury it's not a part of just normal are selected on the basis 9 higher on in in the in the user that is 1 of the big thank you to Bruno Cohen that who suggested that we have this panel unfortunately cannot be with those of the and that's 1 of the world's most through briefly of forward legal the room speakers are hoping together to make please come up and see me afterward in my 3rd announcement is we will start tomorrow and ammonium in figuring out for comment on it and I think it might take Fj