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Open Source Compliance at Twitter
Lessons from the Twitter Open Source Office
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In 2011, Twitter embarked on creating an open source office. Since there's no real book out there when it comes to starting an open source office, we have a lot of interesting/hilarious lessons and stories to tell about the experience.
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so here is my name is Chris Anderson and hopefully hear me back there so and today I'm gonna talk a little bit about kind of tears attitudes and towards the open source so a little tiny history around the company kind of you
know that kind of influences our attitude and can died in a little bit about kind of how we handle it implies that Twitter and also some kind of lessons we learned over the years doing a lot of work with the problem so I always love gender and then also like you know on super informal
so if you guys have a question for you raise your hand and I will gladly stop and I can answer so I you know agendas is it's
also will history unaccompanied so I can how got started news that those can influence how how we operate today and then I'll talk a little bit about some of the philosophy and culture that we defined as regarding of source that I'll talk a little bit about on how we deal with compliance our attitudes toward toward in some
logistics we have in place to to deal with that and and OR can wrap things up with some lessons learned over the years at Twitter and then kind of that these opportunity if anyone has any other any other questions so I hope we don't need to explain what Twitter complete as understand why you know that you know you was me was think about it you know some people think it is I think of it as
like I receive the masses but you know but in you know in India since it's just a real-time public distributed but you know you know system of to connect people with ideas and and other things but what it started in 2006 you know this kind of agrees to the simple idea of that basically you know people want to
broadcast establishes right very very simple concept and at that time and you know that the software stack to run this was also a very simple so like you know long time ago through it's just a simple rules out with a bunch men cash and our you know my
sequel exchange so lots of times since then like if you know in the beginning we had a
ship Turner problems dealing with with rails and and scaling it so there's a lot of you know Phil wells which now you should see too much so I think that's kind of the gone away but in
the context of how much can a group that we had to do with over over time it is you know I joined a
few of will but the the few years ago and you know it there's a lotta ramp up employees any time scaling and
organization to deal some interesting the challenges that we affected and sort open source but you know time kept passing
20 2010 we also had a bunch of 10 issues of scalability you know in the World Cup was happening at any time someone like serve the white scored a goal there's a correct parties what service down was bad so eventually I you know I've never done the details
but we can rearchitected Twitter to be little more service-oriented moved all from rails GBM and for all and so that's about as much technical details and because of the
fact that you're interested we'd always chat offline about that so but you know things that growing you
know tons the time the tweets per day and here's that the more important slide is so we're at about 2004 steeple part you know globally and half of those are engineers and that's gonna kind play into some kind of our view in the source and you know time support tonal languages we about 100 per cent or
100 + open-source projects out there that we kind of the and dealers but so that's nice you know hunters you know how this are
you know attitude toward sentences then in the so like I mentioned have the half the company was engineers and even earlier on a more so than half so in the
beginning of a lot of kind of you know attitudes towards open-source were like hey this stuff is there just use it kind and not care about you know anything not really worry about the legal issues for sales just like with user we can and get the service kind running Leslie open up stuff that we've come to develop 2 so what happened when I joined was and there was a ton of the kind
of like code dumping all all states so user dislike from stuff like that like and you know should here's some code and a license not anything it was just like just out there some sometimes and build but there's always
promised that actually fuel are actually a worsening of the dual there also leaking like like you know private use acetone in things but you know that happens but I actually didn't feel so bad about this when this happens because and if you recall get of enabled search you know across all repositories 1 time and those that like people were finding ssh keys in all that wonderful so the site until the band 1 that can happen when their mistakes happen so so essentially but
you know this this this is a polar he really have anyone that and I know the answer such letters so I can human organ established an open-source office we were getting on oddly enough lawyers like
this and after a cease-and-desist letters getting some of those there so we said she got things on started by a establishing a group you give people letters but responsible words to open source practices and 1 the 1st things that we actually had to do was to
actually define you know like Euler attitude that you know velocities ports open source that result in this is on the 1st exercises that I had to accomplish that Twitter and and essentially temple down into these kind of characteristics of and talk to the but the electrical from actually does like fitted to you so you have to try to count those up that as a fit within the context to so in the 1st 10 principal and that we have used you know internally we tend to default for refusing using both in the 1st technology so that it is not a surprise while you
especially if the tree for wildlife we essentially before we kind of go down the road of reinventing the wheel for like you know the China and recreating a distributed key-value store and we force teams to kind of benchmark of you know against what's out there like it I read something I go for but if you're chicken etc. Use of production the answer of the of the district knowledge for faces people working and other stuff out there so some you know you that the philosophy is that you know just use use it's out there and the bbbt great so and as a result this policy like pretty much the
majority of voters status on a source that is very you know very few things that I would consider proprietary outside of our and that
server and summer infrastructure there and the next time the principles and that we
ran the edge recession can on you know we want open up a lot of things in part of doing that is trying have to define what you're what you're sick resources the company right and you know once you can define find that you can easily tell like what would be open and we can't and with interest case where essentially a service providers right so we provide a service that that
happens to be free and you know basically you know which we're makes money is mostly in 2 ways of advertising which probably seem somewhat and also with licensing this is for 4 days so and things so that we can consider IP generally go anything related to car at to system so that everything else is kind of try fair game so when we know when you set up that way it
becomes a little bit easier to define when you open and so if you secret sauce it's pretty easy to you know decide what you want what 1 open and 1 just like simple example from from us is a long time ago and couple induced enough to be the K 1 of you open source are and no blueprint from in front and framework and number on the back an engineer I
don't really get from and stuff all the cool you know I mean it's kind like should be number wire anyway so really correct do it and you know that you know that the project to begin the trap and this fatigue yourself you popular 1 model you know black that we did and then we ended up also opening up the majority of our come from and
stuff because that stuff was really going down the largest and the most unified but the
other thing that we kind of and and another
principle is so we forced people on the inside the basic developed and you know like they were working in open source land so and for all know what to say about this approach is basically that it
forces us to be careful about what we use and depend on so we basically because of where we actually have the party that the guidelines we essentially use you're inspired by those and and he's very you know permissive you licenses for all refer to the party and its use and if we can just makes our life a little easier when it comes to when it comes to enforcement of these and the other thing that we do is we need to fold as you went over the things we default immediately to you to get out of like it's just where folks that all these days it's that she works pretty well so I really
have to complaints about that have a sense that you know it's except when the irony of life of
of open source projects and depending on this you know non kind of source of service and we're issues and other things that are like kind of not easy to extract we noticed that it not try actually have a lot of my nightmares is like you know if you get a call like yeah like that of this section of the model and that's the bad it so but you know it's it's actually a problem we have in the history of so I mean there's some some other solutions out there like to get lots of doing the roles such as on you you know that were you know but by default if you're going to focus or something like it almost looks like there's a lot of what you can contribute to this so I'm a lot of people ask on
us channel at what's your opinion on open-source foundations and stuff like that so I think we do love working with a which is conditions we use like we sponsor Apache responsibly
explanation all that stuff but we just don't refer to start our projects there are ways that we can have like the Darwinian view of that before start point it out see if there's any traction if there's anything that happens then maybe consider going it's going to Foundation and if not you know OK this essentially that we want know that we achieve bad 1 quite a quite a few cases where this happened like we had we didn't find a collaboration
with plot error for a common color format for the right the and other project was pretty successful after a year and then we started to get larger companies to come and want to actually contribute and uses more and more the quotes that
and they came they came along with it is this is like you know we like we don't use like toys could have you know they have projects that things are like this this you know this sort of the set so that you know want the funny I was internally if you're doing like an Apache Foundation proposal full section of select fascination with like you know that your right it's like you know like typically we have have a fascination lot our customers and clients of our of our sulfurreducens have forced to go to war independent place
where they're willing to with that so completely understandable like if you're you know kind of a large company and you will depend on the sovereign there are kind of full owner of the the like I can understand people's you and we've had we've had this same in other
cases like acquired a company of the
his isophote came with that that we open source storm similar type case people you know large companies all will remain nameless right now I'm really a we really wanna like attributes of work you but we don't wanna do it on the public wanted to it that you that something is the foundation for the patch of that so they you know
it it worked out you know in the end without she was when opposite direction that withholding contributions like here with this also like securities store but not to give it to you unless you move it somewhere so will be ridiculous how these companies to operate these days but that uh I will talk about this is without
essentially a project that we uh we got from a basically a university in university research project on the political surface software we decided that the statute and growth of a community that there's a respect but it also I'm in terms of
licensing so we generally defaults
to this permissive license for the permissive licenses for all outbound and
software and basically the reason I for this we use and it's really like the path of least resistance there's not much
enforcement you really have to do besides no attribution of companies generally don't here comes to an adult like if you're stuffed under the Apache or like MIT gives you like that that that's fine that's not something we have to worry about as soon as use some form of popular for the weakest part of the copula than there is no and
there's like slight hesitation of adoption and so we just showed prefer not to deal with that and just go straight up optimism on pretty much everything we do we do we default to Apache but for the majority of our infrastructure projects and there's no there's some nice things about you know capitalization of interest that like for and related stuff we're going to fall back so you know generally we try to leave the common sense of the community that we work with so if you were going to node the instrument you might as well use the summit to be doing and what's interesting is that this trend you know it you know I think copy left this is to have some idea of staying that you know reckoning to deal with itself in the future there's a lot of folks and or probability of personal reasons that we just did not deal with the horsemen and what you saw this study by because of 4 5 1 2
and 2 bis they kept trying to track like license changed over time and I'm definitely you know the permissive ones have kind of got adopted work the kind of popular
that kind of a lot of work this is back in 2011 time how the change because I can't see the policies but just from my personal experience I generally see this trend everywhere around from my companies LightSquared's tried other like you know everyone's releases of this of this of these places you this 1 emotion
recruits about this channel applied to which can reflect so you have our opinion mining from dangerous the time because there is there is there is that I so this whole thing is that you know this last is an open source for me is not a way to contribute to the sort of resolve a movement but to contribute to humanity so for him
this means a lot of things like you really care what people do this term you know nor their lease modifications that you know simply just want people to use this in 1 way or another so many kinds of philosophy of you know you want people to know the stuff in this in this business I wanna make money out of something and you know it economically but like I you know I've had something there is not something that losses and again it's kind of fun way to look at things any kind has some more and you quotes on this there
is no and you know you know this is the based on kind of policies that he chooses the very principle of the course of this system and so another thing that we can do that the reporters so we do all that we do a lot of any related activities and a
lot of it comes in and out of figures of the concept that we are in so much smarter people and injured mostly for engineering talent of about 1 thing that we will do is basically include open sourcing soccer those complete I you know what you know about you as part of these discussions so and I think this also because a lot of times we were people affected multiples of the to see history of a lot of people just like just shut down and so I thought we could do better and that and so with a couple cases were required moxie Matisse
company and you might see the all the Redfern that was so as part of the deal
we agreed to an open source you know already own out there for the for inference is reputed all of but you know like it's it's it's surprising knowledge mountain water literature but you can have a solvent was persistent companies kind this building a community around that's officers also I think it was like a huge whenever it will do this within a huge waste right it is my opinion this is something you try rooms of the house in part right it's a mix of both some some people don't care that you know and some do but it's something specifically that we because basically you know the source of this want want to include as part of as part of discussions and it's it's a lot of time people attended so that that's even options some folks don't even like the whole idea of those of interval and some folks may also have the attitude like the effect of like what I wanna do with my animals stuff you can just open the lid on the stuff so in the in the case of we got a very small number the votes of the recall what started what I O and it'll weighting the testing and essentially I think she has some existing paying customers right and part of the acquisition and you know the services of initial down the open up the much everything 1 of the competitors essentially picked up the Solver
and the like a migration so easily to migrate them to the roles of the 2 classes of so if you've always final will but that's not the I
think if you acquire the right attitude I think like I would hope that more companies kind of kind of tree acquisitions as well but you know you can help each but you know the final thing that our
achieved to to find things that we do is we know that there is a very light divided the world so we measure the hell out of all of our all of the products so that you know it's critical
for us to do this because variable and use the see you know you know a from a compliance point of view like sometimes if you have like if you will see the most contentious issue for the past like you know we write it as an issue of Annals of hot comets right there may be something going on there maybe not right so it's and we essentially measure the crap everything and have fun reports a lot of different part of Nelson and can last thing that we instilled in the office
was kind of disturb the notion of paying for a a lot of folks at the company realize that we wouldn't be where we
are today without an entire riding on the shoulders of the event now that we use so what we do our best to get back financially to organizations the kind of particles that are like Apache clinics and so on so it it's know it's it's I wish more companies you know that this has a lot of companies out there and mean I look like to banks and financial institutions the use of this but you know to get number and hopefully that will change in future and so you know getting back to my point of like the finding of our culture this is essentially a you know kind of the 1st thing that was going to the office established and this kind of what we use as a as like a working open-source moral compass operates as a company a lot of people can ask like
why why we like from this and you know besides like it being the right thing to do in my in my personal thing opinion you know the
best you know the best town of their you know generally folks at work so this 1st what is the answer to his or her the people and that acts as a belief attention a lot of people like to work on open source software was also the double edged sword to because I know like if you hardly letter really popular open-source before they get really popular in source that people also at the heart of the city and so that the like that's it's it's different so the talk will develop into a logistics so and to so compliance this this is hugely important
and 1 thing that we do a little differently than a lot of companies we generally separated out Python to use into
engineering so essentially the the function of of engineering and not on legal and the reason for this is that we actually have a cold and legal the format that allows us to do this that a lot of trust by analysis by you know any time you can again engineers lawyers you know the ball and it's just not on a lot of fun so that we you know we treat compliance as an injury upon and kind of build tools to so but
Our Contribution policy so you know what we you know what we allow for engineers to do and as a company so out of is there a lot of in the US at least a lot of employee contracts and have an
ridiculous turns about life in any ideas anything related to I I think I told likable put up their preference through like anything that you click on you know
on on employee timer the duration of employment tension he owned by the you know your employer and you know we we stole you know that it's it's still definitely in
you know in you know in the contract that people started to the but we can have a policy that you know that if you if you wanna contribute to any source project period generally allowed to we have a weightless list this into projects that you know foundations people contribute to and if it's something that we have to we have to be for person like legal silly stuff for years competitive issues we discuss books that come of sorts and ask the other in that time it's totally that's always or on a few guys and solving yesterday there is a thread on space which has a very interesting because this we publicize the kind of like a policy for for contributions right and or 4 of his contributions from employees they pretty much have said that like by default the basically allowing everyone essentially contribute wherever they want and you can actually give them the coverage of the contradictions which is called the amount of the 1st person that the unknown that's indicative of a trend so you actually allowing I think the and it was so I you know honestly for the past years since we've had this policy in the beginning we had new nothing has come up like you know that the causes toward like you know the trust that we live in has has worked this work so far is the chance for failure potentially and guess you know I think I think trusting you you're going to do the right thing coupled with a lot of catching up on the rest of the world about you know you don't know what the land so they to use the right to use and impact being where them so I it so there's there's 2 ways we can deal that 1 is just basic education mandatory and kind of interest litigation based on our policies and number 2 and you know as as part service provider there's you know the the In the definition competition competition that could be interesting right so so it in Indiana we like this approach versus becoming a gatekeeper for for everything so we preferred to the to be have contributions flow more the driver drives response was the but but for a while there are countries of the region below a number of you know who guess is the sewer the policies of you know typical company policy that's done based on my company resources at the time and the owns the copyright if you use your own lot with you like do it all off hours and all the of hardware and generally generally you're allowed to be here with you know you've got a lot of flak recalls his life if if if you have any doubts just kind of an and then and then work several I think it's a more humane way how effective if they send you speeches but from
licensing alone one-dimensional before we default to the Apache for free much everything and basically the policy here here's just be compatible respective respect respect to the community working and you know
like those guys know they love because to listen to reason you know you guys and you MIT so that know where to go words so that you know that's generally how and you
know how we operate for anything that we produce results generally shows with that so
it's the for inbound licenses and I'm sure you guessed it
for a predictor for a for service provider in the EEG definitely some eventually issues so we can avoid that in practice it's not too bad because the amount of digital software
of the surprisingly is not that much so I think it's seen a lot of adoption done but we also of the killed you mostly mostly to you you not deal with the issue like the brain so that you can only go open source of initial library that depend on this like we did that in fact celestial mentioned about library and also and we do have to worry about for we do develop mobile apps so we have you know only refer to the file as part into it and and there you have to know that you don't the of source of the absence of so we all the of that and so they can deal with this this process we have basically we don't we don't use of tools like bacteria
that that we have a home-grown licensing standard tool that that works pretty well attaches differences were not so there's there's 2 things that this to 2 reasons why this you know works
is that you know we can't have screwed distribution points so basically anywhere reaction distribute software you know that it's a profile acetyl there's a lot of a what of balls and tools for the problem start that is not distributed there's a little more more more leniency on and the other thing that we do that and I don't see many of these things we actually embedded lawyers with a lot of times so if you're you know like that for mobile frozen watching a lawyer and there as part of the team make things that this theory for some the people of and that's a generous and then we try to the white list of approved licenses and that most of the people the of the the word so and so in respect major get shown open some softer just over the
course of aggression it is on the
philosophy of life and discussed that you're consensus across that you have on
this screen I would say the majority in the company consensus but there is that the people of the people that have different different 1 on and here we have especially on the size of the about it so I mean that we we talked a lot about the topic of this interesting people and so they go up in the 2nd year to review an open up something and it is a straightforward process like word you're shop unfortunately or fortunately which
also the lifting of images and basically you want something they Europe point to get rid of 0 and we can and we have a tool that goes and stands things to make sure that I can meet certain quality standards and others that I think yeah so it would basically on a on a on a quick check for like license files and some other crazy stuff that's partly its processes in question and so can you can just on the that's not like it's
fine that have a flow of sentence and has a lot of like Jell-O units and Florida has been from I mention we only just undertaken automated approaches can picture we will we open standards and inequality power and also notes that the same thing with dependencies or of so I for for inbound stuff and we used to have a mean we do have and we do have a still a skill to model that you feel that you want to and then and so slowly
using a life lesson lasts for 4 projects it's you know Dr. view of this is that
it comes from someone a barrier to contribution what people you don't like signing them and plane and like we've made it like is easiest possible like I mean were referred to terrestrial and use of the ones where and it's like you know sigh like you know looking for that any real predicts that but that's itself but people still have an issue with the and and here's the checking it suicide it's not like beautifully integrated with the public or something like a suicide of units but and so your philosophy is really an i in the general nodes were actually in have the universe you around for linear stuff so see there's just no I mean this of a good reason to have them but we know that they were comparable with those little little offers them a lot of people ask us about patterns
so some disclosures that like I really hate patterns units we're definitely is not you know not not going to understand you there on 1 of the things that we can the interesting we did of whatever lawyers and some of folks on inside worked on something called
the iterators agreement so we'll engineers that you know if you're the company before like IBM aware that you know what I and you have a really dislike strong taste of times you don't wanna like patterns anything anymore right and so as a as a way to kind of like encourage or they are engineers and and that usually pattern ideas that would help protect the company because of you know uh if you wear other than the history of structured in the stroller you you start you know you learned trolls everywhere later on if you're a small company in a small competitor like your alright you're doing OK as a company are like a like a become like you know you're doing well enough to begin a public company and in all the trolls to Maryland on leave alright so and the best way to defend against that is sometimes something pattern before you resolve and correlates of encourage that as we came up with there's an agreement basically and this agrees incrementing Twitter engineers
that patterns will only use of advanced purposes and I you are as an owner of the patent has the rights of for basically any usage of it and this goes even if the
pattern is sold to another company for and what is the future so that you know it's it's it's a unique way of of kind of dealing with the problem 1 of which tends to exist but that's not I can have any time soon but so the companies that have adopted this approach but I know not everyone so there are other companies out of the kinds of sensors on on things but I don't know how else to solve all this problem who works for us and finally the last thing on this you know another
thing that you kind courage our engineers to kind of do the right thing and there are some idea what's going on on and the final are open source in the system we just this that's very things it's kind of monotonicity you know who's working what his most active this week with the most contentious issues which projects having been touched on here but maybe there should be a caller or something so the and the last couple
things are and some kind and like
lessons wasn't there and flourish war stories from the office so when my biggest
mistakes by think of me I
was when 1 this straps you know reaches the pattern of license red light on it since the time it seems reasonable I can send comes up yeah and it's like a of a of truck guys and I really want switch up with an interval community but are you know enjoyable and and you know there is uh you know that technically I uniquely guilty utility and you know a lot that
have or a lease in the triple triple sets of terms they're not allowed to use if you had a triple model that uses feature right answer like yeah OK that's kind a reasonable like and let's see what it would take to my writing and that's fine like we strap had I think like 200 contributors and going back and asking them shortages of realizing the stuff that i was kind of the worst thing ever to flee the to the to the thing that you're happy finally actually got it done in less than a month ago so I'm so in
this case so yeah man but even know what this is is painful let's talk about it so you know you are mistake was in front of you and a lot of people Our preferring the MIT license and for
reasons I was aware at least a lot of kind of of systems like WordPress Joomla and Drupal under the GPL some communities and care about this I think you have the relation and this world with that but you know lesson here's you know it's just be cognisant of communities out there that you know maybe you don't do stuff may be consumed by and it was the choice the wizard impact on on the the future of another 1
and this is this is fun to thinking by so and we like caching you know and they were huge use of latent some stuff
so I a long time ago uh fought catch right we could get you all the time and so on the problem with this is that we were on own and we tried to work with upstream that the time there's something responsive otherwise and so it is often we would therefore and we made an announcement that OK we you there opening of partially in the space of all for cash and you know what happened is the got the guts and the angry with
us slide there not to please that we did this for a while upstream like you know if you use your user the catch with a lot of thoughts fits and so it is there's a lot of strife that have been on you know do this and not consider someone someone like some of my fault and also somewhat you know not reaching out to the upstream and OK with this I will find
you so is a huge surprise it through an open source a very large work of something to future respected community the the knowledge that has not been invited us something the do another thing that happened
in American sources of sort of this office was have actively like uselessness conduct so you know you know initially were you know
we initially were just a couple hundred years we grew to like thousands of years now and so there's always that bound the way Michael flame or something that erupts and in this case is hilarious diseases like category theory and back their stuff and says like some
reported in issue and it was basically like what what is the definition of what a bunch much like we have a library of rejection like technically you know you could argue that you know it it doesn't meet the technical terms of what we're projections and so what are engineers start again like Snoopy and you know was complaining about
like operating there's or so it it is just
that reflected that on us and I'll wouldn't he happened was like you know use like well I had no idea how actions like how I should act in opposite on we need might be nice right by the and so you know listen it's a lesson here was like well and you know we should probably have a of conduct for folks in our you
know operating over and that's what eventually did like this in the great work that like you go into the has the insolence of other folks was created as a part of this of the tutorials and hard now there is no question of how you should know that I know you said these are born in such a role and 0 yes so this is all surrounded of so some some some person what
looks like a library and like 0 yeah this you know this this is great but this is taken out what you know about action is in code and then where employers like OK you're an idiot and essentially and so are you saying that went on like this pretty ugly to programme went on for a while and so it is it is reflexive earlier and you know is it is that the session was like but I don't know if I don't know how
to like act and also provide a review mission of the company and that's you know young people sometimes to we had some but we have some other something of results of the
so you know at at the at the end they found you know that how it to you know like
this is kind of how we you know how we operate this works for us you know you know essentially you know were service provider company that produces service you know hopefully that the folks out there we consume a lot of you know this result about and if you look if you can look out our at some like other modern like other like our models are word but the promise of the they you know that especially service writers they are operating in a very similar in some fashion in my view I think you'll continues to see this set the trend for companies that are essentially and monetizing the like you know the the data collection advertising or some other some some some other type of service so i come of and that like I really hope you guys you know learn something new so sorry from Michael you know
whether July extended the coffee school and so you know all the that you guys the answer or ask questions and all the
mode of the tensor them and that is as follows so this is a half a faith but if you question so you 1st point was to use all the yes so it leaves in your view no need to reinvent everything use from gap of 1st hour of the data you know for superstars Internet whatever for something out there before trying to write write your own if you find like if if we were if you're right but in our case this is happening and if you're distribute key-value store you know really prove that this is worthwhile long-term and benchmarked against what out there and so my question to to you all of those who have provided at that time there could only open you look in the units so it it's like the full default open if you can sell essentially this is a better way of thinking so there is some providers solutions no use vertical line this work of the but the long term goal is to you know which words with open of solutions to give you if you got like so young open-source ornaments like the control detached obviously yes notion that the state has gun and the the relationships have the want and I like this theorist that agreement is a and yes so as part of this so as part of the deal with the travels with them and so on even if the patterns are a lot of things that you and I have the resources to another company the fact that task and the case of this these or other rights of the and here is the at the the Senate and the company so states that again so know the think I I mean where you know so through liquid were not a bit like we we have to deal with the system in like we can ignore patents right this we get you know people try service which entered the had a best to mold the system into the way we we want to and on the other the IPA was 1 way to encourage engineers actually patent anything force is not so it's it's it's all we have to note that best answers your answers your question that the the yes and yet in I mean they're pretty crappy likes is referred to as that has so this is a guy we we have homegrown licensing standing rules and the agents sourcing them of you know we could but they're just like pretty pretty crappy scripts that nothing nothing super fancy I guess I mean it could be useful but you know you know what this were just checking for the West centers and you know GPL and other things so it's it's really nothing is really nothing of fancy and I mean it was quicker to write on a roman fight than finding something which we didn't know anything existed out there so that's probably why I wrote something on our own and we don't want a what do you think that the it's simply it's it's it's it's it's it's simply like license can encode standing like you know we we scan also it's it's not fancy enough to like detect that someone copy pasted certain there like that's just a little risk that we know that we live in where we're looking for license licensing and being was information on their potentially but I'm not familiar enough with the self for sol-gel outwards could I'm sure it's probably better scripts stands for the last centers like a whole sea to see if this was personal problems have to the it was made so as to have a man on the right there and it's probably similar some are constant like it's a it's a pain part it's the a pinpoint that you would expect it to analyzing the scan what's the difference just also to anyone else anyone else 78 questions yes some mention closure on you actually use cultural of through all we acquired a company and part of the libraries were the closure of basically because the logic was about we don't like it's not use that but not that much as far as I know that the majority of where these days by is combinations scholar so it so you wouldn't really hadn't got an opportunity to think about chosen by him all of the licenses that some of the images much that of these from my knowledge the so much that the size of the acquired from that which is kind which is 1 of the things that some of the things that have a lot of some kind of questions that and so he said a couple of times in your car that to fall this here are virtues popular but we haven't I mean if were forced to play like if we're going to to like we just got what kernel but you know obviously you through that program so you run like the gold farmers on so in the end I will introduce you that you will the people and that each so as a whole of brotherly love so so I'm just I'm using a little bit of the trees were to fall in the future were in original project if for any racial projects in the default you know but it's the it's the default that's not rule right you must be progressive was cool it's actually in how we got lost its it's like what we actually default you that like and engineers had offered to use whatever like the people who have had to use another let's say what it is that the want the kind cost on the top 1 literature is you talked about in the village but how many of these problems was were known to the budget might require us to live with the fact that we it's case-by-case basis like we generally you have at the Apache assault don't the world and the by the way we've actually contributes to the case of the Mondays have something that the structural part of this you John would you would work over here we have here on the rate of the reaction that you are going to start contributing to the people who were not so the 1st few