Open Source Backup: from Bacula to Bareos

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Open Source Backup: from Bacula to Bareos
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Open Source Backup: from Bacula to Bareos Forking to develop new features and reanimate the community Bareos is a reliable network open source software to backup, archive and restore files from all major operating systems. The fork was founded 2010 out of the Bacula project. The fork has been actively developed and many new features have been added. This talk explains the reason for the fork highlights some new features and show community participation options. Today Bareos comes with LTO hardware encryption, bandwidth limitation and handy new console commands, among other new features. The source is available on Github and is licensed with AGPLv3. There are ready to install repositories for all major Linux distributions and windows installer packages. Bareos was inspired by the idea to reanimate the Bacula community, in order to pursue development of new capabilities and sustainable ensure it's open source character. Today Bareos is a transparent, high quality open source solution, which is the only one with a comprehensive multi-level support, provided by trained and certified open source professionals
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you've got user from doing in Germany is going to just doesn't really speak about problems will soon begin to resent it because of an advantage to about that
is that it was a big thank you have a bigger much an yes I am 1 of the founders of the various projects and so in my talk I would like to tell you about why we did this so 1st what what is barriers why we did before the more specular because working is a lot of work and usually if you have an open source project that develops normally then you can just work with the normal project leader to get to to get to the project forward instead of looking at that and then I would like to show some feature highlights of what we will make better than the original project um and then I would like to a stress that we really do have a drink and open source philosophy and all projects and finally of course we are here to find also people that want to participate in the project maybe by bringing an idea so documentation and to the code of course whatever is needed and in the open source project so 1st what is the variance
variances network-based multiplatform makeup solution it's a form of a picture like that you is I think well known in the open source market and is I think the biggest open source you pick up product of 101 and what its license and under the GPL which is of course the same what the Open Source Mechanical would already is but what we did with this is we did it's a lot of currently not the not the origin of the chemical because there are a lot of things that we think are not needed anymore and our completes the source code is hosted at the time I get out so that everybody can download it depends but yeah that's that's it so why did we the
form of lecture of I might have some numbers of all of them I think everybody knows although they analyze the source code of open source projects and and if you have a look at the particular page then you see the 1st on a very low activity which is a martingale and absolutely true because I think you're the last commit was done more than a year ago and that if you see that in the last 12 months compared to the year before you have 8 8 per cent less commits and 57 per cent less contributors so all of that looks for like a project that lessons that and you also can see here the the plot of the comets per month and you see that 2014 it expects that there will be nothing so
that's the reason was 1 of the reasons so that we talk to make you laugh of the 2nd reason is that there's a commercial part of make you laugh but and this 1 is not open source anymore so some something that we think it's not acceptable because you you have an open source project you bring you contribution to it because you know it's still stays open and if somebody then takes it makes another product of vectorial just have an open court product that's source anymore In the get what's what's the goal of our for their and we want to have it to 100 per cent Free software so we absolutely promise that we will not do something like they do so and code will always be completely open and we want to have a continuous development so that the sum of
the project is this not dead what's alive and working and we adapt to the needs that are out there that customers and users the we try
to be competent to make it as far as possible at least in the beginning because there's already a relatively beach insulation based out there and if we want to the roof want people to use our project of course it must be easy to switch to operate project so that's the reason why we tried to at least have a smooth transition to our project and that's something that this definitely use the global today and what else we do it is so we cleaned up the configuration engine because everybody that use pictured the knows that it's quite complicated to set up there's a lot of options to sets and and we tried to clean up to what has to be configured what not and what has so what can be already knows the sets with default that the sum of all of the said the logical or most people needed in that way the next I would like
to explain some feature highlights that we have found that they could or does not offer uh 1 of them is the as the as
the replication so as the stands for storage Dean of the end of that and the various system consists of 3 types of programs so the ones that are running but the intelligence lies in the direct meaning the 5 deaminase what other make up for the software vendors call clients and the storage the demon of this a part of the software that's right state onto storage of devices for example tapes or disks and reads background restore and what we are now able to do
this weekend replicated they got down to 1 storage mean over the network to another 1 which enables a us to copy it over to another building or something which makes you as not able to come on make sure you have the restriction that the Trieste origins that you want to migrate from from and to have to be connected to the same storage demon computers so you it's only the possible to replicate it locally this and the 2nd term new feature that we have in burials and then of those I think our own the most important and helps so some administrative very much to use it is a the so called passive clients of the usual way of 1 of initiating a back up the wrong so goes that way the director cont context the storage demand and to tell the storage demon that there will be a back up so 1 from the father and then the findings contacted and told to which to them to send the data and the finding that initiates the connection to the to the storage demon and this has a lot of drawbacks 1 is if you have a firewall or and devise then no you cannot directly access the starched uniform the funding but you need to know and create an additional port forewarning or or things like that also often in the and then the company is you have the problem that the 5 outside or behind a firewall does not have the same name resolution which then the the makes so which then leads to finding that cannot connect to the storage humans and with the passive client option we simply reverse the initiation of the data channel so that means that now instead of defining connecting through the firewall to the storage demon from the connection is set up the other way around and that's also all the problems so that we had before this means that of the 5 demon does not need any of the name resolution anymore and so the firewall device does not need any extra configuration so it's much easier for set up and preferred to future that we have and boreal so in this that we support the 2 year old drives the hardware encryption the sincerity overdue for every tape drive the has of occluded hardware encryption options so everybody that have a modernity or drive has the little opportunity already in his hardware and we are now able to use it so you can at full speed to the the room and could draw back up some tapes the Continental barrels is able to create and manage so hot what is needed to use it so every table is encrypted with that with that take specific key and the yeah what what is our open source that strategy so the whole suffers a GPL version 3 license of the followers of the of various project on our own long time of to say that for a long time already are working in the open source of business so what we we like source very much everything that's right way to do things we do not have any venture capital which means that we can decide
ourselves what what we want to do and what we do not to do not to do and we are not driven to make it a certain amount of money in a certain amount of time so that's what we see in other
companies that I have venture capital they they are driven uh just to make money and then on to the right decisions in the hope that that the project as already said the source
code of variances on the top it's on the of the contest so and we everything that we have in our project is there so you can take it out and to look into it further this also to this there we have also a regression tests on the source code that we're on wheels also in a sub-branch of our repository and the documentation also their soul of everything is open think of that we also have this a dud oxygen as a source code documentation of tool and we automatically automatically and run it on all source code so that if if somebody wants to dive into the code and see what it does all what is called from where you can easily find the group you get used to the cold by reading the digit documentation the so I hope
that somebody of you are some people are interested or project and if you want to contribute to a project that we can go through the various website there's a how to article were most things are explained where you can contact us but we have to use a user-centered development group 1 good groups we have about the conduct of various that on and the source code is at the top of the show I will answer of
course no questions as long as I have time for that but in this time of course we have we are you we have a standard building level the where you can come over and talk to us and of course everybody laughs wearing that you shouldn't like I do that as part of a project so you can ask them any time the 2 of them are sitting there so just ask us OK I'm through so questions is many here's what is the state of the pipe In the variables what do you mean with state of the have to compiled and has been the negative doesn't work in other success stories of the of the acid works OK thank you that the difference in the demolition of the which would I'm so I am very curious about the performance of the variables so K times something about it they have benchmarks of metrics are forms in there and great skill in so what we do in my life I have been take tuning white paper we do do we tested to take home speed and the binary oxides of lies very slow and if you will increase this block size so it gets much faster and on the website of variables there so that all the all the test that I didn't and to the analysis of that can you live in homes which to build the network is to use the land for a little in income something about sorry did not the end of the novel about the against the other network throughput as as fast as the network works so that's that's not limited by by various itself leave you lose some of the client is not fast enough to to find a 5 sent to send them over the network that virus itself was not good at what negatively and some related question if that is possible so how do you solve the uh directories with the millions of cells into back and making small files you thinking of the problems with the if gets too big when our mood really and it so we we do the enumeration of a file so we just call systems of call in the answer and if that takes too long we cannot do nothing about that so that so we don't have a ready solution for that but think is the problem and but the group that I have been and nice
feature progresses on the back of the website for studying for years so that anything moving on into the knowledge of these are actually related to the performance issues that that there is no ideas
about what is the motive for that file demons and leading up to transform advisers to United Artists the presence of land use and essentially the underlying storage device uh and 1 is to be encryption is the 1 teaspoon concurrently at the moment these systems and it has to sit around waiting on the missing data from the client but it's going to take and plans to do with changes in this in this world right now and so uh um concretely that we in the practical we also have feature requests so if you have ideas for things that should be a lot better you so far them there in the introduction thank