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Observe online tracking with Lightbeam

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Observe online tracking with Lightbeam
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Using the new Lightbeam add-on for Firefox, we will monitor web-tracking and discover solutions to protect ourselves
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so now I'll come to us all to 1 of all 4 of you're gonna so that only some of their reps from France is especially interested by online privacy and projects like collisional he's making presentations to inform people in explain them a holiday concept Firefox and also multi-LED tools to protect their online life from and altered 1 not easily so move from so is belonging to the new generation of the French Community and this is the nickname I've given them with love so move for there is a small fry in English mean and said they even there are now planning summit move freely depths in the French Community so please welcome my of belong the law of the move flake all 20 thank you pneumonia David on follows along the presentation is already online and you that so you can follow the slide on your computer this year so the on OK area and this presentation will
be on with a lot of speed because I usually talk about that during howls and and I get any 25 minutes so here we go on so I I'm often embarrassing I don't need to the more that I contribute to just write the projects because I care about privacy on the Internet and the 1st thing that I wanted to so to you today that the Internet is for full the web is forceful in some way of doing things today with the way that nobody imagined that when the web was being at the 1st time so we have building it and operating system from by phone we're doing a lot of stuff I I recently so afraid to donate and so the the Web is not only about the brother up on a computer is on many devices is everywhere and unfortunately and only a few personaI to understand how the Web is working on 1 of the bad side the downside of this is that many people just don't care about their that up and what the web in the wrong with him with them so in yeah just a number 3 and write millions of features of images uploaded on unfeasible G every day so most of them are I'm very personal or maybe professional that up beds and that's a an amazing amount of time that our our which all transferring using the Web every day and time and a photon that the the people who deal with those that are of the other thing that to have more money and that the goal of a corporation is assumed to have money every day to um I'm in I think you you know that if you in in the 1st today that the difference between non-profits and cooperation and so my point today is out in the web it's pretty different because you say OK I'm dealing with company almost every day life and into my bank I'm going to bakery and but those companies are just right next to you and if you have a problem with the Google with Facebook with a big company on the web you will not be able to easily collect them you will see the disk after I will give an example of a a story which is really sad about someone who tried to contact who and so they are far from new you gender do any scene gender go there and talk with them and I and they must of them already be like if 2 days OK what they were using is that at i is wrong I don't want to use this thing or I will use something else it will be ready ready how for you to use to find an equivalent in the sense that there is no agreement phase there is no equivalent to cool it's something to be to to be to compete with so this kind of company owning 0 that is a problem and states when allies a program to I think it's around you you probably know this slide and they come from other priests mastery In the NSA that Snowden revealed to everyone in nice on 1 of the reason I'm doing this speech once again because I already did that for them but I think it's important because these 2 so and by the way she can reduce the that that's all all the corporation the NSA and an agreement with them to directly and take that inside is so these the better days so if you're using a software also this is of 1 of those companies so you get Microsoft yeah Google Facebook from value chew Skype of 0 everybody so you'll probably you'll probably have you that are somewhere and I try to have none of arguments and all this company ice-free out and so here is the situation of the point OK then they say no that I'm sharing didn't during the Internet who cares how well there's many problems about that and the first one is that the dependence you have to these services and for example this area was thinking about was found they are in an artist who was walking using almost every Google services so go and geometric so quiz all there the context you have it was on the use of the cassette assure and his work he used and on from and when they like every morning it just to switch on his computer and so occasion logic system anymore because of your article was closed you you you do not respect in all the time the terms of use so was like OK nodes of thing so say OK so I can write you because you just may matter and I would try to call you so it it is Fernando drawing-wise was marking like agent chooses son-in-law because you do not respect them so no funnily enough um and you try to do a lot of research on during 1 wage to know what white is Michael was close um and it it's been 1 which befall 688 2 so to human someone from google and say all it's because 1 of 0 but the date back on 1 of your picture of 1 of the what you're doing there is a naked so it was considering as that of the other you know this can have of after you can find many church while nursing nursing problematic so just say OK students so we are really sorry about that you are counties here again every every that are here that during 1 which no fondling there's no wall nothing and I think you can imagine that it's really problematic to be as developed
as the a service like that um appointees targeted and this and that there is an no you can say this and I don't care if the someone know that I'm looking for a camera on the internet the point is that today with the different and tools the advertiser use that ever to know which side you your visiting so they can say to you OK you with some as you didn't find the camera so you go to the bay and this kind of information the it's really really really really really important for every person who who do some cells online if you ever to say imagine in real life in the street you go on the show up and you don't find the shoes you are looking for are you go back and you go to another shop and if the seller in that show Jan no that you didn't find something in a controlled having and the chance that you exactly what you want and all the reads each other agenda yeah maximize every every cells it would do so online this is possible and uh this is dangerous for us because we will just yet so the value will just by tons of so we don't really need so this is is also a problem when you starts thinking about profiling so for example if you say OK I I dislike them dividends in the phase which I don't see the problem about that bed you don't know why maybe someone somewhere will see that's that's equally from people of India terms are more probable with there is more probability to other charts events if you have it again no seem nosing didn't say that in real life that maybe that's good you would see that OK so what is the consequences of that the insurance we directly say all you probably have a you will have probably which accident so you would pay your answer on small just because of that profiling is really really dangerous to because it and by direct your money and by dirigible said outside of the web and the real world and of course that could be bad for you to and for the state and thing that we so when dependency what is that mean a lot of countries in the world around there and we don't from formation to be as easy as it exists like it is right now it's too easy for people to access to information and especially you can say OK I mean you're out maybe in Germany all in france so they put them on their on an by they they are here from this and the beginning the was that as in bed nobody can say whether whether the legal or illegal in 10 years if today loving teutons it's a good idea maybe in 10 years it will be completely forbidden and then you can go into because of that I follow from 10 years ago was already accessible so but we we have to do something about that and the 1st thing we have to do is to choose the services and this of 2 as we are using so the question to pass will the above that is 1st of all where each 1 where do you want to ask what do I want to buy some if I tried to I don't know if I mentioned I and I want to but something very controversial and the internet and will need something really really secure but it's not the same as use as if I just don't want to go to know that I'm looking for shoes so I who is providing the service if it's someone who is doing that to have more money or if it's someone like mother like in the a M and especially a much time and money and how much knowledge is I have home much I invest myself in this project is on I know nothing I don't want to spend any money because they don't care about my dad and I don't have time to well I will use the 1st the map from a would find like Gmail of Mr. like that and that's all and the last point is where is it located what what's the the the low in the country where my that our it and you say it in Europe where is it so when you put that this vision and you see that can on go from top to bottom our with the that will be something which will already spent you will have to spend a lot of time on it a lot of money and you will need knowledge is to be able to do that at the bottom is just again I don't care I choose 1 companies a metal I and the 1st thing which is important now is to use free stuff because if you will if you need to encrypt completely you that I like use again I will use tall to protect myself but if you do that on note on the way on Windows for example you just wrong because an the data the information you are entering a new keyboard already recovered before going to tell so it just uses like a sit now I will talk about being lighting is then you end up it's the new version of collusion so it's a further from 1 year ago 1 2 years I and the other was to to monitor I'm online we're tracking so I will show a short video to you because I don't have 1 5 really this idea that is that the only thing that this morning was out so I here is that in say as can see we just discovered that the winter that gun was already phone on the 1st page and went to this is an anti-profile Fairford's but on the right you can see the organization of the cell so it's in UnitedKingdom and
I'm going to just of go to different website to see what that person so
year-ago action-adventure Phoenician like a there is only 1 so he would be a graph and
it's not at this graph with the website
directly all and directly so at the moment it's only directly
I went to which is problem I went to the addiction it from definition I don't know I will go to the new time website and there you will see that it's rate different and so their website is loaded and here you go
you have the linear time website so when it's on a ship that when the shaded circle I do reconsidered some and hold the website of and our own have any of them I'm aware that I went to the new at
a website that I didn't want to say that to them so let's take the example of ice ages before going to the Bay of I'm looking for a camera so the website I also felt body sides
and said it so so I'm just thinking and as you can
see the answer at home you probably can't see it well that this and the
interesting point is that the sum of the 3rd body website are connected to the to website I visited
so at the median is doable diversity
that now it's so famous some advertisement company and they are about to say OK this person went from near tablet said to the eBay why do they do that this can
about formation is pressing I'm here is another right that is frightening the size again see there's tons of of and include from all sides in and so
now the networking to go to a he had a point is like and looked for example is about to say 0 my medication the Web are directly in the strike by this website so environment here will that have time to really extend
that but the again you can see that there is tons of of the body which side so what agency that lady in all other you to filter out of
the yeah maybe in other words to filter out on
different and to to display on a there was revisited all if the body which side of it some of you was to show on that connection between the word that and given harmless to blog website and to watch some website especially to to the focus on them um so the local it you can see it is in the USA and about viewing interesting views the list of all the website you visit you Cheng from this this blotch demand the agenda so the is a close you this is a lot so this wasn't a provides a sunny today that when you cheat browsing during for of 1 which it's really time-consuming so you have a a big big graph if you want to when you see what's interesting side you need to use the close view and the last thing I want to show you is the printed contributes so that I this alone was allowed to try to make a graph on advertiser spying on you
so if you to contribute that could be nice I'm so I don't really have time to explain you always that working to conclude that we can talk about that outside from this thing you have to know is like it's not only about could use and everything like that today there than you efficient if I can say it like that is just to try to union of 2 siege of resides units from for example the reduction from definition um create a new in your project which will look on it so you to your browser and to see if is unique looting at the user urgent meeting at the plaguing amenable looking at the time the new the forms almost everything and just like you can add that they are able to form was it undervalued the you yeah you be pretty almost it's done you they will be able to say OK you if an event is they do not use use or stuff like that the so
I'm at the user what can I do so in fact 1st blood third-party group London attracts and you have some automated solution Adams like 3 which is not FreeSoft unfortunately disconnect me almost the seminiferous so size not as good as the SRI at the moment but if you contributing with being become better and no prepend and request would see for example to block everything from other a website that you have to be more technical to do that you have to go to yeah you have nursing with a goat we'll anyway so we careful so if I show you 2 difference no
terms I by those who here so here is the preferences to to set it's a very 1st and so the do not strike is just the flag to say I don't want to be tried the website nothing oblige the website to so this you that at least you stated legal it's important clearly this as you can see I know I have
about this arena In the extension so let's see the difference in IBM for that that I had was
that there would be visited just before
without any century so I just refers to 2 years time you bet go so when you see that at the right there is a sample but which is the sum of all the external contend that history blocked to protect you I should click in this region said it's on the exact amount which was blocked so you have some links to have more information about why am from where and so then you know if we go to the graph area so I
think there is a is way better I think we can to say that this graph is really really really nicer than the previous 1 and especially if there is no come on node between the severity itself no medication history the the
OK I want just to finish which agenda bore was a user because I know where and the force them usually do not do but that here but and New York ever to to changes services so there is a fully Sampras breaks the of the of services you can replace um you can for example post your own so this is instead of using the Google for foliage and I have to do you store stuff like that and grew them because a cloud on your project about that and they are a great you should try them and you should try to use some voices we shall not which are free stuff so I I think you already know that and spread the word and especially the last slide which can a web developer try to avoid inclusion of personal content if you can and it's not that our life you want to on a social which are like the like that invoked from Facebook for example you chant patterning mates with just the Buddha image you will also be made use of not on phase with that of and if someone click on the image you would just but a little bit of javascript to replace it with a real I frame provided by some of my Facebook that at least if someone doesn't click on the boots it will not be tracked by is from that comes up yes think about it when you include the sample tube videos it's easy to but does the 1st image of the video and then to and when the user click on it to replace the bad I frame was 0 to play in it's it's easy to do it said right of privacy file you visit on you can use the we set of Google Analytics Google analytics is everywhere it's more than 90 per cent of the web site of the world we shot communities including its Google aware almost everything which is happening in the Internet and that's that and then you can use person that to you had a presentation of it and just which allow you to connect usages using an ideal Google electrons but recent without saying to Google as directly as if you are interested in a website offers the connected and you can avoid them propose there's like Amazon how Windows Azure because of course although these adult height will be tracked babies OK he was recreated so the immigration thank you to the wilderness lose all cases and he was making deletions so 1st and then is light being compatible with us she monkey and if not why not it may be able compatible with the symmetry that equation 11 if the at and try and now I just made the promotion of light
emanating and right because of that outside of the normal flow from food to be compatible with it means of of the pope on body off in the of instead RBF me 0 5 while the cut is in so if you have any citizen agendas of NEC of Viterbi that
now it I'm not quite a question there is actually a Jeffery plug-in by German multi-publication which enables to click so at 1st activated and register for Facebook Google + for their and stuff it's all those social share prophesy nice fully localized in English and in the final 2 lineages noticing that
you but don't don't include vary from the world and with yet have higher than other questions OK and as of yet the your is it somewhere in your interest to and find cool because will funds for the one's Firefox so isn't it your interest and to allow all these Web sites to track you well no because we care about who use them during the if if you want to continue to speak about that they can go outside and we well thank you so much media will be the