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Nouveau - On-going work, demos and research
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Nouveau is an open-source driver for NVIDIA GPUs developed through reverse engineering by the community. This talk will discuss the achievements of the driver, what happened these last 2 years, what we are working on and what may change in the future. Special emphasis will be put on power management as it is the most-lacking feature in our driver. Some demos and Q&A will close the talk.
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so and today will be talking about Neuvo and a recap of what the work that has been done what we are doing and what we're planning on doing so today on the stage there are there I Martin Paris this is Émile any and margin of the CG out we were supposed to have Martin land cost
so pre-modern and don't but there is not here so OK the so the reason for
this talk is last time we discussed about that updates on new rule was at 1st in thousands of 12 I will be done another 1 that XTC but it's the presence at so it uh and of course there were many improvements since then so that so
did not a new family of God's answer laughter Fermi of media really get marketplace very poor efficient and fast it was released in March 2012 and we actually got sitting support on the same day so the reason why we managed to do that is because and that the OEM actually sent a card bends Skaggs that in advance so we had the call for 15 days to prepare for same
degrees and then I and there was some and really 3 supports of what that what that happened to a few days after that as we were in the middle of free riding the Endesa driver with the news media and then it took about a month and another for it to be released and accessible to everyone so on the rest of the talk is
divided in kernel user space and and the tools we developed so we'll talk about the kernel
so big update noble let's staging so it's not supposed to be stable the we try to uh we also uh rewrote the internal architecture of the driver it used to be but Tipler code used to work in not capable chemical used to work all summer I code for in return for their TNT 2 so we had problems sometimes is regression by fixing it achieves that we would just our fascioliasis so um the new call architecture is now separated in output it's very young it's easier to know what are the dependencies and and if it helps was wisdom regressions spot it should help it's object-oriented so well known it really helps for keeping track of who is using the the engines and this is going to be very interesting for power of management for instance in cutting the power of the engines that are not used the just to be impossible I am looking next
thing optimists are prime supports of so optimists is the technology developed by media and the use Intel so on GPU and and then and then video card so usually it's the Intel GPU doing that all the display under the year acceleration and well and 382 but whenever you want to launch a game to get performance then you use the immediate right so you get a local consumption when you doing on browsing and all that and when you won a game then you have the performance of that is available without the land power consumption of it so does the work for that has been added to freedom of 9 by David early and we are still waiting on the synchronization between the drivers so it means that if you use 1 driver to the rendering and 1 driver to do that and the bleating of sending stuff to the screen then you'll see some cheering because they're the 2 drivers are not synchronized it's not gonna tear but it's gonna be choppy yeah so if you want to have more information you can have a look at the wiki at the wiki page on this so
power-management the management uh should be working on almost every Cognos so it means temperature monitoring and there are so many ways of there where they used to be so many ways to get the temperature on the card and it's it's it's crazy I especially analogy for 7 parts were beaten will not even sure that it actually works well and we had a buggered someone not complaining about that and the temperature being 3 thousand degrees so obviously it's not working well on every card yeah that's known from civil and so on G 4 states and later on it was far every color except the 1 with the i squared see i square the you only temperature probes the reasons why we cannot get this temperature and the driver is because of the HW mon architecture which is in use exports of protein that's that's the idea that's the driver for the temperature probe but it only exposes the temperature to the user space to the kernel space can use the information we've been trying to change that for a while once in a 1 several years and so far larger than the change even proposed a lot of the and management of static famine and management for Tesla largely for state to world Fermi so forced 400 it was added in units 3 of 7 and where our then and on top of each other with fixed structure on the yeah there was some teachers has it was during the as periods of Algeria of lean on so that when users and so we added experiments all of punishment in 3 . 9 and it's now enabled by default on speed of 13 but it doesn't work on on campus and Soulier best primatic we you there they added a new way to drive a fun and have been very inventive denying ways of trading the final reading temperature and there is a new way that we don't support it and we need to understand how it works but I've been special had on my keyboard for 1 to understand so if you have any problem with that thermal-management vandalism and you can contact me on yeah so let's continue on
punishment we talking if any hearing about this for a while and on every foreign the foreign X article about nouveau Michael complains about the lack of proper so for those who don't know what this is is changing the frequency of the of the engines of the of the graphic cards it means changing the voltage to changing the memory type things changing everything so this is very difficult to and to do especially when you don't have a programming guide so we do that by reverse engineering um it should provide a lot of performance when you need it and you can lower the the clock when you don't need it so you can say file by default sorting of Fermi around that the clock on the at the lowest so basically a 10th of which would get for not high-performance mode so you get a 10th of the yeah so quite apart from then pull and tell gating always to lower the power consumption without heating and of slowing down down down the injured very good but we don't have support for that yet it's mostly done by the hardware that now we need to set up all the registers for that and we don't really know down the list of registers and what we should the output seems like in video is just putting numbers and then there's no logic in it so will try to to use that and if our users complain too much that means that it doesn't work because that's the only way we can test um so yeah it should be released soon for and kept land because of some code that has been released for that to ground K 1 so they basically you know we know whether they have a list of all the registers and the value we should but I will gonna section if it's our what needs to be good for the best of cards and if it works and then get but at least clever register list which is good because I found a 3rd of this list only that I was wondering why did not the simple consumption the OK performance involve monitoring and so who are the big thing is that some Keppler actually have a policies and no so they used to have a and internal hardware model of the cards and I was some so basic input check what part of the engine is active and then if you assign a weight that the new integrated you do at all this stuff in order to get a power consumption reading and you get about 500 a thousand times a 2nd which is quite nice FIL bulk but we won't talk about that we also we should have seen other oropharyngeal Muzeja negation so for memory of a graph is the graphic engine and video all yeah had a video decoding and engines and that's going to be used for dynamic re clocking so when we need documents we can increase the the OK
so will move to the user space judgments
is it's a bit like the year but engine usage negation but it's not much more accurate so we added support for any piece of multiprocessor count as let's put it this way it's gpgpu a look which followed that for gpgpu an right now it's only exposed through the gallium HUD so it's basically graphs a displayed on top of applications and so the cap supports was added by Christopher Miller our main kind Delyon and that the family support was added by someone before the findings was mine she substituted this year audio sophisticated the support for the at the constant talented so progress of we still have to reverse engineer all the graphics related signals as unfortunately we need Windows 7 for that yes yeah W 7 2 so on Windows 7 we had to port our tools to Windows 7 so as we can do the reverse engineering and so it takes a lot of time but is still working on it so this is good so the and then there are the person's monitoring for opinion yeah that that was the usage so I indicated that I said that I should write shortly talking about the 1 it was the of maybe it's just the couple there to OK
and so this was supposed to be presented by Martin but since is not here and being like so a I've talked about leads on to the lead endurance rewrites of when I talked about the campus support that took some time to actually yeah and I reach and users so the 1st thing we needed was the new GRN was to expose the graphing drive is addressed in the visual memory so this is very important for gpgpu without that we can do to him to be now we can we also support multiple threads so multiple applications for all the context on the card because you will users all the context and have been doing so for a while so it means that when it crashed and when it crashes then there the whole fast of crashes basically put down that we gain a lot of performance out of it so yeah and security so that some relocation mechanism has been really we worked I did work on that and I couldn't get information what meant people forgot already and some of these is actually the reported that no space there are some things that TCM and couldn't find a a space to put the buffets but with this new API if it reduces that a lot so now I don't think that but reports that anymore this normal people there are yeah and when you have no memory of course you can have a very thin and people want to try is but it is still 1 people want to drive some chemical 10 20 PU roughly resolution can teach you just doesn't work it doesn't have enough memory so but yeah that's to be expected and of course we can't do anything about this from the point of what I'm sorry noise so um then since we read all the re wrote the deer and we needed to rewrite rewrite their Mr. drivers so it was a good thing actually because of the and the effects driver that rewritten this was a mess if it's the driver for G 4 6 and 7 and 5 OK so 5 6 and 7 it used to be what it needs to run open up every now and then that's about it so on then Skaggs worked a lot in that and it changed the name our and the 30 to find them and the the end of the world yeah OK so before that was called the 30 then and the effects on them back 20 30 additional that Anthony the I see it now it works much better it's not perfect but it was much better and the naming scheme is better because we are acting in the 50 and C 0 drivers so just fits nicely compared to and the effects so uh OK that's it video decoding was a big new
features are added by Martin uncles the not the end so fortunately and so you we added the support for found me and kept the what I mean it's the same thing so basically the same thing so that have a lot to the to do but it used to rely on a what it relies a lot on the film was so view decoding is done on the hardware to you need to send that connects to the card so as it can be codes and there are and pushed out everything on the screen so the can whereas I opera pre sorry we use the immediate can was and we used to ask users to extract the stem where's from my and my you trace and and I and my traces looking what is going on on the PCI Express bus or what the drivers doing so every interaction as was done the card we can look at and from that we can recreate the the film was so needless to say it's a pain to want to do that find users but the reasons why we didn't ship that the film was was because it's what we are not allowed to reject their red distribute them legal problems so to overcome that can actually wrote a script to extract the film was from that a proper very driver so you just need to I downloaded no need to install a it will extract that the film was found and what we call the blob and then on you can just use the fewest so it's very easy on Archon it's we have a a package for that it's very simple it takes 1 the time of downloading and then you have the film was so it's very simple I don't know if all the districts again to as 1 in the pipes what OK yeah animal for that year and then are went to work how they are going to to do that of federal in there we did our best and we as we don't have legal counsel and all that or maybe we can just ask India of if they want to allow us to distribute the film was who knows so I so immediate help them that on this script where is it not but he also pointed the support for the 4 and if you see such a state so now we have a view decoding support for from 94 for states to the latest count so that's full support so on for H child 264 and had 1 2 and another 1 with this 1 yeah this is a that this Akira Parliament supports for acceleration has I believe that and the 84 to and 6 which has sparked show support for its that p and so yeah was P MPEG you can get em peg 1 into acceleration and it's 4 and the 42 and the 96 6 0 2 4 7 basically so G 4 7 can have all maturation but it it's crap and picture acceleration that is not is well could so short more information you can visit the wiki page video acceleration sparingly up to date so it will tell you what driving you need so what what you need in the kennel side and and and if few was of course and what's what the odds that you supports
the kid the open GL a few days ago I only few so the news but we reached OpenGeo 3 . 3 of 4 and the 50 and and see 0 so basically everything after g for state it's gonna be in the certain that 1 uh so the history of it of our support basically we them added open-shell 3 supporting the 8 so whenever the until driver and got it to work but then we got open-shell 3 . 1 in recent 9 approach so we can't remember if it was 9 of 9 1 so that we don't we don't remember that good basically we in having a good track at the following that the releases of Intel but only for NBC 0 so this is very interesting because this 1 as and he's of 50 and C 0 at the same time usually g for state no 1 cares about it yeah it's getting old so we still have limited support for G sold them well basically the 2 the 2 latest stock apricots and I'll get back wife the restrictions that may be yeah but if so I believe there is some subtle changes and should draw a few others which has a mean dealt with him 0 yeah you can use dislike forgot about it so uh is exhausting every there is a changes in the essay I'm not from 0 a new ICA which of you would see come and you had 1 year there was a numerical weather sports so that's where the lower but a belief that primitives just it should work do the more complex structures year that might take a while basically you have still compositing environment and that's it if OK
I 1 last thing so the good thing was gallium the gallium infrastructure new rule is that there is a the correlation between the drivers and what we call the state trackers so this architecture allows us to create at the new models for instance support for open GL and then older drivers under our can reimburse support for that and they don't need to rewrite everything themselves so um that they know a new state tracker a direc 3 the for the takes 9 I stick tracker it was started by joking know Sin Holt out on know this guy but good thank you and that it was completed by Christopher the miller so our main developer of missing so we managed to run scaring so this realization 5 and the star craft to and we can get up to twice the that the FPs done 1 so far during 3 implementation so when you did your 3 D in the driver it's way faster good yeah apparently they got better but I mean why in the world so the announcement easier and if you want to compile it the on you have to link that the read me as should be interesting the added that the trade so
that so now I had the mike so you just a brief well on compiling if you want to compare the branch it's a
rather old it so this should the straightforward you the you rebates but if anyone is struggling the most likely open them out at the end of the guide based he did sort of of a couple of small mortgages along the way so you see that 1 chocolate the so I wanted to
promote the tools for what I didn't the terms development we have a set of tools like instead database and a mild lazy told them here from assemblers and the and school that I say is that uses and the appeals to call them some those the and tears and that go the a bucket of was there and it was it contains all so the Government of work going into something uh Kosovo mostly moved to a new if it was doing the and the will spuriously constant along the and it up on you asking indianization rose worthy of that originally due to the work on it well true that cost problem because In the when the heads was axis don't label has to with so will their paw and it and then about themselves so Welsh hidden and the and the private 1 so this is that can develop we have nowhere people don't have work if we develop has something rights so is much of the blame the the and also we doing and it
was the 1st who we making the condition for the interviews others such as uh to clear goal I think is that those just print examination of songs abuse of power did we know the wetlands might be interesting for uh nuclear most is that the the function I say looks for 1 of the Michael condolences that that the gods a it's going to make it move the car the and then quite well but slow the but still in from what you don't have to be it was like that's my students so we recently installer implementations system based on the 1st this thing is point as the things condition system the same 1 that i don't excuse it's it's interesting to still and the condition in plain text boxes with very few special markup regions and things can arise and there's a nice who was the 1st to assume so if n is even our seats for we were also the and just go over few elements have a look and in your future that stinks of possibilities embodying the influences the writing the mentation and all of the features of has been always there in some database in action XML and contains a list of every registered we know on the judge appeals is useful so that opposes it seems used to be a very condensed form the other diamonds who the exegesis and values so them is used to degree the tool to gold and I places but of all these fuels schisms will be useful to whom who proposes all of that is that is the only experience but it is mentioned twice and it was evil once and the maximum database and once in their accommodation so we know I think there's support for this new special meant Markov tools being so that we can just the standard studying therefore it is the condition and it's going to generate the X amount of that another tool that
was made full of always the focus a combined the funk it's kind of like a like a puzzle about that in the and the other view is useful many proposes including their video decoding including uh graphics context switching so we can on on the application for the 1 for the application was this is used for our hands so the notion of a couple the inmates uh a brother for this so that's the idea so that again a right there Michael Goldfarb avoiding see is that of pleaded innocent McNally it's because this thing you worked on the assembly and disassembly of this so we just need a compiler for that yeah the it's like now it's like solely for the pdf and so on in the context of different whereabouts when we don't work it should be is it accidental support once the which is the public management and the and if you're doing it about it yes I think so and so the was isn't all
that the government and this means to whole song Michael so on the media interviews were me the look of the famous for them and when we don't like to the combined things because it's this isn't it too hot it's settled of went to the compiler something them because spends like weeks just to placing some functions will cause what was the part of the structure is going to use this initial slope you'll figure out how come works by the combination the about its 1 use and my places is just use on the communication between the driver and the got on the PCI Express Bus box when it the piece of hardware is controlled by the microcontroller right on the count you can just use and do what it's what it's doing because there's no easy access to great so we have to know listing the to compare them still know what's going on the process has been done by hand will by so that's very inefficient so uh in my office physicists I think this article by for that that's gonna I say it's meant to taken over for the derivative of of the issues in the writing the and like gold I now it works it's quite for some reason like goalie doesn't have support the for the lies about is enough to induce figure of Michael gold the accounts this civilian courts I wish I had a showing a minute way so it can be extended to support any uh it's a noticeable for most of the walls of follicle and if you can do what I say that's who as 1 of many components used in the decoding I just figured because was there is as bicycle going and well that is also quite nice all of the highest rates goes uh binary it give it some hints of what was the golden ground needs be out this deep the there's no among contraceptives directions because variables so as much as it and them there are some people that use of the it's still valid even being
reduced like is what is done the we the the
at the from parameter called again here make some as said before menacing no I'm gonna talk a bit on the commute sign
so I'm not sure coming in your using you will come in your IC active or not some trying to be active work in it what has other obligations so far slower than I have a brief from reminder the bugs leaning so if you are wearing the war used to be a user-mode settings driver which meant that everything was done in the New dx which was on that's great so the the what since swim moved into the kernel of northern uh Camus and driver and if you look at the bugs elect can't dozens and dozens of bugs of all the units trying a an quite a lot of those on a bit of 4 years so in American then it's remarkable job which was some people had for because all he calls me woke up so much effort into 5 years ago and then I stopped it a motivating so what he did was he cleanup for all of the above stated this them mass closure bugs which has an inundated people for the last 2 years 3 years the boats and down significantly is against the and but there has been crafted boasts I managed to get sold the pressures at all we yes I am still having the problem and its weight to recent changes in kernel everything we can get the more information of for example where it's Krashen what kind of a problem with this so yes a said there have been quite a few fixes on that
and next thing as well natural cover union your familiar free does not have moved there would system IEEE and I should submit them because there was more than the span and this was then maps there has been more than dozens of obsolete which articles and some were not that of that the data so want to hear and Martineau they're dead was discontinued most of the obsolete once and they were all about the car pages of the age and upon work over massive at the moment this is you just got the week you just get a nice big picture and see what it would look for a different bugs and we make sure we have data so called for our latest version of the software because as against on that many of us and it's not that easy to always occupant going back 14 for for example for his own mind on something where this goes to people actually done some work on so we always recommend you try that the latest software finally so with the same then about the craft there's still something in there believe but if anyone skin on down modern weapons just hoping to entire sees a 0 1 opposite page on how great no that they will need rights for that little and that's the problem with the new with system we need and you need an account the free desktop on account and so yes so you can the you need to ask for the rights it's not a fetus account as in SSH accounts but still and you also said this did come to lots channel on tell us OK and this still work something out there natural the procedure the moment is but should be almost straightforward to have a set up and working in short want help these the this is the because there's a lot of stuff in there and and I just which the support so for most everywhere you looking at the if you
if you have SSA x 6 account you can get free will win if using the battery generated for the key so here you this is I'm not doing it in administration some of commenting I mean you get away and London administration and in that case so definitely have heard someone class and so that makes the seed 2013 they are in the numerous colleges the Convention which great for us and understand that there was a worsening of in which but there still well 1 can prove that the books experience from way users which is I now rates and moon a belief or have swung significantly this of the contention which did cover a couple big areas in world possibly this through a couple more errors which no 1 is to extend because of the variety of nearest connectors to see especially docking versus non the consent of so this is 1 of the this should be related to the establishment this plague mentor box if I'm not mistaken In addition name 1 of them new robots notice that the Messiah weren't working of greatly so on In the were kind enough to provide us with some new information as to you which specific church service needed to get what shows methods to avoid any issues for having at that point and no additional very very nice help windows the according because American as he was working of belief on value 2 or 3 yeah the paternity tree it was happy and the 1st few seconds of rendering and coding them that according was great the sales price and just seconds and it's a SO great that 1 that fits perfectly on the modern happens by that I don't have such but as you can use a um what so that's all we're so we're talking about their land and it's good because you cannot so services Martin mentioned earlier which from designing about because a government that and yeah so yet at the support management so that they have many of the registers are the same it's the T. graph a K 1 is based on the work of the card therefore graphics but still some engines are very similar all exactly the same we don't know yet mostly mix of both of them and then and so we have the register dumps so it means the addresses than 18 so the name may be cryptic but we should it gives you an idea of what this is and then that that that the values that should be stored in them the default value or what means every part of the big field so it's very very nice and especially for stuff that you cannot really reverse engineer engineer easily such as the hall model for the power consumption of the college I wouldn't know that at 1 point this is just for the graphic to the engine and this is for the 3 engine and all but part of it so now we can have a proper the conditional on that which is nice I OK and in addition it reinforces morning Apollo still sleeping when I saw on honesty past set which is great it that we've provides such this some of you may have very small architectural works on new law switches that some broad support for non devices and basically has a belief of a very basic support for the pair came 1 device and not mistaken so what that doesn't providing remote settings so this is word FIL display altering so the a so if the yes so and so yeah basically you know you can I used to go to work you as a gerund driver for the 2 grant A 1 that they won't work on the user space sold to the and 3 yet serration but if it's really basin Keppler it should pretty much work out of the box was our drive so we'll see because we don't have . yet but this would be something very interesting right and something and as a similarly if genuine if anyone is willing to help or a style a few moments or if for example if you lurking in new what channel In this is somewhat comforted questions just please help part because there are not many of us have a cipher for time now and that would be great these people just come forward and say all forms of armament of programming and C or for example by a love writing documentation for example he can help about Martin with OK the people we are really looking forward to find someone and in compilers because we suck it until our years and yet we need people for that and again battalions where was we felt just going forward and in our channel or something you know of either 1 of us should rather straightforward found if not this he was Sheldon sort of an made a we can give our nicknames or I'll see our minds find so is the exact so it has an w K a new proof and ML uncles yeah and the best of and much and if Governor questions and without fix me be what the where sorry I just said look who's
working on on the immediate side all of it would have but the but we can come up with is working with a the with him I think you misunderstood and media now is starting working in improving Neuvo so delta and beyond a engineers so we don't know you know them yet eluted and the a Akaike that yeah the microphone yeah they keep the the the I can't believe we can clear enough no but of if the of the the and this documentation that they released in 2013 How much would you say that the it covers on top 1 % of the the yes and no they they explained of defeat uBioRSS which basically describes how Dukakis laid out in if a protest like this ever external display connector or not is a special media Berkshire something like that and it's really helpful because a lot of those configurations we want scene about so again at support for something you don't necessarily have ourselves anybody else the and present a cleaning the communication of the bias also cover but how to add on me whether recent Tampa basically when they reach new bias they as support for this support next adult stuff they have to they explain new stuff but form that we can work all stuff as well in some cases like some connectors show where use an old guys in we show them that we you know where they were necessary to now we know where they are and we get support for most of his fellow the a soul when around the in the war tribe a is there a chance that my graphic Scott may break or other at least in theory enough safeguards the know it could sell destroy blood yeah I don't yeah I never managed to and have been eating my uh my cards was on all was the wish that hair-dryer in order for it to area for it to reach 130 degrees to test some well and in the how it worked at the time but there is a uh dedicated part of of the engine working on the thermal management and then you there were thresholds and all that for temperature and I wanted to check in the where that was the temperature return and in the hardware so I had to do stuff like that and tests everything and yes I reached even more than that and the column never having it still works perfectly so yeah and is being stupid enough to do that on the a and it's still working I mean running at dinner yeah running games at 130 degrees does that it s just destep composite things the what this could be OK at so yeah so it could in theory happened but it's unlikely we do have regard as well a lot of time and not none of the blokes so if you have beliefs affirm might here has 2nd can be the biggest collection of their cars if you go to this page you can be just shocked by the but the vast amount of I think you missing them overall or bit shorter that something like this this 15 I think of or benefit around the globe that's also random values to that thing he says and God sends none of them broke so it's too soon so they had to destroy it patterns of well in some cases I did mention break it but then effective in the power of and then waited for like 30 seconds for its define of getting any power than it would work again so here it is fair Harvard if it makes you get it get what you get to keep both pieces the Royals innovative and what has remained theft