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No more IPv4
Impact on applications and measuring IPv6 deployment
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The IPv4 address exhaustion brings a broken Internet with the heavy use of NAT. While HTTP is now a major vehicle for any application, and while NAT is friendly with HTTP, there are still issues with large scale NAT as used by some ISPs (mainly mobile). This session explains the security and application issues of NAT, but also explains how an application can easily be extended to support the next generation IPv6, which does not require NAT
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0 to tell us why we still see more you thank you very yeah thank you I'm going to as well for this the 1st overlap 86 tends to 0 and made about people including Andrew Peters matters follows them that work has been at the basis for many many years not networking plant moving of a PV 6 and I'm from Cisco alright so that's easy kind of the more complex parts is the application is the operation so we this tho I really would like to give you an idea of what is the impact of military amputee 40 more of moving to a previous 6 and the last part would be would erase worlds willing to produce its other anybody beside for them using at music so we all know all rate the if possible on and monitored to take questions on the fly and the sum give away for questions small stickers looking forward to see it but is basically IP legacy equipment only inside right is physically for device running on a beautiful a this is a partisan of open source and open data but also open book we friends he wrote a book about the wireless and the wireless as of course in the pieces components and are older parts it is a book which is printed here as a giveaway was you can find this on the internet for free of cost so there is indeed a norm more
IPD for right you may be that long but it's it's there are less and less at the for this is available he started 2 years ago where I am at the Big Board of 100 utterances in US for the complete Internet run out then after quickly it was
kph is about because they're simply growing so that we're burning and using the last the before us
last assuming that most of us getting from Europe have basically for more than 2 years because we are running out meaning a new I speak if you want to create an internet service provider befriends you will to arrive to get addressees and you will get a wonderful 1 thousand and receipts OK if you want to be eyes before your village that's fine if you want to be a nice before your country or your province would love so that's a really issue here so basically what are the system modeling because I mean there is a war right we need to go through this war or bypass the war 1 way is what we go the last back this basically where the service provider give you for the the stair some of this season and a brand new publicado had time draw you meaning I guess when most of us in the room right out all the then this but they were sons that value longer then the 6 order as well so it's not solely on OK so some all the internet community has failed honestly and interval of us are working in the S with dry understand us in the deployment and we failed to push it further anyway so happy if all other basis and there is 1 way of running them on the network do form so against solutions which is the easiest 1 anyway bowling so the the people when they got a long-term fix which is slightly more complex always shocked them fix which is easy we take a short term fix easy you it is there to the short term fix 30 that's share that before this basically doing that on the last year of a comment on this the 1st step the 76 only surrounding the new only and accessing the API basis Internet only and that is saying that the 6 content only guarantees accounts rain most of Irving systems can do it mobile application fireless networks and the content is not in the this network the name of obvious 6 only takes 1 when the others it's not 306 only because in the edge as soon as you raise the internet you can go they can appear before right so it's not 6 only for the saudi with experiment so most of his provider we try to build that that yeah and then look to slides on this on the left side assume the fuel where you have on the left box your all and all the PCs which are there OK and on the Internet in a for but now the service provider is running out of a belief disease so in need to share right so this is EasyShare receiving you out 5 friends with and you order only to if you have to make these for
5 people this OK right if you get in enough pieces they know what is good enough no if you are 5 any order small pins that that's where the problems OK or as to what the out of the fridge and you get Bs and the problem is fixed right and is akin to bears disappears thank for assigned afterward so what basically yeah we have an issue we need to share so descended from virus running out of results right now than about enough at the interest so it was Sherry in northern max and is that is that work in big box we call this gyre great match cared rates this simply because vendors like my employer can send them over the money and that is what the mass is the same thing right label morning Alex inside and doing that improves now but anyway this OK so basically and that was here it's also been ones and what's while on this 1 I'm pretty sure you can fix Appy donors to do the right both falling toward low inbound connection right foot you the maximally whatsoever the using a service provider will give you access could change at the table is there no right so we are important problem over there is visited Poland so if you add on the top of this do I stack and that's what more and more what it can do because as you will see if you're working all day through this kind of not it's not the Internet as we know the Internet there is broken they offer in grade what I said the BS right of the green eyes at the 6 and then there is no not at all neither and the service provider north in this box if some people freak out because state not me is my security do you really want me to expose myself to the Internet all security I would say how the if rely on that for security you amateur different story um everyone is the and that's and most of the PCs mean that the what looked also right but the 1 about friends mother father and mother
all of them is the Pharisees and that part of the book the and and that a clear statement that another so protective but they are not even in and a lot of advantages which is C so we get a read content provider no need to prepare itself to world where what petition right we're inbound connection to your obligation to your content can be land before a singular the rate at the rest for everyone all the shared the IP the fall or a mix of the fauna these right move deeper solution met you must be
ready for then you application you server the so we only know then they are only 65 thousand TCP boss right and in the not this kind of naive and efficient it means that the IPD for address that is shared by the service provider beginning of only 65 thousand connection right to the ball 60 no easy sharing this at the end rise my 1 thousands of driver assistance Coppola Street in downtown it means that favors subscriber as only 60 connections I am a father of 2 I I think we to 1 of 3 and released 1 Android tablets 1 iPad it was but a man and a laptop was a couple of device the it's not enough OK I have a generalization of own I physical crime and associated with that I need a way more session and we all know that hijacks relies on other sections example coming from Japan and
actually to the map of of research downtown and you know with Ajax where the loading dice on the maps just because it is an example if you are running out of of
connection when you create a new Ajax requests the what objects he delegated get died and the map is empty on the map you see it now what if it's again what it is the banking application when you only get part of the information you obligation that he's mass Soupault that when it gets you try to get an open a connection to eject it can say dressed we faded display some of warning that of questions for you I'm sure that you know what you know
speedy OK so for dinner laughter right CD is basically on TLS connection where you issue be requesting that the book so on the AGS connection of before on the background go over a single TCP the session OK so you may not exist zemindars behavior but this some point of time between say anyway you can simply open law that small browser window and that's it right reputation of and all much of you are working in 2 then the spam the but to
oversimplify if you receive an SMTP
connection to Switzerland e-mail coming out of some countries but again just a figure abuse let me Jr right you may suspect is stemming all the spot and some very specific at the addressees I want to do this bombykol about open relays for instance right the book next you do it for IPTV for address do we know if you all boast is beyond this big k a great that you are this is the mid values there with 1 thousand that would the you bring the repetition of the shared that you before addressed the 1 used by these 1 thousand 1 people when they go to the internet is bad OK so you would could be marked as spam no good or vise versa this pattern could be a categorized as high as good all do you protect any server in this case a web server the against you trying to do and thus against you such errors sending your request to your content management system for search only certain users 10 % on the server maybe 100 because it involves a couple of sequence BI know what if 1 guy the sending you 1 thousand so the cost per cent of no money you into Europe and you blow this equity for address right to now then they should repetition again you there was 1 that guy the outer lounging this 1 thousand surface area you it you blocked the other customers sharing the symmetry the for so need to find something else if it's wet it in this book is for instance right the all this is the case where a friend of mine and it was using his mobile phone and searching on will those who don't use using it to protect civilians at that but what they didn't know it was phone beyond CGN and there where most of the 102 to 1 with people beyond the CGN doing the search the same time so there it was would be years of everyone but it was that as is not that and and the catch of music to that you are you might and the other parts the
I mean or application most of them and would and when regions but the idea that the support of time if you application is some value it would be at and in some cases you want for suppose to make up application will secure but
in some cases you may want to trace back to see was attacking you it become much much more complex right because a lot in that it was the the mean anything service providers now needs to talking the locks on the translation 3 8 the subscriber and that's listed bailiffs time use that IP address is that the right now and this TCP ports meaning now in all your locks even if you don't want to go to the other 6 rout in all your locks for whatever application you need you know if you're looking remove that interest you also need to have accurate time and ports the remote parts disappear UDP did so in case of incident
we can trace it back to the source of and this was a keyword as many on this side is also application users Apache does basically 1 way or you can configure Apache but due to the ports and that's basically red what's happening here so a friend from of
few it from know rot right this emitted saying this that's a big think is the CGN and using 1 % audit and is it it means that on the left hand side he admitted by like the address to driver but they appear to the internet in a single 1 and by the way also losing adjudication so if you look there you see see like theater as you see the apple go right plot funders 8 o clock all planned and you see as well yeah the men die the led to but the and is maybe I miss it and therefore that explain
what they would have to get a new 1 that's basically the internet that you are heading to it's not the internet we new tree years ago or 5 years ago if you wanted to use the internet to renewal trio 5 years ago the we need to get more and more what risks so this talk about it
OK I tried and to summarize a 6 and 1 site so 1 thing
is it is like a for much with much larger addressees such thing like 128 bits but an entity to scale of use we live impact there is no net they only explain it doesn't bring anything of insecurity it even make make things simpler right because there is known that this configuration everything which is simple is always more secure as something which is more complex social security the data-link layer money change your Ethernet you Wi-Fi we're run unchanged the the transport layer the circuit at the editor using full TCP or UDP or whatever no change application
themselves unchanged and output what goods and spending the rest of my talk is spinning whatever change but basically postfixed DNS whatever you want I running perfectly fine over TCP the
protocol even change so basically it's might be the foreign the Snyder data uh no more secure is really despise I said a long time ago but a reading is pretty much Identidad including at the security all as a set of they were the same on the only benefits on this is a big address space and the benefit of the bigger president said we get back the internet we had 5 years ago and I think it's important the the 128 bits that's a long long long number the only way to do it is to ride their meanings and assume that right everyone hates and is and you have to explain shortly to your daughter to yield the friendly your boyfriend or whatever all to spell and then very semantics it was already taken with the mapping forest even more we simply build them to them but for the digits OK reposted the way to to the matter and I multiple ways of writing it's um they are of course leaders that ABC E F it again right in lowercase and uppercase also me now you need to be searched insensitive in your text file or whatever and we also removing zeros the chemical sitting 0 sigh useless and block of the debug blob of zeros can be suppressed and replaced by a single column column 1 you could even be the idea of this address in that it is 6 which is the equivalent of the 127 0 0 1 Lübeck address right and was 0 and you replace chordal block of zeros Michael going and you have this interest which is currently on 1 so using these now giving short and there is no such place as current 1 but that's messages of this 1 with all the zeros which is used mainly for the 4th trout on the basis that arise when you do local yet you ought address is full of zeros is written continent and I'm used to it for the
1st time it is quite had so if you see an error message you address space but on UK ways address right but is there of course then With such numbers you it would need to get DNS working and the analysis is to weights without 6 OK you have in the lab in the fall you get the 8 to translate the old interest and you get the reverse mapping for the good of the Jericho to translate a nap unified rest into an n In May 6 we about the same thing of course because need the same function and we have there the plot a which also name into the 6 of us now if you want the y a quot a this simple a was 1 that the rest digital bits so what if all times longer addressees 128 bits like appears 6 and as a resource now the reverse this of course you need to spell out all the numbers it's most impossible to by and to get tossed wondering and the last 1 leaf of the S In the case of then as you need them it's also
called again redress you can do it all right the default what 6 the sort of an right you can send a request form that 6 rice all over and that the UDP although not the 6 B and vise versa what you request over the analysis it's knowing with the transport mechanism could be completed at that divergence readiness how we ever to do with yes for many many years the routers switches PCs always whatever you want everyone is ready application Microsoft Mac OS on and off course so many times longer the land use and B is the art as well and so this not so much an issue on the operating system or on some obligation a lot of application specifically the public-domain open-source what do I stack for many many years I don't remember when by she gets the 6 support them running an Apache server over at the 6 since 2005 right and it was 36 so it tells you all match the open source community must in advance coexistence critics and you need to understand a few things and for instance this is why we need the the
I would just back PC on the left and I have any kind of service that keeps web
but could be whatever you want I could not be before internet and happiness 6 Internet over there like 2 clouds but actually that the same of course right there's the same router distilled together fiber the Wi-Fi whatever is the same but this easier to show on the slide now In the PC wants to visit let's say a server for look up he asked to is the inner server 8 what of the far end of the 6 addresses to equal by and in this case the replied aid the other 2 addresses 1 before 6 that is apt to the PC and this may be what that's like a surprising it's after the client to the initiator to decide whether to use a pity for all to use least it's not up to the application of the right hand side is not after the server on the right side the cell OK then he would go 1 way or the other way not easy at all the
season is so is done by the shipper 2 ways of doing it there is some kind of look out policy we've indeed operating system of the initiator this 8 in the set of my addressees before and resist the other set of accuracy before and the 6 on the server the which 1 should I use and it internet is try to make a good decision there form you are more pragmatic and you rely on list of written by then ring Andrew and will be the guy out the truly area to should the from their rights which is API board I will be in this in English right and you want to keep the user of the application had been and all you know it by ensuring that you start connection the 6 1st you added of a you put that in the fall connection and then you you know the fastest 1 the arises OK so if this is faster you get the 6 is the force faster you take the form is both of them are mostly be quite typically you will receive so far so good To my understanding only chromium implements this heresy to we want to be surprised windows and noise 6 new something different so now mean is Kenneth laughable right it means the application of the right hand side need to understand those 3 different behaviors and be ready for them and you don't know it because when you stack you receive the TCP SYN the don't know right there is no User Agent string there that's where later that you get the user just so content influences that so what you can do as well is using something going at 6 4 and is basically what they the the wife fighting using here where basically you ask the address of the server if you give me 60 with our in the states bears you go to a specific box Gordon at 6 fall it's a mapping from IP 6 as I said the application i'm change is the addition EP HTML and other than that so you simply need to change the network layer the fiber see subpoenas 6 overseas and shuffle a from field and we not is you can do it as well on the server side so in this case what of in this case
I If actively for only servers and I'm using it saved some Gandalf it'd be proxy maybe fall it's a selected irrational with caching whatever so the people
coming from that he for Internet goal traverse under the IMS even if I wore but arrive at the reverse proxy OK varnishing issue proxy whatever before going to get beautiful server or those proxies the application proxies so they can receive a connection all right the the 6 on the
left hand side good proxy and the application layer and going back to a beautiful so if you know all could be because proxy initiate a proxy or vanish or whatever this to move your content application 26 to lead the list is not doing it but anyway metrics impact on the application MIT thing which with package is there on that is visiting the agenda of the next as I said before the 0 the goddess application are ready for a pieces are put in place and is very complex in mind you need to type
this command necessary to need to be sure that you listen to address column column again remember critical on means full of zeros meaning any interest busy so it's not only surprises way freedom and states this need to say and for the course the quite old so very very simple to configure are there any
of the 6 on works there is this 1 here this so that which is basically of indication that work in China and a few others are including nothing is important the mobile in new ways which is a mobile provider for the for gene network using Android phones With only actually 6 so it may be that of course is the user sees the will to some legacy at the file content the of UCT the will to win that's 6 4 books and we started with a couple of obvious 6 enthusiastic 0 nappy 84 that 6 only the OK so we signed a petition the and we are the low point with now something I which is free to join and we said tool employer on that day are you will not be the fall from my laptop and it the tools to work or simply a do whatever what I can do it at would be 6 OK so now would be kind of changing the friday mistaken so this was a bit easier see the Inglewood there and in the same vein and just hear about its last week a B is the 10 0 is a specific bill but we've evolved on it but the good for me only United 6 so in storage and get only a what this take with extreme of course right but but if we do not try different don't not Bush the words much change to so we need to keep honoring this so 1 thing the guessing that the need to understand present applications and the application layer right if you ever
socket for TCP or UDP you can send whatever size of segment of message you can write 10 K and for you it was like its atomic but as you know over the internet it's limited to 1500 bytes so it's chime in small pieces thank know some us more than others hence the need for something good bath and you and you mean maximum transmit units so we're told this go over the shoulder spike in the past between the client and a server not for it exists it is is as well in that the voicing does not work but that we need the goes routers on the path when he was he would be back at you need to send the something which is more like it it would be fragmented at the foot of the fact united States the 97 they wanted to optimize the routers and basically say rather than the city the
big buckets on the other side small packets I drove the park yeah that's right we need not be sparse into discovery that's words by Kenneth magic and to ICP buckets right to discover the smallest bucket size on the back mass work now the implementation of broken some security people are stupid right In that report so we need to change this and 1 is the way of doing it this by doing an option when you open a TCP socket to say what he called the MSS the maximum segment size so the maximum segment that
you are ready to receive over TCP was something which is small enough the so you are sure it on a Avery light enter the value which is the so it's commonly used by the content provider right it's a very good enough rely on past to work the 6 normal matter and I think that's the best saints OK we are now open to a peer to peer communication would this be derived or refolding video when now aim would value pairs a phone call reciprocal order whatever you want the and and that you cannot read traversal you always go to somewhere in the cloud to act as a relay right using Skype for instance being the relays I map was of the want to physical going to Microsoft in the West so that we write but it's not the you UN your choice but using race in that it is a there is no net so the gentleman there what the gentleman over there they will die we've ongoing a party this wonderful had to go by the Microsoft right the it is always there was the modern deeper times when something where it pretty smart
regarding the 6th then you is relies on the 6 simply because they want the will direct good direct for numerous is also a shortage of will direct than will buy that part there's a reason why they want to support the new support basics also if you an application doing that OK when using TCP not device we need to keep states need to remember a this address in this both books food is was in this sports and of course is memory there is a pressing to remove it so your application right now need to send people lags over TCP right in a few minutes simply talking this state in the NAB device at prevented to be removed the now in a P 6 there is no that so there is no need to send those people and we may some experiment in different framework about the battery life of a mobile phone whether you out keep alive and sending radios he changed a lot dramatically if you want to send people ice quite often or you don't send the polite we used only to talk to maintain a state in your at the default 3 important now when writing application the need to be aware of that Japanese receipts I like to be there I can years
so you need to have a screen which show the input and the output of this is sample the configuration file if you store it in secret at the base you need bigger field your lock need to understand it looks easy but there was talking ones to a developer of application you know on this small of payment terminally getting shots when you put a credit gas mustard gas the goal of the NAP Unisys overseas is maximum 13 and directors the wives of this strain is 20 OK you can pay me it's easier right we can write it onto lights after all mean we tried as the we're the key keyboard all many keyboard deducing of those machine exactly similar right so none of them is 0 . 9 there is no B D S you now we can gain right like it's a mess right twist twice the 0 and get a Chris redundancy will give you whatever not that easy I would love to draw your attention to those 2 functions in the because as I said this is our see standing of returning with people always right lowercase uppercase reasoning 0 we voted z was 1 there is 1 single way to write it into a candidate
formats and those 2 fashion basically Charles fair from the printed to the network binary and vise versa in the right way so that when you display any UNICEF if ever since please please displayed in the right way so the same thing for the audit of course so the if you want to use this capital function has been on the the last back you can use for instance this 1 or the then that's a circuit was this 1 it what a space for the for the 6 0 whatever on it you may as well now 8 opened to circuits and do the same data with the mobile the select on the 2 1 which is the forward the 6 which is quite whether quite a lot of application of doing all use a single 1 the ones SSH my understanding is doing this organizers and who did not a what if I want to connect of up to the fall it's OK if you are the the folk election coming from the outside we arrive and we map into this kind of very specific basics interest where in the last part is the forward rates I like to do this effectively for you can include them into another physical space it was impossible because it was invited on this the now is to programming per by Donald whatever you don't care who's usually open a connection for the investment and is not to the libraries the major work over the all the 6 this where basically at the eyeball can work but we
have seen that it the able depend somehow upon the underlying operating system as well these are a
c 64 24 and see the table on the right this looks pretty good the and I always need myself to read the draft the I received understand what it means but it basically means OK if I have a look back and rest I use at the higher precedence the better Our nobody thing but
is basically what landmarks and other putting system as by default the you can change it local so if your application is doing the right thing and system call and never recorded it in the process by December the but OK by
using all times afternoon or not is there any a P 6 on all sides 1st I would encourage you to use this activity for which is used for a control when the obligation for depending upon the browser and is misplaced here at
this page is only been receiver luckily for the indirect of course right if his in 6 this enjoying right as you and so you can really see what's happening I would encourage you to say this is see more and more I mean order you tool do the gene and the yellow the Wikipedia and so on and visible out over the 6 0 0 years huge amount of site of every 6 OK all can we measure and is basically what I'm spending my time here but 1 way to measuring its is still a Joseph subscribers
all can be measured all users we rely simply on big big website and the because while doing it correctly is and basically what they do they insert a 1 by 1 it says you know also out of the frame from and negative positioning so we don't see it if it's very so whatever and that it you basically yeah are fishing 3 of them 1 which is enacted phony server 1 which is not the 6 on the server and 1 should address that right and U S is at a random number BI the if you was especially fond of the 6 is the last act if effectually that for the singers that before if you stretch or into the 6 images in the physical network very simple then statistic on this as a comic on under McMeekin is but there no that is at the what I said on them 1 by 1 pixel so what is a gift those are the 2 big numbers a from Google and they are quite nice there are also in some form of very much open data announcing sharing data is a very very important here so ingrained is is basically the numbers of browsers having at these and is drawing that guarantee slightly below 3 % is doubling every 9 months cannot fit with resist I'm from Belgium right and usually are my country is assumed to be the it 318 IT
competent alliance Germany or whatever and again it tends to be the numbers and we are simply doing some number crunching there and if you look at all the purple 1 this is a measure where we have just slightly 9 % of the users Switzerland on the top is around 10 that variation simply due to the vacation or whatever so if you do on application of his visits it's not for the butane does because was at the and you can also monitor the web content thank you all the way to do it content you simply don't know again and open Data sources of the 1 million most visited websites and in through a purse to define who try to reach all of them and originally 6 letter and it gives you something like a little scarce where you see going up and up this 1 is there it was June 2 years ago the word the 6 lunch where the big website or jump to data anybody's did indeed there to do it that this alone so they do it for 1 day In June 2011 but is it wise to be here the and individual 24 hours yes depressed he support this on a map and you can see on the website of and 6 that the state of the achievable rate and it's somebody and the best 1 that drain and this good OK so again the big website are important here meet the eyes meter and support the 6 for many many many years OK and better and and that I'm not friends so you can guess the MIT divided up the and with friends so I wrote a BitTorrent client using deterrent library and basically
pretend to be a bit Pierre and trying to the as much fun as possible I was not node and then when it was getting the right if by each is is a police in the room right and the other thing that I'll and then I can measure them the and again you see a
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