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MyKolab.com: Free Software to the Rescue

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MyKolab.com: Free Software to the Rescue
Business collaboration platform turned privacy asylum
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MyKolab.com was originally announced for FOSDEM 2013 and saw great response from many people in the community. Planned as an enterprise platform for SMEs as well as collaboration platform for people who prefer to be customers, not products, its focus saw a dramatic shift when Edward Snowden released the PRISM revelations. Georg Greve will share the story on what's behind MyKolab, how it is part of the Free Software ecosystem by design, and how the team experienced the months of ever-new revelations that brought lawyers, journalists and many others into the platform
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this is the result of like that thank you and so and talk to my knowledge has very few of few words to thinking about call up the technology itself which might call up the services based upon the so called
is on a group or solution which means you e-mail account during address book task and files of MIT has a server-side that does the whole you know a web interface in fact we are on supporting the around you community rather actively on so the interface that for collaborators they're on the web memory loss of modules for the other functions we have active so in support count the court and went so you can synchronize all sorts of devices to it in fact all of this was reflected over the past years we were very happy last year and forced them to essentially show off a clean stack of was the middle of last year we finished the final module and of them so this is now the very 1st time that we have a full factors that on the server side color itself is a bit older in fact but now it goes back to 2002 ish on when the German Office for Information Security which is part of the German government required a group or solution that they could trust and that they could use for their own in-house purposes and to them that meant it had to be 100 % softer and it should be as open standards based as humanly possible and and the result of that development project that came out of this what's called which then turned into the local of solution and has been evolving from their systems which is where I am the CEO was founded in 2010 in Switzerland and we are now the primary developer in an open community process of the caller technology and it is important to us and hopefully also to you call that is 100 % for softer there is no proprietary component anywhere you also not in the Enterprise version that's also known relicensing none of that stuff going on but not and that's important to all of us it's cross-talk parts so developed as a collaboration technology with strong server-side also a desktop client and runs in Windows and Linux and with a clear focus based on Security normally traditionally people would install this at home or in the company and it would be run on premise on as you which I call that that is the traditional way of doing this but as we developed call out we again and again got people came to us said I really want to use call out but I'm not technical enough to set it up what I want to run my own mail-server can you save me the hassle of doing so so at some point there was a certain threshold internally pasta we figured alright if we hear that so often made the people actually would be willing to use this and so forth follows them
last year in fact we launched Michael out on as the better and so on and was just in time for the last foster more said look I switch a service over here you get us register it's for now it's going to be a non-PD service so for free as in beer on we will want to move this to actual paid service at some point in time because we thought that there should be a demand out there for people who prefer not to be the product and will prefer to pay for that kind of service in actual money and make it a clean transaction where they know exactly at both ends of the transaction because we do not know what in particular the economics of the site when you're data mind how that works you don't know the price you're paying really and were convinced some people should be interested in actually not being data mining and would be willing to pay for that service so we said let's give it a try we launched micro out and solve a good number of sign-ups of course as with any reflected new technology I mean you know you know how it is so people find issues of the property sector resulting of many of those issues as we possibly could making in that case actually good use of the diversity of devices Hawking up to the service and all of that went back into call out the technology base is important to understand that Michael out was the very 1st major deployment of that new stack of is 1 by ourselves which means we actually get to diagnose or the issues immediately which is very nice on and everything is developed always in and for the upstream we're very very strong upstream policy everything we do for Michael out ends up in the upstream and in the gate post which everyone can consume so if you want to run their own instance of this go ahead you know we are best on you can do this without so without us it is your choice of we give you the entire set you can do it so that kind of good that started working on well we saw very encouraging 1st feedback you know people still seem to like it so that should we set our I actually our feeling is there should be an actual market this so I'm nice go away with the so you know we set it up
on of course we set it up I'm as best we could mean this is our L of test results policy so we we really try to do this well however if we wanted to move this to a paid service which we thought we should do we figured out that ultimately well doing it the way we run about was not sustainable because there was a single machine right it in a dataset security and all that fine but 1 machine which means you know you're 1 affect away from the total service outage which isn't necessarily what you want especially when people pay for it they have a right to demand higher availability therefore we feared alright we need to make this more sustainable also that rating means is very very little if you do not control the entire chain arm I mean an attacker will not protect you strongest spot they will attack your weakest spot typically they rarely ever do you the favor of attacking where you have built the gigantic fortress they try to find the back door of and that means for any such service of course that 1st of all the data finish should be secured using secondly if you don't have physical control over the actual hardware that of running the service you will not even know what is going on so if you just rent out some means a server somewhere data center we have no knowledge of who has access physical access to new machine you don't really know whether they're waiting means nothing because they already have a certificate and a sitting in the middle of it so is there a we need to do this with hardware and somewhere in the more murky regions of our company group and we actually
found all a set of unused hardware of that was old boat redundant enough and so I mean meaning we could lose a couple of those and still have enough power to actually run this for the number of users we saw at the time and we figure far-right let's give this a try so we know not having about themselves for that day we loaded into the car bomb and no is not meant to actually sit that all of the this the suffers from really really happy to we have some fun know carrying out of 1 data center carried into the other data center setting it all of you know making it all nicely of public ties in that you know remote-controlled you was sitting here in the middle is the uh the head behind a lot of that exactly that guy will also assist market architect by the way so if you have actual deep technical questions that man I so he set this up so that ultimately the physical servers will behave much in the way that you would expect virtual service to of to behave in the sense that they came out you know they got the IP address they pull down the images they get if provisioning they got the function that they should have all nicely automated spinning up and down as required of that was all sweetened and he was set up of solidly on a enterprise not stack at the time of 0 I think you centers for that 1 and so you know started to to to move this into production and actually literally we're carrying this back into the other data center where it was running for a while but when Mr. slowly released his revelation that was literally the same day arm so effect effectively realized scope army not gonna be able to use that out of very long arm to begin with but but secondly of course we suddenly saw a dramatic spike in interest so the proposition which we thought would actually be interesting to people namely run a service where you're not the products and and gets some you know someone to not data mind you and actually give you the best privacy that can give you on suddenly became a whole lot more appealing to quite a few people and so I mean 1 thing
that told it took us by surprise was for when PGA on decided to shut down Groklaw action on pj for quite some years that I've written for broke along the past and of the day and I have been in contact for a long while and that some point we just saw this massive spike in traffic on on the on the web server we're trying to figure out what's going on and before we knew which and that machine which was funny thing Drupal instance on the fact he just went or memory and of killed itself at which point of time on Twitter is all the conspiracy theories about the NSA haven't gotten to us now on the key days with us because of ultimately you know obviously now we are the prime target on it wasn't quite so dramatic it was actually just web server that we couldn't scale fast enough since frankly on that spike lee prices now what we saw
actually on this is the actual like of I next storage space but can you spot where that happens roughly I did it that the effect we saw was dramatic I mean seriously dramatic our moon so and it's been going out of quite and strongly you see the p their little hits where we throughout the better you those who did not converge to actual for users but some of them it's been growing dramatically ever since and strangely enough for us what we have seen is that people who previously did not understand the benefit of free software started getting it all because they understood suddenly that there is something about controlling technology people would never cared about this so the started using the service was also means by the way that we now got a whole lot of other issues to deal with from users because those were usability issues where you know someone expect things to work in a certain way and just tried it out and somehow it didn't magically behave exactly that way so for us it was a great lesson usability to be honest on that make us experience on things in a completely new and some previously unimaginable where the it
the however all of that still wrapped into from the initial concept with which we started that everything goes back to the upstream nothing stays with us the and that's pretty much the end of it so if you want see more about call out please come
with us building level right near the entrance that my content because in his way touch you for 4 questions of technical nature of we have there aren't you guys here as well and that's it thank you you the few is you have some question you do your best you just saloon do this is