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Mozilla Persona: an easy way to sign into websites
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What is Persona? How does it work? What are benefits of Persona? Let's see it through a demo!
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it has will but of the graph 1 on Our 1st of all the kind of Austin's meaning of the term here and yeah I don't think very highly my cities and this person a coming at here actually inaudible words on the would of and has some hands OK so yeah I was amazed identity of its like system that it's a similar to of thing is I know where I let's see how it is different and let you evolved for this and our whole weekend on which product plates looking and its seats the the so hold on was a lot of little knowledge is useful for users how we how we how it is like being there in this little Laplace and how of the board because of books on this so was a that was enough and say I made a weight of signing a log in our system mixing in final so what this basically of hence users to log in but a seat on the manner and it doesn't ask the bosses so it's something of which is a different thing so having no diagnosing insane and we need to for IDB none of those bodies making under do not that indicated his and that it passes through 0 shape you're up by this information lake of maybe your of phone numbers of linking it's considered an example in the the blogging but to feel glad with but we the it asks are usually of information back to the information of lean and l for a number of other so they're only getting the enough of means and that began Boston allotted under mission and it also has many privacy issues so late so I just show you liquids at the Institute of saying the so so this cell in the events say the task I belong in the lunar facebook earlier so in your city that these can of it is becoming because of the meaning used in our fight or prolog may again so and this is the main person lesson main concern of Australia and uh direct agreements information is being shared and was sold it invents of have link log of so that we're going to find is the use of the Laplace enough of each actually consumables saying the easy this create an account and next aghast your own tasks you do and the immunity so that was an army of EECS the Medicis and a unique values and then proceeds the logging the so are you can I so this is a feature of our view of man each of the ladies in no of roses so and now i just uploaded Rosalie almost anywhere survival supported and the may not and you know as you know where you are direct of 5 books of within that time was in a fight with introduce the of vital so it's an that a supports dispose on single sign so right we have to focus spatially on that developers and is easy for them to implement the displaying of the same system so as they easy-to-implement make about force steps you just include them out of the task of finer back and then I would love buttons and then they finally ends that's it that's all I see different data upon because of it does actually I ask you a the log in our if they agree that only beginning values of amenities it doesn't reminding and information so we know you just give you a million and 19 I packed evaluates of if it if you uniquely mediates and they got the book so it and don't ask you for the fullest and blogging built Yahoo and then it actually politics that the Mary's existing and it is of the fact that not and then by guns back to your site and and and as the state of the art in bone can it's not the you force and and by this information In blended sites and valuable you going to push syllabuses and all you don't need any non . by these so the idea of this and then it initiates the decision from the minute you with you it's a it's a high we're going to stay in the state and keeping of in memory that allow you to give the state of the log possibly significant and sometimes they ask the user names under their asked that I use unity so it's it's late of complicated so the sort of this was hour but in any news that initiation and so I it's open and the I I use this was in 1998 later it takes you will need you may not have been is a of bad submission a battery of the nutritional and this system we use this you will need to take it off the again I'm giving you a source for us ing science system on you take so you can speak of from the bit just a bit for this leg of the freedom of a give here for another pussies making you then a each as you all units as you work and in done lights that dance figure and eliminate 48 languages and Soviet of the activity by use and was enough the Bulletin of the London so we only get nose lake was inadvertent is that he of provide further out a museum we sector you want 1 thing so in that we use the same a on part of personal and the Firefox Marketplace and in public similar and even in open backs and that's so in the morning they were discussing it would not admit that so that so there'd logging in you can just plug in there was enough of eating ask you that contain this children food the democracy and that the states of which I use this bulletin as an organ system is a most of which is of even of management system and this thing like this other people may knowing of this site on the other cities it that they won't be value payment of fees and and this that and finally the last few sites of the check actually have implemented this persona and because labor is that so and now I even if you know it's not like i if you're let's say the latest in a large sum of histamine can values up was and if it is they amended and use the than
of this and it does make a lot of families and things I should be and our limited of disposal not use of basically looking 1 of builds that AD Brooklyn so I'll only meat unit called direct related articles Armenia disparate has the actors so users are linked by the same identity providers by use of set quite big common who used a lot in the and I really like this of the Our Lady it's of a as exemplars that make the other make their of dark blue ones he is a ruling by P I made into deeper already something like of the 2 users and arguably if you don't use yahoo of the site funding and dig out on the logging so that would make any difference so they call that call the largest I just about getting early 3 steps think that the cell of the new new LP consignee but the each e-mail and as input and our brother response lake and a state of personal over the full state and then it basically that been exposed it's up by reading the of PC and seniors useful begin to identity authority and then the assigned of the public key and then married and they all have the issue it and indeed the lake also give certificate and then of rights the sense that certificate again back to all users and after it issued by the user I I have to prove that ownership so I mean all of a user's browser and writes something of a solution in which targets the molarity and he and other leaders of present and act as if it is sending sampling by p with that user certificates and then it's evaluated our so I thought this is something all you take the are user and the date you log in and for mining the preferred for is a gladiator and then you can just log into the site I just show a game that so late in the morning they're saying that the model is not and those that make us and then we have used a lot in both and so I see I you have already used mainly and learning someone who upcoming trade no other logging into the site then we can it so it's it's not asking you need by surrounding and this the I'm not being so this lake these e ch someone wants to play the this yeah I know no yeah I don't thank and you and as the the link if it beats Firefox rather than the often quite focusing of if suppose you have a lot of you have probably noticed of faithful to so I knew have the scene of scene of the added for and then only speak and you know so I think it's clear so he this we have the seen no so this is not error thinning of all the and the picking go and use mentally area than this I I just think of this as it's yeah it so it's something to think of it died gene is because I have indicated they doing I wanted maybe someone wants to convey a on the universe of myself I know it's at the Apple Jeannie all hot means it's looking for you know this is where those are called a in a previous the different from the you lose there's 11 of the made the character is go after them but also because of and is and the main thank you it is in this was taken when you look suspicious and you in it's still that that the thank you can have it the knowledge in front of the year after that the
on the you for the 1st time I was in the blue is that in a the and think of the various we you know in the the Italy and with the some in the a lot of the people of start here it is 1 of them let alone in the states his it but came to the of and you know what I if you the so that would be the yeah as that this new way of the future of the iron that you should have that right from the of you the might have we had at the the it was so on but side yeah so I think it will show you I just I played a lot in I of his everyone learning this so that when you light and I you know yet and this idea that all of the of the of the of of of the of the the late I don't understand the look at that means the ceiling of the work of of come and this in you a OK I think they can answer this question you can go to log so number of Oregon you can their caloric clear although persona loadings so that it will not let you in any more so you might think that are not yet there's still thinking about that when you run your personal identity provider then you used data down your identity provider to do something like this and that would probably work so for example I have my own ideas he and I want to revoke any certificates are out there for me I can take down and my feet to prevent people from learning with those certificates signed by earlier right so you can use it to and the thing of it you see don't get this this and the and so on and so on and so on you this there are nested question of questions for you the question was that you said that happens inside and provides a bound to the domain for the e-mail address and we just showed log in with you know the question is if 1st if Google supports persona and answers it does not directly but the personality has built a couple of bridges that allow using to of uh API to uh acts as an identity provider so you're really love into Gmail of lobbying on other or and it uses Gmail the eyes to reuse uh their credentials and that works for you know who and whom you today yes does this work with Internet Explorer and if you know in you want to know what I think is that it the so yes it does work and it's because it's all just a thank you thank thank you yes immediately knows only because he has done a lot of good kilometres to come here so really you need sales and I was the
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a great great member of the Mozilla community William but he is most known as fuzzy folks are and so physics works have demands information on the web maker on the part of his job is doing was designing for participation and web literacy so it's been it's argue about that have is also some community volunteer from the United Kingdom and hence unites tonight you may find William Carol key because it's another of his specialty is and believe me he has just a fantastic voice simply is welcome William and chaser and will need 0 no 1 can now so that I am well that's closer mentioned and up by work foundation mostly run with literacy and what makes this stuff and so this is me a my IRC handlers for the fox but that's the weirdest-looking folks I've ever seen in the world so not sure where that comes from but anyway let's go through this nice and quiet and because there's a whole bunch of interactive things so you want study we whatever you want at the computer screens the whole time I'm going to force you to engage with other people the false you here to have actually go and make a connection with someone would you like it or not so just a heads up those of your goat laptops out in about 2 and 3 minutes you're gonna want to have those things off the desks but their safety so as I mentioned I work for these guys you probably know them because of this thing but I work on
this thing so model is built from 4 activity which are when the life finishes moving build empower teaching shape no find those perspectivity was this got to do participation well muscle exists because of participation and through all of the papers that I've been reading over the past few months before doing this talk you can start to spot these things occurring everywhere and these don't just occur with the muzzle of these kinds of activities also appeared within Ubuntu community within minutes within was every open source community in the world so why are they so important um and what is this participation and I keep mentioning because participation is a word that some people don't rosters way you may think you are all participating with people you may think you are making it easy for people to participate but you know might not this so Henry Jenkins who was a professor at UC at USC said this in the middle 1 of papers and just kind of stood out to me but still that that that language from participatory culture shifts the focus of literacy from 1 individual 1 of individual expression to community involvement so participatory culture is embedded in the roots of open-source culture you can't have 1 without the other so let's let's do a quick demonstration of an open-source culture works because halls we try and make it easy for other people so we produce things and do their own thing with the same so that's the physical demonstration effect on you have to let them might goes on the shouts at you so my apologies for shouting at you I don't want to be mean but technology but in the instead of oil into the world and plan for the day is all the on the 1 1 of the reasons the and that is the we're just on the lack of this class we start on that it's about the work that we do this with 1 the you know I so that's an example of not defining the participation while designing for participation I got you ought to get involved with you all got it long now why well I didn't have you exactly what I was doing I showed you but he was looking for it because of explicitly saying hey this step that are not gonna tell you about but you have to do it the so I'm not gonna tell you that step my knowledge you try and work out if you want to know the answer laser environment but what we're gonna do this time is due another example but this time it's designing for participation that goes well and acts exactly as opposed to who set of thumb wars a couple people you know when you get bombs and you Weibull like this we have 2 people you have 1 person and another person and you try and keep their thumb down for 5 seconds and the person who studies on top wins now there's that there's that there's mass engaged version of this cold you well massive multiplayer from more and this this will invoke a number of emotions or the same time confusion excitement anger and hopefully not violence um book what we user-defined have a go at this so I'd like to just a couple of people who were kind of at the edges down him to pick on you guys to do at the edge and your clothes if you can come up and we're gonna try to create back so you guys can see how the hands fit together and then what I want you to do is only to reach out to as many different people that you could physically meet in the gap the stretcher things we're gonna have a joint game and the winners Adobe the people that when the farm or with both hands so so I retention we have 2 hands so we can play 2 at the time uh the other thing is it'll have to speed you know of all they could be a unit was maybe because you like as we know these things will networks like you have clusters in Roman well we've got a couple of groups is as good a big 1 here no doubt this we gonna be a big 1 up toward the back there there's gonna be a couple of kind of people stuck in a little the but let's just find it is handed down so In the part you can see all forehands lowballing around each other so stick your fingers out straight always with the same hands so everyone 1 I had it and then close them up OK and then you get from formal so the value of historically only starts when someone counts that counts in a very and that this does not have needed at them and talk to a lot of a was so the the 3 2 1 the we and that's and this can go on for a while so the boss among break something up here laptops put them somewhere safe don't just leave them on the table to get knocked off but know want you to times was many people as you can and you have 2 hands stretched out and have a go at this time I have told you every possible step círculos is just because you back the I wanna see a connection from this group at the from all the way to the back you won't get away with it because you all the way back the let's start here it has had the countdown home by the modes of up to 10 hands together to have applied but possible and the you and if there is an animal that doesn't connect to anything just like you have found furiously but you won't when with it and so OK everyone that I I'm going to give you a minute OK you have 1 minute to be everyone else in your policy wall and remember you've got to have such land focus on both at the same time it might help of them accountability 1 from all as soon as you want behind you will show that in the I'm not spend time doesn't count still on the people in that you want to hand in the when we rely on stick your life and the you women have at times to get left out near the will bones and do the the dual all i and j that but you run with your right hand put your hand in the air if you your left hand stick your left hand in the air the if you wanna don't do the 0 job good OK so here we've actually once a couple of things at the same time I have explained it to you guys
explicitly which is long but I'm going to do that now when all from kind of the takings seeing techie world here where the weird code is all we just white about the stuff will be just like to make people look stupid like idea what we've actually engaged in here is not only connecting with people one-to-one and starting to get a little bit and of an idea about who they are are the Concordat tell if someone's going to cheat the not the sort of person you want so that play the game with you again but we've also started song about networks so we can use physical activities to explain digital things so a network is as we know they know what to to do with another node and another node connected somehow and we did that using up the bodies norms as that's just 1 piece of digital literacy and digital literacy there's a lot of them is not 1 single digital literacy there's a whole bunch from hardware to electron acts to coding to binary data you name it exists web literacy is just 1 of these digital literacies and that's the other thing I work on that the other thing in the title of his talk so what is Web let's see how do we do some kind of demonstration of that because the web is code it runs in the browser well I'm going to try but I'm gonna try and at the same time slot to demonstrate a point that we make a bit so there is this group called hyper island and they do these and they have this entire bible told the energizer Bible and energizes the better job and so that explain that draw them because it could mean a number of things it doesn't mean batteries all the energizer bunny like they're not connected to this but and energizes an energy booster effect so it's sitting in here all day where that reasonably low energy from Wall doing the but would you off they use up energy and they also raise your energy levels because you have to start using some you because I might need law firms system so you can read a lot about to you at the slides will be online nicer so you can look them up later if you want but we can apply the Shouting game so this has been very quiet we made a bit noise now let's make a lot of noise and my watch out the microphone upon us but the way we're gonna play this is the shouting again is very simple in principle the everyone stall shelter you've welders they can for 2 minutes that's it that's the whole game but I'm gonna I'm gonna have so something that we used to have to have something that you've heard in several of the presentations before me and you may hear in some presentations often is this would remix remixes embedded within this but tossed that that that that that that that I to my own language that mimics is embedded within participatory culture right is taking on an idea making a change and learning with it so the change line making is I don't want to shell random things to that's what again requested anything just noise all I want you to spot listing of many Web related things as you can as loud as you can for 2 minutes so I had Chanel CSS job script spot listing properties if you run out of ideas thought listing like things like closures this particular program is related to the web shouts at the so the this this has got a big voice new things that and I be hard this noise this guy of Stanford away from him and so on the of the I wanted to with a loud as you can I want them to him as into Haiti building I wanted to shout as many different things about CSS as you can under shortness down to a minute again so it might help you to stand up it might not only that to you but there is a little known fact but it's scientifically proven when stand up you get a bit more space be a diaphragm you can make a loud noise and now this is the final so on the counts of various dollars do as many things as you can as loud as you can 13 2 1 you can also get on and on the this only adopted the the the all it and this is that you will do so also this have to do with the way out of but what about those emotions and I think we definitely televised anyone wanting to come into this room so well done um we might have to go and say so have user can win opener kill you when you come in and the other sausages guy might spur with whatever so I have this tight web literacy well you all said a lot of different things and little to do with the web and web literacy is the understanding of things on the web all being how the web works and so on and so forth but trying to pick out the individual words of saying the same time as each other while shouting at what i to get a 1 point across is incredibly hard I only had sausages GCI waits till the end what you had the answers because the waited to we end at what else would show up but that's not how the world works with this continual content continual voice is going out and trying to get and that's good that's what it should be but then needs to be awake the people that don't understand these things to map this out to try and work out what's cut a key to knowing how works and then from there they can we wanna start shouting themselves we can start to make a louder noise we can start have a bigger impact so this is the web literacy map along go into detail it's something that was created by Mozilla to try and map how what you need to not be where the ship you got columns which are strands and they relate to 3 things exploring building and connecting within those you've got things like navigation search privacy at but if you can see on display like all our so go look this up but this is a good way to map things out that look like this if we had all of you but the thing you said in a big list we'd end up with something like that this is just bugs or but chose this because a lot you a code what he was seeing a toll like this tunnel engage maybe not well but I'm trying the and this this is hot sperm for someone who brand new trying to get involved with something like this kind terrifying you've got these things here that means something amino addresses lots of room and look look what's going on here was a fall over there then a better ways to do it the do you have people like Oscars we love this stuff this is fine for us to someone trying to get into this area as in trying to become web literal what is digital Britain but that digitally literate or just get involved telephone your ahead in a 2nd don't so Josh Matthews created this wonderful tool which kind of digest down a bit well the buys a bit a lot it does in a good way it's really simple the call to action is muted clear like what's your favorite programming language we can lots that question new people maybe not as much but they had a little bit
code bit of coding experienced but probably have a bit of an opinion well they do look having opinions and then it says Tullamore boarding well I could tell me more because I know their jobs which are kind like it so I get to see you all look this this this thing I can get involved with and here I can go and explore that more I can say Madam like that what those that you don't have to know what the hell that's telephone look it's only for you it compatible this is a continent so this is a graph you'll see a lot when it comes to contribution the you've got this is is time contributed so all you guys a probably in this area so you know how to talk to these people these guys can look after themselves you don't have to try and gage to these people as with as much gusto you don't have to China don't things down which you don't have to do for anyone but I'll get on to that but these guys they know bugs over all the OGI hobby issues they'd like looking into because they understand how it works these guys in the little then you've got the people who are slightly less stressful and we we we can't good at dealing with those people with what kind of OK and 1 of the new cadre comes up you might have a a this question again well at least to answer questions with with OK many then there's this in following section on what with very bad helping these people everyone is very bad at this even if you try to do it in a very bad but this this car is not a problem this is what you should see the problem is if this is the the state this is a realistic carbon you only have a couple of people who led to the guys down and another then I have a stake in Hulu we're talking about but I don't know what you mean when you start talking about CPU that is to look at the end of the of the then in use in England book and so what you wanna do is try get a shallower cut a shallow occurred is very easy to achieve it doesn't mean bombing things down it means removing job right I had the energizer slide up and had a world of peace a job in that which you now know you now know what energizer means good 1 exploration I explain what that piece of job the this is simply a good way to go ahead we do a lot of things what are you interested in so you ask the question is find work help staff what how well you can best put them in terms of this is an area of the community you may be interested in getting involved in that starts to show that come about because you start to go on to their playing field they start you start to hear people from the bottom and that kind instrumental I was in the middle it's easier to move up to the end and the curve starts to show itself out automatically you don't have to do much work to make that happen 30 seconds is enough a how was it takes to buy and you think for this like a new question 30 seconds so so this is good this is also good this is good for people at the end this is good the people at the top and is we don't need to be afraid of the people at the end what we need to be is considered an understanding that they don't understand all the technical terms we use and we'll talk they might have a good glossed the basic web development for example like they have a okayed cost of making web pages looks kind of OK and it does something useful but when you start flowing towns and they've never had before that's not gonna help Mr. pushing back out to the event we you wanna do is when you for 1 of those terms and if you get look back then you need to start explaining things and and you don't have to dumb it down just stop going well this 1 word could be explained by 5 was without losing any meaning or context use the fight words so that's been African proverb that says if you want to go fast go along if you want to go Fokker together that doesn't mean that you'll put it has to go slow we've already sold for that with open source we have this thing school kits wonderful version control general allows people to take the bits that they want to work hard and do it quickly at the pace and send it back but the people that are doing as well as staff they can go with a slower pace without having any real impact on and then learning would understand so what someone who is the set a director partners a foundation but said this and it's qualified used in new Wiston presentations but it has a eliminating peace and that which is that the power of the web is the idea anyone can make so anyone anyone including the people at the bottom of the graph down there they can make and I think people when like we always be wet makers and that doesn't just mean we only to make things the Web it means we need to help other people make things to the Web as well and this applies to things like C compilers is placed whether think under sticking with late but literacy stuff because that's why not and hopefully you know a little bit more about that as well as a little bit more about how to design the participation so I have like 1 more slide for you this equation I did steal a slide but I I mentioned who it was at the bottom and as the link so you can go watch the entire talk from paid so really this is really worth watch especially if you like saying talk about it to me but there's nothing that a lot but it's it's pretty simple take a science which is U. codon whatever removed Buddha points job Incas talking about appointing slides on web pages and the short and concise holeable divide by relevance and that means only give the information is useful OK so the anything that is times about your passion and you'll say a number of in the middle of souls coming from doing this not how far away because your passion about your project representing like in your explanations and that will lead to better understanding and better understanding is better participation that means moving people from the bottom of the curve toward the top of car and shot we have so questions but God 5 minutes max yes someone get a microphone to him before he starts asking me things no 1 else can hear because that would be good because their their that participation as the hard work to face sometimes it is on a is the slide we just saw where did you divide by relevance I divide by velopments ie I divide by relevance because that's was in the middle slice i think a better thing to have I would be divided by me moments so get rid of the stuff that is relevant to the conversation so if your time talk about a closure for example in java script don't start going on and how you can use these things but for the really crazy stuff on the cutting edge but 48 explained what it actually does do the experiment firstly the relevant stuff 1st you can get on to the other stuff later any others no other family floating around in here for the listener to talks so you can come by means of the atom and microphone down here 1 is a gear on the the graph of the sentence you get a you
this the a on a long way amount so you've got the number of contributors here so this is like thousands and millions of people then you go the amount of time that contributing the people that contribution time will typically made that are carriers but will typically have a good understanding that because if you don't have an understanding of something used to be very determined person to keep trying to do that and of the general is people want have that patients anyone else no but I so that run through these as quickly as I can use this slide back for you 0 come on the screen that so you can get in touch with me the emergence of the bomb that I'm out here
move 2 minutes to sing as song as you want the no get the because again you think