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Video in TIB AV-Portal: MINIX 3 on ARM

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In the past one and a half years the MINIX team has been working on a port of MINIX 3 to the ARM platform. We now have a port of MINIX 3 to the popular BeagleBone Black. In this talk I will look back at MINIX 3 on ARM and explain how it became what it is. I will show a few nice features it has, including some stolen from NetBSD and some related to automatic recovery from otherwise fatal system errors. The goal of the talk is to shine an other light at embedded development and share our experience in this area
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n this of here n n here Oliver's this n here end of here said then however then we're this fear find of this of this here then nd so she had interest on
because I was busy with others the kernel 1 and I 2 related developments but like 1 of years ago I decided to try to so and so I'm this I'm giving this all right now because I applied for a job I got it and that is about to move from 1 they can also a bit about the history of of remix because I need to print be to context different questions just go ahead because of pretty and everybody talks and it just doesn't really ever work right which is your friend if there is a box remind me yes says Munich's on top of that some guy in
China decided that he had to make hardware called Munix and on the box this is not our stuff but would be nice to an it from his rights which you can use the speech to talk going
to and I'm the king try and download next real this answer your mind on something that um the either these uh units already existed for quite a while With the use Ross targets and what type quite debate about which stresses word the permissible to use that as I anytime balance and I want to create an operating system that can be used to teach so every should be able to to read it so he created a mean mean Unix in a 1987 with the book operating system designs and implementations implementation that went quite a quite well look after I use that group pressure created of really except is still laughing known I hope by most of you um what that does eighties can nineties 91 all 3 years later on in this analysis on the on the uh mixer newsgroup it is without the insistence nothing because serious like new so we know its momentum coming but if you use the crests and that's released and that's there so because of this issue which Russian it was only at it at that time that that that rescue which forces were permissible it needed to be replaced um so if you put it into context you reduce yet mutant units 3 4 years difference when we're talking about 25 30 years ago so this quite interesting start enables had they're on the same same time and we have always remains uh a tool for integration purposes but also with vision division was to be able to teach always just keep it simple and that's why so many people wanted to add fictionality to Dominic's but that didn't happen because it would not be suitable for the book anymore because you cannot be read the code because he will become a to have 2 complex right so back to the rest of the year 2000 the around 2005 uh the focus of my exchanged that there must be a good idea was to make in a way that the target was to make it usable resource-limited computers and so uh um focus only on the availability um at the same time as so the cause of really really really really is the license so we can set aside from 2005 something different happened 1st goes to a common existing people working on it but it was uh the purpose and changed and totally at that time we should start to be doing on uh reliable computer shall could be uh creates problems systems that was uh we cover from fatal fatal errors and I think of it like this if you have a branches in your web page doesn't loads you will not be restarted branching specified a few times it might work that you tube or whatever Mr. balance precious through that accession we just restart browser the same analogy of can apply to drivers if driver crashes white with a restart of the driver not be enough why do I have to pressure the future so that whatever the vision and I think um and then to have taken in European Research Council institute that's the most money to do research for the for goods and think and so uh and so on were found to have millions of of dollars in loans to do research on really reliable and secure systems offer and from there on the latter more development of them got to talk to you now is applies to to from from that time that there around the so flew back stand 2005 lot things changed to the and the grant from exchange and also the the licensing and that that make a difference when when I joined uh moves through the that's you and just released that's in 2012 had right 2012 at contained a few interesting features I right now gone was a different compiler which I think don't have any atom in its critical but uh most of also all the features that were implemented in the past you in the research not part of the of the operating system so mixed with could recover from a questionnaire status driver so many drivers In this system can be separated into driving to other states and those without those who don't don't have a state are quite easy to we got from you just freeze ice are drawing you'll you'll be able to to continue so that would be either because you'll is error the the so that it would be uh to restart because they contain states the show such that went in that area what can we do to recover those drivers uh and that's basically what happened is that she was states the the content of the and the data but in such a researcher drive and we get data a data vector back again another area of research is the life of dates where you have a driver you might know there's a fold in it they would like to restart if you would like to replace it with you were version of the same driver Daniel to they call that state information and said that that work catch space on the crown because you can not instrument your cold and know what variables are and and the things I find that that light and it is not part of a 3 2 0 the relative changes right integrated solar mass model as a small and so staff attended by which you know what Silverton but more and more progress it parents from that the the uh to switch to the far from it so I think about that as the light crude drawing was already uh Munich suppose and not like we know it renew it's this the yeah so what does it look like that currently um the but the rest of the kind of process once you process see and uh in a supervised mode and so what do we need them in a manner possible which is that I can see showing the process calling as low-level entraps context reaching dimension and the start of but that's that's it and that most of the other features are implemented as normal user processes j just about chief there we seen and so there are separate processes that even things like a little memory management is extracted from the kernel on the other some interesting challenges with that's what happens because management happens at the and drivers also just normal processes and then do I B C 2 to the kernel about that that's in that it be the let's see and all you posted PsTools you'll you'll find so I am from I use perspective you should not notice too much that's its meaning Nixon belong right so I hope that's clear um so I can start at the will detect 12 processes run Connecticut's it and 12 modules into need to some some the dying of all process before they can be and he called on the reliability regardless of their dimensions is of great co-development because uh you're just drivers is crazy to do that for their in vivo copy a file adjust started to try it when it remove it's a bit like a a models with a bit more flexible say hence very interesting feature is its that sustainable system itself contains so you do I get if you can't if you follow the the guides I just posted who would you just to repeat clan of of Continental you got this critical good to crash compatible or built all your host tools and and the and the in image that you can flesh so we we made some choices there um rights now to I might think we need at the end that which are and they're the 2nd counter the like we didn't make it until after the of but just didn't happen much valued at uh channel on online and chances are to be made for the for small or operating system also in the hardware could make good use of the features that make some has guided restartability and things and so in the end it's a it's an instant effort to make it more appealing to to people and yeah the target to choose from
for this was a big about exam which is separate from that of the cement uh that to use to like 5 6 years ago they invaded the 1st release of that worked contains a elementary and the system should it's a context 88 MB 7 the system with different of megabytes of RAM um it as an system to to target because uh and the the condition is good and uh there's a good community around its uh and the mesoderm for so there's accumulator to emulate stats target which is a very nice if you develop low-level code to be able to sh grabbing that stuff say open to to and from from everywhere from this perspective now that means
uh so have different colors according to the rules of things are things that need to be modified because the kernel as a single thing uh so on level trips of course the context which means that called of called loss was to be changed but the overall abandon the lips Lipsey and medicines were just but many fighters sulci cult and still uh so this version but let's resonant modified this just a modified blue it's so a better solution memory measure I will discuss later and just driver work which old or things G to do anyway uh but overall the the the changes were not that's not bad for that part of the system so what you do you you
assemble programming you during trip to hand motion and that stuff uh it's a very interesting but the reality is a bit different so I'm afraid uh yes to do a lot of things before you'll
you'll get to to the however cannot basis this been for it the uh of course cross-regulation which might sound like trivial but system that really it was designed to be able to build on the same system and run on the same system all of a sudden you can number you system had there's you can all the things that that that happened at that you just have to To cope with uh I stole from abusing system so story mostly stolen from under the how they do their stuff and it is here that also includes a the protein kaddish for different data and data types there a good idea mn discussed later and driver and development only from discussed already in Florida looks good already
discussed actually think yeah so uh was just saying if you look at this specific parts that communicate on specific parts of of the kernel is about 3 thousand lines of oxycodone like 7 online so fast and the cold so that's a bit an amount of coding that need to be at its and that that includes uh don't much specific things like dimension and things like that so that's quite quest what you think is like an animal driver for some some some some piece of hardware and no additional because of its history there many student did that use page stable several before before who 3 . 2 . 2 and 0 um if you scroll because segments into segments which before they're fully which I acted unicity work and sound the the big part of the work to get it working on Mars incoming stable subcommittee best that's regional and for for form that are so map regions with monetary map alpha sections to base tables so we can do that in most of the time I spend anyway was the betting caching issues on arms because is complicated and it's a really complicated about what you expect so I why came from I did kernel development and it and development that some areas you just you just don't touch you just it works already or call of vendor right and also the very interesting tool to work in that area but it was also by their pair reality like it's it's not it's not that he's um meets because it has all those different processes does a lot of context switching because if you call upon that much of this it's a system called the time or something it for other than is that in the example with analysis and graph that Israel cut the kernel and then we do a context switch to their whatever processes in charge of implementing that that simple and come switch back so assistance this is a simple system call can cost to convex which is to to happen bound on the makes it will only do 1 because it going go to supervisor mode and and go and go back so we need to do some more work on improving that's it spells challenging but on this side also there's so much work to be done on just getting the decision to build work properly and our approach to the result of defeating so we didn't get to learn to dance hits help is welcome by way of and the problem of exists it's interesting I would say that matches very well what you do when you go to bed programming you'll read out stuff you'll wait for interrupting you will continue the stuff you will not have to take into account during the couldn't at that you cannot halt system you're just doing 1 thing and give the rest of the system it doesn't it doesn't the practice and that matches pretty well with and without administrators do because they are just normal processes so they are allowed to sleep they're allowed to do most things that would you expect from and honesty and C program the so the Maryland and from my did it to make sure you understand hardware using whatever tools we had debugger call compose studio uh attitude toward the implementation on was was fairly straight straightforward such an interest uniform so that the driver model is is that is really that light is shed different 3 gasses on on your control on your gender neutral start 3 processes that adjustment drawn of those busses and that simplifies the call because you don't have to do back world at anywhere so that's and that's often involves so we a typical driver once it has been made to work that bounces really but do women mainly had their request fast growth from kernel and wait for trips really just in there somewhere deep in your your you probably will like wait for interrupt and what about happens it will continue floor you don't need to return a float to the main main process because nobody else is gonna call you in the same sentence of better estimates in had to be childish like after she wasn't onto a 2 2 meanings the and so on so we had to learn to add them and that's no questions
right um so about a year later there we finally got together working community that to trellis release it had like static notes on triplets meaning that the content in there but we don't officially released reading father just the right time that's a good uh support would the good example that shows that the driver framebuffer GPA know a few more of those things and well we offer to them be then discovered the with the to that to discover us because it's been really you know attic for quite a while and also you get something that's that's been working on you want to make something out of it the 1st idea of like let's just put it mimics into space so let's let's or something like that symbolic thing but not so in the world so don't do this just a world the bands and to do that we want to add to ambivalence have you being there in Germany 1 person to a few there right and the 1st the Trust from your reason is the license of any system so we not GPL so you can just take it and whatever you want with it strongly had those features of reliability and the best of both worlds apart from set discovered knows it's useful and and but Hugo ESA is not well effect so you can use these the self often from of the development the we bits of just talk to people like what's the of this month so non-commercial movie of our acid this and the world on and on
and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and and on on the all and so on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on the wall and the and the the the real and the on the on and on and on and on and on and so that was really fun to be had to be there was anything about
what people really interested in the meeting in Moscow and things like that that was why there assigned saying question driver of the
connect and people would be able to Quetta drivers they could be connected also the driver with Twitter start of the game are you actually running this doing the same thing so he won't let you can present or economic container across reach Runyon known no they just continue like that I might continue today molar later so what would you do we discover that you other than that we're
actually hide and what did they do not yes sorry and you measure the area around the world on the 1st of all the right so that so that they
modern the but that
was a good amount is a fat person eventually start counting I know that step it's is going to face of comfort and because the the this key therefore doesn't apply right now I'm just because the fruit users has that can interact with that processes and increased program counter which is by just using it is certainly effective enterprise and in memory um it's replaces some researchers with maps and actually electricity is really uh the defender the driver which is regarded as running uh that's displaying who gets in patients to learn to properly at crashes the landscape in after that Justice results itself immediately we started with that person there is the best thing to do sometimes you'll just take a while if it's a train that's is driving and some error correction I just want to stop at all could be but sometimes you want to to resort to just taking the generated quite achievements from so that kind of data that as your attention kind of this 1 critical thing that you move a lot less the word of it you need as in the this is through the as because we don't have them off to serve them other than just this digit their mothers and same thing that's going to sometimes people foster closer commercial emits naturally had a problem of the purchase the port itself it's not fostered false and that that's it could improve saying uh because if you compare the D C 6 minutes to uh to linear for something it is law but it's not and they're going and they're still work to do uh to to make it faster and it's mainly the contact reaching that needs to to be a right so let's try to result presentation the the end of the year
right so we went to bed world in an uh respect like the competition was a competition of minutes no until the image because the Celestina so far and that's not there like that so fundamental to discover that that that many people use often don't know I mean it's so your talking to talking to people well used to that and therefore there is no device doing I do the time and I don't have to search for restoration of the running of the story airfare for that um from 3 to 2 to very expensive uh many just remember Michael cooked some you will run of the mill billionaire to run multiple tracts of that signal processing but still remember proper detection of 4 fulfill the oracle or awareness in all directions of the space and then there's the intuition is that markets uh you know and and it's still not a good fit but it said think because the handouts that feature that you can certify how long it's gonna take to do something so it is hard to something which could also be which was not too hard to hard actually that's area people want the very simple microcontroller that was our compression without the maximum memory without those features because it's it's it's easy it's goes down this did you can prove it works and I you going full chain of the hydrogens that interest me if you go higher he said to going to uh use another Hardware FPGA soldiers in victimization right against it's possible to run out of food as the door to real-time parts uh on a different or a different part of 2 hardware so that's what 3 years we discovered gender so we don't have much clients after that and rules so it was quite a while some tool to be a into a clear about the limits of so laughter that's
um the last year or something that
was years ago um regardless of the strike in just under which of the features on the part of
of of that we working on right now we just trying to integrate as much corresponsal from that easy and get this base bought working uh we plan to add a bigger than black and white you no them when it doesn't quite a nice words especially given that 1 right is very nice open water and uh which uh decrease community investment and that means that the X summarizing amazing we have a chance to consent to get set up so people we can do that because review and we got there 1st external committed official where committed them and their patents granted it also will sometimes go to this uh all all wanted to go to the army so that's the confidence that the recovery targeting can images of like uh well good testers self-contained system you just planets you edited and what output introducing a binary to work on 2 different that's Seneca status of its um predictability which potentially defender for GPA also power managements diffeomorphisms um market it is it is it on the on the website that's there and remained focusing currently on the on the the global no black was a bigger about the you could create an however existing doing something useful we've got GPA always come and go as a screen you can already create small and the devices without too much hassle and it's a bit of a difference from the Rhenish because you would be tempted to write a driver quite a price when actually the because it's easy and I'm at work
on the uh continuing work to integrate the means someone that easy type alignment so we have all kinds of 16 bits by natural things if we remove the effect of 30 the weights for a 64 bits values and that causes quite some mathematics so that's the way the country and working on the company has memory map uh is implemented to remove it and augmented organization and and I would like to see on in terms of how the I would like to say that like a more detector system at hardware like support for the primaries the units because thing that makes it motion to move for our real-time products that would like us compared to something like an all winners CPU and because of the cheap and not well documented um and that could prove that could have found that the best way to save them the patterns rather a to an obvious from our future not years uh and so many people work from the men with from 2005 through has been part of the meeting in which changes so 1 half years ago most remanded to frame before driver haven't Tennessee the initial work for the Conference a telescope was blocked from of culture students feel free to ask questions kernels you don't like the
yes of course on the history can be defined by the i the the price of the good question is how do we cope with that the other driver because it does respect to the use of all what do you all think you were on the mean of the um essentially so a question is is this best uh contrition grown increase status yesterday also I think of reliability comes at the cost of producing on the statistics that use right now that there it's not a factor to that that that makes it to test our defending itself I think it is an unknown and you right now have done a year yes and yes you then to working hard on this 1 little on the meaning In the you have led to some and map and and the questions within groups and then at 1st that I don't I like to be in the part of the you have on you because I'm moving a bit smaller it's much weaker but you have less similar to tweak this powerless so I would expect you to be an entry in that so that the habitat area is really saturated with so with added on the left side you
have a library kind of open system for you just become a bit of code there and uh uh uh the commercial things that moves our
students to implement them and to produce a so with with PGA or that have of every time you need I think is a nice place to to to be you will
also be all on the you know that you what you have to deal with all all the following so you know
that you will be more of a year and it is a high and will list who uh but could uh then of like that Kansas unless we have time to do something in that area we will do it but currently uh work about is happening is on aligning was that there were that the to be able to integrate all the Boeing Karl Tona libraries all programs to be able to to get down from running because he feared FA-status shooting but no applications it's in massive good sales means higher love it if you have a local of I'll let you all of that do you know who that is all I you he said the suggestion was to make it faster it and the property that into account when making this is a whole lot of a lot of these and and if you look at this the use human the and the right so the question is that your microkernel-based operating system but as you go together with all the microkernel pays of a system and the get out of bed to go around to the other and that and uh the microkernel turn the moon that system so people are talking to better about that stuff uh um them we researcher that we're seeing have implemented to use the last 4 years the what was called the which come from the dozen University which is a list of Section 4 things doctorates Haley is um although that every driver needs a few driver written on that and so that's good how we've got our use these reports is true don't interfaces implemented and then even using uh of 4 years before support years and you don't have been upset stuck um the it's still another work uh um so accurately our orbit chances of a drive development are following ramp uh which is not the easiest way of running the kernels kernel drivers in user space and were investigating not and that's pH around know but if you look at the chart uh and uh it if we use coded with focusing on the bigger than that and we've got enough driver show for its to do something useful this because of working on 2 because we want to be able to make a small loss appliance or something or something like that so we don't could that film much lead to us but it's a way of of efforts to do that for everybody yes the moment of the that was the 1 thing that you can use the same the the the the at the the yes of course uh to Platonism um will mainly focus here at TI delicately and so and for different architecture uh that a problem because we're not there yet in terms of some makefiles or some rather sometimes rate solutions on the on the on and the to to cover that means following the this approach of doing the device tree following the device specific hardware and making your kernel God that and that is the modem for the that we have the kernel and the best of of knowledge requirement work that we currently have subtotal word where we're waiting for the next part from to make it more generic so that was repugnant any technical questions the thank you very much few subpart eat it so good but at it right ear
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