Media redirection for Spice remote computing solution

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Media redirection for Spice remote computing solution
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Project Melange: optimizing media stream processing for media players and VoIP clients in virtual desktop infrastructure In both cases media streams are not delivered to the user's device directly but transcoded at the virtualization server. This results in increased network load, server CPU load (less VM density), quality loss of media streams. A solution for this problem, Media Redirection for Red Hat Spice remote computing system is proposed. A separate project Melange has been created. Solution concept introduces following components: Media Engine and RPC-like service at user's device, Media Engine stubs and RPC-like client at Guest OS. To integrate the solution with Spice, new Spice APIs are proposed: API for establishing virtual channels and API for overlay rendering. Two prototypes of Media Redirection are under development in Melange project: a demo audio player from GStreamer and a demo softphone based on Google WebRTC internal audio engine. Audio player will utilize D-Bus for RPC, the softphone will use Apache Thrift. The event will be interesting for remote computing system developers and users (in particular, Red Hat Spice), RPC system developers and users, media engine developers, media player and IP telephony client developers Note: the authors are NOT working for Red Hat, this work is being done by volunteers in their spare time
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however what finally that of and there are going to talk about a major resurrection and then in town you project knowledge careful optimizing then assume processing for the initial list of
infrastructures so it is a kind of in the middle of well 1st different acknowledges as for the initialization of and and major processing and also promote can due to the different kinds so a few words about us so we have just started this project and it is
usually new and currently there is a team of 3 universe uh 1 of them with as mean as it was the work he will be
helping to make those so that the here is
here so and so the product is closer to the new company can seed and currently their work is sponsored by the person company had me so they probably you communicate about that company but if you are just few hours
so this is a special software and the services company quite a big as you can see and so this reliance services for wireless the company so results so if any questions again can ask me for the so and it will be talking about 2 media processing and mutual the
ones and count up to my them so 1st of all we want to show them that we want to wanted identify what had a cannon balls of use cases
for major persistence but 1st of all it is a great in plane of local media content and the 2nd kind of his cases and won't content like user plan and the dual from you to the next 1 is the telecommunications is a really important evidence and didn't firing different from the others so we will be focusing on the last of the first one is discovered by different acknowledges such a mention them later but we will be focusing on that they multimedia media playback and telecommunications yeah it and then and
want to give you a short overview of the a and we'll be talking about it classifies because it is the most prominent open source to remove this hurdle to stop display solution Jose uh the other should displays like NCI
and probably an excess many of the problem can be covered entirely spoken in most places to so it is skull questions there there working with this system is based on a hypervisor Linux KVM Mitchell machines surrounding and you don't friend splice this error is the running incentives within the red the spice components as shown by several right in the insight uh the contigs solution which is then exposed itself to despise clients in which can I get to the spice protocol so those also there is by the agent of the guests In the summer Mitchell drivers Walter like who excel falling casted media Clinton has 3 daughters so the that so let's look probably
bucko fairer multimedia happens in the media and in what problems we can see here so here solution machine and then simple and there's a player installed there is a major engine Cumberland uh
highlighted in red so when the user wants to play you to work with these initial machine it comments and with or without should appear the player opponents and the media is late locally but it Blair and uh political it into their uh the devicesand writers the candle than than handle it and get it to this by cortisone once onceagain is of this happens in the course animated entrusted to others question of the spice flattens out was gain and to court and played out so we see that is not the very efficient next 1 of his even once it is it has what the system when the media and so if we just install a
soft the mutual machine and have some when the system like C brought still whichever
and then we can see that the media is not to much on trial in peer-to-peer anymore it is turned into a major engine and their children the machine and then the gain his trust good and the same time by many media buffers there from the opposite direction from the microphone on this the client and then it is and when it is up by the dirt direction it is also optimal so we can he had had can full
problem here so this is sometimes called have been in effect so many instances that Python through that which isation not peer and also this the
streams are translated this server transcoder it can be allowed to just sit it increases the CPU will attend the little in degrees the medium density of this and the positions there about and there the main part is it seems up often through the tialization service so is that natural or and must uh worst-affected is increased pleasantest latency jitter and made debated loss of this nephrops unreliable so if for example they visualization server the client sends the fire and all their allocated in different and places from if you have hundreds of kilometres away of each other so this is this becomes very ineffective and for example what the solutions so support him would appear so how to do this uh situation is that section so that this is a well known
problem for this would be nice and there are custom solutions but most of them as I our all the are proprietary solutions and people
would want to name them here doesn't really matter so this is a generic scheme ofyour such solutions might have might be vendors so they mean introduces to soft forms 1 of the client-side another 1 of the guests so the guest 1 it is shown to the user and provides the user interface the client and the 1 is actually found in all the single and the media and they have a pigment in chain instead they active the bus bus subs softball Cycorp signed paralyzed and we some kind of CGI and beta to avoid interface and so all nets is there usually proprietary system and it is very custom within this 1 January and that's why we want to introduce something different that is the main media redirection concept so as
you can see here and this is then displayed for there might be a case but for now don't know media media player it is the thing so as you can see here we introduce they
Media Engine stops for the so form and this Townsend linear and that that a API but not the actual in but using it ever as some kind of RPC client which is then a sense this guttural rather control formation who that purposes service located at the client as the day-to-day sent mutual channel inside the spies for the call for this case for me if it is not by something else can be used so and the actual made media engine is like ligated at the client there's an company controlled by the RPC services and they media bosses you computing so this is the solution we the for this uh problems the and if you what's about to the your here so we do is the
company more complicated than all your because because we need to the displayed in the dual on double an double their mutual Torino the people in the spice
line from this case so for this is is some kind of fully renderer API in the client and is 1 kind of solution program that I different base and that the output of the local media into this uh and the this initial screen so this said yeah this game shows how can be done in general so class so what what
is done now is it as what that was only possible but not only and you wanted to show you that what we have done so far basically have to approve of concepts for for this first one called
prototype a it is there all your player and basically although player from December exam it's basically global from dissimilar if I hear from them is just a nodal plane from the knowledge that that there is high level playing man Labini API sounds come from that so uh this is uh how API like great they and and at that share some misses can therefore of all of the muscle that played them also set of properties so that will be like you're right this is that was implemented in that just in the stops the lame elaborate and brother that leverage which is then gonna watch this calls to the bus goals so in this oversight of that client side as earlier is in now the original set a Jia CD this is there as a simple virus sinful e-mail and left them on and that was it is old in Paris right what what and then dissolved into that got a doesn't supported the latest just similar it is only the whole book down just in so we need to go to port it when you want problem but for now the 2 works you this calendar like the ice in the and it is at the bottom we used to implement that give of so effectively what we have and you can that although Blair which can be viewed from the same source of can to tourism is a local just in the a library or real users just seen stops and walk in this environment as it is shown so d must is used here for RPC the it is a really come saying and then there there there are multiple concerns about bust but more multiple pro and contra it's so far now what it is not a product so will have so integrationist bicycle been implemented yet so there isn't simple to specific so and the guessed that we open up the collegiate great that session the bus bus the ITC being I'm not really unique it's and connect their local service it and for that we will show that as a demo and as a prototype to be it is a soft form it is not have full full-featured software
visit them demolished soft form the chip doesn't actually do any signal it is very simple actively RTP stream
in the cell phone health and is box here is that it not using just the middle it is based on Google democracy and ensure low-level and follow me a media in Jamaica the ice if you're familiar to them that they have there so far it would fall for implementing so far assumption and so and itself all is kind of similar to that uh Alpo declare it can and a loss does the same can be link it to locally and we is that yeah In in 1 is from the same source and can be duplicated linked to his local and global democracy and medians of all what can be linked to is this this stops we shall implemented in this case implemented them a pop up by Steve that their PC system it another way instead of the bus we can use a brief and it has some a good societies like being independent of all this is the bus in this scope per the escaping and now has so we can control this infrastructure book how use cases but it lacks features like don't have signals than the approaches services as being the sort of the doesn't have that kind of a boss of so how it is limited by that is a really good for that have proof of concept because it is capable of generating and all that do you go to court and uh we we just need to know how you would say uh file describing our services and began to their whole their perceived Steinbach and user just going and their calls so I'm going to have to show you how it works probably it can be a what's the wearing too soon but the got in front of helping in this so the you want to show you how this form works the here all need to
yes to show you the natural
machine going so is the local machine I
stopped there too serious but is that you so I started to the so basically what we cover at 1 PCB farewell and basically place all of the client and the cost because we can don't have much of creaking here and so it it there is we show Michelle Ryan and I'm going to start
and is on In other words I'm going to start there the Malta version of that so this affairs very simple test you right but what we can see here this capable of selecting the glide such glance ODD was don't have much from them they so it is capable of playing for example plane in this talk that this in a microphone example all the doesn't out yeah have a microphone muted because because for the next I would like part the nuclear tests works so so and it is actually working there and the other 3 stages the IPCC it is not that it isn't doesn't have any major locally so we can you start for example all right so it
instead the non monitoring even natural usage so you see that is can the euro basically so if the you know what I want to make a call so it should be but if you look at so that to make a call we need to ensure that the pointer is not seen in summaries of good so we have a local word natural killer into laptops the 1 this here so at if you want yeah drops and you can see that if there is no sorry all pH so the the minister counting is but that's just so do is needed but if you look here is the where a little traffic and network usage actually it is not too that 0 this evening it is which is something different here in here so it can get out of this tumors Jesus own 11 and it is about them and kilobytes per 2nd action so if we open the local as the client the we can actually see that network musicians here among 2 of the 12 bytes per 2nd so what is yeah that is call this war so basically the same thing that works for all the players don't think we need to show its uh all this school deliverable in the tablet was during going to account the I think or so L. continues the end of and here so how about our unknown next steps so catalytic effort to deal amount and a monolayer vacations many 1 to integrate them despised it is the next major step and also her the next step would be a integration is some real world although Blair this team embraced and then some
and loss of form of for example of Boolean little goal is set up by the uh framework and so far is based on it it is always in D-Bus doing so probably would not need to do all this stuff is only a result information stops also there is the possibility to explore or the liberty it In the browsers so that it is high really kind of dark matter here I and also of course we need to welcome the major part discarded because we use the dual really and is there for that and also category of Austin Linux the lyrics communications and this case by is feasible those dead enjoyed for clients and those for class and the US and OK so there but I can know from questions architecture questions I would like to rise because we can decided it on a mutant so any input to would be welcome and any guidance about this so the government to decide about on their apices system so would would do we need to use the bus in this case or doing it 3 feet and all that maybe we can go always balls but it is expensive we are small and the work as launches now just slightly sponsored so uh another qu estion is that 1 by parents to support the stuff is just but there are others like you you see a world leading inter look into it so that don't have any anything is it not sure whether to moments into this so for this unit that should make submits file don't because in the palatal IPA their actual implementation of the pipeline since on campus of the set and the class side and it controlling good that uh just Mario D-Bus works fine not generate mice traffic another topic to discuss it is biased API for the additional mutual channels to basically spice allow there 1 new General Smuts middle identify what was doing it and what interfaces and just a prison system is missing between this side lamp library but a glass side it is not clear yet and also termed a living in idea it is another opened up the has a very huge topic it is that of full-color of sensor so can of the disconnect and crashes it is there we used to be a kind of somehow apparently leave the goal is the bus that we can have a system establishes against which will take over the real uh Glassite service in case of a disconnect and then applications may need application will use its stab said an appropriate is the weight of all this if the goal is that give us and also a couple of other at questions like Koresh recovery of immediate engine where precious it probably need to keep it in separate processes but then how we can engineer and then I is the rendering of the video that that mean life another process and it is also a good question so I want to conclude I what they come down so far so there is a problem 4 in their EDI is the main media processing and out wires solutions but they are not I doubt and what the no once we have introduced the concept of a cult to redirect media uh in using that an open source components or domain below and to further that's we have if so only 1 but the other 1 is also what can I can show it you your interested and so that's sold questions and then if any questions you can talk outside of by the end of the