Measuring energy consumption in embedded systems

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Measuring energy consumption in embedded systems
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In this talk, I will introduce the need for energy measurements for embedded devices and show how they may be performed accurately and for very low cost using a combination of off-the shelf parts and a wide range of target embedded systems. I will cover the basic physics of energy measurement and go on to display designs for energy measurement kits, including the power sensing boards recently developed as part of the MAGEEC research project.
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the metric the ones mentioned about the landing site in these mice and you know you have the right to you and you they you savings I love I have been used
for years and then you know that it's very useful to the user the user and the with their own community and the use of the 1st half of the good in will the problem in computer science which is now in use in many applications the is going to be used for you have been stationed was so much on any level but we both know that this is different from that in the sense that they is had to buy them to do in the name of the student with the press and so sometimes you want to and if this is the sample mean so that when actually it wasn't of thank you and you can live on the rest of the gradient then the however is to think of the information the value of the then you will return to you and that is easy to measure what that's we so that's what we do a few the use 1 of the things that you want to do so we have to go to the middle of a very large in the
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of the processes on the other side and on the the pieces so you might in
the same year as the mean in and the idea of what the resolution FIL responsible to the and they have that now the thing about the policy in the view about the quality of the the of the of the that is the key to the other side of the that the ADC will most of the growth and so on and so what the the people you have to do is use it that's that's all you get out of it in in a way that each of the of the of the get things that you don't want to admit it so the sum of the you know the the the the concept of the and all other of each of the time
that it was the 1st of all season in the hands of the house on me the following 3
of you you now we need to be simple to bring them in line with in this in the philosophical obtained by using this analysis we prove that I read in the room and the way use there will be as the concentration of all of the brain to have 0 labels the labeling that will get you can work on any reading right so that's the so that the them because of the use of was is wrong with this not is you
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so that is how you will about the right of well that's so the years unions of the university
that you use 1 of the lot of the very available jealous you will accept this provisions on the 1st of the year the UK which gives you a
new set you have be on the that would be the next thing years I was in the form of those areas you know you want it to the middle of the field this is what we densities with a lot of the meaning of the name of it that can we think valuable tool this is that small was the sum of the that is on your not that was a form of what would you you use that was made you want to make use of all the energy of writing a letter
of the law and so the next line of each of the current sentence I designed all the creation of an application of Bayesian reasoning with the you know the maximum of the Uranus and most is of the this and I'm 1 of all the mean of
the of course you and you do all this is that the the devices have the thank you say what is fast is that that was in the in the very low by the because there of Part to and it goes to the 1 that means is that you call this major accuracy the the the the the the the the I and the result of this this talk the little 1 is the would be the this last about this of disease and it is
measured using the community of so this kind of households which is in the hands and so we to talk about about the people in that they would be the sum of this this is unit of the this is because that was the thrust the United Nations you with this so the rate of this kind of what people do is have a problem and the very this is the same same in all of the time you know what you get a chance to talk to you later in the year the the solution to this problem that we have to look at what I get if you would like to do is just to this and that so the the the and so the always I that 1 of the things that we would have had its roots in the music so the total in the use of of the same thing for the university you win that you see the the 1st thing we said was that of the of the of the site a and I was looking at the end of culture where you on the use of of it it will measure the power you did with the interval deliveries of the or anything because you will win the In the end of the year after correlation of features in the game the and that's the
way it is with you but this would have been in in 2 the idea is that we have a place in the park and has built-in error
because we really did want usually you find the 2 it is and so you you have there and that's almost all all of the things that could be taken value of the measurement you know is this sort of leads you have you know that all the time and you know and you need to let these users to the end of the year and there is also a bit of the other than by sampling problems and that I want wanted buy a used all parts of
the this is the result of
the this so this this is the color of the book that is 0 1 was once in while 1 of the things year you're so it is and the blue you got it you got lot this going on that gives all this side of data and you have to go on from there have been places and they have been raised the the Soviet Union at all it the university is common to all as you know it so the lowest memory we can be reversed versus alignments that will be the ones that guy and he was born in of the involved in the in the and in this case this absolutely so the the columns of the original vector there a this is what this is saying is that have always has told that the by the loss and you can measure the you know the trees in the engines of the resources and signed by the inverse of the system so in the long view of the in the in the and yes so associations and we have to do that is to the the idea that the things that we use in the analysis of the newly at the time by the user that some of the limitations of the the of right and will have to connecting
the 2 and we will have on on the use of the solution of this year on the basis of is and adding the 2 of
Lewis united we want to
have a lot of 1 is 1 of those lines but she did not like it but
this is the the the the man I was the 1 that is 1 of the ways in the multimedia and here you can see the properties of the 1st mind and that new was happens at the white doesn't have the staff and
and the sum of the year that was possible only in the case of what it would you the
that you want to do that with the of solution of the the workers
and the the and 2 of most of my yeah think that 1 small devices from the cost like it's good to see that small the questions that this was a bit of a and the outside of the capital would have these things here variables within the rise the the difference a close you and so do you want me to and what it is that there
will be a part of and quite a ways in a revival of 1 mole restful that is really a
so this representation is just a change
of venue with regulated and you get what it was the 1st flight of and in so
you get of it follows that the world matter and the images well we drop people that the of the and the
diversity as he's not with labels the person with the work we are in the same condition you would you would you 1 more
forms this invention in relation to juggle good they actually have the system working in meaning and those who has a in
this regulation has to be made In this work we consider the the
environment of the 1 that comes to
violating that search and the decision in the indices of another really good and by how this like all the and those that was set to and was like the with the of the In the last time the the size of the the long of use all the only and the and then you get the you will you know that this is all although the final decision we I
think you know and and and so I want you to
find will act as 1 of the reasons is the most widely and on the other side the have of the of the whole things that you know this is the nite of hospital that when you part of the scene and
the last thing we have to do
so in a way that is the in is what I have existed and possibilities of the and we also have to realize the what this single and will because they take time
on that and 1 of the things you interchangeable only in the last of them and the models you know I think that the now where where it was 1 of the things of use American you so that the rate was caused by a change of scene but all this is my 1st so this is the 1 that would be the 1 in the world that you will see that for some time only using the and that means the theory that the only
possible because of the values what happens is that is all you I thank you don't lose the reason that the variance of each of the 1st 1 you know a series of studies is the 1 want that 1 any more interested so you have to have a person who lives in this part of the the of so the setting was measured using the method of images of the the of to know so that reminds you of the modified variances and images on your phone and you know what that means you
have to use a very new represent this a we have a universal because of the the only thing that really say that through the know that it is in the moment that it would be a lot of was in and so was this was the thing will the fundamental very rapidly you'll never
get out is that the resolution said is this line my some of this from the the the United States Navy have this so that all of these I wonder if that is
true and by the way of Tanglewood side with the the and and we will be lost
and the result is going to be a so that's also where we a lot of work to theory on the I think it was situations and that you may have the ability to times this is the point is you
need a lot easier to buy in the of the of the of the of the of the region there is still a very old the lines in the red part the whole picture like that in the OK and in the text of the and and also this is on the will in the losers she
of the people in the world you want to correspond to the user and the next the muscle and the land of a and
that sort of thing you need to find out the size of the model and the provision of the and you will use the following verses that reduces the use of in the the so I think without this to and says the is very useful
to do this say is like that of the 3 of them because they have more that what
is thing that in the in the middle of the day the with and maintenance of the level of breaking track so the 1 in the the language of the family