LTE in your Linux-based system

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LTE in your Linux-based system
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Wireless connections have improved a lot lately and the data-rates and latencies that are now achievable with LTE make mobile broadband connections a key ingredient in every M2M recipe. But LTE mobile broadband connections in Linux-based systems are no longer setup using the good old AT+PPP pair. LTE-capable modems now use ECM-like network interfaces and even new control protocols, like QMI or MBIM. This talk is about how the new LTE-capable devices are exposed in the Linux kernel (e.g. qmi wwan, cdc-mbim...), and which user-space tools (e.g. ModemManager, libqmi, libmbim...) are available to control them. The talk will be a hands-on demonstration of how to use these modems with these tools, focused on what users need to do to use them properly, and also how developers can benefit from them to write new applications
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er from which were sitting a limited in Madrid was not about Lt Colonel thank you very much the Canada plus rise and the you so hello everyone and my name is Alexander models and I'm working on right now as a freelance develop amount telecommunications engineer and I yeah this is my 1st
you're talking Folsom about more liable the Mormons 2 years ago I talked about Ltd like the technology
itself at all advantages that come with LT and also multi armed which chat which are the changes that we had to be more the money to cope with them to cope with them Our more wide-open moorlands like at mall is more 2 more devices like CDMA devices with LTE or you India's devices with and last year I talk about um why because drug among protocols like a the history behind
of they stood behind how you control the more like a sudden from AT commands to all the newest ones the all the newest protocols that we assume these things these young when to talk about 2 particles which are pretty you all part of this 1 of 1 of them is pretty you which our and game and you my the 10 then on to talk about how do you know how you can use them your Linux machines and it's not as easy as with a lady protocol because it's not a otherwise anymore and now you're not ready you'll be between was reminder see um but it's right out through the use of the user so what's what's a challenge with with
moderate and than a you basically have 2 channels to communicate with more than 1 of them is a contour
plot so you need some way to tell them what to do things like Arnold giving it being status as been locked I want to unlock the I want to reduce the in the whole that book I want to produce in this specific network I want to get the signal quality of all of that comes from from all within a country protocol that that needs 300 by the model and the other thing that 1 needs to handle is the data collection of course so wasn't was 1 gets connected to the Contra protocol you can then started the data conditions In the same interface for another interface to under now what we had was my more than using a key of a set points and 1 of the commands will get you in connectable they tediously you that the PDB context and then after that you can so astonish it before the session In the same sailboat that you would use for comments before and that's pretty obsolete for mainly because
them if you want to get to the the later it's like good speeds obj
you cannot use a BBB section because it there if it introduces an overhead which is and necessary the bigger the session is only between job device on your host traded in the that the mall mind your PC it's like I'm not defined that it has been there like for a backwards-compatibility with with all the systems that produce and not before the support for in the devices the main change is that there other so there is no PPP session anymore so the device will export a network interface like indefinite like interface which is so lovely 1 minute and the 1st consider and on where you going to have is like in you're going to get the modern connected and then you can use TCP if it
supported by the more more or otherwise you ask them 1 which of the IP address and city that I have to set up myself in the network and for and using network interfaces said to most so the session so
yeah just send I The broadly packets events and probable or maybe even META-NET packets so even without having found it is an MBA amount you might they're going to use our with that they're going to expose a control interface which is attracted device but it's a binary character device and it's a working on top of the USB layer directly there is no
Centerport involved and now there's no exportable anymore you can look 7 A. commands through that interface you you need to build binary packets with a specific form
what fall the protocol like uh at all get accessory you decline they'd be what you have all Latin players you can start sending messages and as useful as so in particular of in
there which is the 1st on the list In this sense for all more wide-open interface model it's a news from the from the USB implement a forum it's kind of an extension of the C regional readable use these from that and see anything that that if they're the standard weeds and allows a USB device to expose the network interface and entered into so in the case of NBA and what the BBC would be these are get rid of definite for that which is mentioned to the point of this you don't need nothing happens when you're going to but it's a more of so you can send Guan packets that little network interface and your change of that the is that the they actually specified a protocol to use to control the more them so it's kind of like this extensions were defined just go for they comments the war with more group of more than so um but it's took the it's like the this is the same idea it's having standard which is come forward for everyone but to use and now therefore from vendors to use also the same the same protocol on structural the model so there it's driven you it's and in the summer came out against 2011 and it's
been post mainly by Microsoft because for Windows 8 the actually act to claim that require vendors to you this this is tractable it when the 2nd half of them actually have on kind of uh connection manager which works with this kind of devices with NBA and other devices so if you want to have 5 model which is properly supported awareness said you need to expose and being interface so there are a lot of vendors shipping and being capable of doing work election wireless this forward device uh this is a super answer as 1 which also has this works with all of the amine the and also these 1 the up the not know this is not the 1 that you missed that some of 1 I thought that the word you is the data high link than which is so so he he gave me a moment as the thing to try to support a more the manager out that device it's the beautifuI I mean do you think that lets you only had 1 network interface no control interface at all but then the device itself has a web server to connect to the web server and yeah you can manage the connections fight that in in the website it's kind of rates fully nice for them the right so this should be thing for me to have had the it yeah i in I have ideas the like your arm around try to talk to that in from all the monitor like Boston HTML and and something back its to I to to be the worst hates sits oddly with the many if u junga way to do it yeah we will have to be without we it's the 1 that is being sold by the biggest at least 1 of the 2 biggest operators in UK 3 so we are reduced support up to the operator that changes actually I know that there is no hiding devices the 1 that he's talking about that term the actually love 0 to change the the and what so they kind of have like this Windows 8 version of the framework which is in game again and that maybe you can like switch to the way that you don't have to use the Coq interface Web interface result grabbing mean they did it with a lot of it's not it's not well integrated in our lives as before the so yeah I'm BAM are it's available in the linux-kernel through the CDC and the I and II since version 3 . 8 so it's also like reading it goes was integrated like rock generally last year and I double the tools like my March something and the particle i want to talk about this Q my which is quite common the same interface is when it's
like the dual there I mean you you have devices with Q my portable light from 2005 thousand 6 um this pattern to develop this this protocol for the CDMA
vices so there are a lot of like see specifically comments and in the butter will the but now they're also be extended eat for 4 key for your ideas for years and for all this new are thankful to gPb formation and as a said the vendors so she Pynchon life in work most of the then those thoughts deciding between 1 or the other so even if 0 wireless version will have they don't have
they only capable of the work based on the that what interface and 80 probable are there now just to street from that and now shebaniah MBA and what you might the and in this case the gym isavailable since Linux 3 . 4 with a Q might only 1 there the and the picture of how this for integrating the
system something like this and because they have all drivers and then but on top of those others you have the kill bacailein depending on which
is which other libraries that are brought His libraries provide like civil use way to do can communicate with with a content advised that there that driver exposes it tells you this problem some secession center quest what should be this there that that request you to get on a gettable messages and Apodemus just positive sponsors and you also get an bounds men of an API to get that unsolicited messages going back from the more like singer quite get it until the i it's based on not they're based on the Geneva NGO so they did what you get is really a G. objects for the masking that device and now it signals for example when you when you get an unsolicited messages the leader then on top of the libraries themselves and we have to which we have problems mom I started the Roddick you might see alienum MBA MC Lyte like attested from for the library in at the cure my air standard is the open or you
just reverse-engineer of things same games open of course I D you just go to website in Italy have the thought you might you have to log that Qualcomm that but more than 2 that that I intend proprietary that
there and you can be a somewhat out of the this following that it is the arm from the time that we didn't get many things we just got the format of the messages right so that's something that the you have the format of the match student to Canada so what we did you my and then the idea is to encode the format of the messages in adjacent database so you have a Jason database with their explain which message a lot like what what's inside inside each message uh which I expected field which are which is it mandatory and optional of things like that and then what we do research we have our might obligations are generating code which inherits C code to give support for all of so it's pretty convenient to add new messages easy the adding support to 1 messages like 5 minutes of all it is it's better than as we do this envelope leave MBA even if the building of the message is different because of the how the messages structure these computer different you I would say it's but there's the way to do it in the medium or in in the game now we also have adjacent database so we be encoded messages and Jason former and get opportunity the code for the so on on the libraries we have low to come on line
utilities which I 1st developed I guess the best of all the library so Jim my CLI is the 1 for the July in the answer lies on food and am and apart from those 2 that to correlate which talk directly to the board so as as an argument to the command you pass which is the with which is the character devices you want to talk to the wheels have more the manager integrated with the distal libraries some the manager doesn't really need to to know which had the fought but you want to use it like detects everything for you he just like in the more than that he will get the list of of sports and devices coming from you and now the text which which kind of porter these because for the it you might want and therefore on import it's exactly the same name so it's a CCW D 1 or pseudo so if you just look at the then you would not knowledge it's Q my other than 0 when the sum money can't control the water and now get get to know which is a kind of for these the under the mall manager we have on the EC MMC alike which is some other common blind In this case we also don't need to specify the port that we need to specify that the more than me and if I go more than 1 we have found requirement you will expose In the bus API was all the more things on all the interfaces that more exposed and that MCI will be able to use those interfaces directly from from which is what we are going to do right now so up this
is something that yeah for it was forced to do it there so well the start 1st with the more than either of these what she has g iron and the iron thing was a you can like selected which 1 to use based
on you that rule so you said you speak relations that you choose some chips and me the on 1 Ch yet so we have yet to devices to track devices the first one see that this is a very the NCO is that you might as they have embedded in my tubulin so like about what a communication can with them have more than inside and it's actually a human what we're going to you that 1 person does not seem got up the other 1 is that the NBA m of categorize so let's try to but said something to Africa what just of all I want to show the hope of command because I don't remember all the commands of the the 2 NBA M eschew my is organized in different services so you have a sentence what if anything in Q my very it much more specific you have for example that the service which is which is the device management service and you have not so which is the knuckle access servers and other centers for example of the connection so that like separated that groups of logic and in their common defense budget of liberty attributed that organizations of now in in MBA and there's the basic connect service and that such a ban on 1 is the phone book centers so that that the Commandant organized missions errors to where they belong the basic connection options they made wide almost all the things you need for nominations so those should be enough so that I want to use the device to police which is the 1st woman after the in when you so the yeah so am this actually is opening up in game session with the revised cinematic West to generate apologies which isn't it was just given abilities and their duty come up with a list of of all binary message with a lot of information in the program we portion was showing the on human readable way actually the gold everything was so that gps that but those are not sinks coming from the device those the fraction in in a bit of it must and then we try to translate evidence if we've runs in common with the miners minus the balsam we can actually see all the
flow of commands adolescent to
device so you can see out all the binary representation of the command which is like this 1 and then we tried to like those of translate also there that feathers on the content of the message directly in the locks this is predominant at about issues the so at the end of use MBA answer like to control the devices about yes votes when the port that you have and specifying a command the run and mates it's just that if you know the the Commerce to be wrong then it's a sequence of course and that for 4 the CLI I we have more or less the same thing in 2 but in the other 1 further this is under the device has lot of aggression for the and then as you have wonderful GPS to for the for the data connection is in itself so and for the for the for the section which is much weaker and if we please the fires again I note that yeah now we see that we have another character divestitures of the medium to and we can use that 1 with really came CLI also sentiments and when show 1st that the hope again so this was the in here for much longer so we have a lot of common support that you can even play with well some devices have the possibility of changing the field were online like selecting 1 through where instead of the other and will cover the basic commodity you have comments like for Irving for messaging for for all his you can do with a more than that you have wonderful i'd and there is no I command for each supported Dumont thus supporting the commanding declined to face that much longer than the actual 3 minutes really the if wanted saw the was you had you can imagine how this really OK it's like MBA and 1 but there with that you might come and the other thing that the I want to show is more managers directly of the some of the other option is to run more the multitude vector devices end up get the export give us and you can then nocturia information from the device directly through the US at but
so far yeah I'm using the busses which is the biggest I not know getting what they want information for the for 1 of them and that's it so you you get the whole list of things to do and then MCI also comes with a
lot of Help options to work with which is not what most fine-grained that the not the the the the small and the comments yeah resting with this is that the well you have the same set of all options for all the different moments of the world with human with living with NBA and with devices with accuracy from away from it you we had the was from general wireless but there was a book different lots of knowledge and the other thing that we can leave it here you will no but
then I had some examples here if the ability
war not just to live in the presentation and
that's it and
I know that the questions the question the but I'm so the quality rice I have um as some bizarre or mode switching to ready for Windows where it presents itself on windows are they just just to expand out as as a um just as a disco sums also you can install the drivers in the Windows drivers 3 and send this a magic so huge magic string um converts this into composer device into a USB modem upon boots every time and the various tools in a city that um the from time to time it doesn't sometimes which properly I think it's the case is 1 Windows Is there anything that can be done about it sausages crappy Ottawa it really is will most likely drop that what kind interviews USB have more to each for that of which is basically the same so when detects that you have a USB and then the idea politically and it can also be custom which to more them in that sense like this we have string it's too low to the to the device and then will again show shop with a different and then the than the idea of the so we actually do this and if that doesn't work many times I can use the most which which could be and or otherwise it's the tradition which i mean L really believe me fairways really crappy there what persons the on do you need to have for those modems sometimes you need to write custom you'd have rules and you had you there was a case for some of yours I for for all these secure my and an MBA in devices we you don't really need custom you that we usually need you the rules for devices where we In imagine a device which exposes 5 AD put only 1 of them can use the US so they detection so and and the model we a low you to question which is the both for the annotation so not case when you need to like hike a US you'd ever I didn't fool to tell on locates of these modern has the specific and this year's data connection you don't need to cast anything use this 1 and that's really the only thing that I and we also have rules for example dysmenorrhoea detects all that device when they're back and so and we also support well use serial devices that you may have connected with our USB 2 artists 2 2 3 2 that artifacts right committed in this case we kind of gray list of both of those years because the Sicilian what because we don't know approach modeling as being picked up by more than so we have we we have different rules for different things of us and also for me that it's getting really popular you have the modem's built-in he in In the laptops 1st of all is it true that it's becoming more common if it is is it actually being used by people I'm using so yeah it's pretty common because of this it is kind of device of the day the modernist is 1 this a mini PCA connection in the 2 is what you will get inside a lot of of Pleistocene everything it's popular because it did you don't need anything else right it's not that popular because you actually need to move the bottom puts so either you have like a single specifically for a lot new always and the a laptop is connected to see genital for doing all the time or use need to like start get lot of the same cut yeah side events in the person get traveling then you have a single which works everywhere whatever thanks a thank you those 2 5 both