Linux Configuration Collector

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Linux Configuration Collector
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Cfg2html is a little utility to collect the necessary system configuration files and system set-up to an ASCII file and HTML file. Simple to use and very helpful in disaster recovery situations. Collects Linux system configuration into a HTML and text file. Config to HTML is the "swiss army knife" for the sysadmins. It was written to get the necessary informations to plan an update, to perform basic trouble shooting or performance analysis. As a bonus cfg2html creates a nice HTML and plain ASCII documentation from Linux System, Cron and At, installed Hardware, installed Software, Filesystems, Dump- and Swap-configuration, LVM, Network Settings, Kernel, System enhancements and Applications, Subsystems
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on to the next all that we have a haciendas which we'll talk about the limits configuration collective about good morning my that's impossible will give a talk about the complete your revision of this effect is useful a collective will follow those so the interesting point is the main part of the project which the project is in the room that's all it has that there is a better or that that all right so we can start so you may wonder why do we need something to those this is playing cells script effect that connects everything from the system the system parameters IP configuration whatever you whatever be configurable put into the script effect can be collected into the text file or make its general form that's the main purpose of conflict 2 hits the you can see it as effective of complete system don't dataset and that's very handy to have at all sites or at the center point um force a lot of customers who due to the fact that the 2 so the center forward and manifest the mother for example we collect all system information when there is an issue that can always go back to the configuration settings and see what also works with kind hearted positive what kind of memory at all parameters of the clusters centers and the nice thing is about going to as it is a pure script but this work only makes it hurts it's Px Px Solaris and even all of the units and all it's px for Unix like UNIX server systems I found useful for everybody from system administrators to system engineers to design a lot of and the nice thing is is open source research appeal 3 license OK contacted similar as of an open source is not the only tool available so the main there are 3 main competitive effects that Ceausescu's risk and that is a nice thing it has that interfaces that also connects the debate collectors not fairly easy to collect at all for example but don't see the the political and social point because it's in a different kind of collecting is more unless you can compared from the day before but has been changed from that you can compare 2 systems for example but very and but that in case of disaster for example it's less useful it's my opinion about this a very good tool then you have also in in quite old tools Linux explored this kind of what does successful so as to so something simpler it is more than and tool that you can use for a given there's probably collect only kind information given to use support the same is true effect for the policy invented server it so it's an open source that's more on collective will so you can see as a proactive or reactive the kind of tools and the active support tools motoric pilot views are available market or the SUSY as them are less than 1 it's BSS kind of to the x but it has it's offered effects when you have a problem you collect your information sent to prosper and then they have that kind of you so they can see what information does the system has a tool to reveal the problem and then you have more proactive and that this the constituents well it's really fitting inside you collected in front or having any problems when you have a problem you can always you over there you have considered all the all the wrong steps size effect from every region to ski jump and the regular every moment in what they call and put it aside so I can almost certainly 1 year history of every system this can be very handy it's proved this value a lot to me antidepressants contiguously no it's
not new used to this have been around since at and salt and of lost entry 99 something like that uh and using it in the beginning of 2 thousand already in the previous projects so like an excitatory it's already had it included ordered the current project at the lexical for this article I think it's 1 of things that you must have if you want to think about cells a coffee this is the history it has a lot of text Cervantes and now we're going be busy refer the 6 version of this merging effectively Nixon and these fixed in 1 big brands and looking can also form so lot in the x to to bring it along to the 6 of reasons so where are you can get
doctors you have remained website uh on this man then by all those also meaningless since my mating viral quite although a lot of history on the on the lost a 6 version is all you can just do all that and start working with it and there are also some issue trackers do like rejected of it to find a lot because I'm from each the main tracking all issues that there because this is not the only open source project I do because I just lost myself and all the e-mails I get so that so if you have an issue if it's just make an issue tracker how to use it it's quite simple you have to be ruled so you can use to do there is enough help facility vitamin is 8 so variable and you just can't just run it until collect your information as stand a very light and very open source is a lot of information in it so it's just run up and you will see veridical out uh it goes on in the course where the information is stored so so you don't have to think about isn't it just of rarities it and as it is now for the 1st 6 there is a main script sold bestial for corn so every year and the collector strips and this is only for the Linux because it again can vary and that from px of letters for example uh from into use we use the users share completely HTML that we put all the collective scripts and everything that you want to collect or on the ball to add its and their domains get is the same for all the versions is its way spirits unique so large or the X is always the same is a wrapper script and then the configuration that something you effectively go so that's something I introduced effect because you can collect your information well let's put the reverse that always mountain investor point variable to collect not information central point that I described in the local local of configuration file system and source and then you have to default configuration you don't have to modify it if you want to modify something just because at local and so will the fight over there because of local produce a final is always the loss of the this so that this ruling all right he is the a very simple sample as a set to see on the top of the HTML output file and the text output file you can see where it is stored uh for Unix by default this into distress sparseness Quarterdeck but you can change it you can overrule topic model I'm going overruled and a local call fire study easy for the rest the tells you when it starts etc cetera unit those 2 opposites collecting a lot of course this is only this ball screenshot uh again we don't get along so is that you want to list that I don't want to run a few that subdued the customer just to try it out and it's a very easy program at the very end this is a text file that you also have the HTML variants of this is that explorer so but also run reinforce this is the example text file you can see it so that's the screen is too small it's to only on top of the other the world uh of what the true shown with the simple things that have to collect and the next screen affect the view and that this
linkable so you can view the click on it and then adjust to the section that the correct it's got from OK this all modifiable invent that stuff you can modify some of our own if you add some new stuff it's also very handy to tell us if you find things of promising make an issue for it and then we can discuss it that's the way that rely on dealing these days uh and more more people or getting uh into or finding would say that you should recognize and that's very good OK to source to raise the already said that topic to is developed as a main squares that
so all the top and then you have effect of subdirectories or difficult of needed the forties may operate system we haven't separate fracturing that's the the new style uh everything voice creates local data pixel Director of the elements of the UNIX extracted reconsidered because library to see dogmatism packaging so we do the packaging API that for packaging is possible and and may skip over to its low calls the unique script in this case is a complete wasteland that's Linux those show and there is a starting point from everything that this for next point a view of course and this is true for all the other operating systems of the native Slovene constitute very relevant just cruel and that this how to group the sources and then you get this view of what is still missing is the EX and so most of these 2 sources will be as soon as the you're looking for a new active developers getting feedback from the internet but is not completely on speech yet so people get that going very soon already medical of files for the main compressed filed with the foremost of this and seek official HTML directory you soon change anything did you can look at that and you can nicely see OK I want to modify something copy that interloper the compressed file and of the listed here effect the main use of the coffee fired by me personal because beside is the output and for URL that is the way you can just mild from and an efficient you can collect everything all center point so the fact that these of cold discovered from electrical for a small of where all the projects it and look at the end as a set answer all going project and the main purpose of this talk is to find form to use that are related to assist us in any way possible by using it is also a man and a good trade to start by giving us feedback by openness writing the degradation of a small pieces helpful and they're adding or helping this this DEX and there's a lot of uh support or just improving it because it's a bit old as you can see the excess from 2 dozen elderly 11 and a lot of parameters so lots of 2012 so it needs some of these I believe also the integration into new 6 track is required and need somewhere good minded people but also the exons from so the forward there's
still some time left over several questions and also served and uh producing emissions from them against will pass the microphone around finally no most of k and I'm very clear is that if you come up with any questions on nature and that is the change in the front of the residual here sides of the and the well thank you to all but you have few high and the next so we will stop entitlements as