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An Open Source LTE Library
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libLTE is a free and open source LTE library for SDR mobile terminals and base stations. The library does not rely on any external dependencies or frameworks. The project contains a set of Python tools for the automatic code generation of modules for popular SDR frameworks, including GNURadio, ALOE++, IRIS, and OSSIE. These tools are easy to use and adapt for generating targets for specific platforms or frameworks. libLTE is a continuation of the Open-Source LTE Deployment (OSLD) project. OSLD provides an LTE library together with ALOE++, a real-time SDR framework. libLTE builds upon the success of OSLD and provides complementary tools for researchers and manufacturers that do not wish to use a specific SDR framework. More info and download on ALOE++ and OSLD:
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form a UPC in the this uh liberty inter bring new project we just such a scenario the inside it's a library therefore the uh without that irony we mean that uh it's not an application of to make up you know to be of is a station or the use of the without we just want to provide out a collection of models that that you can use to amend your business this but of course we will provide a reference and the reference implementation of reasons station I'm 1 of the it's it's a molar library uh Ramona it would mean is that we want to be able to your own invested in 1 of the most of to me to me and using new replicated for those of you who who usually use various you have fallen probably that so that is very difficult to maybe you want your that's only a piece of that area and that it is reducible to to get it and you're your own your own so also wanted to be computationally efficient and that means that we don't want to just implemented the standard E non-native where we want to declare a for instance if you have to make our collusion to then use their 50 convolution this kind of thing also the 1 of the objectives is to dependencies we've all the libraries or frameworks to facilitate the portability to remember the systems for instance but it's with this true and we we have seen today is that during the for instance has a huge number of users on there you want your obligation to be used by the people you have to know provide some some some way for for these Uriah uses to produce and also we have we have and all other as the airframe most we have seen ideas here but um we also have a really I want to look at the uh after an SCA which is only 3 framework for so for year so we want somehow do but move enable in this framework uses to use this library an existing work I summarize the related projects exponent the just the first one is the demise of solve for exploring the the best uh so for
home and the the the but unfortunately it's for people it's speed it is able to writing a what currently real time with 2 and then asked to enter value and the related the node b as well as many how also it works on the to to the user but unfortunately it's probably will sit out there when the that as far as we know it's also quite a complete it implements a fire my players in my city there's a yeah but for the reasonable you you or investing in in some of the DSP blocks it's very difficult to isolate is that there are many dependencies between the rest that the uh but also as far as a knowledge but implements the synchronization and medical progressing notes that you use ch is the from the the physical world this time and and the adults also reduces boost library Wilson RTZ datasets kind which doesn't use a framework in but also on the and the synchronization and decoding to the book and induces IT because I did last class is a variable-area but when you move to an embedded system it's very difficult to compare and finally the this also as the which is perfectly was involved in so it's this was also measured the dumbing application for the use of a framework but the this spring or was very focused on this the real-time processing and so it wasn't easy to to use for for the so yes why do we want to only at the library the 1st the 1st thing is that we want to as a set of labels the use of models the and we want to enable portability S. simplest or used out difficult to to to find it in some of the other forms and then we would like to avoid the necessity to use of a and you want to use it you you got is it that so that's installment aware and also you it's very hard to to to move 1 1 model from 1 frame to another and finally efficiency it's as a sentence not only in preventing this so we have these objective and malaria day and uh we want them to be able to generate code for for frameworks and on the designed that way be approach speeds up to my years at the interface of moves at a lower level in eye and we don't impose any rule to design and design and can be implemented in the years people as well as the ones and then uh we define a high-level EDI where we will specify some people find that in the DAG so that it using all when libraries like if if you don't you what thoughts a theory of our available in this system and use the this is an example of how little really the i in is defined as you see there is a rule that the parameter defined since initially refused the fishermen of of financial and to the catering memory and then you got it you got and said optional you get options to be gone to be go in the phrase without any further restrictions but then you have the same in the phase where we specify these these 3 functions for instance but you do that is seen in all the frameworks all the 3 most started on utilize functions and then they have award function which is called periodically to perform the the and then on the stop function the genes that they're they're DSP designer in the house to prevent this function calling the level 88 from the also is find this is start or uh which needs to be followed where you can see that that the designer specifies the parameters that must be there that come through the the model of the beginning and then some really then input or all the parameters that these and more accepts programs From these all this is is defined you know enough about age 5 and from this using the bite celebrity we bots these these here and using our our by the state we convert these these motors this more in motor specification to a general examined 5 then from the set of fire you can implement a using others to you guys generators ultimately this C or a C + + fights that you framework needs for instance we now really have these these and despite an escape the domains that the moment for for these 3 more for only but it should be a difficult to for someone to implement our the spider listed to convert the XML file to give you an even more the so the idea is that and the similarity of all those we can generate code for very different yeah holy war is to begin the and here it they describe how we are working with these very is start with our model of all of and we use our friends business station which happens to be the myself because is Matsubara than our than our and signal generator professionals in the and then the way we make a we implement our reciprocal of our specific functionality then we move to a life of their business they so analyzing the captain from that is a
station and we take our symmetrical is working properly and finally we make it and which areas of the state of the we know that these working with the start of of we we verify that the signal generated databases we there is is the same thing and this this they essentially them the molar start of the of the library and they're all done you have small and modern speech implemented on our DSP blocks for instance there right very this starting the ring matching the CSC there these small those are half medium of internal live and that's it so if you are only interested on the recording of the the you can take this file a multitude of applications on the other hand would as you move up to the In the layers obviously you because you just start finding more dependencies for instance the this synchronization algorithm uses a that this this satisfies these 4 for becoming the presidency not to use the needed time so if you are a decibel desynchronisation then obviously you find a so from and why this is the the story structure of the library and so on and so we we organize the and the blocks in categories and there is a single there but they file that uh more In the programs using these libraries need to need to on OK what we've done so far and intuitively we implemented IV died as a search for or of finds strands our time and energy bond and we use for business they and synchronizes with them and later you you you we are lacking in and try to find somebody with this at the moment you find some at the end the synchronization is taking statement uh we it's just use signals we just saved by day there is a station at the primary and the 2nd musicians you know we just have to be that every 5 ms so the receiver needs to perform are correlation with with the possible is a sequence is verified music so this is very common for us so you need to data Camara on how to implement these otherwise you would consume all the resources on the only for a visit you also have to do very few constructed of the nation at in most of the cases subjectivity of the of the this if you all you get estimated from the 2nd preferences or from the BSS and what we do is to use the BSS because users interact with I want to estimator something to consider so what you do is you have to direct the radiation in in times of the of the users finally I wonder what sensor search for advanced this scandal and I want to 1st look at the a set so you can for those ones were so that this inequality functional we tried to to correlate the business to form if you find the BSS that we track the signal for inference and we estimate the civil war in the understanding however to implement the energy and these a complex waveform and if you want to be able to run it in real time in a lot of these it's really hard and just start release some influence is a problem because not all high Watkins has the the the the taking for granted for instance and to their doesn't have it hours so you need to sample the sampling is very expensive but the cost stumbled that out for their efforts to value you as a very good performance even if the length of the DFT is of the power of 2 so maybe 1 of the solutions is not something and because huge should sample but then not covered a change in the length of the of the of the another problem is the synchronization there is the resistance distance needed in in our sample of up to almost 2 whereas 1 to but that the signal only uses 1 there so you could do something about it and what exactly 9 9 4 2 5 also or using our time-domain correlation is very expensive you should use of the of the Bayes rule and then once you find the B what are you you search only to work these the signal is supposed decoding is also expensive especially at the local and the needs of the high so uh do something that there should be no more broadly used as a in the instructions all walk for instance exactly but in the gradient oracle that would bold policy is not easy you you of the UN also multiuser detection using support the resistance of this resynchronization fiction I'll this literally the role of of of these projects are and how we understand we started with about being in most of their physical signs of the governing we already have some goal of the scores of the quality of the the usable you before Our on this this whole computer use for the other thing also most of the parts of the same and allowing them to be used but there there are still many things to like it as a and B because the mining all are all incoming decorating every all the pieces I to do so summaries and the great deeds is an area of we aim at molarity we want it to be able to use this library only part of his library all memory in
bit got known framework the dependencies or third-party lot libraries under I think it would take you to call for contributions to the mother of all the sources conditions I goal if any of you sort unity or something related and he gave opened the door and that we have in the future and listen and learn to send him yeah uh actually now we have to use for this recession this is a collaboration across plug-ins does not of inventions and so we are able to detect it and we will show in the in the demonstration the growing wanted affected but correcting is very complex presenting you've you've as if they're sit is very small but this this is this is the form of the loop in the the if yeah exactly if everything is the said this is a small enough you got you gotta synchronized with everything you just hours Jerusalem as and at the the research and you should use and the and should be on the the yeah and Aaron the question the order that we are thinking he has to leave their we estimate the CEO and he eats a related to the uh also gives you also later don't as a yes or no on the left the yeah and the future of of the of the of the of the statistics stability the of the the film and you also see the use of a lot of research in the US you have enough data but 1st of all you can do that with all the materials and on the 2nd thing is that the mentee and correcting this if this year of the carrier frequency offset is easy estimating is where is very simple conventionally speaking on but correcting it did so so is the sampling frequency as it is a little hard but as we said the if it's a small enough it it's it's only synchronizing every 5 ms and useful the the In the area of the and it was in this is the goal correcting it is very easy you got to do multiplied by of high and to estimated you got 2 ways you can use the 2nd graphics and what would you do is you look at the at the and the all of the of of the of the correlation that is not in the same sequence from the look at the faces I find that if you have already synchronized with the of is in a sequence which is the debate that is is this and you know how the sequence looks like there are only 3 possible sequences and once you have correlated and you're synchronized invented by domain at the orbit what of the correlator you also look at their faces you doing and that you have built wood and this to this is this is the of the of the the image standardization and but in the world of the start of the this is an interesting the selection the the you of a and that's it's not for this simple you look at the at the variation of you mean when the supervised you know what that the diagnosis so there if you look at the of said every frame you get an estimation of the as a function of these own it's very small more time and then you go out of model of what exactly it if it is not an off if it is 1 of your disagreements unified analysis of even with the latest news in the months of the year if you wanted to you could do it but they don't tell you don't have to resynchronize or unjust estimated in 1 on the trains which is the most but the events that is more correctly it was very cold flu and exactly and it's a huge source of then there is an opportunity because the noise this red so far it doesn't matter more than and face lots of little small with the releasing those of the the of the there was in the knowledge in the form of now you know have mean you can do it the estimation is not very good this is subject to various and who you were talking about the of that they're of and that they were to do you have listened to have the knowledge for the characteristics of that those of you you have to already 1 and then no 1 and that of the the things it's very site ms on uh 1 the the more awkward to what you see a for behind the the lady on the right the goal of the the yeah this notion to make a move the mother questions the of certain but maybe it
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