Legal issues from a radical community angle

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Video in TIB AV-Portal: Legal issues from a radical community angle

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Legal issues from a radical community angle
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Throughout its 20-year history, Debian had to face a number of legal issues, in all fields of the so (improperly) called "Intellectual Property". From trademarks to patents, from copyright to export control and embargoes, Debian didn't miss a single pesky issue. In this talk we review some of the most relevant legal issues that Debian has faced in recent years and how the project has responded to them. Doing so is a chance not only to share legal best practices with other Free Software communities, but also to highlight the policy annoyances that widespread legal systems imposes on radical Free Software communities such as Debian
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and I'm really pleased to announce our next speaker who is probably best known for being a project leader but it's also got its fingers in many of the fires which are really fascinating and have to do with the interdependencies software and other sorts of vertical things but I think he really wants here that's the models are probably have to say about me think of a hiring around so all he had been living there for 4 years since
last April so what some of the some of my experiences in dealing with a specific you issues but you know they also as quite a bit of for these indications that the parties have thought to do not because of the only 2 things in that is from a legal standpoint on different pillars of what is called inappropriate but still the index of all of this and other how from those another direction of the ball which share some lessons learned that might be useful in other communities at least in communities which are in some sense of related to that so that some of the most fundamental of that and I'd be going their own here knows what that means about just work out some of the point would be relevant for Michael today that existed for more than 20 years now it's very well of very popular in terms of the technique of probably make the diverse consistent so we're kind of the economy that web server market leads to the most popular over things references the whole service in the web is is that they have a huge archive with something like 30 thousand suspected is not 1 thousand so special for about binary packages and they put architectures and what's interesting for from the point here as well in that were the basis for more than half of the existing solutions according to this to what it was interesting because is well is the subset of descent from agreement between people making that in any of the 4 sub frequencies and in there you will find that in your mind is to remain always and some that that the moment you will find the culture of not fighting all them which isn't mentioned yesterday the initially was for most technical things that had evolved into a more radical culture of transparency in all aspects and decision making that and you will find some provisions in our deal with non free software which is still possible them over the years all these kind of and then condition of the project has been useful in making them in a very popular product for years so nowadays it's something like 1 thousand official members of the project of people get to decide where the pollen is going people get to decide who is the commodity the involved in general and that's a referendum within the front and something like 5 thousand other volunteers contributing in another way it would not be permitted to be members of the public more often than the 1 of the largest of the largest of the 4 of the project in terms of all fishermen and so on there are 3 fundamental on how we do things like getting in that in which 1 to discuss the first one is the USS genes that have this offer guidance which are probably familiar with what's interesting here is that essentially you cannot promise to be entirely for suffer unless you also define what you mean with the some so that the interest she's actually the interpretation for that and of what it means to be so they're sort of guidelines which you would like to licenses of softening up to suffer sounds or most this in which like to the right so that you have when downloading some specifics of any there you will find essentially the and preservation you would find the 4 freedoms they need to uphold for something because of considers the provided you find something that specific provisions like what happens if you pull on related software on a CD on the the company each other so you have some you technicalities use it without that started being the basis for the office of the Phoenicians and essentially our moralist got the 1st formulation of the g in a more general trends and not for the solutions and what's interesting they've been interpreted over the years but and project as applying not only to suffer but to all sort of content we think that an archive of is very interesting from the point of an inverse problem because in a sense that makes them in an even more radical institution then the SSS when interpreting what tribes do you have unknown software company so the yeah recently nowadays for cancer moment so the
all the content you finding that again is essentially free culture from the people and this means that the phase some kind of challenges in dealing with common which are the solution which only focus on sulfur maybe what's that the mean what's important here and the point uh that is the factor of 1 of the 3 major bodies that people look up to when deciding something it's free so there is a new license published more or less likely to be inflexible inversion problem has been slowly fading away if you use the nicest part of moral people Realisation look up at the exercise you know what they think of the of the license of of you always n likely they're also going to like will use that is saying that these licenses free are not so we're kind of review the body in the the 2nd point just from the 2nd fundamental only the things is gone so on paper and in some sense also the recognition level but in as additional being very bureaucratic reform with a lot of decision making processes and some of the 4th 1 body is a formal bodies that infratirea technical committee like generally solution and it's it's it's light it's very more attractive but in fact it's on a day-to-day basis where we all know synaptic from so we have a clear area of of of responsibility is reminding us for love it is and those intended to do essentially whatever they want as long as they stay within some common agreement upon quality requirements for for that so we like that and this means from thousand 104 from part of variance and the essentially are all columns so they can decide on a lot of members for the software in a very liberal independent so the point form with some specific a lessons learned it's units so I've often claim that in the is uh essentially very far away from risk of corporate controls the reason why claimed that is that there is no single company to be sitting there so if you look at a competitive so that the other solutions of there in almost every case you can pinpoint a new company which is the the fully sponsoring the development of this emotion or at least its financing completely the infrastructure of this approach to maybe there is a linear volunteers working solution but if the infrastructure goes away from 1 day to another world that this emotional about from it is not the case so we have a lot of companies donating plus a lot of volunteers linking to us that they can buy I formally internal employees of the project so they're not independent on the money we have the job they might have stories that are Anderson then contributing to that in that we have a breaking of a very diverse range of companies think what works so I think this is for the remarkable among you it's a major or words there but also at all especially in the kind of things that we were going to discuss the the practically it means that we do not have direct access to the people call for the source for instance we do not have to know that we don't have a I keyboards that can review was going in this it was and what not and all this kind of the of structure that you have proposed about this we do not that dire access to it so we need to go to work on over off on the funding of uh in so we tell so this is how we actually work with effective outer corporations and the delta a financial and in kind of assets do was money we use money for you know buying machines for sponsoring placodonts or spring so whether or lot cold and also acids have such spread over several organizations so we have several so-called trust organizations with the Brazilian project trust to money and other assets for for the thought of it and I it'll start on the work so the 1 we use the most is the US is SPI suffered from interest which is actually being created for the needs of of that in the very has become a more right on brother organization for other problems and I want use that that the is as if I estimate then there is been a ch incident and recent addition to the not yet the authorization of his result from the 1 is the inference in funded by the so we have these scattering reduce essential a single point of failure rate so adding acid spread over several innovation it's rare and more like and we believe our acids and are more reliable than if it were in a single in OK so this is a kind of the way you do things so there some constant so all all so 1st of all the consequences are not asserted that this so you will find other communities of their which have similar traits OK so I'm not claiming to be a lesson learned that the natural today can you know wanted nothing before the community but it is possible that seemed me is you know a face and on so the the most that they face itself essentially they did not approach top-down approach of St. others you shall the solution of this to be done more because they're not employees so they usually no room and incentive you can't even people not work so you can just say to someone I double your salary solids there either because the people you know I will not fire because that's not how important the difference so if you when you talk with the corporate get the side you might have the same in something the signal of what we also need a limited access to legal advice so we had to go over up in other ways in finding out how to deal with the teacher and also means that we suffer of some sort of US centers in how we interpret law because essentially being that in historical project born in the US in intelligence even those today is a very you were communities and being that the power principle so the concentration we use the multi something of public interest we add more access to US specific resources such as a tradition of you no budget constraints on the right is mostly US this so we might need to with all so let's see we consider all this this kind of overview of the structure but in which is relevant for regulation that about that some
specific legal concerns of the face in the past so this is organized along the 3 axes of of that property 1 soccer and when is patents and another 1 is trade in so uh in terms of culture the concerns that the solution has are quite different from the concerns of the company or corporation like that and so the main things you need to do this efficiently than about the copper wire 1 he then in that in main Archive 1 of the centers of the there is no legal obligation for us to me that that is committed with made this result that was the point 1 of what we need to do in terms of popular and point 2 is the key is to be an archive leaders that book so side by side with the 5 main we have that is to support but which are not this upper income depend on free and even tho we do not make any promises those that that result that most of them are and if not they will be made and we need to ensure that they are legally disabled so they can be said to be that the our Marinette OK and there is not a concern that these people for for convolutional Corporation the the sort of the assignment and that is not of morphological in of so we at the present not that interesting you know collecting cover the sign of even though that's something to think about offering the option developers along the lines of the fiduciary related license agreement that have been discussed in this form so the 1st question is how you review of of things and of license notices in a project which is shape as that in so the 1st lesson here is that essentially don't do that you know inadequate you cannot simply you know enable all developers to just as I said on reviewing copyright notices and covariance of the kernel is less so and just trust that everyone derive this is ours why because essentially in this case you will find someone who either don't the carried all of this kind of stuff so it would be kind of absorbing the union of them and essentially you will find out for many actors the part of free software is just the bird they're not really into unique speaking that they find softer I wanted to make it useful for the end users and he just want to know even take shots circuits 2 will be put in place is essentially a multi 10 year review process for this of the get that you might have heard about the FTP master team you might have heard about the new queuing and this is kind of file that has close efficient process for a copyright notice is the works this way secular not friends often you will not be Montana which signed up to offer and decide you prepare that from it and the 1st time the 2nd or 3rd by out there and then we'll go through the data archive it gets essentially stopped the non-stationarities golden you for the new baggage Q and that led specific team of people and that in the the uh the people that do is you for review of holding the open of users and all the lights is not and check that began in Vienna as probably noted down unified called the copula all the license and copyright information and at the same time the check that again coverage was a complete and they also check that the licenses actually conquered compatible with with the the inverse of the vector so this happens only at the time of the 1st principle of the guys and subsequent upload this will true direct so why do we want we have these differences since so you you might want to deal with people reviews that every single close of defended license or find you forget to as this the ice but they will be 5 of them on very high burden so there is a trade-off in which you say OK we knew that than you back and then of course to find that the ground we we caught up with me so this is working quite well for us too can be used also for other kind of license and the other thing it's may use only for this may for copyright and licensing of is but you could be used for other stuff and also for I'd get the the 2nd and also for a package quality checking and 4 from the set of an entity yes the you see aggression is ultimately with a case where the money that's a lot of extra dependency so this is the granularity of suspected is so if there are dependencies will depend on our own and the fact is that may be part of the same that is enough in their part of other while the other packages we fire-eater ordering archive so there you went through this process all they will get that later and be will bosses yes and ask for another review but this is this and no I don't think we're forces for that he surely can the question is whether you know these kind of team the time to the original part of the course money out of right so with that utterance final change next so the chain of events that we have and yes just of interest is also part of that love was some kind of assessment of whether the software is actually used to and I would not mind trolling yeah I could definitely do you have lot about that so we might know the linearity of the text not only that part world this is if you keep remains the same the last muscle you with the names and so that in that is so well without any that they will begin today's world cannot be that is the part of these other than during archive but that is very often we for so before referring back to the process in which the money amounts to begin working on something and at that level of to the the name is from the CD or the pedestals sorry the word people would be essentially a whole lot happens before yes please earlier than they should go all the way to go have the I all the me yeah I'm going to get the money that he was in the 1st course so you were reading I mean you know the birth of Army as well as I have yet what he's saying that we have and yes so I I I I I I would I know I know this is not what about here forget that to get the extend that is essentially the estimates obtained is the fact that the team deciding which licenses are free or not free for that so there deciding you all fish interpretation of the of the guidance on the of the project and the possibility of that that thing so we try to document the standard decision that is from the whole thing point over another movement in them but they're trying to convert that there is a week you would use this is still a and B here is that the you know cross-referencing all licensing hearing archive with the actual decision on the freeness spot so we effectively that that was important that is that the mass of the gatekeeper of freedom of license freedom so um the last all these things you kind of start ask yourself some questions and so when you have something as big as that in just and my opinion very representative of canonical a and represent the free software out there you might want to ask yourself OK so let's assume it's a label that people that in this idea that you cannot link there open as a cell and you life that uh do we add kind of doing this and can we decide if that's the case by just looking at needed it or you guys that really that you might have OK what happens if we GDL switches from GPL 2 GB of 3 and how many GPL the freaking compatible ice random we was a question was quite proper physical suppose in 2007 again let's assume that some lawyer or prior library say leader BTB realizes into AGPS and about someone going so well that's how many seconds and the democratic theory lateralized to the AGPS due to these check so you can decide on a mere you know you just that it is written in there but you can help you to you know that have a look at specific case so the Diaz there is that if we have all the data about the information and we can we the dependence so
we might do at package that might be linked together during the compilation process softer under different licenses and we can use that set a set of that is we need to you inspect money to realize whether we have some of the parts the requirement that the people you gotta information you machine-parseable force so unfortunately the initial opinion competition form of political very high was not possible so we certainly know that in 2007 there was some during version of the image of the cells and the title of article about and 12 so we know that in the form which is fully machine-parseable on which looks like something like the 1 we plot it essentially out there in the people are relate to to form a new feature some specific fields in which you can say all of these lines in this package are under this license and this is the core order and the fights and a different forms and are very interesting thing and so essentially you know you have um blobbing much faster and you have short licenses that traverses names and that it was you know uh natural language text blocks in this fight with additional information the license or thinker licensing Journal of unknown before In June of the example which is close to the simple and you can look at the liver off is that improper and find it into to the right of the instrument of is kind of B is like medical rather than its center something like 1 if the number of lines in use in their the largest part of the fight is essentially verbatim inclusion of licences which are either unknown the meaning that are not known to the ontology of slices no former or which are known but they're not you not considered proper enough to get an archive to be included in a direct and give you the share common licenses were includes over the whole the the old year license which are very popular and everything has about people's online are building and you know matchings finds to specific operation so it's still pretty manageable even tho at this scale you can be intermediate so that was very interesting for for something in general because in that in a lot of fights for receptor source code files which have been argued to at least by the bigger the bigger antennas and starting from the official declaration of simple those of the copyright and less so it can still be you know and and correct information but is being reviewed at least 2 parties before entering the generic item before reaching use so this is potentially useful rules of licensing and copyright notices are reviewed by 2 priors which is available for everyone to use that to make a profit this book profit from that you really need to have been archived covered in that all popular fighting the support so this is just the yet to be kind of Coleridge for from a very the catalysts it's still uses pre-SEC options so this is just we we as covers a lot of managerial motivated million people to actually convert file things some resistance that even though it's not mandatory yet for people in the that is gaining momentum so that 9 11 hundred times we've never really is only 20 per cent of the package archive were in this form of the narrative and we we really will 42 per cent and now the snapshot of the received solution of this because it's something that is very close to the surface so is gaining momentum by the end of the you will be set up in this form of even if he is not complete yes you can um someone possibility yes yes if you were out of all time the have of the vessel aggression so I know I think so it's not proposing in the seventies aggregated anyone think so right now they're just individual may today that under the same license of the that usually within the Montana can declare a different license for the that information by default we don't do that so but usually it's usually need you don't need to be that under the same license source but you're right if you aggregated somewhere and should be exposed to something like the old or I will be working on that so I had to give them 1 and the last thing about this more of that so I know about this next the goals are kind of different so as the X is mostly for companies and for people in writing to do some real materials of the something shipping users while I use my hand and a machine-readable data covers more like a form of practice so it's an intentional format where you use lobbying to minimize the you know the size of the light information way the edge of an extension of 4 for the or for each file you need is this problem licenses and so essentially it's gets obviously yes they need to use software to do that 1 thing in common admission process was meant to be used by the uh and it's also 1 of the businessmen to be most machine-readable well you can read music semantic this particularly using understand what the user meant People machine-readable and the 1 that has the and units is because of this in United's today's machine readable so you can see that today use machine readable history is a human was in in this conversion tools is that they want to know it I think it is not a response from the system so that focus could most of the gist of the origin of the value of the barbershop ourselves also or a so there are some of the some competition is the bond between a tumor suppressors with compatible licence names specific provisions in a machine-processable form the other form of the company was license name level with us yet and there are some part of the school uniform conversions between the 2 conservative they're not here that property taxes yeah but these better than legality that last comment is going to make on money my time so that illegal is now the official data position life is a forum where people were life's licenses and not always about the world and this is the uh so it's essentially the legal community is nothing you need that as the final say in what is the and what is not the case in so what's the use of 2nd point 3 were in 3 Socrates coast in the past years it's not about so uh um like entering very big solver or something that is a part of my essentially every the collection of soccer is potentially about because bottom and right several of the components of some or all of this is the part and everything maybe about a own lot of data not but you can add a lot of CAD at that and finally maybe everything goes up if you go out so as the 1 s in the higher than in the summer recess assessment for what is in the all them with learned what the lessons of this 1st lesson we learned is that as unique in in the Styria has been getting 1 so we're living in a word with expected for supper but that's where people are really scared about most some of them so the bottom that made the headlines in the understanding various terrible those and essentially ignore other areas that might be the result of very likely power which could be very risky from about and sent it to essentially it seems to me that actually being the people were shopping the most I've been able to set the agenda on alpha so that means that in this is 1st lesson with I believe it is give us some to something like a false sense of security because communities feeding on safe ground to stay away from the common it but maybe there in danger from other patterns which are less known to the public but which in the area of needed for the for the company is all that we and so and explicit case of and this is what has led the mean of the you yourself you today but look at that again for use and in the media if what you need is or is not in an archive it is very likely that you do not need for any more for the 1st let's so the hysteria people tracking in the malls and actually is really made a dent in the you know the the set
of learned is that it the people acquirement of you should not speak about this in bonding simply don't force it doesn't work you know it it's fundamentally against the also offers a new they want to talk to each other and using their public mating is so so they will be that so just saying you should not do these is not well and so we work on this novel set of eyes at the mention we were not lawyers that needs we have starts access to the resources that we have been lucky enough to being in project work with institutions like this sort of freedom of send them this kind of stuff and try to create training material and reusable mark on pattern matters and another mother sector effect which is reusable for other community and possibly which is not only US this OK as Don commonly mentioned yesterday while you we like to live in this training reaching out of the body is not a problem for you that's actually not sure of the virus sneaky ways that but it's on Southern Europe as well so the danger not only for our US from area of danger also OK so we have our needs resurfacing as food is that this type of documents which might be useful for other communities the 1st 1 is the community is the most important policy SEQ which is convex essentially training material on what patents are working thinking about and means how you can use
Perl to try and thinking about its and this is all
general material on under on specific sort of 1 but it's also uh 0 no another another thing this is very interesting in this framework here that everyone has been the subject to grain and also contains properties specific to the solution and the solution which are coming for instance a container view with him a partition of many models feature there are your that around community infringing patents and so on and so forth and gradient to the 2nd government policies that abolition of sort of opens into something that you it's a could inspire other community based and that's in there you find out well teaching material and you will find the acclaim gains if you partons mother and if that you find in graphical lighting up please refrain from discussing specific patterns in the involving because dangers to you if I knew that work was that the world work but at least the event to educate actors in the levels of wheel more yet keep on them and they serve as a motivation I just have to write it again I feel that it is a very very defined in this undergoing a major if you know how good moderation I have somewhere in the video that the real so you only have 1 slide that has you know it is that it's potentially operable so that we can we can figure so this will face in should very so as many of the projects do in result and all sources of media animal trainers in particular because of that he wanted mark under the name and the trademark emitted all this there will be discussing this with communities since like before the session of this thing is it's like 15 years back or something and a feeling I every time I discuss these matters with the communities we we like that and the communities are visually against but that's least the free article communities like that essentially there is a feeling that we are doing this for of for enabling people do whatever they want with our so why should state on the basis of me the analogy with sensor should be something you would find very often public threads between actors on this subject and is something which is really hard to to to the debate so as an example of this if you look at the office of the guy you will find a specific training position on only the the mentioned trademarks but the meaning is pretty clear so really quite is kind that the also scored in there you find something like license may acquire works to carry funding so it is required to force people to change the name of alleles for the future in this useful but also know that this is a company that didn't grow encourages all not restrict any find source of finance from being modified so back in the days when the is you were and approved you serially this kind of tension you see because this is OK we can a set if yourself trademark in a set if you want to defend your name your identity which is something that we know is that that's come from and this is something very symptomatic of the kind of culture that is finding result communities engaged um I find it very hard to explain the risks of trademark infringement to communities that that I myself believe that the framers of very useful in music that and the arguments that they found work involved with or better by the algorithm which you show that trademark infringement can actually do is the community leaders phrases and then you can imagine having people trying to take that and the full it with the software spyware and distributed to other scholarly cat that some that we'll make an and the people we something which makes sense I you do last year you give all the lights on the front right can that and think this channel stories you had the is something that we take the quite a bit that it said that we can get uh seen them for our products so people are not aware of the risk you add in the names of the inference me in the last 2 years becomes even more so the only reason that we have any entries on the top of the power of stress that is what that is the only leverage we have carriers and that is why there are now called the countries 17 carrier shipper shipping lines which are running much freer operating societies maybe 1 they truly free operating systems and that's what's coming apart possibly be truly free operating system to remove all right this is my enormously did the recent and the only reason it happens is because we have a lot of space and therefore it's useful to me some people think that maintain the part of the novel about the interest in the use of the use of politeness or certification and I'm in the same set of like this this is really against the parts of that's not the extent and I find it puzzling and attorney because if you are if you just and I wonder if that's the key thing is a lack of understanding of the intent of training on because you're a good argument is the argument between the colossal regardless of who military and it's coming right to the extent to which is you really protecting you consider or in this case the person receiving them you know so I agree in fact my point is that we need more training material or something so by himself in the 2nd part
of the the the lat things are a few years ago In the recalls the old 1 and then use your here and that I was a loss of this this will have a structure of the so they're actually I thought I thought the title of the of the rest the people every area of the size of the the it's a it's a a I think it's the way that that is a useful thing to see that such an attack like and I think it's always on Republic grow up speaking so and this was an example of the people that they didn't know what is it that was was so and it is really not a framework of something in using for like almost 16 years and you find the very basis and then so is a valuable life for example if you may have seen here can you think of the product that in but if you go down there are sections like the fertile businesses we incident no 1 other than that in use that information in the name of the business or additional domain and here my there is no mention of a part of it all that that's that's kind of the right so that I think it's true that this was not the year and attentional state and finally said it was in army 1998 and is in a critical mistakes due to a number of course not only true alteration works that also what is it that the main point so I need to with now also we check on that so we will be working on ocean developed usually by uh nickel and Pomeranz years 10 of them and it's a new framework for is based on the principles the first one is that we want to make trade matters this is false and this is the theory you some tension between authors and and trademark lawyers so essentially we want to push the limits of how far can we go all the meeting freedom to people to use our marks without losing the the jury are marked in the course is not the case right so the there is always a different received a depending on how you move on the so the 2nd as in vesicles for me is that for for some of them and you really want to have your mark become as popular as possible of course within limits of not giving up your rights why because people are doing this you know to promote the soft because they need the benefits of any their interests and their marks as widely used as possible conventions case which is very important for that for instance you can get it to other people to third-party vendors to make commercial merchandise using them before us do that because of the the polarizing didn't it and this is the point of tension and people that have been doing a very for someone from and also you find yourself like that make it easy for people like you didn't volunteer already responsible for the uh they assets to keep up with day-to-day trademark infringement of the trademark require requests and solve licenses as a source of and you find a lot of here is the method since January last year I think it's a decent policies and has been using
is is that we use in administration was a community of friends and community looking with within this and you will be in referencing Summer of Yale Journal was a form of paywalls so can you have I we argue anymore but agreed reference the example and we get a new name or a reference reference and overview of what additional material on what what about anymore template like material we knew used to create favorable so in that sense you would like to point out you later what I thought I would like to know that this conference I and also so I will ask her so this is of modelling and to provide such a template guidance you can use function if you want to create your much for for some of the things very useful we need more of the action that was example the new Wikimedia and points which is more restrictive than what you have is actually a very bad example of how to communicate the in the so usual I think it's very immediate to grasp and so it's a very nice way to communicate what the community think is fine but what if you think it's not find those that but so this is essentially what we call this the sum false so that means that we have this like copyright issues trademark issues but permissions red much more than living around for about 12 years been community I've seen in the past you restrict oxidation issue that time of the reward was a senior ch issues as seeing the following dealing with counter-insurgency the embargo by the US Kenya so the contribution from of called and we know as seen from involved in the operating points for instance uh there's a kind of some means for me and if you recall bias something from source and that's something URI compiling it's a trademark of honey is named does combination inviting use that depends so that's the question that remains in the face really don't get your answer of because the not exist here of single words framework falls so we're famously people think hate the main China our multi-genre um this summer at the bottom of the consisting of yours may be looking through you want to they asked that some of the box we need them to do so the standards and then of the rappers quite a bit of framework for of good news and uh women working on the assignment off because when have a community which is as old as then incentives for instance you will have people that will not so maybe they would want to uh assign a top to people that we take care of their core contribution of the past away or maybe just because they want the government what I like problem was and so forth so I think we really need not neutral dialog between communities and the result of our because we tend to be elected by the reason for this and stuff and nearly in policy so my wish in legal matters just as a is a dream for the little uh majorly we a more false false resulted in addition we and some in the in the popular with some new patterns of of goodness me more because DEC and things sort of thing thing they know quite a lot of legal issues and that's actually not the case and the police to take shortcuts which we highly community whether it's we need more community-oriented legal that like for the framework 1 lecturer constants like for corporate learning about boys and one's gonna start reading need that here that you can reuse maybe and the possibility of advice because it is faster than this 1 case another but it's a start we need more the sunspot organization and the initial ideas of freedom of derivation in which he tried to work for communities pro-bono and models in which the sustainable when the they make sustainability 44 1 award charging kinds of doing and Business work out so that you would need more of these have should not only the US that we need something like this also on your own and finally we need less all that punish typical activities for community OK for instance it's really ideas the resource for sort of this is merely knowing about nearly knowing about the patent or merely discussing particle something it's making the situation worse from a legal standpoint it's a harming communities and by doing that you see the same thing for me that people running through the ML getting at marginal for some a corporation in Proc over and the infrastructure and because in fact interviewee what's so when people are seeing losses which are working in some participants that can affect their work as well to work and it's really about the choice of the community they not so the question is what is the yes the 1st of all along this work is that of course in real life it was in the order in a life of the of the copyright Act against copyright of course we a very the 1 of the things that I don't know by what the rest of the and that was all really you like is I think it was the and on the the reason why it was there the required the history of the I also play in this volume highlight those properties question and the question for me right so there's more host of the yes are working on quite profitably will be at the center of the ring collaborating them on this issue for the past 2 years is not free so things are going for so that we get yes so that the way that people the relationship that it takes time it's is incentive for a vision based on trademarks desirable to a comment on your comment you're right frameworks and you can use in bad faith but a lot of things that distribution of the and using that that's where we could find itself you know we can make me say so we cannot that in some sense you trusting the data and project so if we do not trust the
institutions they involved and therefore the trust sums this if you envision all their assets into the frameworks for this is a kind of trust you can count yeah I see in the you know the look of rage at time of enough to the softer practices of having them oxygen softer projects and and we work the shared with other and it's just words so uh so it is part of this article it is so for every single packagings told where they can cooperate looking at we thought about sharing them with other institutions and I think that's true I think this is the last thing that i well if we found this fantasy of our findings and progress licenses and what options claiming that we baby formula for that would for what information about that's part of the but I mean you're Fedora might want to do the same time clearly 2 distributions so I myself working I have created a particle sources sources that not neck this scientific exposing wilderness sources the our way with some API to work on them and I'm working on exporting all the machine possible that cover information on the use and they will get a job so I I'm person working there but there is not something that be easily you get any different result the URI every other solution can have already downloaded data encoded you yet but the right so uh I agree I know I would not go as far as saying that this woman would eventually for our needs for pension it would form of options as well and the other thing that the decision of a problem in some of the information so they can use the site and also a good the good format for the bottom that's what I want and this is what I think I know know how to go about it you think I can explain how people are concerned that and the insight in it being used as a learning where things are everything appears in the impact and I think that he I don't think it's in the in the thinking would do it with this thing OK that in fact I you want to know the that's about how much you caught early this in that it is not to be like hitting small in which enough different companies contributing to the body part for the that of the things that's 1 thing and 1 thing that is a survey of that about to us that we working for or what out sight outstanding when you know that you were finding free time and actually see if you can be of some factual they came out in the format of the NASA feeling right now that know something but in a lot of things that it might be able they call the image that very small part a lot about thousand more than 1 has to there's this time the end I sank sap their true significance not instantly also the very different biological so the scope of the embattled decision that it was much smaller than is so is what would you do