JavaScript for the skeptics

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Video in TIB AV-Portal: JavaScript for the skeptics

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JavaScript for the skeptics
A contemporary retrospective on Advanced & Applied JavaScript
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Starting with pdf.js, spiraling around shumway & zipfile.js, we'll explore what JS is already capable of, even though it never seemed practical. Then we'll go on to explain the WebAPIs to bring the "native" right in the browser (with a tinge of FxOS - so that it's not up in the air, it's already there - in fact it's so-last-FOSDEM actually). Finally, we will talk about the (near) future, and how broadway.js, asm.js (Emscripten, LLVM) et al. are going the change the web - for good!
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I am very very happy to see that you are so numerous to listen to the great senior did because they love that guy so I'm really have if I'm and I'm sure you will be all very happy for what is good the set W so soon you have is well known as developer it's is nickname and is a contributor in the modes in arrestments is 1 of the leader of the Indian community in fact he is 1 of the founder of the Indian community and he is like the maybe 1 of the greatest contributor of I know but he is a front-end developer and these interests lie in open source projects such as the modes in the Wikimedia for the rth no video and Limpopo desperado and so and so far as in a descending order of priority so use should have noticed that modes eyes on the top and there has been a web aficionado intake is for some time now so I'm sure you will enjoy is talk please welcome that thank thank there is formed in the city and the web in a room of jealous before the skeptics a contemporary 51 admins and they jealous the if you squinting your eyes are frowning you're the right kind of audience the and no those who were not maybe and make a bit Dozier after lunch that's OK so yet so I will happen the topic so it's it OK so if you have questions they're feedbacks you can just go and are being developed or computer and I'll just shake them afterward so that at the Brindisi there was here and also force den of Muslim I'm was less even as the questions so the Dallas Ft hurry stop when is it just pick the right taught that I'll is a couple of minutes just a couple minutes to talk about the early stage say it was like being crazy days when reigned in each city of Mosul of what really hard in its get and came up with this new thing on JavaScript it wasn't known as just above course as many of you know I'm not I'm spitting those details so what happens recently afterwards when JavaScript people was obtain that you can do stuff with data on the web people saw the prospect of making tiny dining it into a standard hence it was stripped only 2000 the then we went ahead with all the things we can do now we know now there's a pop assigned timing is already done many pollution it must've for all x in XML L. ActionScript I make knowledge used to most of the time working on that Jason is X many of the stuff came out and you know that for a fact it works that's how the way it works the is the only stage how the way started to shape up but from the very beginning the people had this possible a jealous stripped it's like 0 2nd grade language is not something you wanna know if you're off into hot core staffing Bradley would wanna know if had any cannot open or something else so people would probably give you a expression like Dallas depend this and this OK even that's normal that is to happen and I'm not saying that they're wrong because JavaScript was very nascent and that 1 of time was is just a kid hyperactive but in blue up so now what you can do with JavaScript elected as you can see many people are interested or just above cost full so now you know that this is something that can do useful stuff for you and you can do is was stuff with it something tangible something real something that works and reach out to many people 1 such example is no GS writings just about the server-side and do a lot of things with it I'm like you cannot really draw a line and say that this is how much you can do is you well what you cannot be GS how many of you actually know what the judges disease all like and began when you so yeah I thought that I'll just give a demo or anyway of PGs so now it started as and is dolls proof of concept implementation of hardening media and the way and on the all are we just in the browser itself so basically rendering PDF we JavaScript and
now it's something so real that is integrated into Firefox sinking actually is being used by cool as well so you can now open file PDFs in Firefox and cool the same project that started out as PDF Gs so this is great right the the the the when it works yeah
of course of course of all of you can sure share hand I I believe you can share had if something doesn't work file about comment on the issues in reply are and submit patch it'll get better I assure you that's yeah yes nj f Shumway is ingested is basically all subset of John stripped to do something that actually can be done in C C + + better so that dedicated to something in C C + + but you don't actually know how do you do that injustice what you do you do that in ingest and then use ingest to the letting browser like republicans Gs and then then it somewhere I just give a brief demo Shumway is how you
render after pedia G it was of lovely is that if you were really wanted to do something we just you good so how about you 1 tool ring flash we just the the right so maybe you know a brief demo I would really want stand
is that yeah so I just make it a
2nd for loading so this is technically off flash game bird now implemented and onto red edges and the price thus it is superfluous operation like so many people looking at me when I'm playing games are not used to that when I'm beginning order around so this is actually a flash game and no right now is being amended and run on JavaScript no flash him so if totally done we just as the portion was PDF GS when it works is still it is better for all around us rough around the edges needs for this but it works like if you really wanted to extend the features make it do most of the you could and probably should because it's more performance efficient it can be integrated into the browser No plug-ins in grad and really personally I'm really looking for for that day when I was need diastolic blood in to run Flash contents maybe you can argue that such as not regret that's a different argument on together but to say that until that becomes I referred to run it would just it than is different vehement plug for the so that's somewhere
that the jets it's still again from and his goal he and he came up with the idea of how we can read in the file with JavaScript so you actually pass an added before into the concept the and then it leaves the in bad the 5 compressed file and this is the content of that's if was that right the spectacle usage and then that of the Web API how many of you model with API we show the log a 50 50 and a there good but it is still I have something to say about that FIL where the eyes are what makes
Firefox real the the reason I say that is when you make a call with traffic so was devised you're making a call request but an HTML application because the guy I whatever interface see is in a similar petition and you're making a lasting it to make all your asking it
to send SMS text you're asking it to
do a hail of things as you can see the contact list of the asking all those things and is actually making the HTML boost of that nobody invent a couple of years back part was possible to be done with the HTML and that's because JavaScript was extended HTML was extended way disagreed ask it of course of extended to do such things the so when you say a browser duality i of Bell vibrated at the point back CPI of whatever it is the you're making that call with tuition application passing on that information that system on the bank that is all about is the mayor of 5 of and then is being processed by the kernel and it response back and same thing so this particular company getting window when good or we JavaScript hope with that nobody actually plan that would be possible 3 5 years back when I nobody don't mean because it it it's possible problems but anyway you get the idea so yeah knowledge jealous stripped is
capable of all the things this is the present of JavaScript these are the things we can do and it also proves that these the things just don't do which was previously part that it's not was admittedly we JavaScript it's actually the what if there more be explored if you take her only if at this stage that is that we don't gels and you don't have to worry thing is yes you can of course go back and look my look up off for the all the things and it would be most there are lots of them on the indirect so yeah this out because you to do that so the next this
coming up what's course the feature let go of the past you've covered that prevent costs for the feature how many of you know model images you know a lot many here but yeah it's that kind of thing anyway so I'll show you something cool the of mentions capable of doing that yet still so do you see that the OK I just this is the likely levels of lifting this is the likely to your distinct and then the bar it actually has weight and all the others the simulations and so it can actually if you really good down city after can yourself up on his own weak and all these things David having done with energy so what little alleges he is this kind of of modulating Johnston C it has little it have very good manual of memory manipulation capability and its died but if you just if it it's kind of just it but it's still you can do lot of memory recognition about discussion really simple but yes this is technically more of a Java Script than anything else and it runs in which self cost has to just a few dozen run on whim the you know that so yes this is something yes and what else Emscripten what instantaneous
the so instabilities though thing that makes if in Jeff and 0 the many of the quark that is the possible because it actually gone words that Olivia imports though bytecodes into delisted Saigon right codes in C C + + root beer asked the actually I'm not going to give in Dallas because they cannot In all of some up into languages but you can't board in those languages it generate the byte code and that byte code can be passed into an institution and instability generated the compound lake the jealous for them so when you have that it's not saying it's very readable and maintainable code that you can hopping and then manipulated manually but that's what it does it gives a job was to port which you can run them on the web on the browser and also what you can do with that is at it so it all those the creator of underlying entry of was a lie has actually the in 4 days they have so that there it be of non-military engine into JavaScript in a way I'm not sure it's still
downloading so they're alive bimodal go well I knew that I make it happens right so I have to have a video so that it can no last year so this so this
is how it goes to the this all JavaScript so when it's running in debt to assets loading blue shadows and reflection though everything it's gonna JavaScript so where G L is using would yell and it's it's really like it the so you can actually have the experience what you have with the native language so for example this game distinction was being made with sysop last but and you can write on your dick stop but what if you wanted to play here all mass on the in RPG on your birth with your browser lake so that you don't have to do well we about the platform which way whether your Mac or Windows or Linux because browsers on every platform right once you make something run on 1 browser rule of thumb it'll work on other platforms as well so once you make these games game everything what with all the goodies Lake as it would look in a with the the the dust as normal under 3 engine if if it looks the same way for the gives you the same the on the browser help with that so this is 1 thing I just that but is shot
and handle the yeah so
broadly j s is rendering H 2 6 4 videos extending the pedia jeers Shumway like something for about Martin PDF something for rendering all the flash found and this is formed the video board it's so what if you wanted to bring their is 2 6 0 video board on the way we just and balalaika leveraging from the GPU all about uprising as well Bell posing as well so this is it I am very sure that you know that as well though video that pretty huge so I'm not going to the pressure on on the
network on the then maladjusted triangular stupid barrel traits which is something that's huge if you noble JavaScript and noble the limitation so far was known that does runs along thread keeps it busy and there are a lot of things around this thinking can go on and on and on so better when you have the panel delisted the it totally Lake is not taken say about just because you can actually have a system where you can run just having multiple trades and actually be sure that the performance is not something that hampers Europe software the yeah that's my idea of about having a growl GSS swarming algorithms lake and swarming bees were evidence for that for that if you have if you think about it there is more real good open-source project where you can see the battle scenes and all these things as you see in the movies you don't see those in the games because there's no very good open source project around it there are a couple of well experimental project but if we can do that we just did it would be really great reducing because people are unaware as well I can actually is it for the movies as all these movies and all these things so thank you skeptics because you made that happen if people want to standing nice when frowning Angell Street where saying that then Joseph can do that have come this wasn't possible this wouldn't have been possible it's really possible to big because many people when these fears learning setting so that that was the case so they went ahead with saying this isn't possible that is impossible you cannot do that this is not practical and also some things about when a practical you have 5 also is when you have a form with that actually is good on delisted so yes that's the purpose of the dog jealousy force get it is not the about the it's skeptics is to kind of thank you and if you have any questions and me and my please use the microphone if you have any questions on the thank you uhm I have 1
question regarding the 0 1 great but the thing which is the I want to be told us wondering how fast is the execution of
let's say these 3 D environment from monorail that knowledge up to show images we by by where where we just talked about was really great so in the end goal value and so unexpected and thus supported as of so now thank you for your skin so of the question I don't actually have numbers around it but if you went actually on my system it gives 60 plus it appears when I try to translate it exceeded only in using 1 of the key it is so actually it's really matters more than a year is the so it's pretty pretty good I see I I don't have a specific number on into 1 now you the fine thank you for the talk on the you have a link to a general I think therefore is induced in your in your slides I will be possible see you out that actually have a pattern or is the I I figure that when editing it's not actually on the isn't GSS Link Library at the Miss link so it's a ge it's intended google it out and will integrate and that we can it will give you that link to the demands on giving very much sorry about that yeah I have a question here yes is OK thanks a super cool talk Willie thank um so when compile life will LOC and goes to JavaScript's um it translates to it translates to literal JavaScript it's readable right no yeah there's still set of just in the last thing in know exactly and so if you should research to think like if job as JavaScript a language just being a languages costs for job script the virtual machine the jury that term would you say that the difference between language implementation inversion gets very hazy so why would you still compile to intermediate like JavaScript if you could directly make JavaScript bicycles for something it's sold say I will not be the very right person to answer these things because there might be something I say will not be the correct information bird effectively politically correct on this something if you want to do and it's not very good to do in injustice strip where you can do it if you would see the love you blew it that way and then in effect yes so that the can use the same features in JavaScript that man not possible but is possible when we use a send yeah is that a subset of just it's not everything that just don't do it then do something specific to a very efficient way that you can it men In that answers your question what is the relationship between LL JSN sMDS sadly kind of fit together gives you the way you describe them they seem to be quite similar yeah exactly so I would say my understanding is not very profound on this 1 and the thing about religion as is you can manage memory and medical sorry about that the solution memory management is very easy with a logistic energy manually all interfere with the generic but it is sin g s is that's not possible if I'm understanding of my and since that but that not might not be on this part the thing it was possible that I don't understand that the directly because I haven't had coded are a logistic ring called yet so thank you so much on our if you agree I think we can of moles again then implies that